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Found 52 results

  1. Does anyone know of a fuel pump that I can "directly" replace the factory one with for my N/A r33 GTS. Yes I know there's upgrade kits for more pressure etc, I'm not looking to make power I just want to replace the old pump without messing around with wiring etc, just want to direct swap it for a new one whether it be oem or aftermarket that direct fits to original bracket/wires. Cheers
  2. Hi guys, I've been trying to figure out what's happening with my 2002 250GT and so far this is what I've been able to find using the NDS2 software. Fuel pressure reads about 6.8 - 7.0 at idle to 10.3 at WOT. When I disable the fuel pump, let the pressure drop then enable it again, there's a whirring noise like a stuck bearing as the pressure builds up. I'm assuming this is the high pressure fuel pump, although it isn't really specified (there's only 1 'Fuel Pump'). Has anyone else experienced this before? And if it is my high pressure pump, any idea what the issue may be? Cheers
  3. Walbro GSS342 Fuel Pump For Sale Walbro 255LPH fuel pump, perfect working condition Removed from the car due to upgrading $50 posted
  4. Ok, so, I've been having problems with starting my 98 R33 Gts-t recently. It can vary from turning over and never firing to starting but running very poorly and stalling to working fine seemingly at random. On more than one occasion, by playing with the fuel pump wiring, fuse or plug the car will start and run perfectly, i do not know if this is the actual problem because it seems so intermittent however, i do know that the car will run roughly/stall without the fuel pump plugged in (I swear I didn't forget to connect it, i was "testing"). If anyone has had a problem similar to this and fixed it that would be great to hear but being vague and intermittent I don't hold much hope. The real meat of this post is, if i were to replace the pump is there a nice drop in replacement that doesn't cost and arm and a leg while not being from the Chinese lucky dip bag on ebay? my other thought was to upgrade to a Walbro 255 (GSS340) or a Bosch 040 because eventually my plan is to buy something reliable and diesel (and high off the ground so ramps aren't necessary for everything ) and throw some money into this car so i figured i may as well plan for power as i'm most likely to get a new car within a year. But i have read mixed things about both the bosch and walbro from a general trawl through the forums, is there a clear winner? Also if i do end up going this option, do I have to upgrade the wiring to the pump and what is the best way to go about this, my thoughts are to use the current power wires to trigger a separate fused relay. Anyway, thanks in advanced for any help Joe
  5. JJR R33/R34 rear strut brace - $50 2x Bosch 044 fuel pumps in near new condition. Was fitted to the car during build and ran for less than 15mins. $150 each or $250 both located in Patterson Lakes can arrange postage thanks
  6. R33 Parts Got a few left over parts from my r33 part out, priced to clear. ISC rear camber arms, $50 ISC Rear traction arms $50 Locked Turbo R33 diff $200 044 Fuel pump with surge tank and proflow fittings $200 Whiteline rear sway bar $100 Straight thru 3" exhaust with trust PE2 cannon $150 Front R33 calipers $250 Rear R33 calipers $150 Rear cradle minus arms, diff and calipers $150 R33 manual tailshaft $50 Located Northern suburbs melbourne. Phill - 0421986981
  7. R33 loss of power (fuel pump) Hi guys, having problems with my r33, fueling issue I believe. I've had a walbro 255 fuel pump installed for over 1000kms and haven't had problems besides it taking a bit of throttle and a few extra turns of starter motor to start. But that's ok. The problem im facing now is loss of power with the foot down. No loss in boost still running 10psi fine. Also a very loud noise when it primes at key turn, not a squeal sound quite like a quiet boat horn. I've tried having a full tank but still doing it. I'm wondering if fuel pump came off the rail? I did have a flat battery today, but I've driven it for over an hour and still doing it. The loud prime and loss of power wasn't there before I had a flat battery. I also caused a little spark near horn when installed new horn. But I doubt that could of caused anything but thought I'd throw it in thanks in advance mitch
  8. R32 Gtr fuel pump wiring Hey there, I have a r32 Gtr which is running a nismo lift pump to 2 Bosch 044s and a surge tank. I've wired all three pumps up to new relays all getting power source from the battery in the boot. Each pump has their own earth which are solid, sort and to bare metal. During my wiring of the pumps I removed the factory pump relay. I just need a hand getting the right switch feed for my relays. I'm currently using a 12v accessories wire in the boot as the switch wire for the relays so the pumps receive 12v as soon as the keys are on accessories. What I'd like to know is which wire should I use for the switch of the relays ( I thought it was pin18 black and pink) out of the ecu but that wire has no power from it. Any assistance would be great for what wire people use from the ecu. Cheers
  9. DR30 wiring diagram or factory manual Hi there, trying to chase down a wiring diagram or a factory manual for a DR30. engine turns but won't start. Looks like no voltage to fuel pump. has aftermarket computer running extra fuel pump relay. need to find the missing voltage on the input to the extra fuel pump relay. a wiring diagram would be great so I can see how the original fuel pump works and where this 12 volt comes from. Should run through ignition via fuse somewhere but I can't seem to locate it. any help appreciated.
  10. For sale- New Bosch 044 Hi All, I'm selling a brand new Bosch 044. I was going to use it for a project, but plans changed. Located Sunshine Coast QLD. Can post at additional cost to buyer
  11. R33 Gtr not getting fuel Hi guys, i ama new gtr owner. Imported the car frm japan about 2 yrs ago and and the car in the garage. I am finally getting it ready to get a compliance and i ran into a problem. Up untilnow the car had been starting up fine and its safe to say that the car has only been driven about 1km in these two years but i used to regularly start it up. Yesterday i went to start up the car, at first it turned on for about 4 seconds and then turned off. The car is turning over and getting a proper self but is not starting. So i checked the spark plugs and they are fine, next i checked the fuel filter and that fine too. Ihave also checked all the fuses and they are fine. Took the filter off to see if fuel was flowing when i turn the key and there was the problem. There is no fuel coming through. Then i took out the fuel pump, checked it with a car battery and it works fine. But when i put the key in i cant hear the pump prime. I think i have checked the correct relay with a multimeter and that is working aswell. It was next to the battery, have added the photo of the relay. Can you guys tell me what could it be? Any help is appereciated guys.
  12. FS: New Magnafuel MP4303 fuel pump (around 800HP e85) it is a great pump for 800hp on e85. price :680 new condition never been used.
  13. R33 Huge Part Out / Garage sale mostly new parts All parts of new condition or near new never used. Plus postage unless multiple items purchased Greddy Profec 2 OLED electronic boost controller New version - $360 MTX-L: Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit - sold GENUINE NISSAN Nissan Skyline Throttle Position Sensor TPS R32 R33 RB20 RB25 - $70 NISSAN SKYLINE R33 RB25DET INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKET SET - $30 EXHAUST TURBO MANIFOLD GASKET RB25DET RB20DET SKYLINE R32 R33 R34 - $25 Genuine BOSCH OEM OXYGEN O2 OXY SENSOR for NISSAN SKYLINE R33 RB25 DET SERIES 1 SERIES 2 -$70 Crank Angle Sensor Rb20 Rb25 Rb26 R32 R33 R34 Cas Rb20det Rb25det Rb26dett Gtst - used $50 Nissan Silvia S14 SR20 93-98 Bonnet Hood Black Carbon Gas Strut Shock Damper - $50 Genuine SARD FPR Adjustable Car Fuel Pressure Regulator + Toyota Subaru Nissan Adaptor plus guage - $120 Genuine Walbro GSS342 255LPH In Tank High Pressure Fuel Pump + Installation Kit- $80
  14. R34 neo turbo upgrade package for sale Hypergear ATR43G3 front comp ar50 with rear housing is used item being .82 and it's older ss2 housing that tao plated up to make it external and Scott welded gate flange on. Have got braided oil line and adaptor plate to install on stock manifold Turbosmart hypergate 45mm external wastegate with 14psi spring complete box Walbro 460l fuel pump kit Bosch 1150cc 3/4 length e85 safe injectors set of 6, comes with extensions 3/4 to long 14mm adaptor. Nissan z32 Afm with plug All parts brand new and never used, plan to install on car but it was written off and it's become to hard to find another r34 skyline sedan manual turbo. I want to sell as total package for $2250 Located se suburbs melbourne Can call on 0413 034 521 or pm me
  15. Skyline Fuel Pump Hi Guys, I have been spending sometime looking at the fuel pump and options available for my r34 gtt. It seems that walbro 250Lph is the best choice as it is a straight swap but only good for 500 bhp. I can only imagine that is 500 Bhp at flywheel. I am looking to get 500+ hp on flywheel so that is too close to its maximum. Next level up is 450 litter however confused on what re wiring is needed . Can anyone briefly explain what is needed to install it ? I have also seen people having issues as soon as they have 3/4 of their tank empty because the fuel pump is not fully submerged. Does this impact r34 gtt? thanks
  16. Can't seem to find a decent write up on how to re wire my fuel pump. My old plug melted. Any help would be appreciated, I'm more of a picture person lol . Thank you
  17. TMLP

    Fuel Pump

    From the album: Autech Stagea 260RS Tuning time

    Walbro 255lph
  18. Hi all, I've got the following for sale as they are no longer required. I'm located at Newmarket/Ascot Vale area and would prefer pick up but also willing to post at buyer's expense. Pm me if interested or if you have any queries. 1. RB25 HKS drop in cams 256/264 - Used and in good condition - $550 2. 6 x Nismo 555cc side feed yellow top injectors - Used and in good condition - $550 3. R34 GTT stock turbo - Purchased as a spare - $300 4. CBC wheel bearings 2 x front (NJ246) and 2 x rear (NJ134) - - New - $550 for the lot. 5. RB25DET complete engine gasket kit - New - $250 6. R33 JJR dump/front pipe and Catco highflow cat - Used and in good condition - $250 7. Z32 AFM used with new Tomei plug - $200 8. R32 GTR Nismo fuel pump - used and in good condition - $250 9. R34 GTT rear brakes includes calipers, new pads QFM HPX and used discs - $200 10. JJR RB25DET silicone heater hose set (missing 2 pieces) - $100 11. R32 stock 10psi actuator - $30 12. R33 snorkel - $30 13. RB25DET valley cover $20 14. Camber correction Superpro and Whiteline Bushes (SPF3154K, SPF1869K & KCA347) - New - $350 for the lot or $130 each. Cheers, Kandio
  19. Hi guys. My 33 has been smelling really fuelly for a while now inside the car when running, for a while there i thought it was just a rich tune / unburnt fuel etc. but. today it was horrible. so much petrol that i almost passed out while driving. stopped the car went around sniffing for petrol. and the strongest smell was coming from my boot. stripped it out. had a look around then pulled the cover off the the fuel pump housing. and well. there was a pool of fuel sitting around the connectors, and it looks like it has been splashing around while driving. pretty not great. i pushed against one of the connectors to work out where the fuel had been coming from as it is completely dry around the seal ring. and as soon as i touched it, it started hissing and bubbling wildly. i believe this is the culprit. i've got a pic and a video of what i mean. I'm looking for the plastic inner with the connectors etc. (one that isn't a leaky Piece of shit ) and i need it pretty urgently. anyone got one lying around / not using willing to sell and get to me asap? looking for a price range etc. photo attached. can't attach the video it's too big sorry.
  20. Hi all, Finally organised my garage over the weekend and pulled out everything worth selling. Parts have been taken off a 1995 R33 GTR V-Spec with 80,000km at the time. Location: All items are in Sydney, NSW. I am willing to ship at buyer's expense. Contact: Liam 0437991794 or PM PICTURES BELOW 2 x Nissan Skyline R33 GTR wheels (pair) Wheels are in reasonable condition with a few small scratches and paint chips. Size: 17x9" +30 offset PCD: 5x114.3mm Tyres: Yes, Yoko A050 semi slicks with 20% life in them Price $550 2 x Stock R33 GTR turbos Never used with more than stock boost and were running fine when taken off the car. Price: $200 Spal 16" Curved Vane Thermo Fan (Pull) Fan has only been used for approximately 5000kms. Includes rubber seal however no mounting bolts or wiring kit. One section of the motor casing has been grinded by a pully with flogged engine mounts. Still works fine and does not hinder performance. Price $100 Stock R33 GTR airbox, no snorkel Comes with a clean but used (Ryco?) filter with and is supplied as is. All 4 clips that hold the two sections together are working (prone to breaking). Price $200 Brembo R33 GTR rear brake calipers with used discs Brakes come with used discs and pads. Calipers were working fine when on car. Price: $300 Stock R33 GTR Fuel Pump Does not come with the filter sock or wiring. Price $40 R33 Skyline Arial No use for this anymore on the race car. Worked fine when it was installed. Price $30
  21. Hi there, This maybe my first post, so please help me out here. I recently acquired a 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS 4 door that HAS NOT run for 3 1/2 years. I have drained the fuel tank, changed the fuel and air cleaner elements. A new battery has also been installed. It cranked up and fired into life after a little coaxing. It ran for a few minutes and then I switched it off and changed the oil and oil filter. Now the engine will not fire up again. Since changing the fuel filter and air filter, the fuel no longer flows! There is NO clicking of any relays and NO noise from the pump. I have checked under the bonnet fuse box and FUEL PUMP fuse is serviceable. The fuse box under the dash has ALL serviceable fuses. Problem is, it is all in JAPANESE! The Google search did not help for the translation as the detailed page dose not match up with the Amp rating or layout of IGN, ACC or BATT. My main questions are: 1/. The relays are quoted to be inside the boot between the tail lamps under the boot catch assy They are not there! Where would they be? 2/. Is there any wiring mods that I can do simply that will get the pump running? 3/. As per Q2, can I put in a HOT wire and run the pump via a relay I supply and trigger it from existing switching wire> I would like to see this car up and running tomorrow if I can find some quick and easy to do solutions. Many thanks in advance..
  22. WTS: BOSCH 044 External fuel pump. In box, never used! $200 ono. Reason for sell: I was going to go for a bigger fuel set up, plans changed going back to the walbro 255, my loss your gain. Location: Brighton area. P.M. me for pick up/info Or call on 0401 951 132
  23. Hi all, I have an auto r34 GTT running on 98 and am thinking about getting my turbo highflowed by hypergear. Just wondering what injectors would suit this application without being overkill and what fuel pump as well. Also here's a list of the current mods, anything that should be changed/added ? Blitz return flow fmic 3" turbo back exhaust with de cat Trans cooler Split fire coil pack Ngk irridium plugs gapped at 1.1 (think I need to decrease the gap, yeah?) Greddy B spec II ebs Z32 afm Apexi pod Nistune Will also be getting a metal induction pipe Any help would be greatly appreciated
  24. these are the genuine article that we guarantee it... all our pumps are engraved so we know they are our stock. if any customer is unsure..engrave it yourself, send it back and we will film it on the fuel bench... http://www.fivetenautomotive.com.au/fuel-pumps.html
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