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Found 16 results

  1. Hey guys I'm in the process of buying some new shoes for my 34 gtt And was thinking either 18x10.5 with a 0 offset... Is any one running this offset on their gtr and if so what do U think Is it to aggressive should I just stick to a +12 offset. Oh just incase ur thinking im crazy to get that on a gtt i have a full cosmetic gtr conversion Thanks
  2. will a s13 front under brace fit a r32 gtst? my mate is selling me one from his s13 so im curious if it will fit my gtst non attesa (rwd only) with sample pic of the s13 under brace
  3. Hey All, Any help would be much appreciated! Im new on here so im sorry if this is the wrong place I am looking at purchasing a new set of Panasport G7 c5c2, they are odd sized so im not too sure about the inner guard clearance. Fronts: 17x9 +22 Rear 17x10 +42 I have used willtheyfit.com to find out that the poke on the front is slightly more than the rear. Main questions are, will they fill the guards? and will they clear the rear coilovers? has anyone fit this sized wheel before? Can anyone also confirm the difference in guard clearance on an R32 gtst coupe? because it seems everyone likes to run staggered wheels with larger on rear? Any help on this would be awesome! Cheers, Dan
  4. 18x11 fitment on 32 gts Hi guys, Just curious to see if anyones gotten close to these specs on their R32 gts/gtst. Wheels are 18x11 +8, will be running a 225/40 tyre and -12 camber on the front, -6 on the rear. Don't worry this is all for a show in 6 weeks, no way in hell I'm driving like this anywhere. Just wanted to know what tyre/camber others have had to run with 18x10.5 or even 18x10 Cheers.
  5. Hey, I'm pretty much completely clueless on wheel fitment and I need some help with this, so basically I'm after a set of 18"/19"(help me decide) staggered wheels 8.5 front and 9.5 rear. -I was wondering what offset would I need for these wheels to fit without any modifications? -Would +30 front and +35 rear fit? -What tires would you recommend? -What tire size do you think will work best? -I was thinking maybe 255/35 front and 275/35 rear for the 19" wheels? Thanks
  6. Skyline V36 coupe - Wheels offset fitment Just like the sedan thread, rather than store all the pics and info on my computer I might aswell put it all out on the net for others to use.... Skyline v36 coupes actually have wider arches than sedans, hence a new thread 285/30/20 on a 10" wheel +32 offset
  7. I was wondering if one of the r34 gtr owners on here could take a few pics to show how the rubber strip that sits between the bonnet and front bar is fastened? Apparently it's attached to a bit of plastic that bolts somewhere? I need to know asap in order to fix the gap between my bonnet and front bar currently.
  8. Hi I have recently bought a 4-door v36 350GT SP. A friend has offered me a set of 4x 19x10.5 +12 rims Would I be able to make them fit?
  9. for sale is my 1997 nissan skyline r33 series 2 interior is perfect, air con icy cold. deep dish steering wheel. just had big service. plugs changed. engine, diff, gearbox brake clutch oil/fluid fully flushed and changed. rotors machined + brand new pads. done on 25/08/12 detials as follows -Rear camber arms -Aluminium cradle mounts -Front caster rods -Front Cusco strut brace -Rear S2 skyline strut brace -JIC coilovers -GTR rear swaybar Engine: -KKR turbo -front facing plenum -fuel pressure regulator -bosch 040 fuel pump -HKS Electonic Boost Controller -Front Mount Intercooler (Stainless piping) -Custom exhaust 3.5" stainless turbo back with cannon -Engine dampener Drivetrain: -Nismo pro 2-way LSD -OS Giken Twin plate racing clutch -rb26 lightened flywheel Exterior: -HID 8000k -Rota P45R 18x9.5+15, 18x10+15 -Project mu wheel nuts -Nismo ducktail wing -Nismo clear indicators -Top Secret side skirts and rear pods -20% tint just wanna pay off my debts $13000 ono txt me on 0400127256 thanks
  10. Ecr33 Work wheel MD disk front fitment Does anyone have experience fitting a work MD disk wheel face with oem ecr33 calipers? I'm not sure if I will need a spacer to clear the caliper and I want to make sure I order the proper offset if I'm going to have to kick the wheel out a bit.
  11. Hey there guys. I’ve purchased some rims for my R34 GTT and think I may have gone too aggressive on the fitment. The fronts are 18x9 18p which i imagine should be ok, But i got 18x10 18p for the rear. Am I dreaming to fit a 255 tyre on those over the rear with stock guards? I’ve rolled the inner lips in but dont want to do a pump, and can’t do stretched tyres currently as I need to certify the wheels. Am I going to be able to get these to fit full stop or am I dreaming? Thanks
  12. Riverside Stich Step Lip Mesh Dishies. 17x8+8 5x114.3 big caliper clearance 17x9+12 multi-stud 4/5x114.3 some slight rash and some paint flaking. should be able to tell everything from the photos $1250 ono
  13. Hi, Have a set of 18x9.5 +12 Varrstoen Alloys for sale. Black in colour, no tyres Have had one set of tyres on them since new, VGC, no rash, balance up perfect. Suit r32/r33/r34/s14/s15 etc Cost $1400 Selling for $1000 Located at Caboolture QLD 4510 0418 537 181
  14. hey guys, selling my FRESH slant lip BBS RS wheels. only reason is that i my car looks too low on 17s and want to lift it on some 18s theyre genuine GTR RS Slant lips 17x9+20 all wheel bolts cleaned and polished by HAND! lips refurbished and like new centres painted the silver from the s15s with a shitload of copper and blue pearl. looks very very nice. comes with tyres only thing left on them is polishing the hexs as i forgot them at home when i sent the lips off lol $3000ono i know you can get fakes for a quarter of the price, but if you want them go buy them. any posts indicating that fakes and genuines are the same shit, kindly gtfo my thread. thanks guys!
  15. After a lot of headache asking for help, I have a r33 rb25det motor ( block number confirms) I got a rebuilt gearbox with changeover. Old gearbox had noisey bearings and crunchy 3/4 shifts, with a brief visual they looked the same. I upgraded from a exceedy sport tuff h/d clutch also has fitted a exceedy lightend flywheel to a NPC 300rwkw capable clutch for future mods, after fitting the new gearbox after elongating some bellhousing Bolts, slightly off compare to old mostly the bottom ones going through the backing plate.... there was excessive clearance between the clutch thrust bearing and touching the pressure plate. clutch slave cylinder push rod wouldn’t fit, after using NPC guidance there was 24mm clearance between, which they’ve never heard of, after fitting a longer thrust retainer to remove the clearance down to 6mm the clutch wouldn’t fully disengage, in gear foot on clutch turning the tailshaft clutch could be heard dragging and had abit of resistence to turn, whilst driving it was crunchy there was 10mm height difference on pressure plate clutch fingers when bolted to flywheel between clutches after drivability problems I decided to play around with spacing the clutch fork pivot and decreasing clearance down to 4mm but the NPC clutch still was dragging, so I decided to fit the old exceedy clutch that was working (now has been sitting for awhile) I fitted all the original parts from the old gearbox thrust retainer, removed clutch pivot ball spacing, now this clutch wouldn’t disengage at all, so I’m at a loss help.... summary rebuilt gearbox with new oem front plate where thrust retainer slides on new clutch slave cylinder, bolt pattern one on top one on bottom NPC 300rwkw clutch exceedy lightend flywheel 2mm difference overall height difference to factory flywheel apparent auto to manual converted new clutch pedal box everthing bolts up the same except for lower bellhousing bolts and starter motor needed to be elongated
  16. So I'm looking at getting some wheels for my R32 GTS-T and I want to know what I can fit under the gaurds without doing any of this stupid stretching of tyres. I'm looking to get 17x8 +32s under all corners. Is it gonna work with 235s or 245s? Gaurds already rolled of course
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