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  1. Hey guys im wanting to try and get the R34 GTR body kit for my GT and im wondering you can just fit the front side and back with out having to do a full conversion with the tail lights and all that seems a bit price i will be putting a new RB25 turbo engine in once off my p's so ill have the car for a long time let me know if you guys thinks its worth doing or if it can even be done the way i wanting to do it
  2. Looking to buy some conversion fenders, got everything else to the puzzle just missing the fenders. Anybody have them lying around or knows someone who knows someone don't hesitate to PM me
  3. Lost interest, need cash Make an offer chasing $1200 ono call or txt 0477 221 735 Reco rb25 head Second hand rb30 block Need to be put back together R33 ecu, wiring, inlet manifold, exhaust manifold just no turbo
  4. Hey guys, Stripping a Manual R34 and have a lot of parts available. Too many small parts to list so maybe better if you just ask for part availability and i will shoot you off a price and condition. As far as the big ticket items i have ~Complete RB25det NEO with looms,Turbo (very very healthy) all ancillaries, overall excellent condition and 93,000K's just had a service, brand new water pump. $2200 ~Manual Conversion, Nismo slave cylinder and braided clutch line, flywheel, clutch, tailshaft, dash cluster, pedal box all the stuff, excellent condition box. genuine A1. $2000 ~Front seats $150 pair ~rear seats $150 ~OEM 17" rim with roadworthy tires $200 set ~OEM spoiler (white) $100 ~ Front brake & hub assembly, awesome for conversion, 310mm rotors $300 ~front pair OEM shocks $50pair ~Full Stainless 3" exhaust, magna flow turbo mufflers and CES split dump pipe(retail $550 alone), $500 Like i said, if you need anything perticular just ask, i would be sitting here for an hour trying to make a complete list of the stuff i have. All items located in S.E suburbs of Victoria and i can organise freight at buyers expense plus my time. Chris 041281355one
  5. looking for advice,prices and what i need to get for an auto to manual conversion. i have a series 1 gtst if that helps, any info or help will be greatly appreciated thanks.
  6. hey guys, just wondering cos i have been searching for this all over the internet, and im looking to buy an r34 25 GT-4 (4WD rb25de neo) and after i get my full licence swap in a V spec RB26DETT that i have in japan. Will there be problems? or will it just bolt straight in and also ill obviosly convert the body kit as well to make it look like a gtr along the way
  7. Hi guys, I have a new Whiteline 27mm SOLID 3 point ADJUSTABLE front swaybar, made to suit SR S13 Silvia or 180sx with an RB conversion. (Possibly suit others) Whiteline part code 'BNF43Z' Comes with all fitting hardware, bolts, d bushes, all as originally packaged. Some scrapes on the silver paint from a test fit. S14 swaybar in below pic not included. http://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail...;sans_vehicle=1 RRP: $329.00, Sell for $250.00 Pickup from Port Melbourne or Bundoora (after hours)
  8. Hi not sure on this one. I'm looking at doing a RB30 25 head. I have a NEO head and a S1/2 25 head. I want to put the S1/2 head on but was looking at making it solid lifters Question is, am i able to use the parts out of the NEO head to convert the S1/2 head to solid? Cheers, Dave.
  9. 1984 Toyota Tarago V8 I have been thinking about selling this for awhile now, So will put it up to see how it goes, Not fussed if it sells really, but cant really afford so many toys, I have had this van for about 5 years, The motor conversion has been in it for about 2-3 years, It was originaly a 3Y 4cyl and 5 speed manual...... It was far to slow....... It now has a mild 308 Holden V8, The motor was built by "The Brock Shop" a few years ago, It has been very well looked after and very regulary serviced, It has ported heads with bigger valves, springs etc, ACL Flat top pistons, Fairly lumpy cam (unsure specs) Edelbrock performer manifold, 600 Holley, MSD Coil, Crane cams ignition unit, Crane cams electrionic dizzy, hi volume oil pump, Rollmaster timing gear, new hi-torque gear reduction starter motor, brand new balanced flexplate with new ARP bolts, usual good gear, It has a 3000rpm Hi-stall convertor, trimatic auto box, new Hurst pro ratchet shifter, Running Commodore diff (3:23 ratio, open, really needs 3:89) It has twin radiators with thermo fans, stainless steel flexable bottom radiator hose, (sprintcar style) It is running a twin exhaust, has stock exhaust manifolds (not gotten to modifying extractors yet, But have big ones to go with it) has twin 2.25" exhaust to 2 "Hooker Headers Aero chamber" mufflers, then twin 2.5" tailpipes, sounds great, The van is currently making about 200rwhp, was making 185rwhp with an extremely restrictive exhaust but is now changed, Will make more as it needs a tune, This will be getting done when I find time etc, It is Mod plated for the conversion and registered as a 308 with the current motor, Registration due in January 2013, The van itself does have some rust in the usual Tarago places, and the paint is a rough, few minor dents etc, would need a paint job to look the part again, Also needs a windscreen as it has a crack in it, but makes for an awesome sleeper as is, I am still fixing it up slowly and will continue to do so untill sold, It is a pretty cool cruiser and gets lots of looks (many unsure and confused ones) and definatly a whole lot of fun to drive, It is still an 8 seater van so you can go cruising with 7 of your mates May swap or part trade with cash either way, open to offers Will swap drifter, S14, something tough, Make an offer Asking $4500 ono (dont offer me $2500 then try to tell me you know more about my car than I do!) Car is Located in Redlands area, Brisbane, 0481109712 The bullbar is no longer on it but it does come with it if wanted,
  10. Posted this in the classifieds for my brother, just posting it here in the local section if any are interested. PM me. Cheers http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/408426-fs-s13-silvia-with-rb20det-conversion/
  11. Have got a rb25det manual gearbox gc only 141000 ks. Was behind a standard rb25 in a r33, $1000. Wrecking complete r33 everything but motor. Will sell whole manual conversion for 1400. Let me know what you want. Located sunshine coast qld 4556. Will post parts at buyers cost
  12. Hey everyone, I'm new to Skyline's and I own a semi-automatic R34 25GT. I've owned it for a little while now and after mucking around with the triptonic feature I am completely persuaded to look at a conversion. I was originally looking at manual but the deal with the car was solid so I settled for automatic. I know that it's not a cheap thing but I do plan on keeping the car for years to come. (On my red P's at the moment) Can someone please help me out with advice about doing this? Thanks!
  13. Used Rb25 gearbox. Good condition. This was stripped down, inspected and re-assembled by Forced Motorworx for a spare for my race car but I'm changing to a GTR gearbox now so have no use for it. No shifter or mounts. Pickup only Ringwood Vic. Price: $1300
  14. Hi guys, I have a r33 gtr, I'm looking to convert to autottrans, in order to get good times on drag strip. What options do I have for a box that can withstand 1000hp. Opinions and ideas would be great
  15. Hey all! I'm a bit or a lurker around here so i thought it was about time i chucked up some content of my own! I'm 20 years old and i have loved cars ever since i can remember, used to live in Mount Gambier in SA, but joined the RAAF and have sinced moved to Wagga Wagga in NSW. I always loved 4WD's but when i was about 14 or 15 i started getting into the imports, and wanted to get an s13 as my first car. But my parents weren't keen on my 16 year old self getting a 2 door coupe as my first car and i settled upon a very nice condition Toyota Cressida. I purchased it in Melbourne and did the 5 hour drive back home, at the time i think it had 294,xxx k's on the clock. I knew the 7M-GE was notorious for head gaskets so i picked one up that had already had the head gasket replaced at 250000k's. It remained grandpa spec for the whole time i owned it, did plan or purchasing some R33 GTR wheels but being 17, in school and having a low income job, that proved difficult. The best part of this car was the motorized heater controls, you pressed a button on the centre console and the air con/heater controls slid out so the buttons were exposed, all very james bond style. I finished school then got a job as an IT tech at the school i had just graduated from. The time came that i was now earning enough money to buy the car i had always wanted. I lived a 2 minute bike ride from work so i sold the Cressida on to someone in Adelaide. In the time between buying the Cressida and selling it, my tastes had changed and now i knew i wanted an R32. I loved everything about them, from the styling to the RB engines. Stupidly i sold the Cressida early and no nice cars came up for 3 months, in which i was riding to work in the freezing cold (i know its a 2 minute ride, shut up i'm lazy haha). I finally found a nice car and got some of my mates living in Adelaide to check it out, he said it was all sweet and it would be a nice car. Rang the guy, said i was very interested in it and i would be happy to drive the 5 1/2 hours and purchase it pending a quick inspection, he said no worries. Left on friday night driving my mates car up to Adelaide for him as he left it home over Easter, and stopped overnight at my mates place about 3 hours away. Just as i leave in the morning i get a call from him saying someone came around last night and bought it. f**k. You. Guy. So i was stuck in Adelaide on a Saturday afternoon with no car, and i had to work Monday. Scoured carsales/gumtree/ebay/sau/nissansilvia for anythnig decent, went and looked at one shitter 32, another nice 32, and then a maroon/red r32. It had an ugly bodykit on it, but was in good condition otherwise. Took it for a test drive was sold very quickly, purchased it on sunday and drove it all the way home. How it looked upon recieveing it; Mod's were: Some terrible looking body kit R34 NEO turbo R32 GTR front mount Turbosmart boost tee SAAS boost guage Walbro fuel pump (which turned out not to be true) Viper rims (was never sure on sizes) ISC coilovers 3" exhaust with JUN rear muffler Was running 14psi and making 170kw Had it a month or two and it ran well, and i was loving life being the owner of my shiny new r32. It was my first turbo car and boy did it go a little faster than the Cressida! I did a lot of driving and getting to know the car before i started making any changes to it. The first thing i did was lower it, being a hektik young 18 year old needing "m0ar low" i set the coilovers to maximum low straight away. Rookie mistake, the fuel tank got stuck on the jack so i couldn't pull it out or pump the handle to raise it up. The next thing i did was replace the 3" hi-slow cat with a decat pipe. I f**king love the sound of an angry RB, and even though it was my daily driver i had to have it. At the same time myself and a mate got hold of some 3" stainless pipe and made up an exhaust for it. Being our first time welding it was hacked together, and we made some 3" blast pipes for it. Was never really a fan of them, i think it was because the pipe diameter was too small, looking back they needed to be about 3.5" i reckon. I ended up giving them to one of my mates and putting the JUN rear muffler back on. While we were making the exhaust i drove it around for a week with just the dump pipe on. Biggest mistake ever. My entire dash now shakes and rattles from the vibrations of the exhaust. Protip #1 never do that. Couldnt resist giving it shit though, it sounded too good haha! At some point i got a flat tyre on the front so i borrowed my mates SSR Longchamps and ran with them for a while. This is when i was happiest with it with the bodykit.
  16. hey guys, im looking at selling my RB25DET R32, the coversion has been done and it runs perfectly fine, it still have to be engineered but ive got a stock airbox and side mount piping also that can be put on there if you would want it. Pretty much the only reason im selling it is because i have been swamped with work and dont have time to finish it off. has the following parts: lightweight flywheel Heavy duty clutch 3" turbo back exhaust GTR front mount intercooler with custom pipes Turbo timer Has a bit of wear and tear on the outside(couple dints that can be popped out easy), and a bit of a scratch where i got side swiped outside my house . Not too sure what i want to see it for but im looking around maybe $7000, Any questions just PM me Thanks
  17. FS: rb25/30 Pretty much everything needed to do a dohc turbo 3L conversion. Both head and bottom end good condition, but could definitely use a clean. No conversion processes have been done - block vct oil feed/new pulley, etc Head came off low km r33 s2 (apparently Hyperdrive supplied it) 99% complete - comes with manifolds, cams, covers, fuel rail and injectors etc. Only things I can't see are coilpacks and valley cover. 30 bottom end off patrol with 180k kms. Only taken out for conversion. Head gasket still intact, bores and piston heads look good condition, etc. Comes with all spare parts that are laying near it for them. Bought to do a conversion on my car, but as I have an r34 I wanted a neo head (didn't research properly when buying this) and after adding up all the costs, I will just run the neo in my car as there is nothing wrong with it, for now. Asking $800. Located SOTR, WA.
  18. Hi guys, im currently living out of Aus for a few years and would like to pick up a cheap car for daily driving and fun cruising on the weekend. I have average experience with cars and do alot of reading on specs/stats etc. I would like to know some pros and cons from users here in regards to buying a 2nd hand cefiro with one of these turbo engines. Im a big fan of these 3 engines and there is a large supply of cefiros for sale with these engines available in them. Now obviously it depends how good the work has been done on the car, but for now i would like to be able to narrow my search on them. It will most likely be personal preference of which engine, but in regards for maintenance etc and less issues of modified engines i have heard the 1jz is quite reliable. Rb25 would be great, and the 2jz has always made me cream myself as a youngster watching my first mkiv supra fly by...... If anyone has experience in these engines in a conversion point of view, especially in a cefiro could you please let me know. I would be driving manual. A few of them have had LPG conversions too.....im not too fond of the idea and i have done some googling on LPG tubo cars, but could i get some light shed on the idea of LPG in a turbo car. The reason for buying a cefiro is because years ago they were a bigger import here and anything such as a skyline, or silvia/s14/180sx are a few thousand $ more than the cefiros that have had some slight work........hence the choice of the A31. I have drivin in some old soarers and a chaser. Ive never drivin a rb25det. They are all fun to ride in but now that im looking at 1 chasis and have to choose which engine its quite difficult! I enjoy my cars and im not too biased about them. Dont be upset or biased about a nissan running a toyota engine please!! Just give me your thoughts from a tuners POV. Thanks heaps! Any help will be much appreciated.
  19. hi there, im sure this has been asked before so sorry for the repeat, have been trying to search and seems the search bar (or my pc) hasnt been working for a few days. anyway, my brother drives a 2003 (i think) 350GT he has recently upgraded to much bigger AP racing calipers and rotors so here i am thinking i need bigger brakes when i see them in a box in the shed and they would be about perfect for what i need. (2 pot rear 4 pot front i think) would the rotors and or calipers directly bold on? and if not what would be involved in making them fit? also would i be needing a bigger than standard master cylinder? cheers Caleb
  20. I have for sale a complete RB25 turbo kit, EXCEPT the turbo as weird as it sounds. Includes Intake manifold, exhaust manifold, fuel rail, fuel reg, injectors, throttle body, crossover (aka J-pipe) pipe, front mount intercooler piping, GTR front mount intercooler, metal turbo intake pipe, all silicon joiners, NISTune ECU, Z32 AFM, Z32 plug with wiring, braided turbo oil feed line, water hard lines, turbo oil drain. From my understanding this is LITERALLY EVERYTHING needed to convert your NA to turbo, so will save you a whole lot of hassle from trying to find all the little random parts. Will post but obviously at buyers expense. ECU and Z32 AFM for sale seperately but would like to sell as a complete package. Really not 100% sure what a price on this is but i'll say $1500 which i think is fairly reasonable. Once again PLEASE NOT TURBO IS NOT INCLUDED EVEN THOUGH IT IS SHOWN IN PHOTO, that is the easiest thing to find, they are readily available everywhere. Happy to answer any questions anyone has and provide more pics of each individual item just ask. Contact Josh on 0437 one 33701
  21. Ok need help peeps about to turbo my r34 na rb25de running auto ecu just converted to Manuel can i use auto na ecu and piggyback a emanage ecu for timing fuel and air etc seen people saying auto box gives out etc as ecu for box is 1 aswell but im manuel now? Do i need a nistune or no? Stock boost gtt injecters 255pump etc ?
  22. OK so turbod my r34 Rb25de neo car is half tuned as turbo blew and spent all my money on a new one haha OK so I'm not happy with the knock levels bad timing set 15btdc have set all timing in map to low but so bloody hard trying to get power without knock the load timing is hurting my brain haha most of my map I set to 18 load and rpm and upd injectors Correction from 1000 to 1400 barley any knock but just all feels crap so was wondering if anyone had a pic of there maps I can copy just for a base start for rb25+t 5-10psi and maybe injector map thanks people R33 5speed gearbox conversion R33 rebuilt turbo R33 turbo manifold Gtt injectors R32gtst4det fuel pump Power FC ecu and controller Big front mount cooler Turbo smart bleed valve New 3"pipe decat and r32 custom dump R34na 02sensor R34 na pink label afm ..
  23. I have a couple of R31 to sell. I have moved to New Zealand and have no where to store them anymore. Hoping they will go to a good home and continue where I left off with drifting. Both cars run sweet but the GTS-X needs a windscreen and a good tidy up. It seems a shame to strip the GTS-X but realistically it will make an excellent donor for the TI which is already set up for drifting. Im looking at about $2000 for the pair or will sell seperately for the right price. PM me for more info and offers. 1989 R31 TI details: RB30E Surge tank and external Walbro fuel pump. S13 Strut conversion with Tein coilovers R33 N/A front brakes (stock wheels fit over them) Manual conversion. Brass button friction plate. Mini spool. Electronic line locker. Nitros Oxide wet kit. Solenoids removed but lines and brackets still installed. Pacemaker extractors with 2.5" straight through exhaust. Heaps of rims. Heaps of spares. Much more that I have forgotten. 1989 R31 GTS-X details: RB20DET Front mount intercooler. S13 Strut conversion with 5 stud rotors. 4 pot front brakes All new suspension. Sway bars. Strut braces. Nissan Patrol pressure plate with brass button friction plate. Also more that's been forgotten. PM me for more info, offers, etc
  24. So i did try to my research before starting another thread, ive read up on two separate posts that a series 1 r34 gtt bar will straight bolt on to a series 2, but ive also read that id need to change the reo and brackets for my headlight? has anyone swapped a series 2 bar before? (was contemplating the type r front bar swap)
  25. Hey guys, I am about to drop my 300kw SR20 into a R32 shell and am struggling to find any technical information regarding the swap aside from the below. Use SR cross member Need custom tail shaft I really want to know what is necessary from a wiring perspective and if anyone has already done the swap any hurdles they came across. Yes i have extensively searched the interweb, and pls no comments "why no rb" lol ive heard it all already!!!! Cheers!
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