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Build Thread

Found 78 results

  1. Hello ladies and gents, need to gauge interest for some parts to cover costs for some questionable impulse purchases. R34 GTR 3.545 A-LSD with driveshafts to suit. - works perfectly, has a slight whine at 110-120, but seems to go away past that. Not audible unless windows up and no radio. Not even sure if it’s the diff. still in car so can be tested for genuine buyers. - $2000 R34 GTR Series 1 steering wheel. No airbag. Marks shown on pics. None visible once installed. - $600 R34 series 1 gear surround and ashtray - perfect condition asides small mark as per picture. Ash tray could do with a clean. - $300 JSAI R34 front lip to suit all GTR front bars. Brand new. - $300 may not sell if they aren’t worth much but if anyone is interested I have a original GPS navigation and aircon unit to suit. Pm to discuss. Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Hi Im looking for a a/c unid for my S2 1999 RS Four s Where van u find one I bought one but it s from a S1 and doesnt fit (my bad) Is it possible to make it work on my s2
  3. Hi, i have an issue. When i turn on the lights before starting the car, all dashlights are working properly. As soon as I start it up and drive the lights behind the speedometer begin to flicker and turn off completely. Sometimes they come back on randomly. I also searched for a dimmer but aparently I can't find one in there. Have anyone had such an issue before or can anyone help? I would like to prevent stripping out the interior :D Thanks in advance :)
  4. Need some money, so selling these parts that I probably will never have use for. Not really sure what the market value of most of these parts are. Therefore, all prices negotiable. Willing to trade. Item condition as per photos (feel free to message me for more details) Willing to post interstate/international. Interior Parts - Steering column cover $50 - Gear shift surround (no leather boot/trim) with ashtray $150 (No ashtray $75) R33 rear wiper and motor $50 OEM BCNR33 air-box setup - Complete unit (air-box, duct, and AFMx2) $500 - Air-box $200 - Duct $100 - Air flow meters (non Nismo, OEM Nissan) $150 each BCNR33 carbon parts - OEM front bar carbon air ducts - GT Wing stands (Voltex style) BCNR33 suspension parts - Front upper control arms $50 each - Tension rods $50 each - Rear camber arms $50 each Extras - Drift R34 GT-R replica seat (ADR approved) $250 (basically new, never been used) (ONE SEAT, NO RAILS) - RB26 fuel rail $75 Again, prices negotiable. Don't hesitate to ask about detailed description of item conditions.
  5. Looking to buy good condition rear pillar trims for r32 sedan
  6. Hi guys, I just noticed my R33 GTR front door trims are starting to show its age and shows some rips so it's time for me to do something that I've always wanted to try which is to wrap them in carbon fiber. Has anyone done this and how hard was it? Which time of wrap did you use and how long did it take? Also, does the wrap come with adhesive or will have I to spray it with adhesive glue? Any photos would be great!
  7. Hey all, Sorry if there is a thread all ready for this. My R33 seats are fairly worn and have got stains from previous owner. I'm not in the position to purchase new seats but keen on covers. Are there any "Skyline" covers? Show me some pics! Not interested in fully sik skull/tribal/flame autobarn specials 😂
  8. Harros, Since I am thinking of keeping 'Le Siet Bok' a bit longer, I thought I might as well clean up the interior a bit and tidy it up - especially ripping out all the gauges, EBC, etc. I am after the following: R33 S2 trim, where the driver's knee goes without broken clips R33 S2 steering column top & bottom trim R33 S2 skirts pref. in Silver R33 S2 rear pods pref. in Silver R33 S2 front s2 pref. in Silver R33 S2 front grill pref. in Silver R33 S2 dash trim/radio trim (if really, no massive scratches or drill marks or glue marks) R33 S2 driver's door trim (only in good condition, no dents on grill no cuts/grazes) I'm located in Cabramatta, NSW 2166 and happy to drive up to 1 hour to pick up the parts. Since I'm expecting decent quality, I'm not after cheap and roughed up goods - however will be selling my roughed up goods soon LOL Cheers, Johnny
  9. I am reassembling my interior and can't for the life of me remember how to reattach the glove box striker to the dashboard. Diagram says it's attached with two screws, but there's nothing in the holes on the dash for them to screw into? All I really need is someone to open their glovebox, unscrew those two screws and take a picture for me to show me what's underneath the striker. Maybe I'm missing some metal clip? Will buy someone a beer if they can help!!!
  10. Hey guys, chasing some parts for my GTR. -R34 GTR MFD cover -R34 GTR Door cards -R34 GTR gear knob -R34 GTR Centre fascia surround -R34 GTR double din conversion (aircon and double din bracket) -R34 GTR interior carpet -R34 GTR Nismo seat covers -R34 GTR Stock airbox and snorkel -R34 GTR decent catback Parts need to be in decent condition as they are replacing parts that are scratched up. Located in VIC. feel free to text me on zero 424 490 18 seven
  11. Hi Peoples. Wanting to buy the following for an R32 GTR Preferably new if you have it, or used in mint condition: Dash cluster surround, both top and bottom pieces If it is used, must have no cracks, marks, broken tabs, broken mounts or repairs. Must be in MINT condition. The mounts for the switches and clock tend to either split, strip the thread, or snap off completely. I need them all intact. Closer to Wollongong NSW the better. Can pick up from Nowra to Sydney if i have to.
  12. Hey guys, I purchased some carbon-look hydrodipped parts from Japan, but I'm going to have to part with some of them as I'm taking a different direction. Automatic gear surround, ashtray & stereo surround - $150: Center air-conditioning vent - $50: Exterior 4-door / sedan door handles to fit a - I think these would be perfect on a white or black car - $250: (Sorry, I'm not interested in splitting them for coupe owners) Prices are firm. Not trying to make a profit, just not lose a butt-load All parts are located in Adelaide, South Australia. Happy to ship Australia-wide, at cost (I'll need to get a quote from AusPost).
  13. So I've had an issue with the cabin/dome lights in my C33 Laurel. They were replaced with LEDs before I bought the car, but they will not turn on. The fuse is good, but it looks like there isn't any power at the switch. Is there a common point of failure for the lights/wiring? I'd like to avoid tearing out all of the wiring unless I have to.
  14. Hello all, Second hand gear knob for sale in a used condition. Part number of this item I believe is '32865-05u00'. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Location: Mooroolbark Victoria Price: $20 Postage: Willing to post at buyers expense Payment: Cash on pickup or wire transfer Regards, Sean
  15. So as an old R32 GTR my drivers seat had seen better days. Was going to get some knock of brides but in better judgment I got mine repaired. Here are the results.
  16. Hi all, i have a fully caged car with front door trims and custom dash. Looking to convert back to road reg, so would ideally like a complete interior with functional and complete air conditioning system. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi, Trying to suss out some replacement clips for the interior. Heaps are missing but at this point just looking for the ones used to hold the floor boards down as pictured. (Which incidentally I think might be the same in other areas of the car like the boot trim). Anyone sourced replacements? Any help is appreciated,
  18. Wanted to see if there's anything out there such as the attached photo? Wife's wanting to update her interior.
  19. R34 GTT/25T door trims/interior trims - VGC Located Tasmania, happy to ship at buyers expense. Ask for a quote. $200 ono. Paypal/Bank Transfer required before shipping.
  20. Are there any differences in interior with the r32 gtr and r32 gtst? I'm looking at buying the carpet trims inside my 32 gtr boot wondering if they are any different? Cheers
  21. Hey guys I have these stains on my seats that I can't get out on my R34. what do you guys use for cleaning on seats? And also, how can I get these scratches off the radio surround plastic panels? I looks kinda deep like it was scratched with a screw driver from previous owners.
  22. WTB R32 stereo surround WTB R32 stereo surround as the title says, looking for a r32 stereo surround trim would pay postage if interstate based in perth wa
  23. WTB R32 stereo surround as the title says, looking for a r32 stereo surround trim would pay postage if interstate based in perth wa
  24. Wanted - R32 GTR Climate Control Fascia Hi All, After the fascia that goes over the climate control unit on a R32 gtr. Same as one in link below. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=r32+gtr+climate+control+fascia&safe=active&rls=com.microsoft:en-AU:IE-Address&tbm=isch&imgil=274A-mnPy6t4IM%3A%3Ba4FQqtWdHOfzUM%3Bhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.rhdjapan.com%252Fnissan-oem-air-conditioner-climate-control-fascia-nissan-skyline-r32.html&source=iu&pf=m&fir=274A-mnPy6t4IM%3A%2Ca4FQqtWdHOfzUM%2C_&usg=__9tkCDrvNvNAbFRgvDGrNu3wHZDc%3D&biw=1366&bih=673&ved=0ahUKEwi8uK_bh5nTAhUDrJQKHd4mBcUQyjcIKQ&ei=LwvrWPzkF4PY0gTezZSoDA#imgrc=274A-mnPy6t4IM:&spf=190
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