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Found 25 results

  1. Selling Greddy cam sprocket for rb25det neo/R34 GTT. Allows intake cam adjustment without losing VCT. Item is BRAND NEW. Chasing $450 Located WA, happy to post at buyers expense.
  2. Hi guys I've been lead to believe by my tuner that my VVT cam gear is making some noise. Around 5000rpm every single pull a noise is picked up by the knock sensor, which keeps going until about 5500rpm at which point it stops, and the ECU sometimes thinks it's knock and pulls timing to compensate. Tuner seems to think it is my intake cam gear, and believes it may be getting a bit noisy for some strange reason. Noise has been described to me almost as a "ddddrrrrrrdrrrrrdrrrrdrrrrrrrrdrrrrrrrr" (best way I can describe it on here) and happens every single pull. Can only be heard through the knock sensor which makes diagnosing it a real pain, as putting it on the dyno every time I replace a component is not even remotely practical. Normally this would not bother me enough to pursue, but because it is affecting how the car drives on some pulls, it's not something i'm happy to leave alone. He has also suggested that it could potentially be a lifter, but that seems very unlikely as these cars have solid lifters off memory. So I contacted Nissan, and am unable to get a brand new intake cam gear for less than $1,200 which is absolutely absurd. So i'm now contemplating other solutions to my problem, and have been thinking I would actually be better off going aftermarket cams with adjustable cam gears. However my setup is still relatively stock with a few bolt ons (front mount, exhaust, cold air intake, nistune ecu, stock turbo, stock injectors etc). So my questions really are: 1. Are there any other suggestions for what this noise could be? 2. What other solutions would I have rather than paying $1,200 for a gear from Nissan? 3. Would going cams on a setup as stock as this even be worth it? 4. How much power would I lose if I just went adjustable cam gears on the stock cams? On a side note, I have recently replaced the cambelt with a GATES timing kit as I was lead to believe that could have been the culprit. Mechanic told me the previous cambelt had not been done very well, and had likely been overtensioned. So this rules out the cambelt or any related tensioners to it, but could reinforce the idea of the cam gear being the culprit?... Appreciate any and all feedback!
  3. Hi guys I have a really frustrating problem with my r32 gtr. For about 2 years it has been leaking from the rear exhaust side cam cover. I tried other covers and have changed the gasket twice with no change. I use 3bond sealant also I have changed the half moon seal. It' defo coming from the join between head and cam cover but I just can' t stop it leaking it' crazy. Anyone had this b4 ?? Could it be a cracked head even if it's coming from the in between jointhats all I can think of. Just driving me nuts
  4. I have been using Platinum Pro Plug-in for my R34 GTR for awhile now, I see many people switching to Hall Effect Sensors for the RB26. Anyone have postive experience here? I’m planning out my RB28 build now and would like to know what is the involvment in switching stock sensors to these aftermarket trigger kits? I’m thinking to use this kit that places a Hall effect sensor at the exhaust cam and crank as well. Specifically this kit https://rossperformanceparts.com/product/nissan-rb-crank-cam-trigger-kit-twin-cam/
  5. Long time reader.... first time pulling one apart. I am giving the GTR a birthday with new timing belt (and braces). I was told car had HKS 264 cams and under the covers there are cams stamped with "HKS" but no other markings ("RB2" is cast into the blanks). Curiously, the inlet cam (greddy cam sprockets) is set to 10deg advanced and exhaust is set straight up. As I dont have a long nose dial indicator to hand and I am lazy, is it conceivable that someone (who knows what they are doing) would end up with these settings on a dyno? I was thinking of returning them to typical +4/-2. Car has R34 N1 turbos that I want to run about 20psi. Thanks Lincoln.
  6. Seeking an inlet cam for neo engine.
  7. Recommend me a turbo/cam setup- RB25 Hi all, I'm hoping someone can save me the money on spending on a new setup that doesn't meet my needs. I've currently got about 330kw with an old garret 3080 0.82 housing through a built RB25 on E85. I'm running 25psi currently and would like to upgrade cams and springs, thinking while I'm there to do turbo, manifold, gates etc. I'm looking for about 450kw give or take, preferably give.. So far im thinking of either a 6466 or a gtx3584rs? When it comes to cams, I don't mind losing the VCT if its more beneficial to do so. I don't really have a cam selection in mind. Everyone loves that lumpy idle but am unsure of what to get. Currently the car is only used a handful of times a month. Mainly drag use/roll racing with some street driving (not daily driver). Just looking for advice, maybe from people who have gone down a similar path or someone who can guide me in the right direction. Cheers
  8. New engine, seized 2 seconds after first start Brand new engine failed and stalled within 2 seconds. Would not restart. Mechanic found the engine wouldn't turn by hand/wrench. Found the exhaust camshaft is seized. number 1 cap nearest the cam gear is wrecked.Couple bent valves and a shredded timing belt (from the skipping). I suspect a few things like the cap was replaced or misplaced, torque sequence, or timing belt tension too high but I'm not the mechanic. Any thoughts? Specs don't matter but this is a big build. Engine is all new.
  9. RB26/25 camshaft (unigroup custom cam) i have a set of brand new unigroup cam shafts, these cams are the pick for most RB applications, designed to bring on boost early. these are not drop in cams, head clearence mod will need to be done, i also believe valve spring will need upgrading 260 duration 11mm lift cams are currently installed into a motor that's never been started, feel free to inspect.. marrickville sydney 0404301881 paid $1200 classing $900
  10. WTB R33 RB25DET stock intake cam After a stock Camshaft from an R33 RB25DET. Needs to be in good condition with no surface rust, pitting, or scoring. Located in Geelong Vic.
  11. WTB - r34gtt / Stagea Neo rb25det CAS After one in/near Brisbane or I will pay for postage.
  12. For sale are some rb26 parts, as i'm putting the standard parts back in before selling my r32 gtr, to fund my new bike and super-motard setup for this year. Posting from townsville. Contact email: [email protected] text: 0434916740 NEW Supertech Pistons 86.5mm/8.5cr $550 All parts below have done just under 8000km. HKS Stage 1 cams with unknown adjustable cam gears $500 Tomie Dump Pipes $400 Spool Rods $450 Ross Tuffbond metal jacket balancer $400 Mines cam Baffles $200 Fuel Rail & Aeroflow fuel pressure regulator $200 RC Fuel injectors 750cc with clips $400 Nismo rb26 oil pump $800 Supertech Dual Valve Springs With ti-retainer $400 (also comes with inner washers to go between head and spring) Old Oem Valves $ make a offer
  13. Ive just got a 25det neo running in my stagea, but theres a knocking coming from the intake cam when the vct solenoid isn't open. When its idling up until about 1400rpm you can hear the knocking but when the vct opens, above 1400rpm, the knocking goes away and sounds mint, ive tried replacing the solenoid with another one but to no avail anyone had this before?
  14. Hey I'm updating my cam gears to a nice set of hks and I want to put a clear cover. Just wondering does it stay clean from the inside?If not is it hard to remove and clean?
  15. I have a rb25det head out of my r33. The head comes complete with heavy duty valve springs, cams and rocker covers. It will need to be machined and valves replaced on cylinder 1 as the piston smacked the head. I still have the receipt for machining and valve springs before the damage occurred. $250 ono or may swap for vl parts. Pickup in Wollongong, NSW. Call: 0418 626 519 Thanks
  16. Hi Guys, Seeing as when I run into a starting problem I try to get some info first, I thought I would post how I solved my no start issue for my R33 S2. The car is great, best I have had as it rarely runs into trouble and if it does it is usually responsive to the first thing I do I love her! Anyway, yesterday I got some fuel and went for a little drive. I turned the car off to run into the shop and when I tried to start her it was a slow start and died pretty much as the engine started. I tried a couple more times and would only keep cranking & cranking. Battery was good, got no codes from ECU, heard fuel pump prime and relay click etc. I was worried maybe fuel pump as I didn't really smell much fuel considering the cranking but that didn't end up being the case. Narrowed it down to CAS or AFM. I had a spare CAS so I unplugged mine and undid the three bolts and removed it taking note as best as I could of the bolt position. I put the spare CAS in and it seemed to fit easier and was easier to turn and adjust. Guessed the correct position, tightened bolts and plugged in and she started first go! I was having the occasional slow start which I have put down to being the CAS now as well. For the first minute it sounded like it had a slight miss but after a run that was gone and it sounds so much better than before and starts great. I also gave my AFM a clean just in case which helped also. Anyway, I hope this helps someone! Here is a pic of her with her new wheels. Emily
  17. R32 gtr zsport 320 km/h cluster, has 141km on the clock $350 HKS RB adjustable exhaust cam gear, only the anodized coat has worn off the top of the gears, excellent condition $150 Located in Adelaide, firm on price. Contact Brad on 0430 033 573 Cheers
  18. R33 gtst/rb25det series 1 cam covers no damage at Runcorn South Brisbane Can dropoff locally or post them Asking $50 ono
  19. Hey Guys, I am rebuilding my BNR32 RB26 motor. I am doing a ground up rebuild from crank up. I am going fully forged pistons with billet conrods etc etc, im not taking any shorcuts but what i need help with is the camshaft. I would like to get a slightly lumpy note can someone give me an idea of which one to get with a reasonably stock head. I have heard the Tomei Poncam 260 degree with 9.15 lift is the way to go as they are a drop in fit? and allow enough room for valve clearance etc. I truly have no idea about the cams so any feedback is appreciated. I do not want to spend a fortune on cams as i have spent ALOT of money already. Will i need to buy new lifters and springs also? Thanks!
  20. Hey Guys, I am rebuilding my BNR32 RB26 motor. I am doing a ground up rebuild from crank up. I am going fully forged pistons with billet conrods etc etc, im not taking any shorcuts but what i need help with is the camshaft. I would like to get a slightly lumpy note can someone give me an idea of which one to get with a reasonably stock head. I have heard the Tomei Poncam 260 degree with 9.15 lift is the way to go as they are a drop in fit? and allow enough room for valve clearance etc. I truly have no idea about the cams so any feedback is appreciated. I do not want to spend a fortune on cams as i have spent ALOT of money already. Will i need to buy new lifters and springs also? Thanks!
  21. Hello, I have HKS Cam gears in good nick for $240 I also have a Bosch 023 already wired up to a r32 gtr fuel pump cradle ready to dropped straight in $140
  22. After a complete set of rb26 rocker covers and cam covers as cheap as possible. I don't care about paint condition as long as the covers themselves aren't damaged. preferably in the brisbane region 0433 559 722.
  23. Hey looking to put a cam in into my r32 gtr just wondering is there a difference in quality between tomei hks and jun cams and which lift should I get. Thanks
  24. Ok so I got for sale my Original HKS cams. They done about 3000km (welcome to come have a look for yourself). I got my hands on a RB26 that will be going in my R33 soon so I have no need for these anymore. My mate bought my head with standard cams for his car so these are just lying around. I am in no rush to sell them but thought someone could use them. Once installed you can feel a big difference in the car (that's of course going from standard cams to these bad boys) Specs: Genuine HKS 264deg 9mm high lift cams (both intake and exhaust) Price: I paid 1450 for them brand new. So lets not bullsh!t each other. I want 650 for them. If you got 649 dont bother even calling me. 650 and its not going any lower. Postage: of course at buyers expense to anywhere in AUS Location: South side Brisbane Ill chuck in the HKS Cam Gear as well. Great mod for some of the N/A or Turbo ones as these are the "Drop-in" cams (no machining needed)
  25. I need a camshaft for my Gtr 33 cause it has shit itself.thanks Tom 0423953016
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