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  1. So my car is completely stripped down now, shell is off to paint, and engine is at the machine shop for a refresh. Once back in my hands, the fun starts of putting her back together. Follow along!
  2. This is my first post on SAU, First thing i'll say is im building this for me and only me so please just consider the effort and money put into this project as im 18 y/o before hating.. As soon as i lost my licence for a year i thought perfect time to start saving up for my dream car. For months straight worth of no going out and saving up i came across this, and got a Series 2 NA RB25 dropped in proffesionaly with VERY low Ks.. Nissan Skyline r33 GTS-T M-spec ( with sunroof ) Manual It looked like this before paint.. I hated the wheels it came with and i wanted something to SET the candy OFF.. So i found these Alba BLVDS tried it on bought it straight away.. Then i realised i needed a new front Bar, So i found a Top Secret front bar and a series 2 vented bonnet.. At this point i realised shit, series 1 lights wont cut it, so i ordered a pair of series 2s from VIC Looked closer and realised i needed new seats because passenger and driver's were ripped so i bought these rep recaro's Bought some led rear lights, clear tail garnish, lambo door kits, DRIFT Gauges with DRIFT gauge mount cups.. BUT this still isnt enough i wanna do it bigger, so now im going full r33 widebody.. Just ordered 20mm wider vented front guards should be here by next week. going to be a even bigger project and should be done in JULY, Get my licence back August.. this ones really going to freak out the NSW Police ; -) Still got sideskirts, rear bar and widened rear fenders to order.. Yes i know its not everyones style well more like 90% People hate/despise my car and wheels, 5% of people appreciate the work and effort and only 5% of people actually love it. But this is the way i wanted to do it for a very long time and will be done very soon! Will be posing regularly.. but will delete if i get too much hate..
  3. Havent really done one of these things before but i guess ill just wing it Just over a month a go I bought this modified C33 Laurel off an old work mate. He had owned it for a while but decided to sell it when he didnt drive it once during a whole 12 month rego stint. So she was a little dirty but after a little clean up came out alright. She has the following done: Engine: RB25DET Neo Transmission: RB25DET ECU: Power FC Turbo: VG30 hiflowed on standard manifold Suspension: Tien coilovers all round Other mods: FMIC, 3' exhaust, Splitfire coilpacks, 640cc injectors (havent confirmed?), full cage! All the mods are modplated and all legal (mostly ) All the work was done in Japan before it was imported for my pleasure. Couple little things I needed to attend to...like speedo not working, lack of clear on the LHR quarter and respray the front bar. Was super happy how this thing went for a Nissan, believe it or not i didn't even have to pop the bonnet for 2 weeks! Took it to a track day and had a blast. Beat alot of things, got beaten by alot also A mate of mine runs a car photography on facebook, 'Street Alliance' (check it out ) . So hes been lapping up the photos of the Laurel. Had a problem develope at the start of this week where i was loosing my clutch pedal if i didnt keep it pumped up. On investigation found the slave wasnt really sealing at all. Threw a new one in and all good again Being the apprentice at Hi-Power Racing in QLD was time for a little touch up tune to clean it up a little. Learnt alot from that. Need to look at another turbo setup in the near future. Maxing power output at around 15psi. Was always wondering why my left tailight was darker then the right like it was tinted. Found out on the dyno Plans for the future arent too crazy. Thinking, High mount manifold Forward facing plenum GTX35r Fuel system for e85 or eflex 5 stud conversion One thing i can say is i really enjoy something so unique that everyone can enjoy and appreciate as much as I do. It is turning me into a bit of a photo whore though.
  4. Hey guys, I haven't posted in here for a while, but I'd like to share some videos with you all. I have been working on a build with my R33. I am doing a series of videos on it following everything I've done. So I have posted episodes 1 and 2 already. If you can't find them then here is a link for both: Skyline R33 Ep. 1 "The Beginning": https://youtu.be/2yXjUFe4BUA Skyline R33 Ep. 2 "Making Progress": https://youtu.be/GwTK__gP7p0 So please check those out if you haven't already. Here is the next video in the series: Skyline R33 Ep. 3 "Cylinder Head Removal": https://youtu.be/JE199lw3LlU I also have episode 4 out and number 5 is on its way. I will make a seperate topic for episode 4 and then another for ep. 5 I hope you find it interesting and/or useful in your own builds. Please share the videos around and check me out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedRedReden PM me if you have any questions or just want to chin wag about car stuff!! Thanks
  5. Good news! my neo 33 is alive. As of a month ago and as everyone knows, when something’s done, something follows. i got my neo started, it randomly died etc. realised the afm wires weren’t even wired so I rewired and now she runs, no dying etc. next step: she’s randomely revving up by itself, my aac valve is wired, so what’s the go?? Cheers fellas. ps, my cas was on the wrong angle Aswell and I’ve changed it back to the angle before I pulled it off and haven’t started her yet since to test, will update on this.
  6. Ken's z31 I wanna go fast build I am Ken from the Seattle area USA. I bought my 1985 300zx GLL non turbo 5 speed in 2011 with the impression it had blown head gaskets which only an RB swap would remedy. I replaced the bad thermostat and drove it for 4 years. Opportunities arose and I purchased a wrecked 87 300zx with what I assumed was a stock rb20 silver top and 5 speed swap for $800 usd. Car had been sitting for 6 years after the owner wrecked.
  7. Hi, Just started a new R32 GTR Dedicated Rally Car build... After putting Kermit into a concrete barrier in the rain last July, I am slowly getting the parts together to build another one.. Previous car straight after the "incident" with the wall at around 160 kph plus.. Then sourced the ex Brighty R32 GTR to use as the new donor shell c/w cage from Brad Gave the shell a clean up-removed old stickers etc and then put on my trailer ready for Marc and Josh at C-Red to make it roll.. ready for Phil at AFM to ensure the chassis is straight-seam welding and panel and painting etc Also purchased a Jun carbon fibre lip, CF wing and CF font grill as well as another set of original front guards/original bonnet and a new front radiator mount from Northside Nissan. Once the car comes back from Phil at AFM ( panel and painted in the retro red white and blue Richards/Skaife livery)I will update with the mechanical details. cheers
  8. hey guys Ill start this off with the day i bought my r32 gtst type m manual with 147xxx km it was fairly stock just had with pod, cooler and exhaust Here are some pics of when i bought it Drove it around for abit as it is till i came across a front end conversion off a gtr. Couldnt argue with the price so i grabbed straight them away. Ordered some rear over fenders and got straight to business. decided to change the colour and go ahead with gunmetal grey with a slight pearl. unfortunately i dont have photos of when the transformation was underway. Here are the results of the conversion and paint Was happy with the result. Came out really good but the only thing that fussed me was the engine bay colour but ill just do it later down the track. Sold the buddy clubs and picked up lmgt2. They were just temporary wheels till i found something wider. I picked up some gen bride seats off gumtree that came outta of a silvia, they were in decent condition just with some fade. Got some rails swapped over for my skyline. the car already had bride roof lining, door cards, glove box etc. Its a bit of an over kill but i dont mind it.
  9. I bought my R32 GTR in 2007. It has been both the bane of my existence and the love of my life, like any good GTR should. I bought the car with a bottom end rebuild and R33 GTR Crank but stock head and pretty much everything else, except for the suspension, wheels and exhaust. Oh and a shitty IMPUL ecu piggyback that was leaning out the engine (yay) The old girl on carsales Note the high-quality timber used to secure the battery. After using it as a daily for a few years, I finally cracked it when I was commuting 3 hours a day in traffic with the GTR's famous air conditioning. So it was settled, I would be turning it into a track car. It was around this time I had a short stay in Japan and saw this beautiful machine in the flesh at the Omori Factory: My inspiration And then, without even thinking, this happened Shit. So without an interior, there was no turning back. Somewhere in between me stripping the car and the state it is in today the car received new -7 turbos (after the ceramics shitting themselves after one lap at Wakefield) a Vipec ECU (tuned to 260atw on 17psi), a HiOctane Extended Sump, a massive radiator, oil cooler and catch can, and some other bits I can't remember. I remember paying for them though that's for sure. Next step was to install a cage (or at least half of one) Courtesy of Pro Fabrication Also tidied up the interior with a racing seat, door trims and some paint on the floors
  10. Good Evening All! I am new to this forum and am very pleased to be here as it means I have finally bought my dream car, and 1998 R34 GTT. I have been coveting a skyline since I was a kid and after owning many many different cars I decided I would buy my lifer, the one I had really wanted but had fallen by the wayside. There is just one problem.. It. Is. Ugly. As. Sin. Seriously the last owner must of not cleaned it the entire miserable time he owned it, not to mention deciding that carparks were the perfect place to practice his destruction derby skills, then covering it in "hilarious" bandaid stickers as if to say "whoops". There is a good chance this car is the ugliest one in NSW however under the dust and grime and cosmetic damage I could see a glimmer of potential. I was concerned for it when I saw it, and by the time I drove it home I was in love with it. Brace yourselves you may want a drink before looking at these, much to my wife's credit she trusted me to buy this (for a bargain of a price), keep in mind these pictures make the car actually look BETTER than it did in person.
  11. Well I thought I might start a build thread. I purchased my GTR in APR 2012 after selling my F6 Typhoon. soon after I didn't like the wheels so I sold them for some Rota Grids 18x10+15 I then decided to get ride of the front bar as it lots of stone chips and I really liked the look of the z tune so purchased the side skirts and rear pods aswell from here I decided to give the car a bit more power I thought id take it to JEZ and let him work some magic adding a power fc, coil packs, front pipe, cat, making 272rwkw after having a few issues with the injectors and some AFM that were ment to be good copies ( LOL ) we installed them and some 2860-5s. we were looking at 324kw at 20psi on 98. after the tune my aim was around the 330kw mark but didn't achieve it JEZ said the car was restricting in the exhaust somewhere and wasn't sure if it was the cat or the exhaust so my next step was to throw an exhaust on and see if it felt a bit better. I decided to go a TRIAL TITAN from Japan once it took ages to get from japan I finally fitted it. it is 80mm and made a heap of a difference than my old 76mm fujitsubo. but was a bit loud for my liking as it was my daily and driving to and from work needed a exhaust a bit quieter don't get me wrong does sound very tough but needed something more practical so in between deciding a new exhaust I decided to put a pod box on my pods as a so call police officer suggested that I do so otherwise so dodgy I know I put one on so before I found my next exhaust I got a mid section made up by chris from best mufflers in Sydney great guy and recommend to anyone this then made the exhaust quieter and a lot more practical for my personal preference. but as It was quitter it was then back to 76mm and had restriction again so I decided to do a little body work over Christmas with a clay bar and polish I then decided to fix up my MFD as it had a horrible colour coming through and changed to film to make it look nice and new after this my new exhaust arrived so It was time to swap it all over and put on my Nismo weldina NE-1 saying goodbye to my titanium after only 4000km once putting the nismo exhaust on it was the best sounding exhaust I have had on the GTR its a 2x60mm - 80mm dump pipes back the only thing wrong was with the power im going to push soon it was soon going to be a bit small for what I want so I decided to go back to the thinking cap. I then get deployed to the middle east and whilst there I decided to do up a list of some things I wanna get done when I get back so the list currently sits on my floor at home ready to be put in the car when I get home I have waiting for me: tomei poncams and cam gears gates timing belt and N1 water pump hard pipe kit nismo intercooler HPI dumps race pace front pipe 3''x2 - 3.5" ( these are amazing looking ) venom 3.5" cat with 5" body HKS Super turbo muffler exhaust Haltech platinum pro with eflex tune arc induction box cant wait to get home and have a look at all the goodies ill put up some photos when I get home in a few days
  12. Hey, im Bailey Gillingham im turning 15 soon and i am really stuck into cars going sideways. My favourite car is a R32 Skyline GTS-T, i will have enough money for one by the time i am 16 years old and my parents will chip in too. I plan to be in the D1NZ drift team for New Zealand as for that i where i live. I love drifting, as i have only been on a go kart drift track, i do not have nearly any experience in a track car. So lets get onto the topic, quick. 2 DOOR MODEL! I want to put in a rb26 engine and rb25 tranny in to provide more horsepower and tourque than the stock rb20det that it comes with. I want atleast 550 horsepower. I also want the "Do Luck" bodykit. Type d1 front fenders. 50mm rear fenders. No wing/spoiler. Carbon tt style bonnet. The rims i am thinking of are Work Meister S1R in black/chrome color. I need help on the right offset ?x?. I want the whole car gloss black .other stuff like a cage, sparco sprint 5 seats, harnesses bubble shift knob, hydraulic handbrake 3/4, bee r limiter and more. I want the car to be close to slammed! I do NOT want to be a ricer...haha so if its too much body work i can cut down to no body mods . Turbo kit i found was the t88 33d kit by trust and it holds quite good power, single turbo. I have a few pics to show the parts etc thank you guys and girls. I have had my heart and mind set on this project for about one year and my budget would be about $30,000. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS AND GIVE YOUR OPINION thaanks
  13. Must have a GTR Hey guys, Sam from Melbourne here have always loved skyline gtr's from when I was a kid. Never owned one for some reason, as I had plenty of opportunities to buy. I currently own a 2016 mustang GT. I have decided to sell to pursue a skyline gtr build. Hoping to get some research done to see which way I should go. Really looking forward to it.....
  14. Ben - 1990 R32 GTR Alright, here we go. For those who don't know me I recently posted my introduction in the Newbies thread, so won't get into that here. In early August I picked up my 1990 R32 GTR after lots of searching and researching, admittedly it wasn't the perfect example of what I was looking for and I did kind of jump into the purchase a little bit. When purchasing the car I was never naive as to think it would all be smooth sailing with 0 problems. Boy was I completely unprepared for what happened next. On the freeway on the way home, a slight squeaking noise could be heard from the engine under boost, so figured it was a boost leak, got her home and realised just how done the stock inter cooler piping was (unfortunately no pics as it was) so the first thing to do was replace the piping. I decided on Greddy hard piping to ensure reliability. After having the stock piping pop off completely on the passenger side and the car losing all power, I did not want that happening again. I picked up the piping kit second hand in very good condition (could use a polish which I will get around to). Please excuse the snap chat photo (car is in shop and only photo I have at the moment) After fixing this issue, the car ran fine for a month or so until one morning it didn't start. Managed to narrow the issue down to a fuel problem as it was ticking over and sparking, pulled out the fuel filter and found out that it was almost 100% blocked. Happy days as this was only a cheap fix and did it the same day. Again unfortunately no pictures as I never thought about doing a build thread but will be sure to document my work a lot more from this point on. After daily driving my car for a while all was looking well. That was until my friend accidentally reversed into my car ON MY BIRTHDAY at 4am after what was admittedly a very big night at Marquee in The Star casino. He called me straight after it happened and I was thankful for his honesty, we got it all sorted thru insurance pronto. As you can see the whole grille snapped out of the front bar. Cracked the whole bar in numerous places The blinker was hanging out by it's wiring, so a temporary patch job was needed as all the clips snapped in the accident. After a bit of back and forth from the smash repairer, he decided he couldn't find another carbon fibre bonnet and said he was just going to put a stock bonnet on instead. No he wasn't not on my watch. So I called up my insurance and they decided to pay me out to source my own bonnet! What a blessing in disguise. I ended up getting Carbon Plus down in Victoria to fabricate a brand new DMAX Style bonnet for me which looks like this: Now whilst I don't NEED the vented hood because I don't have a top mount, I decided I just love the look of these bonnets on the GTR. There was a 6-8 week waiting time on this as it has to be made, and at this point in time I am still waiting for it (don't think it will be done before the new year). After this I drove the car for a little while but as of about 2 weeks ago, I was going thru a tunnel and couldn't help myself so put my foot down only to have instant karma of a backfire and no boost after the tunnel. Every time I tried to hit boost, there was a faint rattling sound within the turbo and I wasn't spinning the wheels at all within the turbos. I did a bit of research and figured out it was probably the ceramic exhaust wheel that had snapped off. A few days later I had it towed to Hornsby Automotive to Lenny who has done good work on a bunch of my friends cars. After a bit of back and forth he confirmed that it was indeed the exhaust wheel that had snapped off, he gave me a few options to which I decided to go with Garrett GT2860 -5 turbos keeping the low mount twin setup. The owner previous to me only had it tuned to ~207awkw on 10psi safe tune for whatever reason (either the intercooler piping or the turbos on their way out). The old (unbroken) turbo which will probably end up as a paperweight The new turbo (please excuse the generic internet photo as I didn't get any of the actual turbos before installation). Whilst the car was there I decided to get it completely look at and serviced, he ended up replacing the spark plugs with platinum ones, rather than the $8 ones the d***head before me had chucked in for the sale. The more I found out about this car the more I started to hold a grudge against the guy who sold it to me Although it is my fault at the end of the day. After going over the car, the shop calls me in and decided to show me the sump plug which is completely stripped and held in with tape apparently. This really ticked me off as if that had fallen out you can say goodbye RB. I ended up having that replaced and a few other bits and pieces like hose clamps etc. As of at this very moment, the car is done in the shop and booked in for a tune tomorrow 10/11/16 at MRC in Castle Hill which I am super excited about. My guy reckons he will have the car back Friday night, hopefully ready to be picked up sometime on Monday. Plenty more updates to come and after reading a few build threads on here (namely RBN1) I want to focus on cleaning up the interior and bits and pieces once I have her back. Below is a complete list of mods the car currently has: Bosch 800cc Injectors Garrett GT2860 -5 Turbos Walbro 450 Fuel pump HKS Cam Gear Apexi Twin Filters Exedy cushion button clutch JJR cat back exhaust and front pipe (high on my to-do list) Apexi Power FC and hand controller GFB Boost Tee Bc Racing Coilovers Hard Race Collars Hard Race tension / caster rod set Rays gram lights 57 pro (18x9+20) Carbon Fibre Bonnet Rocket Dancer boot wing Momo Style steering wheel (need to change) AWD / RWD Cabin switch 5% Tint (waaaay too dark, going to be changed ASAP) Lastly, Can anyone tell me everywhere that I should be checking for rust, I want to go over the whole car completely and rectify any rust spots that I may find. Hopefully there isn't too much Here is a few more pics of how she sat pre being reversed into Updates should be coming within the next week or so, interested to see what kind of power she will be putting out.
  15. Alrighty so now that my jzx100 build is nearing its end I decided to move onto something a bit more sports car like and legendary So i figured id set out to buy a coupè thats abit more of a sports car, I've had 6 fc rx7s in the past so a series 5 was highest on my list, as was the ae86 hatch and the r32 gtr. After not being able to find much on offer for all 3 of these models i got a lead on a sprinter shell locally at a reasonable priced, i purchased the sprinter after a thorough inspection, it needed quite abit of work, had abit of rust in the sills and usual door jambs, but it copped a punt in the rear which ended up being the reason i on sold it to someone that wasn't as fussy. After looking at another local silver sprinter, a gunmetal 89 r32 gtr that was very rough and a 89 s5 rx7 i came across a 92 r32 gtr in Melbourne The seller was looking to sell to expand his business, it looked promising, i got alot of photos taken especially of the rails as they are a problem on these cars and it looked to check out I transferred the cash and the freight was aranged to brisbane All in all it took about 2 months before it arrived which was a difficult wait I was now the owner of a gtr (scarey if your a toyota person), the previous owner had planned to track this thing so he had removed the engine to do oil pump, water pump, tomei sump baffle and a few other things. In the process of putting it back in he has broken the rad support , its never a good idea to put these engines in with the box attatched Also the front and rear seats had been sold, single turbo sold, drivers window switch broken and various other odds and ends lost, so this build will require alot of chasing up fiddly little bits I am also a stickler for oem bolts, various bolts i notice have been lost and random bolts replacing them which ill need to fix. Enough talk so heres some pictures You can see the broken rad support Check out the injector wiring and exhaust leak on the firewall When it arrived in brisbane the morning i picked it up So the bonnet had seen better days and the cars suppose to come with a brand new n1 bumper minus lip and vents so i picked up an n1 bumper in japan which ended up costing $900 shipped! And a local genuine n1 bonnet Out with the old In with the new Theres nothing i hate more than cheap Chinese shit parts, the factory wheel was removed and binned by the previous owner, for a fake omp flimsy pos wheel So i bought a genuine r32 gtr wheel which is inthe process of being recovered right now Also picked up some genuine n1 skirts Now all i need is the heaslights and boot lip Shes going to be slow going but hopefully one of the cleanest gtrs around one finished Note Ok well I have actually started this build on another forum, but because of a lack of interest being a skyline on that forum I've decided to move it here, so until I'm up to date most of it will be a copy and past so bare with me on that cheers
  16. Hello everyone. my names Shanny.?‍♀️ I am new to this page and I am Im super duper in need of HELP on my build.? I have a R34 GTT neo6. I am wanting to get about 600hp or so out of this stock motor. I am thinking with my budget of $4000.(for now) 455 fuel pump kit? 1000 or 1300cc injectors? Borg warner s362 SXE A/R .90 turbo? (any thoughts) maybe Garrett turbo? front facing plenum, manifold? PLEASE HELP!?? Any thoughts?
  17. Hey there guys this is the first time I've posted something about my car on the forums I got my licence when i just turned 17 and was stuck driving my parents Toyota Corolla for a while. It got the job done, however I had always had an obsession for cars, that started when i was very young. I had been looking at what car to buy ever since I was 15, especially looking at impreza's and other cars (been given specific outlines of what i could buy (kms, year etc) by my parents). One thing lead to another and i somehow ended up looking at skylines to buy with the permission of the folks. The first one i properly looked at, i bought. To me at the time it was very quick (never having driven a turbo'd car) (The fastest car i'd driven by that time was an old 328i BMW E36). I was 17 at the time and didn't know too much about cars, just the basics. I bought it with these specs at the time R33 Gtst - Silver - 78xxx kms Clean inside and out except for a small dent on the driver's door Practically all stock except for a pod filter and a turbo timer I didn't have too many plans at the beginning, just the general ideas; Exhaust, soundsystem etc.. But as i got older, I realised I wanted a lot more haha. Picture of the Car when i bought it The owner before me had installed the pod wrong so they had to be fixed along with a new antenna and some other items. I wanted to change the head unit so i picked up a JVC single din head unit and got that installed. I was getting bored with the sound so i decided to buy a sub woofer. (wouldn't have done that now as one of my first mods) Hardly any space haha Again i began to get a bit bored of the car, and due to my limited funds decided to paint the stock rims black. Wasn't too bad for a while but i was always looking for new rims. Black Rims I was reluctant to buy anything on the car for a little bit, because of the lack of a job, however the car was too quite for me, so i decided to get an exhaust. I got a second hand unknown brand of cat back exhaust. It is a 3.5" or 4" cat back with a 4.5" cannon. Needless to say it filled my requirement for the noise haha. New exhaust fitted (bending the rear bumper a bit) Then on facebook, i saw a cheap set of rims that i wanted to buy (without tires) and decided to get them. At this time i had just got my job as a waiter haha, and used my first paycheck to get a new set of wheels for the rims i bought. They don't look too great but i didn't want the stock rims anymore. At present i am looking for new rims. New rims fitted with new tires. I think the brand is SSA? After my friend purchased his r33 gtst we went for a little shoot haha. I had a lust for more power, and this is when the mod bug started properly for me. Even though they were small items, i started buying more and more haha. Anyway at this point, I wanted a bit more power and took it to get a New HDI intercooler kit, and manual boost controller ( set to 10-11psi), a new turbo smart boost gauge and a high flow cat. I loved the look of the inter cooler on the front. After looking around on gumtree i saw a drift lip, and i jumped at the offer since i thought it was cheap and would only need a bit of work. I was very wrong haha. I shouldn't have bought it but i did. My friends helped my with a test fit and i loved the look already. It was primed at this time but the person before had drilled holes through to the top of the wing. So we went to fixing it up with bog and fibreglass. It took a few weeks as it stayed at my friends house. We eventually caught up and eventually got it painted. However after the painting, we could see that the wing needs a lot more work for it to be good. But at the moment it's sitting on my car. I'll post up some pics of what it looks like later. Test fitting the drift lip We put the stock wing back on the car until the drift lip was put on. However one day i took it off as i liked the look of it without the stock wing. In this photo though you can probably see that the bumper is cut around the exhaust. I new i had to get it fixed sometime as the exhaust was bending the bumper. I had been warned about it melting it, but because i only did short drives around Perth i didn't think about it as i didn't want to spend money. However i ended up taking it Down South, on a hour drive, which completely melted the bumper haha. I am a idiot. So i got it cut around the exhaust to make it look better. I finally got to one of the mods that i had always wanted to do. I searched around and found a set of HSD coilovers for sale and picked them up. They made the car look so much better when it was lowered. I was going to take it to a shop to do until i got quoted the price, so i decided to install them my self, with the help of my friend and his dad. It took a while and i loved the look. It also handled a lot better (with less body role). However the ride is a bit bumpy and the back is a bit too low. Will eventually change that. Bought the Coilovers Installing them Height before hand ( side shot can be seen in one of the earlier photos) After Love this shot I then wanted more power again so i rethought what parts i needed to get to achieve my power goalof 350 - 400 hp. First off i bought an Apexi Power FC (not installed) Then came the new fuel pump (installed) - It's the Walbro GSS-342 - got it installed when the car started playing up slightly and i had to get some new spark plugs Hicas Lock bar (not installed) hopefully will do myself soon This is just a photo of my car with two of my mates r33's Just after watching the new fast and furious movie haha. My car is now a little bit lower, but his is faster than mine at the moment I then bought a drift button, and some blue led's for my dash cluster. Photo of the inside The Greddy Profec b spec 2 electronic boost controller This is where im at, at this stage. The drift wing is on my car but the surface looks a bit like the moon haha. I have recently fractured my ankle in a few places playing basketball and can't work for at least another 4 weeks (already been off for 2 weeks). So i have no funds to carry on with the modding at the moment. I cant even really drive at the moment which really sucks haha. At the moment I'm 18, just about to turn 19 and am still learning a lot about cars every day. I love to go watch the drift pracs and hope to get my car ready to drift by the end of summer Just before i fractured the ankle i ended up getting my new z32 AFM. I had also ordered my new turbo. I ended up choosing a Hypergear ATR43G3 and it should be on its way Things to buy until i can start saving for the install: Injectors, dump/front pipe and a new clutch. I'll see if i can get some photo's up later of the turbo and the car etc Cheers
  18. And so it begins...this build is going to be very different to '1 OF A' The aim will be to keep everything standard where possible AND to use up all the parts I have gathered up from the previous build which I am guessing most of you reading this would have seen by now?
  19. So turbo life began its journey with a 96 180sx, did all the usual mods, made 210kw with 900nm. I loved it to bits, till some drunk driver smashed up my arse at a red. A couple months later AAMI paid out... Enter Turbo 2.0 (or should I say 2.5?) After much looking at filthy 96 r33 gtst's I landed on this gem, a 2000 R34, with 120xxxkms. Made him an offer and it stuck, this is her when I bought it. Stock as a rock, only had a HKS silent cat back, and a Japanese stereo. Me being a big car audio guy, I quickly went to work on a serious sound system. got the dynamat in, Most people would take it out, but its not a track car, and i enjoy quiet cruises on the HWY and having all that sound deadening really makes a difference. Amps in the boot making my sub box andddd subs in the boot (just fit with millimetres to spare)
  20. Hi team, I have just recently picked up my R33 Skyline GTR V Spec from the tuners. The actual driving experience is awesome and the car made exactly what power I wanted it to etc. The car made 409kw at the hubs on 24 psi but was eventually turned down to 377kw at the hubs on 20 psi (high boost) and 335kw at the hubs on 16psi (low boost) which is enough to scare my passengers lol. The tuner and myself were impressed and I was not expecting anything more considering it still has the stock block with twin turbos on pump 98 gas. However I am experiencing a few issues: 1. The vehicle has a brand new clutch installed which is a 230mm Organic Extreme twin plate clutch (converted from push to pull). When driving and shifting through the gears it feels great but taking off is not the same experience, the car seems to judder/ shake when releasing the clutch. Is this normal? Do I need new engine/ transmission mounts? Or do I just need to wait it out and bed the clutch in? 2. The car seems to drop revs on idle after a warm start and eventually switch off, cold starts are perfectly fine. 3. The tuner mentioned the vehicle dropped some oil near the gearbox when left over night at his shop. The car previously did not drop any oil before I sent it into the workshop. I now have the car at home which has been parked off for a few days so I could see where the oil is coming from and it hasn't dropped any oil? Could this just be a one off? Note: The car has traveled 80xxxkms (body and motor). Below are some images plus mods done to the vehicle for anyone intereseted: - HKS GT2530 Twin Turbos - HKS Straight Through Exhaust - Haltech Platinum Pro Plugin ECU - Custom Pod Filters - Hi Octane Oil Catch Can - Kelford 272 Cams - 1000cc Injectors - 350LPH Fuel Pump - Fuel Pressure Regulator - Full Cam and Crank Trigger Setup - Hicas Lock Bar - Extreme Twin Plate Clutch Organic Pull to Push Along with a fresh service top to bottom.
  21. Alrighty guys, So i've had a number of skylines over the last 5 years, since getting my first one in 2014. A number of R33 drift cars, a R32 drift car in japan @ ebisu circuit (for sale atm if anyone is keen :D), my original green 32 which I've built up over the last 5 years to a 500hp rb25 neo street weapon (this is also for sale...) With the rising prices of GTR's these last few years..I thought I would never be able to afford a proper GTR without selling everything I own haha. I recently came across someone with a bare non rolling R32 GTR shell which luckily had not been posted for sale online. Luckily over the years, I have amassed quite a number of GTR body parts. The plan is to pretty well fully rebuild the car with as much new items as possible (while not going crazy over the top). This will take me a long time, but I hope to keep these page updated (unlike my first build post haha).
  22. Hey all, Thought i had a build thread for my 32 but cant see it so maybe not, anyway. Bought (becuase it was cheapppp) what can only be described as the worst looking r32 around. Ugly kit, check. Ugly white painted interior, check. $2 bucket seat, check. on LPG, yes LPG! check. i wanted a project, so i bought it for cheap and brought it home
  23. So my r33 gtst is a stock rolling shell, 4.11LSD, manual converted etc. so recently I decided, since I’m new to this rb25/30det build (was never aware), that I would build one for my gtst, hoping for around 1000hp? What hp do others get? Anyway to the question. What changes to my shell do I need to make to reach the 1000hp mark. I’ve heard things such as getting a different subframe to hold a bigger fuel tank and more pressurised fuel pump with massive injectors in the head etc etc. basically I’m unaware of what I need done to make this goal. Any information is appreciated and would love to hear how everyone has done their builds. note: this is not building the engine, it’s for changes to the shell if it’s needed to make my goal) thanks everyone reeky
  24. They are both nice looking and RWD. The main difference in performance is the rb20det in the r32 and the rb25det in the r33. What are your thoughts on which would be best without swaping out engine.
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