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Found 12 results

  1. Genuine Nismo blank key, new in box. Bought this around 12 years ago and couldn’t bring myself to cut it. I no longer have any cars that use the 10-point key, so might as well pass it on to someone that needs it. KEY01-RN010 Suits S15, R34, and a host of others (see photo). Can also be cut to suit the R32/33 (shorter). $600 Pick up from Wetherill Park during business hours, or Schofields out of hours.
  2. Can anyone help me find a v35 2003 blank key so I can get it coded and cut by a guy near me? I need to sauce a blank key
  3. Hi guys I have a V36 and I'm having issues with my intelligent key system, problem started about a year ago as low key fob battery warning on the dash even with a new battery in the remote, then a few weeks ago the remote started not being detected intermittently and quickly deteriorated to not being detected at all, I have to use the key to open the door and then place the key fob in the slot in the dash to start the car. I have two remotes and the faults aren't specific to one, I'm guessing the wireless receiver in the car has failed, has anyone else had this? Thanks
  4. Nismo GT Shift Knob (Urethane) 6 speed - discontinued model. Used but in great condition in box - $210 BNR34 Vspec II Shift knob good condition, slight wear on paint - $200 BNR34 factory carpet mat full set great condition - $550 Nismo fuel cap - discontinued model - $300 Nismo 10pt key - new, uncut, genuine in box - $600 R34 owners manual (GT, GTT) - $100 Postage available at buyers expense. Pics posted later today.
  5. rex2ce

    M 35 key

    Hi all , ha ve a 2001 m35 stagea which has worn ignition key, bought a new one and tried to get a locksmith to cut a new one from old one, he declined saying original key too worn, said if I can get key number , he can cut a new one from number, so question is where do I get a key number TIA
  6. Stagea M35 Key required Hey all, I managed to bend the key whilst I was walking past the car (key was in the door) I've seen keys on eBay for $159 but I've also seen them for $70, so I can't pay $159! Anyone got new keys they can get their hands on? Can pay PayPal Thanks Micah
  7. Hello, I have two BRAND NEW! replacment key shells for sale. ITEM - 2x replacment nissan key shell - Made in ABS material, high strength Fits Nissans Material: ABS + metal Size: is about 86.7 x 35.1 x 13.3 mm LOCATION - GOLD COAST PRICE - $10 DELIVERY - Pick up or free postage CONTACT - PM
  8. Hi I have been reading a lot on international websites and SAU. But I have yet to come across a method that works with programming our remote on our 350gt. So I would like to know if anyone in AU/NZ has managed to programme a key remote? There are programmers out there that do this for a living so I dont see how this is not achievable by ourselves. People from the USA seem to be able to programme their keys without any problem but I have not seen anyone here in AU/NZ that manage to do this ourselves. Also one thing I am not so sure of as I dont have any numbers on my Nissan key, is the part number. Are they compatible with the KBRASTU15 replacement key that is so common on ebay? What is the frequency on our remote? Thanks for hearing me out. Cheers.
  9. Sorry for another actuator thread and I have searched but my problem seems a little different. I went for a drive yesterday and the drivers doors wouldn't unlock with either my fob or the key in the lock. There is resistance from lock and when I use the fob there are no flashes unless I press the lock button. I ended up going through the boot and opening it using the switch to unlock the but if I use fob or key nothing happens for locking or unlocking regarding the locking mechanism it self. I don't fancy leaving the car unlocked or climbing through the boot each time so hoping for some help/advice. I'm wondering if I replace the actuator will this solve my problem or is it something else freezing up? Cheers in advance Niall P.S Passengers door doesn't move either but never has(actuator gone)
  10. Hey all, When I purchased my BNR32 I wanted to get a genuine key copy however the original key had the key code scratched off for whatever reason. Since the original key was quite worn down, having the key cut by the local key cutter at the shopping centre was a bad idea as it wouldn't be an exact cut. From my hunting around you have two options depending on when your Nissan is from; 1. Your car is Australian delivered: Speak with Nissan and they can supply you the key code once you verify you are the owner via the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). 2. Your car was imported from Japan: Speak with a good locksmith and they will be able to 'read' the key and essentially reverse engineer the code from the original. Once you have the key code, speak with a lock smith to have your key cut exactly according to the key code. As my car was imported from Japan I had to go down option two and was referred by Nissan to a local locksmith who was able to help me out Cheers,
  11. Viper 700vr Viper 700vr I have a brand new Viper 700vr forsales. Open and was in the process of installing it to a 2015 Subaru just to realize it's been equipped with a factory alarm already. So it's still brand new except it's been out of box, some screws was used, speaker mount/bracket has been drilled out a bit. Price is $180, pick up in Braeside or can be post for an extra $10. This alarm allow you to use factory standard keys with remote. It intercepts the signal from your standard key so when you unlock = un-arm, lock = arm. Also comes with shock sensor. See attached photo. I'm no alarm expert so this is all that i can tell you, do your own research. Autobarn link https://www.autobarn.com.au/viper-700vr-oem-upgrade-security-system-700vr Ebay link http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Viper-700VR-OEM-Upgrade-Security-System-/111882189487?hash=item1a0cb2baaf:g:028AAOSwA3dYco1u
  12. Hey all just to let you all know to be aware that someone tried to steal my car on Tuesday night Nimrods pried the window popped the lock and then went to town on the key cylinder completely smashing it so i can't start or even turn the wheel. Which brings me to my next item of business I need a key ignition barrel to put in my car. I already have a couple of feelers out there but i would think that this would be the best place to source one. For a r34 gtt 4dr if that makes any difference If anyone can hook me up please PM me. Thanks and be careful out there
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