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Found 48 results

  1. Where could i find this part new/used ?
  2. JimmyRickard

    Was looking into a variety of options for gauges and rev counters etc. and thought it would probably be cheaper just to get a dash that does everything. Found this puppy on eBay or there's the racepak from Haltech what are you guys using? what do you recommend? I don't have a particular need for data logging, although it would be nice. after buying the dash, what sort of costs are you looking at to get it installed? I wanna see some photos too of them installed. show us ya dash!
  3. Hey All, looking to change my dash lights with blue multi directional LEDs in my R34 GTT. Anyone that has done this switch where did you get your LEDs from and how do you like them?
  4. Cheap dash setup for those on a budget, has EGT probe, boost sensor, coolant trmp sensor and an input for a wideband. Control unit wires into your harness and that sends bluetooth info to the dash. Currently in my 300zx with a Link G4+. Located in Blacktown area 2148 nsw Asking $300 ono
  5. Hey guys, just installed an impul 300k dash cluster in place of the stock one. First thing i found that the plugs don't match with the impul cluster so i had to move a few of the pins in order for it to operate properly. Now the problem i'm having is that the speedo will read double and then sometimes will revert to reading normal..? Can anyone shed some light on this issue. Also i'm not getting full time power steering as i had before??
  6. rgb

    Hey all, Saw a member's R34 cluster and it had a really nice carbon fibre looking bezel / fascia with chrome circles that surround the dash cluster's gauges. Looks mint and really updates the console. Was searching online and I found a person was selling one for an AT back in 2009, other than that I can't even find a picture of it anywhere. If you know where I can find something like this let me know.
  7. S1 stage motor (s2 rb25det) and loom into s2 Hi guys and gals, just wondering if any has drop a s2 rb25det from a s1 rs4 stag into a s2 stag, some one went up the arse of my s1 and I have a s2 body with no engine, loom or ecu so I am half way through dropping the motor from the s1 into the s2 the issue I'm having is the plug from the s1 engine loom to the dash plug, no wires match up and are different colours ive sused out the little plug that goes from engine loom to body loom cheers, jonny
  8. arch nme

    Gents, As the title says I'm looking for the nismo dash cluster with the built-in lcd screen. Any leads will be appreciated
  9. Hey i'm after an R33 series 2 dash cluster. Must be between 80 XXX and 90 XXX preferably, or even lower than that! and must be in great condition. Live in Perth, WA, local would be best but i'll see what this ad generates. Also R33 GTR clusters will be considered, as i think theyre a straight swap and the same as gtst???? Cheers
  10. So this morning I went to drive and when I turned on my car the tachometer would not work, and the ABS and TCS light stayed on. Turned off, waited 30 seconds, and tried again with same result. Obviously there was an issue, so I shut her off and drove my daily, as I was already late I couldn't afford to sit there and diagnose it. I came home in the afternoon and decided to check it out. Only, it is now working fine. YAY FOR INTERMITTENT! So a few things: - I drove it to work on Monday with no issues, been sitting since then. Never happened before. - It was raining this morning, and it was early when I started it (morning dew early). It has never been an issue before, but obviously in the afternoon, all the wetness and moisture has disappeared. - ABS and TCS rely on wheel speed sensors, that is what connects them, but the not sure how the tacho receives it's signal. - Every other gauge including triple gauges worked, and back lights worked. Feel free to ask me any questions. The only place I would start looking would be behind the dash, but honestly I have no idea. I will try and start it tomorrow morning early and hopefully nothing is wrong and it was just an omen to not drive my car for some reason today. Cheers.
  11. Nismo Old Logo Oil Pressure gauge NEW in BOX 1990 Recently opened. totally new Nismo Oil Pressure gauge from 1990 with all needed fittings. Not a spot on it, perfect 10/10 condition! Price 450 USD Shipping to Australia 30 USD Paypal 4%
  12. IMMACULATE Condition – 48,xxx kms Removed from working vehicle 2 weeks ago All globes in working condition at time of removal. All features/sensors/lights working on running vehicle. Ive also read that it may work in R33 GTST if you wire in the other sensors? Try before you buy is fine, bring your GTR and you can swap this in. Location: Victoria Price: $750 (Ive done research and they seem to sell for $800 in the UK and the last to sell on SAU was a while ago) Please contact me on 0 42 1 9 27 2 5 zero preferably, I dont forum too much and theres a high chance i will miss your message.
  13. Hi Guys, I'm thinking about going in a different direction with my car and as such i'm looking into selling my Haltech setup. Everything is brand new still in the box and it includes pretty much everything Haltech sell. 1 x PS2000 IQ3 Street Kit which comes with ECU, Harness, IQ3 Display Dash, CAN Wideband and Sensor, Free Mini Can Hub. 1 x Haltech I/O Expander 12 Inc 2.5m Flying Lead Harness 1 x Flex Fuel Composition Sensor - Suit 3/8 hose (inc plug & pins) 1 x Coolant Temp Sensor - Small Thread 2 x 150 PSI "TI"Fuel and Oil Pressure Sensor 1 x 4 Bar GM Map Sensor 1 x Boost Control Solenoid RRP for everything is $5400 but im putting it up for $4500 ONO. I will not split unless everything is spoken for. Pickup is preferable but will post at buyers expense. Items located in Rouse Hill, NSW and best contact is 0403858714. Thanks, Brett
  14. wheel spacers $50 used only for trial fit oil relocator sandwich plate (new) $50 rb 26 power steer pump $50 works perfect only changed due to my dry sump set needed a rb25 pump mines centre console guages $200 HKS cam gears $225 GTR door trims with tweeters $200 dash vent (new) $50 320km 10krpm dash $250 polished twin turbo pipe $100
  15. I have one of those (so called) rare Nismo LCD screen dashes. I'm not really fond of it to be honest, as ive never had the screen working (dont have the required setup). Basically, it came with my car when i bought it from the dealership, and it wasnt working. I noticed the screen behind the plastic casing had a bit of dust on it, so i decided to take it apart and wipe the screen. BIG mistake. ..The screen smudged at the bottom where i wiped, and left a mark which has never gone away. To be honest im not that fussed with all the "fancyness" of the dash, as id rather get a better look at what speed im doing then be looking at a blank screen at the moment. So i was wondering... 1. Is it worth keeping? Can the screen be fixed? And if so what computer/device do i need to run something on the screen? who can install it? or 2. Should i sell it/ swap it (and keep it in storage) with a regular stock R33 Gtst dash? Im not really fussed by the fact the screens got a scratch to it, as right now im leaning towards finding a stock dash with regular kms and swapping it over, still keeping the nismo one. If its worth getting fixed and it can be easily, ill consider looking down that path thanks for any opinions
  16. R32 GTR Squeaking noise under dash Hi, I've had my R32 GTR for a while now and suddenly it's started to make a squeaking noise form the dash area, or underneath, when driving. I've taken the dash off and checked everything (and removed the famous bubble) and put the car back together, but the noise is still there (bummer). I guess the only was now to find it would be to drive the car without the dash and get someone to listen. The sound is as if you cut styrofoam with a blunt knife. As there isn't really too much under the dash my thoughts are that it is likely to be the heater unit... Has anyone experienced this? Also, if I take the dash off and drive the car, would there be a technical issue (I know it won't be legal) to drive it without the instrument cluster? Any help would be appreciated!!! Cheers, Chris
  17. Hi Guys, Can someone confirm all the different types of clusters on all the GTR models. Am I correct in saying all the GTRs came with 180km dash clusters? If not can someone explain what models came with different clusters.
  18. Various R32 GTST Coupe parts for sale - final clear out of bits and pieces.. Have the following parts from R32 GTST Coupe for sale... please call or text me on 0404 178 585. Located in Brisbane (10 mins nth of city) PRICES (shipping is extra at buyers expense): JDM LED Taillights - as new condition - $120 pair Front and Rear alloy adjustable strut braces - $75 each 3inch straight through cat back exhaust into 2 x 2.5 inch tips, bolts straight onto RB20DET - no mufflers (sounds awesome) - $150 Handbrake and cables linkages etc all complete - $60 Autometer shift light - $50 Front nolothene bushes - $20 each Instrument Cluster with 150k on clock - $40 Rear quarter internal c pillar trims / window surrounds as new condition, perfect vinyl and backing (L & R) - $80 each Rear quarter interior trims / door cards as new condition (L & R) - $50 each Rear seats complete good condition $40 Passenger seat on rails - $40 good condition upholstery Racepro ball valve adjustable boost controller - brand new never used - $80 Racepro BOV - same as Turbosmart Type 2 - brand new never used - $100 (RRP over $250) Headlights - no cracks in glass (H4 Bulb style - selling without bulbs) - $30 each Interior Light - immaculate - $20 Window visors - $20 Front and rear window wipers - $15 each - good condition, no rust Front and rear window wiper motors (both work) - $30 each Rear vision mirror absolutely mint - $25 Air con control plastic cover with buttons - $20 Interior A pillar trims - no cracks - $20 each Plastic R32 Skyline kick panels - $20 each Bonnet release mechanism - $20 Can do full rear cut from A pillars back or cut rear quarters... straight as - pls call to discuss All motor, gearbox, diff, interior (apart from what is mentioned above), wiring, suspension, exterior panels are sold. All prices are ex shipping, pick up from Brisbane (10 mins nth of city). Please call or text me on 0404 178 585.
  19. michaelk


    WTB: R32 GTR Dash Hi All, Im after a dash for a R32 GTR with no bubble and in as good condition as possible. many thanks.
  20. Kisaragi

    Y34 Gloria Dash Hey guys the dash in my Gloria has started to play up and intermittently work. More often than not I get no dash showing up at all after the initial start up. Tried googling the issue but have had no luck in solving the issue, and that bought up another issue. It seems like every other Gloria/cedric on the planet has the orange needle style dash (as in pictures) except mine and 2 Russian glorias which have the digital style (also as pictured). So just wondering if anyone has any info at all on these digital dashes?
  21. After doing a clean up realized how many bits and pieces I have lying around so time to fund my trip to the snow (or more car stuff). GTR parts: Stock air box, no snorkel - $100 Original tape deck, working when removed recently - $50 Dash, NO BUBBLES, great condition, no side and centre vents - $150 Gtst parts: 3inch stainless bellmouth front/dump pipe with oxygen sensor to suit 32/33 turbo. Used 1 year couple of scrapes on the bottom, not a cheap knock off - $150 Complete drivers door incl trim - $50 Front seats with rails - $50 Rear bar and REO bar, couple of scratches but not damage or cracks - $50 Boot and spoiler, separated with plugs in the boot lid, good condition minor scratches - $60 Speedo cable - $20 Climate control, no plastic cover - $20 4x25mm wheel spacers, 5 stud - $60 Stock springs x4 - $20 Fog lights - $50 FYI for and panels are all gun metal grey Priced to go. Prefer pick up, but can work out postage. Located near Menai, pm or message for pics 0425606137 Cheers Tiernan
  22. Hey fellas, so recently purchased a 92 gtst rolling shell and it seem as tho it has an auto dash, it has had an SR and an RB25 in it before has modplates and was last registered with a sr20 in it, so my problem is will i run into any problems when i go too put a RB25 in it? is there anything that can be dodgy about auto conversions that i should check on or is there anyway i can tell if has been? can post pics if need be,Cheers.
  23. Does anyone know of any triple gauge holders you can get for the R34 N/A to sit in the center dash where the little imprinted storage space is? Ive looked at the GTT ones of ebay but it looks like you have to drill into the dash to hold em in. The dash isnt like falcons and commodores where you can unclip the center bit and then the gauge holder will clip in. If there are any where can i get em from, or will i need to get one custom made?
  24. pureplaya

    R32 GTR - Dash Hey peeps, Looking for an immaculate dash for R32 GTR. Must have no bubbles, scratches, or other damages. Not too fussed if it doesn't have vents. Cheers Kase
  25. Bid of an odd one. Recently Ive heard some strange noises coming from under the dash infront of me somewhhere. It sounds like a combination of noises - whirring motors on and off and some clicking, almost like a solenoid malfuunctioning. There seems to be no effect to the car, things are otherwise working normally but I have no idea what this is. Something is screwing up, that much I know. Any ideas? This happen to you? What could it be? car is otherwise mostlly standard. thanks