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Found 144 results

  1. Hi All, Looking to buy a spare set of s1 r33 25det injectors - the purple ones that are all faded and actually look grey. Will need posted if not in Melbourne's northern / western suburbs. Thanks!
  2. I have 2 items for SALE. 1. 19" Rays Engineering Wheels Genuine OEM from 2015 Nissan 370Z PRICE: $1000 ono -Set of 4 -Smoked Hyper Silver -19x9 +47 front, 19x10 +30 rear -Front wheel 10.3kg, Rear Wheel 10.6kg -All wheels in excellent condition (very small scrape on one rear wheel, otherwise mint) Can ship anywhere in Australia for $100 or pickup welcome from 5088. 2. DeatschWerks 600cc Injectors for G35/G37, 350Z/370Z, RB25DET, VW Golf GTI R32 PRICE: $400 ono New still in box Deatschwerks 600cc injectors (21S-05-0600-6) -I already upgraded before using these, so these are new. -Will fit 350Z/370Z, RB25DET, G35/G37, VW Golf GTI R32 Can ship these anywhere in Australia for $10 or pickup welcome from 5088 Any questions, ask away. Thnx.
  3. Okay so ive got an issue with putting these injector inserts into my freddy plenum and need help with what to do, basically the rubber seal is too big to fit (i did use bosch rubber grease to try and get them in)but the actual inserts themselves fit perfectly! What other options would i have to seal the inserts, i was thinking of using rvt gasket maker but am unsure if this will be okay?
  4. Hello Everyone! Have some go fast bits for sale off my R33 some parts are still new. I won't post interstate but willing to travel and meet in Vic. Located in the S. E Suburbs near Keysbourough. No swaps strictly cash only if you require any additional information you may text me on 0409747507. Thank you. Brae manifold $700 ARP Headstuds for RB25det *Brand New* $220 Split fire coil packs *Brand New* $600 2000cc Bosch ID Injectors $420 Tomei Type B Valve Springs RB25det $700 *Brand New* Aeroflow Fuel Rail $130 Twin Plate Ceramic Extreme Clutch $1,200 Haltech Platinum Pro $1400 Also have an R33 manual gearbox that was reconditioned 5,000kms ago new bearings. $1,100
  5. R32 ARC Induction Air box R32 gtst ARC super induction box pick up south east Melbourne $300
  6. R35 GTR standard injectors Hi guys chasing a set of the stock injectors from an r35 gtr for a little e85 project. Pm me please. Sydney preferred.
  7. Hi all... I've just removed the GENUINE sard fuel rail and 650cc top feed injectors from my r34 (rb25det neo) nothing wrong with them I'm just upgrading to larger size so these are available for sale.. I know what I'm roughly looking for them but please make me a offer and please don't be a dick and low ball me as I not giving away. Located in Geelong Victoria but I can post at buyers expense...
  8. Hi all i have a brand new set of xspurt 1000cc injectors (E85 safe) for my rb25det neo and ive changed the way im going so i wont be needing so if you like to save you can have these for $600 firm and they come with pnp adapters.. located in Geelong Victoria but i can post anywhere needed.. Cheers and thank you for looking..
  9. RB26 Stock Injectors (440cc) and resistor pack Set of 6 cleaned and flow matched within 2% of eachother, also have resistor pack. $250 for injectors $50 for resistor pack South East Melbourne
  10. Josh's Garage Clean Out - Injectors, Turbo, ECU and More Hey guys. Reached a stage where I can finally clear out a bunch of stuff I've accumulated during my build. Prices listed are ONO, available for pickup from Auburn NSW 2144. Willing to ship at buyer's expense. Parts are also listed elsewhere. Too many pictures so I've created a Google Drive link here: Stock RB25DET Turbo, worked fine when pulled off for upgrade: $140 "MaxSpeedingRods" Ebay Special Turbo - Decided to go a different way. Brand new, never used. Specs on request: $250 NISTUNE Z32 ECU to suit RB25DET - removed for upgrade: $400 Stock RB25DET ECU from R33 S2 Manual: $80 Stock RB25DET S2 AFM: $50 GFB G-Force II Boost Controller - fitted for test, used something else, brand new as pictured: $240 550cc WRX STI Injectors with adapters to suit RB25: $200 370cc OEM RB25DET Injectors: $150 OEM Coil Packs suit RB25DET S2 - Working fine, selling due to upgrade to splitfires: $180 JVC KW-R500 Double Din Head Unit/Car Stereo, works fine and comes with harnesses: $60 Alpine MRX-F35 4 Channel Amp - Works fine: $150
  11. I have a Early build 1993 R33 Skylline GTS-T. It is NOW my understanding that there's something different about these early S1 stock injectors that makes them extremely sensitive to modern fuels or additives especially if ethanol is involved in any way. Something about the potting compound used. Makes them ELECTRICALLY fail I am on my 3RD set and sick of it! They are all perfectly spotless clean but get out of range resistance leading to infinite! So here's the story A few times Ive had e10 in my tank either cos my dad filled up and ive told him not to, or I've had to and mixed it with 98. The car ran great on it. It was a rare occurrence. Now it seems its not the e10 that killed them but rather an addtitive. As a preventative measure, after I STOPPED using ethanol, I added Nulons "e85 performance fuel treatment". A few days later the car developed a miss that got worse and worse until it barely ran and I diagnosed and replaced all 6 injectors with a used pair of stock r33 inejctors. Car ran great, for a few more weeks until AGIAN it started acting up. SAME thing. I got a tested and working set of stock injectors. Drained the tank and refilled with 98. Car ran great for 10 months. Never connecting the e85 fuel treatment to the problem, i added what I had left of it to a quarter tank of petrol. 2 hours later (which was yesterday). THE SAME problem. The culprit seems to be the "Nulon E85 performance fuel treatment." I drained the tank refilled and the car still barely runs. I need to replace my injectors AGAIN. I dont want to pay for a custom ECU and tune, so are there any updated modern injectors that are not as sensitive that are plug and play in a stock R33? Can I use S2 injectors in an S1?
  12. 740cc Nismo Injectors Genuine 740cc Nismo Injectors, Brand NEW! Brought for $1125 as in photo. Need bigger, happy to sell for $900 neo
  13. Advice Please - Injectors and Tune Issue Hey guys. I've been getting parts together for a couple months and finally installed them into my R33. I got the following installed: -Hypergear G3 21U high flow - z32 AFM and stainless intake pipe - Walbro 255lph fuel pump - 550cc Injectors (STI side feeds, part # 16600-AA170 with harnesses) - Nistune ECU - 3in turbo-back stainless exhaust and Blitz FMIC already installed Along with the parts I also did all the maintenance items, got new NGK coppers gapped to 8mm, new fuel filter etc etc. However, when I got Toshi to try and tune my car, he claimed that the AFRs were being whack and it was misfiring at 5k rpm. I immediately thought of coils and I also didn't do the earthing mod for the fuel pump, so this might have been my issue. I ended up buying Yellow Jacket coils packs and I also earthed the fuel pump and checked to ensure full voltage. The car started fine, test drive fine low revs, etc. However, again getting Toshi to try and tune and check AFRs etc and we still can't run boost into it as he claims the AFRs are still unstable. He now says it's the Injectors but I don't know if I believe that as when we're in the "base" tune he did, the car isles fine, revs fine etc albeit a bit rich. In short, 2 questions: 1. I know there are better options, but how likely is it these Injectors are actually the issue? They're not high flowed, but genuine STI Injectors. Anyone else run these? I can send back under warranty if needed. 2. How likely is it that the tune is the issue? I read another thread on here where someone had a problem with a Toshi tune that came down to injector latency being set wrong and another tuner fixed it. I really feel feel like after all the work done, and the fact that a rich tune revs fine but another tune doesn't makes me think it's the tune? Anyway, I currently am advised by Toshi not to boost the car as the AFRs are off and he wants me to replace Injectors and go back to him. I just want other opinions. Sorry for essay. Thanks in advance.
  14. Advice needed for RB25 mods and power levels. Hi guys! Hope all is well. I just recently finished my project car. Its a R33 GTST with the following mods - Hypergear At43 Turbo - Refreshed top and bottom end - 550CC injectors - Walbro 460 fuel pump - Link g4 ECU - Greddy plenum - Upgraded throttle body - 4" - Blitz intercooler - Straight through 4inch exhaust - Turbosmart internal wastegate - HKS pod filter - Bigger cams Now I was wanting to ask, is it worth tuning with E85 with the current 550cc injectors? or would 98 be better suited? Also what is a reliable power level I should be aiming for with the following mods? thanks in advance!
  15. Six Sard/Denso 850cc side feed fuel injectors Set of six Sard/Denso 850cc side feed fuel injectors. Direct replacement for stock injectors in RB (except 26 and NEO I think) and SR powered cars also a lot of rotaries and GC Subarus too I think. Taken out of an R33 GTST in good working condition, I stole some of the o-rings off them though and they could probably do with a professional clean which usually gets you new o-rings included. They work great with E85 and PowerFC so they are a great choice for someone going with mostly bolt-on mods. I ran them in my car with around 300rwkw with upgraded in-tank pump and hi-flow turbo etc. $230 located North side of Brisbane. Brett - o4o2 232 556
  16. Nismo 740CC Side Feed Injectors I have a set of 6 Nismo 740CC Side Feed Injectors. I swapped them out to go bigger. Only ever ran Premium 98 through them, I'm after $650 plus postage. Regards,
  17. R32GTS-t bits needed R32GTS-t Reversing light LHS next to number plate, also require RB20DET stock FPR and stock injectors. Let me know what you've got Mike.
  18. for sale 1.zipfor sale 1.zipfor sale 1.zipR33 GTR Parts For Sale Hi all I have Few parts for sale '"'PICK UP PREFERED"" from North Sydney R33 GTR Injectors worked perfectly when removed $100 R33 GTR fuel Rail and Reg + Power Enterprise 700cc injectors again worked perfectly when removed $350 R33 GTR ECU $50 R33 GTR Coils $100 R33 GTR Non V-Spec Rear Shafts $250 HKS EVC5 In perfect condition $300 GReddy Intercooler pipes CAME OF R32 GTR $300 R33 GTR Mesh $50 Nismo Differential oil 75W140 1L $30 each or 2 for $50 Text me on Zero408844383 Cheers Bruce for sale
  19. Out of an RB26 using E85. Less than a year old. Perfect working order. $300.00 Please contact Michael 0404086086
  20. 725cc Raceworks top feed injectors suit R34 gtt Up for grabs is 6 x 725cc raceworks top feed injectors to suit r34 neo rb25det 6 months old (2500kms) comes with loom with plugs to suit for plug and play application will post anywhere in aus for $420 0405 003 666
  21. R32 GTST Stock & Aftermarket Hey all I have for sale parts im happy to part with located in Melbourne for pick up cash on delivery. Call or msg for pictures 0421556080 Will sell as package arc induction, Plazmaman Bov & Apexi ECV -$650 Genuine R32 Gtst ARC Super Induction Box. Very rare item - $260 Apexi Exaughts Control Valve 3" - $200 Brand new Plazaman Twin Flute Blow off Valve will suit any skyline - $260 R34 standard side mount intercooler great upgrade for r32 - $100 Stock R34 injectors - $100 Stock r34 AFM - $80 cheers John
  22. WTB RB20 Red Top injectors Looking for some good condition rb20 injectors in Sydney preferably Thanks
  23. FS: R33 GTR parts Standard r33 gtr cam gears $50 Standard r33 gtr injectors $180 Standard r33 gtr ecu $180 Standard r33 gtr radiator $150 All the above worked without issue when removed and were only removed due to upgrading when I upgraded turbos. The car had done 95,066kms when removed, injectors have been tested and all working perfectly. Standard r33 gtr turbos. One is absolutely dead and the other has a decent amount of shaft play, $60 for both. I can send/msg videos showing shaft play if required. BRAND NEW genuine Garrett actuators from GT2859 aka -9 turbos $75 each. HKS fuel rail $170 Pick up Blacktown NSW or I can post at buyers expense.
  24. which injectors for E85 Hey all. Will be retuning on E85 and wanting to replace injectors before I hit the dyno. Are there any decent top feed 1500 - 1700cc injectors suitable for E85, any recommendations? cheers
  25. Stagea C34/M35 Parts & Viper Alarm Hi all, I used to own a 1997 C34 auto Nissan Stagea and a 2002 NM35 auto Nissan Stagea and have some spare parts lying around and would like to sell them. I have uploaded some pictures and can send more via email or sms. 1 x Viper alarm system 5806V with GPS tracking and remote start with additional tilt and audio sensors - Brand New - $850 1 x C34 stock exhaust (I think I have turbo back) - $100 1 x C34 stock wheel - $50 1 x C34 auto series 1 viscous LSD - $300 1 x C34 fuel tank with no fuel pump - $50 1 x C34 auto series 1 prop shaft (requires reconditioning) - $50 1 x R32 GTR Nismo fuel pump - used and in good condition - $220 1 x RB25DET JJR blue silicone heater hose set (missing 2 pieces) New - $80 1 x RB25DET valley cover (please note the snorkel pictured has been sold) - $20 3 x Camber correction Superpro and Whiteline Bushes (SPF3154K, SPF1869K & KCA347) - New - $300 for the lot or $120 each 6 x RB26DETT stock pistons and rods. I may have RB25 and/or also RB30 pistons and rods. $50 for the lot. 1 x M35 Stock ECU - $150 1 x M35 HKS SLD to remove 180km/hr speed cut (NEW) - $350 6 x M35 stock injectors - $50 1 x M35 stock intercooler and fan - $50 1 x M35 stock turbo actuator - $50 That's all I can think of now. If you have any questions please feel free to pm me. I'm located at Derrimut, Victoria. I am also happy to post at buyer's expense. Cheers, Kandio