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Found 155 results

  1. how do i check if my VVT is working its a rb25de neo and i accidentally swapped vacuum hoses around and now the car feels different
  2. So i did a spark plug change so i had to take my top intake off, so i accidentally swapped 2 vacuum hoses around and i noticed because the car had no power, now i changed them back and now the car feels like it has no top end power anymore. I mixed up hose 10 and hose 3 in the picture
  3. So i just changed my sparkplugs on my r34 everything was fine I drove it for like 10 minutes and then the engine light came on and then it started misfiring really bad, now on idle, it sounds like its running on fewer cylinders. I got engine fault code 21
  4. v36 Japanese to English conversion Hi guys is it possible to convert the language in the first gen v36 (2007) I have phoned many companies and was unlucky . The car would just be perfect if I can sort this out . any help would me much appreciated ! Thank you
  5. Hey just wondering if anyone can help me out with some Info ! So I want to replace my 99 Gloria gearbox from the cvt gearbox to a normal Auto gearbox what gearbox will fit and would I need to change the ecu and other stuff ? 😕 any help appreciated thanx
  6. Hey guys trying to get some advice for where to go with problem solving on my stagea, its one of the dreaded 08/97 built cars that have an ecu they ran for only one month apparently. pretty much the problem is the car is idle hunting badly running rich and rarely but sometimes stalling at idle and then under power it will stutter and cut out untill i clutch out taking load off. The previous owner had it manual swapped from an auto and the issues started from there as i found from the mechanic who serviced it. if someone could help with a pin out sheet or advice on which ecu to go with or if theres. Something i should replace i would much appreciate it.
  7. bought the car, 1998 R33 gtst 40th anniversary series 2 or 3 i dont know, debatable, anyways, drove for a month, no dramas, one day lose boost and power so crawl 2km home whilst making ungodly bloody grinding noise, figured i blew turbo, so, bought a stock r34 turbo, installed it, topped up water and it was back to its old beastly self, infact running and sounding brilliant, so i kinda guessed problem solved right? wrong!! 2 days later, same situation, just putting along, not giving it balls, all of a sudden, loses boost and power again, same as before, did i do something wrong?? is there a blockage in the oil line? was it just a crappy used turbo at the end of its life?? split hoses have been replaced i dont know what else to do, buy another turbo and blow out the engine line with an air compressor?? kinda stumped any advice would be ace, cheers
  8. Any Idea's on where i could find a conversion kit for my skyline? (within Australia) Thanks, James. K33PITKL33N
  9. r34 exhaust problem Hey i have a bit of a problem with my exhaust, my tailshaft seems to hit the muffler and iv got it checked at my mechanic and he said i should just change the exhaust because it is pushed really high up and because its stainless steel kakimoto cat back exhaust, if I replace that muffler with a hotdog will the sound dramatically change, btw its NA im not sure if it will sound bad if i do that
  10. My boost controll gives me a chatter sound and I hate it Power fc boost controll, turbosmart 45 external waste 14 psi spring. 3l and 10cm rear. when this thing comes on boost it makes a disgusting chatter sound threw the wastegate witch I thought was knock Im pretty sure it's the boost controller pulsing. It's also a bit doughy. When I turn boost controll off. It spikes to 20psi witch is my target then falls to 15 14. It feels like it has more torque aswell. And Best of all. That crappy chatter sound goes away. ive thought of some options am I best to get rid of the boost controll and get a 18psi spring and Mabey bleed off mechanically? or hook up the e boost controller so it's not fail safe and just goes to the bottom port and not the top and bleed it of electronically. or are my settings wrong. Ramp and gain and all that stuff?
  11. Hey all, New to the SAU forum here. I've recently purchased a 1989 r32gts (nonturbo) auto for $2k Pretty stock except the usual, pod filter exhaust, wheels.. it seem like the sump is f**ked in my car (no way to tell other then it's been bent in by a jack i guess) and apparently you have to lift the engine out a little to be able to access the sump to remove it. if this is the case, i'll be wanting to remove the rb20 and replace it for a rb25, i have a mate who want the rb20 so no hassles getting rid of it. i was going to the swap regardless but if i have to replace the sump i was thinking of doing it sooner. i have seen all the threads with pretty much everything on how to do the swap,yet i wouldn't be comforrtable doing it myself as i have very little mechanical knowledge, ( I'm learning!) if there is anyone on here who can inform me on how much a rb25de would cost, and also if there is anyone on here who would be able to help with the conversion that would be great. it'll most likely be done on my driveway lol. Please leave me with some replys! Thanks guys.
  12. I was just wondering if you guys can check this car out , and tell me what you think about it http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bendigo-3550/cars-vans-utes/1993-nissan-skyline-r33-p-plate-legal/1028384573
  13. PLEASE HELP can some one please tell me if these injectors are poorly fitted , should the green o ring be visible ,if so there is 1 injector were i cant see the green o ring , and also should there be visible gaps around the o rings ,please, thank you
  14. Running into a bit of an issue. R34 GTT auto trans has a speed sensor at the back, little 2 pin plug, assuming it's speed sensor 2 however the current trans harness doesn't plug into it. So assuming that either my harness is wrong or someone swapped out the sensor with a different one? Either way anyone have any ideas on what to do in this case? Is there a suitable replacement to speed sensor 2 or do I even need it?!
  15. Climate Control Hi all, Can someone tell me what ECON does? My car is a import from japan so can't understand the owners book. If I have the climate on Auto with A.C on whats happens then I press ECON? Thanks.
  16. Hey, i have just finished installing a new head gasket for the first time on this engine, i am about to install the intake plenum and air ducting, but i still have these 4 brackets left to attach, im not sure where abouts they go, and i dont want to put the plenum on before putting the brackets on, if someone could point me in the right direction that would be helpful, if possible could someone post pics?
  17. Side skirt help What side skirts are on this r32? Im wanting this look on my skyline which currently has some sort of side skirt on it! Apologise if this isnt the place to ask this question but i figured if anyone could help me out it would be someone on here!
  18. okay so i just purchased GENUINE momo wheel (rip wallet) and i knew what i was getting myself into but not to this extent, there was this thing called airbag that i totally forgot and a "indicator cancellation) if i buy a HKB BOSS KIT ON-229, would it fix the airbag and indicator issues? i have been searching the web for hours but no clear answer heres the link https://www.amazon.co.jp/HKB-ON-229-SPORTS-ステアリングボス/dp/B00IQ2XX58 http://www.hkbsports.com/product/boss/nissan/nissan.html i am in japan right now and can change or buy parts pretty much instantly so replys now would be great ! thanks so much summary: Would the HKB boss kit have indicator cancellation AND airbag light bypass? thanks alot !
  19. Hey guys need help i bought a r33 gtst 1994 about 6 months ago however the guy told me he removed the air-con, now i wan't to re-install it so i want to ask what are the equipment that i need to put it all back i'm going to put a link in and is this a whole complete air-con to put back in the gtst http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-Skyline-R33-GTST-RB25DET-Air-con-air-conditioning-kit-/271194060912?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f246cf870
  20. indicator lights will not turn off hey guys, so i recently had some problems with my 2003 v35 skyline coupe. my window was left down in the rain and my drivers side window stopped working. it was stuck down so i pulled off the door skin to try and get the window up. i was unable to do so i unpluged the battery to try and do a reset and when i re connected it my indicators were stuck on. not flashing but just stuck on solid. the only way to turn them off is to disconnect the battery. i have since replaced the window motor and switch. does anyone know what might be causing it?
  21. can someone please help me i removed my exhaust cam pulley and i don't know how to set it back correctly.
  22. Rb25det help Can anyone tell me where this line is supposed to go? And are 25de and det tb the same ?
  23. OK, so i have a 34, has all the china bolt on mods, high mount ffp power fc z32 afm 550cc denso etc started, dropped the timing belt mashed valves etc resolution, rebuilt the head now, wont run properly, symptoms WONT start cold with out "start ya bastard" missfires and stalls till at full temp wont make boost unless i feather the throttle hold it flat and it wont rev over 2400, or make positive pressure generally wont run without great difficulty im about to burn it to the ground. legit, i have another er34 im building and this one just sits in storage, bad things are going to happen any help is appreciated
  24. Hey guys just got a few questions, Currently have a 4inch muffler on my car, it sounds ok~ but visually looks quite bad, so i was thinking to get one of those HKS HIPOWER CANNONS, but it is 3.5inch tip with 2inch outlet, and i wanted a 2.5inch pipe (i heard those are best for N/A cars) is there an extension thing? i will go to an professional exhaust shop to do this is it possible to run 2.5 inch tubing for this cannon ? thanks. -Noob
  25. Hks 2530's running 20 psi. Can't get my car to boost cleanly throughout the gears , and i have no idea why. When i run 16 psi or 1 bar, no problems. As soon as I flick my eboost street to my other setting (20psi) it does this... Does anyone have any ideas or solutions? Workshop is telling me that i need new actuators... All pipes are tight, no leaks whatsoever. Runs like a champ on 16psi, but cant get it to run properly or boost properly on 20 psi. Keeps giving me that flick back Any feedback or advice greatly appreciated. Cheers
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