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Found 119 results

  1. for sale is rb25det gearbox which came off a s2 r33 with 130xxxkm. I bought it about a month ago to put into my 34 gtt which i blew the gearbox in, but decided to sell since because ill be going overseas for 3 months so the gearbox can wait for now as i wont be driving it anyway and would rather have the vacation money. Will also come with a twin plate clutch, dont know what brand, i think it might be ORC. Pick up casula. Serious buyers message or call me 0424 145 383 asking $1500 with twin plate clutch
  2. N155@N

    Hi SAU, Looking to buy a healthy R34 GTR Getrag 6 gearbox. It's going into an R33 GTR, so if you have any of the conversion pieces (diffs, drive shafts, mounts, etc.) i'll also be interested in those. Please contact me here. Thanks, Josh
  3. I’m curious that no one has developed a drop-in 6 Speed synchro gearset for the standard R32 & R33 gearbox. I would imagine that there is a market for strong street gearbox with the Getrag ratios and maybe the Carbon Fibre syncros that are now available. PAR used to do a straight cut dog 6-speed gearset but no longer offer this product. Im interested if there are reasons it hasn’t been done before wether it’s space related or something I’m ignorant of. Seeing so many Getrag conversions are in 32’s and 33’s these days I would see a drop in gearset as being and attractive option to keep the modifications to minimum. Happy to hear all thoughts in this one. Cheers.
  4. Speedtek Gearset Review This is a review based on my experience and may not correlate to your experience when dealing business with Speedtek Auto Racing Parts. TL,DR; Positives • Received the goods (gearset and rebuild kit) • Fair priced and holding up 540whp (soon to push more) • Conversations are in professional and respectable manner • Comfortable to resolve issues and will follow through • Many other higher HP cars in Europe using his products with success Negatives • He has been outside Australia from February 2017 till now, leaves his co-worker in Melbourne to run the business • Co-worker does not seem to conduct any QC prior to sending the goods out, defects were present in the product (read below) • Replies from him take days to weeks to get back in resolving issues (but was quick on the point of sale) being outside the country • Lead time was very average This is more suitable for somebody who has rebuild gearboxes before and understand the components inside, otherwise, it is just jibberish for you. I’ve placed an order for their replacement ‘strengthen’ gear set to replace the current OSGiken gear set on R33 GTR S3 gearbox along with new bearings, synchro and seals. The keyword was GTR Series 3 gearbox. Order was placed on mid-February 2017 and payment was done ever so promptly. Item was sent mid-March and received end of March. The person behind Speedtek is Alex Kantarovski, as some of you would know; he is in the no-good list in SAU with his previous dealings. I am in no way presenting him as a scammer in this review, I’ve received my goods and he is willing to help to resolve the issues I’ve found. He has been out of the country since the beginning of this year and leaves his machinist to produce the product and his co-worker as logistics support. Upon assembly and checking clearances, I realised that the input shaft (4th gear) cone diameter did not match with the synchro supplied. The 4th gear synchro supplied by Alex fitted the OSGiken input shaft properly but not with the input shaft supplied (S3 4th gear synchro is bigger in diameter and uses shifting keys instead of clips). The input shaft he supplied is suitable for R33 GTST GTR or Z32 with the smaller diameter 4th gear cone. I popped him a message early April and he replied by insisting that he will send the correct synchro promptly. The 4th gear synchro for his kit is basically an off the shelf synchro but re-machined to allow for the shifting keys instead of the clips. A month was lost and I received the replacement synchro early May. The day I received the replacement synchro, I received a message from Alex saying that there is an issue with the synchro that I just received. I checked it over the sliding hub and sure enough it has issue with the teeth indexing that will pose shifting problem. He insist that it is a one off issue from the machinist which has been rectified, another replacement will be sent to me soon. 4 days later, the replacement of the replacement is sent to me and received mid-May. Opening the parcel, the synchro has a defect. The machinist made a mistake in the CNC program and created an undercut on the face of the synchro like it smashed tool. Indexing appears to be ok and that undercut shouldn’t affect its function as it is in a non-critical zone. Alex apologised and insisted to send me another one; apparently his co-worker sent me a prototype. I received the replacement mid-May (so right now 4 x 4th gear synchro in total). So assembly starts right away, it is my mistake in just quickly checking the clearance on this synchro and close up the gearbox. I didn’t bother checking how the latest synchro indexes on the hub. With gearbox being back in the car, all gears engage smoothly….except 4th. It crunches whether you shift into it from neutral/standing still/driving/slow shift/fast shift. Double clutching fixes the issue. Contacted Alex about the problem, he suggested to check the diameter of the pilot bronze bush on the crank. He made his input shaft snout to be 16mm diameter. I pulled the gearbox off to confirm and surprisingly the pilot bush was stuck on the input shaft as I pull the gearbox off indicating the interference fit. Why he made it 16mm diameter? I don’t know. The stock and OSGiken input shaft snout measures 15.8mm diameter in which the bush is 16mm diameter internally. I was not informed of this change. I’m not going to call this as my oversight because there was no design advantage to make that change, hence, I didn’t check it. This was the most plausible explanation at the time to why it crunches 4th. I was then suggested to drill the bush out to 16.2mm diameter which I did and slapped the gearbox back on the car. Then still… Bueno. It still crunches 4th and the only thing I could think of is the indexing issue of the custom synchro he made, the groove cut for the shifting key was perhaps too narrow so that the synchro does not slightly provide positive engagement with the hub and inevitably the synchronising action pushing it onto the input shaft cone. After messages exchanged and with no luck with this 4th gear syncro, I suggested for a replacement input shaft. The replacement shaft will be to fit the 1st synchro he sent me which has a cone diameter identical to the S3 GTR and OSGiken, co-incidentally it is the same as R34 neo input shaft in which his machinist already has a program on the CNC. This was because I know that the 1st synchro he sent me is a correct off the shelf component rather than guessing with another custom syncro. This is where I am right now, another month has gone by and his co-worker is in the process of sending me the replacement input shaft. Further update to follow… Overall I am not entirely sure if there is anything special with the S3 GTR gearbox. I’ve rebuilt a couple of FS5R30A from R33 GTST, SR20 box and Honda B series gearboxes without an issue with off the shelf parts and this would hopefully be an one off unlucky event. Alex will assist you with any related issue, his parts looks good (not sure what material and heat treatment these gearsets are). He could improve with communication and getting information from his co-worker. I’ve read worse experience in SAU with other companies such as PAR where they seem to just throw you under the bus after sale.
  5. After a lot of headache asking for help, I have a r33 rb25det motor ( block number confirms) I got a rebuilt gearbox with changeover. Old gearbox had noisey bearings and crunchy 3/4 shifts, with a brief visual they looked the same. I upgraded from a exceedy sport tuff h/d clutch also has fitted a exceedy lightend flywheel to a NPC 300rwkw capable clutch for future mods, after fitting the new gearbox after elongating some bellhousing Bolts, slightly off compare to old mostly the bottom ones going through the backing plate.... there was excessive clearance between the clutch thrust bearing and touching the pressure plate. clutch slave cylinder push rod wouldn’t fit, after using NPC guidance there was 24mm clearance between, which they’ve never heard of, after fitting a longer thrust retainer to remove the clearance down to 6mm the clutch wouldn’t fully disengage, in gear foot on clutch turning the tailshaft clutch could be heard dragging and had abit of resistence to turn, whilst driving it was crunchy there was 10mm height difference on pressure plate clutch fingers when bolted to flywheel between clutches after drivability problems I decided to play around with spacing the clutch fork pivot and decreasing clearance down to 4mm but the NPC clutch still was dragging, so I decided to fit the old exceedy clutch that was working (now has been sitting for awhile) I fitted all the original parts from the old gearbox thrust retainer, removed clutch pivot ball spacing, now this clutch wouldn’t disengage at all, so I’m at a loss help.... summary rebuilt gearbox with new oem front plate where thrust retainer slides on new clutch slave cylinder, bolt pattern one on top one on bottom NPC 300rwkw clutch exceedy lightend flywheel 2mm difference overall height difference to factory flywheel apparent auto to manual converted new clutch pedal box everthing bolts up the same except for lower bellhousing bolts and starter motor needed to be elongated
  6. Trust six speed dog box, built by Quaife, straight cut gears, forged internals, freshly rebuilt including new main shaft, these boxes are built to last with quality internals for race purposes or serious street cars, to suit a Skyline GTR or can be converted to a two wheel drive set up. Contact me on 0403 537 240. Price is $6750.00 Quote Raysboostin Trader Feedback 2 0 0 Total Rating 100% Rank: RB25DET Members 5 1,000 posts Gender:Male Car(s):c34 rs4s Real Name:Ray Report post Posted April 22, 2012 mate, have another read of the rules. all for sale threads must have a price Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted April 22, 2012 Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted April 22, 2012 The price is $8000 Ono, thanks. Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted May 2, 2012 Price drop, $7500.. Quote You've chosen to ignore content by NXTIME. Options rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted May 3, 2012 I am located in Chermside, Brisbane. Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted May 19, 2012 . Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted May 28, 2012 Price drop $6500 Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted June 16, 2012 Numerous other GTR 32 parts available as well as two Quaife six speed dog boxes. Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted August 18, 2012 I also have an R32 GTR complied car in pieces to be sold complete or for parts. Quote 30TRB Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DET Members 0 45 posts Gender:Male Location:Brisbane Car(s):Bnr32 Gtr V-Spec Real Name:Terry Report post Posted September 2, 2012 What's the condition of the other 2 dog boxes ? Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted January 12, 2013 .. Quote 355GTS Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Ev Members 13 294 posts Gender:Male Location:Phillip Island Car(s):R32 GTR & R35 Real Name:Ev Report post Posted February 18, 2013 Hi Do you still have the boxes? Can you post a photo or two? Ev Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted August 2, 2013 One Trust box still available, fully rebuilt, ready to go. Quote Evocoop Trader Feedback 1 0 0 Total Rating 100% Rank: RB25DE Members 0 192 posts Location:Townsville Car(s):R32 GTR, S15 Silvia Real Name:Coop Report post Posted August 12, 2013 Do you have any broken ones. Looking for some parts for my broken one. Cheers Quote PWND Trader Feedback 8 0 0 Total Rating 100% Big Sexy Members 133 3,783 posts Gender:Male Location:Brisbane Report post Posted August 13, 2013 Any more info on the complied car? Condition? Parts included? Price? Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted September 29, 2013 I still have one box available for sale. Quote rajon Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Rank: RB20DE Topic Author Members 0 20 posts Car(s):skyline gtr Real Name:rajon davidson Report post Posted March 17, 2014 . Quote Reply to this topic... Go To Topic Listing Classifieds Next unread topic 500hp R33 Gtst Skyline AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to PinterestShare to More Latest Trader Topics aus MCA Suspension Available Now 5 473 int 100% PnP Performance Ignition Coil Upgrade | 5-0 Ignite 0 734 aus Megan Racing In Stock 12 607 aus Cooling deals on NOW! 0 515 aus Carbon Goodness! 10 1547 Announcements DON'T BE SCAMMED! READ BEFORE YOU TRADE! New To The Forum? Introduce Yourself Here How to become an SAU Supporter
  7. Hi Guys, Have the Getrag out of my gtr for sale. $6500 ONO Box has 70k kms on it. No noises or crunches works perfectly fine. It only came out due to an upgrade. Comes complete with shifter (nismo shift knob as well), transfer case, push/pull converter for clutch, clutch slave cylinder and braided clutch line. Pickup much preferred due to size and weight. Any questions PM me or sms/call 0403 858 714. Thanks, Brett
  8. Bought it a couple months ago but have decided to go twin plate. Clutch has plenty of meat on it, owner told me he used for 10000km, i never installed it on the car or used it. The pressure plate has been reinforced and has a load rating of 1100kg. Any questions pm me. Price $320
  9. RB25 det gearbox. In good condition. Only selling as I'm abandoning a track car project so it is at this point an unneeded spare $1500 Willing to work a deal with an rb25det engine Located North side of Brisbane Contact me on 0401297648 or
  10. Hi All Have for sale all in excellent condition: Rear Diff comes with axles/drive shafts & half shafts 5 Speed gearbox includes the transfer case & prop shaft Front sump with diff Twin turbo pipe $1200 takes the lot, this the the last bits i have that need to go as i sold my car & need the shed space. Will supply photos of the actual parts to any genuine purchaser. Call Mark 0418 896 910 if interested
  11. IMACUL8

    Cutting Gears Hey Does anyone know of a business in Aust that cut gears? I rang a number of engineering places in Perth today - but had no luck. Quick search on Google - i found these guys....... After some back and forth they asked me to come in with the gears I want cut - which I'll do in the next day or so. Anyone have any experience in this / know of any shops that can do gear cutting? Thanks guys Dan
  12. Hey guys, Up for sale is an RB20 5 speed manual gearbox. It will include the shifter, cross member and mount, and flex plate. The box was stupidly purchased for $500 from a wrecker with the intention of being used in my auto to manual gearbox conversion, but I ended up buying a complete conversion kit which included another gearbox. This is now surplus to my needs. Gearbox is located in Melbourne, south east, but postage is not an issue at the buyer's expense. Unfortunately for me, no one is going to pay the $500 price I paid so I am letting this go for $400. Please PM for the quickest response. Cheers, Adam
  13. no sky

    Chasing a stillway shifter for a r33 gts box. cash waiting.
  14. Gearbox interchange Been offered a cheap price on an r33 rb25det gearbox and am wanting to put it into my r34 non turbo. Been trying to find info on the conversion but cannot come across anything. Is it a direct bolt on or will I need to change the tail shaft and/or other components?
  15. As topic states. R33 gearbox fully rebuilt with PAR gearset 1-4 straight cut syncro engage. Gearbox built by Mr Transmissions and is less than 500km old. Have receipt for 5500k also in GTR bellhousing NPC twin plate billet clutch and flywheel. The top of the line clutch that NPC has I believe. It's less than 100km old. Have receipt for 2500 I also have all the other parts of the manual conversion out of a VL if buyer wants them with sale or I'll sell them separately The lot $6000 FIRM WILL NOT BUDGE 8000k worth of receipts all the gear is LIKE NEW All the gear is inside the cAr and will be removed in one afternoon when there is a buyer. Car is not being driven so no more use on stuff then what I mentioned. Everything is located in Brisbane but i am happy to freight at buyers expense. Call or SMS 0412 169 376
  16. Cedric

    Y34 Cedric auto issues. Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place etc. but I'm stuck, just bought a Nissan Cedric y34 with the vq30dd in it for my missus, drove from Sydney to wagga without a drama (5+ hours) , got near home at a set of traffic lights and as I took off it seemed as tho the transmission slipped into neutral, I rolled back because it wouldn't select any gears turned the car off, selected park and waited a few minutes. We then started it again it selected gears although after sitting there in park for a minute it slipped into 'neutral' again. It had to be towed to work and now I'm lost, checked fluids all seemed fine but it just continues to not select any gears. If anyone at all has any idea please help because I'm currently out of ideas !!! Thanks a lot, Paul.
  17. As the title says, I am in urgent need of a series 1 automatic 4wd gearbox for my RS4 Stagea.
  18. Hi guys, I've got an R33 GTST making 235 rwkW. Usual problems with synchros - been nursing the gearbox for years on smurf's blood. On the freeway today in 4th under acceleration the clutch started to slip (did it once, then I deliberately did it once more to check I wasn't dreaming). Also the takeup point seemed higher than usual before I hopped on the freeway. It was a pretty gentle cruise also - not like an organic clutch that's taken a thrashing and will recover a bit when it cools down. Hopefully I haven't trashed the flywheel, but it wasn't making horrible noises like rivets scraping. Looking for guidance on the things that should be replaced when the gearbox and clutch is out. Not looking for upgrades of gearsets/selectors or anything, just re-built back to standard. Also looking for recommendations on what clutch I should put in. Read on another thread that I should stick with factory synchros. What other bits should typically get replaced (eg bearings etc) on a gearbox re-build - assuming I don't have any cracked gears/selector forks etc. At this stage I'm assuming I'm up for: new clutch plate, pressure plate, throw out bearing machine the flywheel replace synchros I'm quite mechanically sympathetic on the old girl, but it does do a few track days a year, and occasional drags. I'd prefer not to have the car back together and someone say, "why didn't you replace blah while you had the 'box out?" Also any recommendations of who to go to in Brisbane? Probably more important, PM me if you know people I should stay away from (please don't flame anyone in the thread) cheers Mike
  19. Hi guys, I am looking at rebuilding my R33 GTS-T gearbox. There must be someone here who has done it or at least a good write up because of how popular skylines are. I have found the factory manual for the r32 gtr by searching on these forums, from reading there are people who say its nearly impossible without the right pullers and others who say its simple. I have a 50 ton press at work and some simple snap on bearing pullers. Does anyone know where you can buy the synchros, bearings, shift forks and whatever else may be necessary to take out this rebuild? My local nissan dealerships are impossible to deal with, don't even know what synchros are and a technician I spoke to who found the parts by looking up the VIN said be looking at a 2-3 month wait and the prices were through the roof ($1100 +GST for bearings, synchros and a spacer!). Local shops quote me $1800 + parts too, very costly. Second hand box not an option as by this age would be in similar condition. Thank you.
  20. For Sale R32 GTR Gearbox, has just been rebuilt with full receipts, new gaskets and seals, all synchro's have been replaced, yet to be used since rebuild. Rebuilt by reputable garage here on the Gold Coast. Gearset are 1, 2, 3 straight cut PPG gears, box is ready to go, as you can see in pictures gears have had very minimal life, only done 3000kms use. Price is $6000 gearbox is good to handle just about anything you throw at it, can freight Auswide simply PM me with your postcode for a quote, freight will be on pallet strapped down and wrapped up. Slightly negotiable on price however serious interested buyers only. Additionally I have the OS Giken Quad Plate race clutch complete with flywheel for sale also, just 3000kms of use, it is a dampened disc type, comes complete with high tensile bolts $1400, again take anything you throw at it. This setup was used without even slightest drama in my 900hp GTR, awesome setup for anyone running big power, bargain price will do a deal on both PM or text/call Johnny 0414596256 Cheers Guys
  21. Got a bunch of items for sale From 34 GTR and 92 model R32 GTR Prices are negotiable or if you believe i have over priced or made any mistakes let me know , got plenty of pics of each item so PM me or message on 0422244946 for more pics or info. All items are in perfect working condition. TE37 Tokyo time attack 19*10.5+15 with 285/30/19 Pzero's and bridgestones in poor condition. Rims fit perfectly on R34 Gtr flush with the guards, bought brand new about 8 months ago had to wait 3 months for them to arrive still in near perfect condition, only traveled about 5,000 KM on them, i removed them from car couple months back, didn't like the ride of 19's. Asking $3500 ONO R34 GTR glove box $75 R34 GTR center console $75 Standard R34 GTR turbos $ 400 Standard R34 GTR rear arms $20 R32 GTR push type gearbox including drive shaft, transmission mount and cross member sandwich plate and clutch slave cylinder. $750 Standard R32 GTR AFM's $150 R32 GTR standard computer $200 R32 GTR BOV + pipe $150 R32 GTR pipe from turbo to afm $25 R32 GTR twin turbo pipe $150 R32 GTR standard plum back BOV setup $150 R32 GTR brake master cylinder $75 R32 GTR clutch master cylinder $75 R32 GTR radiator lines $20 R32 GTR radiator support's $20 R32 GTR power steering reservoir $75 R32 GTR standard boost controller $20 Exhaust silencer, came from R32 GTR $50 2* 800w 12inch pioneer Subs in ported box, abit rough around edges $150 1200w audio-line amp $75 Greddy Turbo timer (never used) $75 2* New apexi pods (never used) $100 Also have Beats headphones never used $120 Next few items im not sure on price or names haha, May consider keeping but throw me an offer R32 GTR Cowl vent panel? Dont know name of this item, for rear window R32 GTR boot rubber, And Bonnet rubber?? Thanks for looking guys, again prices are negotiable, however this stuff has been laying around for over a year im in no rush to sell. Contact me on 0422244946 for any more pics or info. Thanks
  22. so this just happened. i must been shifting to hard it selects gears fine no grinds or crunches just very loose. i have taken the shifter out but i cant seem to see any thing wrong with it. any ideas or suggestions ? thanks
  23. Hey all So i recently bought a R34, originally it was a auto and the previous owner has done a manual conversion on it, drives around fine and what not. But it has come to my attention that the gearbox used is one out of a VL commodore ,well i think it is if someone can confirm the origin of the gearbox it would be appreciated (yes i checked previous threads from years ago but there was nothing confirming it). Also is it worth finding a proper R34 manual gearbox and swapping it out to future proof it ? Gearbox Details Has casted the following code - RP71C #2 5 speed manual only half decent photo of majority of the gearbox i have on hand at the moment
  24. Hi Folks I'd really like a speedo, but the donor gearbox I put in was clearly cable driven in the past. I would love a second hand sensor if anyone has a gearbox kicking around gathering dust for some reason. These seem hard to find as understandably people rarely seperate them. But hey if thats you, please PM!
  25. Hi guys, I have up for grabs my OS Giken OS88 6 Speed sequential gearbox. This was originally purchased in October 2014 and received June 2015 after an 8 month wait from OS Giken. This is the updated version with the extended sump on it. I optioned this up with "option 2" gear ratio's. (This is an extra $1,000 option over the standard box price). This has the shortest 1st and the tallest 6th (6th same as the factory R32/R33 GTR 5th speed) so it's not spinning higher than it needs to be on the freeway. The ratios are; Option 2: 2.890, 1.981, 1.468, 1.174, 1.000, 0.757. I have also upgraded the gear position sensor to a Novotechnik Item as shown in the photo's below. This does away with the OSG 'switch style' sensor. The box has done no more than 350 km's on the street and a full flex tune on the dyno, so it's as good as brand new. Motul 75W-140 fully synthetic oil was used. That was the product recommended by Award Diff and Gearbox. It will not be driven again apart from the 15-20 odd Km's to where it will be removed. Whats included? - OS-88 6 speed sequential gearbox - Option 2 ratio's. - OS-88 transmission crossmember for BNR32/BCNR33 - Novotechnik gear position sensor - OS-88 Adjustable release fork kit - OS-88 direct shifter kit (bent style) - Release bearing - Gear indicator The gearbox is currently in the car and will be removed within the next couple weeks. I will be happy to take someone for a demonstration drive, HOWEVER, not without a $2,000 deposit. If you're interested in the gearbox you will (well should) know what they're about. The transfer case in those photo's is NOT included. I need that! Apart from the clutch (I used the OS Giken R3C) this is a whole and true bolt in package. Location is Georges Hall, Sydney. I will post at buyers expense. Contact me VIA PM. Price is $16,000