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Found 60 results

  1. So I'm looking at switching up my Intake setup due to an aftermarket turbo manifold. Here are my specs before you tell me to spend my money elsewhere or to buy a 25 Yada Yada: Hybrid Performance Turbo Manifold GCG high flowed RB25 turbo GTR Injectors (444cc I believe) Z32 AFM Nistune So, the problem I face is with the standard J Pipe, the exhaust manifold is about an inch from the J Pipe elbow (refer to picture) and this causes concern for Intake Temps. So instead of heat wrapping and shielding and all that, a buddy has a full RB26 intake setup that he said he'd give me if I want it. My main question is if I buy this OtakuGarage adapter plate, what issues will I face? My thinking is that it'll make the intercooler piping shorter, and not run over the exhaust which could heat up my Intake Temps. I'm looking for answers and solutions, not hate on RB20s. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys Sold my car and have some parts that never got a chance of using and some OEM used ones, basically a garage clean out will keep adding as i find more stuff. 1) Brand New in unopened box CST Type Vettel V36 coilovers fully adjustable with 14k front and 9k rear spring rates and 16 way damper. These are made in Japan and distributed by Tanabe. $1500 ono (pic of suspension out of box from google, i havent opened my box yet) 2) Blitz Power-sus intake panel filters also BNIB $120 3) V36 Type S and SP front lip kit ( Fibreglass sides with CF middle part, see pics) $550 ONO 4) RS-S LowDown springs BNIB $400 5) OEM Used Exhaust axle back Muffler and y-pipe $100 6) OEM Used Manifold $100 (good for anyone needing to send one into z1motorsports as core unit) 7) OEM Used rear chrome bootlip $50 8) OEM Used 18" V36 Coupe wheels made by enkei in excellent condition need tires $500 9) OEM Used 18" V36 Sedan Type SP wheels also in excellent condition (front tires good, rears need replacing) $500 10) BNIB plug and play V36 cruise control kit (comes with a little wheel knob that can be used to set/cancel and increase/decrease speed see pics) $500 ONO Thats all from the top of my head, like i said if i find more stuff ill keep adding. Offers only accepted if i have put an ONO next to the price or else its non-negotiable. PM will be the best way for enquiries and everything located Southwest of Brisbane
  3. Hi I need one of these brackets if anyone has one for sale. It's the bracket that attaches to the side of motor on the exhaust manifold side. Holds up part of the intercooler piping. Thanks
  4. Where can I get a Steel Induction/suction/intake pipe? [RB25DET] I've googled and googled, I can't find a metal induction pipe that will go from my factory MAF to factory turbo. It's for my R34 GTT RB25DET Neo, and I'm going to get my factory turbo highflowed by Hypergear. They recommend to run a 3" steel induction pipe to the turbo. I have a silicone one right now and I think it's collapsing when I hit 1.3bar with my factory turbz. So I've searched every where and theres nothing out there. Can someone please link me to a site or someone that might sell one. Or does one usually weld one up? I'm also thinking of getting a Z32 in the future so will have to fit that too if possible
  5. So i did a spark plug change so i had to take my top intake off, so i accidentally swapped 2 vacuum hoses around and i noticed because the car had no power, now i changed them back and now the car feels like it has no top end power anymore. I mixed up hose 10 and hose 3 in the picture
  6. Hi All, I recently purchased a 2002 Nissan Skyline V35 250GT, and have used this forum for almost every query I've had with it, so before I post my questions (and sorry in advance if they have already been covered), I would like to thank all contributors of the VQ Series forums for their insight thus far. I'm looking at changing the spark plugs in my V35 250GT, but can't find any part numbers for iridium plugs. I've searched on the NGK website and the only option it provided was LFR5BP-11 (Platinum). If anyone has changed theirs with iridium before on the 250GT, please let me know which ones and if possible, an approximate price and/or recommended retailer...? I also wish to upgrade the air intake with a Stillen system or JWT/Stillen. If anyone has done this on the V35 before, please let me know what products you installed and through whom you purchased them - all I'm finding at the moment is retailers from the US and limited compatibility information. And finally, if anybody has any insight into reprogramming/translating the nav system, please let me know. I am aware Chris Rogers has moved to the US but was curious if anyone has "taken over". I am situated in Adelaide, South Australia. Any guidance with the above is much appreciated, Thanks
  7. Hey guys, hope you’re all good. I have an obnoxious sounding vacuum leak somewhere under my throttle body. It’s very bad and throws out the car terribly, so it’s off the road and I’m addressing ASAP. There is no issue around the TB itself and I don’t see any kind of issue around the fuel rail or injector seats, so I’m assuming it may actually be either the upper plenum gasket, the lower inlet manifold gasket, or perhaps an idle control hose underneath the manifold somewhere. To the point of my thread - if I can not locate any obvious leak, I will be pulling off the intake to replace the gaskets. Should I get so far as to pulling off the lower intake, I was just wondering if anyone had tips or advice to share? Specifically regarding how and what to disconnect in regards to coolant hoses, vacuum hoses, etc, and if there are any tricks to any of the bolts? Ive searched extensively on this topic but most threads only cover the upper plenum and I’m looking for any general helpful tips to removing the whole thing. So far my plan is to remove the TB, the fuel rail, then upper plenum - raise the front of the car up and just see what I can attack from the bottom. Assume that’s the best method? Thanks in advance!
  8. Is Greddy Intake Plenum worth the trouble? Have one for sale locally at a good price, thats why Im considering .Anyone have experience with it? Seems like the intake runner length and width different from stock. I have HKS GT-SS now but hoping to reach a responsive 800hp with 2.8 Stroker and of course different / bigger turbo setup.
  9. Hi guys does a R33 GTR intake snorkel fit a GTST?
  10. Rebuilt RB25DET Lets skip to the juicy bit, this is my head after max 2km of testing, not running well before, thought valves may be the issue but they seem ok. Comp is at 140 (I know it's low) this is the intake side, no soot anywhere else, just in this one spot what the fk could've caused it? thanks Marni
  11. Combo deal, $340 for the lot. Brand new and comes with original packaging. Guaranteed genuine : )
  12. Up for sale Blitz Blow Off Valves - $150 Good condition, no leaks Intake Hard Piping Kit (JEM) - $250 These were fabricated at just engine management and was capable of flowing over 400kws Comes with everything as pictured - 1x z32 afm, 1x apexi pod filter Stock Blow Off Valves - $150 Good condition, no leaks Twin Turbo Intercooler Y Pipe - $120 Pictures attached below If you're interested please feel free to contact me on O432520zero71
  13. R34 GTT Parts for Sale NSW Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Parts for Sale: · Standard Wheels Painted no centre caps $350 · Tail Lights $120 · Bootlid no spoiler holes $400 · Bootlid (shaved keyhole) no paint $100 · Standard Intake Rubber $50 · Cross Overpipe polished $70 · Airbox Snorkel $60 · R34 ECU $80 · R34 Air Flow Meter $70 · Bootlid Spoiler $140 · Roof Spoiler $120 · Weathershields NEW $80 · Standard Dump Pipe $50 · Engine Cover $120 · Climate Control Unit $120 · Cam Covers $140 Series 2 front bar (intercooler cutout) $80
  14. Gaskets and Hoses Under Plenum Q's So my intake gasket is leaking like crazy on the #3 runner so I'm going to do the replacement with metal gaskets. I'm wondering though, since I'm in there what other gaskets and hoses should I replace while I'm in there since it's not a quick job? Also what other gaskets will I need since I know I have to remove stuff from the plenum? I'd like to have a list so I can have everything I get this done in a day
  15. Near new ARC intake for R34 GTR **SWAPS** Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone is interested in swapping their OEM stock R34 GTR air intake box for my ARC intake. Preferably within VIC only, trading interstate is a burden if money isnt involved. I originally purchased the ARC box as my car didnt have a proper intake when i purchased the car, i cant seem to find the stock airbox for sale so bought the ARC instead, however i really like the stock look and it draws less attention from the popo. If anyone is interested let me know. Everything is pretty much brand new, only 2000ks old. It fits very well and snug, took 1 hour to install it. The stock box needs to be in 100% condition, no cracks! - i dont mind scratches and general wear Thanks
  16. Metal Intake Pupe to suit 34 GTT Wtb: metal intake pipe from turbo to Maf to suit r34 GTT. I been looking at the silicon ones but it just won't go with the engine bay design I'm after. Ao please any one have 1 they want to part with shoot me a txt. Or if anyone knows who can fab one for a decent price please let me know. Cheers ash 0413379434 located Vic but will pay post.
  17. Rb25det help Can anyone tell me where this line is supposed to go? And are 25de and det tb the same ?
  18. GTR intake parts-SA WTB GTR intake parts. Located in SA but happy to get from interstate if the price is right. Intake runners that bolts the fuel rail down. No broken mounts. IACV and the air chamber the valve bolts upto. Pm me what you have
  19. Plazmaman RB26 Intake Plenum and 90mm Throttle Body Hi Guys, I bought this for my build but it didn't end up being used so it now has to go. Both plenum and throttle body are brand new in box with everything that comes from Plazmaman. Wasn't even test fitted so its in perfect condition. Package consists of the plenum in raw finish and throttle body to suit in silver finish. https://plazmaman.com/shop_itemdetail.php?itemid=375&cate=71 https://plazmaman.com/shop_itemdetail.php?itemid=162&cate=36 Retail is 2400. Price is 2200 but is negotiable to a certain degree. Item is located in Rouse Hill, NSW and pickup is preferred over post but seeing it's already in the box it came in shouldn't be too difficult to post. PM me or sms/call 0403858714. Thanks, Bret
  20. Did I install my pod filter correctly? Hi, I've just done my first ever mod on a car (a little one, but still lol). But seeing as its my first mod I want to make sure that its done correctly.. or at least good enough. So I read a few posts and it seems like the hose that runs parallel to the airbox isn't important? so I just unplugged it up near the top of the engine (pic 3) Is it fine to leave it like that? or should I have done something else? Also I've only ziptied the pod filter because it was really floppy. Thanks
  21. Heya Im looking at buying a new pod filter for my R34 RB25DET Neo. Last owner had a DRiFT one in there. I want to get the APEXi Power Intake pod filter but I've heard there's alot of fake ones out there on the market (ebay). So I want to make sure that I'm buying the official one and not the fake one. I saw some ones on ebay from china, philippines for like less than $40, so that to me sounds like fake. There is this one on ebay for $84 from Aus: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/231873798273?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Does this one look legit?
  22. A few bits and pieces from my 1996 R33 GTR series 2 which I've sold. The car had done just over 100kms when parts were removed so everything is in good condition. Stock Airbox + Snorkel + Resonator Attachment + Almost new K&N filter $290 2 Stock AFM's $120 pair Stock ECU $120 Apexi Power FC Hand controller $250 RB26 Front Pipes $50 GTST Down/Dump pipe $30 Located Sydney, NSW Prefer pick up but willing to post smaller items. Best to contact me directly on zero415 five49 514
  23. Hey guys & gals, this is my first post A little bit about myself before I get started. I'm 16, soon to be 17 and provisionally licensed. Looking at a R32 GTS-T as a first car. I've been surrounded by cars since I was born (Grandparents into rodding) so I do know how cars work, how engines work, suspension, brakes, upgrades etc. However, I saw these images on a previous thread and they caught my attention. Due to the amount of controversy about RB20 intake manifolds and low torque due to shorter runners etc, these images really had me interested. If anyone could shed some light on the process of doing this, how hard, what is needed, if it's even worth it? That would be very very much appreciated.
  24. For Sale R34 GTT Plazmaman plenum with throttle body. Both items brand new was only fitted to calculate vaccum line path. The kit was going to be fitted to the car but it has been written off. So im raising cash for next project. Throttle Body is a plazmaman 72mm throttle body anozided black. Plenum has been powder coated "Kingsport Grey" gives it the stealth look but when you shine a light to it you can see the glither. This along with candy red rocker covers, which was my idea will make the engine bay look at lot better and more accessible for spark plug changes. Included in the kit are the pipes required to link the plenum to the cold side of the intercooler. Ive included all the studs and fittings and vacuum hoses required to install right away. Asking $1500 Willing to split them if there's interest. Text or call 0417764194
  25. Hi i am about to take out the standard plenum to update some old heater hoses under it. In doing so I thought it might be a good idea in replacing it. Will going to a greddy plenum improve my engine at all?
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