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Found 144 results

  1. Hey all So i recently bought a R34, originally it was a auto and the previous owner has done a manual conversion on it, drives around fine and what not. But it has come to my attention that the gearbox used is one out of a VL commodore ,well i think it is if someone can confirm the origin of the gearbox it would be appreciated (yes i checked previous threads from years ago but there was nothing confirming it). Also is it worth finding a proper R34 manual gearbox and swapping it out to future proof it ? Gearbox Details Has casted the following code - RP71C #2 5 speed manual only half decent photo of majority of the gearbox i have on hand at the moment
  2. Chasing a Broken gearbox from either r33 rb25 or r32 33 gtr. Must have bearing carrier, fork etc. Let me know who has what Perth only. Pm or ph 0422151003
  3. Hi, Wanting to buy a "C" type crossmember for my R32, currently re-shelling my GTST and the "B" type one doesnt fit, the holes need to be going the opposite direction! 0431 192 220 Cheers Damon
  4. Has anyone seen these before, link below
  5. When in neutral, i push clutch right in, and give it some revs. 3500-5000rpm it grinds. Even when its in a gear and clutch right in, rev and it grinds. And when driving, changing gears at high revs grinds. If i let revs drop to 2000-3000rpm its no worries. 1993 nissan skyline r33 GTsT. Manual, single turbo. RB25DET.
  6. Hi guys, I have up for grabs my OS Giken OS88 6 Speed sequential gearbox. This was originally purchased in October 2014 and received June 2015 after an 8 month wait from OS Giken. This is the updated version with the extended sump on it. I optioned this up with "option 2" gear ratio's. (This is an extra $1,000 option over the standard box price). This has the shortest 1st and the tallest 6th (6th same as the factory R32/R33 GTR 5th speed) so it's not spinning higher than it needs to be on the freeway. The ratios are; Option 2: 2.890, 1.981, 1.468, 1.174, 1.000, 0.757. I have also upgraded the gear position sensor to a Novotechnik Item as shown in the photo's below. This does away with the OSG 'switch style' sensor. The box has done no more than 350 km's on the street and a full flex tune on the dyno, so it's as good as brand new. Motul 75W-140 fully synthetic oil was used. That was the product recommended by Award Diff and Gearbox. It will not be driven again apart from the 15-20 odd Km's to where it will be removed. Whats included? - OS-88 6 speed sequential gearbox - Option 2 ratio's. - OS-88 transmission crossmember for BNR32/BCNR33 - Novotechnik gear position sensor - OS-88 Adjustable release fork kit - OS-88 direct shifter kit (bent style) - Release bearing - Gear indicator The gearbox is currently in the car and will be removed within the next couple weeks. I will be happy to take someone for a demonstration drive, HOWEVER, not without a $2,000 deposit. If you're interested in the gearbox you will (well should) know what they're about. The transfer case in those photo's is NOT included. I need that! Apart from the clutch (I used the OS Giken R3C) this is a whole and true bolt in package. Location is Georges Hall, Sydney. I will post at buyers expense. Contact me VIA PM. Price is $16,000
  7. Hey everyone, Just wondering where are some places to look to buy a second hand r34 gtt gearbox? Cheers in advance.
  8. Hi All Have for sale all in excellent condition: Rear Diff comes with axles/drive shafts & half shafts 5 Speed gearbox includes the transfer case & prop shaft Front sump with diff Twin turbo pipe $1200 takes the lot, this the the last bits i have that need to go as i sold my car & need the shed space. Will supply photos of the actual parts to any genuine purchaser. Call Mark 0418 896 910 if interested
  9. Hey guys just had a quick question. Recently bought a 2005 manual 350gt. Have noticed a couple things. One was that the seatbelt light stays on in the dash. The other was this morning when I put the car into nuteral it was making some strange noises. Didn't sound good at all. And seemed harder to change gears than yesterday. But then after it warmed up the noise was no longer there and gears got easier. Is this a common problem when the car is cold? Or do you think something may be wrong? Thanks
  10. Enquiring if the a gearbox for an automatic non turbo 1997 R33 skyline would be the same for a 1993 R33 Skyline automatic non turbo ?
  11. Hi guys, I am looking at rebuilding my R33 GTS-T gearbox. There must be someone here who has done it or at least a good write up because of how popular skylines are. I have found the factory manual for the r32 gtr by searching on these forums, from reading there are people who say its nearly impossible without the right pullers and others who say its simple. I have a 50 ton press at work and some simple snap on bearing pullers. Does anyone know where you can buy the synchros, bearings, shift forks and whatever else may be necessary to take out this rebuild? My local nissan dealerships are impossible to deal with, don't even know what synchros are and a technician I spoke to who found the parts by looking up the VIN said be looking at a 2-3 month wait and the prices were through the roof ($1100 +GST for bearings, synchros and a spacer!). Local shops quote me $1800 + parts too, very costly. Second hand box not an option as by this age would be in similar condition. Thank you.
  12. Hey all, I'm trying to get some answers for a (very tentative) VH45 swap somewhere down the line and need to get some stuff sorted before I get too carried away. I've been doing some reading on Z32/R3X hybrid gearboxes that'll take a lot of trouble out of the driveline side of the swap, however obviously most if not all this info pertains to the manual side of things. I plan on retaining my auto. Hence I have a handful of questions. I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to all this so please bear with me if some/all of them are stupid. Currently my plan is R34 NA shifter section + gearset -> Z32 bellhousing -> adaptor plate -> VH45DE engine 1. Probably the most important question, is there a difference between the auto and manual bellhousing in a Z32? I've heard the NA and TT manuals are different (same bolt pattern, need to shave down some metal on the NA to fit the beefier TT flywheel is my understanding) and the NA and TT autos may be different lengths 2. Will the rear half (the shifter section, is there a more technical name) of my RB25 NA's auto gearbox bolt up to the bellhousing of the Z32? I've seen a manual RB rear end bolt up to a manual Z32 bellhousing with no dramas but not an auto 3. Can I use the gearset from my NA's/the Z32's gearbox for the hybrid?
  13. Hi Folks I'd really like a speedo, but the donor gearbox I put in was clearly cable driven in the past. I would love a second hand sensor if anyone has a gearbox kicking around gathering dust for some reason. These seem hard to find as understandably people rarely seperate them. But hey if thats you, please PM!
  14. weight of gearbox r32 and r33 4x4 box hi I have not been on in a while, but I have a question, you could help me with how heavy is a R32 4 x 4 gearbox and is it the same as a R33 4 x 4 box. Thanks all.
  15. R32 GTR gearbox into R32 GTS4 compatible? Hey guys, I had some issues with my r32 gts4 gearbox, so decided to get a r32 gtr box. Just after some advice in regards to compatibility. Some people say it's a bolt on job others say may need an adapter. If anyone could grace me with some knowledge it would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Speedtek Gearset Review This is a review based on my experience and may not correlate to your experience when dealing business with Speedtek Auto Racing Parts. TL,DR; Positives • Received the goods (gearset and rebuild kit) • Fair priced and holding up 540whp (soon to push more) • Conversations are in professional and respectable manner • Comfortable to resolve issues and will follow through • Many other higher HP cars in Europe using his products with success Negatives • He has been outside Australia from February 2017 till now, leaves his co-worker in Melbourne to run the business • Co-worker does not seem to conduct any QC prior to sending the goods out, defects were present in the product (read below) • Replies from him take days to weeks to get back in resolving issues (but was quick on the point of sale) being outside the country • Lead time was very average This is more suitable for somebody who has rebuild gearboxes before and understand the components inside, otherwise, it is just jibberish for you. I’ve placed an order for their replacement ‘strengthen’ gear set to replace the current OSGiken gear set on R33 GTR S3 gearbox along with new bearings, synchro and seals. The keyword was GTR Series 3 gearbox. Order was placed on mid-February 2017 and payment was done ever so promptly. Item was sent mid-March and received end of March. The person behind Speedtek is Alex Kantarovski, as some of you would know; he is in the no-good list in SAU with his previous dealings. I am in no way presenting him as a scammer in this review, I’ve received my goods and he is willing to help to resolve the issues I’ve found. He has been out of the country since the beginning of this year and leaves his machinist to produce the product and his co-worker as logistics support. Upon assembly and checking clearances, I realised that the input shaft (4th gear) cone diameter did not match with the synchro supplied. The 4th gear synchro supplied by Alex fitted the OSGiken input shaft properly but not with the input shaft supplied (S3 4th gear synchro is bigger in diameter and uses shifting keys instead of clips). The input shaft he supplied is suitable for R33 GTST GTR or Z32 with the smaller diameter 4th gear cone. I popped him a message early April and he replied by insisting that he will send the correct synchro promptly. The 4th gear synchro for his kit is basically an off the shelf synchro but re-machined to allow for the shifting keys instead of the clips. A month was lost and I received the replacement synchro early May. The day I received the replacement synchro, I received a message from Alex saying that there is an issue with the synchro that I just received. I checked it over the sliding hub and sure enough it has issue with the teeth indexing that will pose shifting problem. He insist that it is a one off issue from the machinist which has been rectified, another replacement will be sent to me soon. 4 days later, the replacement of the replacement is sent to me and received mid-May. Opening the parcel, the synchro has a defect. The machinist made a mistake in the CNC program and created an undercut on the face of the synchro like it smashed tool. Indexing appears to be ok and that undercut shouldn’t affect its function as it is in a non-critical zone. Alex apologised and insisted to send me another one; apparently his co-worker sent me a prototype. I received the replacement mid-May (so right now 4 x 4th gear synchro in total). So assembly starts right away, it is my mistake in just quickly checking the clearance on this synchro and close up the gearbox. I didn’t bother checking how the latest synchro indexes on the hub. With gearbox being back in the car, all gears engage smoothly….except 4th. It crunches whether you shift into it from neutral/standing still/driving/slow shift/fast shift. Double clutching fixes the issue. Contacted Alex about the problem, he suggested to check the diameter of the pilot bronze bush on the crank. He made his input shaft snout to be 16mm diameter. I pulled the gearbox off to confirm and surprisingly the pilot bush was stuck on the input shaft as I pull the gearbox off indicating the interference fit. Why he made it 16mm diameter? I don’t know. The stock and OSGiken input shaft snout measures 15.8mm diameter in which the bush is 16mm diameter internally. I was not informed of this change. I’m not going to call this as my oversight because there was no design advantage to make that change, hence, I didn’t check it. This was the most plausible explanation at the time to why it crunches 4th. I was then suggested to drill the bush out to 16.2mm diameter which I did and slapped the gearbox back on the car. Then still… Bueno. It still crunches 4th and the only thing I could think of is the indexing issue of the custom synchro he made, the groove cut for the shifting key was perhaps too narrow so that the synchro does not slightly provide positive engagement with the hub and inevitably the synchronising action pushing it onto the input shaft cone. After messages exchanged and with no luck with this 4th gear syncro, I suggested for a replacement input shaft. The replacement shaft will be to fit the 1st synchro he sent me which has a cone diameter identical to the S3 GTR and OSGiken, co-incidentally it is the same as R34 neo input shaft in which his machinist already has a program on the CNC. This was because I know that the 1st synchro he sent me is a correct off the shelf component rather than guessing with another custom syncro. This is where I am right now, another month has gone by and his co-worker is in the process of sending me the replacement input shaft. Further update to follow… Overall I am not entirely sure if there is anything special with the S3 GTR gearbox. I’ve rebuilt a couple of FS5R30A from R33 GTST, SR20 box and Honda B series gearboxes without an issue with off the shelf parts and this would hopefully be an one off unlucky event. Alex will assist you with any related issue, his parts looks good (not sure what material and heat treatment these gearsets are). He could improve with communication and getting information from his co-worker. I’ve read worse experience in SAU with other companies such as PAR where they seem to just throw you under the bus after sale.
  17. r33 rb25 gearbox refurb recomendations Hey guys, After discovering I need a new clutch after 6 races at roll racing I have decided I misewell get the box fixed too while its out. Currently it crunches going into 4th due to those 3 clips popping off which were found in an oil change. Anyone had any personal experience or advice on who to go to in NSW SYDNEY? So far contacted the following with prices: -Award diff and gearbox seven hills (awaiting call back) -Smithfield diff and gearbox - $990 -Gearbox express in ingleburn - 1450 Cheers
  18. 2005 350gt V35 manual problem Hi guys.My name is Fil.I've had a catastrophic fail with my Skyline. I was driving to work all was good ,i slowed down for a turn, went to change down from 5th to 4th gear and thats all she wrote.Idled car to side of the road,turned off back on put it into 1st gear but no movement.Can someone maybe point me to the fault?Gearbox?Clutch?Driveshaft fail?There were no bangs or weird noises If anyone can help I would be grateful because i love my car
  19. Wrecked R34 GTT HTA3076 twin scroll rebuilt gearbox E85 fuel setup R34 GTT wreck Car has a lot of great parts on it with very low klms HTA3076 with Sinco twin scroll manifold and two turbosmart external gates along with screamer pipes and dump - fitted may 2016 (Amazing turbo, Total cost $5000+ Had to buy the turbo then get the twin scroll housing separately from GCG then get screamer pipes and dump made up) rebuilt rb25 gearbox (have receipt for $3800 from last year - very low klms) Big fuel set up - ID1600cc injectors, 1000hp external fuel pump, surge tank - all suited for E85 (Injectors were $1200 by themselves) power fc ARP head stud kit, Nitto head gasket, Tomei type B cams, performance valve spings - fitted august 2016 Greddy radiator Wilwood big front brakes (I believe around 350mm? - require an 18" wheel minimum) RB25 Neo internally standard Those are the parts I can think of right now. My preference is to sell the whole car as is. This is due to the fact that I fractured my humerus in the crash, otherwise I would part it out. If I cannot sell it whole, I will store the car for a while until my arm gets better and take all the parts off and sell them separately. Asking $8000 which I think is a pretty good deal when you consider just the cost of the turbo kit and gearbox were actually higher than this by themselves.
  20. R33/34 RB25DET gearbox Hey all, Looking to buy a good condtition R33/34 RB25DET Gearbox. Shifter/slave etc not essential but would be nice. It's for a mate who lives in remote QLD so buyer must be willing to ship. Thanks.
  21. 4 x NEW 285/30/18 Advan AO48 medium hard semi slick I have for sale 4 x NEW 285/30/18 Advan AO48 medium hard tires for sale.These are a 2008 build however stored correctly so they are fine. Melbourne pick up only Will only sell the four together $1000 ono
  22. R33 GTR Gearbox internals Hello, My engine builder has come up with a suggestion for me with my gearbox problems. To find a R33 GTR box and put its internals in the R32 case (cannot use R33 case and sensors etc are different). He said it would be a much better box for my power level which is 375kw atw's. Since I have already rebuilt my 32 box once before I'm looking for a better solution without spending 10k. Anyone done this?
  23. R34 GTR Getrag 6 speed gearbox issue Hi there, having issues with my R34 GTR gearbox just seeing if anyone has come across this issue before. Its the standard 6 speed getrag box, with upgraded clutch (Twin plate os giken) The car has tuned 650hp, but issue was here before that 5th gear synchro was busted and 5th gear would work very randomly but most of the time would not go in. 5th gear synchro has been replaced since and would only work 75% of the time but still does not like to go in it will go in 100% of the time if you rev up before shift will go in on idle The oil in the gearbox is new Castrol Transmission fluid z, has had the issue prior to it with the same oil All other gears are fine. Just seeing if anyone else knows what the issue could be, and if anyone else has had the same issue on their 6 speed box.. Thanks in advance.
  24. Cutting Gears Hey Does anyone know of a business in Aust that cut gears? I rang a number of engineering places in Perth today - but had no luck. Quick search on Google - i found these guys....... After some back and forth they asked me to come in with the gears I want cut - which I'll do in the next day or so. Anyone have any experience in this / know of any shops that can do gear cutting? Thanks guys Dan
  25. Thickest Oil for gearbox ?? Hey Guys and Girls, so a little bit ago, i had the clutch replaced in my R34, since i got it back from the mechanic the gearbox has felt more clunky (changing to second when its cold sometimes is really hard, just feels like i can feel the gears clunking together). not sure as to what rating oil he has put in gearbox, so i want to change it to something i know is thicker. what is the thickest oil ? or what oil would you recommend i put in it.