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Found 132 results

  1. For sale is a lot of new and used RB26 and GTR parts that need to go. Got way too much stuff and don't have the space. Photos will be updated regularly (and tell me if I've forgotten to upload something). All used parts in near new condition with less than 1000km of use as I keep changing direction on builds and am a hoarder of parts. Contact to arrange postage as I am in Alice Springs, NT. All prices negotiable to some degree so make me an offer ! HKS T51S v band in / out ex housing 1.00 A/R Turbo (based on Garrett TA51 / TA45S). Comes with T4 to HKS 99.1mm V-band manifold flange adapter (these are rare as hens' teeth) and HKS 115mm turbine v-band flange and clamps. Made 500+kw on 98ron - $1500 FIRM NEW Prosport 60mm dual stepper motor type JDM series 40psi electronic boost gauge with pressure sensor, harness and 60mm gauge cup. Has dual analogue needle and digital readout, programmable warning light. - $220 HKS EVC III boost controller complete with instructions. Max boost 2.0 bar - $270 HKS EVC IV boost controller complete with instructions. Max boost 2.5 bar - $290 Nitto 2.8 billet 4340 steel full counter stroker crankshaft - 77.7mm. Done 600km from new. Not used since regrind to mains (10thou) -0.25mm and big ends (20thou) -0.50mm. Rebalanced, crack tested, checked for straightness and journal hardness by Rick Corbett Engineering in Adelaide 19th. November 2018 - $2900 ono (worth $5600 new + $500 machine work.) - SOLD NEW genuine Nissan 31 tooth spline rear diff half shafts (Suit Quaife or OS Giken rear diff upgrade for pre 94 R32 GTR which is 30t standard) - $900 - Almost impossible to obtain now - SOLD 2nd set of NEW genuine Nissan 31 tooth spline R32 / R33 GTR rear diff half shafts (Suit Quaife or OS Giken rear diff upgrade for pre 94 R32 GTR which is 30t standard) - $900 - Almost impossible to obtain now. Will be the last set ever I obtain. - SOLD Modified R32/R33 transfer case. 10 clutch plate (standard is 7 plate) Racepace / Midori Sebei / AGY style upgrade. Fully rebulit back to factory 0.2 - 0.5mm clutch pack clearances when clutch pack was modified (new retaining pressure plates, clutch plates, oil pump o-rings, strainer filter, ect). - $1500 ono - SOLD Tomei rb26 type B valve springs with retainers. Done about 1000km - $450 - SOLD Nitto RB head drain with 5/8" push on fitting - brand new ! - $185 - SOLD Used Trust NS1310G 13 row oil cooler. 300 x 185 x 50mm with -AN10 fittings - $200 OS Giken OS-88 direct shifter with gearknob - (shifter only, no retaining rings) - $100 SARD / DENSO 1000cc injectors. Low impedance , 0.85ms latency. Fit 10.5mm (standard) or 11mm fuel rail. Done about 1000km - $700 ARP RB26 main studs. Done about 1000km - $150 NEW R32 GTR genuine Nissan Pitwork power steering belt 4PK950. Trial fitted only as now have Ross balancer and need 4PK925 so it's too long. - $30 R32 / R33 GTR pull clutch slave cylinder and hose - $90 Used Rear R33 GTR sway bar - $90 (Good S14 or S15 upgrade) Used R33 GTR genuine rear upper control arms - bushes intact - $50 Used R32 GTR genuine rear upper control arms - bushes intact - $50 NEW R33 GTR / GTS25T STS Performance (made in UK) 3 ply silicone lower radiator hose in RED from GCG turbos (not chinese ebay crap) - $45 R32 GTR interior clock - DOESN"T WORK for parts only - $50 (they are $300+ new and you can get these fixed for $50 - $100. resistors under LCD need replacing) Used R32 GTR front diff centre - $100 Used R33 GTR front diff centre - $120 Used RB26 lower front belt timing cover. Was bought new, fitted and removed as the sealing on this unit is too new / thick and doesn't fit my balancer - $60 (worth $110 new) Used RB26 crankshaft lower timing belt gear - $70 (worth $170 new) 2 X New RB26 genuine NIssan head gasket 11044-05U16 - $90 each (rrp $130) NEW R32 / R33 SKYLINE AND GTR GEARBOX SHIFTER LOWER BOOT 74967-05U00 - $50 (rrp $70) Turbo bell mouth 100mm - blue anodised alloy - $80 NEW 6 x 11mm Golebys bosch injector adaptors with o-rings - $70 60mm electronic boost gauge, 1.6bar max with MAP sensor. 60mm gauge cup included. Remote peak / hold controller - $110 3 x R34 GTR lower shifter bush - $10 each. Cheap as ! 2 x Apexi D jetro manifold nipples. 1/8NPT to 4mm barb.Apexi Part # 499-A019 - $20 pair NEW Skyline BCNR33 GTR and ECR33 GTS25t heater blend air mix actuator 27732-15U01 (one of the two causes of that stupid R33 aircon fan clicking sound common fault) - $220 - SOLD USED R32 GTR ROSS TUFFBOND METAL JACKET HARMONIC BALANCER - $550 Like new. Done 1000km - SOLD Race clutch by Jim berry full monty 4000lb 5 puck push style race clutch. Comes with push release bearing and correct 16mm bearing carrier- $1300 (Slightly used - has less than 0.5mm wear) - SOLD 2 x R32/R33 GTR splitfire coilpack sets SF-DIS-001- $300 each - SOLD TRUST / Greddy RB26 R32 / R33 GTR extended sump with pickup and baffle. Ready to bolt on - $800 - SOLD HKS DLI twin power with R32/R33 GTR plug in harness 43001-AK001- $450 now discontinued - SOLD Forged CP pistons 86.5mm with used rings less than 500km - $600 - SOLD Crower I-beam billet steel conrods - $1000 used but almost like new (Cost me $2200) - SOLD RB starter motor from R32 GTR - $150 (new ones are $700) - SOLD Nitto 86.5mm 2.8l stroker pistons - $1000 used but almost like new (must be used with Nitto 2.8 crank as piston pin height is different to standard) - SOLD Nitto 121.5mm billet steel I-beam conrods - $950 used but almost like new - SOLD Nitto oil pump - $1000 used but like new - SOLD Apexi Power FC boost control kit - 3 pin 415-A001- $350 (suits R32/R33/R34 GTR, early S14, R33 GTS25t Skyline) - SOLD Apexi D-Jetro Power FC with new type EL type hand controller 414BN035 - $1250 includes 2 x APEXi (Denso) 3 bar MAP Sensors (499-X001) 1 x MAP Sensor Harness (415-XA04) - SOLD R32 GTR R200 30 tooth spline rear diff half shaft pair - $400 (used in Nismo GT diffs) - SOLD BARELY USED R33/R34 GTR RB26 genuine long nose crank fully balanced - $1200 used but almost like new. Has had $500 of machine balancing for high RPM - REPORT AVAILABLE (Just crank new is $1900 rrp) - $1250 - SOLD R33 GTR converted to push type gearbox rebuilt with replaced synchros - $1450 Not used since rebuild. Still in shed not fitted. Fitted with R32 transfer case. - SOLD 4 x R32 GTR 16 x 8 wheels with 255/50 Mickey Thompson ET street drag radials. - $900 - SOLD R32 GTR mechanical LSD rear diff centre. Suit 30 tooth spline - $195 - SOLD R32 GTR rear diff cover (89 - 92 early type - finned) - $120 - SOLD Used HKS purple alloy oil filler cap - $30 - SOLD NEW ARP RB26 flywheel bolts - $75 -SOLD Used R32 GTR / GTSt adjustable rear upper control arms - $60 - SOLD NEW genuine NISMO 1.3 bar radiator cap - $50 - SOLD Used Nismo 65deg C low temp thermostat - $40 suits all RBs - SOLD NEW TOMEI 1.5MM BLOCK RESTRICTOR - $10 - SOLD R33 GTR standard ECU - $150 - SOLD NEW NISSAN 14mm PUSH CLUTCH RELEASE BEARING SLEEVE / CARRIER 30501-N1604 (rrp $50) used on a lot of multi plate clutches. CARRIER ONLY (suits most multi plate clutches out there eg. Exedy Hyper Twin ) - $40 - SOLD Used 18mm push clutch release bearing carrier and release bearing 30501-S0260 / 30501-S0200 (used on standard R32 GTR, OS GIKEN R4C, TS3B clutch and other multi plate clutches) - $50 - SOLD Used 26mm push clutch release bearing carrier and release bearing 30501-K0510 (used on OS GIKEN R3C and R3B clutch and other multi plate clutches) - $50 - SOLD Trust / Quaife 3F1 6 speed H pattern straight cut dog box with freshly modified 10-plate transfer case. $8300 ono - SOLD OS GIKEN 5 speed transmission. Uprated 24t OS input shaft. New Updated R33 GTR series 3 synchros and selector forks. Push type clutch release. R32/R33 GT-R transfer case. Business only addresses only- $6000 - SOLD Will list more as I get the time. Contact Ben on 0401 779 905 OS GIKEN 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION WITH R32 GTR TRANSFER CASE R32 GTR REAR MECHANICAL LSD DIFF CENTRE - 30 TOOTH SPLINE R32 / R33 GTR FRONT OPEN DIFF CENTRE RB26 86.5MM CP FORGED ALUMINIUM PISTON SET RB26 CROWER BILLET STEEL I BEAM CONRODS WITH CROWER ROD BOLTS NITTO / JE FORGED ALUMINIUM 2.8L 86.5MM PISTON KIT RB26 LOWER TIMING BELT COVER NITTO RB26 BILLET STEEL I BEAM CONRODS WITH ARP 2000 ROD BOLTS RB26 GTR LONG NOSE FULLY BALANCED CRANKSHAFT R33 GTR 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION - FULLY RECONDITIONED R32 GTR REAR UPPER CONTROL ARMS - GENUINE STANDARD R33 GTR AND GTS25T HEATER MIXER - BRAND NEW. FIX THAT STUPID CLICKING SOUND IN YOUR R33. R33 GTR REAR UPPER CONTROL ARMS - GENUINE STANDARD NISSAN NEW R32 / R33 SKYLINE AND GTR GEARBOX SHIFTER LOWER BOOT NEW NISSAN 14MM PUSH CLUTCH RELEASE BEARING SLEEVE NITTO 77.7MM 2.8 BILLET FULL COUNTER STROKER CRANK - FRESH FROM MACHINE SHOP OS Giken OS-88 solid direct shifter Ross tuffbond metal jacket harmonic balancer / damper Jim berry race clutch
  2. Hey Guys and Girls, I've sold my Stagea and no longer require this OB-Link............ THIS is the ONLY version of OBD2 reader that will read the ECU. Not that complex, connects to any device be it your phone or a tablet ETC via bluetooth. You can display anything you would like off the ECU ie: *Water Temp / *Oil Temp / *Ignition timing / *Intake temp There's one on e-bay atm for $269.00 but I payed less than that back in 2012 so snap this one up instead. Price: $225.00ono Location: Western Sydney or Postage at buyers expense. Thanks, Theo.
  3. ITEM: Hks evcs boost controller PRICE: $200 CONDITION: Used - like new removed from a car that was hardly driven SHIPPING: Pick up (southern end gold coast) or Post Comes complete with everything except vacuum hose. FEATURES: - Solenoid valve is special for boost control function. - It works for both internal and external wastegate types. - Junction connection system that all display unit, valve and boost sensor are connected to control unit directly, enables easy installation. - Display unit has the same design concept as other latest HKS electronics products as unified design. Easier installation by separate setup: - Each unit is set separately and the center control unit processes all signals. - Thin display unit enables free layout. Unified design: - The same design as A/F Knock Amp. and other items. - Unified design for whole HKS electronics products. Price conscious model with specific functions: - 2 control modes (A/B mode) - Basic parameters Offset, Response Control range of solenoid duty output = 0 - 100% - Warning, Drop boost functions - Peak hold, After image indication functions - Applicable for both internal and external wastegate types - Stock boost recovery function when power is off - Data lock function - Diagnosis function for malfunction of boost sensor and valve or wiring connection COMPATIBILITY
  4. Hi, I purchase this kit near 18months ago but have decided not to use it. It's brand new in box as the pictures show. Cam cover has been painted but you would've needed to do it anyway so changing the colour is no big deal. Probably cost $4500 landed. Looking for $4000.
  5. RB Stroker Kit Reliability & Quality I've been searching for hours, and I probably still missed some good info, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. So I have a new bare N1 block. I want to do a 2.8 kit for my BNR32. I don't want to get into an RB26 Stroker vs RD28 or RB30 argument here, lol, I have my reasons for going the route I am, and would rather focus on the info I am after. I mainly want to hear from people who have ran any stroker kit such as Nitto, Spool, JUN, Tomei, HKS, Etc (with mileage & power numbers if possible) their experiences in terms of driveability, power delivery (obviously dependent on turbos as well), and most importantly, reliability over time. I've been leaning towards Nitto, because I want to keep as long as a connecting rod as possible (I think the Spool 2.8 kit also has the factory length rod as well vs a shorter rod like the Tomei kit for example), for things such as increased dwell, decreased piston speed and side loading. I've read that Nitto (and Spool) outsource some of the parts (the crank itself I believe) to China, which isn't necessarily a deal breaker, but it does leave me a little hesitant. With that said, I know the majority of "Japanese Brands" also outsource their manufacturing (primarily to Taiwan in my experience). It all really comes down to quality control, which is why I'd like to hear from owners of said stroker kits and engine builders who've installed various brands on their experiences.
  6. My tuner just did some before and after pulls with HKS Vcam and shared on his Facebook. I would like to share that here for those thinking about Vcam. His car is still running on stock R32 turbos with steel turbine wheels. The pulls were done on E60 ethanol mix. https://www.facebook.com/houston.zauto/posts/1368728369930762
  7. HKS oil cooler kit for R32 GTR Comes with everything to bolt on Decent condition as pictured Located Sydney $500 ono
  8. for sale JDM TWIN HKS SQV Blow off Valves (BOV) with mounts to suit Nissan Skyline R32gtr $350 pittura wood grain steering wheel (came with car) say made in italy on back $50 turbosmart billet oil cap to suit most subaru's $20 heaps of hot 4's/fast four/ hpi/autosalon etc books 5 for $10 have hundreds most in imaculate condition if there are issues you want hit me up!
  9. WTB: a Set HKS Actuators hey guys, i am looking for a set HKS Actuators for my HKS GT-RS Turbos. New or used! Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I have recently purchased these items and had everything ready to install then but changed direction and went Twin high mounts so all these have to go. Garret 2860-7 Turbos with brand new in box HKS Actuators, recently rebuilt by previous owner i had them checked and they're in great condition - $1600 Stainless Dumps and front pipe - $200 picture of front pipe coming soon HKS Complete Hardpipe Kit, All HPC Coated - $1000 - pictures coming soon HKS Air Filters - $50 Located Wollongong, will ship at buyers expense. If you would like to buy the lot im willing to negotiate on price. SMS or call on 0411955715 Thanks heaps. Mike.
  11. Hi Guys, Up for sale is an F-con V Pro Gold with patch loom for BNR34. This came with my car when I bought it but I since had it tuned locally to suit my EFR 8374, 1000cc injectors and E85. As you can see in the photos it comes with everything needed to plug it directly into a R34 GTR whilst still retaining the stock ecu for basic stuff. It also comes with the map sensor to suit and the loom to connect that map sensor to the ECU. Was working fine when pulled and was only pulled out as I upgraded to an Elite 2500. These are a great ECU for relatively little money and being one of the earlier ones there are tuners all over Australia who can tune them. Price is $800 ONO. Pickup preferred over post but will post at buyers expense. Items are located in Rouse Hill, NSW, 2155 and my number is 0403858714. Thanks, Brett
  12. WANTED GT-SS Turbos rb26 Hi Guys. I'm after a set of GT-SS Turbos for rb26dett. Cheers.
  13. Hey guys, i am posting some items for a friend who has a ton of GTR parts to sell. If you see anything of interest and want more information just shoot me a message. Awaiting pics from him, will upload them as soon as i have them. Location: All items are located in Adelaide SA Willing to post: Items can be posted at buyers expense Trust td06 20g turbo set up rb26, turbos rebuild 50mm trust gate $4500 R34 power FC dejetro used complete hand controller maps etc $1100 New power FC dejetro r32 r33 Gtr complete controller maps $1400 R32 R33 Gtr autronic SM4 plug in ecu Special order no longer available plugs directly into oem engine harness $2800 Bnr34 OS giken twin plate with push pull conversion kit used $1700 Nismo pull type slave cylinder new$190 Hks afm replacement pipe alloy 80mm x2 2x Hks air filters new $220 2x billet hks style bell mouth turbo inlet $200 ea Blitz Gtr air pod kit $225 Greddy oil cooler thermostat discontinued New $240 Greddy oil cooler and remote filter rb $700 Oil cooler kit earls core rb $550 R33/34 ADR approved braided brake lines new $540 Defi boost gauge $150 Top secret igniter holder rb new $70 Trust clear timing cover rb26 $75 Hks rb26 f con v pro gold and loom $850 R34 Gtr front bar and lower lip black $650 Silver with lower lip, difuzer (average condition) and engine cover section $900 R33 cat back mild steel kakamoto $300 R33 cat back stainless hks $450 R32 cat back jap brand $350 Hks Gtr inter cooler 600x300x102 $600 Trust gtr inter cooler 600x300x70 $450 New apexi spl inter cooler discontinued v tube core $1600 Greddy rb26 plenum $600 Thanks, Zeke
  14. I have for sale a pair of HKS split dump pipes suitable for R32/33/34 GTR. Include o2 sensor adapters. Don't have the wastegate separators but the modern turbo's -7/-9/GT-SS etc already have one hence why they were never fitted. Excellent condition - $350. Located in Melbourne.
  15. hey guys, just getting a EOI out there for my GTR $60,000 im in no rush to sell it as its been my pride and joy for the last few years but looking at buying a house so just seeing my options. but i will let it go for the right price if your interested drop me a line. also check out my build thread you will notice a lot of work and time has gone into this car and not only a lot of money and parts, quality parts. I never bought any ebay rubbish only ever used branded names. I don't think you need a list as you can read my build thread ( build thread link located in my signature ) if you are really interested that way you can see everything that's gone on and saves us chatting when you could probably find the answer on there... although happy to answer any questions. car right now has 388kw @ 20psi (e85) e flex tune also has a switch with a low boost setting aswell 314kw @ 14 psi (e85) also make 320kw @ 20psi on 98 for the right buyer the car can come with a lot of extra parts and I even have some stock parts that I have kept also if the new owner wishes to put anything back to stock. don't hesitate to call or txt 0409076032 or pm me here I do shift work so if I don't answer straight away im probably at work or asleep
  16. STOLEN R32 GTR Unfortunately my friends beautiful R32 GTR was stolen some time this morning from Crace. He is offering a $2000 cash reward no questions asked to information leading to the recovery of this vehicle. It was an immaculate 1990 R32 GTR, metallic blue very similar to the R34 Bayside blue with 18 x 10 white Nismo LMGT1 wheels. Vehicle had many modifications such as new motor, turbos ecu etc. Was also fitted with 4' titanium exhaust. He is understandably devastated as he has been building this car up for many years, any information would be appreciated. Pm any info here. ACT rego #: YJL-87Y Vin #: 6U9000BNR32012669
  17. Hi All, Clearing out the garage and found a few things i'm unlikely to have a use for. Trust/Grex Oil cooler. Sandwich type with thermostat. Suit R32 GTR and mounts the core in front of the AC condenser. $700 R32 Cusco front and rear strut Braces. $80 each HKS pods suit stock afm's $50 R32 GTSt LH Tail light $50 2 boxes of GTR junk, stock exhaust manifolds, heat shields, intake resonator, twin turbo pipe (missing badge), bunch of oil and water lines, overflow bottle $free Stock R32/S13 suspension arms, pretty sure i have 2 sets of all the rear arms, $20 per arm R32 GTR steering wheel, pretty rough, has the GTR horn button $50 S14 diff, pretty sure it's a manual 3.9ish ratio $50 S13/14 drive shafts 3x2 bolt type $50 a pair. Prefer local pick up but i can ship at buyers expense. Contact via pm.
  18. Hi guys! My 2009 R35 is now out of warranty, and I am keen to upgrade my turbo. I have been recommended the HKS GT 800, but am currently considering the HKS GT 1000. Does anybody have any experience with either of the above two turbo kits? Or would you recommend I look in another direction? In addition, I'm also due for a tyre change. Any recommendations? Cheers, Haran.
  19. Need money for alcohol research... Item: stock r34 gtr injectors x6 Condition: Used, <78,000kms. They were running fine when removed. Reason for sale: replaced with ID2000’s for E85 Price: $300 inc. postage Australia wide. Item: Nismo 600cc top feeder injectors x6 (16600-RRR60) Condition: Brand new & in original boxes. Reason for sale: Too small for my requirements Price: $750 inc. postage Australia wide. Item: rb26 HKS purple adjustable cam gear set (in & ex) Condition: Used, good condition – anodizing fading on exhaust gear Reason for sale: Forgot I had these, bought a set of tomie gears when engine was built. Price: $270 inc. postage Australia wide. Item: r34gtr stock tower bar Condition: Used, Good condition Reason for sale: unwanted additional item from a bulk buy. Price: $100 inc. postage Australia wide. Item: r34gtr engine mount rubber things Condition: Used, <78,000kms. Good condition Reason for sale: replaced with nismo items Price: $75 inc. postage Australia wide. Item: r34gtr gearbox mount rubber thing Condition: Used, <78,000kms. Good condition Reason for sale: replaced with nismo item Price: $75 inc. postage Australia wide. Or $120 posted when combined with the engine mounts. Items located in Perth (Stirling area) PM if interested. I work FIFO, so be patient for a reply. I’ll post photo’s this Saturday when I’m back from shift.
  20. FS: R33 GTR parts Standard r33 gtr cam gears $50 Standard r33 gtr injectors $180 Standard r33 gtr ecu $180 Standard r33 gtr radiator $150 All the above worked without issue when removed and were only removed due to upgrading when I upgraded turbos. The car had done 95,066kms when removed, injectors have been tested and all working perfectly. Standard r33 gtr turbos. One is absolutely dead and the other has a decent amount of shaft play, $60 for both. I can send/msg videos showing shaft play if required. BRAND NEW genuine Garrett actuators from GT2859 aka -9 turbos $75 each. HKS fuel rail $170 Pick up Blacktown NSW or I can post at buyers expense.
  21. HKS GT1000 spec intercooler for R35 for sell Brand new HKS Gt1000 Spec intercooler for sell Great for track day users and power seekersm, can be installed with OEM air guide( air guide need some cutting work), save the air guide money, great value. Price online: 1. Speed for Sale: $4000 US dollar+shipping= $5284 AUD + shipping 2. JDM accessories: $5060 AUD + shipping Bought for $5000 AUD now sell for $4500 I have a set of CRD titanium cat less mid pipe as well, bought for $1300, now sell for $700, less than 1000 km on it then I change to a louder set. It is good for R35 owners that want good exhaust note but no drone. Daniel Cheers
  22. Item 1. Genuine Rays Volk TE37 in White, 5 x 114.3 - 18 x 8,5 +30 fronts are in good condition - 19 x 9.5 +35 rears are faded and 2 small dings in one of them, no cracks - $1800ono Item 2. Genuine Exedy Clutch - Genuine Exedy OE Replacement (Full Faced Organic) Clutch / Drive Plate (NSD098U) - Unknown Cover!! I am told its off an R33, photo on Exedy wedsite matches RB25 diff cover - Clearly you can see it has had minimal use - $400!!! This plate is found within the following Exedy clutch kits: Exedy NSK-6531 Exedy NSK-6531HD Exedy NSK-7056 Exedy NSK-7056HD Exedy NSK-7297 Exedy NSK-7297HD Exedy NSK-7377(SMF) This Listing Suits The Following Application(s): Nissan 180SX RPS13 (SR20DET, 01/1991 - 12/1998) Nissan 200SX S14 ADM (SR20DET, 10/1994 - 03/2000) Nissan 200SX S15 ADM (SR20DET, 01/2000 - 01/2002) Nissan 300ZX Z31 200ZR (RB20DET, 10/1985 - 06/1989) Nissan Cefiro LNA31 Attesa Cruising (4WD) (RB20DET, 08/1990 - 08/1994) Nissan Cefiro R©A31 (RB20DET, 09/1988 - 08/1994) Nissan Laurel R©C33 (RB20DET, 04/1989 - 01/1993) Nissan Pulsar RNN14 GTI-R (SR20DET, 08/1990 - 01/1995) Nissan Skyline HR31 JDM (RB20DET, 08/1985 - 05/1989) Nissan Skyline HNR32 GTS-4 (RB20DET, 08/1989 - 08/1993) Nissan Skyline H©R32 GTS-T (RB20DET, 05/1989 - 08/1993) Nissan Skyline E©R33 GTS25-T (Series 2) (RB25DET, 01/1995 - 05/1998) Nissan Skyline E©R33 GTS25-T (Series 1) (RB25DET, 08/1993 - 01/1995) Item 3. OMP Race Seat - FIA Stamped - Purchased from Revolution Racegear - Comes with Revolution Racegear side mount brackets - $400 Item 4. Bride Drivers Seat Rail - Super Low, Suits S13, S14, S15 - N045SL - $80 (or $50 if purchased with seat) Item 5. Just Jap Seat and Passenger Rails - Made for comfort - Custom made passenger seat rails - $150ono Item 6. HKS EVC 3 Boost Controller - As Pictured - $200 - All items are in Clayton, Victoria 3168 - I am willing to post, please PM me - Discounts for buying multiple items - Make an offer - 0421 489 894
  23. For sale hks spark amplifier Hks dli model tw14588 Bought brand new for 450 used for 9000kms Includes install instructions in English and diagrams Works great made big difference on my vg30dett Can be installed on rb20 rb25 rb26 Selling for $300 these are discontinued now
  24. Hks turbo Identification Hi guys. i have a used hks turbo in my possession. Chra tag states it's a 3076r chra tag # 700177-5007S i have not seen a 3037 with this front cover, only a 2835 pro. anyone else have this Comp cover on their 3037? Rear housing is a .7 t3 hks dump pattern. any help greatly appreciated
  25. Hey guys I am located on the Gold Coast, willing to post items at cost or pick up and currently have the following for sale; (Prices Negotiable) R32 GTR Passenger seat Immaculate condition, with rail, all movements working perfectly $280 Also have a std R32 Gtst drivers seat laying around in good condition for $40, polished dished Work Equips 18"x10+28 fronts, 18"x11.5+24 rears $2200 (tyres very poor) HKS Super dragger 3.5" exhaust cat back to suit R32 chassis and twin front pipe to suit rb26dett will separate or $500ono the lot excellent condition polished cannon 5" Momo steering wheel in perfect condition, also have an immaculate genuine horn button to fit. Steer wheel $130, Button $20 Pwr FC hand controller $300 late model pwr fc R32 drivers door control switch board perfect condition $50 R32 GTR front left driveshaft perfect condition, good cond boots $100, also have transfer shaft from gearbox to front diff and tailshaft $100 Rb26 starter motor $60 HKS 2530's $2000 pair turbos only, done 2000kms also have oil drains, lines, std dump and manifolds etc enquire for price Tein Coilovers to suit R32 GTR and GTS4 $750 very good condition no leaks, heavy spring rates of I think 12kg and 10 kg height adjustable go very low, and damper adjustable, have genuine spanners to suit R32 Japanese Fibreglass front vented guards good condition $250 with mesh in vents (not cheap local made, these are durable jap guards) SKYLINE door skirt trims great cond.$50pair R32 skyline floor mats genuine original $60 RB26 Coil Pack loom excellent condition $100 D1 SPEC racing lightweight nuts in blue x 20 $30 Bolt on fenders 1 pair fronts and one pair rears are roughly 30mm guards with rubber trim and polished capped nuts $120 R32 windscreen trim plastic piece great condition $30 R32 clutch master cylinder clean and perfect working condition $60 R32 handbrake complete, good cond. leather $60 R32 abs model master cylinder, clean great working condition $80 R32 GTR (also fit gts4) ABS module excellent condition no leaks $300 R32 'A' Pillar Trims, left and right side, excellent condition have all clips $30ea R32 m spec fog lights (can make to suit anything) excellent condition $50 R32 Tail lights $100 pair Bosch 023 fuel pump custom fitted to R32 fuel pump cradle and sender complete unit $140 R32 boot lid and genuine N1 lip, professionally painted and wing holes filled in $300 R32 gtst front brake rotors, pads and vented slotted discs, excellent condition pads and discs only used for 10000km $250 pair front left and right R32 GTR front hubs and wishbone complete left and right side, $100ea R32 gtr (will also fit gts4) gearbox crossmember $40 R32 horn and bonnet catch support $50 R32 gtr rear seatbelts pair, great cond. $60 R32 front strut brace has had part machined out to clear crossover pipe on rb20/25 $30 R32 GTR front transfer shaft, gearbox to front diff, great cond. $80 apexi turbo timer perfect working condition $20 R32 dash surround $30 Rb26 engine loom good condition from r32 late model $150 Names Johnny I would rather you call or txt, otherwise please PM, thanks 0414596256
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