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Found 26 results

  1. Has any one had any success using these mamba kits ? Any recommendations ? Thanks no, i will not go big single just yet
  2. WTB full BN kit or just skirts or rear or front what ever you have can be damaged but must be repairable but
  3. I'll be adding more quality stuff to this thread over the coming weeks as I revert the car to stock, so keep your eyes peeled! For Sale: BC BR Coilovers - Adjustable compression/rebound and base height. 8kg front 6kg rear springs. Less than 10,000km old. Perfect condition. Original receipt showing $1300 purchase price from JustJap included. $800 Hardrace Adjustable Caster Arms. Perfect condition, less than 5,000km use. Will also fit S14,15, R33, R34 $150 Genuine Nissan strut brace. Could use a paint if you're fussy. $100 Nismo Hardened Rack Bushes. New. Firmer rubber for more feedback/less steering play. $80 Genuine R33 Coupe Type M Pods. Excellent condition no cracks. Paint is useable. $120 Postage is available on everything at your cost. Pickup preferred of course. Located Melbourne PM or 0411 582 453
  4. hay just after a return flow intercooler kit for my r34 gtt and a stock air box. (melb) cheers
  5. hi guys I have for sale a HKS GT3037 turbo kit for GTR RB26dett! HKS 3037 Ceramic turbo kit, rebuilt at 5000KMS by Per4manz Turbochargers in Perth . Kit as seen above, complete with 1 x Ceramic coated airbox 2 x HKS 3037s ceramic coated turbo's 2 x HKS ceramic coated tubular top mount manifolds 2 x HKS ceramic coated 50mm external wastegates with screamers 2 x ceramic coated Down pipes 1 x cermamic coated Piping kit 2 x HKS heat shields Kit suitable for applications up to 1000hp at the flywheel PLEASE CONTACT ME IF INTRESTED 0403065666
  6. hey all. been trynna tidy up some sketchy mods so kindly left hidden by the previous owner like Easter eggs inside my baby. since ive had the car ive had no working horn. the steering wheel is after market and the boss kit seems to have no brand name on it at all. as far as i can tell the hicas is hooked up well enough (when i take out the hicas fuse the car's steering goes floaty, so it must be working, right?) but no wires had been fed through the boss kit to to horn button. i must note that the boss kit has quite a solid body so i cant see through it like some of the framed ones. it just seems to to sit over a thin black plastic plate(?) and connects into the box which holds the indicator and wiper stalks. my two main issues are this... i can not find the horn wire and am struggling to find a straight-forward answer to which colored wire is the horns and where it either comes from or goes to. being a previously molested car, the wiring behind the wheel and in the footwell have seen better days and in some spots it seems wires have been cut and soldered back onto themselves.. ive been tinkiering with the green and red striped wire that has had one end soldered back to either itself or a ground wire, and am starting to think its been hardwired off out of convenience when the boss kit was installed. but if its not the horn wire then im wasting my time. ive tried to look at pics of the column after the wheels been removed to try and find clues of what plugs and wires need my attention, but it all looks different because mine is all covered up by the boss kit which leads me to my second problem, i cant remove the boss for the life of me. and because i cant get a good look between the kit and the column, i cant tell which parts im supposed to pull and which parts im not. i dont wanna keep trying to tug if the boss kit is hardwired on(if that's a thing) and im also kinda scared that all my pulling and prying might damage that yellow round thing that's exposed when the wheel's off (seen it in pics and have been told its important and not to funk with it)... but since i cant remove or look past my boss kit, im not sure what side of the stalks it's on.. from my perspective it looks like the thin plastic plate between the stalks and the boss kit are apart of the boss kit that needs removing but im pretty sure the boss kit should be solid metal, and all that is plastic stays on the car. the thin plastic plate looks like it wiggles and doest quite sit flush in either direction. if anyone has any advice on how to identify the horn wire after some mild molestation, or any info on different boss kits that might shine light on mine (hardwired or cheapo brands with strange plastic bits?) or if someone has any pics of what the column and wires would look like stock so i can work backwards from the molestation. or even if someone has a side on pic of an installed boss kit so i can see what it consists of when attached and what parts should and shouldnt move when trying to remove the boss kit. a wiring diagram would also be helpful. sorry about the big write up over something small but i feel like it should be easier than this, and its only being made harder by a stubborn boss kit that cant be moved or looked past. it just looks so very different from other boss kits, it doesn't even appear to have anywhere to feed the wires through unless you cut the clips and feed through the small gap between the boss and thin plastic plate, which is a good solution but dosnt seem like the original intention. thanks in advance for any help that may come my way. my car is a 93 r33 gts25t s1. i have poor internet connection and no working camera on my phone so i may be slow to reply but please bare with me, and i'll find a way to take photos and upload them as needed.
  7. I had these made by Kido Racing (Taiwanese company) with plans to sell but never went ahead. These were never used or fitted. Made for my S14 with R32 GTR rear brakes, but may also fit R32/33 GTR. Front: 8 piston calipers w/ temp sensors - 356mm full floating rotors. Rear: 4 piston calipers - 330mm two piece rotor with integrated handbrake ring. - Comes with braided lines for front and rear. - Track pads supplied (most likely rubbish) - Compatible Brake Pads: AP Racing CP5070D51 - AP Racing CP3894D51 HAWK HB-121 HAWK HB-109 Ferodo FRP3076 PAGID 8018 - Digital gauge for front brake temp Price: $3000
  8. Hey ive got some 400R skirts and rear GTR pods off my old car which i want to install on my new one. My old 33 had the holes drilled etc and brackets to fit the pods which wrap around the rear bar, but my new 33 has never had any after market kit on it; therefore im looking for ways i can do the install. What would be the best way to mount the side skirts? ( i dont want to only use sikaflex etc ... needs to be secure ) And how do you mount GTR pods on a GTST? (doesnt seem to be much info on this? is a "glue" the only way??) Any help is appreciated . But preferably i'd like some detailed steps Car is a series 2
  9. hi all, I HAVE A HKS GT3037 TURBO KIT FOR A RB26DETT FOR SALE IT IS $4400 IF INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT ME ON email - phone - 0403 065 666
  10. Which is a better kit to put in a 32 gtr? Or are both as good as each other?
  11. Well the story starts off like this i once had a running 32 and then some drugo c**ts stole a car went around my neighbourhood trying to ram raid cars and mine got done. damage not to bad and insurance is covering it but two days later that little knock in the engines sounding a sht load worse, nek minnet shrapnel hits the firewall and metal shards bouncing off the road behind me and have a con rod just chilling in the engine bay haha. so since the insurance is being so nice and giving me a new paint job I want to replace the front kit, the kit on it was already pretty fcuked. but does anyone know what breed of kit this is??? i was looking through old school receipts and there could be a chance the front might be different but it looks the same style. but meh any info you give would be a useful. just want it back on the road again and back in its form of gory
  12. Wanted to buy new in Melbourne: diff support rear bushing kit (2 bushes) - diff to subframe: Nolathane 49162 or Whiteline KDT913 If you've got either of these kits and are happy to sell today 4/10 or tomorrow 5/10 (pick up) please PM me. I can get it ordered into a shop for Monday but can't be bothered waiting Thanks!! Nolathane 49162 Whiteline KDT913
  13. Hi Guys Up for sale is a brand new Boost Addon Kit for your PowerFC's, its designed to control your boost settings through your PowerFC hand controller. $350 + Postage. This model fits the following vehicles: 93-98 Nissan Skyline ECR33 93-96 Nissan Silvia S14 (Before Minor Change) 93-96 Nissan Silvia S14 (Before Minor Change) (D-Jetro) 99-02 Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34 (D-Jetro) 89-94 Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32 (D-Jetro) 95-99 Nissan Skyline GT-R BCNR33 (D-Jetro) 99-02 Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34 89-94 Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32 95-99 Nissan Skyline GT-R BCNR33 I was intending to use this but decided to go with a different ecu & boost controller. It's brand new in the box with all of the manuals & fittings still in the bags, had cert of auth from Apexi Japan. Thanks.
  14. WTB full BN kit or just skirts or rear or front what ever you have can be damaged but must be repairable but
  15. My R34 GTT project goals have changed, from fast / responsive street car to dedicated track car. As a result I'm now selling the new complete turbo kit I had originally bought for it. It includes: Garrett GTX3071R turbo Genuine Garrett 5 bolt 0.82 a/r rear housing, IWG Garrett 14psi wastegate actuator Spacer plate to fit to OEM exhaust manifold Turbo nuts and studs All water and oil lines (braided) All other required fittings - banjo bolts, crush washers etc. All required gaskets Compressor outlet silicon elbow Dump pipe to suit turbo, ceramic coated It comes with EVERYTHING needed to bolt straight up to an RB25. I bought the whole kit through Kudos Motorsports, and they obviously sourced it through GCG Turbos in Australia. I had test fitted the turbo to the exhaust manifold, but nothing has been run and the turbo is still as new. Fellow forum member Mick_o made a responsive 335rwkw from memory (on E85) with the same turbo in his R33. The whole kit cost me about $3k, and then I spent extra changing the oil and water lines to braided items and getting the dump pipe ceramic coated. I'm looking to get $2,100 for the whole kit, plus delivery. Cheers Justin
  16. Hi, Have this aftermarket R33 front bar for sale. Pretty sure its vertex, but either way definately one of the better looking r33 front around. $250 Is in VGC, currently painted white Located at caboolture 4510 0418 537 181 cheers
  17. hey guys, got my boss kit off this morning and noticed the steering angle sensor isn't sitting straight. i didnt install the kit myself so i dont know what had been f**ked with before i acquired the car. should a spin it around til the logo is up the correct way? its a series 1 gts25t 1993 with hicas and no air bag. need help before i take my car in the shop later (unrelated) otherwise ill have to put the wheel back on for the job then take it off again when i get home. also worth a mention, there is no horn wires anywhere. do i need an adapter or something? is the plug on the steering angle sensor the horn plug? if so where can i buy the adapter i need? nissan?autopro?ebay?
  18. supanoodle

    Hi Guys, Looking for a R34 Front Body Kit Altia style factory plastic for my car. Located in NSW, no cracks please scratches and any colour is ok as I have to respray it anyway. Hit me up an offer. Willing to accept postage , Pick up preferable. -Supanoodle
  19. I have a big HP (1200hp+) drag turbo kit for sale: ITEM: Complete RB26 HKS 3240 twin turbo kit - 2 x HKS GT3240 0.87 A/R turbos, 2 x HKS 50mm racing wastegates, 2 x HKS exhaust manifolds with balance pipe, 2 x screamer pipes, 2 x 3" dump pipes, Earls braided oil and water lines CONDITION: Excellent - only 1000km use PRICE: $5,000 LOCATION: Sydney, NSW PAYMENT: Direct deposit or cash on pick up preferred. This kit is not for the faint-hearted nor those with a stock engine. Perfect for a big HP RB26 stroker or RB30/26 and is capable of making well over 1,000hp@wheels. Each turbo is rated at 580hp @ 1.4 bar. Don't have pics but this kit is currently fitted and can be seen running on an RB26. PM me. Serious buyers only. No timewasters.
  20. Review: Alpha Omega Racing Evo 350mm Brembo Rear Brake Adapter Kit - WTAC Edition Hey all, decided to put a review together for the Alpha Omega Racing Evo 350mm Brembo rear brake kit (WTAC edition). This is a new version of the rear adaptor kit developed by Alpha Omega Racing, designed with the intention to meet World Time Attack Challenge clubsprint rules. I have been running the original rear kit for the last 6 months (?? maybe longer lol) so this review will be more so related to the comparison when installing. Company/Product: Alpha Omega Racing / Evo 350mm Brembo Rear Brake Adaptor Kit - WTAC Edition Price: $400 plus postage Link: Purpose: This kit allows you to fit rear Brembo calipers from an Evo 5-9 (all the same) with Nissan 370Z rear rotors (350mm diameter) to your R32/R33/R34/S13 (5 stud)/S14/S15/Z32/Z33. What's included: - Left and right adapters made out of one piece of 7075-T6 billet aerospace alloy - Various high tensile bolts and high tensile washers - Full installation instructions with pictures What else you'll need: - Mitsubishi Evo 5/6/7/8/9 Brembo rear calipers and brake pads - Nissan 370Z rear rotors (350mmx20mm) - Custom brake lines Alpha Omega Racing is able to provide all of the above parts as well as parts and services (labour) for rebuilding calipers and even fitting if you are not comfortable doing so yourself. I personally opted to get the parts from Alpha Omega Racing for the rear kit for the convenience factor at the time. The kit makes use of the Nissan 370Z rear 350mm rotors for better brake bias and heat dispersion. When using the front and rear kits designed by Alpha Omega Racing the brake bias is calculated to be a ratio of 69:31. I have chosen to continue running Intima Performance Brake Pads and am using their Type SR pads in this application. Test vehicle: 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT - originally factory rotors and calipers, then upgraded to the original rear kit designed by Alpha Omega Racing Unboxing the kit: The new WTAC edition kit arrived quickly and was well packaged. Much like their other adaptors, these new adaptors are very light as you'd expect being made from billet alloy and appear to be of good quality. Alpha Omega Racing is etched on one side, whilst 'Made in Australia' is etched on the other. All bolts and washers were included along with installation instructions. I already had all other parts required as I previously had the original rear kit installed and was changing purely to meet WTAC clubsprint rules. Installation: Installation was pretty straight forward. The most painful part was actually removing the old kit due to the use of the hub spacer. Once this was removed and the factory parts were all bolted back up, the adaptor kit bolted straight on without issue. Normally I would have been required to trim the dust shield/back plate, but I had already done this when installing the original kit. The calipers are required to be 'shaved' a little for fitment with this kit, my trusty angle grinder helped out here and made for easy work. The place that requires shaving has no effect on the performance of the caliper and is very minimal (see photo below). Once the calipers were sorted, I was able to put the rear rotors back on and bolt the calipers straight up! Fitment looks just as good as it did before with the original rear kit. Performance: In terms of performance, I have not had the car back on track after installing the WTAC edition rear kit. However having had the original rear kit on the car for some time now I feel performance will be similar. Will report back soon with an update though. The original rear kit created a much better braking bias for the car. ABS is disconnected in my car so took a little bit to get used to how hard I could jump on the brakes, but once I adjusted I was definitely impressed with the increase in braking ability. Will provide an update on this once I've had the car back on track (after WTAC). Overall Opinion: Overall I would say I'm very happy with the kit. The quality of the new kit matched that of the front kit and I found the install to be fairly easy. The flexibility to either source parts yourself of purchase from Alpha Omega Racing is great, if you have the time to source your own parts you might save a few dollars, but if you want to buy everything together it makes the process quicker, and you essentially have a ready to go kit. As mentioned, I will add some updates after WTAC, but if anyone has any questions regarding the kit, its install, or any other particulars, please feel free to ask me either in this thread or by sending me a PM. You can also read more into my car by checking out my build thread here:
  21. All items are located in SE Melbourne. But I do work in the city so happy to bring the item into work and meet up there. Otherwise happy to post at your expense. Best bet is to SMS me on 0402346691 and I'll reply when I can. Tomei Hicas Lock II kit (To suit BNR32 and other Nissans from the same era - please see link for full listing) Brand new (Opened only to inspect) - imported from Japan. Nobody likes HICAS hence why I bought the kit... but not something I'll be able to utilize effectively due to change in car plans. Contents as per link "The Tomei HICAS lock eliminates both electrically and physically the HICAS system, making it possible to control rear suspension more directly. More direct driving feel Removes the HICAS system and warning lights Removes the uncertainty of suspension movement" COMPATIBILITY NOTES: Compatible only with the following Hicas model and vehicles: Model HICAS II: - KS13 Silvia - KRS13 180SX - HCC33 Laurel - CA31 Cefiro Model SUPER HICAS: - KSP13 Silvia - KRPS13 180SX - HCR32 Skyline GTS - BNR32 Skyline GT-R - (G)CZ32 Fairlady Z Before M/C (~93.3) - PBY32 Cedric/Gloria Model SUPER HICAS: - ECR33 Skyline GTS/GTS25t - BCNR33 Skyline GT-R - CS14 Silvia - (G)CZ32 Fairlady Z After M/C (93.9~) - HBY33 Cedric/Gloria - GCC34 Laurel Price - $70 firm
  22. For Sale 1 x KCA348 Whiteline front camber kit (+/-0.5) $99 ono Used but still in great condition (<15000km old) Reason for replacement = new adjustable upper arms = back to standard bush kit Suits R33 and R34 all models Easy to fit yourself Located in SE Melbourne or will ship at buyers expense PM or txt me on 0402213701
  23. I have decided to put together a quick review of my brake upgrade as I’ve received quite a lot of interest and have received many questions regarding them. So here it is, a quick overview of the kit, parts I chose and why, issues I came across when installing, and my final thoughts after getting the car on the track. Company/Product: Alpha Omega Racing / Evo 350mm Brembo front brake adaptor kit Price: $370 plus postage Links: Purpose: The kit allows you to fit front Brembo calipers from an Evo 5-9 (all the same) with Evo X rotors (350mm) to your R32/R33/R34/S13 (5 stud)/S14/S15/Z32/Z33. What’s included: - Pair of CNC machined 7075 billet alloy caliper adaptors - High tensile bolts and washers - Installation instructions (with pictures) What else you need: - Mitsubishi Evo 5/6/7/8/9 Brembo front calipers and brake pads - Mitsubishi Evo X front rotors (350x32mm) - Custom brake lines Alpha Omega Racing is able to provide all of the above parts as well as parts and services (labour) for rebuilding calipers and even fitting if you are not comfortable doing so yourself. I personally opted to source the parts myself but the convenience factor is there of getting everything you need in one spot if preferred. The kit makes use of the Evo X 350mm rotors as opposed to the Evo 5/6/7/8/9 320mm rotors due to a couple of engineering issues, and of course better heat dispersion. Read more regarding the engineering issues on their page here: I personally purchased some calipers at a particularly cheap price which I found at the time, along with some Attkd 2 piece rotors. I also fitted these with some new Intima Type D pads. The car sees reasonably frequent track use so going for either RDA or DBA slotted rotors may be better suited for others. I had some custom brake lines made up at a local business which are required due to the Brembo calipers having banjo fittings. I had read in a couple of places that stock Evo lines would fit but it was found that they are too short and would pull on full lock. Test vehicle: 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT – upgraded from stock calipers with DBA4000 T3 slotted rotors Unboxing the kit: The adaptor kit arrived super quickly and was packaged as well as you would expect this kind of part to be. The adaptors are super light being made from billet alloy and appeared to be of very good quality. They have Alpha Omega Racing etched on one side and ‘Made in Australia’ etched on the other. The kit included all bolts required with washers and an instruction booklet. Installation: Install was easy with the only issue I came across being that one of the bolts from the adaptor kit to the hub is slightly interfered with by where the factory brake line bracket is bolted to the hub (I believe this is not on all vehicles that the kit is designed for). The issue is outlined in the instructions provided with the kit, something I would have realised and known about had I looked at them prior to beginning the install (but hey, who ever reads instructions lol). Quick fix with an angle grinder and they bolted straight up with perfect alignment. The bracket is a non-structural component and is purely a mounting point for the stock brake line so there was no issue with removing it. Initial impressions on the street: A quick ‘spirited’ drive of the car after fitment and I found the braking to have more bite, as you would expect with the larger contact area of the pads. The brake pedal had a tiny bit more travel in it due to retaining the stock brake master cylinder. Alpha Omega Racing do recommend upgrading to a BM57 master cylinder, which I did purchase elsewhere but this turned out to be a faulty unit so I refitted the stock unit in order to get the car driving. Impressions on the track: About two weeks after fitment I attended a Wakefield Park track day to test out the new setup. I was definitely impressed and it took some getting used to being able to brake later at the kink/turn 2 especially. On the day I was able to knock 1 second off my previous PB and felt that I was still adapting to how well the brakes could pull the car up. The pedal feel was softer then before but not bad, it had more travel which some would prefer. My next attendance at the track saw me cut another 0.7 seconds off my PB, meaning I had cut almost 2 seconds off my times previous to the brake upgrade. By this point I had gone from braking between the end of the wall and the kink with the stock setup to now braking after the kink. Overall opinion: The quality of the adaptor kit is top notch and the customer service provided by Wing at Alpha Omega Racing was great. The install/fitment was perfect and the only thing that could have improved on this would be for me to read the provided instructions as I already mentioned. The flexibility to purchase the other parts is great as it allows for the money conscience buyer to source their parts or use already owned parts, or for the track conscious people out there to upgrade the setup even more. For the time conscious person, everything can be purchased from Alpha Omega Racing making it a quick process to get everything needed. The upgrade over the standard setup is definitely noticeable in terms of braking ability and the larger discs help with heat distribution too. Retaining a stock rear brake setup (freshly machined rotors with Intima Type D pads) did mean the braking was notably more front bias, but the car did not feel greatly unsettled by this. Alpha Omega Racing is currently releasing a rear upgrade kit which will aide in returning a more balanced bias. The recommendation to upgrade to the larger brake master cylinder would also improve pedal feel however I do not feel is ‘necessary’ in my car. This would probably be a different story in a Silvia or R33 GTS-t which both have a smaller unit. The kit originally caught my eye because the Evo Brembo’s have larger pistons and more pad area, while being a cheaper option to the ‘factory GTR Brembo upgrade’. Suffice to say I am definitely happy with the upgrade and will be looking forward to getting my hands on the rear kit. If anyone has any questions regarding the kit, its install, or any particulars about the performance on track, please feel free to ask me either in this thread or by sending me a PM. You can also read more into my car by checking out my build thread here:
  24. R32 GTR Hicas Eliminator Kit Hello all as i have sold off my R32 GTR i shall not be needing these anymore GKtech hicas eliminator 2x Inner tie rod ends 2x Outer tie rod ends 2x Outer tie rod end plastic protectors 2x Rack boots 4x Outer ball joints ( these press fit into your upright ) All parts are brand new and only selling as package deal parts are located in WA Asking price $500 ( receipts valued at close to $900 ) PM me or just call Robert 0423 549 665

    Hi I’m after a r31 manual conversion kit in Adelaide can anyone help? Cheers ph 0407908059