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Found 52 results

  1. Work Meister S1 Monoblock - Black - forged super light. For Sale: a set of 17x9.5 +35 & 17x8.5 +35 Work Meister Monoblocks in black. Have looked for similar wheels to set the price but have been unable to locate an equivalent ad. Last I saw an ad for them in this size was around $1800. They're super light and I would love to keep them but need wheels for new car.
  2. Hey! So I bought an rb26/30 setup. All pulled apart ready to be built. It came with a set of mahle motorsports pistons and a set of rods. Now I dont know what the rods are. Are they stock? Forged? Useless? Theres no markings besides arp 2000 -7 bolts. I'm going forged bottom so I'll need forged rods, if they're forged itll save me big time. Owner didnt even mention the rods or pistons, I didnt know he was giving them to me neither. Cheers guys!
  3. Set of forged alloys in excellent order. will accept $2900 no neg. pickup only eastern Melbourne.
  4. For Sale: 19" Forged Wheels by Rays Engineering Super lightweight one piece forged aluminium alloy wheels made in Japan by Rays Engineering Front pair: 19x8 + 30mm ~8.5kg Rear pair: 19x8.5 +33mm offset ~9.5kg Very good condition Comes with genuine Nissan Centre Caps Asking $1099 Located Sydney NSW
  5. hey guys just after any (accurate) info that anyone has on doing rb30 na block with 25 head after the following. best source for forged internals (for this build) any mods need to be made to block or head general wiring harness info and anything that anyone has even if it seems like the slightest of info it might help. i know this build has been done multiple times and are everywhere on the internet but theres allways things missing in the info that i feel could be important if somebody has a link to a very detailed description that would also be of help cheers NOTE: aiming for a nice 1000 hp so please only accurate info
  6. FS [Syd]: 4x R33 GT-R Wheels 17x9 +30 with Nitto NT01 255/40/17 (about 2x track days left) Hallos, I have a set of 4x R33 GT-R wheels for sales with Nitto NT01 Semi Slicks 255/40/17 wrapped all round (good for about 2x track days). Pick up only from Canley Vale, NSW 2166 $1300
  7. Who want's to be the guinea pig? Browsing through Alibaba/Aliexpress and came across these items 4340 FORGED CONRODS https://scandes.en.alibaba.com/product/60326015400-800431158/Custom_Forged_Conrods_For_Nissan_Stagea_VQ25DET_Connecting_Rod.html?spm=a2700.8304367.0.0.zsrrry BILLET STEEL CRANK https://scandes.en.alibaba.com/product/60307024628-800393188/Custom_Billet_74mm_Crank_Shaft_For_Nissan_Stagea_2_5L_V6_Engine_VQ25DET_crankshaft.html?spm=a2700.8304367.0.0.pALV6E CUSTOM CAMSHAFTS https://scandes.en.alibaba.com/product/60326659411-801168610/Custom_Cam_Shaft_For_Nissan_Stagea_Autech_VQ25DET_Camshaft.html?spm=a2700.8304367.0.0.pALV6E BBK 4/6/8 POT https://chanlinway.en.alibaba.com/product/60429752794-219214617/High_Quality_Auto_Brake_Caliper_Kit_Brake_Pad_For_Stagea.html?spm=a2700.8304367.0.0.LXOUxv I know someone on here bought a similar kit in the Brake thread but there is no follow up from him?
  8. Rays VOLK TE37 18x9.5" +12 with Yokohama Advan A048 Semis Genuine Bronze TE37s in the GT-R size and offset. 2001 built, in great condition. Minimal marking around the rim, OG bronze - never painted or refinished. Just a few small marks where leg nuts have been dropped. The Rays and VOLK stickers are intact and in great condition. They come wrapped in Yokohama Advan A048 semi slicks with around 40-50% tread. $3200 Located Melbourne North Eastern Suburbs, pick up preferred. These are THE rim for your GT-R.
  9. CP Pistons 86mm Item: Used CP Pistons 86mm Set of 6 with wrist pins from a RB25DET Model: 6MKRY9603X STD RIB 0.10 XB Compression: 8.5: 1 i believe Postage: Available Location: Goldcoast Price: $600 THESE PISTONS ARE FOR RB25 ONLY, AND WILL NOT WORK IN RB26 ENGINES CP Pistons is one of the most trusted names in the industry, and for good reason. Their extensive shelf catalog provides the user with many of the options that you'd normally be resigned to going to a custom piston for. Their standard offering already includes Dual Pin Oilers - providing double the amount of oil to the wrist pin, radiused valve relifs, and the pin fitting final hone on the wrist pin bore. They even include an Accumulator Groove as a standard option. This provides a small pocket for the combustion gasses to collect after the first ring, reducing ring flutter and providing a better seal allowing more downward force on the piston A.K.A. - make more power. All pistons come balanced within one gram, include pin lock grooves and wrist pins at no additional charge.
  10. RB25 Forged? ID and Damage Hey guys, I've spent the last while having a decent look trying to fin my precise questions to save having to post, so sorry if this is a repeat but I doubt it, I couldn't find the answers I needed at least. It's 2 part thing. RB25DET (bulk mods not relevant to the question) A: Can anyone positively identify these pistons form the photo/markings? I have been advised they are a forged piston but cannot find confirmation. B: The damage near the edge (actually a pop rivet ended up in the motor, don't ask me how). I'm concerned if it were to be used that it could be a detonation site. Car made (on the current engine) 333 rwkw at 21 PSI. It's a beast. But the engine has developed a knock and I've found some small metallic fragments, although not many, the oil has been in the car for about 35 laps of QR over 2 weeks and the knock has only just started (literally on the last lap) so while it's not a lot, it's not like it's been there long and if it's just started it would make sense to find just a small amount yeah?. So looking at pulling and a rebuild anyway, but have these pistons here already, if they are forged I'd like to use them, but not if it's going to cost me another build later because of that damage. Any help from experienced gurus is very very welcome. It does get some serious use use per this vid: 20170425_124931.mp4
  11. Forged rims so very strong and lightweight. 17x7.5 +35 and 17x8.5 +38 5x114.3 Fit over S and R chassis turbo brakes without spacers. High Disc. Perfect for track, street or as a spare set. Rims in excellent condition. Tyres are shredded but still hold air I think. $500
  12. FS NSW - CP Pistons 86.5mm to suit rb25 Hi all For sale, brand new set of CP pistons to suit RB25, 86.5mm bore. I picked these up by mistake with some other bits for my RB26 build, but they are the wrong make for me. This set is SC7308 as per pic, specific to RB25. Pistons only, no rods for sale. Some pins have been opened for inspection & trial fit only, never installed or run in an engine. Asking price $1000. Price is pretty firm, the cheapest I've personally seen these advertised for is $1320 brand new for the same set. Can meet / deliver around blacktown / 7 hills area most weekends, & potentially late on some weeknights. Local pick up only, not able to post around work. PM me on here or sms 0407 896 339 for any info. Cheers
  13. good morning all, i understand this is not the usual RB question but i value the opinions of people on here more than some other forums, my questions are in some ways general, so if you can help i always appreciate it. Ok so to give you the back ground, a mate has come to me with the fun idea of buying a 1600 datto as a sunny day daily/ weekend street car. after looking at some engine options we seem to have landed on an SR20det. originally thinking 2jz rb25 or even an rb30/26 we released that its just not going to fit "easily" and we don't really want to have relocated radiators or custom fabrication. at this point i should mention were keen to take a mostly "do it yourself learning curve" approach with the engine build. we will be seeking paid professional help for the fiddly stuff or things we can easily botch but its going to stay relatively un-ground breaking and simple. the plans are datto 1600 rebuilt s15 gearbox *internals built to handle whatever power we end up going for* s15 SR20det *vct* were hoping for as much horsepower we can drive on the street without being stupid with lag. were aiming for ≤ 300 RWKW we need input on what to use to achieve this such as cams and turbos ect. we are not turbo specialists and dont know our way around the models. what would you recommend? our brief so far: - Nitto 2.2 stroker kit - Forged internals - rebuilt head ported and polished - decent sized turbo - cams to match - E85 - haltech management (tuned by a professional.... not us knuckleheads) what turbo/ cams would you recommend? what head work will we need to look at for a high boost sr will we need to have the block sleeved for strength? keep in mind if we could make it 400rwkw on the street without too much dramas we would. also keep in mind its going in a datto money will not be tight but were estimating a $15k engine? we are not set in our ways with any of this *apart from the 1600 datto* so if there is a much better path to take please suggest it.
  14. RB25/30DET forged parts-brand new I really don't want to sell off my current engine build but I cannot justify it sitting around when my current Rb25 is still very healthy. This is my loss and your gain. All parts are brand new and never run, only assembled waiting for more funds to get the spare head done up so I could bolt it on and swap everything across. CP flat top rb30 pistons. 86.5mm bore size. $1000 Rb30 forged H beam rods with arp bolts. $500 Arp head studs. Never installed. $250 Arp main studs rb30. $300 King race main and rod bearings. Standard sized. $200 Rb30 block. Acid dipped, decked, bored to suit above pistons, genuine welsh plugs replaced, 1.2mm oil restrictors, main oil returns drilled to 10mm. $200 Rb30 crank, polished, balanced and wider oil pump drive fitted. $200 Dayco timing belt-suit rb30det #94407. $30 Permaseal multi layer head gasket. 87mm bore. 1.3mm thick #s244mlsr. $250 Permaseal standard headgasket. Standard bore. $30 Located in South Australia in the Adelaide hills but happy to freight for a little extra. Pm me or reply here if you are interested. Adam
  15. eoi v35 19" forged rays Hi, Was wondering if there would be any interest in my square set up rays wheels 19x8 all round Also potentially my friends staggered set, front 19x8 rear 19x8.5 (painted grey)
  16. Rays Nismo LMGT3 Set I have a set of Rays Nismo LMGT3s for sale, they came off my S14 200SX when I unfortunately had to sell the car.All round decent condition, all wheels have some curb rash, worst of which is pictured. All have centrecaps.Fronts: 17x8 offset + 36, wrapped in Hankook Ventus R-S3 235/45Rears: 17x9 offset + 38, wrapped in Hankook Ventus R-S3 245/40 $1600 ONO Inspections welcome. Can ship at buyer's expense. All reasonable offers considered, no trades. Located in Melbourne Area, can arrange meeting in Geelong also.
  17. Looking to purchase a built R33 GTR. Must be Series 2 or 3. After something that has been modified to handle 300-400 awkw. Forged internals; preferably aftermarket low mount twins. Aftermarket ECU E85 or 98 or both. With appropriate supporting fuel mods. Prefer OEM interior. No rollcages. Located in Vic. Willing to travel interstate for the right car. Finances ready. Could you please reply via pm or phone. Many Thanks Julian zero 422 460 450
  18. For sale 1993 r32 gtst factory manual S1 r33 rb25det engine Forged Pistons Gtr rods Gtr valves R34 rb25det box Twin plate clutch of some kind Gt35⁄40 turbo low mount Vipec computer Stainless cooler piping and front mount 550cc injectors Spitfire coil packs 3 inch exhaust with high flow cat and a resonator (really deep note) Alloy custom front facing plenum Alloy radiator Bride seat Gtr door cards front and rear Bc coil overs Adjustable Camber arms front and rear Adjustable castor arms front Gtr front bar, lip and bonnet Yokohama AVS model 6 17" wheels wrapped in falken tyres Makes a bit over 400hp at the treads Super fun car, flys in a straight line and handles like its on rails Was my daily for a few years never let me down once. Regularly serviced with penrite full synthetic, usual no more than 3,000kms between oil changes. A⁄c works Paint and body in good condition overall, few dints and scratches Crease in the bottom of passenger door and a bit of fade on the roof. The car always gets compliments on how clean and straight it is for a 32 Car has around 290,000kms Engine has about 30,000 Only selling to fund rx7 project. 10,300 can supply rwc and 6 months rego May swap for a road cruiser motorbike plus cash my way give me a text or a call 0434282866
  19. RB26 (R32) Head (unused since reco'd). Fully reco'd with new K-Line valve guides, 3 angle seat job, refaced, acid bathed. It looks brand new! The head is fully assembled and complete (standard cams, springs, buckets and shims). Valve clearances have been fully reset back to correct clearance with new shims. Also has new valve stem seals as well (obviously!). The head is still wrapped up in the packing from the reconditioning shop where it was done (Headspec in Clayton). Bolt it on and away you go! $1500 plus post ($100 Australia wide)
  20. Reason for sale is now living⁄working in NSW and don't require a car. I Will be in Hobart between the dates of 17th-19th of July if you would like to inspect!. The car will also come with 22k worth of receipts as well as a Nissan Skyline R33 Gts-t manual and car cover with clamps. REGO Expires 12⁄03⁄2016 193,000km on Chassis⁄body 290rwkw with dyno sheet at 18psi (tune done by Autocraft) ALWAYS ran and tuned on BP98 since engine rebuild Serviced every 5000kms using 5w-30 Castol Edge Engine specs⁄modifications: RB25 reconditioned block with CP pistons (less than 10,000km) RB25 reconditioned head (standard head) (less than 10,000km) Garrett 3076r T3 flange turbo (less than 15,000km) 6 Boost high mount manifold (less than 15,000km) Exedy Cushion button cluth (less than 15,000km) Greddy *replica* forward facing plenum (less than 10,000km) 80mm throttle body (less than 10,000km) HKS Fuel Rail (less than 10,000km) ID1000 injectors (1000cc) (less than 10,000km) 2x Davies Craig 10” Thermatic Electric Fans Trust front mount intercooler Aftermarket alloy radiator Nismo Engine Mounts (less than 10,000km) Turbosmart Pro-gate50 external wastegate with screamer (less than 10,000km) 3” Turbo back exhaust with hi-flow cat Haltech Plug-in Pro ECU GFB G-Force 2 Electronic Boost Controller Turbo timer (cut's engine if car is moved whilst counting down with key removed) Bosch 040 fuel pump New OEM clutch slave cylinder replaced Unopened OEM clutch master cylinder Splitfire coilpacks SARD Fuel pressure regulator Exterior⁄interior modifications: Yellowspeed Coilovers Ultrex engine bay strut brace 18x9.5 +20 Rota Grid-r gun metal grey rims Alpine CDA head unit (3 pre-outs) Alpine MRP-M500 mono block AMP 500w RMS Alpine Type R 12” Subwoofer Alpine Type S 6x9 Rear Speakers Pioneer Front speakers Sony Xplod XM-604EQX 4 channel Amplifier Short shift kit Cyclops Alarm ‘Remote alarm deluxe’ Custom boot floor and carpet made BAD bits Driver’s side seat needs work where constant rubbing occurs from entering and leaving the seat. Tune needs idling adjustment for hot start Front bar requires work (paint and fabrication) (has been strengthened on all weak points of bar, before and after photo included) Looking for cash only thank you. If you are interested I (Beau Rogers) can be contacted on 0488 nine53 twotwo4. Best to send me a text rather than call as my working hours can be very eratic (usually busy 5am-6pm) Feel free to ask any questions about this vehicle This is a short video of how the car sounds (private road) https://vid.me/tc2o
  21. GTR32 16inch original wheels for sale - FORGED $700 SIZE - 225/50/R16 - Very few gutter rash - 2 tyres are good (changed only less then 1000km before the wheels were removed off the car), the other 2 tyres may need changing - no bulking, no cracks, or bend Price $700, pick up only in Narre Warren Vic SMS Lav on 0430024704
  22. Hi Guys Got a set of 19" OEM Rays Forged Wheels in immaculate condition 2 tires are about 20% and 2 are 50-60% They are not on the car anymore Stud pattern is - 5x114.3 Fronts - 19 x 8 +33 Rear - 19 x 8.5 +35 Located EagleFarm, Brisbane Price $1200 considering theres no gutter rash or scratches on them can post them cheap to most east coast metro areas please enquire for postage costs phone: 0414482636 Amrit
  23. Forsale 2 sets of rays Gtc face 1 wheels . Both sets gold in pos 12 offset with nuts, one set has carbon centre caps . $3000 per set of 4 will ship to anywhere in Australia Located in Tasmania ph 0419362110
  24. For sale: Brand: Rays Engineering Model: LMGT4 Specs: 5x 114.3 Size: 19x8.5 +25; 19x9.5 +30 Set of 4 Willing to ship: pick up south side Brisbane/can post to most states in the eastern seaboard for additional cost Tyres: yes plenty of tread left Bridgestone rears, Yokohama fronts. Includes Rays center caps and valve caps Price: $3K ONO These are in immaculate condition and a collectors item as they are no longer produced and rarely found in these specs. One small stone chip on the front wheel, the rest are spotless. These wheel widths and offsets are factory 350Z specs, but will fit most Nissans so please do your research. P/S should also fit V36 Sedans perfectly! More pics here http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/454702-rays-engineering-nismo-lmgt4-wheels-rare/
  25. For sale: Brand: Rays Engineering Model: LMGT4 Specs: 5x 114.3 Size: 19x8.5 +25; 19x9.5 +30 Set of 4 Willing to ship: pick up south side Brisbane Tyres: yes plenty of tread left Bridgestone rears, Yokohama fronts. Includes Rays center caps and valve caps Price: $3K ONO These are in immaculate condition and a collectors item as they are no longer produced and rarely found in these specs. One small stone chip on the front wheel, the rest are spotless. These wheel widths and offsets are factory 350Z specs, but will fit most Nissans so please do your research.
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