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Found 11 results

  1. RB20 Turbo selection (twinscroll housing advice) Hey all, To start, this is not going to be another "i just bought my mates R32 and it had stock turbo can you plz reccomend an ebay turbo for 300kw maxx plz thanks". I started this topic because i couldn't find anyone or anything on this forum close to what i want even after searching and reading the whole "RB20 turbo upgrade" thread. The basic info/Supporting mods > Completely standard RB20DET Silvertop (with the possibility of doing valve springs) > NIStune with flexfuel setup > ID1000's > 3" straight through exhaust > 45mm divided turbosmart hypergate > RB26 inlet manifold including ITB's > Hypertune FMIC > Gibson Motorsport GTS-R T3 twinscroll exhaust manifold This is in an S15 that will be my (secondary) daily and 90% drift 10% circuit car. My goal is to make a minimum of 230ish kw on 98 octane fuel, while keeping everything as responsive as possible. Yes i know that responsive and RB20 don't belong in the same sentence and i know that it's never going to happen, but anyway. There is plenty of results all over the net for highflows/GT2871/TD06 in 18 and 20G formats, but these are all using either the stock manifold or various brands of high/low mount open T3 manifolds and standard intake piping with generic intercoolers and long piping. Basically nobody as far as i can tell has ever gone to the lengths that i have to give the RB20 as much of a fighting chance at making some decent power as early as possible. So my question is what turbo setup should i use. Keeping note that any turbo i will run will have a twinscroll manifold and twinscroll rear housing to try and keep as much response as possible. I can use something like a GTX2860/63/67/71 or bump up a frame size to a GTX3067 (Note: 67 no 76). Originally i had canned the GT28 series idea because i was under the impression that there wasn't any twinscroll T3 housings available for GT28's so i had basically accepted that i was going to have to run a GT30. But i found that ATP have this housing available that is exactly what i need. So now knowing that i am back to the drawing board to try and decide what best suits my application. Things of note, 220-230kw minimum on 98 octane would be ideal, but i will be running E85 and a 45mm turbosmart hypergate off the exhaust manifold and i am happy to run big boost (20-25psi) on ethanol to make some decent numbers. Hopefully the 45mm gate should relieve some pressure on the turbo if i decide to go with a GT28 based setup. GTX2860/63/67 with twinscroll T3 .82 A/R housing or GTX3067 with twinscroll .83 A/R housing. Hopefully someone like Lithium/disco/darren can chime in and give me some insight into roughly what power these turbos are capable of on an RB20 that has been given every chance haha. Thanks (INB4 why the fark is some idiot wasting his time and money on an RB20)
  2. Hi Would like to buy a oil filter housing/adapter. Preferably located in Melbourne Thanks in advanced
  3. WTB RB25 exhaust housing Chasing a exhaust housing to suit rb25 turbo, 21u or op6. Prefer Sydney but happy to pay postage also thanks!
  4. Hi everyone. So my r34 gtt has had a gt3076 56trim with a .63 internal housing for some time now. I never can flog it due to the horrible boost creep. not to mention the kinda shit power from that turbo at that psi. So to fix the issue i got a .82 housing with a ported 37mm internal gate. Drove it today and it still creeps to about 1.3bar. but holds there where before it would keep going until it started to lean out (fart, crack ect.) this turbo is from gcg and the housing, i use a apexi avc-r controller, standard manifold (mild port), split dump from gcg, 3inch front pipe (i Think) to apexi hi silent back exhaust, no cat. So basically can someone explain or possibly rectify this issue (which seems to be common). if they are selling these things for rb25 they must have some form of boost control. I'm to far gone for a external gate as it defeats my original intention. thanks
  5. Hi SAU, As per topic title, I've got an R34 Factory Triple Gauge Complete with Housing, new White LED's & Screws. I think $200 is a fair price for pick-up. An additional $20 for postage and postal insurance in Australia. I won't post this internationally. I'm located in Sunshine, Victoria and can be reached on 0432 518 129. Thanks, Michael
  6. Hi guys, I've been looking into T3 turbine housings for the GT30 series turbos (specifically the GTX3067) which will fit to the standard manifold. Response has been high on my priorities, so the 0.63 IWG housing was originally considered, although was always a bit concerned about boost control. Always thought it would be nice to find a turbine housing which sat between the 0.63 AR and 0.82 AR housings commonly used. I was pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon a couple of options which might do the trick. First one is the Cosworth 3-bolt outlet IWG housing (first pic below): http://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=tp&Product_Code=ATP-HSG-075&Category_Code=GTH Seems to have a really decent sized wastegate port too: http://www.turbobricks.org/forums/showthread.php?t=103756 This housing is stated as having a 0.72 A/R, so sits nicely between the two "normal" housings. Seems to me like it could be a good balance between response, top end and also boost control. Downside is I would have to go with a less common outlet flange. Second option, is this housing which has an external wastegate flange (second pic below): http://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=tp&Product_Code=ATP-HSG-043&Category_Code=GTH Quoted from ATP website: "Special turbine housing, T25-EWG-44, T25 inlet flanged, GT28 style 5-bolt outlet. External gated (44mm flanged), flows like a full T3. Available for GT28RS/71R/76R, full size 60mm GT3071R/GT3076R/GT3082R turbine wheel and Stage III (76 trim) turbine wheel. Allows full T3 flow but on T25 flanged manifold. Only available in .72 A/R. .72 A/R is built to GT30 geometry so this A/R is comparable to one that is right in between a .63 and .82 A/R GT30R housing." Note that although it's listed as T25 it can be optioned with T3 inlet. Also interesting here is that this can be gotten in form which fits the cropped GT3071-WG turbo, so may be a decent option to get HKS 2835 Pro S type performance at half the cost? Overall second option is less appealing to me because it's another step away from stock looking, plus more expensive due to cost of wastegate and extra plumbing of dump. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with either of these (especially Cosworth one)? Or even just thoughts on how these might perform would be very welcome? Hoping the collective intelligence of SAU might shine some light on this. Cheers, Mark.
  7. Hi, I have a series 2 R33 GTS-T which has the optional A-LSD fitted. I would like to remove this as I have an ATS 1.5way Centre for an R200 to run. Only drama is I don't know what Diff housing/casing I need to swap into the car. Anyone done this before? Do I need a GTR diff housing? A-LSD measures roughly 350mm from driveshaft flange to driveshaft flange and approx 350mm from tailshaft flange to splitline where the backing plate bolts on. (Very rough measurements taken under the car in the dark in a rush) Thanks Jamie
  8. Objective to open r32 headlight to respray headlight cover black. The oven trick worked perfectly, for best result make sure oven is preheated for 10-15min on 200degrees Step 2: turn off oven and place headlight in oven for 10-15min Step 3: use screw driver at one corner and work your way around removing the housing Step 4: when glass is removed, un screw the cover step 5: "IN PROGRESS" Use sand blaster to remove chrome or sand paper Then respray. Before: clear After: black
  9. Hey forum I just have a quick question about a turbo's compressor housing. What would be the effect of a bigger compressor housing on a turbo? For example you have a 35r you take the compressor cover off and machine it out a little bigger and put it back on that same turbo what would be the effect on spool, cfm and horsepower? A friend of mine has a 35r he wants to sell me and he says the compressor housing was machined a little bigger. I just wanted to know if it is a worthwhile investment or if that mod just made the turbo worst?
  10. Hi guys, After 2 turbine housings (for GTR fitment) in good nick for my GTX turbos. They can be from: GT2860-5 GT2860-10 HKS GT2530 They need to be in good nick, so if you have some failed bearing turbs or back ends lying around, let me know what you have. PM or post what you have. Cheers, Sean
  11. As seen from first pic the inlet is about 55mm. Second pic shows crack. Please contact Richard 0421 202 823
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