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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I have decided to run a flex fuel setup on my RB25DET. The engine is fully built with forged internals and GTX3076R turbo. To increase HP, I’ve decided to change my fuel system to flex fuel to enable e85. However, I’m new to this e85 world and would like to be informed correctly for my setup. I’m currently pushing 400HP at 17PSI. What fuel pump should I run? what fuel injectors should I use? what sensor should I use for e85 and regular octane detection? thank you!
  2. Yup decided to sell my shit box... other priorities... many of you SAU guys know this car very well. R33 S2 GTS-t 1996 with ABS, has 152xxx of Edward Lee's KMs on it... hectic parts as listed (semi hectic parts probably not listed): Hypergear SS2 with Ceramic Ball Bearing CHRA & external gate, circa late 2015 Turbosmart 45mm Hypergate Turbosmart FPR1200 Radium XD Fuel Damper Siemens DEKA IV 875cc Stainless Steel Injectors Zeixtronix Ethanol Content Analyser with Blue Screen Innovate MTX-L Walbro 460L/h Fuel Pump Plazmaman swept back intercooler piping kit PWR Radiator Mocal Oil cooler & GReddy Thermo Sandwich block with Torques UK/Aeroflow fittings and 10AN nylon braided hose Adaptronic Select 440 Splitfire Coilpacks Hardrace a bunch of shit, subframe bushing, etc. MCA X-R Coilover with 10kg F and 7kg R Whiteline 24mm ARBs F+R KAAZ 2-Way LSD 350Z Brembo Calipers & Rotors F Hel lines all round Intima Type-D F and Intima SR R + heaps of other shit I haven't bothered to mention Makes 372kW on a Mainline Dyno, car is flex tuned $15k with R33 GT-R wheels on Nitto NT01 + 4x spare used NT01 (yes all up 8 tyres) $17k as above + 18x9 +20 BBS LM with Nitto NT05 and a spare GT-R wing & boot. Location: South Western Sydney. Too expensive? I suggest you buy a stock one.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm thinking about going in a different direction with my car and as such i'm looking into selling my Haltech setup. Everything is brand new still in the box and it includes pretty much everything Haltech sell. 1 x PS2000 IQ3 Street Kit which comes with ECU, Harness, IQ3 Display Dash, CAN Wideband and Sensor, Free Mini Can Hub. 1 x Haltech I/O Expander 12 Inc 2.5m Flying Lead Harness 1 x Flex Fuel Composition Sensor - Suit 3/8 hose (inc plug & pins) 1 x Coolant Temp Sensor - Small Thread 2 x 150 PSI "TI"Fuel and Oil Pressure Sensor 1 x 4 Bar GM Map Sensor 1 x Boost Control Solenoid RRP for everything is $5400 but im putting it up for $4500 ONO. I will not split unless everything is spoken for. Pickup is preferable but will post at buyers expense. Items located in Rouse Hill, NSW and best contact is 0403858714. Thanks, Brett
  4. Gidday again from New Zealand! I thought I would start a build thread, since lets be honest, a gunmetal grey R32 sedan with an RB26DETT is pretty bad ass, and everybody will want to see some of that! Lets start from the beginning shall we! I was rolling around in a B18CR swap DC1 Integra. That was a lot of fun, got me into a bit of trouble, and unfortunately one fateful night in July 2013 I managed to get sandwiched on the commute home I started looking for another car on Trade Me (Ebay equivalent for NZ), and found a nice 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-4 sedan in gunmetal grey, with an RB26DETT swap. As soon as I saw it I wanted it! Coincidentally It was actually owned by someone I knew, just 5 minutes drive away! Small world! He originally had it for ~$20K+, but when I saw it, it was priced at $18K. Knowing what I know now, I shouldn't have paid that much, but at the time I just wanted it so badly I got a family loan and got it! Notable mods: · RB26DETT with GTR differentials front and rear · Garrett GT2859R-9 turbos · 740?cc injectors and Walboro 255lph intank pump · Link G4 ECU · Crank collar extension and N1 oil pump · 18 psi on high boost was 330awkw I drove it around for a couple of days and it was incredible! So much more power than I had ever experienced before, let alone driven! (330wkw vs 120wkw for an Integra?) That said, I was taking it slow, and respecting the car, as the last thing I wanted was to get ticketed, or even worse crash it! Unfortunately, little did I know that around the third or fourth time I had ever driven the car would be the last for a while! The fateful night It was about 7-8PM at night, and I was planning on going to the pub for a drink with a couple of mates. I picked a few of them up and took a short detour to do a quick pull on the motorway. I flicked the high boost switch, rolled slowly around the roundabout, and booted it once I was pointing straight. Unfortunately when I changed from 2nd to 3rd I either missed the gate or lost traction and then hit the rev limiter (probably the former ). Instantly the oil pressure gauge dropped to 0, and the idiot light lit up! I noticed it pretty much immediately, pulled over straight away, turned off the car, and bypassed the turbo timer to kill it. At the time, I had absolutely no idea what had happened, as my knowledge of Skylines and Nissans in generally was pretty limited! I called up the seller and he came and towed me home. I was understandably gutted, so I promptly went to the pub to drown my sorrows! Research, lots of research In the following days and weeks I did more research than I think I have ever done in my life! I learnt a lot of things about the RB26DETT, and Skylines in general. I came to the conclusion that I had destroyed the N1 oil pump gears, which in my mind is a weak piece of crap, even weaker than stock. It may not have broken on everyone's cars, but there are a lot of failures for such a critical part, and in my mind it is a timebomb waiting to blow up! I originally thought I would repair the car myself, perhaps hire some storage and do it there. Eventually I came to my senses and decided to get it repaired by the best RB engine builder in the universe, RIPS. I bought a Tomei Oil pump and saved up a down payment for RIPS. On the road to rebuild I contacted Rob and arranged to drop the car off to him on October 20-21 2013. The car was in the back of a long garage and it was an absolute nightmare to get on to the trailer, because the garage is at an angle to the driveway! Eventually I managed to get in on, and drove the car up to Rotorua to meet Robbie Ward! He had a mint R33 GTR in the garage that looked like it was nearly ready to start, and some kind of stripped out american car with a V8 block lying on the ground next to it. I was in awe of how many parts he had lying around, and I knew I had bought my car to the right place! Getting the car in the garage wasn't too bad, but lets just say Rob was less than impressed with my reversing skills when I went to leave Rob had plans to go to America, so work wouldn't start for a while, but it was a huge relief that progress would soon be made! The strip down Rob and co got the motor out and started the strip down. The N1 oil pump gear was definitely broken, but that was just the start of the problems · Injector clips were missing · Pitting in cylinder head · Pitting in pistons · Deep scores in most cylinders · Bent valves · Broken valve stem guides · Crank pulley bolt loose (may have contributed to killing oil pump but I still don't trust the N1 oil pump) · Woodruff key slots rounded off Basically the shortblock was toast, the head needed a full overhaul, and the turbines might have been damaged by the broken valve stem guides. Obviously all this other damage was not caused by the oil pump failing, and had been there for a while. Being a private sale I didn't have a leg to stand on for any of this, but this was a second blow and I was very mad at the time! You can see why it was worth nowhere near $18K. Maybe if the engine was in mint condition it might have been, but in this state no way! Unfortunately I can't find any photos of the damage at the moment, but if I do I'll try and remember to post them up. Picking up the pieces So there was a lot of work to do to get this engine back in a state Rob and I would be happy with, and this was the tipping point that below the project out of scope! - That always happens right? Anyway, I acquired a good condition second hand R33 shortblock for $1000 and Rob could bore out my block for another customer, so he took that for $500. So in reality it wasn't really that much of a set back, and in fact it was probably a blessing in disguise, as now I had the opportunity from a ground up rebuild! They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I'll let these speak for themselves! The head was completely rebuilt with all new seals, good condition second hand valves, new valve guides (k-lined on the exhaust), and the pitting was welded up and cleaned up. The head was decked to ensure it's true. The crank was checked and polished up, the standard R33 rods and pistons were balanced and installed with new piston rings, ACL bearings and ARP rod bolts. The main bolts were reused as is. The block was also decked. I figured I'd gone this far, so why stop! New Tomei adjustable cam gears, water pump and pulleys New Tomei head gasket RIPS enlarged capacity and baffled oil sump That was all topped off with a Ross Metal Jacket Race damper, with underdriven P/S and no A/C, which I don't have a picture of. The fuel system was also in need of a refresh, so I got Rob to put together something simple that would just do the job: Surge tank Not one, but two 700HP Bosch 044 fuel pumps Standard fuel rail modified to be twin entry Alcohol compatible return line Ethanol sensor (this is why there are two 044s ) ID1000 injectors modified to fit in the standard fuel rail (10.5mm) Ready to go back in Just before the heart was ready to be reinserted, Rob fired through a few more pics And the engine back in it's home: I think this is a sweet looking picture. It shows the black power coated fuel rail and the cool blue injectors. It also shows the FPR we decided to go with, a Turbosmart FPR1200 Needed to be huge to return the fuel from two 044s! Rob also made up a nice catch tank for the setup. I will need to paint that washer bottle some time when I get it back He also had a crack at making a divided twin turbo pipe (his first time! ) And some nice AFM delete pipes, nom nom It's nearly ready to be fired up, so I will hopefully be updating this thread soon! There are also so many things I have planned to do in the future, so I will post that up shortly! Thanks for stopping by Contents <Reserved for links to other posts in this thread>
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