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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I've recently been battling tuning my car(hcr32). A couple months ago I could connect to my ecu(nistune chipped) and it would sometimes lose connection (even with plms cable). This made me make some extra grounds and had no luck. Now recently, I cant even connect at all (Nistune gives me the spare com port error). Ive tried to connect with different cables, nistune software and datascan software, even tried the paperclip jump trick and got no response from the dash when I would before a couple months ago. I took out my ecu and inspected all points inside the ecu and it looks good, when i tried to turn the knob on the ecu to flash the diag led, I got absolutely nothing. I rewired the consult port with new wiring and a new port connection, still get nothing.. Does anyone have any advice? I'm leaning towards a bad ecu since the led wouldn't even light, but i'm not 100% sure. Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. Hello, names Kyle long time reader of these forums as ive been looking for a r32 for a while now and I am finally a happy owner so thought id make an account haha ! Here is my 89” R32 gts-t (RB25det NEO) Few basic modifications/upgrades coil over suspension, exhaust, fmic, injectors, coils, TD06-20G Kinugawa turbo w/ external gate, powerFC having car tuned in the next week as it is running slightly rich and will have some numbers to share🙂
  3. I’m looking to install my alarm into my 32 gtst and need more information about the ignition harness under the dash. I’m just wondering does anyone has a diagram / wiring table stating colours of each wire and it’s use. I can spend the time to identify them, it would just save me time if someone had already done it or knows where to source diagrams etc. thanks 👍
  4. Guys, Selling my long term project of 10 years which I've finally concluded I will never finish and have lost all motivation to finish aside there is very little to do to be complete - Life just got in the way. 1990 HCR32 Engine: RB20DET - Stroked to 2438cc RB26 GTR Crank RB26 Eagle H-Beam Forged Rods 84mm Wiseco Forged Pistons Tomei 84mm 1.25mm Head Gasket ACL Bearings ARP Head Studs Port and Polish Tomei Solid Lifter conversion Tomei 272 9.25mm Cams HKS CAM Gears Nitto Oil Pump Crank + Cam Trigger setup Hypertune Custom Intake Manifold Hypertune 90mm Throttle Body Bosch 980cc Injectors Billet Fuel Rail High Mount turbo manifold 3582 JP Turbo Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo SpitFire Coil Packs Body: Black Respray Coilovers Half Cage 18" Wheels (New Rubber required 10+ years old) Front Mount Intercooler 50mm Alloy Radiator Blitz Fibreglass ADR approved bonnet Electrical: Haltech PS2000 ECU Haltech Wide Band IQ3 Digital Dash zLeds Rear tail lights Battery Relocation to boot Fuel Pressure Sensor Oil Pressure Sensor Walbro Fuel Pump After Market Fuel Level Pickup MAP Sensor Crank + Cam Hall Effect sensors Flex Fuel Sensor Wiring Wiring Specialties Wiring Hardness What's left to do? Really not much, - Set base timing on ECU for Crank trigger setup. - Mount Fuel Pressure Regulator - Mount Catch - Setup Fuel Level Input for Haltech - Tighten bolts on half cage - Interior tidy up (Cars been sitting in the garage for 10+ years) - Tune - Enjoy Located in 4300 QLD - Pickup only, Only genuine interest and obviously no joy riders as it needs a tune. Pictures will be supplied on request only.
  5. I was curious what people used for the transmission support when using the rb25box on the R32. I noticed the rb20 box only 1 of the holes lines up, other than welding a new piece on, Is there a stock support that would do the trick. Sorry if its been covered over and over again, I did not see any info that would help.
  6. Tacoma WA, USA Newbie Whats up! Name is Dylan, Residing in Tacoma Washington, USA. This is my 1989 R32 Sedan. Got the car 2 years ago mostly stock and have slowly been plugging away at it, from stock body on 15's , to the current state of full kit, and 17's. As she is right now: SR20DET Powered, Tomei 256 cams, Greddy T517Z turbo, tomei exhaust manifold, Greddy intake, Nismo coppermix twin plate clutch, Nismo pressure plate and flywheel. PS-Duce Front and Rear bumper, Origin sideskirts, Origin Front Fenders, D-max trunk spoiler. Work Seeker SX wheels. Nismo 2-way rear differential Safety-21 Cusco Cage Couple other goodies here and there, but yea!
  7. I've recently fitted some RC 720cc Injectors and had to do a bit of a re-map on my RB20det. So far things are fine at WOT as per normal. However the idle hunts a bit, but too be expected with 720 low impedance injectors. I have Nistune by the way. However when adjusting the injector latency I began to think about what the correct latency should be and if there is horsepower (kilowatts for you guys) and reliability (Knock resistance) by having the fuel spray early (which may result in pooling at valve) or late (which could be incomplete burn/ reduced atomization). But when is the factory injection time @ 14v and rated injector impedance? Perhaps I am getting to far into this? Is there power to be made?
  8. Hi All, I'm looking for a set of coilovers for my R32 GTS-T. Doesn't have to be adjustable, but that is preferred. Located in Brisbane and prefer to pickup, but happy to pay postage for the right item. PM or reply here please. Aaron
  9. I have a pair of never fitted scuff plates for a 2 door r32 Asking $140ono Item loated in Sydney Can also post item within Australia Thanks Mike
  10. Hi All, Brand new in box, Project Mu handbrake shoes for sale. Part number is IS200A. Bought these to fit to my 180sx with rear R33 GTS-t brake setup, however never came around to fitting them up and using them. No longer needing them. According to Nengun, they are compatible for... Nissan - Skyline - R33 GTS-t S2 - ECR33 Nissan - Skyline - R33 GTS-t S1 - ECR33 Nissan - Skyline - R32 GTR - BNR32 Nissan - Skyline - R33 GTR - BCNR33 Nissan - Skyline - R34 GTR - BNR34 Nissan - Skyline - R32 GTS-t - HCR32 Nissan - Cefiro - A31 Although, please make sure you double check beforehand. I'm after $200 delivered to anywhere in Aus via Express Post! Preferred contact via sms on zero four two one 1 2 1 eight one eight. Pics to come if really needed. Cheers, Andy
  11. I was wondering if the Australian market has the Factory Service Manuals for the SKYLINES available for purchase at their local dealership. I do not like the quality of the scans on the PDF versions of the manual and I would love to get a hold of an actual print of the manual. In English of course. Is this possible to order from a dealership there? I live in the USA.
  12. 1992 HCR32 GTSt / GTR misc parts. 32 GTSt smoked out indicators (no globes but in perfect working condition with all mounts unbroken) - $80 32 GTSt original tape deck / headunit attached 32 GTR Projection headlights (pair) - $200 Location; Holsworthy NSW. Can post however pickup is preferred. Contact; 0435 120 602 - SMS is preferred as i can't answer phone during work hours / reception is bad. PM will work also thanks.
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