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Found 12 results

  1. Hello to all! So I had a problem with my ECU for my r33 gts N/A. it turns out it’s fried and am looking for a new original one thats just plug and play not looking for an aftermarket one. I’ll post pictures of my old one for reference thank you to who ever can help! 🤙🏽👌🏽
  2. Hi guys, new to this kind of forum thread dealio, couldnt find it on google so i was wondering what kind of retail price an R32 GTS25 coupe might be in QLD? im on P plates (greens in feb)so im chasin the ol' non turbo ya feel me. also would i be better off importing one or hunting around local? not sure what kind of pricing it would be to import from japan?? I was thinking maybe 10k might do me right if im buying local? thanks for any help in advance
  3. New to the #nissangang from Washington! Couple ?'s Hello all, the names Mike! im taking the plunge and having a fresh, 46xxx mile '92 gts25 sedan brought over seas for me. Theres a few things id like to have clarified as I've done a fair bit of searching and either find vague answers, deleted posts, or opposing answers. First off, the rb25 and re5r that is coming in my car, same engine trans as the r33 or an earlier rendition of the two? is it possible to do a simple r33 lsd swap into the 32 assuming the trans is the same? I've also come across a couple threads of some seriously modified auto's to handle massive power. Will a stock trans with an upgraded converter hold on to 300 or so whp? What does everyone do about tuning when having an auto? I assume in these the ecu/TCU are one unit? Guessing that kills the possibility of using a haltech or some standalone? last Q! Yes or no, the gtr front bumper fits right up? I've seen both yes and no answers. Some say you need the fenders others say it fits right on the gts.
  4. Any Skyline owners metal heads? Hey, a music forum page here, cool! I am thinking that surely some Skyline heads who like their cars with speed, power, and grunt, who would like their music the same way? The two go well together. Try listening to some ripping speed / thrash / death metal while ripping up the road in a speed machine, Hehehe, what a blast. Been into metal since my good ol' high school days (and I'm pushing 50 now, how some things never change) , and listen to it all (well, most of it all, as there's some stuff that some people call metal, which I do not) from classic metal, to power metal (I'm talking real power, not the flowery false stuff) , speed / thrash, and death metal. Will be good to see some other metal heads here. I'll post some play lists soon. Won't be light reading though, Hehehe.
  5. URGENT - Recurring misfiring / stuttering problem with RB25DE engine. Hi to all at SAU Community, I own a 1994 R33 Skyline GST25 automatic with the series 1 RB25DE engine, which is the non-turbo engine. In the seven or so years I have owned the car, it's rarely given me a problem of any sort. I run the car on BP Premium Unleaded 95. In the last 18 months I have started driving the car more often due to work reasons, about 4 times a week, and covering a lot more distance, although most of it is freeway driving. About 2 months ago, I started having a problem with the engine sometimes stuttering and misfiring. It seemed like it was running on 5 cylinders. The spark plugs had been changed a bit over 12 months before that (NGK Platinum plugs) , so it was doubtful it was the plugs, they should last 80,000-100,000 kms, and the car had not even done 20,000 kms in that time. The local mechanic looked at it, could not find anything wrong, just 1-2 plugs needed a clean. He cleaned all the plugs and told me to see how it went for a little while. The car ran like a dream, punchier and more dynamic. All was fine for a while, and now in the last 2 weeks the problem returned, although not as bad as before. It seems to run fine after starting and then idling in park or neutral. Once shifted into drive and idling, or backing in reverse, the problem then appears - misfiring and mild kicking / stuttering. It goes away once back in drive and the car is travelling. It will re-appear when stopping at lights and idling in drive, and also when giving it some throttle while driving, or going up a hill. It all seemed to start after getting fuel at a Shell service station that I had not used before, and only went there out of necessity, so naturally at first I thought it was just bad fuel. The problem continued, so back for another visit to the same mechanic. This time I'm getting told that spark plug no. 3 was rusty, meaning water was getting to it, and that a compression test indicated the beginning stages of a crack in the head gasket between the 2nd and 3rd cylinders. I'm told the car is still drivable, and changing the head gasket was not needed any time soon, but it would gradually get worse. While there, I had a new set of performance ignition coil packs put in, as well as a new fuel filter. No improvement. :s My brother used to be a mechanic, and did his own inspection, and did not find symptoms of a cracked head gasket. Further opinions from 1-2 other retired mechanics agreed. So we are now considering bad advice or dishonesty from the mechanic who worked on the car. My brother poured a bottle of injector cleaner fluid, and also some basic stuff like topping the engine oil, and flushing the radiator with coolant. It actually runs better, but the problem is still there. He is now telling me I should get new spark plugs, especially since I have new coil packs, and to upgrade to Iridium plugs. I am not rushing into buying new plugs just yet, as the current set of Platinum plugs have done a bit over 20,000 kms. Two different suppliers have told me in the last week that they should last 80,000-100,000 kms as said before. MY QUESTION - Has anyone else experienced this or a similar problem, and what could the most likely cause be??? I've heard a range of causes ranging from bad fuel residue, to a cracked head gasket, depending on who you listen to. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. George.
  6. Skyline salutes Hi to all at SAU Community, Good to be joining the club. I am a happy owner of a '94 R33 GTS25 four door, makes my day every time I start her up and hear the roar. >)) Plenty of grunt and go, even though a non-turbo. It will be cool to be on board the 'Starhip SAU', Hehehe. Revving regards, George.
  7. RARE 1993 ECR32 GTS25 Coupe $19,500 including 12 months rego I've owned this car for 7 years and the majority of that time it has been parked in my garage, slowly being built up to what it is today. I never thought there would come a day that I'd sell it although circumstances change, and she's up for sale. The new engine and most of the parts listed here have 2500km's on them, The engine has been run in and that's about it. This is a classic case of my loss is your gain. I've put everything into this car now all you need to do is turn the key. Still running a very basic tune making 240kw @9psi and 290kw @16psi. It is setup with circuit/ drift in mind and is definitely a track car. There is nothing nice nor comfortable about it although it is road registered. The roll cage is engineered and it is registered as a 2 seater. If you are looking for something that looks pretty you're in the wrong place. This car would look more comfortable in a demolition derby than in a showroom. Don't let the photos fool you it is scratched and dinged up. The front bumber is cable tied on and there is some good dents in the rear quarter, it's not pretty. Absolutely no body filler though it's all original, what you see is what you get. No rust and has spent all 7 years of my ownership indoors parked in a garage out of the weather. Don't call me and tell me you can buy a GTR for this money. Go and buy a GTR there's plenty for sale. You will not find another gts25 coupe with a setup like this in Australia. It's definitely not your average HR32 gtst. Over $20k in receipts. Feel free to give me a call with any questions. No test drives without deposit. 1993 ECR32 Skyline Coupe Engine - Original RB25DE Head Ported and Polished - RB30E Series 2 Block Bored, Honed & Decked - Nitto/JE .40 thou Oversized Forged Pistons - Forged H Beam+ Conrods - Nitto Crank Colla - King Bearings - Supertech Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers - ARP Head Studs - ARP Metal Head Gasket - ATI 750hp Super Damper - Nitto Oil Pump - High Capacity 6.5L Gated Sump - RB26 Cams - SPOOL Adjustable Cam Gears - HKS Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold (port matched) - HKS 50mm External Wastegate + 45mm Screamer - Garret GT35r Turbo with .5 Comp Housing - 3.5” Front Pipe - Aluminium Intake Manifold (port matched) - 850cc Injectors - Splitfire Coilpacks - RB26DETT Apexi Power FC Accessories - 19 Row Just Jap Oil Cooler - Power Steering Cooler - Custom Catch Can Baffled - Double Core 52mm Radiator - Twin 10” Thermo Fans - Aluminium 600x300 Intercooler - Tial QR 50mm Blow off Valve with Return - Custom Aluminium Intercooler Piping 2.5” - GReddy Profec B Spec 2 Boost Controller - Bosch 044 Fuel Pump - Z32 AFM - Lewis Engines Rear Head Drain to Sump *No A/C pump, lines or condenser* *No hicas bar, lines, pumps* Justjap Hicas Lock Bar, GTR Power Steering Pump Drive-train - RB25DET Gear Box - Short Shift Kit - NPC Carbotic Button Clutch - NPC Lightened Billet Flywheel - Nismo 2 Way LSD Wheels & Suspension - Rota D2EX 18x9.5 +15, 18x10 et15 - HSD HR Coilovers with 6-8kg springs - D-project top front camber arms - 5 Stud conversion - GTST Cross Members - GTST Steering rack - GTST caliper/rotor conversion front and rear - 325mm Rotors with GKTech dogbones - Front and rear Cusco strut braces - Rear KKR adjustable camber arms - Hardrace Castor Arms - Hardrace Adjustable Lower Control Arms - GTR Sway Bars Body Work & Paint - GTR carbon fibre bonnet - GTR Copy fibreglass front bar - GTR grill - GTR pods - GTR side skirts - GTR rear wing - GTR headlights - Guards pumped, flared and bashed into shape Interior - Velo Fixed bucket seats - Bride S13 super low rails - Andra 4 point half cage Engineered - 3 autometer gauges in centre air vent - Boost Guage drivers side air vent - Nardi Steering Wheel - Drift quick release + boss kit - RPM 4 point harness - Drift carbon gear knob - Apexi Power FC Hand Controller - GReddy Profec
  8. This is the story of my R32 GTS25. Time to try and keep track of everything that has been done to the car as it is getting way out of hand! It started off in the hands of Scott (previous owner) as a standard R32 GTS25 with an RB25DE from factory. He added a few mods, mainly suspension, 5 stud conversion, wheels, GTR Kit, half cage plus much more. Then I bought it, added new control arms and new wheels but stayed more or less the same car for a couple of years. After a few stacks id ruined the front bar, new wheels and control arms. Which meant buying them all again. Keeping any real progress on the car at a stand still. Came to a point with the car that I really wanted to start making more power although wasn't sure on an engine swap as the factory rb25 is so rare and a I didnt want to put it on the same playing field as any old GTST. Eventually decided to keep the RB25DE Head and add an RB30 Block. Essentially it would still appear to be the same motor under the hood. But it didnt take long for me to start dreaming about turbos and then the plan changed involving a low mount turbo set up keeping it relatively inconspicuous. Going from the naturally aspirated motor to a turbo motor involved a lot more than adding a turbo, it is surprising how different a GTST is to a GTS25. So if I was to go this far, why stop there? I decided I needed a donor car and that way I could swap over front and rear cross members as well in case of any damage to mine and I would have all the necessary parts to convert to turbo. Then the challenge was to find a clean R32 GTST without breaking the bank. Not long after, I quit my full time job and took what was to be at first, a short unpaid break. Luckily around the same time I found a GTST with low km's and was clean and straight, so I sold my bike and bought the second 32. The new 32 had recently had an RB30DET conversion although it had thrown a rod and wasn't running. It did have plenty of parts that I could steal though including a Garret GT35, HKS manifold, Cams and much more. So I pulled the whole thing apart. Gave this block to my engine builder and he worked out that the cylinders had been over bored which lead to fuel leaking into the crank case and onto bearings, and eventually killed the bearings and ruined a few rods in the process. So I bought a standard series II RB30 block and gave it to him to start from scratch. New over sized bore and hone Decked block Crank Grind and Crank Colla fitted Modified Crank Oil Ways ACL Race Bearings 40. Thou Oversized Forged Pistons While the new block was in the shop, I pulled the GTS25 apart. From here I proceeded to make things worse by removing the interior, loom, ecu, steering rack, front crossmember, rear crossmember and all suspension. Slowly the GTS25 started to go back together using the best parts from both cars and more. Tein Coilovers R33 Control Arms Adjustable Camber Arms Adjustable Upper Control Arms Adjustable Castor Arms Nismo 2 way LSD Plus a whole lot more Next the New block had to be prepped to go in. I went to Nissan and ordered genuine gaskets for everything. They are a rip off, probably because its not every day someone wants genuine RB30 gaskets but at least I have the peace of mind now. Mate at Mercedes cleaned up an N1 GTR Oil pump, rear main, water pump for me. Drilled and tapped tensioner studs in the block then it was all assembled. The fresh engine was attached to an RB25DET gearbox with a button clutch and short shift kit and ready to drop into the car. Before it went in though I cut holes for cooler piping and intake while I had the space. Engine and transmission in. Now waiting for Head Gasket and Head Studs to arrive so fitted up oil cooler, intercooler and power steering coolers. A ton of metal had to be grinded out of the reo to fit but it all bolted up nicely in the end. New Cometic Metal Head Gasket and ARP Head Studs arrived and the head could finally go on. RB25DE Head is ported and polished with new cams and cam gears. Cam gears on and set at zero. Both manifolds were port matched and now ready to bolt on. HKS low mount exhaust manifold needed some modification to bolt up as the taller RB30 block stood in the way. Cooler piping to go on, 50mm HKS wastegate, Greddy boost controller, vacuum lines. An RB26DETT Apexi Power FC was installed along with a Greddy Profec B Spec II boost controller. Then the arduous task of installing the new loom which was much bigger than the standard loom! Port matched intake on, 800cc injectors in and start playing connect the hose. Few more goodies to go in, 25% under driven harmonic balancer, Alloy Radiator, Bosch 044 Fuel Pump and she will be ready to fire up. Pulled it out of the garage, bled the clutch, bled the brakes, did an extremely accurate wheel alignment by eye and she was ready to fire up for her first drive. Started first go and ran beautifully... Until the oil filter sandwich plate cracked and started pissing oil... So it was back in the garage for now. The sandwich plate wasn't as easy to find as I had hoped so I switched the fitting back to standard and screwed on the standard filter to get it going. First drive went well, broke in the new motor hard, low revs 100% throttle. Bringing it home I hit a bump hard and all of a sudden it stopped running. Towed it home and ended up here. Spent a whole day in the driveway testing everything, pulling out spark plugs, testing all sensors yet couldn't even get it to idle. So brought it in, gave it a good wash, parked it in the garage and drove to Melbourne the next morning not to return for 3 months.
  9. Looking for a P plate legal R32. More specifically something that has minimal modifications, would prefer the body kept stock and in good condition (pls). Manual is a must. Price is dependent on the car. Northern Melbourne suburbs; willing to come see stuff all around. Shoot me a text on 0433 765 740 Cheers, Stephen.
  10. For Sale 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS25 205 xxxx Kms Gunmetal 2 Door Awesome car for P platers or anyone looks for a chilled daily that isn’t defect city or even as a good base for a project. Pretty unassuming, never been pulled over or hassled. I’ve owned it for the last two years, spending a lot of last year just freshening things up and making it a reliable daily. With Full time work and uni hasn’t done a lot of driving in 2014 mainly just weekend stuff and cruises. The paint is a bit rough, as expected with a car that’s 22 years old. Mechanically A1 has never missed a beat, only selling as I have 2 and one has to go. Price is $8000 ono All offers are considered, looking to move it relatively quickly PM me or reach me on 0420 three one two 080 or mnracing@live.com Generally won't answer between 0830-1700 but if you leave a message I will call you back ASAP Available most week nights for inspections Mods/Recent work as follows Engine: RARE Factory Fitted RB25DE (not an engine swap) High flow cat (not a bashed cat) with cat back exhaust unknown brand Splitfire coilpacks and brand new genuine Nissan Ignition Loom <500 kms old Water pump, thermostat, timing belt, RCG < 5000 kms old Clutch master and slave cylinder replaced, junction box and associated lines deleted at the same time and replaced with custom hard line from master cylinder down the firewall to braided flex line into the slave. <5000kms old Cooling system (block to rad) replaced with Teflon braided line and AN fitting with custom collector retaining factory radiator hose positions. All work has been leak tested with only genuine Speedflow fittings used (Over $500 of lines and fittings). <1000 kms old Brand new coolant temp sensors <1000kms old Drivetrain RB20DET 5 Manual Gearbox Conversion (Not completed by myself, already done when I bought it. Seller was unsure of parts used.) Unknown Clutch/Flywheel Suspension/Steering: Custom valved Slide Industries coilovers 32 click damper adjustable shocks, base height adjustable, 12/7 kg springs (Valving suits a Targa/hill climb car) Nardi Deep Dish 330mm Rear adjustable camber arms rose jointed (Not installed but can be) R32 Standard Turbo Rear Strut tower bar Front Strut tower bar (Unknown Brand) Lower Ball joints, tie rod ends, rack ends all replaced <5000 kms old Hicas Lock Bar and hicas lines removed up to the firewall with custom hard lines Wheels/Brakes: R33 GTS-t brakes front and rear and 5 stud conversion Front: RDA Slotted and dimpled rotors with Bendix Ultimate pads Rear: Standard rotors with Bendix pads Braided brakes lines front Non ABS R32 Gts-t Stock Wheels Interior: R32 GTR Interior (Front + Rear Seats and door cards) Factory Sunroof (No Leaks works perfectly) Pioneer Head unit with Bluetooth hands free Trust Gear Knob Skyline Floor Mats Front Exterior: Gunmetal Paint except front bar. Will come with a copy Fibreglass GTR front bar in gunmetal GTR spoiler Type M rear pods Fibreglass GTR bonnet Genuine GTR Bonnet Lip Genuine GTR Grill (Not Fitted) FIbreglass Boot
  11. Hey all As the title says. In about three months time I will be looking everywhere for only a r32 not 33 due to the tail lights. Can be GTS25 witch I believe has a RB25 in it correct me if I'm wrong, Or a GTS-T with an RB25 conversion or even a GTS with a RB25 conversion. Has to be gloss black or gunmetal gray all standard side skirts and front and rear bumper, Can't have a sunroof, I don't care what wheels it has or how much you want for it And umm yer ohh has to be a manual and the closer to Brisbane the better but I don't mind driving A nissan over a long distance haha gotta love em Cheers and thanks for reading, post links if you have one that you want to sell.
  12. Selling my beloved R33 Skyline GTS (Non-Turbo) I have owned this for 3 years (I'm the 2nd owner in Aus) Was on exchange in Japan for a year and the rego expired while I was away. As I'm on my full licence I decided to buy something turbo!! It's just been sitting here and deserves a new owner! Shouldn't take much for RWC as it is almost unmodified and has been serviced regularly. This is a great car for a project, to get back on the street, or to part out and make some cash (I can't be bothered lol) -RB25DE -P-plater friendly -213,000km -Major 200,000km service done at 203,000km (timing belts, flushed fluids, new water pump, etc) -Smooth gearbox & clutch -Clean interior -Bosch fuel pump -BBS wheels Bad points -Will need a new set of tyres, as fronts are bald and rears aren't great either -Minor superficial scuff and crack on front bumper (no other damage, though) Selling with NO REG and NO RWC. Asking $5,500 ono. No low-ballers, please. If you make me a reasonable offer I will consider it. Located in St Kilda. Gimme a call, text, or email to organise at time to check it out. 0430 026 603
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