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  1. Hi all, Got the following two items for sale: 1. -Cat & back exhaust suit R33 GTST/GTS -2.5" press bent -Twin 3.5" tips (fills stock rear bar neatly -Hi-flow cat converter -Super quiet with minimal drone and nice sound -Flowed~200rwkw see here:http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/249186-nat-power-results-na-t-turbo-conversions-only/?view=findpost&p=6401351 -Selling as I have changed to a hi-flow turbo and 3" exhaust -$200 obo 2. -6xSard 540cc injectors suit RB25/SR20 (side feed) -Brand new in box never used or open -Complete with collars seals, connectors, everything needed for fitting -Selling as plans with the car have changed -$800 obo Items located in Warrnambool Vic, prefer arranged meeting point/pick-up due to cost of injectors and size/weight of exhaust. Contact phone: 04 3774 51 FOUR SEVEN or message me on here Will upload photos if possible shortly Cheers, Josh
  2. I need an injector for an r32 rb20det, 1 x only in working condition. Need tonight if possible, will pick up and pay cash. I'm in western sydney. As I said i only need the one but I am happy to buy a full set if the price is right?
  3. Looking to buy some new tread for the next track day so am selling the bits that were going to be the next mods upgrades on my car but decided to leave the car how it is with the power it is making for reliability as it's still my street car. All parts will include delivery except the tyres happy to deliver within 10ks of Adelaide CBD though Brand new in the box Z32 AFM plus plug, pins and rubber boot - $275 Greddy Oil Cooler with braided lines and oil filter re locator - $400 Greddy Sandwich plate brand new in the plastic, bought it to use with the existing cooler kit in order to keep my oil filter in the standard location but no longer using it. Bought from Garage 7 in Adelaide - $150 Sard 650cc injectors, bought from the post below for $600 selling for $600 delivered anywhere in AUS http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/435340-vicneo-sard-650cc-injectors-new-z32-afm-other-bits/ R34 Manual surround - $50 Simex 17 inch tyres will double check the sizes but from memory are 205/50/17's, bought from a mates old man who used them for about 100k before getting wider rims. Paid $200 asking $150 NOT INCLUDING DELIVERY 65mm Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge and Sender, mint as it was used once and that’s it - $100 Dished 3 spoke suede steering wheel with Mazda horn button - $50 Exhaust technology made mid pipe for R34 GTT from turbo dump pipe to cat - $100 Open to offers as long as they are not stupid and will do better prices for packages if someone wants to take a few things
  4. i bought my gtt a while ago i have not known what exact injectors i have. i fitted a 3076r and type b cams, using a power fc. and when we went to tune i didnt no what injectors i have, but by already set numbers we assume they where 480cc, they were purple and said nismo on the side so we confirmed that. BUT. when researching the latency specs we cannot find anything at all. the injector on the side has a number 013 4608 we shows nothing when researching, now this car had work done at least 6 years ago including these injectors from what i know. Is it possible these are a old nismo injector that i cant find any information on. just need to know what this number represents, that there 480cc and what the latency times are. please help!! thanks
  5. Im thinking of getting these ASNU1000cc injectors, do any tuners or people that have these on their cars.?Im after knowing if they do improve economy with the30 degree 7 hole spray pattern. The science behind their product is good. if theyre marketing is true they wont be any issues with them. http://www.asnuperformance.com.au/gallery/High%2BPerformance%2BInjectors/ansu-performance-1000cc-injector/110282.
  6. Hi. For sale. A set of standard RB25 series 2 injectors and fuel rail. No longer needed. Can include the whole inlet plenum for an extra $40. Pick up in Ringwood Melbourne or can post (fuel rail + injectors only). $90 for injectors and rail. $40 for plenum. $120 for both
  7. Hi guys, Got 6 brand new still in packaging Sard 540cc injectors suit RB25/SR20. Come with fitting kit (o-rings, collars, plugs etc) Bought as a precaution and no longer needed. Paid $810, asking $550. Also a brand new still in packaging genuine Bosch Z32 AFM with Tomei plug. Paid $330, asking $250. Can MMS photos as required, or inbox them on Facebook as they're "stuck" on my phone and I can't upload them to the forum from my phone? All items brand new, located in Warrnambool Vic. Contact me on here, or 04 3774 51 FOUR SEVEN Mods please delete my other thread regarding the injectors. Cheers!
  8. For sale are some rb26 parts from a running r32 gtr. Posting from townsville. Contact email: [email protected] text: 0434916740 NEW Supertech Pistons 86.5mm/8.5cr part no: p6-rb26/86.50-8.5cr $550 All parts below have done just under 8000km. HKS Stage 1 cams with unknown adjustable cam gears INLET, 2202-RN124 Duration 264. Lift 8.7mm step 1 EXHAUST, 2202-RN127 Duration 272. Lift 8.7mm step 1 $500 Spool Rods $450 Obx 11mm Fuel Rail & Aeroflow fuel pressure regulator and fittings $200 RC Fuel injectors 750cc with clips PL4-0750 bosch style clip $400 Supertech Dual Valve Springs With ti-retainer Part number: SPRK-m1007d/rb $400 (also comes with inner washers to go between head and spring)
  9. Hey guys, Just a quick one I can’t find any info on. Im installing a haltech elite 2000 into my c34 stagea. It requires a signal wire from the power output on the injector relay. I’ve tried the engine bay, under the drivers kick panel and drives coin tray but have had no luck finding the relay I need. If anyone knows of the injector relay location please let me know
  10. Hello, bad news ? I installed injectors (1000cc top feed) 2-3 weeks ago, All seemed good. Untill today I did a boost leak test and the injector oring bosses have pushed out....wtf Before I go and pull it all apart, what do you guys think I've done wrong for this to happen. Thanks ?
  11. https://www.kpmfuelsystems.com.au/product/kpm550s-6-nissan-skyline-r34-neo-rb25/ I've upgraded to 1000cc injectors so these are up for sale. KPM flow match these to within 1%, which is handy. Had just over a year of weekend use, around 5000kms all up - just gone bigger with E85 Will be suitable for a 300kw petrol setup with plenty of headroom, mine made 280kw on E85 Will need adapters to suit, they can be had cheaply on Golebys - https://www.golebysparts.com.au/collections/injector-connectors-adapters/products/golebys-parts-injector-harness-adaptor?variant=31980256395373 $300 Express Posted within Australia
  12. Hello, I was hoping someone could explain to me the numerals the injection map shows on the Apexi Power FC's Commander. Seems to be 3 digits with no decimal place from what i can tell, example 100 109 How is this calculated?
  13. Hello All, I'm relatively new here but I've been looking around and can't find an answer to my question. I have a 1996 Series 2 R33 GTS25T i got a KKR 480 turbo from a buddy for less than $180 brand new; (He totaled his car needed money to get a new one, that's the reason for being cheap) anyways; I'm curious if when i do swap the turbos will i need to do anything as far as injectors go? I'm putting in new spark plugs this weekend. I have all the supporting turbo mods ~3" catback exhaust ~Blitz FMIC ~HKS cold air intake ~Greddy BOV Right now i'm running stock RB25 injectors and coilpacks. I plan on upgrading these but at the moment i'm saving my money for a proper Garrett or Turbonetics turbo. I'm also aware that i should upgrade these before i purchase the new big turbo but i'm just wondering if i can run this small KKR480 off the stock injection and ignition system. Any help is appreciated. Cheers!
  14. Hi, So, I spent some time replacing the pre filters in my sytec bullet filters This is the state of the paper filter that came out: - Disgusting.. I replaced with: - This could be the reason why the fuel pressure was dropping at high rpm/boost on the dyno after there was some residual heat in the system but I'll keep track of it because there could be a number of other reasons. I didn't bother changing the lift pump filter as I think that these don't tend to get that dirty and it's not been in long. Literally, 7000rpm @ 1.8bar after about 8 pulls on the dyno and fuel pressure was dropping from 8bar to 5bar and going lean which meant stopping for the day; I needed to get this fixed so it didn't get worse. It could still be a problem or the problem could just have been vapourising due to the pressure and heat from having an 8micron filter before the pump. So that paper filter in the image is 8 microns which was sitting before the 044 bosch pump. This isn't really ideal, as I've subsequently found out that it can cause the pump to work quite a lot harder and could limit life (probably causing some level of vapour lock as well). What I've done is dropped in a stainless steel 55micron pre filter into the sytec bullets I've checked with a few other sources and I'm getting some conflicting responses; some people are saying that 55micron filtering of fuel is sufficient and most modern cars don't even have fuel filters! Others are saying that you need to filter further to reduce the risk of damaging the injectors. I don't really think I should be filtering pre pumps at 8micron though, that's for sure. The current setup is: - 450lph walbro lift pump into swirl pot which feeds 2x bosch 044 fuel pumps (both pre filtered by sytec bullet filters - now 55 micron/was 8), which then goes to the greddy injector rail and feeds both sides. The injectors are ID1000s and do not have the adapters which filter at 7micron per injector. Any advice would be appreciated; I'd also be really interested to know how some of the other big power cars support fuelling and where the filtering is performed. I guess the point probably is that race cars break and get repaired and thus it's outweighing the costs with the safety measures. Thanks!
  15. Soooo, I have a s2 rb25 in a stagea. Power FC, splitfires, z32 afm, td06, nismo 550cc injectors, gtr fuel, tuned at 18psi. Has been running fine for 6 months until yesterday it has developed a misfire under load and full boost. Seems ok at very light load and cruising. Has constant miss when you stand on it and try and rev it out, also get a lot of black smoke out back. Knock doesn't go above 18 with this happening. I checked injector value in pfc and it got up to 90% just once, normally around 68-70% WOT. AFM voltage with car off is 0.42v according to the power fc and 1.72v at cruise approx. I took plugs out (bpr7es gapped at 0.7), and swapped with some other spares I had laying around (not new but known working) and made very little difference. I sprayed all the vac lines and hose clamps with brake cleaner but no change in idle speed. I did find 1 loose hose clamp after the turbo outlet under the air filter, but after tightening that, no change has been observed. It was dark when I got into changing the plugs so I couldn't inspect the coil packs thoroughly. Might get around to it on the weekend. Any suggestions.
  16. Up for sale I have stock parts, all in good working condition, all parts came off a 1997 R33 GTST. Make an offer, reasonable offers wont be refused. Standard Series 2 rear wing in silver (working break light included) $40 Aftermarket fiberglass Du-Luck side Skirts (painted silver, small crack but cant be seen when fitted) $80 Boot Lid (no wing, no lock, White) ***FREE*** Standard fuel pump $10 Standard exhaust cam gear $10 Standard injectors $90 Standard rear sway bar $20 Standard ECU $120 Standard cam shafts $50 X-Force muffler $30 Rear series 1 garnish $10 Standard coil packs $120 Standard indicators front guard $10 Standard rear rotors $15 All parts located south east Melbourne Prefer pick up...if not buyer can arrange postage I have photos of all the above parts...message me if you require pictures Thanks
  17. I've recently fitted some RC 720cc Injectors and had to do a bit of a re-map on my RB20det. So far things are fine at WOT as per normal. However the idle hunts a bit, but too be expected with 720 low impedance injectors. I have Nistune by the way. However when adjusting the injector latency I began to think about what the correct latency should be and if there is horsepower (kilowatts for you guys) and reliability (Knock resistance) by having the fuel spray early (which may result in pooling at valve) or late (which could be incomplete burn/ reduced atomization). But when is the factory injection time @ 14v and rated injector impedance? Perhaps I am getting to far into this? Is there power to be made?
  18. For Sale: RB26 R34 GTR Parts For Sale 1) R34 GTR RB26 Factory Injectors x 6 with approximately 60,000km - $200 (free express postage anywhere in Australia) 2) Top Feed Injector Extensions Short to Full Length (11mm) - $55 (free express postage anywhere in Australia)
  19. Looking for various upgrades for my r33. Apexi power fc djetro with commander, map sensors and harness. A plus if it has the oled commander and boost controller also. Garrett gtx3582r or similar spec turbo with low mileage Injectors around 1000cc, fuel rail, matching clutch etc is also of interest. Let me know if you have some stuff you'd like to get rid of at a fair price.
  20. Injector duty cycle to calculate rough power figure VS actual Dyno graph So, might seem like a dumb question. I know there is a formula for it... Just not sure which is correct. or the math.... If I am seeing a max injector duty cycle of 82% on 700cc injectors (Rb26 - base fuel pressure), in theory, can you compare this calculated HP figure to that of what the Dyno reads out? Would i say that 1cc = 1HP, so 0.82% of 700CC = 574HP Is that fairly accurate? # never was good at math's
  21. RB20 stock injectors Hey folks, looking for a set of RB20 injectors for my VG30et project. The RB20's are 10 cc more, top feed and high impedance like the VG30et ones. Looking for a cheap set that has been known to be ok. Just putting them in to get the project running so not looking to spend a lot.
  22. Stagea C34/M35 Parts & Viper Alarm Hi all, I used to own a 1997 C34 auto Nissan Stagea and a 2002 NM35 auto Nissan Stagea and have some spare parts lying around and would like to sell them. I have uploaded some pictures and can send more via email or sms. 1 x Viper alarm system 5806V with GPS tracking and remote start with additional tilt and audio sensors - Brand New - $850 1 x C34 stock exhaust (I think I have turbo back) - $100 1 x C34 stock wheel - $50 1 x C34 auto series 1 viscous LSD - $300 1 x C34 fuel tank with no fuel pump - $50 1 x C34 auto series 1 prop shaft (requires reconditioning) - $50 1 x R32 GTR Nismo fuel pump - used and in good condition - $220 1 x RB25DET JJR blue silicone heater hose set (missing 2 pieces) New - $80 1 x RB25DET valley cover (please note the snorkel pictured has been sold) - $20 3 x Camber correction Superpro and Whiteline Bushes (SPF3154K, SPF1869K & KCA347) - New - $300 for the lot or $120 each 6 x RB26DETT stock pistons and rods. I may have RB25 and/or also RB30 pistons and rods. $50 for the lot. 1 x M35 Stock ECU - $150 1 x M35 HKS SLD to remove 180km/hr speed cut (NEW) - $350 6 x M35 stock injectors - $50 1 x M35 stock intercooler and fan - $50 1 x M35 stock turbo actuator - $50 That's all I can think of now. If you have any questions please feel free to pm me. I'm located at Derrimut, Victoria. I am also happy to post at buyer's expense. Cheers, Kandio
  23. RB25DET S2 Injector voltage need some serious help. car went in for a metal gasket job and ffp install. injector harness was extended, battery moved to the back. On the first day it started, the was a slight miss at idle. and when we hit 5k rpm, it hesitates and misfires, as you release the throttle , it idles like a impreza for a few seconds and then its back to normal. Changed to bcpr7eix and another set of coil packs (wreckers), now the problem is at 6k rpm. taped coils up, applied dielectric grease.... if on 2nd gear at 6k rpm on boost it hesitates and misfires. IF on 3rd or 4th gear at 6k is just feels flat and empty...it just wont go past 6k and holds. you can feel like there is a slight miss-ish but not misfiring, i dont hold it too long that way worried im gonna blow something. During this entire time, afr is at abt low 11's high 10's. timing up top has been set from 21 to 18 to 17 and stll doesnt help. injector duty is at 65%. MAF at abt 4.8v . the airflow load point in the map is at P15 (11k ) TPS been adjusted and this happens at any throttle Voltage it happens. i tried holding it at partial or WOT. so i doubt its the tps. at wot its 4.4v. Batt Voltage reading 13.8~13.9 Im kind of lost and loosing hope here. Car was mint before the job. now it just doesnt want to run right. Things ive checked are also for boost leaks, vacuum leaks, CAS timing (set at 15) crank and cam timing(all on correct markings). The car holds boost just fine, and at lower revs all the way to 5.8k it pulls hard. at 6k it just goes F*&&ed. makes no power whatsoever. I even went to the extent of buying another set of bkr6 0.8mm to try it and its the same thing. Car Spec : RB25DET Stock turbo 3"exh fmic walbro pump fpr 3bar ( no vac) stock coils 0.8bar boost cometic 1.3mm metal gasket power fc with fc edit aem wideband what do you guys think it is ? Wiring issue for the injector harness? battery moved to the back ? if it was injectors, i should be able to detect it on the log right? if it was fuel pump, shouldnt the afr be super lean before or when it happens? if it was maf the voltage should either be maxed out or suddenly drop? Could it be the coil pack harness? Please help. any suggestions or pointers will be great. any troubleshooting ideas . sorry for the lengthy post When i checked voltage for the injectors, i noticed i was barely getting any voltage on the 12v wire, its only abt 0.3-0.5v... but on the ground with key on engine off, im getting 12-13v. is this normal? shoulldnt i be getting 12v on both sides with key on ?
  24. Rb20 injector deadtime table Hi all Anyone have any Infomation to help configure my link g4 extreme. For my rb20de plus t setup. Needing injector Infomation for standard r32 rb20de injectors. Even a complete map\tune I can pick Infomation from. Cheers matt
  25. refurbished injectors, are they usable? Hi all. I am budget building my r33 gtst now. Got hypergear turbo and pfc. Now looking after injectors. Planning to make 250-270rwkw. Found these injectors on ebay. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6-Genuine-740cc-fuel-injectors-RR544-for-Nismo-Nissan-Skyline-R33-RB25DET-ECR33-/112089938321?hash=item1a1914b991:g:YkIAAOSwawpXq-aw&autorefresh=true They are marked "- PROFESSIONALLY re-manufactured" and "- Spray, Flow and leak tested". I reckon they look good. So just want to ask are they really good? Or can you recommend anything else that can do the job and is cheap? Btw, what afm do people use on rb25 today? Still z32 afm?
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