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Found 61 results

  1. So any help appreciated guys, There's countless posts on misfiring on this site and I've viewed most of the ones I've found, to no avail. Engine details: RB25DET S1.5, ECU is Haltech E11V2, running a MAFless tune, Garrett GT3582R, Upgraded Intercooler, GFB manual Boost controller, Tial EWG 63mm, Nismo 740cc injectors, 3BAR MAP sensor, Bosch 040 fuel pump, Sard adjustable fuel reg (with gauge (set at 55psi) HKS Oil cooler and remote Oil filter, Splitfire Coils, NGK Copper plugs gapped at .8 with 21KMs on them. So car developed a missfire last week, over fueling, hesitating at all operating temps (biggest from TPS 0 to >2) from startup to shut down with a rich and lean pops in exhaust, surging during acelleration and cruising. Checked usual culprits in order; Coils, Plugs, Tune re install, Vacume and hoses, Fuel Reg, Compression test, Injectors Flow tested and inspected All okay, TPS sensor, Coolant temp sensor, Air Temp sensor, MAP sensor, related wiring, AAC valve, replaced Fuel filter, and ECU checks out. Nowe I havnt done the CAS, as I was under impression that a faulty cas will cause problems with starting, and it starts like nothings wrong. The BOV has been on for 4 years (was on car when I got it) and never had an issue with it before) have checked to make shure Diaphragm in Fuel reg isn't totalled and it's all fine. And no it hasn't had an o2 sensor on the exhaust (ecu) since acquiring it. The air fuel mix at idle is around 10.8:1 richining on throttle depress. All sensor have been tested with Multimeter and viewing on the Ecu both are in sync. Cars in Red Center Nats in a month so would like to have it run by then. Any help appreciated
  2. Hey all, While talking cars recently somebody has suggested that ABS works only with the OEM ecu, (R34 GTT) My years reading this forum i have never come accross this idea, although i cant seem to find anything to verify or deny that, it looks like it may be true for standalone options, I would like to know if it is true for plugins specifically haltec platinum pro. If its correct and abs is no longer supported then is there anything else that uses the abs wheel sensors? (Launch control?) or are they made redundant. Is there a separate abs computer that could be removed? I also have removed HICAS and TCC - can i now remove the computers for those? Cheers,
  3. Hi all, I've just started learning a bit about tuning, I'm half way through reading Engine Management: Advanced Tuning by Greg Banish which I'm enjoying so far. I've got an R33gtst with very basic performance mods. Haltech pro plug in, 3" turbo back exhaust and a turn flow front mount. Engine-wise everything else is stock (engine, turbo, injectors etc). I've just installed a wideband, air temp sensor and oil temp sensor which are happily chatting with the Haltech. I did my first data logging run today and I found the results both terrifying and confusing. Is anyone able to help me interpret my data log? The thing that has me confused is, why at 6000rpm and 11psi is the car at 100% injector duty cycle and 15 AFR? My first thought is there is issues with the fuel pump, possibly it's old and struggling and when the car was previously tuned, they tuned around the issue by having the injectors stay open for longer to compensate for dropping fuel pressure. But this is me guessing, I really have no idea lol. The other thing that has me worried is, shouldn't I have encountered some form of engine failure by this stage? I've been driving this thing for years, done multiple track days, drift events and 15 AFR with pegged injectors on WOT seems very dangerous to me. I've attached a screen shot of the data log. If anyone wants to look at the full log of 200 or so channels feel free to PM me and I can send it to you. Cheers
  4. R34 Gtr haltech platinum pro v2 ecu $1500 Work Meisters 19x10.5 +12 $3700 or swap Perfect condition and tyres are 75% Pickup ingleburn or waterloo 0401896412
  5. I have been using Platinum Pro Plug-in for my R34 GTR for awhile now, I see many people switching to Hall Effect Sensors for the RB26. Anyone have postive experience here? I’m planning out my RB28 build now and would like to know what is the involvment in switching stock sensors to these aftermarket trigger kits? I’m thinking to use this kit that places a Hall effect sensor at the exhaust cam and crank as well. Specifically this kit https://rossperformanceparts.com/product/nissan-rb-crank-cam-trigger-kit-twin-cam/
  6. Selling as whole, x1 Platinum plug and play ecu for R34 GTR $2295rrp x1 Can wideband o2 sensor controller $199rrp x1 I/O expander box $450rrp wiring for all ^ paid over 3k for all Willing to post at buyers expense Open to offers
  7. Hi, anyone have a Haltech E11V2 base map for Stock R33 RB25DET? Having an issue with my software where I can't see the base maps in Halwin. azwest351@gmail.com
  8. Hello all, first post here I'm searching for a Haltech Platinum Pro for my R32. I am located in Canada but am willing to pay for shipping! If anyone has a jumper harness and all that good stuff that comes with the ecu from new that would be awesome as well. Cash in hand, would obviously have to wire the $$. Thanks! Nick
  9. Hello all, first post here I'm searching for a Haltech Platinum Pro for my R32. I am located in Canada but am willing to pay for shipping! If anyone has a jumper harness and all that good stuff that comes with the ecu from new that would be awesome as well. Cash in hand, would obviously have to wire the $$. Thanks! Nick
  10. Hi all. I have bought a wideband. Bosch 0 258 007 200. Its a 5 wire wideband, does anyone know how to wire it into a haltech pro plug in? Thought it would just be a signal, power and ground?? Any help would be great
  11. Any second hand working Haltech Platinum Pros that will work in a R32 for sale?
  12. I have a haltech platinum pro plug in for sale, suited for r32/r33 rb20/25/26. Was going to use in my gtr but had an apexi in it. $1400
  13. Haltech Elite 2500 with 2.5m Premium Harness Haltech Elite 2500 with 2.5m Premium Harness. HT-151300 HT-141301 (Rev 1) $3000ono
  14. Hello Everyone! Have some go fast bits for sale off my R33 some parts are still new. I won't post interstate but willing to travel and meet in Vic. Located in the S. E Suburbs near Keysbourough. No swaps strictly cash only if you require any additional information you may text me on 0409747507. Thank you. Brae manifold $700 ARP Headstuds for RB25det *Brand New* $220 Split fire coil packs *Brand New* $600 2000cc Bosch ID Injectors $420 Tomei Type B Valve Springs RB25det $700 *Brand New* Aeroflow Fuel Rail $130 Twin Plate Ceramic Extreme Clutch $1,200 Haltech Platinum Pro $1400 Also have an R33 manual gearbox that was reconditioned 5,000kms ago new bearings. $1,100
  15. haltech platinum pro rotational idle switch hey guys i have a haltech platinum pro plugin on my gtr and im going to wire up a switch for rot idle on/off i have the pinout and have used avi 3( pin 10 black aux plug) (analogue input) and pin 9 +5v i turned it on in ecu on haltech software but it doesnt work when i supply 5v to the avi3 input . i have set turn on 5volts and turn off 0 volts, do i need something extra to activate it ie, another aux input box ?
  16. Wtb aftermarket ecu Looking to buy a second hand aftermarket stand alone computer to suit r33 gtst would consider piggyback if cheap.
  17. Haltech 2500 Elite, Precision 6266 CEA GEN 2 Hey guys up for grabs is a Haltech elite 2500 with a patch loom by haltech to suit an R34 GTR. ECU has only been in the car for around 10000km max im sure anybody shopping around knows the capabilities of this top of the line ECU. $2800ono. Next up is a Ceramic ball bearing Gen 2 Precision 6266 turbo with a .84 twin scroll V band rear turbine housing. As you can see it has a 90° elbow welded onto the compressor cover so she's ready to bolt straight onto the side of an R. Peak boost ran was 24psi and was on the car for around 7000km max Perfect condition absolutely no shaft play or damage to compressor wheel or turbine wheel. $2100ono Items are located in Penrith area Western Sydney pick up preferred but happy to send anywhere at buyers expensive. Prices are open to negotiations and if you want both items I'm sure we can work out a good deal.
  18. R33 CEL - Unknown code Hi All, I recently installed a Haltech Wideband Controller in my R33 GTST - Upon connection to the ECU with my laptop I noticed an additional CEL that wasn't there before "U1133" - Normally the Haltech gives you a description but this had no description. I cleared the codes and took it for a drive and it hasn't come up since - Should I be worried about this and does anyone know what code U1133 is for? Thanks in advance!
  19. R33 GTST wont start with Haltech ECU Hey there, So i'm new to this forum and i did some looking around to see if i could find anything similar to my problem and there were a couple but not 100%. Anyways the problem i'm having is i bought a haltech platinum sport 2000 (the plug n play) and i installed it simple enough. While i was doing this i also installed some nismo 555cc injectors. The base map that comes with the ecu is set for the stock injectors. now after adjusting the fuel map the car wont start i tried messing around with some of the other setting to see if I could find anything wrong but to no solution it will crank but its only cranking around 150-200 rpm. I'm getting fuel i even tried using some starter fluid to see if that was my issue but nothing . i'm pretty sure that my timing is off but i'm not certain if anyone would be kind enough to supply me with a map for the injectors i have or if anyone wouldn't mind looking at my map to see if they can find something wrong with it i would eternally grateful.
  20. R33 GTST no start A friend of mine has a R33 GTST SERIES 2 with a Haltech platinum pro ecu. The back story and whats been done. The car doesnt get driven much so often had to be jump started as the battery was flat. One day they went to jump start it and no go. The motor cranked but didnt fire. After some testing we found there was no spark, signal to fuel injectors or fuel pump. The ecu was sent back to haltech for testing. They upgraded the power supply and a few other things but found bo problems. When we got the ecu back we plugged it in and hoped for the best but still no go. It has an aftermarket immobilizer which im thinking is probably the next thing to look at unless anyone has some other suggestions Thanks
  21. 【WTB】ECU for 33GTST S1 Hi guys. I would like to buy an cheap ECU for my 33 GTST S1. It could be pfc, haltech or whatever. Better with boost controller and hand controller. Budget is no more than $700. Located in Glen Iris, Mel. Can pick up if you are not too far from me.
  22. Wtb haltech ps2000 r32/r33 patch loom Wtb haltech ps2000 r32/r33 patch loom pm me thanks
  23. Adaptronic ECU R34 GT-T Adaptronic eSel027 Select ECU – R34GTT Skyline Product code: eSel027 PLUG IN ECU no slicing required fully programmable fuel and ignition maps mirco usb connection to laptop. software is downloaded. fits into the standard ecu cradle and behind the kick panel . more info check out the link http://www.adaptronic.com.au/product/esel027/ comes in box . wont be dissapointed had it for about a year running 300rwkw on e85 hiflow turbo bosch xspurt 1000cc injectors any further question call me on 0401571829 $900
  24. WTB HALTECH E11V2 PATCH LOOM FOR R32 GTR let me know what you have
  25. WTB r32/r33 platinum pro Haltech WTB haltech platinum pro for a r32/33 gtr please contact me via Pm if you have one you want to sell
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