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Found 19 results

  1. Hey there just wanted to verify with you experienced R33 Skyline owners out there. Is this 2 wire black plug that was looped and taped back from factory (green with yellow stripe and black wires) for the fog light mating plug that connects to the S2 Fog Light Indicator Stalk on a S1? Ive purchased a S2 Stalk, popped in a genuine Nissan Brown Relay in the engine bay relay and fuse box and made sure the fuse was good also. Just wanted to verify if this plug pictured is indeed the mating plug that connects to the S2 Stalk? Cheers for the help and hope this helps others in my position as well when I get an answer.
  2. Recently a new owner of my beloved skyline! Here are the details, I'm pretty stocked and can't wait to start my dream project. I know a little but not a lot hence why I've joined this to gain more knowledge! I have a 1995 R33 RB25DET series 2 (ecr33 gts25t) type m. f**k all ks on the clock Manual, fully stock standard, 2 door coupe and I found one with a sunroof! (I thought it was a cool plus, don't see many of those as they were an option). She runs awesome but needs some work and I just wanted to know some of the following: Best oil to use in the gear box Where to find decent rims and tires (I wanna know where to get chuck ons too, for naughty purposes) What plugs and leads should I use Thoughts on the Exidy clutches, and what one would you recommend? Coil overs - what's your fave?? I'm thinking Tein Also, it's the stock silver color but I'm getting it repainted, thinking gun metal grey or a similar purple to the midnight purple, or keep it stock colour opinions? Currently running 6psi and I want to to run 10psi of that helps also with the questions. Chat away - correct my stuff ups, let's talk projects! (I've attached a photo) let me know what you think, I'm pretty sure it has a series 1 front end but comments on what I can do with the body would be sick too Help a chick out, bless.
  3. Front upper camber arms , part # IFAK10002 $400
  4. I've read a few things that the S14 and ECR33 share the same Front Lower Control Arms and others say their different.. Not sure which is correct, I am looking to place these on my R32 GTST, Any Help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Besides the exhaust, here are all the parts I intend to buy to complete my stage 1 r33 build. The car is currently stock. Is there anything else I should buy or replace for something else on this list? This is a budget build but I also don’t want to cut any corners so any tips would help. I am sure I am missing some parts, especially with the bigger fuel pump. Thank you
  6. Hi guys I'm selling two items brand new,unused and packaged as i first got it from nengun japan, The 1st package is a Hks gt-rs turbo kit, 2nd is a hks extension kit to add to the turbo, I spend roughly $3500 with postage and I'll be happy to get rid of it for $3000 Nothing less than that.. the maximum output on the turbo is around 400hp and a straight bolt on to your factory exhaust manifold.. if your interested let me know and we can organise something regarding postage, my location is based in kogarah Sydney 2217..cheers
  7. Hey guys. I've noticed while a lot of people are changing hubs, cables, etc there's not a whole lot of discussion on what people are buying to replace the shoes once the pads wear low. There doesn't seem to be a parts listing with Bendix, so I thought I'd ask the community before I start the task of removing shoes and trying to match up similar looking parts that are available. In particular, I'm after replacement part details for an ECR33 GTS-T Skylines rear drum shoes. With all the handbrake jockeys out there these days, I thought this would have been a more popular request. I'm not yet looking forward to asking Nissan for a price.
  8. Pair of R33 GTR Headlights. Lenses on both have no markings ,scratches, no yellowing or cloudiness. Everything seems to be intact. These were purchased from Japan but have sat in the box they arrived in for months. Located: Victoria any questions please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP.
  9. Ecr33 IMPUL speedometer I have for sale a super rare ecr33 impul speedometer working havent seen many of these online. Currently not installed in my car but can install and take photos and videos to show its working. location: Kadena, Okinawa Email: onlinegaming90210@hotmail.com phone number(only if you have iphone for imessages) : +108047936767 or send me your number and ill message you if that's not working. I'm willing to ship internationally apart from asia,china,russia, and such After winning ill get you a shipping quote with insurance.(shouldn't be more than 30$ going anywhere as the speedometers not heavy. price is 500$ unless there are more than one intended buyers the one who sends me the highest offer gets it.
  10. Apexi Power FC & Handset ECR33 skyline GTS: Suits R33 GTS25-t skyline series 1 & 2, part number 414AN012. Condition is as good as new, I purchased the power FC brand new from Just Jap Auto 3 years ago and paid $1650. The FC has never been tuned and was only plugged in once when purchased to test that it was functioning. I never installed in my car as I was always waiting to have it installed and tuned properly at the same time. Just never got around to it. Comes with the base R33 map, controller, manuals and still in the original box. Im after $1200 for the whole lot. (Photos to come)
  11. Help finding alternative piping ? for Plenum upgrade? Alright so im about to do a front facing plenum upgrade but I dont have a hole to put a mini pipe were the piping goes down to the intercooler? I have an HPI aftermarket intercooler and was wondering if theres a pipe I could buy that has this mini pipe on it already because I dont have access to a welder to put a mini pipe on my excisiting pipe for the AAC air input(pic so you know what im trying to say).
  12. Need Help On R33 Build!? Alright so I just picked up a good condition gt2530 for 400$ recently that mates to the rb25det with that being said im looking for some 555cc injectors and a fuel rail to suit my car if anyone could give me links to what they use thad be much appreciated. Reason being is I have a raceworks fuel rail brand new and it says it takes 14mm top mount injectors but I have no idea what 14mm injectors to look for and havent seen anyone install a raceworks fuel rail into there car with photos! Also does that meen the top of the injectos are 14mm and the bottomg are 10 (assuming thats what stock injector sizes are)? Ive been thinking of going with BPP https://www.golebysparts.com.au/parts/view/284/58/nissan-rb20-25-26/fuel-rails-and-fuel-rail-injector-kits/rb25-r33-bpp-fuel-rail-and-bosch-1000cc-injector-kit but would a 255lph fuel pump be able to handle 1000cc injectors? second BPP is incredibly expensive for the price!
  13. As per the title, an EOI for any suitably priced R33 Calipers. located Melbourne, Victoria. please PM or reply here. Thanks.
  14. Hello. I have an ecr33 skyline (rb30/25det) and going to use Nistune ecu. I have a plx afr gauge (dm-6) and it has a narrowband output so I'm wondering it it'd be worth it to use that signal for ecu? The reason i'm wondering is the plx afm is brand new and the cars o2 sensor is original (now 23 years old). I've heard that people changing o2 sensors get better fuel consumption etc so could the plx result in more accurate readings? I'm having a new downpipe/exhaust made up regardless so that doesnt matter. Dont really want to buy a new o2 sensor for ecu if I can simply use the plx for that aswell. Thanks for any help!
  15. Ecr33 Work wheel MD disk front fitment Does anyone have experience fitting a work MD disk wheel face with oem ecr33 calipers? I'm not sure if I will need a spacer to clear the caliper and I want to make sure I order the proper offset if I'm going to have to kick the wheel out a bit.
  16. Price: $350 ONO Location: Ferntree Gully, VIC, 3156 Contact No: 0431660980 Up for sale, Apexi Power FC. Came with my vehicle purchase but never not around to installing it. Leaving for Canberra in a week so throw any reasonable offers. Pickup only.
  17. ECR33 questions about "Type M" / ENR33/HR33/ER33 types Hi, ===== Question 1 ===== I have some questions about ECR33s and if they are all Type M or not if the GRADE in FAST is GTS25T/M. Basically there's 4 series I'll refer to as series 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 with numbers of Series 1 ECR33-000151 ECR33-032xxx Series 1.5 ECR33-050101 ECR33-063xxx Series 2 ECR33-101001 ECR33-114xxx Series 2.5 ECR33-130101 ECR33-135xxx (excluding pre-production ranges) So All series 2 and 2.5 are all Type M I'm told (most, but not all of 2.5 are 40th anniversary editions). Anyway, regarding series 1 and series 1.5 In FAST the GRADE is always listed as GTS25T/M. However, in the series 1.5 range there is a model code for Type M. If the 16th digit is J or K, it is coded as "Type M" or "Type M with rear spoiler". This applies to about 20% of the cars. From reading around many people say all are Type M. So does anyone know why it is coded into the model code in series 1.5? Does it mean that series 1 + 80% of series 1.5 are just GTS25t and 20% of series 1.5 + 2 + 2.5 are GTS25t Type M or are they all Type Ms? I've looked through auction results and found cars that look identical but are coded differently: http://exportcar.jp/en/component/auctstat/?view=auctstatdetail&id=98JyzhcUaYku3vd > coded type M in FAST http://exportcar.jp/en/component/auctstat/?view=auctstatdetail&id=4wboBIL1bBWR4 > not coded Type M in FAST Basically I'm trying to find out what the code means and why it is applied to some cars and not others. ===== Question 2 ===== Are these the only types of ECR33s? GTS25 Type S GTS25t Type M GTS25t Type M 40th Anniversary GTS25t Type M Active LSD GTS25t Type M1 4 door GTS25t Type M2 2 door GTS25t Type M2 4 door ===== Question 3 ===== Are these the only types of ENR33s? GTS-4 GTS-4 40th Anniversary GTS-4 Type G GTS-4 Type X ===== Question 4 ===== Are these the only types of ER33s? GTS25 GTS25 Type G GTS25 Type S GTS25 Type S/S GTS25 Type X GTS25 Type X Limited GTS25 Type XG GTS25 Urban Runner S GTS25t Type G GTS25t Type S ===== Question 5 ===== Are these the only types of HR33s? GTS GTS Type G GTS Type S GTS Type X GTS Type X 40th Anniversary GTS Type X Limited GTS Urban Runner S I've done quite a bit of searching and reading but thought I should also check here. Thanks very much.
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