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Build Thread

Build Thread

Found 2 results

  1. Can anyone recommend a good mechanic around Macleod area to work on my r34???
  2. Greetings SAU’ers I've been out of the highly rewarding yet never-ending battle of modded Japanese fang mobiles since circa 2008 when my very nice S15 was loaded onto a flat bed truck, in pieces, never to return. It’s been about ten years now and the pain has finally subsided so time to throw the hat back into the ring. I have recently picked up a very nice S15 albiet embarrassingly stock. But perfect for a from scratch, no cut corners proper build. Being 10 years richer than the time when S15 #1 bit the dust, I am in a position where I can drop the car at a workshop and tell them to go for it. Sooooooo…. I’m hoping for feedback on tuners in Melbourne. And before someone says “newbie di*khead – do a search….” I have done a search however it is unclear which tuners will do work on the car and tune it i.e. someone like Dr Drift or Revzone, and tuners which will only do dyno tuning i.e. Chequered I read somewhere they only tune…. Which is a shame as they are raved about (in a good way). So, has anyone had any recent good / bad / excellent experiences with a Melbourne tuning shop, taking into account that I am going to entrust them to do a satisfactory job with good workmanship and parts I might or might not supply…. I don't want to be just bled dry of cash and recommend whatever parts combo suits them/easiest for them and/or they make the most cash off. I really like the idea of Nistune I have been down the Power FC route before…. I think they are troublesome. I see Dr Drift does nistune and also Chasers and RevZone, anyone been to these places recently? I think I remember RevZone being the upmarket option, doing A1 work but expensive? The build will be bolt ons only, not touching internals, but when I say bolt ons it will be the full arsenal. Feedback most appreciated! Would love some recommendations but even just as handy please advise where to stay away from, it’s a jungle out there and I don’t wanna get lost in it. No need to slag off any shops on here but PLEASE PM me if you have advice that is not quite “constructive criticism” - i'd be most grateful. Thank you all and thank you for going easy on the newbie, I look forward to sharing more about the build once it kicks off.
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