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  1. So my mate with an r33 Coupe RWD Gtst rb25det series 2 has had cracked ringlands and pulled the motor. Instead of rebuilding his motor he bought my AWD Series 3 rb25det block and head. (I Have no clue what it came out from but its a low mile virgin in excellent condition) Now when putting everything back together and "converting" it to rwd he realized that his series 2 CAS will not mate to cam gear inside the head. SO.... what do we do: 1) Wire the series 3 NEO/plastic CAS to his OEM series 2 harness? (can this even work?) 2) Use his original head? (beat the F*ck up from years of red line and drifting so he doesnt really wanna do it) open to any suggestions or advice. we are kinda stuck on this and need some help. He is using the Apexi Power FC (idk if this worth mentioning)
  2. i have a question on an engine swap and i cant seem to find anything related to it so i thought id come here, so i wanna put a worked 304 fuel injected 5ltr v8 into my r33 series 2 gtst. all i want to know is will the old v8 fit into the engine bay without having to modify it heavily?
  3. Hi everybody! I am not here in the forums very often, and I have a hard time finding the answer to my question, but might I ask it here? What engine parts are specific and designated ONLY to an RHD R32? I am currently listing parts for an R32 GT-R project, and I just want to know if the parts I listed are compatible with an LHD R32. Some of you might be shocked to why I have to say "LHD"; but to clear things up, my country doesn't allow RHD cars to be driven on public roads. Philippines is strict with LHD cars only. Please help me, I am so deep in the list already, I even chose parts off plenty other options. And I want to know if it's still worth listing down parts. The parts I'm asking about include anything in the engine; maybe manifolds, downpipes, exhausts, radiators, anything! Please help me take note of them. I am looking over parts from JDM aftermarket manufacturers including TOMEI, HKS, and many others. I hope for meaty replies Thanks in advance! P.S I attached the list I've ever so worked hard on, hopefully you can tell me which parts are only for RHD Options.txt
  4. Does anyone know what fan pulley brackets fit in a M35 Stagea? I found ones for a 350z which looks identical to the mine that needs replacing, but apparently they don't fit. If someone knows for sure what fits that would be great as I am eager to drive it
  5. Hey guys trying to get some advice for where to go with problem solving on my stagea, its one of the dreaded 08/97 built cars that have an ecu they ran for only one month apparently. pretty much the problem is the car is idle hunting badly running rich and rarely but sometimes stalling at idle and then under power it will stutter and cut out untill i clutch out taking load off. The previous owner had it manual swapped from an auto and the issues started from there as i found from the mechanic who serviced it. if someone could help with a pin out sheet or advice on which ecu to go with or if theres. Something i should replace i would much appreciate it.
  6. Hi guys, sorry I know parts of this have been covered and it has been a massive help!! Although I have an issue: i have an rb20det in my s13, there are no looms in the car apart from the engine loom & fuel pump wires. All plugged in and I have 3 power wires into the ecu & 6 ground wires out of the ecu; the car turns over and has injectors tick and fuel spray when fuel relay activated but I have NO SPARK. i have power, earth and signal continuity from the ecu going to all the coils, cas and injectors; ami missing something from the ecu to tell coils to spark? i swapped the igniter for a working one(same issue), should I try swapping cas and ecu? thank you guys and sorry if I can’t find the info. regards, kev ?
  7. Hey guys Anyone here installed an amp in there V36 with a line level converter from the back of the factory head unit? Any help would be great. Car is a V36 with sat nav
  8. Hey guys so yesterday i tried to do a power slide, and kick the back end out. however my back wheels lost traction and it felt like the front wheel saved me. I've been told i need to make a switch to cut off the "bosch" control, which makes the car rwd? If i turn just the VDC off will i be able to kick the back end out a little or do i need to cut/make a switch for the bosch cable? Cheers
  9. R32 Quarter OEM Window Tint, HELP Hi everyone, I looking to replace my R32 Gtr Quarter windows due to the seal becoming pretty deteriorated. I have found the oem part number 83306-04U00 (pic below), however this one is tinted bronze and the grey tinted one is discontinued. I am not that keen on the bronze colour and would probably be tinting over them with standard black. My main questions are is the tint that it comes with a film that can be taken off before the black tint is applied? If not has anyone encountered this issue before and just tinted over it and if so how did the look compare to the other windows turn out? Cheers, Dean
  10. Without afm?? Hi guys,after reading and trying to understand all this matter related to removing forever the stock AFM R33, Its not completely clear to me. I've at home about to tune an e-manage Ultimate greddy with sensor map. Could I definitively cancel the afm of my r33? Would be to connect in the ECU greddy in option1 the map sensor and this in turn with the pressure output to the butterfly manifold to perfectly read the amount of air sucked. Is this true? Or where the pressure tap would be connected? I'm very sorry for this great text, Cheers mates.
  11. Gauge cluster problems Hello everyone I'm new to the skyline community, just got my r32 gtst last week been having some problems and with limited time and resources could use a helping hand. So my problem. Right now is all my gauges do not work except for boost gauge and oil pressure but I suspect the oil pressure gauge is also broken. When the car starts the oil pressure starts off low then drops to zero after a couple minutes as there is no awful noise coming from the engine I assume the gauge isn't functioning properly the fuses and such are labeled in Japanese for the most part so I'm having trouble with that and locating various sensors thank you in advance for the advice.
  12. RB26 wont start So, one of my mates went to put my key in my car and instead of leaving it in the center console he put it in the ignition and turned it on so the fuel pump kicked on and stayed on till the battery died. I charged it up and tried cranking it over, still nothing. I took out the spark plugs and verifed that it is 100% getting fuel. Changed spark plugs and tried a ignitor. Still wont even attempt to start.
  13. Aftermarket V35 Help Hey guys! So just the other day i purchased my V35. I am now looking to change the front grill and rear window spoiler lip, to make the car have a more aggressive look. If you guys have any information on where to buys these in Australia or any good websites please let me know. Thanks!! Products needed in Australia, as US shipping prices are astronomical. Front grill style:
  14. Help with buying a V35 Hey Guys! So like many i am new to these cars. I have read many of threads on the forums to inform me of the V35 Skylines. I have currently found a 2003 V35 with 83,000kms for $10,000. The car unfortunately has no paperwork. It has a service history of the last 20,000kms the owner has owned the car. Would you guys recommend looking at the car or ruling it out completely due to having no books or service history.
  15. Help with blown heater hose S2 G'day, I have a blown heater hose on my S2 rs4s. It's holed where the hose meets the hose tail at the back of the block on the intake side, I think it is the return from the heater core? Looking at it I assume I have to pull the intake manifold to replace it. Is there any way I can bodge it up to keep it on the road till the Xmas holidays, assuming just blocking the line to the heater core would be pointless as the return will leak regardless in a pressurised system? Also is there a decent guide on intake manifold remove/replace I can only seem to find guides on aftermarket plenum installs, can't take enough time off atm to mess around with it. Thanks
  16. Help / Advice required about Stagea seats I reclined the driver seat in my Autech Axis 2001 Stagea on the weekend and it won't go back up, (already tried contact cleaner on switches and no luck), so at the moment my car is un-driveable and I need some help / advice, is there anyway to disengage a motor and wind the seat back up manually or does anyone know of anyone wrecking a stagea who would have a driver seat for sale. Also real noob question, is the Autech Axis a m35 or nm35 (i thought m35 but one of the wreckers i spoke to said he thought it was nm35)
  17. Hi all Unfortunate incident with the beloved. Minor error with the old wheel spacers. Does anyone know or have heard anything or know a v35 coupe that has been written off or is being used as scrap that i could source a front left fender off. Extremely desperate as i cant drive without one. Please help!!!! Any reply is greatly appreciated. Thanks all. I know youll help a brother on need!!!
  18. I have a problem, my car wont boost properly when the engine is cold, the turbo spools, you can hear it sucking in air, and the pressure guage goes up but the engine just kinda pauses for a few seconds before it gets hit with the full 7 psi, any ideas on what that could mean?
  19. A couple months ago I noticed my r33 gtst hicas ball joints were flogged but neglected the issue. I recently had a full wheel alignment done and the rear end is still snaking under acceleration and deceleration, so i decided I'd better have a closer look at the problem. As expected the balljoint are creating play and they need to be replaced asap. I've had a solid look on the net for the best upgrade without buying a whole hicas lockout system and not much luck. I have a lock bar already and i dont want to tamper with the aligment since i just paid for one. Does anyone know where i can get solid bushes to replace the worn ball joints or what the best upgrade would be. this is the only option i have found so far - http://www.jdmgarageuk.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=843. I've herd rubber(non solid bushes) would create unwanted play...
  20. Hey everyone, I am currently doing a r32.4 build, but just doing the front end conversion, Im just wondering if anyone has done this before as I need some advice. Ive got my self the front end of the body kit, veilside 34 gtr bonnet, 34 xenon headlights and nismo side indicators.. all i have to get now is the front indicators, but the problem I have at the moment is I dont really know how to hook up the indicators etc. Do I have to get my hands on a 34 indicator loom or something.. any advice will be appreciated if people are interested in this thread I willl upload pictures etc as time goes on.
  21. Firstly Hi all, I have my project C33 laurel which was running the RD28 motor doing a 25DET conversion. Pertty much everything is done except the wiring, I have changed fuse box loom (from RB20E A31 cefiro) and cabin/dash loom (from RB20E C33 laurel). I have mannaged to get power to the dash and interior (windows, lights, heaters etc) but not getting any power to my ECU. Anyone able to help or guide as to what i may possibly doing wrong? cheers
  22. Hey guys, So I've recently resprayed my r32 from Acrylic green/clear to Acrylic metallic black/clear and I'm now looking at cutting it back and polishing it up to bring out a nice reflection and the metallic flecks alittle more. First off I'd like to say that this was my first time attempting painting anything that large before and also my first time using a compressor and gun for the job. The car was painted in a pop up car port so it was out of the whether, but obviously was not a booth job either. And there is a fair amount of orange peel in the paint and it probably wasn't applied the greatest due to trying to get the gun to spray correctly. I've now started sanding back the car with first 1500, then 2000 grit paper, then using an orbital polisher at around 1000 rpm with wool pad and a cut and polish compound to bring out the shine. I'm noticing this is leaving some swirl scratches and is also not quite removing all the 2000 grit scratches either and isn't quite giving me the shine that paint should. I'm wondering if anybody could help me out here in possibly giving some advice as to what products I should be using, maybe some tips and tricks as to the method and just some decent information from somebody thats worked with acrylic lacquer before. I can post up pictures of products I'm using and how the paint is looking too if need be. Any help would be appreciated fellas
  23. OK, so i have a 34, has all the china bolt on mods, high mount ffp power fc z32 afm 550cc denso etc started, dropped the timing belt mashed valves etc resolution, rebuilt the head now, wont run properly, symptoms WONT start cold with out "start ya bastard" missfires and stalls till at full temp wont make boost unless i feather the throttle hold it flat and it wont rev over 2400, or make positive pressure generally wont run without great difficulty im about to burn it to the ground. legit, i have another er34 im building and this one just sits in storage, bad things are going to happen any help is appreciated
  24. Hey guys, recently bought a r33 for drift. have had a mate take the diff out and weld it up. (driving straight everything nice and smooth.) Unfortunately suspension is still all stock. So there is a lot of bending and flexing going on. today spun out (no gutter impact) and felt something clunk or pop and BOOM! I now have a loud knocking noise that seems to be coming from the drive train somewhere. At a stand still no knocking so not engine drama. I proceeded to take it home. Its louder as I pick up the pace. Pull in the drive way and its stops....now at very low speeds and under no acceleration I hear a faint knocking sound. If anyone has any ideas of where I start to look for problems would be great.
  25. I Drive a 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 25-GT (import), I had it in the shed for 3 months then went to start it up and the battery is dead, which figures lol but after i jump started it, it started to have an engine chug sound, it does it in neutral, park, and while driving, it sounds like the fuel pump, but would like verification and details on which and where to buy.
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