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Found 124 results

  1. As per title For sale is a brand new Garrett 3071R T3 EWG, 4" inlet, 3" vband dump, 0.63a/r. This is specced exactly the same as the discontinued HKS 2835 Pro S, with 0.63a/r. Rear housing ceramic coated to avoid heat issues. Pics in link below, price is $1500. This is a 330kw capable turbo as used on Kei Office S15, & HKS D1GP S15. Suits Sr20, 4g63, rb25, twin rb26 high mounts.
  2. Selling a brand new HKS Type R 100mm Intercooler to suit all GTRs (R32, 33 or 34). Model number is 13001 AN007 Core dimensions: 600 x 300.5 x 103mm Suits applications up to 515kw Only minor scratches from test fitting by previous owner. Has sat in a cardboard box under my ownership. I bought it with plans to incorporate it with a lot of other work, but I've decided to stick with my current power and focus on track reliability (so looking for a new radiator + breather tank instead - will consider swaps with cash my way). Looking for $1500 shipped. Item located in Sydney, NSW I can be contacted on 0407778421 or PM
  3. For sale hks spark amplifier Hks dli model tw14588 Bought brand new for 450 used for 9000kms Includes install instructions in English and diagrams Works great made big difference on my vg30dett Can be installed on most imports Including r32 , r32 gtr, r33 gtr , r33 gtst Selling for 250 firm these are discontinued now
  4. Hey guys, looking at the many HKS, HPI and Trust oil cooler setups. It appears they attach on top of the stock RB26 cooler setups, Im looking for one to completely bypass all that and go direct to the block. Requirements: 1) Has provision for v-cam/both OEM oil sensors. Hopefully these are located after the oil has passed through the oil filter. HKS requires oil line location after filter or adding screen mesh in line. 2) The filter can be stacked on top of plate or relocated. 3) Is thermostat equipped. Am I overthinking this? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello All, Big noob here and first post, I bought a r34 25 gtt and the front suspension is a HKS hiper-d (The ones seen below on the right) My rear suspension now is completely stuffed, and I'm looking to replace the rears with the same HKS Hiper-D. I found two posts on facebook selling similar (the same?) HKS purple coilovers. One of them is marked as a HKS drag coilover s13/180sx and looks like the middle pair seen below: and the other one is advertised as the R33 gtst suspension and looks like the one on the outside. Which one should I buy? would the s13/180sx work on my car? also, my friend said that maybe my car has the rear suspension placed on the front by accident. Is that possible?
  6. For sale hks spark amplifier Hks dli model tw14588 Bought brand new for 450 used for 9000kms Includes install instructions in English and diagrams Works great made big difference on my vg30dett Can be installed on rb20 rb25 rb26 Selling for $300 these are discontinued now
  7. mtopxsecret6

    Hey everyone, Im looking for a pair of HKS Super Drager mufflers. In good condition. Im looking for the type one version, Ie the big barreled version not the slimmer barrel version. In Brisbane would be nice, though ill pay for postage if needed. Thanks
  8. iruvyouskyrine

    Wanting to buy a pair of adjustable HKS cam gears, Happy to pay shipping. PM me if you have some lying around. Thanks
  9. Hello. i have a few bits coming off my Lemans. Parts are in great condition and i full working order. A set of HKS 2530 Turbos. Working great and in perfect condition. Was taking of my lemans. Turbos have never been over 1.1 bar because my car has been mapped to that. I have driven it at 0.9 the most of the time Price 1800 And a set of hks elbows Price 460 Hks mushroom filters. With purple filters. I have a set of new in plastic green filters i throw with it. Price 140
  10. New HKS Duracon Shift knob for a most Nissan's 10 x 1.25 (R32/R33/S13/S14/C33). Price includes one shift coin please specify which you want. 180 USD Worldwide Shipping 40 USD paypal 4.4%
  11. Now as I understand it, yes V-cam has been setup on non-Fcon cars (RP have done a couple Power FC examples) but i still believe they run the HKS electronics and controllers to build the V-cam map. (could be wrong on this) - what i asked Trent @ Chequered Tuning to do was different, i asked if the G4 could do ALL the controlling and we ditch all of the HKS electronics. I know the G4 can control variable timing setups, so why not Vcam? So in typical me fashion, i think of something a little different (ie Flex-Fuel) and hand Trent a box of parts and say "kthanxbye!" This was a bit of a mission compared to the Flex-Fuel, and i thought maybe i had asked a bit much this time but Trent as usual, delivered the goods and we now have the Link G4 directly controlling the V-cam, and the plus side to this is that not only do you get a much higher resolution map than what you get with the HKS electronics, you now have all manner of additional parametres to tweak and compensation tables can be added for things like oil pressure etc. Thus the benefit of going directly off the G4 with all the updated capabilities it has. Considering how much the ECU costs, and what i've asked for it do now... 'tis a good bit of kit! I got some dyno sheets, but i asked for the wrong ones (my fault), so here's the phone pic Trent me after some tuning... This is a pretty conservative tune too as i understand, quite a bit back in terms of timing at the top end and fueling is on the richer side too i believe. So i think there is still a little in the setup to go... One thing to keep in mind is that this is the baby V-cam, range of swing is the smallest - as i'm 99% sure i have N1 pistons, i couldn't go any bigger. Down the track, if it comes time for a rebuild or freshen up, i'll make sure to get the pistons to allow for the Type B range of Vcam. As we've been sorting out some MAP vs TPS issues, the graphs are a little lazier than what the car actually has been setup for previously, so you can shift most of that to the left a little more as well when it's back to where we want it If Trent finds the thread, i'm sure he'll have some more to add but she really is nice to drive and as with all 'new' things, there were some hurdles along the way but the end result is worth it A million thanks again to Trent & Cat for once again entertaining my different ideas and coming through with the goods! There are some possibilities opened by this setup that didn't exist before... that is locally developed V-cam (as a lot of people are on newer gen ECU's, i'm sure there are a lot of variable timing capable) but perhaps that's a project for a different day hahahah - the benefit of this setup is that if replicated you wouldn't have to take the head off (ie RB25 NVCS retro mods) making it much cheaper. wonder how she'd go with setup replicated on exhaust side............................................... lol
  12. HI All, I'm moving and have these to offer: Pick up in Greenacre - 0414 509 399 Spiro R32 GTR Engin wiring loom $300 RB26 sandwich plate with throttle bodies and linkages HKS R32 GTR coil overs - $800. Front top hats show some wear but work well. Buddy Club coil overs - $300 - One of the rears is dead. Buy the fronts and get the rears free. Came with the car dead. Zeal coil overs - $300 - One of the rears is dead. Buy the fronts and get the rears free. I killed this one. Front Hubs $50 each Coil packs, brackets and Harness - $200 Mirrors and Tail lights, $25 each, ABS - $50 steering surround - all four parts $40 - I cant see the key lock piece. r32 gtr Attesa oil reservoir - $60 Power steering reservoir - $25 R33 GTR muffler $100 - R32 front sway bar, brackets, and links. $50 eXedy twin plate - I need to pull this apart to see the wear and tear - Let me know if anyone is interested. Nissan cooler box???? funny. Pulls out of glove box. Managers here now so i cant finish this post..... Im just going to add the pics, Als im tired now. let me know if you see anything in the pics that you want. parts from $5 Cheers
  13. Hi All, Clearing out the garage and found a few things i'm unlikely to have a use for. Trust/Grex Oil cooler. Sandwich type with thermostat. Suit R32 GTR and mounts the core in front of the AC condenser. $700 R32 Cusco front and rear strut Braces. $80 each HKS pods suit stock afm's $50 R32 GTSt LH Tail light $50 2 boxes of GTR junk, stock exhaust manifolds, heat shields, intake resonator, twin turbo pipe (missing badge), bunch of oil and water lines, overflow bottle $free Stock R32/S13 suspension arms, pretty sure i have 2 sets of all the rear arms, $20 per arm R32 GTR steering wheel, pretty rough, has the GTR horn button $50 S14 diff, pretty sure it's a manual 3.9ish ratio $50 S13/14 drive shafts 3x2 bolt type $50 a pair. Prefer local pick up but i can ship at buyers expense. Contact via pm.
  14. BRAND NEW (TEST FITTED ONLY) Ceramic coated Garrett GT3071R. T3. V-band Rear. $1700.00. RRP $2300.00 Ceramic coated 6boost SR20 Manifold w/ Billet Flange Option = $1050.00. RRP $1400.00 Turbosmart Hypergate 45 = $320.00. RRP $434 via GCG Nismo 740cc Injectors x 4 RB25/SR20/VG30= $500.00. RRP $800 via Justjap BRAND NEW Blitz ID Spec R Boost Controller Twin Solenoid. $550. RRP via Justjap $1100.00 Bosch Z32 AFM / Apexi Filter. $250. Tomei Titanium S15 Decat Pipe. $280.00 USED HKS Hi Power Silent Catback. Suits S15. $720.00 RRP $1100.00
  15. Hi all, I have the following items for sale: 2 x HKS GT-RS Turbochargers Price: $1600.00 Reason for sale: replaced with Garrett -9s. Dual Blitz Super Sound Blow off Valves Price: $150.00 Reason for sale: reinstated OEM BoV setup. GReddy PRofec B-spec II EBC (NOTE: in-car controller only does NOT include wiring harnesses or solenoid) Price $50.00 Reason for sale: not required for my setup. All were removed from an R32 GT-R making 305KW. I don't have much detail on these items as I bought the car and it went straight to the workshop to have an engine transplant and the above work performed. The previous owner advised that one of the GT-RS turbos had been rebuilt but I don't have any receipts to confirm this. Pick up in Melbourne or will post at buyers expense. Please contact via PM for further details. Thanks
  16. Everything removed from R33 GTR for upgradesMost parts should fit R32/R33/R34 GTR -HKS Front pipe, stainless steel, has dent/scrapes but works fine $400-HKS Dump pipes x2, stainless steel $300-OEM manifolds x2 $150-OEM heat shields x2 $40-Turbo support brackets $20-Turbo hard lines (water/oil feed, oil return) $30 -Garrett GT2560R -5 Turbo with HKS actuator (normal shaft play) $550 -R33 GTR custom oil catch can w/washer reservoir and hosesCan be plumbed back or vented. $350-Full HKS hard pipe intake kit (excluding MAFs) $500 -R33 GTR Vspec ALSD diff and shafts $500 -RB26 OEM MAF x2 $100-R33 GTR OEM Fan $50-R33 GTR OEM radiator $120 -R33 GTR Clutch line $20-SARD 700cc Injectors $300-Apexi Power FC for R32/R33 GTR(no controller) $400 Pickup from Lilydale 3140
  17. R34GTT and Performance Parts Sale - Turbo/Gate/Manifold/Carbon/Exhausts etc etc I have a heap of parts for sale to Suit R34GTT and other skylines... Most parts have been run on my R34GTT... Some are brand new and unused! All parts currently located Newcastle area, Pick up at Tomago 2322 preferred during business hours Monday to Friday. I will update this with more items when i get the time! Everything needs to clear as i need room and the cash for my new setup. Here is a group shot of a lot of the parts listed below, i can take specific photos of certain items if requested - 1) Full Forced Performance HTA 3076 Turbo kit with 6Boost manifold and Tial 44mm gate ***Turbo just rebuilt and AS NEW*** This turbo kit has been on my R34 since 2013 and has made a peak power of 524hp/391kw at the tyres on 28psi boost on a stock engine. Package can include - HTA3076 turbo with 0.82 rear housing (Fresh rebuild 4 weeks ago with receipt for $680.00, turbo AS NEW) Speedflow fittings and lines 6Boost T3 single scroll manifold Tial 44mm MV-R wastegate (Needs to be checked) 3" Dump Pipe with plumb back and screamer option Decat pipe 4 inch intake pipe and BMC air filter Intercooler pipe with new silicon joiner GFB Respons BOV with plumb back option Will throw in one of the exhaust systems below if i get the price i want. May also separate the package, however the turbo will need to sell first before i consider the option. I have 3 interested in the 6Boost manifold already. The 6Boost has had a professional repair recently for a crack where the runner joins the collector, it is in used condition and working well. Pics and info can be found here on page 110 and plenty of other pages - The current asking price for all of the above is $3250.00 and is a complete bolt on package. If this price is met i will offer one of the exhaust systems below to make it a whole bolt on package. Pick up only due to the size of the stuff. Off the car now and ready to go! If the turbo is to sell seperately i want $1950.00 for it as it is basically new and a better option than the GTX version for RB engines. Look up the HTA thread for more info if needed... This turbo package makes a fair bit of power with good response! Its a lot of fun on the street and on the track! After this sells i will consider selling the other items, would prefer this goes as a package for someone though as its much better value and a whole lot less hassle for me! 2) R34GTT Carbon Boot Lid Brand new never used. Purchased from Just Jap (Have receipt somewhere). Trial fit on my car but wouldn't work with my wing setup without hacking it up, fitment was average at the bases but will suit drift or race cars as its super light! Sell Price $400.00ono (Paid $500-600 from memory). 3) HKS Super Dragger 3.5Inch exhaust. Originally to suit 33GTST but modified the front section to fit R34GTT. The muffler has been removed and replaced with a straight pipe for race car/drift car application but can simply be changed back to street spec with a simple weld. This is 3" into 3.5" and has a great note too it! Was used on my race car which turned the muffler a goldy colour which looks awesome. Price $300.00. 4) Apexi WS2 3" Catback exhaust system This was the exhaust that ran on my car when i purchased it and stayed on for around 7 years! It was dead quiet but flowed enough to support the 390kw the car had at the time! It was extremely quiet but had a nice note on full throttle. The centre muffler has been removed to give it a little more sound but is supplied with the sale. Price $300.00 I have a heap of tyres and other junk i need to clear out ASAP! Will update the post soon! Send me a PM if you have any questions or want to purchase the items above. Cheers Mat
  18. anyone in perth got a hks blow off valve flange adapter for rb25 engine, will pay $40 for it, important please
  19. All, For sale is a test-fitted and unused hi mount turbo setup . It hasn't seen any mileage AT ALL, and is currently test fitted sitting on the car. 6Boost Manifold T3 Spec. -Manifold has been ceramic coated silver by craved coatings in QLD. -The exhaust manifold flange is full billet. 6boost did a limited run of these back in 2016 and they're a work of art. They didn't reach the mainstream as they are simply too time consuming to manufacture. -T3 Single Scroll w/ 45mm v-band, kickass manifold. Turbosmart Hypergate 45 -It's a black hypergate w/ 45mm v-band to suit manifold. GT3071R T3 4" Inlet Version -Same spec as the HKS2835 PRO S. -Expect full boost around 3.5k mark with poncams. -Most of you looking at this will know its the real 3071R - not the lesser cropped version with the T25 ass end. -As used on HKS Genki D1GP Silvia and the Kei Office Sil - plenty of videos out there -It features 4" inlet, v-band dump flange, and T3 manifold flange. -Will include V-band flange & clamp for buyer. This setup is perfect for a solid street thrasher which holds its own on the circuit. Sxdevelopments were doing 1.04 laps around Wakie and 1.39 around SMP GP with this same setup (on 98 octane). On E85 the thing will be why am I selling? Reason for sale is simple - I had a head built in Japan by NAPREC. The portwork thats been done is completely nuts, so is the work in the combustion chamber. Talking to a tuner who does a number of WTAC cars - to get the goodness out of the head we are going with a big $$ EFR setup w/ T4 flange. We're aiming for 550whp .... so now it'll be geared solely towards circuit. At this stage its an EOI, once my other setup arrives from USA the sale will be final & the manifold/turbo/gate will be removed for the buyer. Asking price is $3350...& even though I'm losing out already....I'm slightly negotiable and located in Sydney.
  20. Discontinued HKS Kansai ETS BNR32 4WD controller that allows to put the R32 in full RWD or regulate how much torque goes to the front. Very handy for high HP cars as standard torque split Atessa ecu sends too much power to the front wheels and is known to snap drive shafts when you launch the car. Priced to sell far below normal going price! $255 USD Worldwide shipping $40 USD Paypal 4.4%
  21. RB Stroker Kit Reliability & Quality I've been searching for hours, and I probably still missed some good info, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. So I have a new bare N1 block. I want to do a 2.8 kit for my BNR32. I don't want to get into an RB26 Stroker vs RD28 or RB30 argument here, lol, I have my reasons for going the route I am, and would rather focus on the info I am after. I mainly want to hear from people who have ran any stroker kit such as Nitto, Spool, JUN, Tomei, HKS, Etc (with mileage & power numbers if possible) their experiences in terms of driveability, power delivery (obviously dependent on turbos as well), and most importantly, reliability over time. I've been leaning towards Nitto, because I want to keep as long as a connecting rod as possible (I think the Spool 2.8 kit also has the factory length rod as well vs a shorter rod like the Tomei kit for example), for things such as increased dwell, decreased piston speed and side loading. I've read that Nitto (and Spool) outsource some of the parts (the crank itself I believe) to China, which isn't necessarily a deal breaker, but it does leave me a little hesitant. With that said, I know the majority of "Japanese Brands" also outsource their manufacturing (primarily to Taiwan in my experience). It all really comes down to quality control, which is why I'd like to hear from owners of said stroker kits and engine builders who've installed various brands on their experiences.
  22. HKS 2510 Turbo's with GTX2863 compressor wheels Ok all. So for those of you that have followed the thread below: I'll be selling these Turbo's at the end of the month once they are taken off my car. To be transparent, they do not suit a standard RB26 very well. Made the power of a -9, with more lag than a -5. They might be useful for someone who wants to use the cores, re-use the housings or re-work the turbine to suit the GTX wheel. They come with brand new Garrett 15 psi actuators as well. Still on the car, but will be removed at the end of the month. Considering i paid $2500 for them, all i want to do is cover the cost of me putting my GT-SS's back on. 1K, or $500 per turbo if the SR boys take an interest
  23. Up for sale is my HKS gd pro clutch and rb26 plenum, the clutch is a push type out of a r32 gtr, it bites very hard and has the usual multi plate rattle when its disengaged. Was holding 460rwhp fine. Its not too heavy on the feet but it is a tripple plate! Fair bit of meat left on the plates but if going to push big power i would reccomend rebuilding it, was working fine when it was taken from my car. $500 neg The plenum is of a rb26 and has been hpc coated. Comes with throttle bodies, in good condition only reason im selling as im chasing more power. $300 neg
  24. For Sale Arc Bov and adapter pipe 3inch good condition $300 Hks exhaust unsure of model nice and loud stainless steel 3.5inch removed from R32 Gtr $500 Jasma Veilside muffler 3.5inch needs to be rewelded $150 R32 rear pods needs to be painted $50 located western sydney call or text 0425896150 ill try get some pics uploaded but they may be too large text me if you want any pics
  25. JesseGTR

    WTB: a Set HKS Actuators hey guys, i am looking for a set HKS Actuators for my HKS GT-RS Turbos. New or used! Thanks!