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  1. Hello I have to put a new Gearbox in my R33GTR ( car is nearly stock) I want to exchange the EXEDY twinplate clutch (too Heavy) to a new Exedy Stage 1 too. My question : Do I have to oil the new Pilot bush or is it pre oiled? ( I have the original Workbook but it says nothing about that, searched the Forum too) Is there even more to consider? Regards Kai
  2. Hey guys and girls I have been looking into fitting a T56 6 speed manual gearbox or TR606 to my R33 GTR I have carried out allot of research I have found out RWD conversions are possible and have been done but no one has done a AWD conversion that I have been able to find. I think this could be a viable and cost effective option for people who are looking for a quiet street able gearbox which is capable of handling high HP. Now the cost for a setup like this could range from $6000 to $8000 that is a estimate at this stage the first unit would more than likely be more expensive but with more interest these costs could fall The T56 Magnum would probably be the gearbox of choice as it is the strongest syco box they do Able to withstand a massive 700 lb-ft. of torque while providing unbelievably crisp shifts, no other manual transmission on the planet offers as much combined strength, versatility, and general ease-of-use as the T-56 Magnum. Known in its original equipment form as the 'TR-6060', the Magnum is an aftermarket version of the same transmission found in many of today's most celebrated factory super cars – including the ZR1 Corvette and ACR Viper – giving you refinement where you want it and strength where it counts. Other positives about these gearboxes are gear sets PPG have dog configurations and sequential setups for the more hardcore drivers. I personally wouldn’t see the point all you would do is fit a PPG setup to the factory 5 speed. The bell housing is also allot larger this may offer GTR owners more clutch options more surface area and the possibility to run a nicer street able clutch (sprung centre) The biggest positive is retaining the 4WD and for me that the game changer. This isn't set in stone as yet, I am looking for advice and wisdom there is a huge amount of knowledge on this forum and would love to hear your thoughts and comments thanks for your time Frosty
  3. Setup : RB25 NEO,R33 GTT Gearbox,OS Giken Triple Disk, Ram Hydralic Throwout bearing. It all began when I drove my car out the drive way and for a while now my clutch fingers made a strange noise when depressed but after the car is warmed up it disappeared and next day it returns. The bleed line for my hydralic went loose the day I drove it out . Bleed over the system then to realize the clutch cylinder was bad. Change it bleed over and I wasn't able to disengage the clutch,after that I gave the bearing more travel to see if the clearance/travel of the bearing change. Did that no luck on disengagement. Clutch has life I took down the set up and all the disk was stuck together due to grease from the spline and wd40 I sprayed on the fingers to see if it ease the noise(stupid of me). What else could it be that isn't disengaging the clutch
  4. So I'm finally getting rid of the slushbox my N/a R33 came with and I've got a few queries I'm hoping someone can answer. -I've heard the Rb25DE and RB20DET gearboxes are almost indentical apart from slightly different raitio's, in that case could I just use an RB20DET gearbox and a Rb25DE tailshaft together in an R33? I know you can't use a Rb25DET tailshaft as it's too long for a 20 or 25DE box -Rb20DET box uses a speedo cable, while Rb25de gearbox uses a speedo sensor, can you easily swap the box to accept a speedo sensor? -Is it possible to even use a RB30E on an R33 without an custom work? As their the cheapest of them all
  5. Calling all gear box guru's. What are some key defining features that are unique to the Rb20det gear box in r32 skylines? (Also is the same gear box is found in the 25de models?). I've heard the that 20e/30e/20de gearboxes are a lot weaker than the rb20det/25de box's and where I'm from people try to play off the weaker gearboxes as 20det boxes for a little extra coin. So if anyone knows of any features that are visible from the outside of the box that will allow you to distinguish which gear box is which with out opening them up, please feel free to spread the love. for example - do they have different bell housings, breathers, shapes or even a number stamped on the side of it? Thanks! And have a fine day.
  6. Hi all, I bought my 350gt a month ago and just realized that i have been driving it with the transmission setting on snow. When I put it on power the engine light comes on. also when driving around in power mode there is no noticeable difference in power or response time. Any ideas? Also apologies if this topic has been already covered.
  7. Hey everyone, Had a look through the forums and can't seem to find an answer. Recent swapped my Rb25det + gear box into a new shell, got it all running fine but the gear box won't hold the uneven gears (1,3&5) I can't hold the shifter in the gear and it drives fine but as soon as I let go of the shifter it pops straight out. Anyone had a similar issue?
  8. Hi, I'm after a RB20 5 speed gearbox working or not working condition. I'm in Melbourne, Victoria. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  9. Bought it a couple months ago but have decided to go twin plate. Clutch has plenty of meat on it, owner told me he used for 10000km, i never installed it on the car or used it. The pressure plate has been reinforced and has a load rating of 1100kg. Any questions pm me. Price $320
  10. Hi Guys, Have the Getrag out of my gtr for sale. $6500 ONO Box has 70k kms on it. No noises or crunches works perfectly fine. It only came out due to an upgrade. Comes complete with shifter (nismo shift knob as well), transfer case, push/pull converter for clutch, clutch slave cylinder and braided clutch line. Pickup much preferred due to size and weight. Any questions PM me or sms/call 0403 858 714. Thanks, Brett
  11. R33 GTST Gearbox and Nismo Super Coppermix Twinplate clutch kit R33 GTST / RB25DET Gearbox from Nissan Skyline. Had in car ~6 months, had no issues whatsoever shifting, grinding, popping out of gear, exploding, etc etc etc but did only have few months. Removed as engine also removed from car.Drives and sounds like any R33 GTST gearbox that I have personally ever seen.Has new (nismo lol) pivot ball. New OEM slave cylinder too, and a non 18 year old dust boot and crossmember, and new gearbox mount.Nismo Twin plate super coppermix clutch kit with lightened flywheel. Also near new, driven about 10,000kms. These things last many many years of abuse, never received really any abuse as engine/gearbox now out of car. Will hold 450 rwkw, and drive like a clutch that won't make you hate life and can drive daily EASILY$3000 for both, will be $3200 if you make me seperate them. Located Glen Waverley, Melbourne.
  12. 2005 350gt V35 manual problem Hi guys.My name is Fil.I've had a catastrophic fail with my Skyline. I was driving to work all was good ,i slowed down for a turn, went to change down from 5th to 4th gear and thats all she wrote.Idled car to side of the road,turned off back on put it into 1st gear but no movement.Can someone maybe point me to the fault?Gearbox?Clutch?Driveshaft fail?There were no bangs or weird noises If anyone can help I would be grateful because i love my car
  13. When in neutral, i push clutch right in, and give it some revs. 3500-5000rpm it grinds. Even when its in a gear and clutch right in, rev and it grinds. And when driving, changing gears at high revs grinds. If i let revs drop to 2000-3000rpm its no worries. 1993 nissan skyline r33 GTsT. Manual, single turbo. RB25DET.
  14. R33 GTR Gearbox internals Hello, My engine builder has come up with a suggestion for me with my gearbox problems. To find a R33 GTR box and put its internals in the R32 case (cannot use R33 case and sensors etc are different). He said it would be a much better box for my power level which is 375kw atw's. Since I have already rebuilt my 32 box once before I'm looking for a better solution without spending 10k. Anyone done this?
  15. Leaving your car in reverse gear while rolling down a hill Hey guys, Earlier today i turned into a steep hill street and I realised that it was the wrong street so I put it in reverse gear to pull out of the street but then a taxi came up behind me so I couldn't get out of the street. So I went down the hill but after going down about 50 metres I realised I still left it in reverse gear while my foot was pressed down on the clutch pedal. I only realised I left it in reverse gear when I heard that winding noise reverse gear makes so I immediately put it in neutral. I was wondering if this could damage the gearbox or any transmission system or anything else on the car. I tested reverse gear straight after and it still seemed fine but I just wanted to make sure. thanks
  16. Ppg S/C Dogbox Up for sale - 5 speed h pattern PPG dogbox suit r32 GTR All gears are dog engagement and Straight cut 1-5th (awsome noise), larger 26 Hollinger style input shaft. Box has just been rebuilt by award diff and gear no expenses spared.. Has a brand new input shaft, 2nd and 5th gears brand new, all dogs and selector forks new Have all receipts This box works awsome has pushed my Gtr to a 10.6 et with less then 400kw $9k neg Located Sydney 0400171207
  17. Y34 Cedric auto issues. Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place etc. but I'm stuck, just bought a Nissan Cedric y34 with the vq30dd in it for my missus, drove from Sydney to wagga without a drama (5+ hours) , got near home at a set of traffic lights and as I took off it seemed as tho the transmission slipped into neutral, I rolled back because it wouldn't select any gears turned the car off, selected park and waited a few minutes. We then started it again it selected gears although after sitting there in park for a minute it slipped into 'neutral' again. It had to be towed to work and now I'm lost, checked fluids all seemed fine but it just continues to not select any gears. If anyone at all has any idea please help because I'm currently out of ideas !!! Thanks a lot, Paul.
  18. Up for sale is my spare R34 GT-T RB25DET gearbox. Absolutely mint condition, has just been inspected and overhauled. Only has 70xxx km on it, gearbox guy said it's the best condition used RB25 box he has seen. Located Newcastle but can post at buyers expense australia wide using e-go.com.au $1600 Can PM me on here or can be contacted on 0437 133 7 zero 1
  19. Hey guys ill do a write up as I go as there seems to be no info on how to drop the motor etc........ my problem is I have broken the crossover pipe from the drivers side exhaust header that leads to the turbo. I will write up a DIY guide as I go and take some photo's etc.
  20. up for grabs is a brand new unused z32 nistune ecu with standed base map on it bought straight from toshi recommended by Nistune. need to sell as unexpected expenses came up rb25 series 2 r33 gearbox no glitterly oil, still looks fresh, gear stick has very minimal play. (120,000k) ecu - $550 pickup or postage gearbox - $1100 pickup only Northern suburbs of Melbourne call chris on 0431613540 Cheers guys
  21. Hi Guys, I joined the forum few days back, reading and hoping to find a answer to my Delmer. I currently am doing a full resto on a 69 dodge phoenix now for over a year and i am needing a break on it, so i decided to buy a cheap skyline and go from there. Too cut a long story short, I bought a immaculate rolling shell R33 GTS4 and all that it requires is motor, box n ecu, thinking how hard is it to slip an engine n box...........well After trying to find anything that could help me out, i got totally confuddelled ...but from what I have read I have one of the less desirable skylines. All I would like to do is get the car back running in original set up and everything to work as it was before removal of old motor n box. Now do i need to find a replacement from another R33 GTS4 or Can i source a RB25DE form another car? what about ecu? do i use the one from replacement motor or find one from a GTS4? I need a gearbox, can i use one out of a GTS T or from any other model. I know some of my questions might be stupid to some but i do apologize, so if anyone can throw me a link, phone number or any advice it would be most appreciated.
  22. hey guys have a Ci performance (drift) triple plate clutch for sale too suit a rb25, i purchased off a guy who bought it new for 2,500 used it for 6 hours on the 1/4 mile track and broke his box so i bought it for my project car but have deicdied too build a strong auto instead pm if interested $1800 ono
  23. Just putting this out there in case anyone is selling their R34/Stagea auto after a manual conversion: Looking to buy a fully built Tiptronic auto gearbox to suit an R34 GTT (RB25DET Neo, 1998 model): RE4R01B Tiptronic gearbox Must be built to handle at least 300 rwkw Stage 2 shift kit (MV Auto, KEAS or equivalent) 2nd gear billet servo New clutches/bands and solenoids High stall (optional) Trans cooler (optional) The box must be built by an auto specialist and come with a receipt with full specifications. Let me know how many kms on the box all up & since rebuild. Recent build preferred (2012/2013) and not really interested in anything from a write-off. Looking in VIC at this stage for easier inspection and pickup. PM me what you've got & where, reason for sale, and what you're after for it. Thanks!
  24. For Sale: R32 GTR Gearbox, removed from fairly standard vehicle with 12X,XXXkms No notchy gears, synchros are good shifted well when road tested $500 R32 Rear Subframe complete with rear brakes, hubs, arms, shafts etc, and a hicas lock bar, all complete minus just the wheel speed sensors, diff and housing $250 (No rust at all) (Pictures on request) Will freight either or both anywhere in Australia at buyers expense Call/Msg Johnny 041459256 Located Runaway Bay Gold Coast
  25. Hi, Hope someone can tell me the easy fix for this problem or solution. My gearbox makes whiny scraping noises when I put the car into gear and get off the clutch. Doesnt feel like anything is wrong but im not sure what damage it can cause on the inside. Thanks for any replies.
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