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Found 84 results

  1. So, I've recently purchased a C34 Stagea with the legendary RB25DET engine. It was brought to my attention that I cant drive a turbocharged car on my green P's. I was un-aware of this because im from NZ and there were no restrictions on engine size there so it never crossed my mind. I'm also on green p's only because I am under 20 I transfered my New Zealand full licence and have my green P's until I'm twenty in January. So anyway I came to discover that I can get an exemption since it's power to weight ratio is under the limit. I went onto the raws website and screenshotted and printed off the details of the car, weight and engine power output. took it into the department of transport and they said they couldn't use it and that I need a letter from nissan stating the weight and power output. I emailed nissan Australia and Nissan Japan and they both said they couldn't help thats when i found the raws website but apparently that's un-usable, completely wasted my time waiting at the department of transport for nothing which is always fun... If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated! Dont wanna go selling it straight after buying it. Thanks!
  2. Hi All, I have a couple of parts for a C34 Stagea for sale set of THULE roofracks with the wind fairing - $300 Cargo Blind - great condition - $120 Pickup, Canberra
  3. I'm after the front bar from the C34 Nismo kit (or a replica). Willing to pick up from VIC/SA/NSW or I guess I can see what it'd cost to post from further Any colour, any (repairable) condition. Like this one:
  4. Hi ther, Seams like my Stagea rear diff have sailed of to the limbo betwhen life and death, and want to know what i can put in it? Frome som reacerch the Stagea have an R200 diff, witch means ALOT of funn options! But i alsow know i need the same rations as the one i have. I want to put in an LSD in it, and wondering if im gonna get my hands on a s13 or s14 LSD because they are easy to obtain and can handel the driving i do with the car. But then i wonder, if i just change the intestens of the diff, and leav the pinjong wheels from my existing diff, wil i have the same ratio as i have now? im not to edjucated in this, and googel havent given me any good answers! And to somthing in the completly diffrent end of hte car! I got myself a set of rb26dett Coils, because i found out that rb25det s2 and rb26dett coils was supose to fit, BUT, the conektors are diffrent, and wondering, can i just repin the original wiering with new rb26dett conektors? Or is ther anything more i need to think about? Hope somone can clearefy a few things for me!
  5. heya guys and gals. spent the last 45 minutes fishing around for info on this... however every link that looks like it would lead me to the answers i need on here appears to be dead. basicly. what front driveshafts/CVs are interchangable with my s1 c34 stagea? (r32/33/34 gtr?) mine are absolutily shagged. clunk around corners, shudder at speed etc. between that and my shagged CAS the cars turned into a pig to drive. if anyone can steer me in the right direction, much appreciated. dan
  6. TheKenso

    Hi ther, i have a problem that came after i changed my baulbes in my AC, replaced them with LED's and my cluster started messing up, Fule and Engien heat is always on max, spedo don't work, and RPM bounces on 500-1000rpm on idel and under full pupp it only goes up to 3000rpm, and the KM on the car reads 999999. Changed back to my normal baulbes and cheked the wiers to chek if ther was any faulty wiers behind the AC unit but coudent finde anything, changed back to my old Baulbes and it stil dosent work. I alsow blew the fuse for "Tail L" wile replacing the baulbes and have replaced the fuse. So, what can be the problem? Can i have messed up the cluster and blew a resistor? is ther a relay that have exploded? I have had the AC unit and CD player out 6-7 times and tried to turn the key on and off, and sometimes it works like it shoud somtiems it just a bit faulty shoing way to hige RPM and the wrong KM (shows about 116k the car has traveld 160k) Sorry if the post is messy, im not always that good at explaning things
  7. as above can anyone help me with the ecu pinout. it works in the car just does not communicate with the autobox so I think some pinouts are different
  8. Hi Wagoners, I'm chasing a front passenger door tp replace damage caused by cyclist. Preferably no rust and located in Sydney region but willing to travel if needed. PM me with what you have.
  9. KeniKat

    Hi everyone, I need to get the key barrel repaired on my s1, has anyone else pulled theirs out and would they have any advice? in doing searches i can find loose instructions for r34 but not c34, is it the same? thanks in advance keni
  10. Stagea C34 Series 2 $8k or swaps for something of interest of equal value: - Canon Camera gear - I already have a 7D MKII so more after professional lens, 5D MK IV/1DX MKII bodies and additional items to meet value - Aviation related stuff - Car parts - turbos, wheels etc. to suit R34 GTT - R34 GTT M/T (damaged or non damaged, as long as it runs/drives and not mangled) Not interested in other cars that are "made to be modified"/sport/track/performance cars. Perhaps a luxury daily or late model "normal" car is considerable. !!!PLEASE PM ALL MESSAGES REGARDING OFFERS/SWAPS!!! 1998 Stagea Series 2 C34 - MLSR Head gasket - ARP Headstuds - Full reconditioned head with less than 2000 KMs - Alloy Radiator - Braided Brake Lines - Upgraded R34 GTT Brakes all around (4 piston front, 2 piston rear per calipers) - Bottom end inspected and checked with no issues - High Flow Turbo - BC Racing Coilovers - Heavy Duty Tow Bar - Used to tow cars - Twin Sunroof - Works Wheels (nothing decent) - Nismo Exhaust - Alarm & Immobilizer System Photos will come later as I'm away from the car at the time of posting this. !!!PLEASE PM ALL MESSAGES REGARDING OFFERS/SWAPS!!!
  11. OK kids, the images tell the story, some threads missing, drivers mat worn as expected. Rubber backed, thick pile, cigarette burn in the small one. seems someone has cut the drivers one to fit a manual but has stitched the edge back well. Definitely not perfect. Feel free to request more images, inspections welcome Mascot, NSW 0401 454406 or PM $100 + Postage - be warned they are heavy and large so postage could be hexi.
  12. Hi all, I am desperately searching for a rear seat for my 2001 Stagea. Please see photo for the design on the fabric in the middle
  13. Anyone out there know where I can purchase a compliant towbar for my missus C34 S2 Stagea RS? We've had the car for nearly ten years and I'm sick of her whining. Lol. Needs to be rated at least 1200kg.
  14. psyberwolf

    [WTB] Stock c34 rims/wheels hey all, just looking to get some stock c34 wheels/rims as showing in the picture below. let me know your price Im located in SA.
  15. C34 Series 2 - Gremilin with starting Hi All, I have a frustrating problem. A few weeks ago my car was broken into, barrel lock ripped out and battery flattened. Fine, charged battery and now I start the car with a screwdriver. My issue is the car doesn't start every time now, seems to be quite random, probably starts 50% of the time. When it does start, it roars into life in well under a second and runs like a clock. When it doesn't it just cranks and cranks without a hint of getting started, which made me believe it was a sticky relay or dodgy earth. I have since replaced or swapped around all the relays and inspected and cleaned all the earths i could find (about 5 in engine bay and one in the driver's kick panel). Oh, and I can hear the fuel pump working regardless of it not starting. Battery voltage is 13.2v, but the starter still sounds fine with this. There are also no ECU codes. I have searched far and wide and can't find a solution. Would anyone have any ideas on what to do next? Should I just get an auto elec in? Pulling my hair out!
  16. C34 series1 splash gards wanted After some parts for my series one stagea. Both front gard liners/ splash gards. Drivers side air con vent And the plastic trim that has the fues box in it in good condition. If anyone has these parts please let me know thanks heaps James
  17. 41RUS

    Hello everyone, I've got 96 Stagea (RS Four). Some days car works perfectly fine, others it becomes jerky straight away after start without 4wd light coming on. When the 4wd light comes on it reads as code 54 (Pressure switch and circuit). Car gets very jerky at low speed, especially if turning. If I turn the engine off and back on it erases the 4wd error and car works fine. Fluid for 4wd system is at adequate level. MAF had been replaced. I'm just wondering if anyone had the same problem or you guys know what might be the issue. P.S. Please forgive me if I sound silly as English is not my first language.
  18. gogglez-10

    Hey just wondering if anyone can confirm whether or not this is a genuine blitz nur exhaust or not has a jasma plate underneath the cannon Cheers Darren
  19. Hey guys and girls... got an ad on gumtree if you cbf looking it up. Located NOR Perth, WA - 0422194264 Got some random left over parts that came from a silver c34 series 1 stagea. heres a list: Super stupidly rare grille (Series 1) - I think it is off a 25gx and there were stuff all of those imported and its the only one in Perth that I am aware of. $275 Pair of silver mirrors (with blind spots stuck on lol) - $80 Stagea door scuff plates (pretty rare) - $125 Greddy blue high flow panelair filter (Brand new - dont wait to order from Japan when you can have it now - $75 Silver rear bumper - $100 R34 silver bov piping (connects to black pipe which connects to BOV) - $10 3 rear baby seat clips (on roof cargo bay area) middle clip cover snapped off on one (would suit someone who needs one or 2 covers?) grey in colour - $10 Supa cheap red pod filters (have one that was used for 2000kms and another that was on the car b4 i bought it so pretty old and little bit faded) - Good one $15 , old one $5 Nismo radiator cap (silver one) i think it suits most nissans so prob s13/s14/s15, r32/r33/r34, and obviously stagea - $60 Nismo oil filler cap (silver) suits same cars as above probably - $60 Also have set of shocks/springs combo I bought off someone over east on SAU - told me had done 110000kms and I used for maybe 10000kms or so (was told it had lowered rear springs but pretty sure they are stock height but fronts def lower) - It has stock front shocks with rsr springs and rear kyb agx damper adjustable shock with stock springs - $250 Front driver seat - $50 Also an apexi BOV ($50) and 4 contipro sport tyres - good for skids/drift ($50) Local buyers preferred but can possibly do freight on most items, as long as you pay for it to be collected from my house on a weekend? lol but you will have to pay for boxes, and tape coz I don't have any... May do a slight reduction in price if you bundle 3 or more items, otherwise I'm more than happy to wait until someone pays what I'm asking Prefer txt message or email (peter-toth@hotmaildotcom) as I don't go on here anymore Pics are old and have stuff that have already been sold (ONLY ABOVE ITEMS ARE STILL AVAILABLE) can send new pics upon request, cheers, Peter
  20. Chasing a set of C34 stagea coilovers for my S1 RS4 auto stagea. inbox please.
  21. killeran

    So this is what my car looked like the day I bought it, complete with Dolphin body kit Yep nice and clean, note the ACT plates (you guys have lovely roads). Well this was very short-lived, after introducing the Stagea to the 'fantastic' roads we have to offer in NSW it wasn't long until it was copping a few bumps and scrapes. Then one dark night a chopped up drum of some kind was left in the middle of the road in an 80km/h zone which fatefully met with my front bumper causing much damage and distress. It wasn't a good look, but I didn't want to spend the time and money fixing it with the thought that somewhere down the track it might happen again. So I thought why not clean it up and create a custom front bumper! I was forced to drive around for about a week without a front bumper since I was having problems with my forester... and somehow escaping the glares of about 6 cop cars we made it without incident and re-attached the bumper today! I've grown fond of the look (although my black FM Intercooler is now a bit visible), what does SAU think?
  22. Clearing out some excess Stagea bits I have. Get rid of that unsightly orange and make you car look like this: The orange and yellow inside lenses have been removed from the blinkers to give a clean clear appearance, especially with the use of "stealth" or "chrome" bulbs. They have been opened & resealed (not by me) I have used them for years and they did not leak. NB. The images don't show it but there is a slight yellow tinge to the plastic lenses as most of these this age do. Inspections welcome Mascot NSW $75 for the set. Happy to post @ buyers cost call 0401 454 406 or PM More bits to come.. Thanks for watching
  23. Hi guys, my ECU fuel pump circuit is basically fried so car is dead in the water at the mechanics, wondering if anyone has a second hand RS4s (manual) ECU laying around they're willing to part with ? model no: 23710 0V801 JECS TM either that or an Apexi PFC to suit... (R34 GTT) I'm located in melbourne... would prefer local pickup Tomas
  24. ttek

    Hello SAU, I've been using the forums for awhile now to find useful information - so thanks in advance! Today I've finally joined and the reason for my first post is to call out for help in identifying the rear lip as shown below. I have been searching around for a replacement, but haven't been able to find the same one. Alternatives are available (such as DAYZ or full rear bar update), but seem to take the styling a little too far for my liking. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. 1997 Nissan Stagea RS4 Up for sale is my 97 Series 1 Nissan Stagea. May consider swaps + cash my way for something a little more economical.. May even consider if a JZX100 or S13/S15. The car runs great and has a really nice and unique bodykit. Gearbox overhauled only a few months ago with new HD clutch - Receipts for $1800. Have some other receipts from the two years I've owned the car. Bad points are shitty paint on bodykit and CVs just started clicking at full lock. Features: AWD RS4 Edition (very easily made RWD if that's your thing) Dual sunroofs Lowered on BC BR coilovers at the front (I have the rears but they're not installed - they sat the car too low!) R34 GTR front brakes R33 brakes in rear Adjustable tein castor arms Full kit 18" VRS Japanese 3 piece wheels Front mount intercooler 3" stainless Apexi exhaust dump back (sounds amazing!) R33 GTR gearbox (manual conversion done in Japan) K&N pod filter Upgraded fuel pump strut brace Boost gauge Kenwood bluetooth head unit Rare factory cargo net Two amps supplying power to a 12" sub, 4 JBL 6 inch speakers and 2 tweeters Interior in great condition Kilometres: 169000 Transmission: Manual Drive Train: All Wheel Drive Fuel Type: Petrol - Premium Unleaded Colour: White Air Conditioning: Yes Registered: Yes Ph 0414956873 Email