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Found 124 results

  1. == SUCC MOTORSPORT DRIFT CAMP 2018 == => The Run Down <= March 24/25 (Camping from the 23rd) 2 Days of Drifting, Tandems, Passengers, Competitions Coaches, 100% Beginner Friendly Camping included in the event cost Meals included in the event cost => Pricing <= The event is $239 for both days, camping and food costs $50 discount for those who have paid for UTAC 2018 ENTRY => <= => Event Specifics <= Wilby Motorsport Park Awesome track out near Yarawonga, see attached videos for details! => SUPP REGS <=
  2. GKTECH V3 KNUCKLES G'day lads. At the moment I'm putting together an R32 street/tdori machine and am up to the knuckle part. Let me say I'm a fan of GKTech and the quality/price balance they work with, but on top of that the options for the R chassis are slim, so these seems like the top pick. I already have Silk Road camber arms set at 35mm shorter than stock, will be running R33 LCA's with a customised flat adjustable lock stop, Strongflex poly bushes and have extended tie rods and non-offset spacers to go in. Will be moving the rack forward 25mm as well. Currently rolling on +30 R33 GTR wheels but will be going to something in the +15 to +20 range soon. So, the question is - are they worth the extra cost? Obviously they're an upgrade compared to a modded stock knuckle. The unsprung weight advantage sounds great as well as the claimed linear feel, but considering I should be saving for Japan later this year they're hard to justify at something like twice the price of getting some modded locally. Can anyone comment on the driving feel?
  3. I'm looking for two used 17 inch or 18 inch 5x114.3 Driftech's in good condition to fit an r34gtt. After silver with polished lips but might buy other colours or a full set if they fit inside stock gaurds Located at South Brisbane but will pay for fair post costs.
  4. selling 17inch rims pair only multistud vic 17 inch rims not sure what brand.Sprayed white white a can long time ago.Excellent tyres worth $60+ each alone.5x114.3 pcd and 4x114.3 .multi stud.17x7+47 offset.Pair only price is $200 firm pickup tarneit 3029 can deliver around tarneit for a small fee . please sms me 0430078630
  5. Removing an rb25de/det + gearbox Before I get any heroes, leave your negativity with your huge ego ay what do i need? - a simple but detailed explanation of how to remove an rb25de/det + gearbox. but anyway, hopefully this is an easy one for yous I searched, read, and googled a lot. But, I haven't the right forums or a detailed enough explanation to run with. So, what im asking is if there is anyone on here that believes that they 'know' the best/right way of removing an rb25de/det engine + gearbox. This will a first time experiencing removing an engine plus box so the more detailed and well explained tutorial the smoother this process will go. I have watched a lot of videos, which has covered a lot of steps to remove an engine. Though It seems almost no one does it the same way, some people remove a lot of components where some only remove 'the basics'. Watching lots of different videos and reading stacks of information is pretty overwhelming. If someone could post a thread, find a thread, link me a thread/ video/ anything that you think would help it would be appreciated. what do i need? - a simple but detailed explanation of how to remove an rb25de/det + gearbox.
  6. R33 Parts Cleanout! Garrett Gtx3582 + turbo manifold + exh + 2 sets of rims drift tek + rotors + sway bars Hi there Doing a big shed cleanup. GOLD COAST VARSITY LAKES All parts off my R33 gtst s2 1996 Genuine Garrett GTX3582. T3 .82 ( i think) little bit of shaft play + 32mm Go Pipes Turbo manifold dual 40mm wastegate. (A few tiny pinholes need a spot weld) + full 3.5" dump pipe and 3" exhaust including cannon and resonator (and pipe with flange to replace resonator) ALL 3 $2500 will split if asked R33 s2 brake rotors set of 4, little surface rust, pretty good life left $20 R33 s2 sway bars front and rear $20 ea R33 crank needs a linish $20 18x8 silver FX motorsport wheels, hero tyres on front good tread, rear micky thompson no tread, removed from r33 $300 18" black drift tek style wheels, front 18x9.5 225 40 18 good tread, rear 18x10.5 235 40 18 no tread, removed from r33 looked awesome! Only changed wheels to get more rubber on the read, $800
  7. Nissan Middle East has set a new Guinness World Record for the worlds fastest drift at an event in the United Arab Emirates. Behind the wheel of a heavily-modified Nissan GT-R Nismo, Japanese drifter, Masato Kawabata sent the GT-R into a drift at an incredible 304.96km/h. The drift was completed at Fujairah International Airport in the UAE and used every inch of the three kilometre runway in order to reach the 300km/h benchmark the team had set itself. As per strict guidelines, the Nissan Middle East team had only three attempts and had to fulfil specific angle and drift duration requirements in order the complete the record-breaking feat. The team managed to tick all the boxes to become the new record holders. Kawabata, the current Japanese drifting series title holder, smashed the previous record of 256km/h set in Poland using a modified Toyota GT86. The record was achieved, in part, thanks to the immense work that went into tuning the GT-R. Japan-based GReddy Trust, managed to take the GT-Rs standard 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6, which normally produces 404kW, up to a staggering 1029kW. While all that extra power was crucial to the record attempt, other mods like ultra-lightweight wheels and specially designed Toyo tyres had to be fitted to the car into order to make sure all that power wasnt just turned into smoke and molten rubber. See more on CarAdvice
  8. hey all sold my r32 a bit ago now looking for a 180sx, r32 or r33 turbo and manual. must have reg if not rego can try work around that. dont wanna spend too much either. so prices are strict. i remember when i used to buy skylines for around 2,000 about 9 years ago. up to 5k to spend on a car. let me know, post here or inbox cheers.
  9. I have been tossing up for a while whether or not I should do a thread on my build as I feel like I am doing the exact same thing that everyone else has done, in saying that Maybe people can share some ideas with me to help point me in the right direction or maybe someone might find what I am doing interesting, Also a way for me to keep track of time and mods etc. Who knows what I am getting myself into but here goes. The story of where and how this began. I had a new guy come work with me who owned a R33, I always loved Skylines but never owned one and had not been around them a whole bunch. Even though this 33 was a pretty rough and was in need of some love and care I still remember loving every second in it. After a few weeks sure enough my now good mate unfortunately lost his license and had the car defected pretty badly. I still decided to buy it off him with the intention of fixing it up….. Was not to be as the list was massive, so I stripped what I could, GT3076, FFP, Jasma Exhaust system. It was great fun stripping it down. I got to learn a whole bunch about the RB25 and 33's alike. Shot of what she looked like As you can see we did not have huge amounts of garage space to work with but like most people with these cars, you make do. Once everything was taken that was worth while I went on the hunt for another 33 that would be clean and limited mods (cheap so the mrs would approve). certainly took a little while but when I compare to how long some people take to find the "perfect" one I realise I bought mine really quick!! So that’s when I found her. The car and the owner, it was 94 s1 silver 33, Had tein adjustable coilovers, Nismo cluster, EBC and a few other goodies, limited mods exactly what I wanted. Female owner who had a passion for cars and was awesome to deal with. Not to mention her brother in law having an incredible AE86 out the back that we got to look at and talk about while we signed everything! First photo I took: Wing was removed at some point, had 350z wheels and was a generally clean car, 20 year old car never going to be immaculate I now owned two skylines with the intention of flogging the old s2. (our last photo together) Managed to do just that, it was gone two days after buying my new one. While buying the new car I was fortunate enough to meet someone who would be able to help me through the adventures ahead, Luckily enough a Exec for SAU NSW so now I wont feel awkward going to events! Or trying to rip something apart because he can come fix it
  10. Short video I put together of the Drift school hosted by Drift Techniques at Tailem Bend South Australia Unsure if correct place mods please move and advise if I have done goofed
  11. Had a great time with my 350gt at Mt Cotton skid pan. This is the first time i have done any transitions with it, being my daily driver. I was suprised how well it did.
  12. looking for a r31 clutch pedal box stat
  13. All serious offer's via PM will be considered. Genuine Tomei 2way diff.Bought second hand & looks to be in very good condition.I think it's in a r33gtst housing but the centre can be fitted to suit other skylines & possibly Silvias. Pickups at Sunnybank South Brisbane. Asking $750 ono
  14. Reading an article on Speedhunters about a small drift group in Christchurch New Zealand. Looks very cool with some very talented drivers and awesome looking cars. Do we have any groups like this in Australia? Are any SAU members a part of this Christchurch group? It'd be awesome to have this type of thing going in Sydney... But maybe there is and I dont know about it? Full post on Speedhunters here.
  15. Hey all. Been a while since I've been on here but I thought I'd make a build thread for my latest build. I never kept memories of building my last drift car so I'll just do this one. Currently in the process of throwing a LSA crate motor from Holden into a R32 gtst. I have a L98 and both T56 and TR6060 on hand also so not sure which box to go with just yet. I'll be making having mounts and exhaust done custom and will be using the GM engine controller kit and accessory drive kit. Plans currently for the common oil starvation issue with the LS series in high G forces are Moroso baffled and trapdoor sump and 4L accusump. Don't have many photos for now as everything is in pieces. Will update as things progress.
  16. Rent the latest GoPro HERO 4 action camera for your next adventure, whether for a day or 2 weeks! Check it out on FB ----> https:⁄⁄⁄rentagoproAU 2 x GoPro Hero 4 Silver available (the most versatile GoPro of them all) Rental Options: 1 Day - $29.99 Weekend - $49.99 7 Day - $99.99 14 Day - $149.99 The rental price includes the standard GoPro accessories: Standard waterproof housing (40 m) Skeleton & touch backdoors Rechargable battery Quick release buckles 3 way pivot arm USB cable BONUS - Large storage carry case You may be interested in renting the following accessories for an additional cost (subject to availability) 64⁄32gb micro SD card Wi-Fi remote and charger (various applications) GoPro HDMI cable Battery BacPac Double battery charger + 3 spare batteries Extendable selfie stick Dive ⁄Scuba mask (with GoPro attachment) Floaty bobber (water sports) Floaty back door (water sports) Flexible Tripod Suction cup Head harness Chest harness Helmet harness (360 degree rotatable) Handlebar mount Wrist strap mount Anti fog inserts Wrench spanner Available for purchase: Adhesive mounts - $10 each .............................................................................................................................................. A $500 fully refundable deposit and photo ID are required Pick up is in South Yarra, delivery within Melbourne available. Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer, Paypal (4% surcharge applies) For more information email or contact 0411 268 451
  17. Heyyyy guys. i have a r33 wreck at home i have starting stripping which has a rb25det standard in it with low compression and blown head gasket. the engine still runs but overheats slowly and sounds like its running on 5cyclinders. i purchased the car for $1000 so i dont expect much and i kind of got it for parts. moving on. i just recently aquired a r32 skyline with a rb20det and ill tell you this is the first time i have had a r32 and i like it. i like the r32 more then the r33 but the car is heaps slower then the r33. could be something wrong i dont know. a couple of questions i have and i would appreciate as much advice and feedback as i can get from the experts here or people who have done what im doing before. should i sell the r33 wreck and keep some parts and put them into the r32 or should i do up the rb20det r32 and sell the rb25det or should i sell the rb20det and put in the rb25det after having it rebuilt. i see you can get rebuild kits cheap off ebay and most of the money is going to be labour. im located in perth if anyone on here can help me out be greatly appreciated. the rb20det is running without a problem but is slow the rb25det is running on 5 cyclinders but runs faster and better but im too scared to drive it because of the head gasket and overheating (overheats slowly) dont want to do more damage. what would be the best thing to do, taking into consideration i have alot of cars and i dont really want to spend stupid amounts of money but it would be nice to get 300-400hp out of one of the engines for under 5-6k other thing would it be worth putting the r33 turbo on the rb20det r32 and boost it to around 12-14psi it looks like the rb20det is running 10psi currently with stock turbo as the gauge says. the car is really loud and looks like the BOV is making most the noise and turbo spools nice. so currently i have a complete r33 rb25det and r32 rb20det can i make one really good car out of two or should i just wreck and sell all the r33 stuff and put that money into the r32 rb20det reason i ask is because alot of guys here are removing the rb20det and selling them to s13,s14,180 guys that are full on with the ca or sr engines and want a RB but not prepared to do a 25/26/30 config also how much is a rb20det worth and a rb25det i got told rb25det sells around $1500-$2000 without box. i dont want to sell the box i got offered $800 for mine because of the head gasket needing repair. is that a good price ? sorry for writing a book^ but just trying to get some quality expert advice. Thanks guys
  18. Havent really done one of these things before but i guess ill just wing it Just over a month a go I bought this modified C33 Laurel off an old work mate. He had owned it for a while but decided to sell it when he didnt drive it once during a whole 12 month rego stint. So she was a little dirty but after a little clean up came out alright. She has the following done: Engine: RB25DET Neo Transmission: RB25DET ECU: Power FC Turbo: VG30 hiflowed on standard manifold Suspension: Tien coilovers all round Other mods: FMIC, 3' exhaust, Splitfire coilpacks, 640cc injectors (havent confirmed?), full cage! All the mods are modplated and all legal (mostly ) All the work was done in Japan before it was imported for my pleasure. Couple little things I needed to attend speedo not working, lack of clear on the LHR quarter and respray the front bar. Was super happy how this thing went for a Nissan, believe it or not i didn't even have to pop the bonnet for 2 weeks! Took it to a track day and had a blast. Beat alot of things, got beaten by alot also A mate of mine runs a car photography on facebook, 'Street Alliance' (check it out ) . So hes been lapping up the photos of the Laurel. Had a problem develope at the start of this week where i was loosing my clutch pedal if i didnt keep it pumped up. On investigation found the slave wasnt really sealing at all. Threw a new one in and all good again Being the apprentice at Hi-Power Racing in QLD was time for a little touch up tune to clean it up a little. Learnt alot from that. Need to look at another turbo setup in the near future. Maxing power output at around 15psi. Was always wondering why my left tailight was darker then the right like it was tinted. Found out on the dyno Plans for the future arent too crazy. Thinking, High mount manifold Forward facing plenum GTX35r Fuel system for e85 or eflex 5 stud conversion One thing i can say is i really enjoy something so unique that everyone can enjoy and appreciate as much as I do. It is turning me into a bit of a photo whore though.
  19. Sold my Stagea so these wheels are up for grabs. Bought the rims brand new,they've done less than 1000 K's on the wagon. One rim has a small nick of rash on outer polished alloy lip.None are otherwise damaged at all. Two Achilles ATR sport tyres are about 80% tread,two Federal 595's are about 70% Pickup's at Sunnybank South Brisbane or I can drop them off locally. Asking $800.Message me with a decent offer if you need them.
  20. So freaking awesome!! Seems to be quite nicely balanced.
  21. So, Tanner Foust has handed back the keys for his Fords and Nissans and is now drifting in a Volkswagen Passat. Huh? Its a RWD, 700HP (900HP on nitrous) animal. I'd love to know whose engine or drivetrain is being used as this is the first V8 and RWD Passat that I've ever seen (I'm upset they didnt use the W8). And heres the video. What do you think?
  22. And its not because of his LS1 powered 180sx drift car. Nope ... He's a legend for more reasons than that. Check out his site at ChairSlayer for more.
  23. 2001 series 2 R34 GTT 5sp Manual $13000 obo GTR pearl white colour ONLY $10000 without Rego/RWC on stock rims and I swap stereo to standard 250rwkw and very track capable Located Holland Park Rego till November Timing belt, ancillary belts, bearings and water pump done 20000kms ago Engine Bosch 023 fuel pump (installed properly with constant 12v from battery) Nistune Z32 AFM Splitfire coilpacks Hypergear G2.5 turbo 10000kms old 550cc Bosch Injectors 10000kms old 3inch turbo back exhaust ARC return flow intercooler Oil cooler with thermostat GTR BOV Manual Boost Controller 52mm Allow Radiator Suspension/drivetrain BC Br coilovers 20000 kms old Cusco 1.5 way LSD with solid mounts 10000kms old Whiteline H/D swaybars front and rear Subframe lock collars Nismo gearbox mount Extra lock steering spacers Polyurethane steering rack bushes Adjustable Front Camber Arms 15000kms old Adjustable Castor rods 15000kms old Adjustable rear camber arms 15000kms old Adjustable rear traction arms 15000kms old Adjustable rear toe arms 15000kms old Hicas Lock bar Stereo/alarm Autowatch alarm + immobilizer Pioneer head deck Rainbow splits front Rainbow coaxial rears 4 Channel alpine amp Clear front bar indicators Spare series 2 front bumper Rims 4 Stock series 2 R34 rims 4 Gmax 18x9.5 +35 1 pair shagged tyres 1 pair 90% tread (have pair of camber worn ATR's with plenty of meat for drifting but not road legal) 4 genuine work rims 2x 17x9.5+27 Front 2x 17x10 +32 rear Bad Parts Marks on rear left of bumper and right side from tyre walls at archy. Dent in bonnet. Sits 4wd spec as exhaust needs to be tucked to have lower to be legal Have a few options for sale Everything above+RWC and rego for $13k I can swap stereo for stock system and take off $400 Willing to do deals/cheaper with me keeping rims/bits Video of car at track:
  24. Anybody else seen this episode with the r33? I normally like this show but this is so painful. They are "building" a "drift car" and I am struggling to watch it. They put on a"massive" intercooler that he refers to as a radiator that would be maybe 2/3rds the size of a gtr one and he covers half of it with the number plate. He's also put on a horrible aluminum wing and filled the standard wing holes with grommets. No more power to be gained (not even increased boost), they're setting the suspension up. It's killing me!