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Found 19 results

  1. Converted RB26 to VCAM with E85 hence these are no longer required. Engine was built by Racepace and was showing 330kwatw on 98 octane Intake side rocker cover, grey in colour $300 Braided hose with fittings $30 600cc purple top injectors with harness $50 Fuel pump $75 Inlet side camshaft stamped with ‘U2’ $200 X-Treme HD CLUTCH Pull type with thrust bearing $100 All items were in serviceable condition prior to removal located in outer east of Melbourne
  2. Look at videos on youtube the timing chain sits straight across the top with no 'U' shape in the middle between the 2 camshafts. but mine seems to have some play. (Keep in mind when i opened the engine there was no upper chain timing guide, apparently i need it but im not sure. Do I need it? is it a must?) 20191123_151122[1].mp4 20191123_151122[1].mp4
  3. Is it possible that tight valve clearance on the exhaust side can cause little to no vacuum on idle...... This is regards to a RB25DET NEO i got...Re done the head installing tomei 1.2 head gasket and lapp over the valves however after that was done the intake side was at nissan specs of 0.012 and the exhaust is way tighter(0.014 to 0.015) on all 12 of the exhaust... will this cause such issue... secondly my last chance was to check to see if my timing was off
  4. Hello, After the timing belt was changed on the car, I ran into a problem. On test drive everything was okay, car boosted and revved like it should. Then after around 10km the car started to stutter around 0,5bar boost and wasn't going properly. The car was parked overnight and next day after around 30km the car lost it's power and wasn't accelerating as it should. The exhaust also went much louder and after all I parked the car, checked that the exhaust manifold was slightly red which means the mixture should be very lean. I took the CAS off and it seems that the half moon on the exhaust cam has broken. So I'm guess the timing got messed up and that's why the car runs badly. I haven't checked the crankshaft timing marks, but on the camshafts they lined up so I'm pretty sure there shouldn't be a problem there. Because if the car ran well on the test drive and got gradually worse, it's the fault of the CAS I assume. Now as the car is garaged for the winter I'm wondering if Tomei poncams and a new CAS upgrade will be good or stick with OEM? The engine itself is stock apart from a new intercooler. Is it worth getting Tomei Poncams with the 8.5mm lift which should be a drop in for the stock engine, valvetrain and valve springs.
  5. Does anyone have an RB25DET series 1 or series 2 head in good condition for sale? Thank you
  6. RB26DETT Rebuilt engine nasty valve train noise on start up I just replaced the head gasket on this engine. I accidentally started the engine without priming it. After the start up, it immediately developed this nasty valve train noise. Does anyone know where is the noise originated from and how to fix it. Here is the you tube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51lzWDkK2nw
  7. NM35 VQ25DET Camshaft Rattle Post Senor Replacement Hi All Just replaced the 2 camshaft position sensors on my old mans NM35 Stage (VQ25DET) and now the car is getting a rattle at circa 2000RPM from what appears to be the camshafts. I have read that this can be caused by using oil that is too thin, or the spring return within the variable cam timing assembly failing. Prior to going down the path of the variable cam timing assembly, we will be trying an oil change but was also curious if maybe the replacement of the camshaft sensors requires a camshaft re-learn procedure and is there anyway to do this without a Consult 3? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  8. As per title. Kelford drop ins. Little use. Made 500kw with a basic port on rb26. $550 and buyer pays postage. Contact via pm, located in central queensland price not neg.
  9. WTB R33 RB25DET stock intake cam After a stock Camshaft from an R33 RB25DET. Needs to be in good condition with no surface rust, pitting, or scoring. Located in Geelong Vic.
  10. Hello, I recently purchased an s15 (sr20det) that sounds like a tractor, the owner assured me that it was due to solid lifters he installed with the last rebuild. However after a wee cam inspection I suspect that his engine builder installed camtech hydraulic cams (the lobes are very broad). Has anyone got any experience with this situation? Any idea what effect it will have on the power curve or if I'm likely to break anything? Cheers
  11. As the title suggests i am looking for a either stock or aftermarket exhaust camshaft for a r32 rb20det engine, needs to have the locator pin intact in the end of camshaft for alignment to the CAS, I am located up in Darwin Northern Territory so will need someone willing to post, Of course i will cover postage costs. Otherwise if needed i will buy a set of 262degree 9.5mm lift camshafts if someone is selling a set cheap.
  12. stock rb26 camshafts $100 Stock rb26 exhaust manifolds $50 Rb26 twin turbo top pipe $80 Stock r32 gtr twin bov setup $80 R34 gtt black rear wing $100 R34 gtt black bonnet $500 R34 gtt head lights (cracked mounts) $200 for the pair Offers considered, txt me (Ben) for more info or pics on 0401418634. Pick up from Newcastle for large items.
  13. Tomei Type-A camshaft kit for sale. Perfect cams for a responsive street or track 26. Designed to best suit the stock & N1 turbos for optimum performance balance of low to mid range torque with nice idle. Specifications are: Intake 260 deg @ 9.15mm lift Exhaust 252 deg @ 9.15mm lift $700 ono
  14. Hey Guys, I am rebuilding my BNR32 RB26 motor. I am doing a ground up rebuild from crank up. I am going fully forged pistons with billet conrods etc etc, im not taking any shorcuts but what i need help with is the camshaft. I would like to get a slightly lumpy note can someone give me an idea of which one to get with a reasonably stock head. I have heard the Tomei Poncam 260 degree with 9.15 lift is the way to go as they are a drop in fit? and allow enough room for valve clearance etc. I truly have no idea about the cams so any feedback is appreciated. I do not want to spend a fortune on cams as i have spent ALOT of money already. Will i need to buy new lifters and springs also? Thanks!
  15. Hi guys, I'm after a 34GT-T Neo intake camshaft, also the VCT gear and bolt if possible. And also the solenoid. Brisbane area prefered. Contact via pm. Cheers, Sean
  16. Hi I just bought a r34 non turbo and it has a loud rattling noise after 2000 revs and a miss fire on cylinder 6 so she is ticking over a bit rough. Anyone got any idea what could be wrong with it have looked around the forums a bit but haven't really found an answer. I was thinking it was a lifter that was stuck but from what I read they are solid lifters so I see that the Neo engines have vtc solen ides on the intake valves could it have something to do with this and how would I check etc any help would be great full or is there shims on the lifters that might have been thrown off the lifter just find it rather strange that there is no noise when ticking over just the rough idle hope fully 1 of ye can help me cheers
  17. hi - Pulled off my CAS to diagnose a no start problem and discovered a half broken splined shaft in it. I tried spinning the CAS shaft by hand but it seems siezed hence why it broke the spline. I had a look with the torch inside the exhaust cam where the CAS goes and noticed the other side of the broken spline shaft. I tried picking the broken piece with a pick tool but it wont budge.Not sure if it can. Could someone pls explain if that splined shaft is part of the Camshaft? Cause it doesnt appear part of the CAS. how do i replace it ? I hate to cough up on a new cam. cheers
  18. Hey all, I have a fair amount of R32 GTR gear in my house that I no longer need so want to try and get rid of it all. All prices are just a rough estimate and I am negotiable on all of them so make me sensible offer and I will probably say yes. I don’t mind posting the smaller stuff (at the buyers expense) but some of the bigger/heavier items I would rather have picked up. Need this stuff gone a.s.a.p. so will be very negotiable on prices. Location: Townsville, 4810 Standard R32 GTR AFM good condition $40 the pair Cam covers polished, in average condition $50 Exhaust Downpipe, unknown make or age. Slightly damaged $75 RB26 standard camshafts $100 Standard R32 GTR ECU. $100 Standard RB26 cam gears $40 Apexi Power FC with hand controller. Bought but never fitted. $850 Standard RB26 coil packs $40 Brand new in box Gates racing timing belt to suit RB26 $100 OEM 3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap 1520mm x 5000mm $50 RB26 Fuel rail $30 Standard R32 GTR BOV's and pipe $50 RB26 'Twin Turbo' pipe $50 I can get pics on request. If I find anything else I will add it on. Can get hold of me on 0406188865 or send me a message on here. Thanks
  19. Ok so I got for sale my Original HKS cams. They done about 3000km (welcome to come have a look for yourself). I got my hands on a RB26 that will be going in my R33 soon so I have no need for these anymore. My mate bought my head with standard cams for his car so these are just lying around. I am in no rush to sell them but thought someone could use them. Once installed you can feel a big difference in the car (that's of course going from standard cams to these bad boys) Specs: Genuine HKS 264deg 9mm high lift cams (both intake and exhaust) Price: I paid 1450 for them brand new. So lets not bullsh!t each other. I want 650 for them. If you got 649 dont bother even calling me. 650 and its not going any lower. Postage: of course at buyers expense to anywhere in AUS Location: South side Brisbane Ill chuck in the HKS Cam Gear as well. Great mod for some of the N/A or Turbo ones as these are the "Drop-in" cams (no machining needed)
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