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Found 11 results

  1. Hi SAU, Looking to buy a healthy R34 GTR Getrag 6 gearbox. It's going into an R33 GTR, so if you have any of the conversion pieces (diffs, drive shafts, mounts, etc.) i'll also be interested in those. Please contact me here. Thanks, Josh
  2. Hi Guys, Have the Getrag out of my gtr for sale. $6500 ONO Box has 70k kms on it. No noises or crunches works perfectly fine. It only came out due to an upgrade. Comes complete with shifter (nismo shift knob as well), transfer case, push/pull converter for clutch, clutch slave cylinder and braided clutch line. Pickup much preferred due to size and weight. Any questions PM me or sms/call 0403 858 714. Thanks, Brett
  3. OS Giken R3C Triple plate clutch for sale. It was slipping on my car so I have upgraded to a quad plate. Would suit with someone with up to 500kw. We opened it up and it looks to be on very good condition (see pictures) so I can't envisage it slipping at around 500kw of power. Some bigger power cars are running these with no issues. Put a genuine OS Giken pull to push converter on your getrag and this clutch has epic street manners and driveability while being able to hold big power. Pic below and inspections are welcome. These retail for around 3,000 and I'm asking 1,500. Located Western Sydney PM if interested Cheers
  4. I have some conversion parts for putting a getrag into an early. Bnr34 shifter, front prop and complete rear prop (you only really need the front section and you mate to the 32/33 rear section) im looking for £650(gbp) + ship I also have a brand new nismo bnr34 flywheel to suit the super coppermix twin plate clutch (handy if you already have a 32/33 with a super coppermix and want to keep your clutch and use it on the getrag conversion, you just need to switch flywheels) im looking for £400(gbp) plus shipping can do a deal if all the above is purchased together fire me an email if interested daniel_anderson_602@yahoo.co.uk cheers! Dan
  5. Getrag Parts Discontinued? I'm being told certain parts for the Getrag are now discontinued? Specifically, award are telling me they cannot get a 3rd gear synchro and 3rd/4th selector hub. Anyone got a lead on these parts or at least the part numbers?
  6. Wanted to buy - R34 GTR Tail Shaft Hi all Doing a Getrag conversion on my 33 and would like a R34 GTR tail shaft. Preferably in NSW. PM me if you have one. Cheers Umair
  7. Hey guys, Merry Christmas!! I have a r34gtr 6 speed box in good condition done under 100,000 klms, with front prop shaft, rear tail shaft and shifter. Chasing 9k ono. Feel free to ask any questions. Number is 0488664654. Cheers, Matt
  8. R34 GTR Getrag 6 speed gearbox issue Hi there, having issues with my R34 GTR gearbox just seeing if anyone has come across this issue before. Its the standard 6 speed getrag box, with upgraded clutch (Twin plate os giken) The car has tuned 650hp, but issue was here before that 5th gear synchro was busted and 5th gear would work very randomly but most of the time would not go in. 5th gear synchro has been replaced since and would only work 75% of the time but still does not like to go in it will go in 100% of the time if you rev up before shift will go in on idle The oil in the gearbox is new Castrol Transmission fluid z, has had the issue prior to it with the same oil All other gears are fine. Just seeing if anyone else knows what the issue could be, and if anyone else has had the same issue on their 6 speed box.. Thanks in advance.
  9. So I have a V160 with about 8000 miles on it and Im just curious if anyone has used the center section of a V160 with a R34 bellhousing and input shaft to use in a rear wheel drive configuration. If its too difficult or too hard to find the R34 parts I might just sell the V160 and use the cash to put into my R32.
  10. Hey Guys, Just wondering what sort of ET's are achivable with a Getrag 6 speed. Standard equipment in my R34 GTR, running the 3.5 ish diff ratio. I ran 11.2 @ 129 at WB, then backed it up with a 130mph pass Be curious to find out what other people have done. in the 34's, moded into earlier models, different diff ratios etc
  11. hi my name his Luke , iam from Montreal quebec canada , new user on here , iam a skyline enthousias since 4 year , ive went trew alot of build , and this is my BABY BLUE GTR Moteur:Swap r34 2000 20 000km HKS T4 DIVIDED MANIFOLD (CAME FROM A T51R KIT) HKS 60 MM WASTE GATE (1 BAR SPRING) Precision 62-66 DUal ceramic baal bering CUSTOM 3.5 inch Stainless downpipe CUstom bit of a piping after the turbo CUSTOM OIL LINE Apexi complete cat back* Greedy type r BOV Tomei head gasket 1.2 mm 87 bore Tomei timing belt TOMEI OIL PUMP Tomei oil pan baffle Tomei TYPE b camshaft Tomei cam gears N1 water pump ACL main berings ACL ROD berings ARP rod bolts ARP HEADSTUD Spool oil drain kit Yellow jacket coil pack Hks intake wit custom pipe* Nismo engine mount Cusco OIL catch can 3 liter wit stainless steel braided line Drivetrain: Cusco type RS 1 WAY FRONT LSD Cusco type RS 1.5 WAY REAR LSD R34 6speed getrag (20 000 km) 1 piece allu driveshaft (driveshaftshop) Nismo twin plate competition model Nismo r34 tranny mount Nismo r34 stainlesssteel clutch line Fuel system: 1000 cc denso injectors Greddy twin entry fuel rail Sard fuel pressure regulator Twin INTANK OEM GTR fuel pump 800hp+ Cooling system: hks piping kit* Arc 4 inch intercooler Mishimito radiator Nismo low temperature thermostat Trust greedy oil cooler wit filter relocaliser Ecu:* Haltech platinum pro WIT every damn sensor u can think of , racepack dash display Braking stuff R34 brembo wit project mu brake pad Stainless steel braided line Suspension : cusco type zero 1 coil over kit Ams hicas delete kit Ams front upper table Ams tension rod Ams rear Camber ajuster Ams Inner + outer tie rod 4x new front balljoin Roller:* 17x9 +15 offset work rsz-r* 275-40-17 g force kw2 tire* Drag wheel* 17x9 r33 GTR 275-40-17 mickey thompson drag street ET Interior: Haltech RACEPACK DASH DISPLAY . FITTED in the oem stock cluster , yes front torke and fuel gauge still works , CUStom made cusco 7 pooint rool cage* Nismo gt500 6mt shiftnknob 12mm Recaro sr4 blue* Bride low position seat rails Alpine radio* Razo foot pedal Sard battery relocator kit /sard box Exterior N1 Headlight Nismo front bumber Nismo side skirt Nismo rear valence Fluids:* Tranny;Motul 300 gear oil api-gl4 75w90 Nissan matic d transfer case Front diff+ rear diff Motul 300 gear oil 75w90 Engine: Motul 15w50 Oem oil filter here a video of my car idling , just had installed the new Precision turbo , and new 3.5 inch down pipe hope u guyz enjoy
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