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  1. Hi Gents, Its been sometime since I have been on the forums and I've had to create a new account because I have changed emails!Well the time has come for me to selling my R33 GTR V-spec. It's a series 3 model, which is the highly sort after model being the last full year of production for the GTR. NOTES:I have priced this considering; Revs check indicates that the car has written off status reported due to storm damage, which I am from the understanding it had occurred during the Perth hail hail storm. Not sure because I didn't own the car then.. there is no signs of hail damage to any panels and it has been repaired. Yes the car is registered, still licensed and insurable. It's not an accident write off, it's been recorded as storm/other. The car is in good condition and registered. Its licensed No money owing on the car. Factory Series 3 Xenon headlamps Factory Series 3 interior in great condition Factory steering wheel Nismo gear shifter Nismo floor mats Nismo 300km/h cluster Stock RB26DETT Stock 5 speed gearbox Factory Brembo Brakes Factory Xenon Headlights Genuine Nissan Engine Coil Cover Ornament Koyo Radiator Twin Garrett Turbos - 7071605005S / GT2860r-5s on stock manifold Apexi Stainless steel cat-back system. Trust front pipes Stainless steel dump pipes Twin Apexi Air Filters 100mm intercooler Spitfire coilpacks Platinum Pro ECU HKS EVC Unit Apexi Turbo Timer Do-Luck Tarzan Gbox Controller for g sensor Kenwood cd / usb / bluetooth head unit Pioneer A1606C speakers in front. Alpine SPR-60C speakers in rear Alpine Type R Sub Alpine MRP-M450 mono block Amp Sound deadener install to doors, rear panels and boot area. Carbon Fibre Rear Wing 18" ENKEI RPF1 Matte Black 10.5" rims with 285 road tyres on all four rims. Bilstein Adjustable Suspension Slotted and drilled rotors to front and slotted rotors to the rear. Comes with Japanese deregistration paperwork. Runs great, makes approx 350awhp at 15psi. Good condition for age. Car is listed else where. Bad Points The car has had hail damage to the left hand side and paper notes its a write off, hence why its priced accordingly. Air conditioning needs fixing, have a spare compressor. 1x small rust scab at passage rear quarter near the side window. Small out dent on drivers door. Jacking points slight creased on one side. Trust front pipe is dented. Few nicks here and there but still presents itself well for the age. Asking Price: $35,000 AUD. Location: Perth WA NOT PARTING / NO DREAMERS / TEST PILOTS... AS I WILL BE DOING THE DRIVING - CAR IS IN STORAGE!
  2. Modifying a Skyline - An Honest Perspective THIS THREAD IS LOOOONG. SKIP TO THE END FOR SUMMARY! Hey SAU. I was originally going to write a Newbie Introduction thread, as I realized I never officially introduced myself. However, I really want to talk about my experiences modding my car, so instead I'll post a very quick introduction here My name is Josh, I'm 28 from Sydney and I've been lurking SAU on and off since 2013. I originally joined to talk to a guy about buying an R32 GTST which I ended up doing in 2013, before selling it in early 2016. About 3 months ago I picked myself up a nice 40th Anniversary Silver R33 GTST with the intention of making it into a zippy streeter that I could use to fulfill my goal of getting on a track. With that out of the way, I thought I'd write about my experiences buying parts, installing them and tuning my R33. So this is like a build thread but I'm already 90% done. Part of the reason I wanted to do this was to write about my mistakes. Things I did wrong, things I should have researched and advice I ignored. So many people have tried to cut corners when it comes to working on their cars, including me, and I want to write honestly about what I've done and how I did it so others can learn. Oh, and hopefully you can also learn a few positive things as well! So let's start with parts that I wanted. When I got the car, I was getting together a small slush fund to get parts, but was still pretty tight on budget. I set out with the goal of 250rwkw. For this, my shopping list was (the usual): Turbo Injectors Fuel Pump AFM ECU Before going out and buying them, I set about doing all of the maintenance items on the car. Oil, filter, fuel filter, coolant, and I went as far replacing transmission oil as well with Redline Shockproof. During this first couple of weeks driving the car, I really didn't like the brakes as the previous owner had let the car sit for a while and the rotors were shot. So I ended up buying a set of DBA slotted and dimpled rotors and QFM brake pads all round. This combo worked extremely well, but was extremely noisy, a problem I have to this day. Here comes my first piece of advice: if you're going to replace your rotors, you may as well clean up your calipers and hit them with some paint. Mine could really use it but I never did. It was after this I wanted to get started on parts. However, I couldn't at the time afford everything at once, and I thought I was going to wait a few months. I therefore, for some reason, decided to get my Nistune ECU before anything else. I really don't know why, I guess because I was very excited and I thought the car might run a bit quicker with Nistune, considering it already had supporting mods (zorts, intake, EBC). So I bit the bullet, hit up Toshi and ordered my Nistune. I thought I may as well, seeing as I was going to need it anyway. This was completely stupid. Do not be like me and waste a tune and dyno time for no reason. If I had my time again I would have been patient instead of stupidly enthusiastic. It ended up being more of a blunder as I got my work bonus a week later and I started ordering parts immediately. The first thing I ordered was injectors. After doing a bit of research, I thought that the easiest way to get to my goal was to stick with side feeds. However, I didn't anticipate they'd cost so much, with a set of NISMO's quoted to me for $1150. So off to Ebay I went. Here, I found "JECS 550cc RB25DET Direct Replacement Injectors" (they ended up being STI injectors with harnesses). I read SAU, and didn't find too much other than generally I should stick to genuine stuff. I then read ebay reviews and reviews from other websites. It seemed hit and miss. I thought f@#k it, and bought them. For less than $400 I thought I couldn't go wrong. We'll come back to these. I then looked up AFM's. Again, I was shocked to find Z32 AFM's around the $300 mark. So off to Ebay once again. I found "Bosch Z32 Replacement" AFM's brand new for $90. Score! Or so I thought. Do NOT cheap out on AFM's. This unit did NOT work, despite the crazy positive reviews. Take the advice from others and go genuine. For a fuel pump, I wanted a Walbro 255. For this I had a mechanic mate who happened to have a new one on his shelf that he sold me for $100. Easy, and one of the few things I did right. For turbo choice, I actually came to this forum and took the advice given to me. I ended up going with a G3 21U High Flow turbo from Hypergear. At $1100 it was one of my steepest purchases but well worth it. So, I got a week off work, hijacked my in-law's driveway and shed full of tools and set about installing the parts with the intention of getting Toshi out to tune my car when complete. Luckily, I had experience swapping a turbo out from my R32 so this wasn't too bad. I had the turbo swapped out in about 10hrs. My only advice for this is to get yourself a 24mm ratchet spanner to attack the inside banjo bolt. IT IS A B!TCH! I'd also suggest bringing the dump out with the turbo, BUT taking it off to install the turbo. This is how I did it, but I was working alone. After installing the Turbo, I put in new coolant and oil and took it for a brief spin. All good. Yes, I'm a grub. The next day I set about installing the fuel pump. I've never worked with fuel systems before, but after following a how-to on SAU I got there in the end. It's important to note that I did NOT do the "earthing mod" as I didn't know about it at the time. Please do your research and do this at the bare minimum. Ideally though you will do the fuel pump rewire with a relay etc, as I will be doing myself soon. If you do not do these your pump will not get the full voltage it needs. After taking the car for another spin, everything seemed fine. This was where I was getting scared, as I was about to tackle injectors and AFM. I knew I couldn't test the car for anything from this point until Toshi came for the tune. I decided to attack injectors first. Once again, I followed a guide I found on SAU. I did NOT have to take off the plenum or the IAC valve. It is an 11/10 B!TCH to reach into and work on, but you don't have to remove them. Others suggest you do, but I didn't. It took me about 2 hours to get the rail out for a first timer. The hardest part for me was actually unplugging injectors 4 and 5, as my fat bloody hands couldn't unclip the 20yo plastic. I eventually use a bent screwdriver as a hook to unclip them but it took me a good 15mins to just unplug these injectors. Once the rail was out, I was told that pulling the injectors out would be quite difficult. However, for me, it was quite easy. It was a bit of a pain I admit to get the screws out from the injector hats, including one screw being completely rounded, but I fixed this up with some multigrips. For the injectors themselves, I used a bit of muscle to twist them in their rail, and then using a large, flat, wide screwdriver, I SLOWLY and carefully levered them out, from just under the plug connection. Others had said not to do this, but I did this with ZERO damage. After this, I installed the new injectors using a little bit of motor oil as lubricant and reversed the order of everything to install. Once again, the injector plugs made me want to off myself. The rest was easy. I then installed the AFM using yet another guide on SAU. Make sure you use solder and insulate PROPERLY with heat shrink and tape, For R33s, solder the 2 Earth's together from the Z32 plug to the Earth on the 3-wire harness. Do NOT ground any of them to chassis, as I read on another guide. With everything installed, it was time to tune. I got Toshi over, but the car was running like dogshit. After process of elimination, we got it down to one injector. Injector number bloody 4. With nothing he could do, Toshi went home, and I went and cracked a cold one so I could start sobbing. The next day, I pulled everything apart and found this: This is what happened when I tried to reach in and squeeze shit together. A BENT BLOODY PIN. I fixed this and low and behold, the car started and idled nicely! It was then time to get the car tuned again and chucked on the dyno! During this dyno run, the car unfortunately misfired. Toshi pointed out that it could be the coils or the fact I never earthed the fuel pump, as I mentioned above. After quickly earthing the pump, I still had a misfire, and drove away with an unfinished tune making 184rwkw @ 10psi. 3rwkw less than I orginally had before the mods... It was at this stage that I needed to get coils. After looking through reviews (but not enough of SAU) I ended up buying Yellow Jacket coil packs. These coils have a reputation for failing here on SAU. However, mine have not been the cause of my issues, but I only have 400km of driving on them. I also happened to get custom plates at the time because why not. I then installed the coils and gave Toshi a call. I went to him to get the car tuned but yet, the car still misfired and the AFR's couldn't be put under control. It was at this time that it was cemented to me that the injectors were the issue. Not having faith in the judgement, and desperate not to spend $1k+ on injectors, I got the second opinion of Johnny (dose pipe). He took a look at my car for me and tuned it up to a point where it at least drove and boosted. He was bloody awesome about it too, can't talk him up enough. However, the car was leaning out in the top end, and he advised this is likely the injectors as suspected, or the fuel pump running out of juice. As mentioned before, if you upgrade your pump, make sure you re-wire it! After driving the car for a bit in low revs, it started running like a dog and not boosting, and misfiring at low revs. It was almost 100% the dodgy injectors. So, whilst crying into my wallet, I forked over the cash for new NISMO 740cc injectors from Just Jap. This brings us to now. I'm installing the injectors next Saturday before once again attempting a tune. Hoping all goes well, my combo should net me around my 250rwkw goal. I'll update this thread when done, but to summarize what I would like people to take from this thread: Take the advice of people on SAU. They've done it before. 5 star reviews from anonymous people mean shit. See the point above. Buy GENUINE. Do NOT buy re manufactured. Be PATIENT. I could have saved a lot of money just by doing things in a better order and not being stupid. As above, do't get ahead of yourself. Walk before you run. Make sure your car is in tip-top shape before modding. If it isn't now, it won't handle modification. Most of all, HAVE A BLOODY GO at doing things yourself. I have limited experience on tools and have had no training. I'm self taught from YouTube and from SAU guides. It's extremely fun and rewarding, even when you've had speed bumps like me. I think that's enough haha. More updates to come
  3. Hi guys and gals, I'm selling my project 33 4 door as I don't have time or space anymore. would be perfectly suited to either a drift or track car, good points: has a professionally built 6 point welded in roll cage, brand new Tein adjustable coil overs all round, good project car. 2 of the main expensive bits are done (roll cage and suspension) already stripped out ready to race good wheels and tyres allot of the hard work is done spare set of Bilstien suspension in the boot CHEAP! lol Bad points: has been sitting around for about 2 years in the weather, needs either new engine or rebuilding the one that's in it. It had a blown head gasket, got pulled apart and then sat around paint is faded and already has a couple of battle scars located near Maryborough (250k's north of Brisbane). Price, honestly not sure what its worth but I'd like to get around $2500, which was the cost of the cage alone, (I'm open to realistic offers) essentially get the car, coil overs, wheels, tyres for free. added bonus **** I can help with transport etc. if required. I have a car trailer and work 7 on 7 off, so if needed I could transport it in one of my weeks off. pictures tell 1000 words so there isn't much else to say Removeable side intrusion bars All TIG welded
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for a standard engine mount pair for my R34 GTT. Cant seem to find any available aftermarket (kelpro etc). Genuine is expensive and I don't want the extra noise or vibrations etc or nismo or hardrace. Has anyone found another option?
  5. Selling 1996 R33 GTST Skyline Coupe - slightly modified. Selling my daily driver for the past 5 years. 1996 R33 GTST Skyline coupe manual. Price $6000 KMs 245000 Mods, Power FC ECU Return flow front mount intercooler. Turbo back exhaust - 3 inch with varex adjustable muffler. Blitz electronic boost contoller. FC Datalogit and software - connects power fc to laptop. TE O2 wideband sensor controller and gauge. BC BR coilovers. Oil cooler. Splitfire coil packs. Bride reclinable drivers seat - Genuine. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Have driven car as daily for past 5 years and selling as the wife finds it too uncomfortable and have bought another car. Have done a lot of driving between Sydney and Wollongong hence the high kms. Rego ran out on 29/7 but getting RWC on 5/8, but CTP too expensive to pay for rego on a car that I am not using. Happy to replace some parts with stock for lower price. Willing to swap for newer small car or mini. Will try to find more photos but for now here is what was on my phone.
  6. M35 Stagea ARX Four For sale is my 2002 M35 Stagea ARX Four, all stock. $7000 negotiable Bought just over 3 years ago as a family wagon and has served me well. Selling due to travelling around Australia for a year and dont need a car! Has just had its 100k service inc 3 new tyres and is mechanically sound Has a fair few scratches and a couple of car park dings. Missing front left wheel arch surround ( came off on th M1 somewhere) Boot release/close is temperamental Fuel gauge has recently stopped working Rego til August Can include roof racks So needs some love to get it looking great again but mechanically its fine. Hurts to know how much ill lose on this sale, looking for $7000 but am negotiable. Call Martin on 0423 989 256 or email mcbta22@hotmail.com
  7. WTB: Complied R33 Turbo Coupe Shell S1 or S2 VIC Hi there smashed my R33 Turbo Coupe and looking for a good shell that is complied and can be registered so i can transfer all my running gear and parts over. doesnt have to be rolling as long it can be put on a tandom trailer. prefer a s2 but s1 will do if its cheap dont care about colour as it will be painted anyway. PM with details and a number preferibly in vic
  8. HKS GT1000 spec intercooler for R35 for sell Brand new HKS Gt1000 Spec intercooler for sell Great for track day users and power seekersm, can be installed with OEM air guide( air guide need some cutting work), save the air guide money, great value. Price online: 1. Speed for Sale: $4000 US dollar+shipping= $5284 AUD + shipping 2. JDM accessories: $5060 AUD + shipping Bought for $5000 AUD now sell for $4500 I have a set of CRD titanium cat less mid pipe as well, bought for $1300, now sell for $700, less than 1000 km on it then I change to a louder set. It is good for R35 owners that want good exhaust note but no drone. Daniel Cheers
  9. For Sale Zeitronix Zt-2 kit with Silver LCD Boost Sensor EGT Sensor Never used, was meant for a project that didn't take off Located Melbourne western suburbs for meeting but can post anywhere in AUS (post paid by buyer) Looking for $300 O.B.O Pictures http://imgur.com/L0c8cEz http://imgur.com/aFD3hX1 Post here and/or PM me
  10. Check out the thread http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/462213-cheap-cheap-parts-clean-out-te37-turbo-nismo-clutch-injectors-13w7/
  11. DR30 coupe roller for sale. Current circuit car, I purchased car for driveline, suspension and ancillaries. Car will be sold as a roller with suspension, r180 diff and wheels/brakes out of black 4 door (see pics). Car is set up for an fj20, has no seats, includes bolt in cage, aftermarket gauges. Up close paint is rough and needs some TLC. Some on this site will no doubt know the car. Iron mask bonnet and grill etc. Car can be viewed (Bayswater Vic) as is before having items removed next week, lots more pics available. Tough looking car. $2300 Steve 0438 673 125
  12. Only travelled around 500kms on the full set.. both were changed at the same time on December 16/17 2013.. pretty much just sat on the the car in the driveway and occasionally being driven to/ from the mechanics workshop to be worked on. 2 x TOYO R1R Proxes 205/55R16 = $520 2 x Atachillies Achilles 205/55R16 =$247.50 4 x r32gts-t rims = $whatever they go for these days haha Want cash only. 600 ono Also have TEIN HA adjustable coilovers for r32gtst. $500 firm for SAU members until/ unless ebay bid has been made. Paid $750 this year. no leakes. very firm ride Eden Hills, SA 0412996851
  13. Hi guys, Got 6 brand new still in packaging Sard 540cc injectors suit RB25/SR20. Come with fitting kit (o-rings, collars, plugs etc) Bought as a precaution and no longer needed. Paid $810, asking $550. Also a brand new still in packaging genuine Bosch Z32 AFM with Tomei plug. Paid $330, asking $250. Can MMS photos as required, or inbox them on Facebook as they're "stuck" on my phone and I can't upload them to the forum from my phone? All items brand new, located in Warrnambool Vic. Contact me on here, or 04 3774 51 FOUR SEVEN Mods please delete my other thread regarding the injectors. Cheers!
  14. Just recently bought a Nissan Stagea, so it's time to sell the ol' beasty. Let yourmates know about the bargain "Nissan Patrol". This may not look like most polished off roader, but under the lightly worn exterior is a very competent 4x4. The car is worth about $6000 but considering a couple of basic electrical niggles (power windows etc) I've dropped it to $5000. Fitted is a 2 inch suspension lift, dual batteries, UHF and a snorkel. The car will come with its standard AT tyres and rims and the 33 inch MTs and rims are available for a cheap upgrade. Feel free to contact me via email and text for more info. Location: Bracken Ridge, QLD Worth: $6000 Selling for: $5000 Open to offers Contact me on 0413749five26
  15. hey everyone, really need the space so everythings going cheap, i will text pictures upon request - Located in western suburbs of melbourne. S1 rear bumper, has been sanded to suit respray - $30 S1 rear bumper in gunmetal grey, has had a crappy dent repair, suit track car or resto - $10 S1 grill in gunmetal grey - $30 Fake gtr gear knob with universal threads - $10 Black LHS tail light. Indicator pane is cracked - $20 S1 Drivers door card - $30 N/A Front pipe - $10 Set of stock springs/shocks, one of the front shocks has snapped, springs are good - $50 the set GKtech deep dish leather steering wheel. is worn but still nice, has no horn button - $30 Need this stuff gone as soon as possible, don't have time to organise postage so pick up only (3040) thanks
  16. need to sell ....it has a garret 35/40, micro tech computer, 800cc injectors, tein adjustable suspention,sars fule pump, turbosmart waste gate,blow off valuve and boost gage, dump pipe and exhaust, pod filter,rims with new rubber and will throw in the stockies, dvd player, momo wheel. $5k call me 0458482184
  17. Set of OEM (Stock) R33 GTR Coil Overs. Used condition. Good to go on your GTR33. Cleaning up garage as I am moving overseas. Price: AUD $400 for the set. Please Call or Text 0420680611. Pick up from South Eastern Melbourne. Happy to ship at buyers cost. Thanks
  18. Selling a cheap set of genuine sparco wheels. they are in good condition with minor gutter rash from previous owner multi stud 4 and 5 x 114.3 fronts are 17x8 and rear 17x9 screw on center caps $200 pickup near eltham 0402 578 945
  19. hi guys hea i have my 1998 r34 2 door with a few mods making 380hp on 16 psi 400hp on 18psi have dyno sheets etc.has 97k on the clock needs a few little things done but depends how picke you are car drives great was daily driven on 14psi.can be sold with a rwc for extra no rego. $$10999 is a CASH PRICE if you want to SWAP 14k MODS LIST. Garret GT35R Turbo 50mm Wastegate Highmount maifold 4inch turbo back Microtek LT12 Greedy oil cooler super spark coil packs 555cc nismo injectors Fmic kit HKS bov Teins super flex coilovers with in cab damper control K SPORT 8 POT Brakes with 13inch rotors 18x10 lenso D1Rs aftermaket rear camber arms stage 2 shift kit (auto box) apexi gauges nismo side skirts and rear pods cusco oil catch can there is proble some i have forgot i am neg on the price if you want to no more about the car txt or call on 0434012067 on the gold coast qld
  20. Up for sale are my set of East Bear R33 LED Tail lights. These are in excellent condition and are very bright compared to standard tail lights. All lights and LED's work perfectly fine. Comes with Midnight Purple outer housing, but should be interchangeable with your current ones as far as I know. Direct fitment with no modification to wiring needed. Full set Picture: Left tail light: Right tail light: These go for around $450 excluding delivery on RHDJapan: http://www.rhdjapan.com/east-bear-led-tail-light-set-nissan-skyline-r33-2-doors.html Selling for $250 FIRM which includes delivery via registered AusPost. PM or MSG me on: 0403 870 One Four Three. Had some interest before and happy to answer questions, get in quick!
  21. hey guys, I have a pair of nismo lemans/group a turbos journal bearing was going to build up a period correct engine to go into my R32 but decided to go some newer bigger turbos instead. one turbo has sucked something up and has been pulled apart. the other turbo appears to be okay but id get it checked out for peace of mind. includes actuators internally gated have heard of people making 350rwkw + on these. $300 ono theyre taking up space on my shelf. located in Lalor Victoria $50 freight to all major cities (weight) call or sms me on 0411421097
  22. R32 coupe GTST black BM50 90 Blue face cluster, 165,000 100 Black electric mirrors 60 ea Clear indicators, mint condition 170 Jensen 6x9s, with the wood spacers for r32 doors 60 both Head lights 125 ea mint condition 34 mm water temp adapter 10 Drivers window switch 60 5 bolt shafts 75 pair Drivers seat with small rip 30 Passenger seat, excellent shape 40 A pillar covers 25 Floor carpet 40 Gab front shocks has springs on them assume lowered 70 Stock rear springs 60 Passenger door glass 20 Drivers door in good shape, with window in black 140 Seat belts, 60 each Steering wheel centre button, 15 Lower control arms, 60 each, 100 pair Castor arms 40 each R33 s1 coupe Black 141,000kms RB25DET Motor with all accessories, Loom, ECU, turbo (doesn’t look like rb25 std turbo, still Nissan though) It was running and driving fine but you could hear a slight tapping noise from timing case, assumed idler/ tensioner pulley. Was louder with timing case off. Considering this I have priced it to go! Also had great oil pressure and spooled up well. $1200, cheapest complete rb25det you will find. Complete RB25DET manual conversion. good condition box, shifted very smooth, no noises Flywheel, clutch, clutch master, clutch slave, clutch lines, clutch pedal, interior surround (needs boot), shifter, gear knob, tail shaft. The lot. 1450 firm 450 without box Complete front and rear 5 stud conversion, big 4 pot brakes Great for S chassis and NA skylines plus others! Good pads and discs, pulled up really nicely Hubs, brakes, front uprights, brake lines, brake pads, brake discs, everything you need. 500 Complete rear subframe with all arms only missing hubs/ brakes with great upgrade for r32/s13’s and such. With diff/ shafts 450 without diff/shafts 275 Stock rear springs, great shape, 70 Stock front springs 70 Stock front and rear springs 110 Stock seats excellent condition - fronts 40 each - pair of fronts 60 -full set 100 LSD differential, good condition 175 5 Bolt drive shafts $75 Drivers door, excellent paint - 80, glass without regulator -130, glass with regulator Passenger door, Complete with glass and reg 130 Door trims 50 ea Window regs, 70 each Floor carpet, good condition 40 Seat belts, 60 each Interior plastics $10-$30 Dashboard 35, vents at front bit cracked Steering rack 100 engine cross member 90 Auto Rad, works in manuals too 70 Bare shell, Mint rear quarter panels, not rolled, awesome paint, 150 Front guards Drivers 80 mint condition Passenger 40 slight bend at top Lots more r33 parts as I am stripping the car Green label Air flow meter 60 bucks I have about 3 or 4, good upgrade for rb26 Green label afm, not working, has been opened up and glued back closed, 15 6x Series 1 coil packs, perfect working order 80 6x Series 2 coil packs, I have never used them, so unknown 50 Rb25det coil pack loom, works fine, few chipped plugs, 40 ALL LOCATED IN ALTONA, VIC CAN HELP WITH DELIVERY/ SHIPPING DELIVERY REQUIRES DEPOSIT PRICES RELATIVLY FIRM Although, Discounts if you buy more than one thing. SMS me for more info and photos 0433200452 I will try check this often but I forget about it
  23. 2000 Nissan Skyline r34 Gt-t TURBO 5sp NO SWAPS new add updated contact details & price... RB25DET rego till 22/9/14 60,589ks 5sp, HICAS, LSD Good tyres New clutch, barely driven since it was changed (reciept in pic) 3" exhaust from the dump Blow off valve Strut brace otherwise stock Runs well clean straight car except for a couple of burns on the back seat.. (see pic) $11,500ono located in coffs harbour nsw approx 6.5hrs from syd and 4.5hrs from brissi NO SWAPS!! negotiable on the price no stupid offers!! more pics available via email had trouble uploading them call for more details 0418442477
  24. Hey guys, Looking to sell my spare drift car I've had for awhile now. It's a Tamiya TT01 and it's Ready To Run - all you need is a body of your choice. I've spent the weekend overhauling it with the following parts, all new: gearbox covers F/R, upper and lower control arms, rear drive shafts and input shaft, motor mount cover and smaller plastic parts. It also comes with the following genuine Tamiya upgrades: -Alloy motor mount -Alloy main/prop shaft -Alloy heat sink -Alloy steering kit w/ bearings -Alloy bumper stay w/ blue foam -Carbon top deck -Stabilizer kit w/ spare sway bars -Adjustable upper arms F/R -CVA oil filled shocks -Toe-in rear uprights -Full ball bearings Running gear includes: Futaba 2PHKA radio gear with S3003 servo, Mtronics Viper Tempo 11 ESC (11t limit, Forward/Brake only), Tamiya Sports Tuned motor, 3 batteries (2x 3000 and 1x3800mah - all very healthy) and an Ansmann ACS car charger. Not pictured but it comes with the original Tamiya TT01 box with instruction manuals for most items and also has a spare set of grip wheels/tyres and a box with lots of spares (pinion gears, springs, plastics, hubs, ect) After $350. 'Test drives' are welcome but if you break it, you buy it! Located Melb S.E and can post at buyers' expense. Feel free to PM if you have questions
  25. Hey guys. I am now wrecking a complete r33 gtst It is manual and running. No front bar, bonnet, sideskirts or pods Complete 5 stud conversion in awesome condition 600 LSD diff, great condition 200 rb25det complete motor with manifolds and turbo, has noise in timing case (assuming idler or tensioner bearing), doesnt blow smoke, perfect oil pressure. was told it had a different turbo on it, but its still a nissan one, looks a bit different to rb25 turbo, maybe r34 1300 Heaps of other parts Also have r32 GTST parts Best thing to do is text me what youre after on 0433200452 I can post somethings, I am located in Altona VIC Thanks
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