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Found 53 results

  1. Front diff gears from gts-4 (4.375) ratio in very good condition pickup western sydney, can post at buyers expense price $600
  2. Wrecking a white R32 GTS-4 sedan (4 door). Also some left over parts from another white r32 sedan. Parts in fair to good condition. Some parts are already gone, here's what remains - Shell, no crash damage, small amount of rust. Mostly stripped (not rolling). Able to be registered. Suit reshell or front cut for a GT-R. $500 Front RH door x 2, $40ea Front LH door, $40 Rear RH door x 2, $40ea Rear LH door, $40 Bonnet, $40 Front guards (pair), $40ea Front bumper (unmodified), $70 Front bumper (cut for FMIC), $50 Rear bumper (unmodified), $60 Rear bumper (cut for towbar), $30 Rear bumper iron x 2, $40ea Taillights, $20ea Headlights, $40ea Random plastics, from $5 Full front chassis loom (unmodified), suit R32 GT-R, $50 OE control boxes GTSt (RB20DET) OE ECU, $25 GTS4 (RB20DET with ATTESSA output) OE ECU, $25 ATTESSA ECU, $25 HICAS ECU x 2, $10 Drivers window control switches, $20 Other as pictured $5 I'll take some photos of the shell and other random parts tomorrow and post below. Strictly pickup from Ringwood East, Vic only. Price negotiable. email twinvl@hotmail.com or PM Thanks, Darren.
  3. Way back in early 2013, I had just sold my CADET powered S12 Gazelle, and got a hankering to have another Inline-6 motor, and see what ATTESA was all about -- On a non GTR budget (at the time, R32 GTR beaters were about 15K.. hah! Who would've thought) The contenders were Stagea's (manual, impossible or expensive), Skyline GTS4's, and the other unicorn - a Cefiro AWD. The drivetrain on the other hand was a given, the best iteration of an RB engine I could pick up without buying a 26, the RB25DET in Neo form! A few months passed waiting for an affordable unicorn to pop up, and an R32 GTS4 Coupe finally presented itself in June, a quick U-Haul later, a narrow body 100cc deficient Godzilla began it's incubation! Then the hunt for an affordable AWD RB25 then began in earnest. This actually proved to be rather difficult purely in the availability stakes let alone affordability! The first one was unearthed at Challenger Auto Parts that turned out not to be a NEO, boo. The second one tuned up as a sure thing! An entire Stagea MANUAL Neo front cut at Otomoto - fantastic! Travelled out to take a look and did a comp test which was going oh so well until we hit #6 which turned out to be way down, blamed tools and tried again, prayed, screwed it in tighter, etc, but yeah, it wasn't to be, dammit. Third time is a charm, Jap Sports Spares was wrecking a Stagea, so went down there to check it out, the front of the rad support was pushed back to the CAS, so it was going to need a new one, the water pump also looked to have copped it, so a gamble was made some talking was done, and a good price ensued. More importantly, the comp test came out great, and also, beggars can't be choosers, right? These things were much thinner on the ground than I thought they'd be!. Fast forward to late 2014, and the back yard is just getting more packed from other (deconstruction) works in progress. Err actually, it's moved on to 2018, oops - I've been building other cars. I Picked up a set of R32 GTR wheels during that time as I everything else I own was staggered (typical!) -- After having quite a few years to look at it, the clean non-aero narrow body R32 look has really grown on me. I'm going to run with it! Obligatory, just chamois'd pic - it's about time I get this thing back on the road. I want to document the journey for a couple of reasons - To pull out my finger / give myself a bit of motivation, and Try to give something back to the SAU forums I've lurked on for so long (cough). Well, three reasons, finally have an ATTESA thing to have a go with at a track day!
  4. Guys, not sure why my car is making this sound and acceleration on start up is poor, sounds like a vacuum leak or throttle body is fried? Video attached. Any help : advice will be appreciated 83972E07-822B-43FB-BE37-F7F446BDD5ED.MOV
  5. Hi guys, In need of some expert/experienced opinions, It's a 1990 r32 gts4 that I purchased, I have liked skylines for a long time now and decided it was time to buy one, I was in over my head when I purchased this. What should I do? I've been offered 1k for it, i think i might try to get him up a bit but it won't get anything past 2k on a good day. Passion has gone and no where permanent to store it until I can give a shit again. It's killed my enthusiasm for cool/fast cars. Problems: no driveline no interior no diff full respray would be needed rust piece near rear window Has a piece of metal overlapping a part of the frame which looks dodgy paid too much for it, needs almost everything replaced If I do get another skyline I'll be hunting for a perfect condition one from a SAU member. Pics attached.
  6. So I have recently bought a 1990 r32 skyline gts-4. Unfortunately, the person I bought the car from must have never put any diff oil in it, and i drove it for 3 hours home and the diff blew up. Im trying to find a diff to replace it with, but due to the rarity of the gts-4, im struggling to find one. I was wondering if any one could tell me what cars have the 4.3:1 ratio that i need and would also bolt straight on to the 6x1 bolt pattern since the other varients of the r32 would not work. Thanks
  7. 1989 R32 GTS4 RB26DETT - Western Australia I have owned this car for over 10 years and now it comes time to move it on. It is a real shame to have this just sitting in the shed, but I rarely get to drive it any more. Originally from factory as a GTS4 (so already AWD), pearl black, automatic, RB20DET. Only know this from a break down of the VIN. So a few things have changed. The RB26DETT and fairly much most of a GTR drivetrain and suspension had been fitted before I bought it. Things I have done, or had done.. Resprayed ~10 years ago in silver. Replaced transfer case, and then whole gearbox with a new R33 series 3 unit. ORC 709D Twin Plate Clutch, with new slave and rebuilt master cylinder. Garrett 707160-5 twin turbos fitted, new. Equivalents to the HKS 2530's. 700cc SARD injectors. Apexi PFC. Nismo AFM's. R34 GTR Brembo front brakes with DBA5000 discs, reconditioned R32 GTR rears. APEXI pod filters. Tomei Poncam 'B' camshafts. HKS Drager exhaust, Mine's dump pipes, Apexi front pipe. Evo 8 recaros with drivers on Bride rail. GTR rear seat. Genuine Nardi steering wheel. VOLK Rays LE37 18x8.5 with Federal 595RS tires. Koni adjustable shocks with Kings low springs. Adjustable caster arms. Reconditioned steering rack fitted. Price $16,000 ono. Can either PM or phone/txt on o417 961145. No Lowballs or time wasters thank you. Not interested in swaps.
  8. Hi Guys, Im rebuilding my RB20 on my r32 and I've bought these DETSHWORKS fuel injectors 800. If I put these on will the car still run? Before I can go get it tuned? Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers
  9. wrecking R32 GTS4 Sedan- parts sale as per title, picked up a gts4 shell, still a few bits on it that i wont need only what is listed is for sale. GTS4 Rear subframe and arms- knuckles not included $150 r32 sedan boot- one corner is bent, easily straightened out $50 factory nissan wind shield- with inbuilt antenna $100 rear window $100 entire sunroof set up- includes roof liner, controller/map light, sunroof itself and frame $500- $450 if you come and cut the roof off. R32 Side mount intercooler set up- including shroud $150 GTS4 ABS pump- inc lines off the brake master $150 factory R32 GTR shocks and springs $500 a very very rusty GTS4 shell, from the strut towers back- ideal for a track car, or go all out, space frame chassis drag car. $FREE located thomastown victoria- can freight at your cost to business ONLY- sick of sending stuff and having the redelivery fee put onto my account. Mohsen- 0411421097
  10. WTB:R34GT-4 willing to swap with RB25/30 R34GTT Willing to buy an R34GT-4 coupe manual. I have a fully built R34GTT with a healthy 25/30 motor and immaculate body. Willing to swap for that with reasonable cash adjustments. Otherwise, im willing to buy the car outright. Vehicle must be AWD can be auto or manual. Give me a txt on 0417764194 OR PM here
  11. WTB: (QLD) R32 of some kind!! Looking to buy an R32 of some kind asap!! much prefer a GTS-4, but will settle for a GTS-t can be a shell as long as it's rolling QLD preferred but will travel interstate for the right car post here or TXT me on 0416 526 522
  12. R32 GTR gearbox into R32 GTS4 compatible? Hey guys, I had some issues with my r32 gts4 gearbox, so decided to get a r32 gtr box. Just after some advice in regards to compatibility. Some people say it's a bolt on job others say may need an adapter. If anyone could grace me with some knowledge it would be greatly appreciated.
  13. R33 Attesa Troubleshooting When putting my R33 gts4 on the dyno I've discovered that the 4WD is not working. It might have actually been broken for awhile, it would explain my poor 60ft times when I was drag racing last year (a month before I had the engine rebuilt). However in general driving I've only ever seen 4WD become active twice in the 7 years I've owned the car - I don't drive it hard on the street. That said the 4WD light wasn't on and I know it worked because when I had an ABS sensor go it did light up. I've now switched out my gtr ecu for a Link G4+ and a dash2pro so I don't know how to fault find on the attesa system anymore - does anyone have any ideas?
  14. I work for Motec and the car has been my personal development test bed for trying out my more interesting ideas as well as being my every day road car for the past 7 years, but it’s time to upgrade. Currently registered, running and driveable, but Motec gear will be removed making it not running. Motec gear can also be purchased to make it a running car again. Highlights – R34 RB25DE Neo turbocharged (stock high compression engine). - DBW throttle (idle and a/c valves removed) - R33 GTSt stock turbo (block drilled for oil feed and return) - 4WD sump adapter (block slightly modified to suit, but a RWD sump will bolt on) R33 GT-R 5 speed gearbox Nismo Excedy twin plate clutch (push type, gearbox converted) R32 GT-R diffs (4.11, rear mechanical LSD) Koni yellow (adjustable rebound) GT-R shocks with adjustable height spring platforms (60mm ID springs) front and rear. R32 GT-R wheels (16x8) Side mount IC (aftermarket) Towbar (custom made, tows a car trailer) R33 electric rear steering rack New radiator (fitted in January) with electric fan. if anyone is interested in the car running, the Motec gear required is – - M150 ECU (runs 4WD, rear steer, and much more) - PDM30, car fully rewired, no fuses or relays. - 7” colour dash, fully customized display layouts. - LTC, wideband lambda. Car fully runs on Motec, almost no OE electronics and lots of nice features like cruise control, gear rev matching and the like. Contact me for full details if interested. Condition of the car is pretty good for 26 years old. Running gear is in very good condition. Only issue is 2nd gear can be a bit notchy when cold, but fine after 5 minutes of driving. All diffs, bearings, suspension, CVs, gears, clutch and engine are good, no issues at all. No major dents or damage to the body work. No signs of crash repairs. Some rust in particular places, couple of seams under the body and it’s not too bad. Most likely from driving on salted roads in Japan. Price with Motec gear removed, $8000 ono Test driveable in Ringwood East, Vic. I'd like to wait a couple of weeks before wrecking, but parts prices below - Steering wheel boss for momo style wheel with integrated clockspring (7 wires) and steering angle. $100 DBW Throttle pedal. R35 GTR pedal modified to bolt in. $200 DBW throttle with adaptor to fit stock flange. $100 R33 GT-R gearbox with push clutch conversion and internal input shaft speed sensor. $600 RB25DE+T engine (standard sump). $800 4WD sump adaptor kit. 6mm plate with all bolts and oil pickup. $500 GT-R Front sump, 4.11 gears. $400 GT-R rear diff. 4.11 gears and mechanical LSD. $500 Koni shocks with adjustable height to suit 60mm ID springs and bearing tops, full set. $600 (no springs). Front brake callipers (gts). $300 Rear brake callipers. $200 Rear sub frame. $400 Front sub frame. $400 Tow bar (custom made, capible of towing a car) $400 Intercooler. $50 Radiator (quality OE replacement) with electric fan. $200 Bonnet. $150 FL guard. $150 FR guard. $150 Front bumper (not modified for FMIC). $400 Rear bumper (modified for towbar). $200 Boot lid. $100 LH headlight. $200 RH headlight. $200 LH mirror. $50 RH mirror. $50 FL door w/glass. $250 FR door w/glass. $250 RL door w/glass. $250 RR door w/glass. $250 LH taillight. $200 RH taillight. $200 Wiper motor. $20 Starter motor. $50 Alternator (replacement bosch 80A). $80 Climate control unit. $50 If I haven't listed a part, contacted me, the whole car has to go. All prices negotiable. I have lots of other skyline related parts and spares I've collected over the years. I will list here when I can. I'm located in Ringwood East, Vic. Call or text Darren on 0418 299 539. Or PM.
  15. Old school Omori mechanical boost gauge Old school omori boost gauge Includes original plugs/wiring and a little bit of vacuum line. Thomastown Victoria $130ono Freight available to business addresses only. (Sick of paying postage fees when TNT has to redeliver) MESSAGE ME ON 0411-421-097 I AM NOT ALWAYS ON HERE SO WILL DEFINATELY MISS AN INBOX MESSAGE.
  16. Need r32 info I know this has been done to death but despite extensive searching I can't find a definitive answer. First the easy question, what size wheels, width, tyre size and offset will fit on a R32 gts4? Next, is there an easy way without opening anything up to tell if a gearbox is a r32 GTR (claimed by previous owner) or just an average gts4 box? I've heard they're nearly the same and I've heard the gts4 box is weaker
  17. Will a gts4 exhaust fit on a gtst? As above
  18. wtb: R32 GTR boot trims, window switch, front cut as per title require R32 Coupe boot carpet and trims front and rear seatbelts good condition dash pad driver side window switch with mirror heater button bare gts4 or gtr front cut, or inner driver side skirt (battery tray) and radiator support victoria text 0411421097
  19. found something i want more so i am parting out or selling as a whole to fund it. Complete car in bits. no SA rego would need ID check, not defected. PPSR available . Prices as follows or 0416 580 223 for more information will do deal for multiple parts, complete rolling shell or even complete car. Motor RB20DET GTS4 top rebuild motor. Head cleaned and faced new valve stem seals full OEM Nissan gasket set etc. 1000 Steel wheeled RB20 turbo 50 starter 50 AC setup 100 P/S pump 80 alternator 50 coilpacks 100 loom 150 ECU 100 igniter 50 stock IC + pipes 50 allow GTR engine brackets AWD 60 AWD nissan engine mounts 40 green label AFM 100 Shell (minor rear end damage as pictured, boot still opens and closes. some rust in places) semi bare shell 500 headlights 200 indicators 80 uncut front reo 120 guards 100 bonnet 100 Doors 50 each 200 4 door mirrors 80 boot 50 rear bar 50 taillights 150 front bar 80 2.5" turbo back cannon exhaust $100 interior front seats 50 rear seats 50 dash 200 floor mats 50 stereo: speakers/headunit 100 sunroof/lining 150 a pillar 20 center console 50 parcel shelf 20 cluster 150 climate control 50 Driveline/suspension R32 GTR box 1000 HD clutch+ flywheel 100 type M brakes 250 GTR cradle with diff 500 gtr GB crossmember 50 front prop driveshaft 80 driveshaft 150 5 stud 100 front LCA pair 30 6 bolt GTR drive shafts pair 200 KYB GTR suspension 200 engine crossmember 50 front drive shafts 150
  20. Hey guys, I need some buts to make my car more street friendly. Looking for: - R32 GTS4 Read Diff - R32 GTS4 / GTR Suspension - Height adjustable would be nice but I don't want to deal with the stupid spring rates of coilovers - RB25DET S2 Coilpacks (Aftermarket or stock) PM or text 0403 491 735
  21. Located VIC 3978. $9500. Price negotiable. Selling due to need for 4x4 for work related reasons and to be completely honest, all the car needs is a financially stable owner. Due to a string of bad luck I've been unable to maintain employment for more than ~ 4 months at a time since purchasing the vehicle. More pics @ instagram.com/cevlol 1993 Series 2 GTS4 sedan, white. Engine: 152xxx K's (speedo swapped out, original one f**ked). Fairly stock RB20DET Turbosmart boost controller. Remapped stock ECU. 42mm Alloy Radiator. Custom FMIC w/ Ford core, shorter piping, more spool w/ brand new Proflow joiners + brand new hose clamps. No BOV, can plumb one in with silicone T piece for RWC. New water pump less than 7k's old. Full 3" turbo back w/ 3" dump/front pipe, stainless steel exhaust w/ high-flow cat & rear oval muffler. Note is 1hunnid. Brand new genuine Nissan oil filter, less than 1000k's ago. Brand new Motul Chrono Ether 300V 10W40 motor oil, doesn't need to be replaced for 9,000k's. Brand new BCPR6ES plugs, less than 1000k's ago. Interior: Brand new R34 V-Spec Aluminium Pedal set. Brand new Superior Auto Creative Carbon shift & handbrake boots. Brand new Nissan shift knob. Factory Series 2 GTST/GTS4 seats in very good condition. Factory GTST/GTS4 steering wheel. Exterior: Brand new R32 GTR N1 front bar w/ eBay FRP vents. Brand new R32 GTR N1 front reo. Brand new Bosch Aerotwin Flat Wiper Blades. VGC genuine R32 GTR front lip, could use respray but otherwise perfect cond.Average condition R32 GTR wing FRP, minor hole one side. Driveline: R32 GTR rear shocks. R32 GTS4 factory shocks. HICAS lock bar / eliminator kit. NISMO strut brace. Brand new Exedy HD Organic clutch, freshly machined stock flywheel, less than 1000k's old. Penrite full synth in box atm. ATF in transfer case/ATTESSA. Custom 4WD/RWD toggle switch for sliding fun, don't use it often to be honest. Car stays in 4WD most of time. Brand new Nismo R32 GTR slave cylinder. Brand new HFM R32 master cylinder. 40% RWC tyres on R33 stockies. Misc: $1000 alarm system. Remote central locking, immobilizer + alarm. Receipts from myself + last two owners. High level brake light fitted to clear RWC fault as GTR wing is aftermarket. Headlight loom completely rewired, no f**k arounds. H1/H3 combo w/ T10 parkers. $3000 worth of sound gear, including Dynamat throughout. Can remove/include for adaptive pricing. Bad: Needs respray imho. White is 326 Crystal White but rough on quarter panels (in touch up paint atm, still very nice looking). Bonnet clear is well, peeling. 2nd gear very minor crunch. Could benefit from Redline treatment. Input shaft bearing noise when clutch not pressed, goes away after 5 min drive. Very common issue that does not affect performance. More pics @ instagram.com/cevlol Reply here and/or email: mlgcev@bigpond.com Mobile outta order atm, changing carrier. No swaps, unless you have a dope D22 Nav w/ 150k's or less (friend's selling me his for $9k).
  22. Hey all I need a little help... I have a R32 GTS-4 and I need to get new "rear inner rack ends/tie rods". In short I've found these rear tie rods on GKTech, but I am not 100% sure they will fit. If I'm correct the GTS-4 has the same tie rods/rack ends as a GTR? They say compatible with r32 GTST and GTR, so I shouldn't have a problem here right? Thank you in advance for the help LINK FOR THE REAR TIE RODS http://www.gktech.com/index.php/s13-180sx-r32-hicas-tie-rod-set.html
  23. Okay so i have a 1992 R32 GTS4, it has a chronic scraping sound coming from the right wheel area when full lock left, we have had the wheel off, looked for scrapes, had the brake caliper off and apart to check for road debris caught in the caliper, had the rotor off to make sure nothing was between the rotor and the back plate, we took the ABS sensor out to make sure it wasn't scoring on the gears, no visible signs of scratching which is what i would expect from the horrific sound. Anyway after roughly 3 hours with a mechanic he said that he wants to replace the entire wheel hub, to eliminate that completely which is fine as second hand they are only 50-100 dollars. Ok so now for the real question, does anyone know if the R32 GTR Wheel hub and the R32 GTS4 wheel hub (front) are compatible / bolt straight in. To my understanding mechanically they are very similar (except for the obvious not having a cool engine etc) Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hey all I need a little help... I have a R32 GTS-4 and I need to get new "rear inner rack ends". From what I've read and been told rack ends are also known as tie rods? In short I've found these rear tie rods on GKTech, but I am not 100% sure they will fit. If I'm correct the GTS-4 has the same tie rods/rack ends as a GTR? So these ones should fit either way? Thank you in advance for the help LINK FOR THE REAR TIE RODS http://www.gktech.com/index.php/s13-180sx-r32-hicas-tie-rod-set.html
  25. AlphaWolf32

    Nice shine.

    From the album: R32 GTS-4 4 Door

    Love the midnight purple.
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