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  1. Hey All, Hope everyone is well. Long story short, Bought a 2001 Mazda 121 Metro (Small Size Little Japanese Demon) with the most underpowered motor and feel, but still at a minimum a fun car, which makes a 60 zone feel like a space shuttle launch. The few questions I have are, one, got two oil leaks. One is coming from the sump plug (probably incorrect terminology), and another further behind. I was wondering since it is FWD if this could be trans or something else but got no clue, been underneath but a new oil leak started today but could be aircon or something i don't understand. I know one is defo engine oil, but the other, i didn't have time to check. If anyone is from Perth and has some time or interested (which i doubt anyone is) I'd owe them a life debt to look at the nugget. Two, I am deciding if I am going to be a dickhead as per usual and cut the exhaust just before the muffler on the final 90 degree bend and stick it under the car and point it towards the underside of the side-skirt. The internal questions inside this are, one, if the pipe doesn't stick down or though the side skirt will it cause exhaust gases to pool underneath the car (close to fuel tank) and do i keep the muffler to f**k the cops off or do i just send it? Three, my final stupid question. Now i know all of you hate pod filters and they are useless, but the pod filter i've added is definitely better than the stock 30mm pipe of airflow that the air-box was connected to. I have absolutely sketched the daylights out of this by finding out that adding a pod involves attaching pod to maf, and then i discovered an air temp sensor which i may or may not have drilled into my stock intake pipe and just plugged and walked away (yes i know it is bad and it is my first car sooo, sketchy is all i've got). To resolve this, I have got 3 inch tubing which will connect all fine (i've tested it) and made sure it plugs all together with the OEM parts, instead of the 2 inch tube. This new tubing is mainly stainless steel with silicon joining pieces and a somehow very well non-sketchy hole with a rubber seal for the air temp sensor ( i know, how advanced!). Anyway, back to the problem, the connection pipe i have made doesn't fit in the car.. , so does anyone have any ideas about how to go about keeping the pod, with new piping? Anyway sorry for the headache that is this nugget, but, have to learn on a trash car to do something bigger... Thanks all Billy
  2. Hi all As per topic title, I am after Rb26 aftermarket front pipe with 90mm main outlet. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for a after market cat back exhaust system for my 4 door Skyline. Anyone know any good products? Currently look at a HKS HI POWER 409, is this a good option? Heard good thing about that system. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hi guys and girls im a GTR Virgin fabricator & im currently knocking up a 4" exhaust for an R32 & I'm wondering if anybody knows how many hangers there are as this car has sweet F.A support. There's the obvious 1s I've got on the rear muff & the 1 just before the rear diff. But that's all this car has.
  5. Hey team, I've had this stuff kicking around for awhile now. Time to move it on! Prices are nice and cheap Fujitsbo 3" catback exhaust suit FD3S - $50 Front pipes 3" suit RB26 + catalytic converter - $50 R32 GTR Standard Airbox, no piping - $30 2 x R32 Skyline doors - with windows / mirrors and door trims, gunmetal grey in ok condition, few scratches and a small dent. - $50 RB20 valley cover - no bolts - $15 R32 Skyline door scuff guards, pair - $10 4 channel amp wiring kit, used once - $40 Alpine MRP-F450 amp - $70 Fusion Powerplant 6x9 2 way speakers 280 WATTS - less then 10hrs use - $50 CBC Timing belt kit suit RB engine - $50 Calibre pod filter, never used - $20 R32 GTR Cluster - 96 xxx km's - $40 All items are located in Wattle Grove, NSW Pick up is preferred! Cheers
  6. Hello all!! I was wondering if anyone had an aftermarket exhaust lying around for a v35 coupe that they are willing to sell. Not after spending an arm and a leg for one just after something as low cost as possible! even if you have just an after market muffler forsale i would consider it. located in Brisbane but im always on the Gold coast and Sunshine coast also so anywhere in between would be perfect cheers in advance!
  7. Hi, I recently got my R34 25GT Coupe and want to change the exhaust so I can make it louder but not too loud so it sounds off putting. I'm a P Plater in Victoria, I hear I can only change the rear piping after the cat for it to be legal. I'm not too sure what to look for exactly, been looking around for days with little luck, so can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks, Jesse
  8. Standard Cat Back, Good condition, came off car with 90000 on it, $220 Standard Shocks and Springs, also come off at 90000, $200 Standard Side mount cooler, $75, no piping.
  9. Hi guys, I joined up here a few years ago when I used to own an r-33 GTR, this community has been really helpful in the past and obviously has a lot of experienced with modified cars & blue slips. I desperately need advice on my current situation. I live in Sydney & own a 2000 SUBARU IMPREZA WRX, which I foolishly allowed to run out of rego (wasn't driving it often, money pretty tight), I didn't realise it would be so difficult to get a blue slip for a modified car. My mechanic down the road quoted me $2250 all up (wtf?) to put it back to stock and do the following work (obviously he's a completely by the book guy, possibly over-quoted as well): - pedal rubbers (the pedals are aftermarket lol) - check off valve - exhaust (its a half system) - NISIR stop light (not sure what NISIR means, but he said the stop light was out) - Oil leaks - Radiator support panel bent (I hit a bump in the road pretty hard about a year back damaged the front lip of the car, so I assume that's what its from) - Headlight covers (presumably not a big deal) Where should I take it (around Sydney) and what's the best approach to get a blue slip for the least amount of money possible? The main issues are obviously the exhaust, the check off valve and the bent radiator panel, nothing else seems major. I can't afford to put thousands of dollars into a car that's worth ~5k. That being said the car is reliable and has plenty of years left in it. I also really can't afford a new car either. Is an engineers certificate my only option? Please help!
  10. in the hunt to buy a big rear muffler maybe something Jasma or nismo. 3 inch or 3.5 inch inlet. located in Melbourne south east but will travel for the right muffler thanks
  11. It is time to clear out some Stagea parts from my garage that I no longer need. Two x 1.1m Gates 100 Series high performance hoses fitted with AN-10 fittings. One hose has 2 x straight fittings, one has 1 x straight and 1 x 90 degree fitting. SOLD Factory exhaust from my S2 RS4-S, in pretty good condition. Nismo Calsonic muffler was an option in Japan from what I've been told. $100, ono for the whole system. A dump/screamer pipe that I never got around to fitting. In pretty good condition, make a good addition to a factory setup. $50, ono. Factory front and rear swaybars from my RS4-S. $50, ono for both. Centre A/C vent surround with Stagea and the unicorn. $40, ono. Stock plastic scuff plates for the doors. $30, ono. Black driver's side mirror shell only. $10.
  12. Parts located in Wollongong NSW. Can post smaller items at buyers expense. Contact on here or via PM. R32 GTR cluster. came out of a non complied car that couldn't be complied. 52000 genuine kms. $200 R32 GTR nistune. $500 R33 4 door catback. Stainless, JASMA approved. $250 R34 ARC side mount. $350 1 x adjustible RB cam gear, 1 standard $50 2 x adjustible RB cam gears $100 pink label RB25 AFM $100 ABS BM50 $120 each Blitz dual SBC with solenoid $200 Alloy surge tank with bosch 910 $200 HKS style 50mm gate with screamer $50 (might be genuine?) HKS super flow filter brand new in box $50 HKS super flow filter used $20 Nismo NS5R 270R wheels. 16x7.5 +32. Brand new 205/55/16 tyres. $600 Work Rezax Roars. 17x8+35, 17x9+38. 235/45 all round, skiddable. $600
  13. Long Story Short. I have for straight swap an R34 GTT HKS Exhaust, its in awesome condition, I am after the stock exhaust as I got defected and have to have the car checked over on Monday, fair warning if you get a pr*ck of a cop like I did they may get you for it, its a fantastic sounding exhaust and this trade is a wrought in my case but a win for whoever can get to me first. Ill even do the swap right there and then for free. Your exhaust has to be standard for the R34 GTT Coupe, and it has to be in decent condition, I wont take something full of holes or damaged etc, I am located in Thornton NSW and will need this done this weekend (long shot I know) Possibly during the week if someone is really serious and I can organise it. My loss is your gain. Cheers
  14. Hi guys. I just move to Tassie from Vic with my 33 this week. On day one here I noticed I need to go to workshop immediately. My exhaust is too low. It always rubs on the ground every time I drive through a tall speed bump or what ever. I guess I need a custom made exhaust hanger in the middle of it, or cut and re-fabricate my existing hangers. So can any one recommend some exhaust shops? Other performance shops are also welcome. I know I will also need them soon. Btw, where do you guys go for “entertainment“, like Kinglake in Vic? Thank you all in advance.
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking for a deep sounding exhaust for my Gtst 32, just want to know what will drone a little bit, give the rb20 a deep note to it, and not have a raspy obnoxious exhaust. Thanks
  16. Hello all - odd question. I knew that upgrading to a 3" TBE with a 100cell cat would increase power and noise but after a few months of running it I am now getting just a tad sick from the fumes being emitted. I am wondering if anyone here has an RB25DET running a 3" Exhaust with a 200cel cat or higher and can confirm what power they are able to get from running a higher cel cat and how bad the fumes are, better if you have changed from a 100cell cat to a higher cell cat. Currently making 204rwkw with no power modifications besides the Nistune & TBE - I am willing to sacrifice power. I appreciate any feedback ?
  17. I have a few bits that came of a 1995 S14 SR20DET. Seats - $200 for fronts and rear (driver side has small hole in one of the side bolsters) Turbo-back exhaust - $350 (has a Catco cat and Genie muffler. Comes with O2 sensor) ABS unit - $80 Front brakes - $140/pair (my suit r33 also) Rear brakes - $100/pair Intercooler and custom piping - $340 Coolant bottle - $60 Radiator - $60 All prices are negotiable and I'm happy to ship anywhere in Australia at the buyer's expense
  18. Hi guys, I had a mate build me a cat-back exhaust for my 32,its 3.5 inch diameter stainless steel system. It has an x force muffler and resonator. It's been driven twice since it was fitted, and I've decided to go in a different direction. I'm looking for 800ono, I'm located near hornsby in Sydney
  19. R34 GTR Turbo, exhaust, internals Up for sale are a bunch of parts I'm no longer needing after a rebuild process. If you have any questions about any of the parts, leave a post or send me a message. 1. Dash 7 Turbos - $600 Done approximately 35k kms, minimal shaft play. Not needed as gone bigger 2. Morristech Blackbox ECU - $500 For R34 GTR, bought from Unigroup but no longer needed. 3. Standard RB26 Longnose Crank - $500 Came out of a running engine, no reports from the builder on any issues, etc. 4. Stock Pistons and Rods - $150 Same as #3 5. R34 GTR Stock Dump Pipes - $300 Self explanatory 6. FJK Equal Length Front Pipes - $300 60.5mm inlets -> 76.3mm outlets If anything else pops up I'll add them in.
  20. Wanting To Buy Exhaust 2010 V36 Sedan Sup guys, I'm wanting to buy an exhaust for my 2010 KV36 SEDAN. Looking at buying an ARK GRIP exhaust, or Motordyne E370. (Done preferably less than 20,000km) Anybody here (or know of a friend) selling theirs? I'm Melbourne based and in the market currently searching. Or, Know of any trusted suppliers in Australia if I can't find a 2nd hand one? Would love to get some quotes etc. (NOTE: Obviously the V36 sedan exhausts are NOT compatible with exhausts from the 370z or V36 coupe, due to different chassis). Admin: If I've put this in the wrong section I apologise please let me know, i'm happy to move it. Thanks in advance!
  21. Description from Scotty's customs: When changing to an aftermarket fuel rail you used to require an aftermarket fuel regulator, but with this adapter that’s a thing of the past. Screws into most aftermarket fuel rails using an 8an thread with Oring. Bought from scotty's customs for $80, will sell for $40 posted ONO. New, never used. Went with an aftermarket fuel reg instead. Located Melbourne
  22. Anyone else running dual n1 exhaust? Could you post pics?
  23. Exhaust System for R34 25GT Hey guys, I have a 2000 R34 25GT (auto) and I was thinking of changing up my exhaust system for it to sound a bit better instead of the regular engine noises you get with a N/A 25GT... I was thinking of getting a 3" System with a catback but I've been having troubling being able to locate one... ive managed to find one for a GTT: http://www.xforce.com.au/xforce-products/cat-back-system-for-a-nissan-skyline-r34-gtt-coupe-1998-to-00-with-a-3-inch-cat-back-system-with-angle-out-cannon-stainless-steel/productnr-ES-NR34-05-CBS/cid-1063040115/vid-21817 was curious as to whether this would be able to go into the 25GT? or any other suggestions very welcome! (First time poster sorry if I've mucked anything up) Thanks - Sam
  24. WTB exhaust kit WGNC34 akl Keen to buy a new exhaust kit or setup for my C34 Stagea... I'm in Auckland if anyone has anything or can recommend a place to go Cheers
  25. Hey guys ill do a write up as I go as there seems to be no info on how to drop the motor etc........ my problem is I have broken the crossover pipe from the drivers side exhaust header that leads to the turbo. I will write up a DIY guide as I go and take some photo's etc.
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