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Found 96 results

  1. Hey guys, Pulled my diff apart today which is a standard viscous LSD to put some shims in. I noticed the right side shim which is 0.8mm has worn and is pitted and warped, the left side isn't as bad and is 1.4mm. When i went to pull the centre out i didn't have to force it much to get it out, so I'm thinking of changing the bearings as well. The diff felt pretty good before i pulled it apart and i was happy with the backlash. I have read most people are putting in a 0.8mm shim each side on top of the original shim, this seems like a lot of shimming but i just want to here peoples thoughts. Cheers
  2. NicPM35

    Looking at grabbing a LSD from a 6 speed V35. Having trouble finding information confirming that it's a direct fit to the 3.5 RWD Stagea. Different forums mention things about splines not lining up and ratios being different... I am aware the LSD's from ARX etc will fit easy, but I have the opportunity to get a cheap V35 diff. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys Anyone out there actually installed these? The rear mounts that push into the subframe MUST be installed a certain way up...(Jap instructions are not clear which way) I will get photos up to explain asap.... Just wondering if anyone has the answer now? Cheers
  4. R33VSpec vs R34 Vspec diff My R33 GTR Vspec diff is shagged. Will an R34 GTR VSpec Diff fit in an R33 GTR VSpec bolt straight in and work? Thanks
  5. Can anyone tell me by looking at the photo what type of differential is inside this casing? I need it to be LSD and 4.111. I have been told by the seller that is from an R33. As you can see from the picture it has 5 bolt axles and 4 bolt drive shaft. Does the part number on top mean anything or is manually checking the only way to know (i have to drive 2 hours, so would prefer to know before i drive 4hrs round trip and it not be what im looking for).
  6. Hey guys, I hope someone can help me. I'm in the US, and my R32 has been stuck at Nissan because my driver's side output shaft for my axle lacks a c-clamp, so the shaft ever so slightly comes out of my diff. My mechanic is having a hard time finding the right c-clamp to lock the output shaft into the diff. Do you know what compatible vehicles like a 300zx or S13 for instance have the same kind of output shaft that I can snag the correct c-clamp from? Here's a picture of my output shaft too for reference.
  7. R33 Parts Got a few left over parts from my r33 part out, priced to clear. ISC rear camber arms, $50 ISC Rear traction arms $50 Locked Turbo R33 diff $200 044 Fuel pump with surge tank and proflow fittings $200 Whiteline rear sway bar $100 Straight thru 3" exhaust with trust PE2 cannon $150 Front R33 calipers $250 Rear R33 calipers $150 Rear cradle minus arms, diff and calipers $150 R33 manual tailshaft $50 Located Northern suburbs melbourne. Phill - 0421986981
  8. Hey everyone, I am wanting to look at getting a different diff ratio for my R34 GTT, the reason behind this is, that it is starting to annoy me that if i go out of town i need to take a different car because the skyline sits really high on rpm around 100-120km/h and just chugs way to much fuel. Started looking around and researching, correct me if i am wrong but the diff i have is 4.11 ? Just wondering if there another diff that i can put in the car with a lower ratio. i have read that s15 diff will bolt right in, but i think they have a ratio like 3.6 which i think would be to low. what wold my options be ? Cheers in advance
  9. inmaniac

    WTB: R33 LSD Diff Hey guys. Chasing a 1.5-way or 2-way LSD to suit an R33 GTST S2 (ABS) Anything good condition will be considered. Diff centre alone is fine but if it comes in a housing that's good too. NISMO, KAAZ, etc. Preferably located Sydney but will pay for shipping for a decent priced diff.
  10. Hey guys, when full locking my r32 gtr shutters like crazy as if it has a locked diff. It has fresh oil and I've also put in an additive to stop the clutches from sticking. I'm not sure if it could be because of my other problem with my awd, which I wrote up in another post >
  11. Abs vs non abs Working on my r33 gtst - rb25 Just finishing off an engine swap & manual conversion and unsure about a couple things. I've swapped everything from one r33 without abs into another 33 with abs. I was just going to swap all the diff and manual tailshaft into the car with abs but the current diff has abs sensors and an abs auto tailshaft (unsure if there are abs and non abs tailshafts) but anyway, my question is can I just unbolt the auto tailshaft connected to the abs diff vlsd and bolt in my manual tailshaft and be good to go? If that won't work, if I put my non abs lsd diff in, in what way will Abs be affected as the sensors won't be connected?
  12. Combination diff bushings Hi All, I recently installed some super pro diff and subframe bushings in my R33 but the front ones towards the tail shaft are sharted already (i would assume due to design - There is also another member on here that had the same issue with two different sets of the superpro bushings). So my question is it OK or will it be an issue if I run poly subframe, poly rear diff bushings and solid front diff bushings? I want to go solid to make sure this doesn't happen again Thanks in advance!!
  13. WTB R32/33 GTR Rear Diff, Axles and Hubs Wanted to Buy R32/33 GTR (Non-V-Spec) complete rear diff, axles and hubs for conversion into a 180SX. Everything in working condition. Preferably the complete set, however will consider individual components. Located Brisbane
  14. Looking for r33 or r32 gtr non active rear Diff Chasing a r33 gtr rear diff (non active ) or r32 or even just a diff housing , must be non active Anthony 0404444555
  15. Stub Axles for Nismo Diff wanted - 5x1 bolt pattern Hi, i am after the Nissan Stub Axle (flange) for my Nismo 1.5way GT Pro differential. the Nissan part number is: 38220-AA076 ideally i would like two of them, but one would suffice. can be anywhere in Australia if willing to ship. required in Sydney.
  16. ido09s

    WTB - R32 GTR Rear Diff morning all I am trying to chase down a complete R32 GTR rear diff. I want one that has at least 4.6 gears in it, if not 4.9's. Would prefer something with a decent centre in it but a shitty limo centre will suffice. Sydney much preferred as postage would be a killer due to weight Brad
  17. torque specs for tailshaft to diff on r33 VLSD I've tried searching around for these. But I cannot find it, Basically I want the torque specs for the little nuts and bolts that hold on the tailshaft to the diff. Obviously picture isn't mine and used it as a ref.
  18. New NISMO GT LSD Pro 2WAY Diff S13 S14 R32 R33 Due to part number stuff up from supplier this Nismo 2 way diff is up for grabs. It is the adjustable model that allows initial torque to be set without removing or disassembling the diff.Part number is - 38420RS220This item has only been opened to take the picture shown - comes with everything visible in the picture, including Nismo competition diff oil, bolts, gasket, bearings, seals, Nismo half shafts, decals, and certificate of authenticity.Diff will fit in most Nissan's running an R200 pumpkin, from S13/14/R32/R33's. Package can come with extra 6 bolt drive shafts for $50 - good for spare or conversion but probably not worth posting them as the box will already be heavy. Pickup Gold Coast QLD. Post Aus wide no problems with cheap Australia Post eParcel or courier rates. Price is $1350 firm
  19. r33 gtr 4wd and a,lsd light on soo i had bought a r33 gtr that was stolen and recovered, the whole car was intact apart from missing atessa pump and hardline choped , so at that time the car was running in rear wheel drive, i had bought these parts from a vspec that was being wrecked and put both in, new fluids, bleed it etc now my 4wd works , but only issue im left with is both lights on the dash (4wd & a.lsd) i had checked my atessa ecu which indicated a red light and code 34 ive tried connecting it 2 different diagnostic machines but wont work as i have a power fc has anyone ever had the same issue, any help or info will be appriciated as i just want everything to be sorted
  20. Burning $1000 - Brakes or Diff? As title states, I have roughly $1000 to spend on my r33 gtst. It's currently my daily which I've tracked a few times. Has 300kw and dialed in suspension; brakes and diff are pretty much the only things still stock. Option A - Nismo GT Pro 1.5 Way LSD. Good for track and will stop the singling, but possibly shit for a daily driven car. Option B - S15 Torsen Diff and half shafts. Good street diff but requires use of weaker 6 bolt half shafts. Option C - 350z Brake upgrade. 350z front calipers/rotors and upgraded rear rotors and pads. But enough of an improvement over stock? Any of the above options should cost around the 1k mark (s15 diff may cost less), give or take. Which of the above would be the most worthwhile/best bang for buck? Open to opinions/suggestions.
  21. wcassar

    re: rear differential Hi I am searching for a rear Mitsubishi evo 3 differential. Someone has available?
  22. C34 rear end clicking at slow speed Hey guys, having some noise from the rear end of my '99 RS4S with LSD (I think its a 2-way), seems to be happening more but the weather here has got really cold lately (a high of around zero C and a low of minus 5 C) so that might be related. At slow speed, I'm hearing a clicking/snapping/metallic click noise coming from the rear. Sounds to me like it's rear left, but my wife thinks its rear center/left/right. It is not rhythmic as far as I can tell. ie if I'm going along it doesn't happen at a regular interval. Has been happening a bit lately around 40kph and even 60 kph once or twice. I don't notice any movement or jerks/etc, just the noise. Really want to address it if its something wearing out, etc. Doesn't seem to be tied to bumps in the road surface, so I don't think its the coilovers but who knows. Sounds really similar to a frontend noise that turned out to be the sway bar link, but it's not as predictable with the rocking of the car like that problem was. In case its related, theres some vibration in the drivetrain from time to time which could be front end but could be rear end related too. Cheers!
  23. WTB: R200 Diff backlash adjustment shims Hi all, Rebuilding my diff and need some shims to reduce the amount of backlash. Will try nissan spare parts tomorrow, but maybe someone has a collection? Shims needed are 2.60, 2.65 and 2.15, but I would be happy if you had one or all sizes. BTW> these arent the shims used to lock the diff, these are the big metal rings that go next to the diff bearings (like the pic). Pickup in VIC or will pay for express ship. thnx. Adrian.,
  24. R33 GTR Active Diff - Swap for non active? Hey guys, I am looking at buying a near complete r33 s3 gtr rear subframe. It has an active diff installed (factory item I assume). Can the active diff be removed and a non active diff installed without changing anything else? A straight swap so to speak. I am wanting to transfer all the items (diff, drive shafts, hubs, handbrake assembly) to an S14 subframe - but just unsure if there are any other difference like driveshafts lengths. Thanks!
  25. Turbosmart Dual Stage Boost Controller & Vee-port Type 2 BOV Turbosmart Dual Stage Boost Controller and Turbosmart Vee-port type 2 blow off valveLooking to sell together for around $200