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Found 27 results

  1. Hi all, I have a set of new, unused BC RS Coilovers to suit R33 GTS/GTS-T. $1200, can freight anywhere if required. Retail for $1500 + freight.
  2. Came on my R34 GTT when I purchased it in March. Will probably fit any fork type suspension skyline, however fronts sat very low and even at the highest setting on my R34, hence why I changed the suspension. Would only really recommend putting on R33 GTR. - 16 levels of dampening force adjustment (compression & rebound) - Ride Height Adjustable - 4kg springs front and back - Aus spec - softer valving than Jap spec (good for Australian roads) - Very good condition with no leaks or knocks Installed by previous owner in November 2018 at 131 500 km. I upgraded to MCA coilovers in April at 136 700km. Have been sitting in my garage since then. Front P/N: QEN68-Z1531 Rear P/N: QEN69-Z1531 Asking $1000 Message me on here or txt 0449 013 045
  3. Bilstein Coilovers R32 GTR Hi, I have a set of bilstein B8 with a coilover sleeve that I had rebuilt and revalved by Baker Bro's in victoria. Baker brothers are very well known in the Rally world for revalving Bilsteins and generally only work with race teams, hence dont advertise themselves. I found them on the net after a bit of digging so sent them off from Sydney. These were done about 12 months ago. I asked them for a fast street/tarmac rally set up with the valving. The car has sat the whole time in the garage and I am going to go a different direction with it hence they have not even done a single KM. The spring and shocks/springs have some scratches on the paint as with any older coilovers and will need new rubbers at the top mount, however thay have been refreshed and revalved which is the expensive part. I am not sure of the rates however they look to be on the higher side (maybe 8 or 6kg) however with the right valving and application this should not matter. Bilsteins have a wide range of adjustment so you can always change them out if you need harder or softer springs. Cost to me was $770 inc GST + Shipping both ways to baker bros. I will let them go for $800, I need to clear all the parts I have unfortunately to pay for other things. I think it very fair price for a custom Bilstein coilover set up. Cheers
  4. r32 GTR / Z32 Bilstein Coilovers Set of height adjustable bilstein coilovers. These are the B8 model designed for those that want to run a couple an inch or more lower than standard. I have spent $770 having them properly valved by Baker Bros that specialise in revalving for race teams in Melbourne. $850
  5. WTB Coilovers for track 33 As above wanted set of coilovers to suit a r33 gtst track only car
  6. Tein HA Coilover Knock/Pillow Ball Issue Hello experts, This is a very much 'get what you pay for' type scenario, but I'm hoping some of you can help me salvage the situation as I've already learned from the mistake. I was at a crossroads when looking to upgrade the suspension of my GTT (springs+shocks or coilovers). Eventually, I went for coilovers although my budget was thin. I managed to track down a set of Tein HA's for the GTT for $700 supposedly in mint condition, which I viewed before purchase, looking for knocks, thread wear, oil leaks etc. All looked well but I'm no pro. I'd recently had them professionally checked & installed at my local shop and towards the end of the install, advised me that 'the pillowball mounts are f&%^$' and 'there was some play so I'll get alot of knocking' - and he was correct, although all 4 coilovers make the knock noise during travel. They'd also lowered quite a bit, but not over the top crazy. These guys are now 'researching' what they can do about the knock, as am I, and i'm starting to doubt if they actually know what the issue is, or even if all four knocks are related to a bad install or they are putting this issue in the too-hard-basket. Summarising, as the car is a daily, is there a way to convert the pillowball upper mount to rubber to rectify the knock (and maybe make the ride smoother, it's my daily)? I'd suggested this today when I went back to the shop and the dude said 'I dont see why not' with no further response. My options look a little like this: Buy new pillowball upper mounts @ $150 per stick Look into rubber upper mounts (can these be purchased as a universal thing, or even pulled from my OEM ones?) Take the car elsewhere for a second opinion Refit OEM and sell the Tein HA's (worst case - I'm happy with these apart from the knocks - If rubber mounts, I think ride quality may improve also) Any advice at this point is a plus as I'm foreign to suspension and am taking the word of my local shop in good faith..... because I'm paying them.
  7. C34 Series 1 suspension Hey folks, I have a set of suspension from my C34 series 1 for sale. unknown kms - were in the car when I bought it. no leaks or knocks. feel about the same as the nismo set that I replaced them with. $200 Located in Canberra
  8. Hey all, Selling my old suspension as ive stepped up to MCA stuff. Pulled out of the car today, are in perfect working order with no leaks or marks on the shafts. Only pulled them out cause I got a good deal on the MCA stuff and car is becoming dedicated track only so upgrading the whole suspension setup. so if you're worried about them flogging out dont, cause they wont for a while yet. All dust boots are in tact and not many marks to the anodizing but lets be real, they go under the car so who gives a shit so long as they work. Have been in the car for 3 years give or take a few months. done about 30K kms including 5-6 Trackdays.. Spring Rates are 8KG Fronts and 6KG rears Boxed up ready to go, can ship anywhere in Aus but be mindful they are heavy so expect $40-$50 if outside of NSW via courier. Payment is direct transfer to my bank account, if you want paypal its 3% extra. Price $700 - Retail is $1300 FYI Pics. Thanks, Dave
  9. These are practically brand new as they were only fitted to a project car to roll it around. DGR s14/200sx street/track fully adjustable coilovers.Might also fit s15's too. Spring rates are 12/10 Located at Sunnybank Brisbane but I can drop them off locally or send with courier. Asking $800
  10. Blitz Damper zz-r coilovers for R34 gtt (Part No. 92758) $1200 its yours without the delivery waiting period. ($1299 from JustJap) Located SoR. Brand new, box opened to check contents. Selling for a friend who bought as present but car already had coilovers. 0 four 0 nine 525 714 (text only thanks) No swaps or vestal virgin offerings thx.
  11. Hi guys i'm selling most of my spare car parts I have accumulated over the years due to new commitment. BNR32 Front Strut Bar, manufacture unknown there is some scratches - $65 Front Strut Bar, manufacture Aiba, - $65 Front Strut Bar, Cusco, - $85 Rear Strut Bar , Cusco - $85 Floor Cross Bar, Do-Luck - $250 Genuine weather shield NEW two pairs - $350 each pair Blitz twin core radiator in good condition, no leaks, comes with fan shroud and radiator cap $ 390 Tein Comfort Sport, 16 Stage damping, 5k and 4K spring Rate no leaks or Knocks in good condition - $1400 Ohlins Full Tap 20 stage adjustable coilover with hyper coiler springs, 9k and 7k spring rate, no knocks or leaks, very good condition - $2650 Trust Oil cooler kit in very good condition $350 HKS Oil Cooler Kit $400 Ikeya Formula adjustable camber Arm Rear, Near new condition $410 Nismo 600cc Injectors good condition $520 Greedy 4pcs intercooler pipe kit $370 ATS twin carbon plate clutch push type comes with flywheel, both clutch plates are at thickness of 3.9mm plenty of life left in them - $820 Nismo Front and Rear Sway bar set front sway bar 22.2mm rear is 27.2mm - $500 Cusco 7 point roll cage in good condition with everything you need for fitment, around the dash. - $700 Okuyama 6 point though dash Roll cage in good condition everything everything you need for fitment - $520 Stainless steel front pipe two 70mm to 80mm brand unknown, no leaks - $200 Nismo GT Pro LSD 1.5 way final gear ratio 37:9 in very good condition - $1000 R32 GTST GTS Genuine Weather Shield New - $240 BCNR33 Genuine weather shield NEW - $350 Ohlins DFV coilovers, travelled 3000kms 9k and 8k spring rate 20stage adjustable near new condition $2700 HKS Hypermax 4 GT 30stage damping 8k and 7k spring rate in good condition, no leaks or knocks $1600 O2 sensor x2 $120 ECR33 Nismo G-attack s tune 4 stage damping, no leaks good condition $950 Tein Type RS circuit master coilover 16stage damping and rebound adjustment, good condition 10k and 9k spring rate $1750. Ganador Exhuast 80mm to 90mm tail is 120mm. no leaks, good condition $ 550 BNR34 Nismo R tune Air duct, Brand new - $490 Tein Street Flex Coilovers 16stage damper adjustable 8k and 7k spring rate no leaks or knocks good condition - $1050 Kakimoto Cat back Regu06 80mm to 90mm and 110mm minor scratch marks but no leaks - $620 ER34 Twin core Radiator, 50mm core size no leaks and good condition - $ 190 Trust Oil Cooler kit good condition - $500 Other Nismo Clear side indicator Brand New - $90 Nismo Carbon fiber inside Mirror cover Brand new R32 and R33 - $260 Location: Mortdale 2223. Can ship anywhere at buyers expense. I will be uploading the photos shortly Please do no hesitate to PM me thank you
  12. Hi peeps. Would anyone have a pair of 350GT Sedan standard Shockies (in NSW, ACT, VIC or SA) for a weeks hire or to sell to me so that I could pass the Service SA inspection without the need of buying a new set only to take them off afterwards??? Just wanting to know your thoughts. Since service SA is strict in road safety regarding new interstate registration. If I don't go ahead in getting the coil-overs engineered would there be a chance that the insurance company not pay out the claim if the vehicle gets into an accidental write-off? Also any favourism of an Engineer in Adelaide that you guys have used on your G35's (350GT's) previously to get any compliance issues fixed up to be roadworthy again??? As I am getting big differences cost wise from one engineer to the other about complying the coil-overs! Or anyone know someone who is a licenced SA Chartered Professional Engineer in NSW??? Many thanks
  13. These were custom re-valved by Gary (Sydneykid) and are out of a winning production car. They are not from the SAU group buy. Have moved to Racepace Tein Circuit Masters. Bought from a member on here. They stand up quite well against the Teins especially considering the big price difference between the two. At this price I believe they are great value for money. Spring rates : 7kg/mm and 5kg/mm. $850 + Freight if required. Melbourne 0425 730 031 (ignore the swaybars on top)
  14. Hi Everyone, attempt 2 at posting this thread. Tip: Don’t be trawling Wasteland threads and post something right before alt-tabbing back and trying to post a for sale thread that’s massive. TLDR: Buy the engine that did this, thanks. Rest of complete setup for sale if you or someone does. Can just bolt it into a R33 or R34 GTT and save moneys (like, everything). Obviously could put the engine anywhere you can put a RB25. Very negotiable if you want to buy the entire thing and bolt it or re-sell it or what have you. https://www.facebook.com/ChequeredTuning/posts/718855688158365 I recently ‘finished’ my R34 setup, finally, after about 6 years of crap. Then I drove it into an Embankment at low speed and bent the chassis and pretty much nothing else, so everything in this list is 100% working and very near new. However, it was enough to write off the chassis. I will only separate parts if the engine is sold. If the engine is not sold, I’ll get the lot put back into a different shell. In this way I’m letting rajab decide whether I go GTT or something else. Note: In car and running, can physically show you if in Victoria. Engine: BC 2.9L Stroker Kit http://www.briancrower.com/view.php?pn=BC0238 Tomei Type B Poncams Tomei Exhaust Cam Gear Nitto Custom Forged Pistons Ported/Polished Head (unsure on exact flow. clearly works though, and can see the exhaust side is slightly larger than stock manifold ports) Spitfire Coilpacks JUN Oil Pump New Gaskets, Bearings when rebuilt New Idler, Tensioner, Timing, Water Pump when rebuilt Cometic 1.8mm Metal Head Gasket ARP Head Studs Xspurt 1400cc Ethanol Injectors Turbosmart Kompact Plumb Back BOV EARLS Fuel Filter Totally legal in Vic. Totally legal anywhere else, too. Vicroads will give you no problems with this. Engine has done 15,000kms since built. As before, can see running. Has been 1 day since dyno runs. Yes, I bent the chassis the day after. This was sad. I have all the reciepts, emails back and forth, all the info you're likely to want, though really the proof is in the dyno sheet. Seems to love timing (running a lot, no pinging) Seems to love boost (running a lot, no pinging or weirdness) It's about as solid as any engine you'll ever get built by someone who doesn't call themselves "Nissan" It also won't take 6 months of stuffing around, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting and so on to be built, put together, put in the car, run in, etc. It's all done. Put it in and drive. If you buy the ECU and Turbo and everything else as its for sale, you won't even need a damn tune. Ever. lol I'd love $12k for it. I'm negotiable. That seems like a high number. If you like, google the parts listed above and ask your local engine builder for a quote on labour. Then add the cost of waiting for it to all arrive, be put together and so on. It's OK. I'll wait. But I'm pretty negotiable if need be. But not stupidly so. 3k will not get you this engine and I'll just buy a stock auto GTT sedan for about $3 and get it all put in there and get back to 330RWKW at 3500 RPM. Lets entertain the thought that someone buys the engine. If so, everything below this sentence is also for sale. it's also very new. Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 (this is a glorious ECU) Haltech Wideband CAN Controller (controls AFR on the fly, 200 times a second. Has stuff built in to stop it doing weird things and blowing your engine. You can also set it to max adjust like 1% if you're super worried). Not that you need it, because the tune in the ECU had this OFF when it got the AFR mentioned on the Chequred tuning link. Full E-Flex sensor. Put whatever you want in the tank, man. Garrett GTX3076R Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm - This is welded onto the turbine housing. This setup clearly works. If you hate it, you could always put on a kando housing for $200 and mount this wherever you want with whatever manifold you want. Walbro 460 LPH Fuel Pump - complete with super wiring! Scotty Custom dump+screamer made by the venerable scotty nm35 - 2x45 degree stainless bends instead of the usual 90. Goes to 5in cat. So much flow! Has seperate 2in screamer which could be plumed back into the cat if you ask nicely. I was going to do this, but maaaay have found myself making this thread instead. Shit. Suspension and Grip things Front and Rear Bilstein Shocks Eibach front and rear main springs. Eibach rear helper springs Coil over kit x4 so you can raise or lower the height and be fully sick if you so wish (I didn't) Custom Front Strut Tops - Allows more travel in the front. Just incase joe cop decides to push down on your bonnet. Or say, you go over a bump. Whiteline Caster Kit Whiteline Front Camber kit Whiteline Rear Camber Kits x 2 Bump Stop Kits X 2 R34 Series II Helical Diff and half shafts - Someone said these were rare. Works well! Rear Subframe alignment kit (pineapples - they work!) Whiteline 24mm Front Sway Bar (BNF24Z) Whiteline 24mm Rear Sway Bar (BNR11XXZ) Heavy Duty Swaybar Links for the above Brand new Nitto NT05 Tyres - 245/40/18 and 275/40/18 on F/R respectively. Ok, they've done maybe 100kms. Autech 8piston 356MM Front brake kit. People talk bla bla bla about suspension all the time, but I was able to go WoT in 1st gear (auto, remember, 1st gear is a bit longer) with dyno results posted above and not lose grip. I would say its worth spending the money and not getting BC's and would do it again. Or you could save half the cost and buy mine. If you buy my engine. Which is again, saving a lot. I also have a really, really, really built Auto transmission for aforementioned R34. I know you're reading, yawning, thinking "man, lolz, auto" but it has its own ECU, two transmission coolers, and is connected to the paddles on the R34 steering wheel. Touch the button, insta shift goodness. Touch the button when you're cruising around town, insta shift smoothness you can't feel. Do it at 7000RPM at WoT and you may or may not need spine surgery. But considering you fell asleep reading that sentence about automatic transmissions, whatever, buy the engine. Or not. May seem like a lot, cost a lot more to begin with. Be financially responsible by buying the fruits of my financial irresponsibility! PM me, PM me now!
  15. Set of OEM (Stock) R33 GTR Coil Overs. Used condition. Good to go on your GTR33. Cleaning up garage as I am moving overseas. Price: AUD $400 for the set. Please Call or Text 0420680611. Pick up from South Eastern Melbourne. Happy to ship at buyers cost. Thanks
  16. Hi, not sure if this has been discussed but i'll post anyway. I'm in the middle of deciding on a set of coilovers and for price i've come down to BC RS Series or the Slide Industries brand. I've seen a lot of good reviews for the BC but i can't find anything on the Slide ones. I've got an R33 so if anyone knows or has used either coilover it'd be good to hear about it. Cheers.
  17. Was Cleaning out the garage and found my old R34 Coil Overs. I had already sold the car so have no use for these anymore. So if you want to dump your ride from stock these are the coil overs u need Of course I could Clean them up and try to make them look brand new, but selling as is. Bargain for anyone who wants them PRICE $350 ONO PLEASE EMAIL ME or CALL no PMs Since i rarely ever check them Thanks Duc 0413582127 iceduck_312@hotmail.com
  18. Anyone selling used/new 350z/v35 skyline coilovers? budget is around $500 mark Looking to buy or trade for stock one with cash their way
  19. Hello, i have HKS hyper D coil overs, front left one has a bad knock in it when going over sharp bumps. need to get a suspension place who knows what they are doing to take it apart and see whats wrong with it? any suggestions in western suburbs or the city? anyone ever gone to pedders with another brand shock? thanks. Austin
  20. Chaps, Got a couple of quick questions I'm sure someone will be able to answer. I've done a search, but there is a mixed variety of opinions/results, and I wanted to make sure before I start ripping shit apart. 1) I'm told the R34 GTT (2000 model) has factory eccentric camber bolt adjustment. Is this correct? 2) Working of the above being correct, how much camber adjustment will I get? I've read anywhere between 0.5 degrees, and 1.5 degrees, but more toward the lesser side of adjustment. 3) I'm running a set of 17" Work CR Kais, 17x8 +35. Given the relative sensible approach to these offsets, I'm imagining that with a small drop, not a huge amount of camber adjustment is going to be necessary, but I'd like to hear from others who have done similar. 4) If all the above is incorrect, and the factory system has 0 adjustment, a KCA348 control arm upper outer bushing camber correction kit will work, yeah? Thanks in advance gents. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers, Shazza
  21. For Sale: DGR Street Coilovers to suit Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Spring rate: 12kg front / 6kg rear These coilovers are brand new, never used. Location: Adelaide, SA Price: $1200
  22. Hey, Just selling a few unwanted bits and pieces off my 32R gts4 as I am reverting it to stock as much as possible. 1. GAB Sports Super R front coilovers to suit r32 gtr/gts4. Damper adjustable (dont know how many settings, bought off and tuned by Nismo performance tomastown) Very low and stiff but not too harsh. Dust boots still good. $150 2. KYB Super Special Street rear damper adjustable coilovers. 4 settings. HKS blue springs. suit r32 gtr/gtst $150 NOTE: I used these as a set and the front were tuned to match rears. 3. SPATS front adjustable strut brace. r32. $80 4. FET Sports rear adjustable strut brace multifit r32/s13/c33/a31/180. $80 5. Used Rotors to suit gtst/gtst4/gtr sumimoto calipers. rears still 18mm and fronts 27mm thick. $20 Located in Melbourne sth east PM me Thanks
  23. Selling Greedy type-s coilovers for an r34 25gt (non turbo). asking price is 1100 ono, pm me for details or call me on 0424953332 thanks
  24. hey guys decided im not buying another GTS-T so putting these up for sale, they are Tein Type HE Coilovers, one of the last coilovers released for the R32 these are top notch. Great condition no knocks or leaks im aware of, they go insanely low. bit more info: TEIN TYPE HE DAMPER (Drifting Suspension) TYPE HE DAMPER has been designed for drifting performance. It has a specific damping force and spring rate to optimize an easy control. It has also adapted a full length adjustable height system for a wide range of height set ups. These combined features improve the drifting experience. TYPE HE is for the driver who is seeking a complete drifting suspension. http://www.drifting.com/article.php?threadid=129 comes with 1 c-spanner. located eastern suburbs Melbourne. will post Australia wide $900 contact via PM can get pics later but they are mint condition cheers Kyle
  25. FOR SALE R34 GTR HKS Hipermax II Coilovers $300 -These were installed on a 1999 R34 GTR on 20/02/2006 (I actually have the receipt - 178k Yen at the time) -I understand they are 10kg/mm front and back, with 30 settings for damping -I recently took them off to put on a set of Bilstein PSS9's -The rear drivers side coilover was leaking oil (as you can see in pics, it is dark near the lower spring from the leak) -These will need a rebuild of at least the rear drivers side, but more likely all four to be safe -I have been informed that Grizzly Dyno Shocks in Baulkham Hills is willing and able to do the rebuild. 02 9686 4873 -If it costs $175 for each corner to be rebuilt (may cost more or less), you have a fresh set of Hipermax II's for $1k versus $2,200+ for new III's Coilovers are located in the inner-west of Sydney. Pick-up preferred. Please PM or sms on 0407778421. Open to offers (of the reasonable variety)
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