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Found 91 results

  1. Hi has anyone used an extreame twin ceramic or tripple ceramic clutch
  2. Hi Guys, Have the Getrag out of my gtr for sale. $6500 ONO Box has 70k kms on it. No noises or crunches works perfectly fine. It only came out due to an upgrade. Comes complete with shifter (nismo shift knob as well), transfer case, push/pull converter for clutch, clutch slave cylinder and braided clutch line. Pickup much preferred due to size and weight. Any questions PM me or sms/call 0403 858 714. Thanks, Brett
  3. Looking to buy R32 GTR lightened flywheel and clutch kit
  4. RB20/25 Blitz single plate clutch & lightened flywheel Sprung centre (same clutch as the ORC 409D) Comes with correct release bearing. Has done about 15,000km with 260-280rwkw. Good for 300-320rwkw A hand full of track days and a drag day on the clutch. Replacing due to upgrade to twin plate & bigger capacity motor. Very drivable and plenty of meat left on the clutch plate
  5. Bought it a couple months ago but have decided to go twin plate. Clutch has plenty of meat on it, owner told me he used for 10000km, i never installed it on the car or used it. The pressure plate has been reinforced and has a load rating of 1100kg. Any questions pm me. Price $320
  6. Have tried piecing together what could be the problem but can't find a definitive answer. Have just converted my 34 to manual. Bled the clutch about 15 times. Master cyl>Dampener box>slave. Slave does move and pushes on fork. Can feel a tiny bit of pressure on the pedal at the very end but the pedal doesn't kick back. What can I be missing? Could the fork or thrust bearing not be seating properly? Can start car in gear and drive but can't use the clutch at all. Cheers for any info!
  7. BstewyR33

    Ive had this noise going on with my clutch the last few months, Managed to record the sound my clutch is making on cold start up. I don't seem to hear much once its warmed up except for the occasional whine towards the end of the drive. took the car to a clutch/trans this morning so they could have a listen and by murphys law it didn't make a sound. He test drove it and said the gearbox is solid, if he was to open it up to inspect itd be a cpl of Gs to possibly change the input shaft bearing and maybe recondition the gearbox, he did say to do a gearbox oil change considering the klms on the clock (290000ks) Any other thoughts from the gurus out there? 20180724_071438.mp4 20180723_133931.mp4 20180723_133931.mp4
  8. HI, Up for sale is the following - all parts are all in good condition and came out of an R32 GTR: 1. Tomei Type B Poncams (in/ex 260 deg 9.15mm) - $500 2. NPC heavy duty carbotic single plate clutch (pull type) ( <3000kms) - $500 3. 6x Xspurts 1000cc injectors (<3000kms) - $250 4. Turbosmart FPR800 fuel pressure regulator - $100 Willing to post at buyers expense Preferred method of contact is via tsxt msg on 043(two)52007(one)
  9. R33 GTST Gearbox and Nismo Super Coppermix Twinplate clutch kit R33 GTST / RB25DET Gearbox from Nissan Skyline. Had in car ~6 months, had no issues whatsoever shifting, grinding, popping out of gear, exploding, etc etc etc but did only have few months. Removed as engine also removed from car.Drives and sounds like any R33 GTST gearbox that I have personally ever seen.Has new (nismo lol) pivot ball. New OEM slave cylinder too, and a non 18 year old dust boot and crossmember, and new gearbox mount.Nismo Twin plate super coppermix clutch kit with lightened flywheel. Also near new, driven about 10,000kms. These things last many many years of abuse, never received really any abuse as engine/gearbox now out of car. Will hold 450 rwkw, and drive like a clutch that won't make you hate life and can drive daily EASILY$3000 for both, will be $3200 if you make me seperate them. Located Glen Waverley, Melbourne.
  10. Hi! Is the truth if clutch is without springs on discs or center hub it can destroy the gearbox while fast change gears? I have 520whp R33 GTR with ATS Triple Carbon clutch, after 2 years i crush 3 gear in the OEM gearbox - i know that is weak point of that gearbox and we can extend life of the 3rd gear by slower change but im curious about theory with springs inside the clutch?
  11. Up for sale Xtreme Clutch kit in very good condition used only two months around 1000km Asking $700 Jacoub / 0422076298
  12. JJR Stainless Front/Dump pipe for R34 GTT - $100 R33 Clutch Master and Pedal - $50 Located Werribee or Geelong
  13. I was driving in traffic yesterday on the m5 and I had pushed in the clutch a million times til I heard a twang like a spring or something. After that the clutch stopped engaging and the clutch doesn't feel the same when you push all the way down Not sure what might be happening. Maybe the master slave cylinder I'm just not sure
  14. Hey guys, I have a bunch of bits and pieces for sale to suit R32 gtr's that are no longer needed. Located in Adelaide, but more than happy to post ifeel free to pm me or message my mobile on 0412 618 558 f you have any questions. Open to reasonable offers as well guys. APEXi Power FC D-Jetro to suit R32/R33 GTR $1250 - Brand new , just not needed now that I've decided to go in a different direction. Includes complete D-jetro wiring kit (harness, sensors, and nipples). HKS AFM Replacement pipes $250 - Brand new, was to be used with the d-jetro ecu above. Will do the above two for $1400 if sold together GReddy twin 60mm A pillar guage holder $100 - To suit R32s Genuine R32 GTR N1 boot lip $300 - Primed and ready to paint, the original threads to bolt it down are still there as well. Nismo G-MAX Spec 1 twin plate clutch $250 - Pull type, to suit late model R32 & R33 GTRs. Still 3.3mm of meat left on the plates (limit is 2.7mm according to nismo) so still a bit of meat but may be better suited to just rebuild it anyway. Any Questions don't hesitate to message me
  15. hey guys, have a 92 skyline gts (32) with a rb25de from a r33 swapped into it by the previous owner. to the best of mine and his knowledge, it is still the stock rb20 box. just curious on what clutch i'll need as mine has started slipping. cheers
  16. For Sale, R34 GTT clutch. Clutch came with a gearbox that i brought, i have no need for it, as i put a new clutch in around 3 months ago. Was bolted up to the car but was never ran. It is in Perfect condition. this is the clutch here: Will post pictures when i get home. $850 ono + plus postage. Happy for it to be picked up Location Orange NSW 2800
  17. tommytomatoes

    Looking for as stated. I am located in Canada, will pay for shipping and all. i have an R33 pedal and it sits too high. Please reply or PM me. Thanks!
  18. Hi guys, I've got an R33 GTST making 235 rwkW. Usual problems with synchros - been nursing the gearbox for years on smurf's blood. On the freeway today in 4th under acceleration the clutch started to slip (did it once, then I deliberately did it once more to check I wasn't dreaming). Also the takeup point seemed higher than usual before I hopped on the freeway. It was a pretty gentle cruise also - not like an organic clutch that's taken a thrashing and will recover a bit when it cools down. Hopefully I haven't trashed the flywheel, but it wasn't making horrible noises like rivets scraping. Looking for guidance on the things that should be replaced when the gearbox and clutch is out. Not looking for upgrades of gearsets/selectors or anything, just re-built back to standard. Also looking for recommendations on what clutch I should put in. Read on another thread that I should stick with factory synchros. What other bits should typically get replaced (eg bearings etc) on a gearbox re-build - assuming I don't have any cracked gears/selector forks etc. At this stage I'm assuming I'm up for: new clutch plate, pressure plate, throw out bearing machine the flywheel replace synchros I'm quite mechanically sympathetic on the old girl, but it does do a few track days a year, and occasional drags. I'd prefer not to have the car back together and someone say, "why didn't you replace blah while you had the 'box out?" Also any recommendations of who to go to in Brisbane? Probably more important, PM me if you know people I should stay away from (please don't flame anyone in the thread) cheers Mike
  19. [Q] Pressure plate ATS Triple Carbon Hi, I have ATS Triple Carbon clutch, it's normally the pressure plate is not straight from outside to inside? It's about 1mm difference. I don't know what to do buy new one or just put it and drive [never measured that type of surface on other clutches]
  20. BNIB: Nismo Super Coppermix Twin Plate Competition Edition - Pull Type Hi all, i have ordered the wrong clutch by accident. looking to sell to purchase the correct item. if you are ready this you know how good these clutches are. item is brand new. box has been opened to view the item and is it unmarked glorious condition. clutch has not even been removed from box. clutch kit is complete and includes bearing, flywheel bolts, clutch kit, flywheel and fork boot Part number is: 3002B-RR598-C $2000 + post i can text pictures if needed.
  21. Nismo twin plate clutch with new plates held 1031rwhp in my gtr for 2000km, plates were replaced about 1000km before I changed to auto $1000 Splitfire Coils $300 JUSTJAP coils - was in my rb26 with 638rwhp like new as I went to splitfire coils within a month as I went rb30/26 Microtech LT10s - with loom off my r32 gtr - about a year old HKS Coil overs - they were on the car when I bought it and quickly changed to a drag type spring rate $1000 Call Julian 0434778285
  22. RB25 CLEAR TIMING COVER Condition : Used, but in very good condition with no cracks, only the occasional wear and tear marks here and there, nothing major. Price : $250 This item is quite rare as you can hardy find them for sale anymore. A rare and discontinued japanese item. A great addition to any engine bay that has a RB25 in it, especially if you have aftermarket adjustable cam gears or timing belt, this cover allows you to see inside that part of the engine, and lets you stand out from the crowd. RB25 ROCKER COVERS Condition : Used, a bit dirty, needs a clean, a few normal wear and tear marks Price : $50 Comes with standard oil cap. image hosting websites image hosting 20mb RB25 ROCKER COVERS (RED) Condition : Used, a bit dirty, needs a clean, a few normal wear and tear marks, paint peeling in some areas (pictures show all) Price : $50 Comes with aftermarket oil cap. RB25 CLUTCH AND FLYWHEEL Condition : Used, in great condition, has quite a lot of meat left on the clutch. Price : $120 Came out of my running RB25det, and never had any problems with it. RB25 INTAKE MANIFOLD/PLENUM WITH THROTTLE BODY, INTERCOOLER CROSS-OVER PIPE,FUEL RAIL AND INJECTORS Condition : Used Price : $60 It comes with a standard throttle body, some vacuum lines, most of the sensors (if not all of them), and the standard fuel rail with standard injectors. Also throwing in the intercooler cross-over pipe, the one that says 'ceramic turbo' on it. I believe this is from a series 2 RB25. All the pictures show what it comes with and what you see is what you get. free screenshot tool JDM WHEELS 17x8 ET35 MADE BY ENKEI AME, MADE IN JAPAN Condition : Used, hardly any gutter rush, could do with some paint, but for track use, might not need to be painted. Price : $800 Stud Pattern : 5x114.3 Tyres : YES, 2 x Federal Super Steel 595 235/45R17 93V and 2 x Fortuna Sport F2000 235/45R17 97W, which all tyres have around 70% tread A set of JDM rims and tyres, which i think are made or engineered by ENKEI AME of JAPAN. The centre cap says TRACER on it, which is a product of ENKEI AME. These are Made in Japan, and are a great wheel for drift/track use or to represent the JDM scene. They are 17x8's and the offset is +35. Comes with all centre caps. CLEARS BREMBO BRAKES !!!!!!!!!!! print screen image hosting no account I am negotiable on all prices, but wont respond to any stupid offers. Everything is located in Bundall, on the Gold Coast, pick up only, can post at buyers expense. MSG or call me on 0422455444 for more info.
  23. Nismo super coppermix twin plate clutch Suit early model GTR/GTST gearboxes Used for approx 8000 to 10000kms Plenty of meat left. One of the best clutches I've ever used. I'm spewing I can't use it anymore.. $1700 ono i paid almost $2800 a couple years ago. new. selling due to being surplus to requirements. Lalor or thomastown Victoria
  24. After a flywheel to suit a rb20 or rb25, don't care if it needs machining. Can pick up in Melbourne. Cheers
  25. These are the last few parts I need to sell after selling my shell. I can do a heavily discounted package deal if somebody is looking to do a RB26 conversion to a GTST. All the parts are there minus one AFM. Will do package deals on other parts also. I've sold probably over 100 parts on this forum over the last ten years of owning several skylines. All of the original SAU crew know me well. Everything for sale is a genuine sale. I'm not here to rip anybody off. Its the end of an era for me once these sell but it time to move on to other interests. Located in south end of Melbourne. I do head towards the city and SE very oftern if you would like to meet. Note: There aren't any other parts for sale so please don't pm me asking. $3500 RB26DETT engine with now confirmed N1 pistons (good for 600hp), adjustable cam gears, complete intake and exhaust side. All genuine covers. Sump is currently removed for viewing. Only removed due to parting out car. I have a new set of exhaust side gaskets. $1300 Garrett turbos 2560-5 with adjustable actuator. Great condition and only ever run at 14psi due to standard injectors $1750 OS Giken triple plate push clutch and flywheel. Only minimal wear. Great clutch for a track car/daily. These retail for $3000. Will fit RB20 and RB26 $200 Excedy button push clutch. Lots of meat left. Includes standard flywheel. Will fit RB20 and RB26 $1800 Buddy Club P1 QF rims 18x10 +12. R34 GTR offset Hankook S1 evo tyres 265/35/18 These are the second lightest wheels in the market that a forged aluminium without magnesium added. $900 each new. If your serious about track performance their well and truely worth checking out. Less gyroscopic inertia and less sprung mass. $750 Brake Upgrade - Fits R32/R33 Gtst and GTR except R34 New 324mm slotted front rotors and slotted rears. Braided lines with all metal fittings UAS 324mm front brake caliper spacers Recently reco'd calipers, seal kit, measured pistons, stripped and repainted red. Castor rod air deflectors. Several sets of half work pads - DS300, EBC blue, red etc $200 100mm FMIC made in Japan with mounting brackets. Cast end tanks $200 Defi boost gauge and control unit - Black face $80 TRUST hard pipe - Fitted with 2 injectors. RH chassis to intake. List of R32 GTR and RB26DETT parts.... $250 Genuine TRUST Gracer side skirts - Bet looking and quality skirts on the market. Over $1000 landed new. $125 Radiator and shroud $125 Starter motor - will fit R33 $125 Alternator $200 Standard instument cluster with Nismo 320kmh speedo $100 Resistor pack for GTR injectors $200 Engine loom from ECU to motor $40 Lower standard intorcooler support brackets $100 Consult - Engine diagnostic display interface $100 Standard RB26 turbos and actuators. They have been removed for 5 year. Spin freely but no warranty $75 AFM $100 All the airbox - intake and intercooler pipes from the LH engine bay $150 Blitz ECU RB26DETT