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  1. For Sale, Rb26 front 4.11 diff ratio's in mint condition, bought this for my 34 GTR but decided to stick with the stock 3.54's. 500 ono happy to post as buyers expense. Pick up in paramatta area NSW
  2. I need help with what I should do with my diff it’s a Active LSD with a altessa pump system. It singles and I want to to double what can I do with this diff bleed it, weld it, get it shimmed, block off the altessa system? Idk what to do please help as I want to use my car for drifting / road use
  3. Factory manual LSD removed from a 2003 V35 350GT 6 speed with 130,000km on it. This diff is in very good condition with no noises or vibrations - removed from a running vehicle, not a crashed or thrashed one. Diff is currently at my mechanic's workshop. We removed and replaced it with another one due to suspected diff bearing noise, however the noise persisted after the swap and turned out to be a wheel bearing instead. Cheap LSD upgrade for auto V35s, with a slightly shorter ratio for better acceleration. I believe it may fit the 350Z too (can't guarantee this). There are also conversion kits available to make these fit S/R chassis vehicles (have to change tailshaft, though) as a strength/LSD upgrade. Can organise postage at buyer's expense or local pickup available from Melbourne west or south east. $350
  4. Hi, Im after a r200 3.9 ratio open longnose diff. Located in Melbourne but willing to pay shipping from elsewhere. Cheers
  5. So i am looking for diff options for my r32 gtst i am having trouble finding a r32 gtr rear cradle and diff setup, just wondering what diff replacement i can use i will be making around 600kw at the rear and dont want to have snapping axles and diff
  6. Looking at grabbing a LSD from a 6 speed V35. Having trouble finding information confirming that it's a direct fit to the 3.5 RWD Stagea. Different forums mention things about splines not lining up and ratios being different... I am aware the LSD's from ARX etc will fit easy, but I have the opportunity to get a cheap V35 diff. Thanks!
  7. Hi, im trying to find out if the rear diff in my 1990 skyline r32 gts-4 is abs or non-abs. Can someone tell me?
  8. Can anyone tell me by looking at the photo what type of differential is inside this casing? I need it to be LSD and 4.111. I have been told by the seller that is from an R33. As you can see from the picture it has 5 bolt axles and 4 bolt drive shaft. Does the part number on top mean anything or is manually checking the only way to know (i have to drive 2 hours, so would prefer to know before i drive 4hrs round trip and it not be what im looking for).
  9. Hey everyone, I am wanting to look at getting a different diff ratio for my R34 GTT, the reason behind this is, that it is starting to annoy me that if i go out of town i need to take a different car because the skyline sits really high on rpm around 100-120km/h and just chugs way to much fuel. Started looking around and researching, correct me if i am wrong but the diff i have is 4.11 ? Just wondering if there another diff that i can put in the car with a lower ratio. i have read that s15 diff will bolt right in, but i think they have a ratio like 3.6 which i think would be to low. what wold my options be ? Cheers in advance
  10. Hey guys So one day all i did was simply turn a corner and then this knocking sound came up in the rear of my car, my suspension isnt that great but its not a noise only when im turning or when i go over bumps, it is a constant knocking sound, its not like a metal on metal grinding sound, its more of a knocking on a door sound and it is constant up to 50km/h and above i cannot hear it (probably cause of the exhaust) If you guys could give any advice that would help me alot. And if there are any other cheap diffs or alternatives to install ( preparing for the worst). Thanks
  11. Hey ppl! i am hearing a whine coming from the front diff, it gets louder the faster i go. I originally thought maybe it was tyres or wheel bearings but the sound stays the same even when cornering hard left and right... I changed both front and rear diff oil thinking it might have been low. Original oil looked fine and the drain plug didn't have and chunks. Im thinking front diff bearings?? Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? Or even know anybody in sydney that can reco an m35 front diff? Thanks -Matt
  12. Up for sale is a welded diff from an r32 skyline, has 6 bolt driveshaft flanges $50. Contact number is 0425851014 Located in Sunbury, VIC
  13. doing a bit of a garage clean out. both stock and after markets parts for GTR's. R33 GTR sump and front diff Sump is off a 1995 R33 GTR. perfect condition, no damage. i wrecked the whole car about 6 months ago. is complete sump with front diff. $300 NISMO Direct replacement fuel pump for R33 GTR This is out of the gtr i wrecked, and was making 470 hpatws with this pump. comes complete with cradle aswell. $180 ono Complete R33 GTR wiring loom/harness including igniter pack all plugs and loom are in good nick, and in complete working order. all plugs cables etc from pick included $150 2x genuine factory JECS R34 GTR air flow meters both in perfect working order, only taken off car due to upgrades. $150 for the pair GTR rb26 twin turbo intake pipe as shown in pic, with clamps and emblem and joiner $50 R33 and R34 OEM intercooler piping have a 2x each piece of oem intercooler rubber piping, fits r33 and r34 gtrs. no cracks etc $50 a piece Skyline alternator i had two alternators, one off a gtr, and one off a gtst, both where working in the cars. i sold one, but cant remember which one. this is the one i have left. please make sure its the one you need. $50 Parts are all located in Perth. You can message on here or text/call me on if you are interested in any of the parts. some things negotiable. or if you buy more than 1 part etc. cheers
  14. I had a workshop look over the car to inspect a clunk in the driveline as described here. Apparently it's a combination of the following: Shot diff bushes (upper & lower) Worn tie rod ends Worn ball joints HICAS - needs a lock bar Apparently the diff bushes is a subframe out job, is this right? I also read that it's a prick of a thing to do in an R33, is it the same for R34's? Is there any hope to do this at home or too hard basket? I've replaced a few of metal sleeved factory bushes before and getting them out sucks bigtime If it's a workshop thing, what's the approximate labour? Should I do subframe bushes at the same time? Apparently there's a whole fruit platter you can chuck in there, no idea what them pineapples do...
  15. Wanted to buy new in Melbourne: diff support rear bushing kit (2 bushes) - diff to subframe: Nolathane 49162 or Whiteline KDT913 If you've got either of these kits and are happy to sell today 4/10 or tomorrow 5/10 (pick up) please PM me. I can get it ordered into a shop for Monday but can't be bothered waiting Thanks!! Nolathane 49162 Whiteline KDT913
  16. Hi guys, I'm after a 1.5 way diff for mainly street use. Prefer Nismo but will consider Kaaz and Cusco if daily driver friendly. Prefer it to be in a r200 housing with 5 bolt shafts ready to bolt into the r33. Cheers, Mike
  17. Hi all, Cleaning out the garage and i have the following available. Located in Campbelltown NSW, Prefer pickup but willing to post smaller items at buyers expense Negotiable to some extent but low ballers can eat a dick Front and rear height adjustable camber tops. Bought them for a project that i later stripped and sold. Ball joints still tight, didn't knock when in the car. Includes the spanners i made for them and spacers. Also includes a second set of rear threaded inserts with an 8x1 thread from memory to suit the koni's i had in the rear at the time. $300 Koni yellow adjustable front struts in s13 housings. Drilled to suit s14 knuckle. Travelled a grand total of about 200km. $200 S14 front 5 Stud hubs, knuckles and LCA's, ABS $200 Tuneagent s13 toe arms $100 Xforce 3.5 inch universal cannon, new in box $80 R32 GTSt BM44 non abs master cylinder $90 Nismo LMGT3's, 17x9 +20 all round, ok condition, pretty nasty rash on one rear but not very deep, minor rash on all the others. No buckles or leaks,missing the centre bolt thingys. Come with near new 235/45 f and 255/40 r tyres $1100 S14 manual diff, i think that makes it a 3.7? $50 S15 rear calipers, hand brake cables, $50 S13 manual cluster 170k on it, $20 S13 non hicas subframe and knuckles, I may even have some stock toe arms around if you want to fully delete hicas in your r32 gtst, $50
  18. Hi all, Have a complete V35 rear subframe, diff, brakes, driveshafts, suspension all included. came out of a 50,000kms car which had a front ender. $1000 ono pick up, Sydney's west. or can arrange local delivery for petrol $. Cheers,
  19. Selling a used BNR32/BCNR33/BNR34 GT-R ATS&ACROSS Carbon 1.5-way LSD. I bought this with the intention to use it in my Silvia but I ran out of time and never got round to buying a matching set of GTR driveshafts and hubs to go with it. Hence it has been sitting in my garage in an oiled bag unused since. For those who don't know, these are the absolute best LSDs available in the Japanese market. They are used on many top-level time-attack cars such as the Revolution, R-Magic and RE Amemiya RX-7s, Tomei S15, Amuse/Autobacs/ASM S2000s, etc. They don't chatter like metal LSDs, last way longer, are more predictable and provide faster times. Some info from ATS: Principal characteristics of the Carbon LSD - More than twice the differential lock strength of metal LSDs - Quiet operation without chattering noise - More than twice the differential lock strength of metal LSDs - Low initial drag resistance and durability that is more than 5 times greaterthan metal - Acceleration control range more than 10 times that of metal LSDs - More than 30 times the thermal decomposition resistance of metal LSDs - More than 70 times the service life of metal LSDs - Gentle transitional characteristics that yield ease of handling from free to lock - Small degree of slipping which provide a greater flexibility - Super durable - Stable differential lock performance which is unaffected by oil temperature changes - The performance of carbon LSD is not influenced by a choice of LSD oil - Very high adaptability to many LSD oils from different manufacturers Carbon LSD is recommended for those who suffer from the following problems. - I can not pass through the clipping point ideal corner entry. - I want to quickly open the accelerator at the rising edge of the corner. - Control of under-over is difficult at the rising edge of the corner. - oil temperature rises there is no durable for use at low initial. - Time-up can not be time is not stable. - How do I get rid of noise of LSD - You want to keep as natural as possible handling Reliability ATS ran their demo S15 for 65,000km around the clock around mountain roads over six months. When they pulled down the LSD the plates still had near-new thickness and the torque of the LSD was still near-new. "The ATS demo R34 GT-R has 140,000km on the current LSD, but the LSD is working beautifully with only oil changes. We think it can go for 200,000 to 300,000 km since there is no detectable deterioration in performance." Someone please buy this and put it to good use as it's useless sitting my garage. Located in Glen Waverley, VIC. Asking $900ono delivered anywhere in Australia. PM or SMS 0423800325.
  20. All serious offer's via PM will be considered. Genuine Tomei 2way diff.Bought second hand & looks to be in very good condition.I think it's in a r33gtst housing but the centre can be fitted to suit other skylines & possibly Silvias. Pickups at Sunnybank South Brisbane. Asking $750 ono
  21. JUN Style Sideskirts - New - Unpainted Fiberglass $80 JUN Style Pods - New - Unpainted Fibreglass ​$80 Open Diff - ABS - 4.11 ratio - 6 bolt (3x2) $80 Located South East Melbourne, Victoria.
  22. Cash waiting.... i'm after one in Brisbane & surrounding areas for a manual r34gtt Not keen on interstate really If its any use to the seller I've got as r33 diff that been freshly shimmed by option1garage its so tight that its locked that I can include in a trade plus cash there way
  23. Have a complete rear end, subframe, diff, sway bar, hicas etc with rear brakes, hubs, rotors, calipers. Also have the front brake set ups. Off a series 2 R33 turbo which had ABS. Comes with everything you see in the photos, including a few brackets and the handbrake ofcourse. $1200 negotiable. Located in Perth, so pickup only! will post photos soon!
  24. Got a stack of rear ends from cars I've wrecked, all are from running vehicles and are stock unless otherwise stated. Pick up Valley Heights Sydney preferred but can ship at buyer's expense. R33 Gtst complete rear end $450 -Removed from 1994 model -Includes rear cradle, diff, hubs, brakes, arms, sway bar etc R32 Gts4 rear end minus diff $300 -Same as Gtr rear end -Includes cradle, hubs, sway bar, arms -Happy to separate parts as well Y32 Cedric complete rear end $MAKE AN OFFER! -Complete rear end including cradle, arms, sway bar, high ratio diff, hubs, brakes etc S13 turbo complete rear end $350 -Complete including hubs, brakes, cradle, arms, diff etc Stagea Series 1 Rs260 rear end minus diff $500 -Includes cradle, hubs, brakes, sway bar, arms etc -Note: brembos are sold however will come with r32 gtr rear brakes instead
  25. Hey guys my beloved r33 got stolen right from my drive way so this vehicle is stolen and recovered (classified as repairable write-off) the reg is still active at this stage in case some one wants to fix and drive it. The ignition barrel and drivers window are broken and engine seems to have a blown head gasket. turbo is missing the turbine wheel i think its in the cat ... lol there is minor damage just behind the drivers door but looks like a easy fix The vehicle is still a whole and stock so let me know what parts your after and ill price it up wheels are not for sale and exhaust. located in northern suburbs Thankyou for reading pics up soon
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