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Found 56 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently installed a new cluster and when i went for the first drive everything seems to work fine except for the speedo. i cant seem to work out whats wrong with it, all the other gauges work fine, i just cant see the speed im travelling. any help would be great
  2. Hi, I was just wondering what other options there are for a r33 gtst cluster. I was looking to get something that has a higher top speed max rather than just the standard 180kph. Please post what you know or possibly links to shop for aftermarket ones
  3. Hi ther, i have a problem that came after i changed my baulbes in my AC, replaced them with LED's and my cluster started messing up, Fule and Engien heat is always on max, spedo don't work, and RPM bounces on 500-1000rpm on idel and under full pupp it only goes up to 3000rpm, and the KM on the car reads 999999. Changed back to my normal baulbes and cheked the wiers to chek if ther was any faulty wiers behind the AC unit but coudent finde anything, changed back to my old Baulbes and it stil dosent work. I alsow blew the fuse for "Tail L" wile replacing the baulbes and have replaced the fuse. So, what can be the problem? Can i have messed up the cluster and blew a resistor? is ther a relay that have exploded? I have had the AC unit and CD player out 6-7 times and tried to turn the key on and off, and sometimes it works like it shoud somtiems it just a bit faulty shoing way to hige RPM and the wrong KM (shows about 116k the car has traveld 160k) Sorry if the post is messy, im not always that good at explaning things
  4. Looking to buy new or used Triple Guage Cluster to suit a GTT
  5. Hi Peoples. Wanting to buy the following for an R32 GTR Preferably new if you have it, or used in mint condition: Dash cluster surround, both top and bottom pieces If it is used, must have no cracks, marks, broken tabs, broken mounts or repairs. Must be in MINT condition. The mounts for the switches and clock tend to either split, strip the thread, or snap off completely. I need them all intact. Closer to Wollongong NSW the better. Can pick up from Nowra to Sydney if i have to.
  6. Hi guys, I'm after a manual cluster/tachometer for my R34 GTT, since mine poofed its self. Was looking at going for a nismo but waaayy to expensive and would rather use the cash for engine mods. Even just the PCD cluster board would be amazing. Thanks
  7. Nismo 320km/h Cluster for a BCNR33, these are getting very expensive!! Priced far below jdm going price. Condition is absolutely stunning and this unit had no rev problems upon removal. $1000 USD Worldwide Shipping $45 Paypal 4.4%
  8. I recently ordered a speedometer cable for my 1990 Laurel because the speedometer stopped working. I'm ready to put the new one in but I can't figure out how to remove the trim to get to the gauge cluster. Any advice would be appreciated!
  9. Hi Guys, Can someone confirm all the different types of clusters on all the GTR models. Am I correct in saying all the GTRs came with 180km dash clusters? If not can someone explain what models came with different clusters.
  10. okay, thanks in advance but do you know those R34 "GTR" cluster dashes with the silver plates? "search V spec 1 stock GTR R34 cluster" is it possible for me to glue the silver plate looking thing onto my R34 stock S1 cluster? if so, where can i buy those plates, does anyone have access to the exact measurement to those? because i do have access to a laser cutter. i want to do this to cover to make the car look good, not to make a GTR replica, i just wanted to do something with the ugly cluster (is a manual but has automatic symbols) thanks.
  11. Hi guys Trying to do some research but was unable to really find anything on the R33 GTR 320km dash clusters. Were they a factory option or are they an aftermarket only? I thought they came in all Vspecs but after looking online and doing some research I was completely wrong. Any information would be awesome
  12. WTB R33 Gtst series 1 Automatic guage cluster any km SMS 0421605491 Any area syd or NSW.
  13. R32 Tommy Kaira dash cluster wiring Hi, I has anyone on here had experience wiring a Tommy Kaira dash cluster into a R32 gtst? I'm trying to figure out how to wire it using a standard rb20 wiring loom for the dash electrics. The cluster was originally from a Tommy Kaira M20 R32 gtst, unsure if the wiring loom for the cluster is different on these models.
  14. Nismo cluster up for sale is a 320kph nismo cluster to suit early r32 excellent condition ( 77,267 km ) all in working order when pulled out of the car located is in hills district Sydney happy to post Australia wide asking $600 ono
  15. Help! How to Late BNR32 Cluster in pre 91/8 car Hello i need some help. Does anyone have a full write up how to get a +91/8 Cluster to work in a pre 91/8 BNR32. I know how to do the speedo, i found that info on this forum. Problem is that i can't find a writeup on how to fit the rev counter. I know that it has been done, just now how. Any help is welcome.
  16. Nismo Old Logo Oil Pressure gauge NEW in BOX 1990 Recently opened. totally new Nismo Oil Pressure gauge from 1990 with all needed fittings. Not a spot on it, perfect 10/10 condition! Price 450 USD Shipping to Australia 30 USD Paypal 4%
  17. R34 cluster issue Hey all, so my rpm gauge on my r34 is not working at all, we've just tried a scan tool and it came up with zero faults, is there any way of testing to see if it is the cluster itself that has the issue? Anybody else have this problem?
  18. BNR32 Speedo showing exaggerated speed Having an issue where my Speedo is showing that I'm going a lot faster than I'm actually going. For example if I'm doing around 70km/h it will read that I'm doing about 170km/h or sometimes it will read completely off the clock. This issue has been around for a while now where it was initially happening maybe 60% of the time and it is now occurring around 98% of the time. I've been having to rely on my PowerFC hand controller ever since.... Checked the Speedo cable at both ends and they appear to be fine and since it is clearly spinning still I'm wondering if there was something up with the actual dash cluster? I'm looking to replace it with another dash cluster for a test but could this issue relate more with the cable itself? Thanks!
  19. R33 skyline project partout heaps of brand new items Brand new greddy type r intercooler - $400 Brandnew 50mm radiator-$125 Brand new thermo fans to suit radiator-$175 Brand new gfb electronic boost controller- $250 Brand new waste gate x2-$50 ea Brand new garrett gt04r turbo with exhaust manifold for r33-$650 R33 gtr dash cluster 15,600km 320km hr-$950 Brand new z7 rims -$600 R33 5 speed gearbox-$750 R33 diff with tru trac centre-$1500 Custom tailshaft-$1200 Rb25 block with 1mm oversize bore with rb26 crank and girdle all balanced (just needs soda blast) -$1000 Adr approved custom bonnet by blitz-$1200 R33 skyline shell with full paint job bmw sepang bronze with a ghost flake with a full race suspension arms and neomax silvers coilovers never had engine in since fitted.-$3000 Brand new stage 3 head with brand new internals and a 350cfm port and polish- $2700 Surge tank $100 Forward racing plennum (greddy style) with 100mm throttle body, 14mm fuel rail (tomei) 1000cc injector dynamic injectors and fuel pressure regulator -$1200 Tail lights led- $100 Headlights -125 Front bumper-$250 Rear bumper-$250 Tomei cam gears-$175 Tomei timing belt and pulleys- $30 Water pump-$75 Oil pump n1- $125 Tomei poncams 272 9.5 lift- $450 Gtr boot and spoiler -$200 30 row oil cooler- $100 Pretty sure i have missed stuff but if i remember more i will update
  20. FS: R32 GTR Nismo white face cluster and triple gauge - $750 Item: Nismo White Face cluster and Triple Gage Condition: Great, Used 23,876kms. Suits: Late model R32 GTR's (late 1992 to 94 Reason: I prefer using my Nismo Black face cluster Price: $750 + postage or pick-up PM me if interested.
  21. R32 GTR/GTS-t Cluster Surround Globes If your a little OCD like myself this thread should be quite helpful. I've done a bit of searching around and cannot find anything on the forums that actually lists genuine part numbers, so I figured I'd post up some part numbers and photos for those who'd also like to replace their blown cluster surround globes. You'll need to remove the cluster surround and all switches to access the 7 globes altogether. (2 small globes are hidden) I've attached 2 photos and identified the differences via colour code. Genuine Part Numbers: x1 - 25169-01U02 - Wiper switch back light x4 - 25169-01U00 - Hazard / AM/FM / Demister / Fog lamp back light x1 - 25169-01U01 - Headlight switch back light x1 - 25169-01U03 - Demister ON/OFF globe - Hazard / AM/FM back light globes shown in red. - Wiper switch back light tucked behind the rear wiper switch shown in blue. - Wiper switch back light show with the rear wiper switch removed. - Demister ON/OFF globe shown in green. - Demister / Fog lamp back light shown in red. I hope this helps fussy R32 owners like myself. These parts are easily accessible from any Nissan dealer. I personally purchase them off amayama which arrived at my door from Japan 5 days later.
  22. white faced nismo BNR32 cluster and DIN gauges Hi guys, I'm looking for a set (or just one) of the white faced Nismo cluster and DIN gauges for the BNR32. Here is a picture of them: Just offer what you've got, thanks.
  23. Hi SAU, My cluster in my skyline has stopped working (The rev meter section is broken along with the speedo section was playing up) and i bought a second hand odometer the next day so i know my speed limit and the rev meter. My question is, The old cluster had a different KMS to the second hand cluster now. I will be selling the car also soon and i dont want to do the wrong thing with RMS and wanted to know if we require to report this cluster issue to them for their records? the E -Safety was recorded with the original kms on it and the rego is coming up soon and the mechanic workshop said to me that RMS does not check these...which is BS! Has anyone else had the same issue with their clusters playing up and purchasing a second hand cluster with a different km's? Just wana do the right thing here guys. Thanks Jason
  24. Hey guys, After some advice, I have purchased a tomei r32 gtst dash cluster and the back of it is yellow/orange (indicating it is a s1 cluster) My r32 is a 1992, meaning it a series 2. This means that the dash cluster will not work correctly without rewiring/modification. I have rear the tach and high beam light won't work, and also the oil pressure warning light will always be on. What I am wondering is if anybody would be able to supply dash cluster pinout diagrams for both series 1 and 2 r32 dashes. Or if anybody knows how to get a S1 dash working correctly. Or if anybody knows a good nissan auto-electrician on the Gold Coast that would be able to wire this up for me. Thanks in advance. - Justin
  25. - Strut brace suits all r32 models $60 or $80 freighted - 260km/h Nismo speedo dial (Can supply in early model GTR cluster if required for extra) Has 148,xxx kms Will suit any model r32 gtr. It's currently setup as an early model but I have spare parts to convert it to suit a late model if that's what you require. Year models are as follows just let me know what you have: Early: 1989 - July 1991 Late: August 1991 - onwards Located Gold Coast can ship worldwide securely tracked with insurance $220 AUD inclusive of post (auswide) Also note: Early model has beige circuit board on back of cluster late model has blue** All Located Gold Coast 0414596256
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