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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a proud owner of Dragon, my '07 Nissan Skyline 370GT V36. Had this car for over 2 years now and I've been a casual lurker on this site since then. I have finally made the decision to join. I live in the Southern Brisbane area and I'm looking for places where I can take my car to receive some good loving. I love my car to bits, I take care of it really well, but I'd like to start exploring and giving it some extra care and attention by starting on some upgrades, but would like to sort out a place I can take it to with confidence. If anyone can recommend some good mechanics, tuning and detailing shops around my area, it would be highly appreciated (I have tried searching around the forums, but I'm having trouble finding any recent entries regarding this - unless I'm blind :P) Any help and/or tips would be wonderful. Thanks in advance and looking forward to conversing with the lot of you! -AC
  2. Hi all, Been looking into base heighte adjustable Coilover options for my V36 coupe and having trouble deciding on which way to go. Ultimately I would prefer a new set in terms of piece of mind, reliability and life-span - however looking for something with a good balance of price vs quality. Not sure on whether best to go with a true coilover setup on all 4, or whether to go true coilovers front and separate strut and spring on rear - like some companies out there provide. I have BC Coilovers in my Y34 Gloria and have been quite happy with them in terms of ride quality vs stability balance, etc - however I really am at a loss with regards to which sets to consider for the V36. My previous V35 had very firm coilovers with minimal travel and I really want to avoid this issue in this car! Currently the V36 has RS*R lowered springs with standard struts, sitting on 20in Works. Sit's fairly nicely and rides really too.. But it would be nice to be able to set the car up as I want and at the perfect height instead of just dealing with what the lowered springs allow for. Anyone who has experience with coilovers for V36 or can assist in anyway, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Chris.
  3. 2008 Nissan V36 Skyline 370GT Type S Coupe / Infiniti G37S - 2008 Nissan V36 Skyline 370GT Type S Coupe / Infiniti G37S - Black body - Push start button -- Black leather and cloth interior - Sports package - Tiptronic paddle shift with automatic rev blip when downshifting - Akebono big brake package - -pot front, 2-pot rear - 20 inch genuine Work wheels from Japan, with good tread - Lowered with RS*R springs sits perfectly at a nice lowered height and handles perfecttly, with no compromise to comfort - Roughly 140xxx kms. - Certificate and papers included - Smart Key FOB with proximity sensor for unlocking the car door youre closest to without having to actually use the key - multi-function steering wheel - volume, phone functions, etc. - push start button - immobilizer - electric seats - electric windows - Central locking - dual zone air conditioning / heating Etc. - Disc Stacker sound system, with CD/DVD, SD card and also a built in Hard Drive which rips cds to it as you feed them in ! - Color touch screen display with music box hard drive for your music library, gracenote, cd and track details, service and maintenance reminders, Fuel economy details, bluetooth phone connection and more. - Dual cameras - reversing cam with steering assist, passenger side wing mirror - cam - very helpful when parking and squeezing through gaps, etc. - Active Front Lighting System (AFS) When driving at night, AFS uses driving speed and steering wheel direction to adjust the headlights left or right in the direction of travel to provide better illumination of the road ahead. Drives just like a new car! - Be the smart one as you pull up next to someone who's just dropped 60k+ on a new one from an interstate Infiniti dealer!ship! Great, powerful, fun car which is a pleasaure to drive! PRICE: $23,500 ono Located close to Adelaide CBD, PM for contact details if interested. Available for inspection after 7pm Monday - Friday or anytime on weekends.
  4. Hi guys, Looking to buy 4 x 19 inch stockies from a v35 or v36 for my 35 sedan. Rubber is currenty running low (bought the car with Nankangs, gross) and I figured 19s would be a nice upgrade from the standard 17s. Have any of you done something similar? I'm located in Sydney, Liverpool area; happy to cover shipping. Cheers
  5. New infiniti to replace G37 looks the goods. Let us know your opinions in the replies. The all-new 2017 Infiniti Q60 has been spied without a shred of camouflage, caught outside Las Vegas this week during a promotional video shoot.Revealed as a concept at the Detroit auto show earlier this year, the Q60 joined the earlier Q50 Eau Rouge as an exciting look at the Infiniti brands potential to pique the interest of fans and detractors alike. But, while the GT-R in a sedan Q50 Eau Rouge project is now believed to have been buried, the Q60 was locked in for production long before it first appeared in Detroit - and its likely that well see a follow-up debut at next years show. As these revealing photos show, the production Q60 has retained the bulk of its concept progenitors styling and proportions, including the flowing roofline, deeply sculpted profile and wide, muscular stance.Infinitis trademark double arch grille design has been made smaller for this final iteration, and the bumper design of this variant has been given a more conventional look.The fin-like blade behind the front wheel arches has been replaced with a simple gill vent, although we could see the blade return on a later high-performance flagship variant. The rear-end of the 2016 Q60 follows a similar theme of subtle change, with shorter versions of the concepts scalpel-like tail-lamps sitting above a lightly revised bumper design with conventional round exhaust tips in place of the show cars long silver finishers.The cabin of the final Q60 is still to be spied, but we can likely expect a dash design that merges elements of the concepts interior with Infinitis more recent models, the Q50 sedan and Q30/QX30 twins.Final dimensions are likewise unclear, but in concept form, the Q60 measured 4690mm long, 1865mm wide and 1370mm tall, making it a touch longer and lower than the BMW 4 Series. Above: the Q60 concept. In its current nine year-old form, the Q60 is driven by a 235kW/360Nm 3.7-litre V6, but it is expected that the hero model in the new range will pick up a twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6.Such an engine powered the concept, claiming around 336kW of power.Power like that would make the new Q60 a rival to models like the BMW M4, Mercedes-AMG C 63, Audi RS 5 and Lexus RC F.In its regular form, with a range of engine choices, the Q60 will compete with the likes of the Audi A5/S5, BMW 4 Series, Lexus RC and Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe. Above: the current Q60. Watch for the new Q60 to make its world premiere in the coming months, likely at Januarys Detroit auto show.Expect the Q60 to debut in Australia late next year, for the 2017 model year.MORE: Infiniti Q60 concept revealedMORE: New Q60 in Australia from late 2016 What do you think? See more on CarAdvice
  6. im after a front grill for a 370gt 4door can not find one anywhere the first pic is what we have and the second pic is what im looking for.????
  7. Hi All, This is a really long shot, but does anyone know if it is actually possible to program a new Nissan V36 Smart Key FOB to be paired with your car without going to Nissan and dealing with their ignorance and unwillingness to help? Or is there anywhere else in Adelaide that can actually do the job?? I assume probably not, but no harm in asking. I was told they have to get the code from japan or some jabba but who knows how much truth their is to it. Cheers
  8. I have a Nissan V36 370GT Coupe with Nissan badged engine cover and am looking to see if there is anyone in SA with an Infiniti badged G37 that would be interested in swapping their Infiniti engine cover for my Nissan engine cover? Would also be interested in swapping the airbag covers over as well if interested? (Can remove cover easily). Cheers
  9. Hey guys have the Threebond Engine Conditioner for sale [same stuff as the Subaru UEC] As most of us know the VQ's are prone to a lot of build up in the plenum chamber and cleaning it out by stripping it down is much effort of some people. with the Threebond Engine conditioner its designed to be used to clean it up without much disassembly at all. Price: 1x $13 2x $24 3x $36 can post Australia wide for $7.50 max 3 cans Pick up Brisbane South Contact: Spencer 040070098one Some details of the Threebond Engine cleaner: Motatec Threebond Engine Conditioner (Petrol) cleans the induction system & combustion chamber on your petrol engine by removing carbon, varnish, sludge & gum all without dismantling major parts of the engine. IMPROVES PERFORMANCE REDUCES PINGING IMPROVES FUEL ECONOMY HELPS SMOOTH ROUGH IDLE REDUCES POLLUTION HELPS COMPRESSION RATIO Use every 15 000km service or 6 monthly. Suitable for vehicles with catalytic converters O2 sensor safe Use only on cable-operated throttle, if electronic throttle consult your dealer BEFORE using. NOT TO BE USED ON DIESEL ENGINES - SEE Threebond Engine Condition Diesel 3B-DEC No CFC LPG Propellant Flammable Gas 2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Warm engine to normal operating temperature. Shake can well. Stop engine, remove a convenient vacuum hose from intake manifold/throttle body. Spray for approx. 15 seconds. Allow to stand for 5 minutes before proceeding to next step. Start engine and accelerate enough so that the engine doesn't stall. Empty remainder of can into intake manifold/throttle body. When can is nearly empty stop engine and allow remainder of conditioner to sit for a further 5 minutes. Re-attach vacuum hose. Start vehicle and run for minimum 2 minutes before road testing vehicle.
  10. Bought this motor a while ago with the intention of building up an ITB'd na engine and putting it into a stripped out R33 shell. It's been sitting in the garage now for over a year and nothing has happened and I've realised my ambition outweighed my budget and my ability so it's up for sale. I'm looking at starting an apprenticeship in the new year so the disposable income I once had will disappear for a few years. Engine has one VVEL shaft removed by previous owner who wanted to get a better idea of how it all works, VVEL stepper motors were also removed from the head for trial fitment. Had an auto box bolted up to it initially so probably had a little easier life, came out of a front cut with 3x,xxx kms, looks like new inside, very clean. No flywheel or clutch, no exhaust manifolds, no power steer pump, no aircon compressor, does have alternator all intake manifold and e-throttle bodies, injectors, fuel rail, coil packs etc, toolbox full of bits and pieces from front cut, full loom in another box, 370z fuel pump, 370z cluster is there too with stalks as well. Can have the VQ35hr heads bolted on if you don't want to go down the VVEL route and rather run conventional camshafts and have the advantage of 3.7L capacity. Brought the six speed G37 box in from the US, same as found in the 370z internally aside from one bearing apparently being a different size internally, perfect condition inside, very clean as you'd expect from a low km gearbox (4x,xxx), very nice shift and handles a lot of power. Probably the strongest box nissan has built and shifts as nicely as an rb20 box. Comes with shifter assembly, shifter, all rubber boots, hydraulic throw out bearing and lines. Speed sensor, reverse sensor etc are there as well. Chasing $3500 for the lot pickup or buyer pays freight. Located Sunshine Coast QLD. Contact on 0420 856 464 if you want to inspect.
  11. Does anyone know where we can get the US G37 Journey lip from? Will attach a pic
  12. hi was wondering if its possible to remove the silver spoiler with the camera attatched in a v36 skyline i think it looks alot better without it, or if its possible to remove it and place the camera somwhere else. thank you
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