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Found 8 results

  1. Recently done a plus t conversion and now car won’t start have checked timing have replaced coils and plugs is getting spark . Fuel pump primes and getting fuel into cylinders have tried starting with the chipped ecu and stock de ecu still nothing car sounds like it wants to fire but it’s just not getting there afm doesn’t seem to be the issue either. Anybody have any ideas
  2. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been back. I'm looking for a little insight into my r33 separation pains. basically the story went like so. i bought the 33, it shit itself. within a month. the crank had been sheared and pistons smashed. kind of long winded. basically. i cried a little. skip to now. i ordered an imported motor, my skyline is a 1997 s2, so i ordered a series two engine with low k's, good stuff. or so i thought.. The motor was in fact an rb25det NEO, i really wish i would have known. Anyway i did the swap, there was a few things that needed to be swapped out of the old motor. oil pressure sender, a/c comp mounting bracket. injectors etc. all went well, i had to re-pin the CAS as the NEO wiring is a mirror to the S2 CAS. also the VCT solenoid has a different connector, i re-wired that, but the wiring diagrams i had were quite vague, so atm it's not connected. the car was able to start and run using the old maps in my E-manage ultimate. i figured as much because it's basically the same engine i'm to believe that the Neo head has Different cams? and the VCT functions a little differently? My Cars specs follow (auto) S2 1997 r33 skyline 600cc injectors (sidefeed) Hypergear Atr43G3 Sidemount Turbo Blitz Return Type FMIC Custom Alloy radiator Z32 AFM E-manage Ultimate Piggy back on Stock Ecu with a toshi chip for 18psi (piggyback for auto) The only thing i couldn't save from the old motor was the Yellow Jacket coils as the mounting brackets between the two heads are different. i'm now running on stock coils that came with the motor. (unsure of the condition) I've read a Lot on the forums about misfire issues, RB's and Coilpacks, as my car is running... but like shit. Intermittent misfiring, and misfiring under boost. i originally had bcpr7's gapped at 0.8 and then i swapped them out to bcpr6's gapped at 0.8 as well no change in the misfire. i'm looking at changing the coilpacks out to splitfires, would this be advisable? i've taped the coils and swapped the plugs, the compression test read +/- 6 psi across the board. so good compression. i've put an earth kit on as well and cleaned up all the grounding areas. i've checked and double checked intake piping, looking for leaks, vac leaks etc. Can people give me and opinion? i miss my skyline it's been far too long. also would the r33 ecu be able to handle the vct timing control of the neo head? as in, will it work the same as the rb25det? or will it cause issues. i just want it running on all 6 properly so i can take it in for a good old fashioned tune. any opinions? thanks again.
  3. Hi all, Car - r33gtst just rebuilt and run in. Just upgrade my hks evc 3 boost controller to pfc boost control kit. However, it seems like i can't get it to run high boost eg. 1.5 to 1.8bar steadily. With the old HKS it held at 26 and dropped to 24psi to redline. With the pfc unit when set to 1.2bar with 36 duty cycle, i got spike d to 1.28bar and then dropped back to 1.15bars to redline, which is not too bad. Then set to 1.5bar with 56duty cycle, i got 1.7bars and dropped back to 1.3bars. If i tried to increasethe cycle it will just spike even higher and still can't get to 1.5bars. For your information, the wiring from the solenoid (pink and brown) are connected to the wires (white and black) that wired to the stock solenoid. Is it correct? The MAP sensor with 3 pins plug is plugged to the PFC, while the plenum pressure is Tee from one of the vaccum hose (larger one) to the black canister (just in front of the stock air box. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  4. Hey not sure if this is a topic but I desperately need help. Ill try to keep it short but basically have a '94 R33 coupe series 1 with a sunroof only had her for a few months, bought from a lebanese guy....this is both me nd my partners dream car...so we cleaned her up, black bonnet, sound system etc. he did not look after her at all. We had a good run then problem after problem started. PROBLEM # 1. Rocket cover leaking - fixed it 2. Hicas light only comes on once the car has been started then turned off for a short period of time. If let for roughly an hour it stays off (still not fixed) 3. Clutch started to squeak nd a tiny plastic bit just fell to the floor inside the car one day (still squeaking but clutch works perfect althought a bit sticky) 4. Driving nicely nd heard this noise like say a dragon flys wings right near ur ear. Tow trucked it home, pulled it all apart harmonica balancer is a bit thrashed out nd the 2 keys that hold it it place nd the crank pulley pretty much weren't there. Aparentl a ceased aircon system can cause it? Replaced those, put her all back together (first didn't even want to start timing woz out, lined all the notches up nd she started) now took her for a run bit sluggish but she still drove, boost leak? Fixed all of them (who ever came up with the 6piece intercooler pipe system should be shot!) cool she ran better nd better with every tweak. Got home turned her off nd there woz with weird bubbling noise coming from the back of the motor my partner thought it woz bottom end but we never bled the radiator system so I thought mayb airbubles. But the tapping/knocking noise is still their i figured it woz the harmonica balancer against the timing case since it looks a bit wonky wen she idles but as the revs pick up the straightens out, it's not a whole heap but just enough for u to notice. Good old YouTube nd partner reckons the noise is definitely death knock. I'm hoping its no or ill cry problem after problem can anyone shed some light coz I'm lost nd I really do not want to get rid of her or spend 3-4k on a rebuild! :'(
  5. Hey there guys, I'm new to the forums here and new to Skylines Australia. I recently became the owner of a Stagea S2 WGNC34 RS4S and i was just curious of whether or not i could remove the fog lights and replace the grill with maybe a S1 grill so it looks like there weren't any fog lights in the first place. Is this possible or is it something that i will have to deal with. Cheers
  6. Hello, Recently I have been having an issue with my r34 gt where as soon as accessories are turned on and car is started I can hear an electronic buzz that is extremely high pitched. It seemed to be coming from the aircon vent next to the hazard button so I took out the aircon fuse whilst the car was running and the sound stopped. A very strange problem but the noise is driving me crazy does anyone have a solution to my problem? Thank you
  7. Warm idle issue - Help Hey all, Need a bit of help. Been having this issue for a while, It starts having idle issues when the car is warm, usually after about 15-20 minutes, I have got videos of what it sounds like when cold idle and when the issue starts to happen. As well as NDSI logs of as the car heats up and the when the issue happens. It was at protek automotive for about a month and they didnt find anything. I replaced the coil packs with new ones it kept happening, then i replaced the spark plugs with new BCPR6E-1, then also resoldered the AFM solder joints. Any insight would be more than welcome. What the exhaust sounds like cold. Issue as it starts to happen and get warm. Issue as it gets worse. What it sounds like from the drive side fender. I really hope someone can find what the issue is, I'm getting pretty sick of this not working. Thank you all so very much. NDSI20170420_162105.log
  8. Any previous experience with eboost mods? Hi Guys, Just looking for some ideas on what could be causing an issue with my boost system. I've just had my R33 tuned and we have basically rebuilt the entire engine from scratch. There's mechanically no reason why this car shouldn't run 1000hp or more happily (as far as I know). However, I keep maxing out at approx 500hp. Boost system is creating the boost, but isn't actually using it as far as I can tell. I know it's going to be something really simple, but i'm stumped. Any suggestions? Cheers!
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