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  1. Does anyone know of a fuel pump that I can "directly" replace the factory one with for my N/A r33 GTS. Yes I know there's upgrade kits for more pressure etc, I'm not looking to make power I just want to replace the old pump without messing around with wiring etc, just want to direct swap it for a new one whether it be oem or aftermarket that direct fits to original bracket/wires. Cheers
  2. Hi, My stock fuel pump was making a hell of a noise so I got a Walbro GCA3386-2 (255LPH) The mounting is different from stock. With this the strainer attaches directly to the pump while the stock pump sits about half way down the mounting bracket with a pipe to the strainer at the bottom. So with this the pump has to be mounted at the bottom of the bracket. Not sure what is the cause but on boost the car is running very lean. AFR is showing 18:1 On normal driving its fine. The car has a Haltech fitted. Am I supposed to get it remapped after fitting the pump? Do i need to change the FPR from the stock one?
  3. WTS: BOSCH 044 External fuel pump. In box, never used! $200 ono. Reason for sell: I was going to go for a bigger fuel set up, plans changed going back to the walbro 255, my loss your gain. Location: Brighton area. P.M. me for pick up/info Or call on 0401 951 132
  4. Hey, Just wondering how far a standard r33 rb25 (ser2) fuel pump will go? Currently running the following setup: 3" exhaust, FMIC, std turbo, std injectors, remapped ecu and 12 psi. Will it handle this ok? cheers matty
  5. JJR R33/R34 rear strut brace - $50 2x Bosch 044 fuel pumps in near new condition. Was fitted to the car during build and ran for less than 15mins. $150 each or $250 both located in Patterson Lakes can arrange postage thanks
  6. R33 Huge Part Out / Garage sale mostly new parts All parts of new condition or near new never used. Plus postage unless multiple items purchased Greddy Profec 2 OLED electronic boost controller New version - $360 MTX-L: Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit - sold GENUINE NISSAN Nissan Skyline Throttle Position Sensor TPS R32 R33 RB20 RB25 - $70 NISSAN SKYLINE R33 RB25DET INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKET SET - $30 EXHAUST TURBO MANIFOLD GASKET RB25DET RB20DET SKYLINE R32 R33 R34 - $25 Genuine BOSCH OEM OXYGEN O2 OXY SENSOR for NISSAN SKYLINE R33 RB25 DET SERIES 1 SERIES 2 -$70 Crank Angle Sensor Rb20 Rb25 Rb26 R32 R33 R34 Cas Rb20det Rb25det Rb26dett Gtst - used $50 Nissan Silvia S14 SR20 93-98 Bonnet Hood Black Carbon Gas Strut Shock Damper - $50 Genuine SARD FPR Adjustable Car Fuel Pressure Regulator + Toyota Subaru Nissan Adaptor plus guage - $120 Genuine Walbro GSS342 255LPH In Tank High Pressure Fuel Pump + Installation Kit- $80
  7. Ok, so, I've been having problems with starting my 98 R33 Gts-t recently. It can vary from turning over and never firing to starting but running very poorly and stalling to working fine seemingly at random. On more than one occasion, by playing with the fuel pump wiring, fuse or plug the car will start and run perfectly, i do not know if this is the actual problem because it seems so intermittent however, i do know that the car will run roughly/stall without the fuel pump plugged in (I swear I didn't forget to connect it, i was "testing"). If anyone has had a problem similar to this and fixed it that would be great to hear but being vague and intermittent I don't hold much hope. The real meat of this post is, if i were to replace the pump is there a nice drop in replacement that doesn't cost and arm and a leg while not being from the Chinese lucky dip bag on ebay? my other thought was to upgrade to a Walbro 255 (GSS340) or a Bosch 040 because eventually my plan is to buy something reliable and diesel (and high off the ground so ramps aren't necessary for everything ) and throw some money into this car so i figured i may as well plan for power as i'm most likely to get a new car within a year. But i have read mixed things about both the bosch and walbro from a general trawl through the forums, is there a clear winner? Also if i do end up going this option, do I have to upgrade the wiring to the pump and what is the best way to go about this, my thoughts are to use the current power wires to trigger a separate fused relay. Anyway, thanks in advanced for any help Joe
  8. R34 neo turbo upgrade package for sale Hypergear ATR43G3 front comp ar50 with rear housing is used item being .82 and it's older ss2 housing that tao plated up to make it external and Scott welded gate flange on. Have got braided oil line and adaptor plate to install on stock manifold Turbosmart hypergate 45mm external wastegate with 14psi spring complete box Walbro 460l fuel pump kit Bosch 1150cc 3/4 length e85 safe injectors set of 6, comes with extensions 3/4 to long 14mm adaptor. Nissan z32 Afm with plug All parts brand new and never used, plan to install on car but it was written off and it's become to hard to find another r34 skyline sedan manual turbo. I want to sell as total package for $2250 Located se suburbs melbourne Can call on 0413 034 521 or pm me
  9. Skyline Fuel Pump Hi Guys, I have been spending sometime looking at the fuel pump and options available for my r34 gtt. It seems that walbro 250Lph is the best choice as it is a straight swap but only good for 500 bhp. I can only imagine that is 500 Bhp at flywheel. I am looking to get 500+ hp on flywheel so that is too close to its maximum. Next level up is 450 litter however confused on what re wiring is needed . Can anyone briefly explain what is needed to install it ? I have also seen people having issues as soon as they have 3/4 of their tank empty because the fuel pump is not fully submerged. Does this impact r34 gtt? thanks
  10. these are the genuine article that we guarantee it... all our pumps are engraved so we know they are our stock. if any customer is unsure..engrave it yourself, send it back and we will film it on the fuel bench... http://www.fivetenautomotive.com.au/fuel-pumps.html
  11. Hi there, This maybe my first post, so please help me out here. I recently acquired a 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS 4 door that HAS NOT run for 3 1/2 years. I have drained the fuel tank, changed the fuel and air cleaner elements. A new battery has also been installed. It cranked up and fired into life after a little coaxing. It ran for a few minutes and then I switched it off and changed the oil and oil filter. Now the engine will not fire up again. Since changing the fuel filter and air filter, the fuel no longer flows! There is NO clicking of any relays and NO noise from the pump. I have checked under the bonnet fuse box and FUEL PUMP fuse is serviceable. The fuse box under the dash has ALL serviceable fuses. Problem is, it is all in JAPANESE! The Google search did not help for the translation as the detailed page dose not match up with the Amp rating or layout of IGN, ACC or BATT. My main questions are: 1/. The relays are quoted to be inside the boot between the tail lamps under the boot catch assy They are not there! Where would they be? 2/. Is there any wiring mods that I can do simply that will get the pump running? 3/. As per Q2, can I put in a HOT wire and run the pump via a relay I supply and trigger it from existing switching wire> I would like to see this car up and running tomorrow if I can find some quick and easy to do solutions. Many thanks in advance..
  12. Parts are located in Adelaide and will frieght smaller stuff for interstaters. Can MMS or Email pics as requsted, contact me on 0401 184 069. Will do better prices for more than one item purchase 3inch SS Cat Back exhaust to suit 34 2 door, has cannon on the rear end - $200 Cheap generic catch can with level gauge, nothing fancy but does the job - $10 65mm Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge and Sender, mint as it was used once and that’s it - $100 Heritage Motorsport hydraulic handbrake, used on my track car, has line to go through floor pan and to reach under tunnel - $100 Inline Bosch 910 fuel pump and mount bracket, minimal use - $100 Bosch 040 intank pump, never used it myself got it with my car, can test if wanted by buyer - $50 Dished 3 spoke Steering wheel with Mazda horn button - $50
  13. Hi guys, Have the following parts off a Stock R33 skyline series 2 gtst - Front right series 2 guard in silver (perfect condition) - $100 - Stock series 2 R33 fuel pump (taken off at 60,000km due to upgrade) - $50 - Stock dump pipe and cat - $50 - Front left & right guard side indicators: $15 - Also have stock turbo heat shield with mounts & bolts: $10 - Charcoal Canister - $15 - Plastic coolant overflow bottle $15. - Series 2 AFM - $70 Located in Melbourne. PM me if interested.
  14. nismo r32 gtr fuel pump $150 had leaning out issues changed the fuel pump and map sensor which resolved it. I believe it was the map sensor (reading 20kpa low), as the fuel pressure remained the same. But just in case I'll give the buyer 2 weeks to fit and test money back if they have any issues. Apexi GTR front pipe $150 apexi rsm including g sensor $150 Genuine trust rb26 clear cam cover $100 R32 GTR Intercooler $150 one pictured is used for illustration purpose, i will take photos of my actual cooler upon request. Cores are straight and undamaged and like the one in the photo it can do with a coat of black. clarion 10" subwoofer $100 10 x t-bolt clamps 3.25" 83mm-93mm $35 All items located in melbourne south east will post at your expense.
  15. could someone in geek speak, more or less explain to me how the fuel pump circuit works ? Is the relay meant to energize when the ignition is ON? see diag. Im chasing a no start, no prime with a voltage seen on the relay. Relay is good, clicks when pulled to ground. Shorting pins 3 and 5 on the relay does nothing.
  16. Hi all, Cusco Brake Stop I have a used Cusco brake stop, I never had the chance to install it onto my car, it reduces the spongy feel when braking by decreasing firewall flex. - $80 EBC Reds (new) These fit on the rear of a r32 gt-r im not sure what else they are compatible with. (If you want a photo of them in their packet pm me) - $45 Bosch 023 in R32 GT-R Cradle This is fitted to a r32 gtr cradle, so it a direct drop in for any one with one. The 023 is said to be the same as a Nismo pump so will produce very similar flow rates. - $120
  17. FS: New Magnafuel MP4303 fuel pump (around 800HP e85) it is a great pump for 800hp on e85. price :680 new condition never been used.
  18. R32 Gtr fuel pump wiring Hey there, I have a r32 Gtr which is running a nismo lift pump to 2 Bosch 044s and a surge tank. I've wired all three pumps up to new relays all getting power source from the battery in the boot. Each pump has their own earth which are solid, sort and to bare metal. During my wiring of the pumps I removed the factory pump relay. I just need a hand getting the right switch feed for my relays. I'm currently using a 12v accessories wire in the boot as the switch wire for the relays so the pumps receive 12v as soon as the keys are on accessories. What I'd like to know is which wire should I use for the switch of the relays ( I thought it was pin18 black and pink) out of the ecu but that wire has no power from it. Any assistance would be great for what wire people use from the ecu. Cheers
  19. R33 Parts Got a few left over parts from my r33 part out, priced to clear. ISC rear camber arms, $50 ISC Rear traction arms $50 Locked Turbo R33 diff $200 044 Fuel pump with surge tank and proflow fittings $200 Whiteline rear sway bar $100 Straight thru 3" exhaust with trust PE2 cannon $150 Front R33 calipers $250 Rear R33 calipers $150 Rear cradle minus arms, diff and calipers $150 R33 manual tailshaft $50 Located Northern suburbs melbourne. Phill - 0421986981
  20. i have an 88’ r31 thats on duel fuel and recently when i change over to petrol the car wont get out of first gear and limits at 2000rpm on gas the car runs like a dream. i don’t think its an injector coz’ its not missing maybe it’s fuel starvation? fuel pump is kinda loud and changed the fuel filter not long ago its got me really stumped.
  21. hey folks. Can someone tell me please where i can locate the fuel pump relay on my 1998 r34 gtt skyline. My cars up for sale, i've been away working for 4 weeks, came home to get the car runnning and sell it and the battery's ran completely flat and wouldnt take a jump start or any charge when hooked up to a car. I replaced teh battery, but the car woulndt event start or ignition turn on. i figured i'd blown a fuse?? I checked teh fuse box under teh bonnet and yes i 'd blown the 80AMP Altenator Fuse. So off to shops i went and bought one. I fited it with battery disconnected, hooked the battery up again, tried starting it but the engine wont fire up. Plenty of ooomfff in teh starter and battery but it s like its not getting fuel. I cant hear teh fuel pump in teh boot wizz up when i turn the ignition on, i checked the fuses in the drivers foot well, they all looked ok, including the 15amp fuel pump fuse, i checked it has 12v either side also. I removed the fuel hose after the filter in teh engine bay and turned teh engine over, alas, no fuel coming through. now i know its a fuel problem. Now i'm trying to find where to locate the standard fuel pump relay to see if it's that. Can anyone tell me where i can find it and also if anyone has any other ideas on how to get her started id be very gratefull as i have 3 guys coming tonight to look at the car and it not being able to start is guna kill me. also, should i be removing teh back seats and that little pannel which gives you access ontop of teh fuel tank to check for anything?? Getting in from teh boot is impossible as i have a custom $8k sound system installed lol, cheers Gav greatly appreciate a text with advice 0422817158
  22. Hi guys building a track car atm. Its a 32 with RB20det. I have no rear wiring harnes as to save money and time i have wired all the lights in myself. Now the drama i have is that ive wired the fuel pump through an iso switch and a rocket switch on the custom center switch panel i have, which in turn switches a relay in the boot to start pump. But it runs the pump as soon as the rocket switch is turned on and continues to run even with car not running. To stop pump i just have to close the rocket switch. I require someone to let me know which ecu feeed can i use to switch the relay on in the boot to then run the fuel pump only when the engine is running. I have an ecu pin out list and have tried the original Fuel pump relay wire (no volts at all) and thats it. The rest of the car has standard 32 gtst wiring looms its only the rear half thats different. And standard ECU.
  23. Must sell the last few spares lying around in my shed for my upcoming move to Queensland, ALL MUST GO BY 10th of January, all offers considered, most accepted. Located in western suburbs of Adelaide, contact me on 0401 258 114 or by pm. Will discount heavily if you come and take a bunch of it. Working standard RB20DET injectors - $50 ONO R32 GT-R Steering wheel with horn button, one or two tears - $100 ONO Standard 1992 R32 GTS-T coupe seats blue/grey, great condition - $100 ONO R32 Coupe rear 'door' cards - $30 ONO Walbro 255LPH in tank fuel pump, assembled never used - $140 ONO R32 floor mats, missing front passenger - $30 ONO Wing mirror interior trims - $5 ONO Boot release latch, cracked - $5 ONO Blitz turbo timer, wired for R32 GTS-T - $25 ONO R32 boot mat - $20 ONO Or come and take EVERYTHING for $400
  24. Hi all, Iv got some stock R34 GTR that came off my car a while back, all came out of the car during an engine build, need to clear some room. All parts are in excellent working condition........ (Car had only travelled 50,000km at the time) At the moment there are the following parts: - Standard coil packs - $200 - Standard Injectors - $200 - Standard CAMS - $300 - Stock Fuel PUMP - $150 - Oil Pump - $100 - standard dump front pipe - $100 Offers welcome just send me a PM. Will consider shipping interstate at buyers expense. Ill take some pics when i get a chance, but all parts are in very good condition.
  25. The market is saturated with fakes at the moment.... Here's a heads up https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.614011205349032.1073741828.142150452535112&type=1
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