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Found 53 results

  1. Where can I get a Steel Induction/suction/intake pipe? [RB25DET] I've googled and googled, I can't find a metal induction pipe that will go from my factory MAF to factory turbo. It's for my R34 GTT RB25DET Neo, and I'm going to get my factory turbo highflowed by Hypergear. They recommend to run a 3" steel induction pipe to the turbo. I have a silicone one right now and I think it's collapsing when I hit 1.3bar with my factory turbz. So I've searched every where and theres nothing out there. Can someone please link me to a site or someone that might sell one. Or does one usually weld one up? I'm also thinking of getting a Z32 in the future so will have to fit that too if possible
  2. So i did a spark plug change so i had to take my top intake off, so i accidentally swapped 2 vacuum hoses around and i noticed because the car had no power, now i changed them back and now the car feels like it has no top end power anymore. I mixed up hose 10 and hose 3 in the picture
  3. As the title states, i'm looking to buy a complete rb26 head to build a 26/30. must be in good condition and come with all covers, also after a standard intake side to suit and the engine loom. don't want or need the exhaust side. Brisbane sellers preferred but will buy interstate if the deal is right from a reliable seller. May also consider complete rb25det neo engines. 0433 559 722.
  4. Hey guys, As the title goes I am after a Motordyne 5/16 basic plenum spacer for my v35. I am located in Perth, 6056. Pm your offer or email at hughezy_10@hotmail.co.uk Cheers Niall
  5. Gaskets and Hoses Under Plenum Q's So my intake gasket is leaking like crazy on the #3 runner so I'm going to do the replacement with metal gaskets. I'm wondering though, since I'm in there what other gaskets and hoses should I replace while I'm in there since it's not a quick job? Also what other gaskets will I need since I know I have to remove stuff from the plenum? I'd like to have a list so I can have everything I get this done in a day
  6. Front strut brace $80 Air box $80 Stock springs $60 Stock silicon pipe after air box $25 All parts are in excellent condition Located northern suburbs on adelaide Contact me on 0431565486 Thanks Adam
  7. Rb25det help Can anyone tell me where this line is supposed to go? And are 25de and det tb the same ?
  8. RB25 CLEAR TIMING COVER Condition : Used, but in very good condition with no cracks, only the occasional wear and tear marks here and there, nothing major. Price : $250 This item is quite rare as you can hardy find them for sale anymore. A rare and discontinued japanese item. A great addition to any engine bay that has a RB25 in it, especially if you have aftermarket adjustable cam gears or timing belt, this cover allows you to see inside that part of the engine, and lets you stand out from the crowd. RB25 ROCKER COVERS Condition : Used, a bit dirty, needs a clean, a few normal wear and tear marks Price : $50 Comes with standard oil cap. image hosting websites image hosting 20mb RB25 ROCKER COVERS (RED) Condition : Used, a bit dirty, needs a clean, a few normal wear and tear marks, paint peeling in some areas (pictures show all) Price : $50 Comes with aftermarket oil cap. RB25 CLUTCH AND FLYWHEEL Condition : Used, in great condition, has quite a lot of meat left on the clutch. Price : $120 Came out of my running RB25det, and never had any problems with it. RB25 INTAKE MANIFOLD/PLENUM WITH THROTTLE BODY, INTERCOOLER CROSS-OVER PIPE,FUEL RAIL AND INJECTORS Condition : Used Price : $60 It comes with a standard throttle body, some vacuum lines, most of the sensors (if not all of them), and the standard fuel rail with standard injectors. Also throwing in the intercooler cross-over pipe, the one that says 'ceramic turbo' on it. I believe this is from a series 2 RB25. All the pictures show what it comes with and what you see is what you get. free screenshot tool JDM WHEELS 17x8 ET35 MADE BY ENKEI AME, MADE IN JAPAN Condition : Used, hardly any gutter rush, could do with some paint, but for track use, might not need to be painted. Price : $800 Stud Pattern : 5x114.3 Tyres : YES, 2 x Federal Super Steel 595 235/45R17 93V and 2 x Fortuna Sport F2000 235/45R17 97W, which all tyres have around 70% tread A set of JDM rims and tyres, which i think are made or engineered by ENKEI AME of JAPAN. The centre cap says TRACER on it, which is a product of ENKEI AME. These are Made in Japan, and are a great wheel for drift/track use or to represent the JDM scene. They are 17x8's and the offset is +35. Comes with all centre caps. CLEARS BREMBO BRAKES !!!!!!!!!!! print screen image hosting no account I am negotiable on all prices, but wont respond to any stupid offers. Everything is located in Bundall, on the Gold Coast, pick up only, can post at buyers expense. MSG or call me on 0422455444 for more info.
  9. Hey guys, I'm going to be replacing the turbo on my RB25, and was wondering if I could use the stock intake pipe even though the new turbo has a 3in inlet? It's my understanding that the stock turbo's inlet is 2.5in, yeah? I was thinking of using a 3" > 2.5" coupler directly on the turbo, then using a small piece of 2.5" s/steel pipe to connect that coupler to the stock intake pipe. Thoughts? Before anyone says it, I know I should just replace the intake with a 3" intake, especially if said intake was metal. However, I'm working to a VERY strict budget and just need to know if this will work (until I can afford to do it properly) and if there would be any issues. Thanks in advance.
  10. Stock fuel rail and injectors $40 also have bare rails for cheap (just make an offer on them) Coil pack cover $30 Rubber intake $15 (perfect condition)
  11. R34 GTT Parts for Sale NSW Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Parts for Sale: · Standard Wheels Painted no centre caps $350 · Tail Lights $120 · Bootlid no spoiler holes $400 · Bootlid (shaved keyhole) no paint $100 · Standard Intake Rubber $50 · Cross Overpipe polished $70 · Airbox Snorkel $60 · R34 ECU $80 · R34 Air Flow Meter $70 · Bootlid Spoiler $140 · Roof Spoiler $120 · Weathershields NEW $80 · Standard Dump Pipe $50 · Engine Cover $120 · Climate Control Unit $120 · Cam Covers $140 Series 2 front bar (intercooler cutout) $80
  12. Hi guys does a R33 GTR intake snorkel fit a GTST?
  13. Did I install my pod filter correctly? Hi, I've just done my first ever mod on a car (a little one, but still lol). But seeing as its my first mod I want to make sure that its done correctly.. or at least good enough. So I read a few posts and it seems like the hose that runs parallel to the airbox isn't important? so I just unplugged it up near the top of the engine (pic 3) Is it fine to leave it like that? or should I have done something else? Also I've only ziptied the pod filter because it was really floppy. Thanks
  14. I have some parts from my 34 GTR for sale. All parts approx 60000kms (except radiator cap). Cam Gears $40 Intake pipes from turbos to AFM $120 Pair of O2 Sensors (I changed to haltech wideband) $50 Genuine Nismo Radiator cap, missing the top sticker but I can promise you its genuine (never go to Natrad...ripped the sticker off my cap) $30 Located in Brisbane, post at buyers expense.
  15. Lads, Got a HKS metal intake pipe to suit RB20/RB25 Drive those ladies wild doing mainies with your dose bro this thing is LOUD Could use a polish and maybe a new filter if your choosy. Comes with some breather hoses i made or make your own. $150 + post Located Melbourne Southeast Contact via PM Cheers Kyle
  16. Is Greddy Intake Plenum worth the trouble? Have one for sale locally at a good price, thats why Im considering .Anyone have experience with it? Seems like the intake runner length and width different from stock. I have HKS GT-SS now but hoping to reach a responsive 800hp with 2.8 Stroker and of course different / bigger turbo setup.
  17. GTR intake parts-SA WTB GTR intake parts. Located in SA but happy to get from interstate if the price is right. Intake runners that bolts the fuel rail down. No broken mounts. IACV and the air chamber the valve bolts upto. Pm me what you have
  18. for r33. taking them off on saturday as going back to stock airbox. used for less than 1000ks. brilliant condition. intake pipe has two breathers for recirc and oil breather. is painted black for stealthy ninja look. paint stripper will cure this, to expose rainbow lobster piping. filter is brand fecking new. still have the box. located south east melbourne. text only 0423874575. oh also comes with a bracket and adapter for afm. intake $120 hks filter $50 adpater plate and bracket $20? all up 150. can post at buyers cost. will have pictures on saturday. still on car being used.
  19. Hi SAU, Selling both items listed below as they both no longer suit my new turbo and intake setup which i have recently upgraded too. The dump pipe has been used for 12 months and the intake pipe is brand new. Both quality parts that fit up perfectly. The dump pipe clears the gearbox, AC lines and sits very snug to the chassis which provides clearance if your vehicle has been lowered. One of the best fitting dump pipes i have come across bolts straight up and does not leak. AM Performance Turbo Dump Pipe/Front Pipe AM Performance 3" Intake Pipe - Direct fit for R32 and R33 Nissan Skylines with factory rear turbo housing bolt pattern. - Australian made 304 grade stainless steel. Location: Melbourne Contact: 0401 025 251 Piping size - 3 inch Price - Intake: $200 Dump pipe: $250
  20. Hi guys, does anyone know the different angles of the throttle butterfly valve with respect to the rpm range of the engine? I also need to know the air flow rate with respect to the rpm of the engine. The engine must be a rb25det, preferably running with stock turbo, stock boost and stock intake manifold. I know most of the info can be obtained by consult software like Ecutalk, but I don't have access to a consult cable. I need the info for some CFD work. Any help would be much appreciated! Sam
  21. Hi i am about to take out the standard plenum to update some old heater hoses under it. In doing so I thought it might be a good idea in replacing it. Will going to a greddy plenum improve my engine at all?
  22. I have an Apexi Power FC to suit R34 GTR, in excellent condition. No longer required due to upgrade but came out of running car. Does not come with handcontroller. $690 inc postage to any Australian capital city. Pics available on request. Located in Brisbane. Contact via PM or sms on 0402 421 437.
  23. Plazmaman RB26 Intake Plenum and 90mm Throttle Body Hi Guys, I bought this for my build but it didn't end up being used so it now has to go. Both plenum and throttle body are brand new in box with everything that comes from Plazmaman. Wasn't even test fitted so its in perfect condition. Package consists of the plenum in raw finish and throttle body to suit in silver finish. https://plazmaman.com/shop_itemdetail.php?itemid=375&cate=71 https://plazmaman.com/shop_itemdetail.php?itemid=162&cate=36 Retail is 2400. Price is 2200 but is negotiable to a certain degree. Item is located in Rouse Hill, NSW and pickup is preferred over post but seeing it's already in the box it came in shouldn't be too difficult to post. PM me or sms/call 0403858714. Thanks, Bret
  24. Hey Guys and Girls want your opinion on cold air intake for r33 i'm thinking of two options for cold air intake opinion one set up like this but if i set up like this i'm pretty sure it will be classified as an illegal mod or pod filter in an enclosed box and running a pipe underneath which do you reckon will be better
  25. Hey guys, Got a few bits to get rid of. Item 1: R33 Metal Intake enclosure with K&N Pod. You need an FMIC to fit this, other wise a hole will need to be cut in the intake enclosure. Condition: Excellent Reason for sale: Decided to keep stock airbox with panel filter. Price: $100 Item 2: R33 Series 2 boot in Silver, no boot lock. Condition: Excellent Text for pics Price: $50 firm Item 3: R33 Series 1 wing in Silver Condition: Excellent Text for pics Price: $50 ono Take both boot and wing for $90 ono Item 4: R32 GTS-T Air Con. Includes all parts in the Engine bay plus extra compressor. Condition: Good Price: $150 ono might separate the parts if I get decent offers. Pick up in SW Syd Cheers
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