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Found 95 results

  1. JJR Stainless Front/Dump pipe for R34 GTT - $100 R33 Clutch Master and Pedal - $50 Located Werribee or Geelong
  2. Looking for as stated. I am located in Canada, will pay for shipping and all. i have an R33 pedal and it sits too high. Please reply or PM me. Thanks!
  3. When in neutral, i push clutch right in, and give it some revs. 3500-5000rpm it grinds. Even when its in a gear and clutch right in, rev and it grinds. And when driving, changing gears at high revs grinds. If i let revs drop to 2000-3000rpm its no worries. 1993 nissan skyline r33 GTsT. Manual, single turbo. RB25DET.
  4. Fitting R34 GTR clutch to Z32 TT box Wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on the above. Not sure whether it'll work at all or if it will what's involved. Cheers. - A
  5. Anyone with a coppermix competition twin plate holding 500kw? As per title, got a new efr8374 on an rb26 and my current normal coppermix twin Is worn out and no longer doing its job. Will a competition version hold 500awkw? That's really the most it's going to see with this turbo and its such a friendly twin plate I'm inclined to stay using one.
  6. Xtreme HD Organic Clutch Kit, Suit RB Push Type (R32, R33) New (still in box with brochures) Xtreme HD Organic Clutch Kit. Comes with Friction disk, Pressure plate, and Flywheel. hasn't been used, I bought as part of a conversion kit but I need a more aggressive clutch. Costs about $600 new with a flywheel according to google. This is Xtreme's "Stage 1 kit" which is rated to about 250KW max, and it's a sprung centre organic which will be very very VERY easy to drive on. Pickup preferred, can ship at buyer cost but as it's heavy it'll cost a bit to post! Would prefer not to seperate the kit/flywheel! Send me a PM if interested or lowballing!
  7. r33 rb25 gearbox refurb recomendations Hey guys, After discovering I need a new clutch after 6 races at roll racing I have decided I misewell get the box fixed too while its out. Currently it crunches going into 4th due to those 3 clips popping off which were found in an oil change. Anyone had any personal experience or advice on who to go to in NSW SYDNEY? So far contacted the following with prices: -Award diff and gearbox seven hills (awaiting call back) -Smithfield diff and gearbox - $990 -Gearbox express in ingleburn - 1450 Cheers
  8. Nismo super coppermix twin plate clutch Suit early model GTR/GTST gearboxes Used for approx 8000 to 10000kms Plenty of meat left. One of the best clutches I've ever used. I'm spewing I can't use it anymore.. $1700 ono i paid almost $2800 a couple years ago. new. selling due to being surplus to requirements. Lalor or thomastown Victoria
  9. 2005 350gt V35 manual problem Hi guys.My name is Fil.I've had a catastrophic fail with my Skyline. I was driving to work all was good ,i slowed down for a turn, went to change down from 5th to 4th gear and thats all she wrote.Idled car to side of the road,turned off back on put it into 1st gear but no movement.Can someone maybe point me to the fault?Gearbox?Clutch?Driveshaft fail?There were no bangs or weird noises If anyone can help I would be grateful because i love my car
  10. NEED HELP WITH R34 GTT RB25 PULL CLUTCH Hello all, I am desperately looking for a clutch for my 1998 Skyline GTT RB25 NEO I only recently bought the car and recently got into the skyline world I have been told i need a pull type clutch I was hoping someone could confirm what clutch i need and either sell me or refer me to the clutch i need Thanks in advance
  11. Exedy Twin Disc Install/Help I just recently purchased an Exedy Twin Disc clutch for my GTR R33 (RB26), and I'm currently in the process of installing it. However, after pulling the tranny, ran into a bit of a problem. The transmission and engine won't mate back together because the fork(pull type) and the output shaft sleeve on the transmission won't let it slip all the way back together( there is about 3/4 inch gap between trans and engine). I was told something about machining the sleeve down a bit, however my local car shop that deals quite a bit with JDM cars, they said it should just bolt right up. At this point I would love some help from the experts here, any ideas on what to do, or has anyone else run into a similar problem? If any more information about the car or clutch is required, just say so, first post here! Car is a 1996 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 VSpec, clutch is an Exedy Carbon Twin Disc with a lightweight flywheel. Thanks for reading!
  12. Best clutch plate 2003 6mt Hi, I installed a stage 3 SS Southbend clutch and flywheel combo (SMF) a while back. I've probably done around 1000 kms since installed and it feels like it's already slipping (revving out, no/very little) power in 3/4th gear. I don't and never have thrashed the car and I don't ride the clutch. Not sure why the life has been so short with this clutch plate. I'm taking it to a clutch place to have a look this arvo, if it turns out I do need a new clutch, can anyone recommend a great Single Mass plate to buy for it? is Exedy any good? Thanks
  13. OS Giken Streetmaster/Grand touring Twin disk. Im due for a new clutch on the R32 and thought id see if anyone is running the OS Giken Street master/ Grand touring Twin disk Hard cover. My goal is to keep, chatter and clutch noise to a minimum, power goal around 450 wheel HP. As streetable a possible. Im kind of trying to balance it all out. Here is what im looking at: Appreciate any advice!
  14. BNIB: Nismo Super Coppermix Twin Plate Competition Edition - Pull Type Hi all, i have ordered the wrong clutch by accident. looking to sell to purchase the correct item. if you are ready this you know how good these clutches are. item is brand new. box has been opened to view the item and is it unmarked glorious condition. clutch has not even been removed from box. clutch kit is complete and includes bearing, flywheel bolts, clutch kit, flywheel and fork boot Part number is: 3002B-RR598-C $2000 + post i can text pictures if needed.
  15. Nismo Super Coppermix Competition Edition - Bearing question Hi All, Just received my clutch, such a beautiful piece of work!! After the unboxing ceremony i realised the bearing is different to the one that is currently in the carrier. Was i sent the wrong clutch type? this is for a 94 r32 gtr.
  16. Clutch Kit and Flywheel Hi All, Engine is out and i have taken the liberty of replacing the clutch as a premptive measure. im planning on making a bit of power so i dont want to be taking the box out again. clutch drove fine, no shudder or slip. it is an Xtreme brand cushion button. disc has over 7mm of overall thickness. clutch has probably done about 5000km (i dont drive the car much). it is coming out of a 94 gtr. What you see is what you get. clutch kit and standard flywheel. Asking $200. prefer sydney buyer because postage will be a bomb.
  17. ATS Carbon Triple Plate Clutch to suit RB Hi Guys, I have an ATS carbon triple plate out of my BNR34 for sale. Will suit RB25/ RB26/ RB30. Funnily enough I thought it was a twin and wasn't going to handle the new setup but turns out it is indeed a triple and is rated to 1200hp. Unfortunately I had already bought a new clutch before opening it so I guess my loss is your gain. It is a push type clutch and I was using it with a push/pull converter but I am keeping that for my new clutch. Push/pull converters are around 300-500 new if you need one. I measured the discs at 3.7mm thick. They are 3.9mm thick new which means this thing is almost new and considering they are 4.5k or so new its a great price. Clutch is located in Rouse Hill, NSW and given how heavy the thing is pickup is much preferred over post but will post at buyers expense. Price 3100 ONO Any questions just message me or sms/call 0403858714. Thanks, Brett
  18. R32 gtr clutch probelm Hi guys. I've got some problems with my clutch. I keep getting air in the system. I've bled it 3 times and each time after about a day I can no longer select a gear. I've checked around the clutch master and inside the cabin and found that there is no liquid leaking. The only known problem that I know of is that the vacuum booster popped a while back but I have plugged up the tube so it doesn't make that air noise every time I press the clutch. My question is that I've driven the car around for around 4 months with no vacuum booster without any trouble and now I keep losing the clutch. Could the vacuum booster be the problem or is it something else like the master or slave cylinder?
  19. Clutch upgrade Hi all i am deciding on my clutch to support my max 500 bhp at flywheel. i have seen numorous brands, what brand will you pick or well known? would you also install a lighted flywheel? i have seens clutches from stage 2 to 4. is there any harm in installing stage 4 if I don't need it? i think stage 4 is 500 bhp and above finally would you have a go yourself to replace it? Is it a tough job if you are one man ? i was thinking i could get a transmission support
  20. Got a nismo twin plate clutch super coppermix comp edition clutch for push type (r32/33). I have just had it rebuilt by direct clutches in qld to hold 20% more torque over normal version. It is brand new since rebuild has not been installed have receipts for work. $1600 Melb SE Manuel 0422445339
  21. Best Clutch For R33 Skyline? Hi all I recently purchased an r33 and the clutch is slipping. I was wondering what the best clutch would be for everyday use? Cheers!
  22. Clutch Master Cylinder Booster Delete Hey guys. First post. I've done a lot of reading and checking on pretty much every forum I can find, and I have yet to stumble across anyone who has completely gotten rid of the clutch vac booster. Plenty of people running without her hooked up, but no one has bothered to delete the booster altogether and replace the master. The idea is to delete the booster, install an after market clutch master with a remote res fitting, and use the brake master res to feed the clutch. That would tuck that clutch master into the firewall, and eliminate the res. Just wondering if anyone has any info whatsoever, or am I going to be the first to adapt a 300zx TT (or GTST) Clutch slave to remote type non-boosted?
  23. I'm wondering if anyone has had road experience with the above clutch. I'm trying to work out if there is a multi plate clutch that doesn't rattle like hell. Reportedly they are made by Exedy for Cusco. It's hard to confirm whether the "strap drive" is unique to Cusco or if it's even worth writing home about. Any feedback? - A
  24. Rebuilt Os giken ts2bd twin plate clutch (push type) with pull to push conversion Rebuilt rb25 OS giken twin plate and pull to push conversion. Rebuilt less than 4000km ago. Can see from the pics that its just bedded in. Still has machine marks visible so basically no wear at all. Complete pull to push conversion including brand new genuine slave cylinder and gktech pivot ball. Pick up cranbourne north. $950 for the clutch $200 for the conversion Or buy it all $1100. Sebastian - 04227one5129
  25. WTB - STEEL COOLANT PIPE, WATER PUMP, CRANK, CAMS AND CLUTCH Hi fellas, Trying to source the following parts for a RB26 (1995 R33 GTR): Steel coolant bypass pipe that screws into the side of the block (See photos) Water pump (See photos) Crank Poncams or Procams with assembly (Valves, etc) - preferably 270 degree Pull type clutch good for 450 hp (new or used)