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Found 31 results

  1. $200 NPC 400kW Clutch Plate - Barely Used, worn 0.03mm / Will fit any RB $200 Yellow Jacket Coil Packs for RB25DET S1.2/2, Stagea Non-Neo RB25DET (7x coils) - happily held 1.2 bar of boost $10 Alloy BOV Bung/Plug $10 110L/h Fuel Pump that fits in stock position $40 2x Falken Azensis RT615 225/35/17 with around 3mm tread $50 BRAND NEW Braided Oil Feed Line for Stock RB25DET Turbo $40 BRAND NEW OEM Rear Main Seal & Spigot Bush for RB2xDExx motors - 12279-5L310 $200 RB25DET S2 Turbo - no shaft play, exhaust wheel in one piece $20 RB25DET S2 Factory dump pipe & down pipe $20 RB25DET/RB20DET Factory Manifold $50 RB25DET S2 AFM $20 RB25DET S2 Stock Blow Off Valve $20 RB25DET S2 Radiator $10 RB25DET S2 Fan Clutch $50 RB25DET S2 Stock SMIC & Pipes $200 RB25DET S2 ABS Diff - minus ABS sensor $30 RB25DET S2 Stock Anti Roll bars / Sway Bars $20 RB25DET S2 Rubber Intake Pipe $10 RB25DET S2 handbrake boot & gear boot (1x OEM 1x Aftermarket) $10 RB25DET S2 HICAS Rack & Tie Rods $20 SR20DET S15 Radiator Location: Pick Up Canley Vale, NSW 2166 Contacts: PM or Reply Here Will happily trade for beer. Old Ads (Photos etc.): http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/441585-fs-syd-6x-yellow-jackets-r33-gts-t-s152-rb25det-r34-gt-r-rb26dett-wgnc34-s1-rb25det-ignition-coil-packs/ http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/440769-fs-syd-npc-carbotic-clutch-disc-near-new-rb25det-s2-stock-turbo-r33-rb25det-toshi-remapped-ecu-r33-stock-radiator-sway-bars/ http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/433062-fs-syd-r33-gts-t-part-brake-pads-subframe-collars-wheels-gauge-holder-misc/
  2. Merging my various for sale threads into one, here goes: 1. For sale a full set of 6 Yellow Jacket coil packs to suit R34 GTT, GT, and Stageas with RB25DE/T Neo – $150 2. For sale an R34 GTT coupe steering rack with around 80,000kms on it, off a 1998 car. – $90 3. For sale used leaky Driftworks braided oil cooler hoses with crimped AN10 fittings, for spares – $50 4. For sale R34/R33 transmission parts – $100 See below for details. All parts in Melbourne near Essendon, pick up preferred. --- 1. For sale a full set of 6 Yellow Jacket coil packs to suit R34 GTT, GT, and Stageas with RB25DE/T Neo. The Yellow Jackets were installed in late 2010 and have about 45k on them. These coil packs are not new or perfect, but run ok. I reckon these would suit a low boost car fine (I'm running 20psi+). Reason for sale is changing over to Splitfires. Full disclosure: I've always had a niggly misfire in the car - hiccups on idle - and looks like it's still there with the new Splitfires too, maybe a touch better, go figure.. The resistance values are 1.53, 1.54, 1.51, 1.57, 1.54 and 1.57 so it's a very even set. Asking $150 ono – a new set is of Yellow Jackets $400 shipped. Melbourne inner north, pickup preferred. Can post at buyer's expense. PM if interested, cheers. --- 2. For sale an R34 GTT coupe steering rack with around 80,000kms on it, off a 1998 car. Decent condition, see photos below. All dust boots are in good nic and there's very little play in the rack ends so should be good for spares, too. I bought this off another forum member but it wouldn't bolt up in my R34 GTT 4door, so there must be a difference between the coupe and the sedan? You're welcome to take any measurements before purchasing. Asking $90 ono. Pick up only due to size, inner Melbourne. --- 3. For sale used leaky Driftworks braided oil cooler hoses with crimped AN10 fittings, for spares Things to note: Hose lengths are 115cm and 135cm This is heavy duty braided hose about ~25mm outer diameter The AN10 hose fittings for each hose are 90 degree elbow at one end and a straight one at the other. The fittings need a good clean. Caveat emptor: These hoses leak at the straight end, so you'll need to replace those two crimped hose end fittings. Standard Speedflow etc. AN10 fittings won't do because this hose OD is larger than the Speedflow AN10 hose. Not worth much so let's try $50? Pick up only, Melbourne inner north. Note: The photo above is of the whole oil cooler kit, new – this ad is for used hoses only --- 4. For sale R34/R33 transmission parts RB25DET manual transmission parts: $50 - R33 Series 2 fuse box to gearbox wiring loom $40 - R33 GTS-t manual coupe tail shaft rear part $20 - R34 turbo gearbox clutch fork (pull type) RB25DET automatic transmission parts: $25 - R34 GTT auto brake pedal $40 - R34 GTT auto sedan tail shaft front part Or $100 for the lot of trans parts. --- Notes: All prices ono and all parts in Melbourne near Essendon, pick up preferred. Only items specifically listed above are available, there are some in the photos that are gone This is a replacement thread for http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/444714-vic-r34-gtt-parts-more-mel/
  3. R34 GTT boot gas struts Bought these gas struts from a wrecker for $100 thinking my own ones are faulty, on account of boot lid not fully lifting up on release of the catch. But later found out that with the heavy spoiler all R34 boot lids act the same. Will let go for $75 Negotiable My loss your gain!
  4. Splitfire Coils, R34 GTR Carbon Fibre Cooling Panel, and other stuff R34 GTR, Series 2 RB25DET, and Neo Splitfire coilpacks with mounting brackets. Done between 10-12,000kms. Perfect condition, but upgrading to massive setup. $350 delivered anywhere. Located in Sydney. R34 GTR carbon fibre cooling panel in good condition. Made from high quality resin, Toray (Japan) Carbon fibre, reinforced with fibreglass and finished in a UV protective clear coat. Quick and easy to install. $170. Stock AFM's - $100Stock intercooler and intake pipework - $80Stock Twin Turbo Pipe - $80Stock Cam Gears - $20Stock Cams - $100Stock Front Pipes - $30Stock washer bottle - $30Stock Fuel Rail - $50Samco blue silicone radiator hose, top one used - $30Precision or non-bb turbo oil drain fitting, new - $25Braided black nylon -10 hose, 2.5mtrs, new - $50
  5. Selling the following parts: - R34 GTT Climate Control $120 - R34 GTT Rb25det NEO Engine Cover $100 - R34 GTT Orange side indicators with globes $40 for pair - R34 GTT Automatic Gear Surrond $40 (needs to be painted) - R34 Rb25det automatic transmission $200 ( removed at 80,000ks good condition ) Also have auto shift and auto tailshaft will include. - Rb25det NEO coilpacks $50 look like yellowjackets not sure, one is not working. - Apexi power intake pod filter 75mm $60 brand new never used - Nismo Grill Badge $20 never used. Located in Smithfield NSW 0403 414 771 I can send you photos if needed.
  6. Harro, Item: 6x Yellow Jacks Ignition Coil Packs by Performance Wise (YJ-RB2526-S2) / Price: $250 Comments: All working and purchased from Performance Wise 2x of the coils under 9 months old Currently holds spark up to 1.15 bar No cracks or anything, good condition Built in Igniter Will fit R33 GTS-t S1.5/S2 OR R34 GT-R OR WGNC34 S1 These ones: http://www.performance-wise.com/page27.htm Reason for Sale: Upgrading to LS coils becausericecar and I want to run 1.5bar boost Location: Canley Vale, NSW, 2166 Contacts: PM OR Reply Here
  7. I have a few R33 parts for sale that I no longer need as I have sold my R33. R33 Series 2 Non-turbo ECU, came of my car so was working fine. $50 R33 non-turbo fuel pump, off my car and working fine, x 1. $20 R33 Turbo fuel pump, bought from forums and never fitted, x 1. $30 R33 coilpacks x 6, not sure if turbo or NA see pics below. $50 R33 fuel rail with injectors, some if the injectors have busted caps, $80 Brand new AC DELCO ACF35 Fuel Filter, interchangeable with Z201 so fits other Nissan Models as well. $10 R33 non-turbo intake and airbox, has been modified to fit with intercooler piping, used it to pass roadworthy tests. $30 Parts are in Dandenong. Welcome to pick up or inspect. Please call or msg me on 0423872884. Thank you.
  8. Hey guys first time posting here, I've been having this problem for a couple months now, just want some advice or someone may have had the same trouble. Also been to a few mechanics and shops but still unsure on what the problem is. Basically the engine randomly misfires while I'm driving at pretty much any rev and any gear, the engine light will come on, and basically keeps stuttering for as long as I stay around the same revs, unless I take the foot off the accelerator then it'll come good again. This can happen as soon as i take it out of the garage or after coming home from a long drive. The codes were telling me MAF and airflow originally so i replaced that, the other possibility was the coil packs might be on their way out so i tested them with a multi-meter and nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. Also changed the spark plugs just to rule out that problem but its still happening. Any thoughts or leads? Cheers.
  9. SPLITFIRE COILPACKS (GENUINE) BRAND NEW I have 2 brand new sets each of the following Splitfire Coilpacks. These are 100% genuine brand new unused Spliftire Coilpacks. Bought a few sets recently whilst in Japan and this is all that's left and need them gone as wife is killing me for space and wants all my car bits and pieces gone !! SF-DIS-001 x 2 sets suits Skyline ER/HCR32/ER/ECR/ENR33/BNR32/BCNR33, Stagea WGNC34 , Laurel EC/ECC/HC/HCC33/GC/GCC34, Cefiro EA/ECA/LA/CA/A31) SF-DIS-005 x 2 sets suits Skyline ER/ECR,ENR33?BNR34, Stagea WGC/WGNC34, Laurel GC/GCC/GNC34 SF-DIS-008 x 1 set (suits Skyline ER/ENR34 , Stagea WGC/WGNC/HC34 , Laurel GC/GCC/GNC/HC35) Cost is $495 Posted anywhere in Australia.Absolute xmas bargain I'll also take Bitcoin , Ethereum other crypto for the equivalent $495 value. I'll get some pics of the DIS-008's tomorrow..
  10. Hey guys, just have a couple of left-over items from the GT-R, the following items are all USED parts. 1. Splitfire Coilpacks DIS-001 These suit RB20 (R32), RB25(R33 S1), RB26 (R32, R33) & more $350 2. Blitz SUS Twin Pod Filter Kit For R32 GTR + Standard R32 RB26 afm's Includes bracket $250 3. Ultra Racing 2 Point Strut Brace For R32 GTR $85 Please PM OR SMS 0466 554 927 (call is ok after work hours & weekends) and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks, Plat.
  11. Splitfire Coilpacks - SF-DIS-001 to suite R32 GTS-T, R33 GTS-T, R32 GTR, R33 GTR Looking to purchase a set of splitfire coilpacks for my 32. Version: SF-DIS-001 Compatible with R32 GTS-T R33 GTS-T series 1 R32 GTR R33 GTR Brand new or second hand as long as they are in good nic. Cheers.
  12. Hi, I have 2 ignitors for a series 1 r33. $90.00 each + freight Also have a set of coils including mounting bracket and wiring harness. $140.00 + freight Please negotiate if you feel you would like one of these items. Please contact me on 0420 973 466 or by email. Cheers Jamie
  13. Good afternoon all, i need money for tires so the shed need to get a clean out. i have priced everything at $200 for ease and to move the parts. located in Andrews Farm and work in Thebarton so pick up from either, i can post anything at extra cost but not much more so please feel free to ask. ok.... please buy the following... R34GTT rear bumper white and in excellent condition however i would recommend a repaint, no cracks or dents ect bought for a car i no longer own R34 aftermarket front bar fiberglass with vents both sides. painted black, some scrapes and marks mostly on the underside where it is not visable. larger opening and shallow cut for FMIC C34 SII SR4 Stagea front bar Pearl white condition is good, some scrapes but in good condition without damage. this has been replaced by a days bar on my stag RB25DET NEO genuine coilpacks one is weak and caused a misfire. selling the full set of 6 but only expect to use 5 i dont know which one was missing, great for replacing one or a few faulty packs on your R34 or C34 NEO RB26DET R32 GTR coilpacks excellent condition genuine items no missfires very minimal Kms, these were replaced with splitfires which felt no better to the genuine items. can be used on RB20s as a good upgrade as i did on my 32 R34 GTR dash unknown KMS but i have been told it should read about 28000km from the previous expected owner awesome condition, cannot fault. can be used in a GTT, great for manual conversion pleas feel free to ask question or for more photos. i can post anywher ein aust easily and cheaply no matter the size PM or txt 0413 145 430 Glyn.
  14. Up for grabs original coils that came out of N1 R34 gtr in perfect working order. This will suit any R34 RB26 gtr possibly even R33. Grab a bargain as these are getting hard to find if you wanna keep things original. Asking only 180 or nearest offer. Please call David on o4o7o15824.
  15. [WTB] [VIC] RB25 NEO Splitfire Coilpacks As title suggests, need a good working set. Definetly need pickup so Vic is a must. Please let me know what you have! Cheers! Kurt.
  16. hi guys, just have a few parts I no longer needs all parts are located in perth but happy to post at buyers expense. 32 gtr AFM's- $80 for the pair, cosmetically they are average but worked fine when they were taken off. 33 gtr coil packs- $150 ono- they are all in good working condition and came off a motor with only 7x,xxx km rb26 xforce exhaust manifolds- $250 ono- never used 32 gtr ecu- $80- appears to have been tuned in japan but I'm not 100% on what has been done, ran well running stock turbos at 12psi. rb25 covers - $30
  17. SPLITFIRE COILPACKS (GENUINE) BRAND NEW I have 2 brand new sets each of the following Splitfire Coilpacks. These are 100% genuine brand new unused Spliftire Coilpacks. Bought a few sets recently whilst in Japan and this is all that's left and need them gone as wife is killing me for space and wants all my car bits and pieces gone !! SF-DIS-001 x 2 sets SF-DIS-005 x 2 sets Cost is $495 Posted anywhere in Australia. I'll also take Bitcoin , Ethereum other crypto for the equivalent $495 value.
  18. Still have left over R34 parts, and have come across some other misc stuff that has to go. Prices neg, buyer to pay postage. Located SE QLD R34 plastic eyelids $50 – in sonic silver. Slight bend in one as per picture, does not affect ‘performance’. Affix with double sided tape. https://www.dropbox.....22.57.jpg?dl=0 R34 coupe front and rear standard bumper $90 for both – in sonic silver. Front bar is off a GT so no SMIC vent. Both in good condition with a few scratches from being in storage https://www.dropbox.....21.30.jpg?dl=0 R34 GTT stock front indicators and side repeaters $40 https://www.dropbox.....23.28.jpg?dl=0 R34GTT Stock airbox and snorkel - $80 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3d58smmglvgg376/2015-07-26%2016.30.54.jpg?dl=0 R34GTT AFM (pink label) in working order - $70 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2u5jtbbwd3lz2b/2015-07-26%2016.34.22.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qyvp5xste3bfk50/2015-07-26%2016.34.29.jpg?dl=0 OEM Coilpacks x6 removed from 34GTT @ 80000k's. Engine running fine when replaced. Some have been siliconed $90 https://www.dropbox.....35.07.jpg?dl=0 Pair 3mm spacers mulitfit $10 https://www.dropbox.com/s/e49i4if2m0q4vix/2015-07-26%2016.36.07.jpg?dl=0 NISMO gear knob, top has some wear $25 https://www.dropbox.....35.37.jpg?dl=0 4x brand new cans matte black Plastidip $70 https://www.dropbox.....37.16.jpg?dl=0
  19. Hey as the topic says i have complete r33 rolling shell complete minus motor and box, it has tein coilovers all round, adjustable castor rods, complete with brakes, it has a gtr dash cluster, interior is complete and pretty clean, the out side could do with a paint job though. next is a r33 turbo, no shaft play good condition and comes with a split dump pipe. splitfire coil packs, i have 2 brand new sets still in box one set is sf-dis-001 which covers all r32's inc. GTR and s1 r33 and r33 gtr and the next is sf-dis-005 which is for r33 s2 and r34 gtr but maybe check up and see which one covers your application i also have an r33 s1 standard ecu and i also have an r33 clutch fan r33 s1 rolling shell - $1600 r33 turbo with split dump - $300 brand new split fire coil packs sf-dis-001 - $450 sf-dis-005 - $450 r33 s1 standard ecu - $50 r33 clutch fan - $50 i only have photos of some parts at the moment sorry I'M LOCATED IN CASTLE HILL (not too keen on posting) Tim - 0422085902 cheers
  20. Selling all my skyline parts in my garage. All from my R33 series 1 Skyline 1993 coupe. See the links below for all my parts. http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054793018 - Wheels & Tyres http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054798809 - Steering Wheel http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054798986 - Rear Garnish http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054798013 - Grill http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054797754 - Headlight http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054797311 - Spoiler http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054797061 - Front Bar & Indicators http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054796192 - Floor Matts Genuine 5x3 full sets http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054795336 - Coilpacks http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054794287 - Exhaust http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1054793714 - Intercooler Call Nino on 0432 413 556
  21. Hey all, I have for sale: 6X stock R32 GTR coil packs perfect working condition. $120 the lot 2X stock R32 GTR BOVs. bit dirty but work fine $50 each, willing to seperate located hills, will post anywhere at buyers expense. contact on jonesandy90@hotmail.com for any questions or on 0415939596.
  22. For sale a set of used N1 coilpacks for sale, great condition, has done about 300kms before my car got written off and now im left parting it out.. they made a huge differance in response and ignition problems that commonly affect the rb25 engine. Great construction, have a metel jacket to protect them from breaking down rather than the crappy plastic ones that the OEM use. asking for 200 ONO i paid 300 for the set.
  23. Hey's guys got a few parts for sale rb25 gearbox, select's gears fine just noisy when clutch isnt ingaged $800 s1 rb25 splitfire coilpacks only 1 track day old still new $350 rb25 800cc injectors, only 1 track day old, side feed so bolt straight into standard rail $400 os giken twin plate clutch,sprung centre,just had new plates put in, only 1 track day old still like new $800 t67 25g 10cm(also have 8cm rear) kando turbo,SUS304 3mm stainless twin scroll manifold,tial 44mm gate everything still only 1 track old $1500 for turbo kit microtech ltx12 for rb25 with patch loom and hand cotroller $800 if your interested in anything sms me on 0420989095 cause i work shift work just sms me and ill get back to you when i can located in melbourne can post
  24. Hi guys, selling my splitfire coil packs as i upgraded to CDI ignition awhile ago. Done about 4000kms Asking $300 Also selling my 910cc injectors off my r33 GTR. 910cc Siemens injectors, they made 410awkw with plenty of duty cycle remaining. Does not fit standard rail, fits 14mm fuel rail. Approx 1,500kms on them. Asking $200 for a set of 6
  25. Garrett 2871 to suit rb. Has been rebuilt $400. Rb25det series 2 genuine coil packs. Brand new only done 2 hours driving $600 Pick up Mooroolbark VIC 3138
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