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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, long time listener, first time caller. So I've done some basic mods to my 33 and was somewhat disappointed with the results. Mods as follows: Front mount GCG high flow running 18psi 740cc apexi injectors Upgraded coils (yaris) Walbro pump Z32 afm Power fc Exhaust and bellmouth dump E-boost 2 Maybe more, can't remember............ Any who, I live in the NT. Car made 201kw on the dyno on 98ron. My question is will a set of cams help me power wise? Not chasing huge numbers, just wanna flog it up to the 130k speed limits here ;) Car is responsive, drives really nice, but everyone wants more power yeah? Any feed back or advice on next step for upgrade/more power appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. As the weather is warming up I've noticed that my 32gtst is not starting from cold as easily as it does or should compared to winter time, we just had a really cool morning and the car started first crank, when the engine is at operating temp restarting is fine, always first crank, it just has an issues starting first start of the day when ambient temps are over 25c Any suggestions before I start playing around in nistune?
  3. Hi all, I have a 1998 R34 GTT running Apexi Power FC ECU. When you put your foot to the floor mostly in 2nd or 3rd gear black smoke spits out. I also get a nasty oil stain on the rear bumper from generally running rich. Can anyone recommend a decent tuner that doesn't charge a arm and a leg? I live in Hornsby NSW
  4. Hi Guys, Sorry for the crappy photos... I know its hard to see however these are the only ones of the old dyno pic I could get, you can make out whats going on though. Its been a lonngg time. I am in the process of getting ready for a tune... need to get all the new bits etc together and work out what sort of tune I want. This was the tune that was done on it before. Keen to get ppls thoughts on how this car would perform and if these are ideal curves to make the car as quick and easy to manage in corners as I can for the power. I see so many ways to skin a cat when I look at different dyno sheets and how the cars make power its left be confused after tonnes of reading. What you can see is a very very flat power curve right through which I never see, most seem to be in more of an arc up to max power. The torque curve as you can see ramps up hard and drops off. This looks very different to most dyno graphs I have seen where power slowly increases to redline rather than getting to full power and staying flat right though 2/3 of the rev range. Would this sort of graph show you that it makes for a quicker more predictable car through corners and fast down the 1/4 seeing as it gets to peak power so fast or is there a better way? Sorry for all the questions, so much stuff out there i am trying to work out how I should ask to get it tuned. Thanks a mil
  5. Dear all Barry is a legend, I guess many years have gone by. Does anyone know if or where Barry's dyno is?
  6. R32 GTR Stock Dyno Curve Are there dyno curves available for stock R32 GTR? I am curious what stock setup makes at 4000 and 5000 rpm, or even at 3000 rpm if that's possible.
  7. R33 what power? Hey guys, Just wondering what power I'd be looking at with the following mods on my r33 s1; 3.5" turbo back, highflow turbo (hypergear, G3 with high pressure actuator), splitfires, 550cc injectors, z32 afm, r32 ecu nistune, fmic, blitz pod, walbro 255 Any rough guesses from previous experiences or if you know roughly in kw? thanks guys
  8. Anyone else running a tomei ecu? Dyno results Put my R32 on the Dyno this past week. Put down some good numbers, though underfull boost the afrs are super rich. Running a tomei Ecu. IMG_1779.MOV
  9. Precision 6266 .81 A/R T4 single scroll @ 17psi. Stock motor, stock cams. I'm hoping when I put my HKS Step 1 272 cams in it, will make a little bit of difference with spool up.
  10. Hey guys & girls! Chasing a basemap or any map really for a r32/33 gtst and a wolf3d V4 to get my engine conversion running
  11. So after having promised to do this long ago and report back, I finally pulled my finger out of my bum about a month ago and decided to get the V36 tuned to see if there was anything to be gained from it. In short, no. I wasn't expecting much of a boost in power. That would be unrealistic of anyone to think so. Another 12kW was produced as a result of this tune, not that my arse-dyno can feel the difference, but at least scientifically, I can now say I have just over 200kW at the wheels. More to the point though, as you'll see in the attached graphs, it's pretty clear that these vehicles are pretty damn well tuned out of the factory. There's no improvement in response. Fuel economy, I've yet to determine as I've only been driving it out on weekends when I haven't needed to load the drums in the wagon instead. I'll give it about three full tanks to see how it averages out but I doubt I'll witness any major improvement to be honest. Until then, I'll save my final verdict. My preliminary verdict, in the meantime, is that there's no point in wasting your cash doing a dyno tune in its naturally aspirated configuration. Best to save it for the day you decide to whack a Stillen supercharger kit instead.
  12. Hey guys, So i have up for sale a Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU. I originally bought the ECU and a racepak GPS dash off a member on here about 18 moths ago with intentions to use it in my race car. However my tuner has since decided that they would like to run the car on a MOTEC...... SO here we are. I am asking $1450 for the ECU. Perfect condition however it does NOT come with cable or packaging. Thanks guys, feel free to call me or text with any enquiries or questions. PS the item is located in canberra however i am happy to organise freight at buyers expense. Cheers Damian Lomax Last Minute Racing 0433784774
  13. Just wondering who, if anyone is heading out to this. Dyno day at Mercury Motorsport in Wilson on Newmarket Rd. Thinking of heading in after work
  14. This year our Annual Renewal/Dyno day will be held at Road Track Rally Date : Sunday 7th April 2013 Time: 8.30am - 3pm Dynos should start anytime after 9am. Cost: $60.00 which will get you 3 dyno runs, a print out and any advice that maybe worthy. Location: Road Track Rally 18 Short St Dandenong, VIC 3175 Australia RTR would like a minimum of 15 cars and a maximum of 30 cars so they can go home at the end of it all. RTR have a Mainline AWD dyno so you GTR folk dont have to be ashamed of your front shafts! How its all going to happen; Because RTR require a minimum of 15 cars your position will need to be pre paid; Please make payment to: Reference: DD[forum_name] Bank Deposit Details Name: Skylines Australia Victoria Bank: Westpac BSB: 033305 Account Number: 265609 When you arrive on the day you will need to fill out a waiver form for the dyno. Please take not they will not be tuning or altering you car at all, simply a dyno run to see where your power figures are! they will let you know if they feel something is wrong and they will advise at their best. To add, if they feel something is not right, they will stop running your car to prevent further issues. RTR have a BIG screen TV to so you can see exactly whats happening on the dyno aswell as a few other little activities if the screeming cars start to hurt your ears! FOOD: SAU Vic will be holding a Sausage Sizzle!!! Remember this is not a members only event which means anyone can jump on the dyno, so you can tell your friends. Non Members can become a member at this event and current members can of course renew. NEW MEMBERSHIP AND RENEWAL PRICES NEW MEMBERS: $50(Usually $70) RENEWAL: $50 3 YEAR RENEWAL: $120 Longinus(Oscar) and myself will be trying to organise some class prizes for the event so stay tuned if any info about it comes up! Classes Will be as follows; Highest KW AWD Highest KW 2WD Lowest KW car Guess the KW of a car of our Choice GUESS WHAT!? MOTUL have now jumped on board and are offering some of their precious products to us as prizes for the classes! Missing out on this would be the stupidest thing you could do! Haha SAu Vic has now organized a DRIVER DYNAMICS TRACK DAY session voucher valued at over $300 to be given away to a raffle ticket winner! The raffle tickets will be given to members only, so to be involved and to potentially win, BECOME A MEMBER!!! NEW SAU VIC MERCH!! We have just organised some new Merch, to continue with the massive year ahead. I have just received our new Polo Shirts and will be selling them at the special price of $30.00 each at the DYNO DAY ONLY!! after the dyno day a thread will go up for their normal price of $35. so get the shirt cheaper at this day! PLEASE be aware that this is an official SAU Vic event and that when you attend these events you are representing the club, aswell as RTR in this case. Responsible behaviour is required at these events. SAU Vic also reccomends you bring ear plugs! So... Who's in? So far; ScottyNM35 Fozrwd Mmalusa(Evo Oz) WADGE14-(Evo Oz) GTST_sedan Xalmon KyuubiGTR Tim(another forum) ZEDGRL Oscar David Dyef*ker Artz LeroyPeterson Rekin RASOLO83 RASOLO83(the +1) VSPECR35 VSPECR35 DOMINO Z SLIK LA
  15. Hey guys, I am looking for some dyno time just to do some of my own tuning after installing some mods, I vaguely remember a mate doing it years ago on a dyno just off main north road near blair athol. Anybody know the place, or know of a place that might let me do it ? Not looking to book the whole day or anything, just a couple of hours of time to play and then a power run at the end.
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