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  1. Autronic SM4 plug-in ECU with the ignition multiplexer on board. Came out of my R33 GTST but will suit a bunch of other models. MAP sensor and AFM support - $1000 Splitfire coil packs suit S1 RB25DET - $350 External oil pump setup incl. Peterson external single-stage pump, mounting bracket, pre-filter, main filter, baffled and modified sump, harmonic balancer, drive assembly, belt, -12 AN lines and fittings - $2000
  2. Hi all, New member here. Loving the info on here. Have been using lots of it for my rb25det neo swap. I have an rb25det neo from a c35 laurel. It was previously auto with a 4wd gearbox. I have been unable to find specific documentation about the ecu from scouring the internet. I have managed to find a manual in Russian but that doesn't help much. My question is this. Does this ecu vary significantly from that found on a rb25det neo pulled from an r34 ? I will include pictures of the ECU asap. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have just bought a r34 and was wondering as the ecu in the r34 is bust Wether I could buy a r32 ecu and use that instead. Is that possible ? Or a r33 ?
  4. As topic says, was kinda surprised when i found this. Do this affect power steering and hicas?
  5. So after having promised to do this long ago and report back, I finally pulled my finger out of my bum about a month ago and decided to get the V36 tuned to see if there was anything to be gained from it. In short, no. I wasn't expecting much of a boost in power. That would be unrealistic of anyone to think so. Another 12kW was produced as a result of this tune, not that my arse-dyno can feel the difference, but at least scientifically, I can now say I have just over 200kW at the wheels. More to the point though, as you'll see in the attached graphs, it's pretty clear that these vehicles are pretty damn well tuned out of the factory. There's no improvement in response. Fuel economy, I've yet to determine as I've only been driving it out on weekends when I haven't needed to load the drums in the wagon instead. I'll give it about three full tanks to see how it averages out but I doubt I'll witness any major improvement to be honest. Until then, I'll save my final verdict. My preliminary verdict, in the meantime, is that there's no point in wasting your cash doing a dyno tune in its naturally aspirated configuration. Best to save it for the day you decide to whack a Stillen supercharger kit instead.
  6. Hey all Mute the video before watching as it's loud My attesa ecu is giving me 1 flash. I've uploaded a video. Any help is appreciated. I've been trying to work tbis out for weeks. Is it front right wheel sensor??
  7. Hi guys I have a complete rb25det series 1 engine here that I'm stripping for parts, almost everything is there and for sale the only thing I am keeping is the long engine Ill post a few prices up but pm me for a price on anything else... rb25det ecu - $130 rb25det s1 turbo arguably zero shaft play - $250 rb25det cas - $90 rb25det coilpacks - $130 rb25det igniter - $80 rb25det alternator - $70 rb25det ps pump - $70 rb25det a/c compressor - $90 rb25det exhaust manifold - $50 rb25det hamronic balancer mint no chips - $70 rb25det coilpack loom mint - $100 also I have a rb25 head bolted to a rb30 block (rb25/30) still needs the mods done to make it run and the block should be freshened up but the main bits are there - $400 some price are slightly neg but no low ballers please located in algester 4115 but will post at buyers cost contact 0420 767 957 Cheers
  8. Parting with my full PowerFC D-Jetro kit with boost addon kit, I've decied to go for L-Jetro and keep the AFM setup (better for the tuning direction of my car). I haven't even installed it in my car its been sitting on the shelf, still has 360awkw tune from STAGTR's Stagea (I bought the PFC from him). Looking for a quick sale @ $1100 for the whole kit. The ECU and hand controller are in great condition (nearly look new), the loom is in great condition and the map sensors are mint, box with manuals and certificates included too. The main ECU kit includes: - Apexi PowerFC D-Jetro ECU (PFC-GTR33D) (3pin) - Apexi PowerFC Commander - Apexi PowerFC map sensors x2 - Apexi PowerFC dual map sensor loom which connects to ecu (3pin) - Apexi PowerFC vacuum lines http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=411409 http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=411410 Open to reasonable offers, feel free to contact me. Cheers.
  9. Hey all, I have a fair amount of R32 GTR gear in my house that I no longer need so want to try and get rid of it all. All prices are just a rough estimate and I am negotiable on all of them so make me sensible offer and I will probably say yes. I don’t mind posting the smaller stuff (at the buyers expense) but some of the bigger/heavier items I would rather have picked up. Need this stuff gone a.s.a.p. so will be very negotiable on prices. Location: Townsville, 4810 Standard R32 GTR AFM good condition $40 the pair Cam covers polished, in average condition $50 Exhaust Downpipe, unknown make or age. Slightly damaged $75 RB26 standard camshafts $100 Standard R32 GTR ECU. $100 Standard RB26 cam gears $40 Apexi Power FC with hand controller. Bought but never fitted. $850 Standard RB26 coil packs $40 Brand new in box Gates racing timing belt to suit RB26 $100 OEM 3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap 1520mm x 5000mm $50 RB26 Fuel rail $30 Standard R32 GTR BOV's and pipe $50 RB26 'Twin Turbo' pipe $50 I can get pics on request. If I find anything else I will add it on. Can get hold of me on 0406188865 or send me a message on here. Thanks
  10. hi i have r33 gtst which i bought and was tod i need a new ecu and due to budget restraints i have a hks f con v ecu for a r33 i want to know will this help solve my problems and allow a dyno tune to happen for ever deprived r33 skyline project hopeffully i posted this in the right topic
  11. up for grabs is a brand new unused z32 nistune ecu with standed base map on it bought straight from toshi recommended by Nistune. need to sell as unexpected expenses came up rb25 series 2 r33 gearbox no glitterly oil, still looks fresh, gear stick has very minimal play. (120,000k) ecu - $550 pickup or postage gearbox - $1100 pickup only Northern suburbs of Melbourne call chris on 0431613540 Cheers guys
  12. hey guys cleaning out my garage the usual routine of selling stuff. R34 GTR Original Front Bar $500 R34 GTR Nismo Front Pipe $250 R34 GTR Tail Lights $250 R34 GTR Original turbos $250 R34 GTR ECU $200 HKS BOV's $500 R34 GTR Front bar diffuser ( i think ) (they were left over after i got a new front bar) $100 Open to offers aswell!! Can post anywhere, to the buyers expense. call or msg at anytime 0409076032, better off msging me than pm me as i only go on SAU maybe once a day.
  13. Hey SAU people, Been stalking this forum for a few weeks now as i have recently purchased an R33 S1. I have read most of the diy and have done them. i.e. climate control diagnosis (due to problems but have figured it out) & have cleaned the acc and was resetting my idle (as it was idling way to high 1500rpm then only sometimes sit on 800-900rpm) and while i was there was going to do a ecu diagnosis & tps voltage set but a problem occured. Before i start the main problem i have is that i bought a car that i dont know the history on, which is okay in my books because its my toy to play around on, pull apart and learn even more. All i know is that it had an engine swap about 4 months before i bought it with receipts to prove. Cleaned the acc valve and connected it back up, now while i was resetting the idle via the idle screw on the acc with the tps disconnected i wound the screw all the way in and the idle was still on 1500rpm @ operating temp. So out came the ecu to look and adjust the idle screw on it, Nothing just two hole with no screws just chips and resistors down there... Okay hmm interesting, looked at the sticker on the ecu to see if it is genuine or aftermarket and i cant tell, on the sticker it says " Nissan genuine remanufactured electronic control unit ", (refer to pictures) now the thing that threw me was the word remanufactured on the sticker is this right?? So i thought to myself okay while i am at the ecu ill do a diagnostics test, okay where is the selector screw cant find the either. Great so stuff that off the set the tps then come back to it. So away i go probing the tps wires nothing coming up, okay multimeter stuffed? probe the battery up comes a reading, wtf is going on, it was getting late, so i decided to see something now i disconnected the tps plug, started the car still idling on 1500rpm. Took off expecting to stall nothing, everything was normal, took it around the block hit the limiter everything is the same with the tps disconnected. Pulled over on the side of the road and the idle came down to 700-650rpm because the idle screw is screwed nearly all the way in, cool its idling good now but why?. Turned the car off for 5 mintues started it again back up to 1500rpm took it for another thrash still idling at 1500rpm. Now wtf is going on?? The car is a 1993 R33 with hicas, abs & A-lsd, please refer to pictures for the questions below: - Does s1 A-LSD models ecu look like this? - Is this a standard genuine ecu? - What is that orange button thing next the screw holding the harness in the ecu? - Is it possible the engine swap was with a s2 engine with s2 sensor? are s2 sensors the same as s1? - Shouldn't the car behave like a pig with the tps disconnected when throttle is applied?
  14. hi guys, just have a few parts I no longer needs all parts are located in perth but happy to post at buyers expense. 32 gtr AFM's- $80 for the pair, cosmetically they are average but worked fine when they were taken off. 33 gtr coil packs- $150 ono- they are all in good working condition and came off a motor with only 7x,xxx km rb26 xforce exhaust manifolds- $250 ono- never used 32 gtr ecu- $80- appears to have been tuned in japan but I'm not 100% on what has been done, ran well running stock turbos at 12psi. rb25 covers - $30
  15. WTB: RB20DET stock ecu's, preferably unopened message me with a pic of the cover ( so i can ensure it’s the correct part number) price and location 0425896150
  16. For sale E-manage Ultimate piggyback ecu with universal harness/loom & instruction manual & usb cord picture for reference $500 delivered Located melbourne s.e O4O9 O22 O23
  17. R34 GTR VSPEC Stock clutch with dual mass flywheel in very good condition..still has plenty of meat. Came off my car last year to upgrade to a twin plate. $270 ono R34 GTR ECU in very good condition Selling as I upgraded to power fc $180 ono Located Wollongong Text for pictures as the site is not allowing me to upload 0481129453
  18. I am trying to do some work on my R33 GTR and find myself needing to read codes from the APEXi Power FC and possibly retune it. What software or cable can I use? I know it has a Consult I port, but can you use a standard reader with the APEXi ECU? If not what is the best way to access the information? I know that I have seen the FC-Datalogit software, so is that the best/ only option? Thanks for the help and hope this is in a close to right section!
  19. Hey there, So I'm looking at Plus T my partners 25DE R33, now I'm ready to go I just don't know what ecu to run for the conversion. I haven't been able to find anything to do with plus T conversions with autos so I'm just wondering if anyone can shed some light on this for me.
  20. For Sale: Apexi Power FC ECU (L-Jetro) with hand controller to suit R34 GTR. In perfect working order. Removed due to upgrade. Location: Lansvale Sydney. Price: $600.
  21. What aftermarket ecu's are people running in their 98' R34 four door? I'm still stock as a button auto and wondering How others went with bypassing the immobiliser? Cheers!
  22. I have Decided to go with a Haltech ECU. So I am selling a brand new Apexi Power FC with hand controller (L-Jetro) model: 414BN032 Apexi Power FC & 415-A030 EL series Hand controller Revised Hand Controller functionality Back lit display $1100 Also have a brand new genuine Z32 airflow meter with plug $150 or $1200 for both.
  23. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has or knows of someone with an ECU for a S2 WGNC34 RS Four S (factory manual). Part number is 23710 0V801.
  24. Apexi Power FC with Hand Controller & Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller to suite R34 GT-R Hi all, For sale is my Apexi Power FC with Hand Controller & Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller to suite R34 GT-R - $1000 ONO. All in working order, selling due to upgrade in ECU and boost controller. Can post out but at buyers expense. Please PM or txt via 0424 056 507 for any inquiries. Cheers, Glen
  25. Josh's Garage Clean Out - Injectors, Turbo, ECU and More Hey guys. Reached a stage where I can finally clear out a bunch of stuff I've accumulated during my build. Prices listed are ONO, available for pickup from Auburn NSW 2144. Willing to ship at buyer's expense. Parts are also listed elsewhere. Too many pictures so I've created a Google Drive link here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxkDOGQ7as9eLTE2RDE5RDVFRm8?usp=sharing Stock RB25DET Turbo, worked fine when pulled off for upgrade: $140 "MaxSpeedingRods" Ebay Special Turbo - Decided to go a different way. Brand new, never used. Specs on request: $250 NISTUNE Z32 ECU to suit RB25DET - removed for upgrade: $400 Stock RB25DET ECU from R33 S2 Manual: $80 Stock RB25DET S2 AFM: $50 GFB G-Force II Boost Controller - fitted for test, used something else, brand new as pictured: $240 550cc WRX STI Injectors with adapters to suit RB25: $200 370cc OEM RB25DET Injectors: $150 OEM Coil Packs suit RB25DET S2 - Working fine, selling due to upgrade to splitfires: $180 JVC KW-R500 Double Din Head Unit/Car Stereo, works fine and comes with harnesses: $60 Alpine MRX-F35 4 Channel Amp - Works fine: $150
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