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Found 50 results

  1. Ok, I searched on here, didn't see much at all tbh. I just changed over the sealed beam headlight I had on my bike to an LED unit [had to buy a new lens as well, but nothing wrong with my old lens] and the difference was very impressive..so thought I might do the same for the Skyline. I also had a look on ebay and there were so many LED headlight 'globes' it was overwhelming. Most promise a gazillion watts/lumens/K but all look pretty much the same - admittedly some have little fans, others have heatsinks on the arse end, some have rats tail H4 connections, others the spade H4 straight off the back...………..but I have no idea if these changes are better or worse. And it looks like you can get a pair of LED's for around $30 [and certainly under $50] delivered, so cheap really. I am still using normal halogen bulbs, with the yellowish, not so bright light and so thought I'd try an 'upgrade'. I know others have used 'white light' globes from the likes of Phillips etc that cost more than they are worth and I'm not that keen to go down that path anyway. I also bought a HID kit years ago...and then never ever fitted it, its still brand new in the box [probably need to sell I guess]. BTW on the operating temp, there was a great test done by a guy on a motorcycle forum where he tested a normal globe, a Halogen globe, and an LED [with little fan] setup using an infrared temp gun and the LED came out way cooler all round. That has to be a good thing. And finally { I have no idea on this] is it legal?? I can't see why not if they are a direct replacement, offer the same or better light, and operate much cooler than halogens anyway. So does anyone have any experience at LEDs on a vehicle? What did you end up with? And was it a better light?
  2. my high beam adjusters are broken, i tried to find the part number for them and did not find it , is there something comparable i can replace / repair the screw adjuster?
  3. Hello, I'm after a passenger side Xenon headlight and an air box to remove the pod filter and return it to stock.
  4. Looking to buy for an R32 GTR: Front Bumper Front Reinforcement support bar AC Condenser Drivers side head light + indicator Thanks
  5. Hello, Does anyone know the type of male/female connectors that connect the series 1/2 headlight assembly?
  6. One of my headlight bulbs has blown. What kind of lightbulb do I need?
  7. From the album: Random Photos

    Headlight from a 1993 R32GTS-t
  8. From the album: Random Photos

    Headlight from a 1990 R32 GTS-t
  9. I am currently looking at different options to retrofit R32 headlight with Morimoto projector globe. Has anyone tried using halogen bulb instead of HID with those globes? I have read write-ups posted here using Morimoto mini H1 and FX-R, has anyone tried other Morimoto globes or globes from other brands or other vehicles? Thanks in advance!
  10. R32 Gts headlight (projector) Looking to buy passenger side projector type headlight for R32.
  11. M35 S1 HEADLIGHT FOR SALE Hey guys Got a m35 drivers side headight for sale Im 95% the ballast has gone on it Good condition (no cracks, chips) Can post $120 neg
  12. HELP: I would like a Step by Step on how to remove/install V35 Coupe Headlights Hey gurus! '05-6 V35 350GT Coupe I am in need of some help. I've got myself some new Headlights (full assembly) and cannot for the life of me find realiable Step by Step instructions on how to change them. All I find is Infinity G35 ones and someone said that they are different. Any help as soon as possible would be awesome! Cheers!
  13. wtb : r34 headlights for a gtt in need of headlights for my r34 gtt, if you only have it for the passenger side, I'll take it, if not I'll buy both. Must be in Sydney though PM me.
  14. R33 Headlights questions Hello all. After a few minutes of search on the forum, I don't find some informations thath I need (or I don't used right keywords). My questions are: 1: What are differences between R33 headlights spec1, spec2 and spec3? what differences? they are all compatible on all r33? or the mounts change? 2: For the Xenon and Hid Headlight, the headlight level is automatic or manual electronic? (if you have high load on the trunk, it corrects the level automatically?) 3: For the Xenon, someone has the dimensions? (like that: https://hidkitpros.com/wp-content/up...dimensions.jpg Thanks a lot Greetings from Switzerland
  15. Pair of R33 GTR Headlights. Lenses on both have no markings ,scratches, no yellowing or cloudiness. Everything seems to be intact. These were purchased from Japan but have sat in the box they arrived in for months. Located: Victoria any questions please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP.
  16. R32 GTS-T - Headlight Permanently On Last Friday, when I was leaving work, I discovered the remote wouldn't unlock my 32. The car is alarmed, so I didn't want to try opening it with the keys (in the end this didn't matter anyway) I assumed I had left my headlights on and decided to return the next morning with a mate to jump start it. When we returned the next day, we discovered the battery was completely dead. However, I hadn't left the headlights on so I was confused as to why the battery died. With keys in my pocket, we fitted the new battery and immediately my passenger side headlight turned on. (Normal headlight, not hi-beam or fog etc.) I was able to start the car, and flicking the headlight knob turned the drivers side headlight on. Flicking the knob in to the off position, the drivers side light turned off and the passenger side remained on. (This was not a problem previously, however I suspect it is the cause of the dead battery) For a few weeks prior to the battery dying, my passenger side indicator had been doing the 'double-speed' thing. To be honest, I had just ignored this. Now, that indicator works properly, but I still have the headlight problem. Has anyone encountered this before? Or knows where I should start looking? Thank you for reading, Aaron
  17. WTB in VIC - R34 L/H Headlight and Black R34 L/H Front Quarter panel as seen in the title I'm looking for a Left hand side Headlight and a black left hand side front quarter panel for a r34 in melbourne
  18. M35 Headlight standard/E-code question So because I'm a sucker for punishment, I want to bring a car into Canada that was never brought to my continent and has an engine that never left Japan. As a daily while I work on a build. Specifically, a 250t RS FOUR V. Because we have some interesting import laws here, I'm wondering if any of you can let me know if the M35 headlights have an E-Code marking anywhere on the housing? Specifically the E in a circle as shown in the pictures attached. I'm almost certain they don't, but it's worth a shot. If not, does anyone know of any headlight assemblies from other models of cars that may/will fit without serious fab work, and ideally won't look terrible? Thanks all. ----- EDIT It looks like the Xenon headlights are marked as DOT compliant on the ballasts, so I may be able to get those passed and get new internal assemblies or reverse the internals for the cutoffs. I'm still curious as to if the assemblies (especially the halogens) are marked with E-codes though.
  19. Hey guys selling my vehicle, i am came to a problem with my headlights being HID Xenon and they are now a problem for me to pass roadworthy. It is a 2001 R34 25GT Sedan. How am i going to fix this issue so it can pass roadworthy? From previous posts it seems like the only way is to find standard headlights and replace the xenon with them so they can use standard bulb, but the wiring wouldn't suit it.
  20. For sale: R33 S2 Drivers side Headlight with minor crack to back lens and supports. Would be perfect for a plastic weld restoration as this headlight was purchased new for $550 two years ago. It has no yellow impairment and could also be used for parts. $50 + postage
  21. Hey Everyone, Just picked up a 1998 R34 GTT and on my first cruise some others noticed my headlights playing up. Currently my drivers side light is not on. During the cruise, it would change between drivers side out, passangers side out, or both one. I checked both the fuses by swapping them to the working light slot and no issues. Is there anything before the fuse box that could cause the headlights to go out on different sides randomly? Going to get new bulbs this afternoon regardless. Thank you in advance PS, only my driving lights have the issue. Parkers and High Beams are unaffected
  22. Reprieve


    From the album: Headlight

  23. Reprieve


    From the album: Headlight

  24. Hey! My HID headlights have started to randomly turn off while driving. It will usually flicker on/off for a second before staying off. They turn straight back on again after turning the lights on and off, but will start doing it again shortly after. Its not both lights in unison either. One goes... then the other. It appears to be triggered by G-forces/movement as it often flicks off when i make a sharp turn or go over minor bumps in the road. Anyone know what could be causing this or of a good auto-electrician in the Brisbane area? I can't find anything on the forums except someone in Sydney with the same issue on a V35 that had zero responses. Thanks in advance for any help!
  25. Hey guys, i own a series 2 r34 and my drivers side headlight was smashed, am i able to get a series 1 headlight to fit in or will i needtofind a specific series 2 headlight ? thanks
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