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Found 62 results

  1. Could someone please help me out with what I need to replace these headlight globes, I’m getting so confused over what’s actually in it
  2. R32 GTR Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 Retrofit So after numerous ridiculous nights driving without adequate lighting in my R32 Skyline. I decided to do something about it. I reached out to TRS customer support and they began to point me in the right direction. I made a few additional calls to a couple of individuals TRS referred me too as they had completed retrofits on a few R32's as well. After these insightful discussions I boiled it down to going with either the Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 or the Morimoto Mini DS2 4.0. After numerous recommendations I chose the DS2 4.0! I placed my pre-ordered through TRS and waited patiently for these bad boys to come in. As soon as they arrived it was time to get to work. First of all I must say the quality and design of these are incredible, but they weren't going to install themselves. After staring at them for at least 2 hours and surfing numerous forums on previous retrofits it was apparent that I was not getting this done without hacking at my OEM projector. See the DS2 is significantly smaller and shorter than the OEM projector so I would need a bracket to step up to the OEM placement. What better bracket to manipulate than the OEM. I proceeded to cut the OEM housing leaving only the OEM frame. (Never mind the blocks they came later. Forgot to take a pic of the bracket when I first cut it) At this point I lined up the DS2 4.0 and used a punch to mark placement of the screws and created and cardboard template to determine what approach I was going to use to secure. I've seen numerous individuals shave the OEM brackets as thin as possible, trim, drill and separate the new projector to mate in between the fabricated OEM bracket. I chose a different route as I did not want disrupt what I assumed to be a carefully thought out design so I ended up welding blocks (about an 3/4" long and a 1/4"of an inch high) along each corner where I originally marked, then drilled holes, and checked fitment a few times, shaving each block respectively using a small level. Ensuring fitment between bracket and OEM bezel I must say final fitment is incredible! secure and as flush as OEM. Only one issue I caused myself was I forgot to trim the OEM bracket to allow the wiring for the high beam solenoid so I took a Dremel and filed away enough space to allow for the connector to secure into the projector. All in all I'm super stoked and can't wait to install on my vehicle.
  3. WTB R34 Xenon or Not Headlights to USA Ciao Ragazzi, I want to buy a complete pair of headlights for my R34. I don't want to bother with any units that have broken screw tabs/brackets. 100% working condition please. It would not be a issue if the covers are fogged / yellowing. kik: aleoking // line: backt0thefuture // ig: iam__valentino *Needs to be shipped to the USA*
  4. brightening headlights after reading GRKGTR's build i didnt want to clog his thread regarding LED headlights so, I thought id ask here what has been done to improve the lighting on our old nissans. i know for sure mine are horrible in my s13. especially doing test hits on old country roads
  5. R33 S3 Xenon Headlights As above. Post or PM with price. I'm from Alaska so must be willing to ship too.
  6. Aftermarket headlights? Hey guys, First post here hoping you can help since I can't seem to find any info anywhere... First 2 pictures I've attached, show color changing lights. Next 2 pictures show when turning the orange indicator sort of goes around the headlights and then reverts back to both headlights on. What kind of lights are these, and where can i find them? Thanks
  7. WTB R33 series 1 headlights any condition As above after a pair or even just the passenger side R33 series 1 headlights any nic is fine!
  8. Hey guys, recently got my R33 S1 headlights retrofitted with quad projector headlights complete with white LED ring angel eyes and red demon eyes. I bought a used set of headlights with yellowing lenses for cheap and sent them up to Sydney to be modified by That Headlight Guy. Needless to say, I was very impressed by his work and the results are amazing. He does work on all types and makes of headlights and even headlights that don't come standard with projectors! Very friendly guy to work with, his attention to detail is especially helpful, he will keep you updated throughout the build process and will even offer headlight lens restorations! 5 stars and will recommend to anyone wanting to do any sort of modification and/or restoration to their headlights! Here's his page: https://www.facebook.com/thatheadlightguy/
  9. M35 LED high beam retrofit Pretty happy with the M35 low beam. I just replaced the discharge lamps with some cheapies from eBay and they work a treat. So much so, that the high beam (H4 halogens) look pitiful. Has anyone replaced the low beam lamps with LED types? Which ones? I don't trust all the sellers on eBay to accurately quote the correct figures.
  10. R34 headlight replacement Hey all, Unfortunately the headlights on my R34 are completely stuffed, so it's come time to replace them. The current ones are xenons, however considering the stupid money you have to pay for them I was planning on just going plain old non-xenons as a cheaper alternative. The actual process of swapping xenons to non-xenons has been covered a million times, but what I'd like to know is, are there are physical differences between the two with regards to shape? Despite the dozens of threads on the topic each one gives me a different answer, with some saying the rubbers are different and just need trimming to others claiming they're a whole different shape. Given I'm swapping over to a GTR front bar in about a month I need to know if the new non-xenons I'd like to swap over will actually fit the bar. Cheers
  11. Issue with alternator/headlights So my r32 gtst is having this problem where my car batteries would die the next day so i changed the car batteries 3 times and the problem persist. I figured maybe it was my alternator so i got a multi-meter and tested it the numbers coming in were in the normal ranges. I tried all the load test and they came back normal but the one thing i noticed was when i had my headlights on and i revved the car the voltages would drop on the meter down to not so normal ranges around 12 volts. On idle everything is normal but when i rev up the car around 1500-2000 it goes down only when headlights are on any idea what could be the problem?
  12. Pair of R33 GTR Headlights. Lenses on both have no markings ,scratches, no yellowing or cloudiness. Everything seems to be intact. These were purchased from Japan but have sat in the box they arrived in for months. Located: Victoria any questions please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP.
  13. Review: Mothers NuLens™ Headlight Renewal Kit European cars seem to struggle with maintaining high levels of headlight condition. While Japanese cars seem to suffer from fading/clouding, Euro's get pitting and a rough coating over them. We have 2 European cars and they've both fallen victim to this pitting and coating. I bought the Mothers NuLens™ Headlight Renewal Kit to try to clean up the headlights on my wife's 2007 Volkswagen Passat. Here's some pics of the headlight before I started. You can see just how bad the pitting and scratches are. So, the process is very simple; tape up your paintwork I put a hose on very low just dribbling over the headlight to keep it wet. Sand with the supplied 800 grit pad (you'll see in the below pics I needed to do this longer) When you have a uniform haze and it feels smooth, sand with the 1500 grit pad When the haze is uniform again, dry the light and Sand with the 3000 grit foam pad. Lastly, use the Powerball and polish to polish the headlight. So, after about 20 mins, the result is amazing. You can see that some scratches still exist, I can't feel these so I missed them on the 800 grit stage. I'm planning on redoing the sanding next week to see if I can improve it. But, even without doing that again, it looks (and feels) incredible. I would recommend this kit to anybody who has external defects on their headlights. (A lot of R33's get hazing/clouding on the inside of the headlight.) This is a 5 star product for sure. $40 very well spent.
  14. R34 Auto Off headlights Hello, So today i modded my headlights to they turn off automatically when the key is removed from the car. I am doing this on my 1998 R34 25gt. It should be the same for the gtt at least, and somewhat similar for other models. This will make sure you cant leave your headlights on when you park only to return to a flat battery. (I've done this 3 times now) Tools: Soldering iron, Wire cutters, wire strippers, pliers, Crimper (i just used my pliers) Supplies: Solder, 3 horn relays. (i used jaycar part SY4068) at least 12 connectors to put on the relay tab (you need 12, but the packs from jaycar come in 8 packs.) couple of meters of wire Heat shrink First you will have to remove the plastic surround that goes around the steering column. There are 3 screws underneath. undo these and pull down on the handle that adjusts the wheel height, with this done it should just pop off. once this is done you will need to remove the lower dash piece. On mine there is a screw on the left and a couple of bolts on the right next to the bonnet release. you should now be able to pull it off, making sure to disconnect any plugs that are on the panel. there will be a bundle of wire coming from just behind the wheel under the dash then back up under the dash, In mine it was already cut open so this is where i attached my relays. you will need to find the correct wires that control the head lights. In my case it was the RED/WHITE wire, RED/YELLOW wire and the RED/BLUE But you should check these are correct. Best way i found is to look on the back on the indicator stalk there are 2 plugs, one has about 12 connectors on it, the other has 4. The connector with 4 plugs should have the wires said above and a green/white one. (Again your mileage may vary) Where ever you decide to splice into these wires you might want to cut the wire and extend it about 10cm on each side of the cut so you have a bit more room to work with. I soldered my little extension on the cut wire and heat shrunk it up. With this done i crimped the connectors onto the end of my wire and connected these to pins 87 and 30 of each relay. Now to get some power to toggle the relays. you will need some that is only powered with the key in the ignition. I got mine from the 12v socket next to the shifter. Connect a length of wire to the pos and neg of this and run it to under that dash (There might be a better spot to get this from, but i couldn't think of anywhere) then you will have to split this between the 3 relays. you can do this how ever you want. it should be pretty straight forward. crimp your connectors onto these wires and plug them on the remaining relay plugs. When moving the key to ACC you should be able to head the relays clicking. if not check your getting 12V on the connectors and that they are plugged in to the correct pins. it should be pins 85 and 86. Check that the lights all turn on with the key in the ignition. remove the key and the lights should go off with that.
  15. Can someone please tell me if I can directly fit Series 3 projector style OEM headlights into a 2003 Series 1 V35 Coupe. My original 2003 lights were totally destroyed by hail and I need to replace them. The best condition replacements I have found and best price are Series 3 OEM projector style will they fit? Any answers very much appreciated I couldn't find anywhere. Thanks for the posts on this forum so much useful info!!!
  16. Hi, I'm looking for a set of WGNC34 Series 2 Headlights. Anyone got a non-cloudy set they want to sell?
  17. Hey guys, Got a couple of R33 front end bits to get rid of: - R33 GTSt S2 Bumper - $100 Damaged, could be repaired by bumper re conditioners, or good for a drifter/track car. - R33 GTSt S2 Bonnet - $80 Some dents and scratches, good for a drifter/track car or get the dents filled. - R33 Bonnet Support Bracket - $25 Includes horn and catch. - R33 GTSt S2 Headlights - $200 / $100ea Some damage - broken mounts have been repaired. - R33 GTSt S2 Drivers seat - $50 Worn bolster. Slider needs greasing not very smooth. Pics available on request. Located Melbourne's East - will freight at buyers expense. Cheers, Mat. O4OO 558 O3O
  18. After seeing the demon eyes in my build thread a user (Adz2332) from the forums contacted me to do a budget RGB demon eyes and black out to stock projectors. Thought id share the results below if a sampling of the colours it can produce. (test were done just powered by a 9v battery so with a controller there would be more options. they are also a lot brighter when powered form a 12v source)
  19. stock rb26 camshafts $100 Stock rb26 exhaust manifolds $50 Rb26 twin turbo top pipe $80 Stock r32 gtr twin bov setup $80 R34 gtt black rear wing $100 R34 gtt black bonnet $500 R34 gtt head lights (cracked mounts) $200 for the pair Offers considered, txt me (Ben) for more info or pics on 0401418634. Pick up from Newcastle for large items.
  20. Hi guys, For sale: R34 GTR/GTT/GT/ER34 Xenon Headlights, with bulbs and ballast. Condition: They are in excellent condition, the plastic is clear and doesn’t seem to have any fade/haze. However has a few little marks on the inside of the clear cover (photo below). Also one of the bolts has a bit of erosion. Other than that, all clips are intact, everything is as pictured. Location: Brisbane – Will post at buyers expense Price: $1100ono Note: I also have a R34 GTR bonnet for sale I was saving for a defect notice on my conversion. Bayside Blue, pm me. Pictures:
  21. Hi all, have the following items for sale; 1. Standard R32 RB26 camshafts; $80 2. Standard R32 RB26 cam gears; $65 3. Standard R32 RB26 twin turbos; $150 4. Blitz SUS Twin Pod Filter Kit For R32 GTR + Standard R32 RB26 afm's; $180 5. Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Strut Brace For R32 GTR; $80 6. Pair of R32 GTR headlights, the RH headlight has some cracks in the chrome as pictured, LHS Great condition; RHS - $60 LHS - $100 Location: Nsw, Canley Heights 2166 Contact: Plat - 0466 554 92seven
  22. Hi, this is my first post just to let you know I have a 1997 R33 GTS-T series 2. At night when I have my headlights on, come to a complete stop and apply either the foot brake or the handbrake my headlights will switch off. Once i release either brake they come back on... anyone had the same issue or have a rough idea at what the problem could be!? It's a real hassle when stuck at traffic lights on a slight hill haha, Cheers.
  23. Hey! My HID headlights have started to randomly turn off while driving. It will usually flicker on/off for a second before staying off. They turn straight back on again after turning the lights on and off, but will start doing it again shortly after. Its not both lights in unison either. One goes... then the other. It appears to be triggered by G-forces/movement as it often flicks off when i make a sharp turn or go over minor bumps in the road. Anyone know what could be causing this or of a good auto-electrician in the Brisbane area? I can't find anything on the forums except someone in Sydney with the same issue on a V35 that had zero responses. Thanks in advance for any help!
  24. I'm after Pair of 33gtr headlights Gtr grille Set of gtr wheels Located Victoria but happy to pay for postage
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