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Found 59 results

  1. Was looking into a variety of options for gauges and rev counters etc. and thought it would probably be cheaper just to get a dash that does everything. Found this puppy on eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Race-Technology-Programmable-Digital-Dash2-PI-AIM-Stack-/160690415217?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2569e52671 or there's the racepak from Haltech http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Racepak-IQ3-dash-EFI-interface-/370582798469#vi-content what are you guys using? what do you recommend? I don't have a particular need for data logging, although it would be nice. after buying the dash, what sort of costs are you looking at to get it installed? I wanna see some photos too of them installed. show us ya dash!
  2. Hey All, looking to change my dash lights with blue multi directional LEDs in my R34 GTT. Anyone that has done this switch where did you get your LEDs from and how do you like them?
  3. Cheap dash setup for those on a budget, has EGT probe, boost sensor, coolant trmp sensor and an input for a wideband. Control unit wires into your harness and that sends bluetooth info to the dash. Currently in my 300zx with a Link G4+. Located in Blacktown area 2148 nsw Asking $300 ono
  4. Hey fellas, so recently purchased a 92 gtst rolling shell and it seem as tho it has an auto dash, it has had an SR and an RB25 in it before has modplates and was last registered with a sr20 in it, so my problem is will i run into any problems when i go too put a RB25 in it? is there anything that can be dodgy about auto conversions that i should check on or is there anyway i can tell if has been? can post pics if need be,Cheers.
  5. Gents, As the title says I'm looking for the nismo dash cluster with the built-in lcd screen. Any leads will be appreciated
  6. Hi Guys, My 08 V36 Sedan has developed an annoying issue with the dash lights. Part of the dash had started to flicker, specifically the 7 - 8 rpm section of the tacho. I see a few people in the US have had this problem but all the threads I have read the person just had it replaced at the dealer. Has anyone had something similar and know how to fix it? Cheers
  7. Hi Guys, Can someone confirm all the different types of clusters on all the GTR models. Am I correct in saying all the GTRs came with 180km dash clusters? If not can someone explain what models came with different clusters.
  8. Hey all first time poster here. I own an r33 and for the past couple of weeks I’ve been struggling to fix a problem with the rev unit. It will either stay completely still while driving or go all jumpy and random (I’ve heard this is notorious for skylines). ive tried replacing the actual rev unit itself to no avail as well as the whole back in to the speedo and rev unit which also hasn’t worked. Ive also cleaned out the connectors that feed in to the rev unit without success. Im completely open to any suggestions on what to do next because I’m out of ideas
  9. WTB: Black blind & net, boot mat/liner, dash mat. Hello, I'm after the below items for our 2000 Nissan Stagea C34 RS4. -Black blind & net -Boot mat/liner -Dash mat Thank you! James
  10. S1 stage motor (s2 rb25det) and loom into s2 Hi guys and gals, just wondering if any has drop a s2 rb25det from a s1 rs4 stag into a s2 stag, some one went up the arse of my s1 and I have a s2 body with no engine, loom or ecu so I am half way through dropping the motor from the s1 into the s2 the issue I'm having is the plug from the s1 engine loom to the dash plug, no wires match up and are different colours ive sused out the little plug that goes from engine loom to body loom cheers, jonny
  11. R34 Dash Removal Hey guys, I'm looking for guidance on removing the dash from my 34GTT, I've searched the forums (including skylineowners) any forums i've come across with directions the photos have expired or been deleted. Any assistance would be great
  12. R32 GTR Squeaking noise under dash Hi, I've had my R32 GTR for a while now and suddenly it's started to make a squeaking noise form the dash area, or underneath, when driving. I've taken the dash off and checked everything (and removed the famous bubble) and put the car back together, but the noise is still there (bummer). I guess the only was now to find it would be to drive the car without the dash and get someone to listen. The sound is as if you cut styrofoam with a blunt knife. As there isn't really too much under the dash my thoughts are that it is likely to be the heater unit... Has anyone experienced this? Also, if I take the dash off and drive the car, would there be a technical issue (I know it won't be legal) to drive it without the instrument cluster? Any help would be appreciated!!! Cheers, Chris
  13. Y34 Gloria Dash Hey guys the dash in my Gloria has started to play up and intermittently work. More often than not I get no dash showing up at all after the initial start up. Tried googling the issue but have had no luck in solving the issue, and that bought up another issue. It seems like every other Gloria/cedric on the planet has the orange needle style dash (as in pictures) except mine and 2 Russian glorias which have the digital style (also as pictured). So just wondering if anyone has any info at all on these digital dashes?
  14. Contact details Hi I'm looking for Chris Rodgers, I've tried his phone as per audio express and a mobile number, both disconnected, I obviously haven't been on site for a while I hope I haven't "put my foot in it" any help would be appreciated.
  15. R32 dash As per title. Bubble free dash wanted. Inbox me plz.
  16. Wanted - R32 GTR dash Hi Guys, Chasing a complete R32 gtr dash and centre console sections, must be in very good condition, not concerned if dash section has the dredded bubble but prefer without. Don't need the cluster more the dash crash pad section if that makes sense.
  17. R32 GTR - Dash Hey peeps, Looking for an immaculate dash for R32 GTR. Must have no bubbles, scratches, or other damages. Not too fussed if it doesn't have vents. Cheers Kase
  18. R32 dash R32 dash, usual bubbles but otherwise excellent condition $100.
  19. Nismo Old Logo Oil Pressure gauge NEW in BOX 1990 Recently opened. totally new Nismo Oil Pressure gauge from 1990 with all needed fittings. Not a spot on it, perfect 10/10 condition! Price 450 USD Shipping to Australia 30 USD Paypal 4%
  20. Microtech LTC Pro Dash -> Haltech Elite Microtech tell me that these two are compatible and that my friendly service type person can hook them up, pun intended. That's OK in theory, in practice as usual I'd end up with a No Problem Mate type person type fiddling around at $150 per hour. It's a CAN thing, does anyone know what is basically involved in getting these two digital boxes working together?
  21. BNR32 Speedo showing exaggerated speed Having an issue where my Speedo is showing that I'm going a lot faster than I'm actually going. For example if I'm doing around 70km/h it will read that I'm doing about 170km/h or sometimes it will read completely off the clock. This issue has been around for a while now where it was initially happening maybe 60% of the time and it is now occurring around 98% of the time. I've been having to rely on my PowerFC hand controller ever since.... Checked the Speedo cable at both ends and they appear to be fine and since it is clearly spinning still I'm wondering if there was something up with the actual dash cluster? I'm looking to replace it with another dash cluster for a test but could this issue relate more with the cable itself? Thanks!
  22. NM35 - Putting Back Together Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone can help me. Im putting an NM35 back together (was gutted), I have all the parts here, I'm getting her back together but I'm running into a few issues. My current issue is the heater/aircon buttons not coming on. I plugged everything in and put it in place and I can hear the air coming out, but there's no lights on and I can't change anything. Help???
  23. Hey all, It's cold, and i'm tired, and i'm sick of working on my car atm. RB25DET NEO swapper R32 gts-t chassis. Power windows, and the dash (tacho and fuel sender) is not working. Cannot find any wiring diagrams at all for the power windows, i looked through the R32 GTR complete service manual and i cannot find anything for the life of me. Doing shitloads of googling and it seems a few other people on here and GTROC etc etc are having the same issuse. Power windows don't respond to any inputs and they are not getting any power to them. Does anyone have any idea how they get power? It must be pulled from the same spot as the dash gets power from yeah? I will have a look at some wiring diagrams and try and chase it later. I'm just over it at the moment haha Also why is there not an electrical/wiring subforum?
  24. WTB: R32 GTR Dash Hi All, Im after a dash for a R32 GTR with no bubble and in as good condition as possible. many thanks.
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