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Found 56 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently installed a new cluster and when i went for the first drive everything seems to work fine except for the speedo. i cant seem to work out whats wrong with it, all the other gauges work fine, i just cant see the speed im travelling. any help would be great
  2. just wondering if anyone knows what these blue AN type fittings are in my engine bay. they are next to the oil filter
  3. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone on here as changed their rear standard rotors from 265mm to 296mm? My 34 has r33 calipers adjusted to the 265mm rotors. Im wondering what i need to completely upgrade to the 296mm rotors as its cheaper than having the standard setup. Also will braking have issues as I have 280mm rotors on the front and then when i upgrade, the rear will be bigger? What are you running?
  4. Nismo GT Shift Knob (Urethane) 6 speed - discontinued model. Used but in great condition in box - $210 BNR34 Vspec II Shift knob good condition, slight wear on paint - $200 BNR34 factory carpet mat full set great condition - $550 Nismo fuel cap - discontinued model - $300 Nismo 10pt key - new, uncut, genuine in box - $600 R34 owners manual (GT, GTT) - $100 Postage available at buyers expense. Pics posted later today.
  5. gt badge side indicators Hi everyone, If you are like me you will have always hated the ADR requirement of needing a side mounted indicator (it's up there with the 3rd brake light rule!), cutting holes in aluminium gtr guards to fit hideous generic indicators.... well I have hopefully came up with a solution! At the moment I have the design made and I'm working on actually creating the real deal of making a gt badge looking equivalent (as you see on every skyline) into a ADR approved side indicator. the part will be UV resistant acrylic resin to withstand the harsh sun and hopefully look similar enough to not even be noticed until it's flashing. I am hoping to sell these on if all prototyping going well ( and may even do ones to suit specific other models) but at this stage it's just a bit of a test and I guess a gauge of interest. the current design is based on a 32 gtr badge, same dimesions of the shield but it will stick out 14mm instead of roughly 10mm the stock badge does. thanks for any input
  6. Hi everyone, I just bought a Nissan Skyline R34 GT that has a Rb25de NA motor which they turbo it with an ebay turbo. So the previous guy blew the block due to high compression and I bought it from him. I recently took the motor out and swapped a Rb25det Neo. I had to rewire all the harness to fit because of the previous NA motor which it doesnt have the same connectors as the neo. Now the I dont have a oil temp wire to connect. I was wondering if anyone had an extra oil temp wire and oil pressure sensor. I want to know if anyone has done a swap from a N/A into a Neo turbo. Please tell me about your experience and how you made it work. Thanks!
  7. Searched through a few post about stud sizes, answers vary a little, i am in need of a new rear wheel stud on my 34 GT, not sure if the sizes are the same between GTT and GT? Is the size I need 12.9 x 1.25 pitch? And how long is the stud? thanks
  8. Hi iam new to this page and I recently got an n/a r34 not to long ago everything on it is fine except the hazard light come on when I open the door, it does have an alarm system on it or it would it be faulty wiring any help would be appreciated
  9. Hello. I have a R34 GTT and because reasons, I need to maintain stock geometry. However, I can change the geometry. I have a few questions. 1) Can I get a non HICAS subframe and bolt everything from the GTT subframe into said subframe? 2) What parts of said subframe determine whether the rear shocks can be fork or eyelet type? I do not want to change from current fork type because I would like to keep my coilovers. My ultimate goal is to convert my current car into having stock rear toe arms I can set with an adjustable whiteline bush for configurable toe. Answers to inevitable questions: I have a HICAS eliminator kit already. I can not use this. The diff has to come out because reasons anyway. The tailshaft is removed for reasons anyway as is the exhaust. There's not much in the way of removing the subframe. I would also like to put every bush known to man into whatever subframe (i.e the R34 non HICAS one) goes back into the car. Is there a kit for this? I don't know the names of every bush that is on every site and this is quite confusing to me. I do have *some* bushes already. Can I re-use these? I have pineapples, and rear camber adjustment for the current uprights in the GTT. How much of this can be re-used? OPTION 2: Buy HICAS parts and put into GTT subframe. Surely no one wants option 2. I searched, oh god I searched but I'd like confirmation before I buy a subframe I can't use, or one that requires me to replace my diff, or axles, or coilovers or buy whiteline bushes I already own. I would much rather put HICAS back in than do that.
  10. Does anyone have an RB25DET series 1 or series 2 head in good condition for sale? Thank you
  11. Looking for a tow bar for my 1999 R34 Skyline GT Coupe (and before anyone says not to, it's my daily and I need to tow my track bike). I've been quoted a pretty high price to get one custom made, so I thought I'd ask around to see if anyone has an existing one fitted to their car that they no longer want to try and save a bit of money. If you have one available or know of any places that could potentially make and fit one for me, please let me know!
  12. When in neutral, i push clutch right in, and give it some revs. 3500-5000rpm it grinds. Even when its in a gear and clutch right in, rev and it grinds. And when driving, changing gears at high revs grinds. If i let revs drop to 2000-3000rpm its no worries. 1993 nissan skyline r33 GTsT. Manual, single turbo. RB25DET.
  13. FS: R34 GTT & GT brake boosters, BM50 & BM44 BMC, DBA T3 310mm rotors, AN10 Hoses, R34/R33 transmission parts [MEL] Replacing my previous for sale thread with this updated one, here goes. For sale: 1. R34 GTT brake booster with BM50 master cylinder – $100 2. R34 GT brake booster with BM44 master cylinder – $100 3. DBA T3 4000 310mm rotors x2 for R34 GTT front, worn – $80 for the pair 3. Leaky Driftworks braided oil cooler hoses with crimped AN10 fittings, for spares – $30 4. R34/R33 transmission parts – $80 See below for details. All parts in Melbourne near Essendon, pick up only. PM if interested. --- 1. R34 GTT brake booster with BM50 master cylinder – $100 I was going to replace mine with this but my issue was elsewhere. Was sent to me as a working unit but I haven't tested it, you're welcome to inspect in detail The plastic fork collar is cracked on one side (see photos) but this shouldn't affect operation The master cylinder doesn't have BM50 stamped on it, however the outer diameter is the same as the BM50 on my GTT so I trust it's the same unit --- 2. R34 GT brake booster with BM44 master cylinder – $100 This was sent to me by mistake when I was after the GTT booster+master. Was sent to me as a working unit but I haven't tested it, you're welcome to inspect in detail This is in slightly cleaner condition than the GTT BM50 The BM44 BMC outer diameter is slightly smaller than the BM50 --- 3. DBA T3 310mm rotors – $80 Rotor are about 2 years and 20,000 old, with several track days on them I believe one of the rotors is slightly warped, it's fine for street use but does vibrate in hard braking (runouts are 0.10mm and 0.04mm) No visible cracks or significant heat stress marks on the surface Rotor thickness 29.1mm (new 30mm, minimum 28mm) --- 4. Leaky Driftworks braided oil cooler hoses with crimped AN10 fittings, for spares – $30 Hose lengths are 115cm and 135cm This is heavy duty braided hose about ~25mm outer diameter The AN10 hose fittings for each hose are 90 degree elbow at one end and a straight one at the other. The fittings need a good clean. Caveat emptor: These hoses leak at the straight end, so you'll need to replace those two crimped hose end fittings. Standard Speedflow etc. AN10 fittings won't do because this hose OD is larger than the Speedflow AN10 hose. --- 5. R34/R33 transmission parts – $80 RB25DET manual transmission parts: $50 - R33 Series 2 fuse box to gearbox wiring loom $40 - R33 GTS-t manual coupe tail shaft rear part $20 - R34 turbo gearbox clutch fork (pull type) RB25DET automatic transmission parts: $25 - R34 GTT auto brake pedal $40 - R34 GTT auto sedan tail shaft front part Or $80 for the lot of trans parts. --- Notes: All prices ono and all parts in Melbourne near Essendon, pick up only. Only items specifically listed above are available, there are some in the photos that are gone
  14. Tips for new R34 Hey fellas, New to the forums here, so hopefully what I'm asking isn't considered a joke. Getting my red P-plates next year in Victoria and was planning on buying an R34 GT Coupe (due to Vic ban on turbos). I was wondering if I could get some insight into what it's like driving a skyline on Red Ps (Cops/harassment maybe?). I'm mainly driving the r34 to uni and back, maybe track in the future during the summer breaks, would the GT be a nice car for it? Also I've heard the GT is extremely slow, just how slow is it? Thanks
  15. R34 front bar - thoughts? Hey all, Recently got my hands on a genuine R34 GTR front bar for my GT and was wondering short of using genuine GTR front fenders (the one pair I found online were well over a grand before they sold) how have people overcome the slight overhang the bar has into the GT series wheel arch? I'm hesitant to go for aftermarket fenders as I've heard fiberglass is prone to cracking and carbon seems too far for a car that's already getting too boy-racer. I recently spotted hh00nn's widebody GTT which got me thinking about potentially moulding some sort of fiberglass lip to give the guards the same pumped look without going all-out on the FPR. Anyway any thoughts'd be appreciated, cheers. This is the overhang I'm talking about, as you can see the bar dips slightly into the arch. At the end of the day I can live with it but if there's a fix I'm missing that won't cost me an arm and a leg I'd be interested.
  16. WTB: R34 Spoiler Looking to buy an R34 spoiler or a spoiler to suit an R34. Preferably looking for a stock coupe or sedan spoiler, however will consider other types of spoilers suited to R34s. Located Sydney but happy to pay for postage. Any help would be much appreciated!
  17. r34 GT to GTT conversion looking at putting a factory auto rb25det neo into my auto r34 gt, then new engine is out of a gtt, can anyone give me advise on what problems i'm likely to run into? i have read that there's an issue with the auto trans and possibly with traction control is anyone able to confirm this please?
  18. R33 Parts Cleanout! Garrett Gtx3582 + turbo manifold + exh + 2 sets of rims drift tek + rotors + sway bars Hi there Doing a big shed cleanup. GOLD COAST VARSITY LAKES All parts off my R33 gtst s2 1996 Genuine Garrett GTX3582. T3 .82 ( i think) little bit of shaft play + 32mm Go Pipes Turbo manifold dual 40mm wastegate. (A few tiny pinholes need a spot weld) + full 3.5" dump pipe and 3" exhaust including cannon and resonator (and pipe with flange to replace resonator) ALL 3 $2500 will split if asked R33 s2 brake rotors set of 4, little surface rust, pretty good life left $20 R33 s2 sway bars front and rear $20 ea R33 crank needs a linish $20 18x8 silver FX motorsport wheels, hero tyres on front good tread, rear micky thompson no tread, removed from r33 $300 18" black drift tek style wheels, front 18x9.5 225 40 18 good tread, rear 18x10.5 235 40 18 no tread, removed from r33 looked awesome! Only changed wheels to get more rubber on the read, $800
  19. What braided steel feed lines should I use on my GTX3576r that's on my RB25? I've recently picked up a gtx3576r turbo for my RB25! I have my top mount Manifold with a 44mm tial and a custom downpipe. But I forgot to recognize the oil and coolant lines for the turbo. I was thinking of braided steel lines for less heat. What sizes should I get for my oil drain/feed and coolant lines? Thank you!
  20. R34 GT +T Auto Low km **** Please read the ad and the FAQs carefully as I tried to write them as detailed as possible for the convenience of both potential buyers and myself, Thanks **** Finally got the car done with almost everything brand new and drives great! For sale is my 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 Coupe GT+T Auto. The car is absolutely immaculate inside and out and looks as if it’s new, as it has been very well maintained, always garaged and rarely driven, with only 58xxx genuine kms on the clock. I am the second owner of the car in Australia and it took me ages to find an R34 in this condition, previously owner imported the car back in 2005, he basically drove it once a week to get it running as it was a weekend toy for him until 2011 when he garaged it ever since. Needless to say it was serviced approximately every 5000km. The car was tastefully modified by the previous owner, and since I bought it I set up a budget and start unleashing more potential out of the set-up. It was misfiring abit when i originally bought it and it turns out to be a faulty cam angle sensor so all fixed now. Latest retune was on August 4th this year, making 241rwkw@12psi on 98RON (tuned by Cihan@Etuner EMS) with brand new everything, fuel pump, coilpacks, spark plugs, radiator you name it just to make sure the car maintains excellent performance. All the hard works are already done and it still has more potential to work with. Over $15k in total has been spent on the mods with no expense spared, have all proofs and receipts of work being done, from the most recent tuning receipts back to the original purchase paperwork back in 2005. ~$5000 of which was in August - September this year alone. Basically so far most mods done are under the bonnet, extremely clean car both exterior & interior with basically no dent/scratch anywhere,come inspect it and you will know what I mean. Mods include: New Walbro 255L fuel pump New OEM Genuine Water pump New NGK copper spark plugs New Splitfire coilpack New ADRAD KOYO radiator with built in cooling fans for auto New OEM Genuine thermostat New OEM Genuine CAS New Battery All above are professionally installed during and after the latest tuning and calibration process with Cihan @ Etuner EMS New Gates drive belts New Greddy catch can set-up New digital boost gauge These were installed by my mechanic. JE Forged pistons HKS GT-RS turbo Nismo 460cc injectors Greddy eManage Ultimate ECU HDI 600mm intercooler kit Custom intake, cam shafts Billit cam gears Custom stainless exhaust manifold 3" exhaust cat-back Z32 afm Gates timing belt Apexi pod filter Apexi boost controller Custom 8L capacity oil sump 18" BBS-style wheels Wheels 3-point immobilizer alarm Upgraded 4pot/2pot brakes with drilled & slotted disc that I purchased recently alongside with new rims (currently not installed) VPW fuel rail (currently not installed) Pioneer head unit + 6×9" rears + tweeters + amplifier + subwoofer (sub and amp not installed) Brand new set of 18x9 Works GT-5 Rims (currently still in box) Cons: - Recently, the pioneer headunit will make some noise for around 10 second when u start up the car, not sure what’s the issue but should be an easy fix. - No original logbook. Couple of FAQs: (please read) 1. Why are you selling it? The only reason I am letting it go because I just received my desire graduation position offer in London and will be leaving the country around Nov/Dec. Indeed, a regretful sale as I had big plans for the car for its potential which can be reflected by the receipts in August and September alone, also including a brand new set of 18x9 Works GT-5 Rims (cost nearly $2k brand new) that I was going to put on the car, and will sell to the buyer of the car at a huge discount if he/she is interested. Lucky I didn't order the MCA coilovers yet lol. Anyway I would not even think about selling it otherwise. 2. Will rego and RWC be included? Please note that no rego and no RWC will be supplied. Previous owner didn’t keep it registered as he had kept it garaged for the last 5 years (he had way too many cars). I was going to get it RWC and rego’d but since I am leaving the country now and there are tons of stuff I need to do before I leave, it will be your job. Hence it is priced well for potential buyers given that I am heavily time constrained. Basically it would need some minor mods to be taken off to pass RWC and it’s ready to be registered. It is currently running on VicRoads UVP as pictured. 3. I am a P-plater can I drive it? If you are on your P’s, simply remove the turbo and put on N/A stock manifold and dump pipe and drive (it will cost you roughly $300 to get those parts), as the emanage ECU and forged piston will be able to handle the N/A set up with ease. Then when you are off your P’s simply put the turbo back on as the whole set-up is already well-tuned, nothing else you need to do. PRICE on gumtree: $12500 ONO with wheels in the picture. $13500 ONO with Works GT-5 (18x9+38 front, 18x9+30 rear) PRICE for forum members: $11700 ONO with wheels in the picture. $12700 ONO with Works GT-5 Opens to offer as long as they are serious and pleast don't lowball. As mentioned, I am extremely busy these days, so my mechanic will be taking inspections on my behalf, we are close friends and were modifying this car together after purchasing it so he is as knowledgeable on the car as me. His name is Qing and please contact him on 0402777337 or **text** me on 0401883528 and **only do so** if u are in a position of buying. Qing works at a local mechanic shop and is mostly available after 5-6pm every day. Car is located in his garage at Lower Templestowe. Given that I have been screwed around before, Qing will be the **only** driver unless deposit is taken. Wheels will be up for sale individually if the buyer of the car doesnt want them as option. Cheers!
  21. WTB R32 Drivers A Pillar or R32 wreck All the R32 were the same. Prefer to drill or pick myself. Happy to buy a 2 door wreck or part cut.
  22. R34 Gt 25det install Hi Guys, New to the forum but have not had much luck elsewhere. Basically I am putting an rb25det neo into an r34 gt coupe I have a full import motor with complete gtt loom as well as gt loom from the rb25de that was pulled out of the car Does anyone have any insight as to what I can do to either of these looms to get them to run the 25det neo motor Thanks,
  23. Advan Racing GT rims For Sale: 19" Advan Racing GT 19x8.5 +38 and 19x9.5 +30 rims in Advan Racing Semi Gloss Black, with Advan Racing centre caps. These have the 'Standard' 39mm lip for the fronts and 'Medium' 51.5mm lip for the rear. 5x114.3 There is a tiny bit of gutter rash on just one of the 19x8.5 rims (As shown in pictures), but other than that are in great condition. Only reason I am selling these, is that they won't fit my new widebody kit, otherwise I would not let these go!!! They are amazing in person and so light!!! $2200 (my loss is your gain) Pickup Geelong, Victoria or will post if buyer organises and pays for postage
  24. Hey all, Have a ADM S15 Spec R GT for sale. Regretful sale but looking to help fund my house deposit so it has to go. Located in Newcastle NSW but happy to meet serious buyers somewhere halfway if coming from out of state etc. Car is in ver very good condition besides a few minor issues which can be fixed. General: 2001 S15 Spec R GT 136xxx Km 6spd Manual 12 months NSW rego (as of 13/8/16) Engine: S15 SR20DET Brian Crower Adjustable cam gears Brian Crower 264 camshafts Brian Crower valve springs Brian Crower retainers Nismo 740cc injectors NISTune ECU S15 T28BB Turbo-one steampipe exhaust manifold Greddy Profec B Spec II electronic boost controller Earls braided turbo lines Front mount intercooler Z32 AFM Alloy 3" intake pipe Apexi pod filter GKtech 3" stainless split dump 3" stainless turboback exhaust with 1 muffler and blast pipes ABS Driveline: S15 6 speed manual gearbox Nismo lightweight flywheel Exedy heavy duty clutch ABS R200 LSD (helical) Suspension: HKS hipermax coilovers front Pedders lowered springs rear Nismo power brace Hardrace front swaybar Hardrace adjustable castor rods Hardrace swaybar brace Exterior: Complete JDM exterior (front bar/rear bar, fog lights etc) Work XT7 wheels 18x9.5+30 rear 18x8.5+38 front Spec R GT rear wing Twin 3" blast pipes Tinted windows Interior Sunroof Leather seats Greddy Profec B spec II on lower dash panel Kenwood KMM-108U head unit (bluetooth/pandora/handsfree) Rear speakers changed (i believe they are Sony Xplod 6") Bad points: Drivers side window tint need replacing, fog lights don't work (need to be wired in), aircon needs regassing. Price is $18,500 with 1 years rego as of last week. Happy for any phone calls/messages. Call Josh on 0437 133 701 Thanks
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