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Found 25 results

  1. Model: V36 2009 I had this light on since I bought the car, originally being told it was just the bonnet light... But soon realised it was more than that, but at least it should just be a reset job as the light comes on when removing the front bar even... So I went to a Nissan dealership to get it reset (as the dealership I bought it from said they didn't have the equipment) to be told that they don't have the tools to do it. I haven't thought much since, and it went through rego last year fine. But this year it is now sitting at the rego place and he won't pass it with the light on. Any suggestions? I tried the Nissan dealership again and they said they ca't do imports. I told them that I thought that if they can scan the R35 GTR's they should be able to scan this. He said no they can't. I am really stuck now as it runs out of rego tomorrow. Anyone have any suggestions? I read about turning the ignition off and on in the right timing but I think that just send it to diagnostics mode yes, so will still need Nissan Consult hardware/software? I live in SW Sydney (Camden to be precise)
  2. So my dome light is not turning on when i open my driver side door, but it does turn on when i open my passenger side door
  3. Hey guys I've checked a bunch of forums and haven't found a problem similar to mine. I am driving a 94 gtr r32 and am having some hicas issues. My particular issue is when I connect my consult cable and hook it up to my computer (it doesnt matter what software I use) my hicas light comes on and my power steering gets heavy. I noticed the actual change for the power steering occurs when the solenoid drops from 1.05 when I normally drive to 0.25 using nissan datascan to monitor. When this occurs I believe it stops the possibility of 4 wheel steering occurring as the hicas solenoid stayed on 0. I have run hicas diagnostics without using consult and I get error 5, faulty speed sensor. I am currently in the middle of sorting that out. When I check the self diagnostics through datascan, I get no codes which makes me question datascan a little. My fluid levels are optimal in the front and back. I get no error codes in the ecu either. My g force sensor isnt broken. I believe my car uses the super hicas in the late model r32's Anyone have any tips? I would like to keep hicas. Cheers!
  4. Hey guys, So I was cleaning my R34 GTR the other day and thought I'd do a check on all the lights and discovered that the rear registration light had one blown bulb. I think they're stock halogen ones and I've never bothered to check them as I rarely drive this at night. So replacing them is a must but this begs the question should I leave them stockish halogen yellow or upgrade to LED bright white? I front lights are LED globes so are relatively brighter white (not a fan of HIDs) so rear LEDs would suit but I've seen a few cars with them on and it looks like a midnight disco ball which attracts a lot of attention and looks a bit flashy then again the stock lights on cars like the Mercs have LEDs on the rear but they look nice and more tame. What do you guys think and what have you done on yours? Photos would be great. Cheers, Alex
  5. So I've had an issue with the cabin/dome lights in my C33 Laurel. They were replaced with LEDs before I bought the car, but they will not turn on. The fuse is good, but it looks like there isn't any power at the switch. Is there a common point of failure for the lights/wiring? I'd like to avoid tearing out all of the wiring unless I have to.
  6. M35 Airbag Woes Hi all, Been a while since I've posted on SAU. Recently picked up a beautiful example of an M35, and it has been flawless aside from this one minor issue. It's intermittently throwing an airbag code and flashing the light on the dash. It first happened the day I bought it home and the wife jumped in the car with me. We had been to a couple of places that morning already, and it wasn't until we were halfway between one place and another that the light came on. I took the car to work and plugged it in to read and clear the code. All was then fine until Friday just gone, where I had 2 passengers in the car, and I had been out and about with them for a couple of hours. It was only on the way home with the same people sitting in the same seats that the light started flashing again. Back to work today, and I plugged it in to read the code this time. Once again, it's the same code.. Both times the code is appearing under DTC history, so it's only active when there's someone sitting there. I'm assuming it's something to do with the passenger seat at the front. Ideally, I'd like to properly fix this, but failing that, I'm willing to do the resistor trick to sort it out. Can anyone point me in the right direction of the wiring/plug/sensor that is causing this? Cheers, Ben
  7. Pair of R33 GTR Headlights. Lenses on both have no markings ,scratches, no yellowing or cloudiness. Everything seems to be intact. These were purchased from Japan but have sat in the box they arrived in for months. Located: Victoria any questions please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP.
  8. V36 Battery & Brake Warning Light ON!! Hey guys, So, I was on my way to work this morning, then slowing down, my car kind of jerked/hesitated and then battery light came on. Then drove for a few seconds then saw the Brake light come on as well. I was doing a little bit of research and it says that the alternator might be on its way. Can anyone confirm? Also they've said that it might be grounding issue. How do I check if I have a bad alternator? Battery is only about a year old. Thanks in advance guys
  9. Team IMPUL NS-GT 18' lightweight racing wheels. $1200 ONO 2 air valves on each wheel, as per used in JGTC (SuperGT). 18x9 +38 all round. FAQ: Q: Do they come with tyres? A: Nope, they're bare naked. Q: Will they fir a GTR? A: The offset means they'll sit inside the flared guards. They'll fit, but I wouldn't recommend it, as it'll look odd having the guards about 16mm wider than the tyres. Q: What happened to the decals on one of the rims? A: Did you know that an industrial high pressure cleaner is brilliant at cleaning rims? I did. Did you know it's powerful enough to sheer off the decals? I didn't. Not my brightest moment. Only one decal is missing. It may be possible to replace, but am not sure. Q: Will they fit on my car? A: They should suit 200sx, skyline gtst/gtt, and FDs. If you're unsure, look at your tyre placard and see if the offset matches. Q: One looks pretty banged up. A: The ones in the front are the worst ones. The back ones are pretty clean. I'd rather you see the condition before coming out and taking a look. Q: How many extra KW are these worth? A: Well, if I had to put a figure on it, somewhere between zero and a million. Q: Will you trade for a playstation of dubious ownership and a subway card with almost all the stamps on it? A: While I'm sure these are incredibly valuable items, no, I'm not after trades. Q: They are certainly a sweet set of rims. Why are you selling them? A: Usual story. Bought them, bought a house, had a baby, and now have no time for Mistress Skyline. Q: I'll give you $20. A: Interesting offer, let me get back to you as soon as I finish my "Will rent out posterior for pocket change" sign. Q: Where are you? A: Mitcham, Melbourne, Victoria. Between Box Hill and Ringwood, just off the freeway. Prefer pickup. Q: Will you post them? A: I'd rather not, but if you're willing to organise the freight, I'll do my bit from my end. Q: Do you take cards? A: Cold hard cash is preferred. Bank deposit if necessary. Q: Do you ship overseas? A: No. I don't have any dead millionaire relatives, or a prize in the Equatorial Guiniea powerball either. Q: Can you drop them off to me in a remote oil platform in the middle of Bass Straight? A: Unlikely. If you're nearby, maybe I can work something out, I may even be able to meet you half way if really necessary, but would prefer to sell from home. Wifey is hard to convince when I skip out on putting the little one to bed, as it is a bit of a task at the moment. Q: Are they legit? A: Purchased right here on this very forum from an SAU member who imported them themselves. Yes, they are the real deal. Any queries, feel free to message me here.
  10. 2 of my LED area dead, or so i assume as they are no longer illuminating. Wanting rear right tailight for V36 sedan OR is it possible to just purchase the actual LED board?? Can find some from the US (ebay) but considering if I really need them as it is just only 2 LED that are dead
  11. For sale: R33 S2 Drivers side Headlight with minor crack to back lens and supports. Would be perfect for a plastic weld restoration as this headlight was purchased new for $550 two years ago. It has no yellow impairment and could also be used for parts. $50 + postage
  12. I've looked around on the forums about LED interior lighting conversion. I got the jist of it all, and bought the LEDs I need. Then, I became addicted, and now I want to replace the lights in the hazard buttons, electric window switch buttons, and all those random little places. Does anyone know the package size needed for these replacements? (IE: T3, T5). What I found online so far is this: http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/32293-hazard-light-switch-lamp.html But that post is dead as hell, and from years ago. Help would be appreciated! Thanks y'all.
  13. Hey guys i was just wondering what is the most brightest H1 globes that you can go up to in victoria
  14. Fellow M35 owners, have any of you run into the 3rd brake light problem of it not working? And if so, what did you do to repair it? Mine actually flashes on for a split second sometimes, but turns right back off even if the brakes are depressed and the other normal brake lights stay on. Also, if I bang on the 3rd brake light while the brake is depressed I can sometimes get it to flash but turns right back off. Is the LED bulb assembly bad? Seems as if it's acting like there's a short in there somewhere. I plan on removing the plastic interior panel on the back to get to the assembly from underneath. Then use a test lamp to check the wiring. If the assembly is bad, I'm not so sure I want to purchase a new one from Nissan. If I can get inside the LED assembly, I may just wire in a new LED strip of lights myself. Any thoughts on this?
  15. Hi All, I have recently done a projector upgrade on another set of headlight so selling my originals. Selling Left and Right Headlights (not high beam). Were factory Xenon but got converted to Halogen during compliance. I ran an ebay HID kit in them for over 2 years without any issues (can be bought on ebay for $50 - all wiring is there already). Good condition, just need the HID bulbs / ballast installed. Will throw in x2 LED white parkers. $215 (Can post at your expense). Pics to come - PM/Reply if interested so can take them sooner!
  16. ok guys im only new at this and i dont even know if i am in the right place but here go's. i have a 1994 r33 rb25det s1 and my check light is on the dash... the light comes on for a while then goes out for about 5 sec then appears again for a min or so then go's out for a couple sec and so on i have done some reading and i have learnt how to bridge to loom to do a diagnostic, but the problem is the engine light dose not flash any codes at me when i do this can anyone tell me why this is and how can i get the codes out of my ecu this is my first skyline i have owned any help will be muchly appreciated
  17. Hi guys, As per the title, i'm after a right hand side clear front bar indicator for a R34 GTR. Thanks Simon
  18. I've had this issue for a while but it comes and goes and is progressively getting worse. I keep getting the A/T Transmission Check Light (AT Check). It used to come on periodically, usually during "spirited driving" in tiptronic mode however for the past 2 or 3 days it comes on as soon as I put it into drive and stays there for the entire drive. Transmission dipstick says it's full of fluid (although It's probably been a while since it was replaced), Just did an oil change so that's full. Any thoughts? I also occasionally get a clunk sound between gears after driving for a long time and usually between 3 and 4 or if that helps? On a side note, this is also similar to the airbag light that used to periodically come on and could be removed with the key to reds then off method and then it would dissapear for months but now it comes on straight away afterwards. Could this be related? /anything I can do about that. Any help would be greatly appreciated There are hundreds of little electrical gremlins in my stagea (2004 M35 250tRS4 btw) haha.
  19. G'day guys, Just throwing it out there if anyone would light customized headlights? I can split, clean the lenses inside and out. Polished and paint the surrounds any colour you want, install LED's etc. And can supply most suspension bushes and/or fit for wa guys as well (: compression bushes, control/camber arm bushes. (: lemme know if there's any interest. Have done a couple with/ for friends so though I'd see if its something people would want. cheers guys kohbz
  20. G'day guys, Got a set of genuine keys auto headlight eyelids condition is alright but will need a respray to suit the new car Reason for sale is i have a CF set now to match my bonnet. $80 + postage cheers guys kohbz
  21. I know this issue has been done to death, but after hours of searching I haven't found a thread similar to my problem nor a solution. For the past few weeks (roughly the time that I've owned my GTR) I've noticed at random times my HICAS light will flash a couple of times and the steering will become hard and it will go away a few seconds after. It doesn't happen all the time, but it's intermittent. Today on the way back from the shops, the HICAS lights came on, my car stalled for a split second and came back to life. About a minute after same thing happened, but this time the car stalled and would not start. When I turned the key onto the ON position, I get no dash lights, the radio wasn't working and I had no Power Windows, no AC etc, but my hazzard lights and interior lights were working. After about 10 or 15 minutes on the side of the road, and after continuously trying to start the car, it managed to start again but stalled after 3 or 4 meters. I decided to remove the battery terminal and connecting it again and it managed to start. I managed to get it home with the HICAS light flashing every now and then and stalling one more time. Has anyone had this issue before or know what's happening? I really want to get the car fixed up asap as I need it to get to work. Thanks. Edit: Forgot to mention the car would not even crank. When I turn the key it was completely dead. Edit 2: The car is just on the driveway at the moment, and same issue. It will not start/crank. No dash lights etc. At least it's at home and not on the side of the road I guess..
  22. hey everybody. i would like to swap a maroon left rear tail light assembly for a chrystal white left rear tail light assembly. im happy to pay for postage so you are not out of pocket. im in n.s.w blacktown. happy to travel reasonable distance. if you want ill even include the old white cracked tail light for free. im prety shure the maroon light its in good condition with no cracks or marks but ill make 100% shure if someone is keen on doing this it would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hey guys im looking to buy the front indicators/fog lights that sit in the bar on the S1 R33's as i just bought one and they're not there! I'm also looking for a front reo for the same car. Don't wanna spend too much on these, or i can swap for other R33 bits and pieces i have. Hit me with a text on 0413323385 i'm located in Melbourne, 3074.
  24. hello all Car: v35 coupe 2003, premium Situation: ABS, slip and VDC light stays on ok, so i have had the car for awhile now and since purchased never has any lighting or electrical problem, untill last week i when into audio shop and installed aftermarket head unit with the metro din kit. When start the car the light appear constantly........??? i know it seems like it has nothing to do with it but thats when the light appear first time , checked the fuses and seem to be ok, when into Nissan dealer and they can not help me out as they dont have the module to compute with ecu the car drives fine no issues any suggestions?
  25. hello all Car: v35 coupe 2003, premium Situation: ABS, slip and VDC light stays on ok, so i have had the car for awhile now and since purchased never has any lighting or electrical problem, untill last week i when into audio shop and installed aftermarket head unit with the metro din kit. When start the car the light appear constantly........??? i know it seems like it has nothing to do with it but thats when the light appear first time , checked the fuses and seem to be ok, when into Nissan dealer and they can not help me out as they dont have the module to compute with ecu the car drives fine no issues any suggestions guys?
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