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Found 29 results

  1. Hey, I've only just got my Stagea S2 today, and as luck would have it, the driver side headlight bulb exploded. However I'm struggling to figure out what bulb to replace it with. I've seen different answers with the D2R, H1, H1R1, H4, H3, and others. What I want to know, is which light is which, so I know what to replace. There is the outside quarter lights, with a large and small bulb on the inside. Then the inner quarter lights (Brights I think?) in the grill. And then the rectangle lights on the bumper. And for each light, which size bulb do they take?
  2. Hi All, I have recently done a projector upgrade on another set of headlight so selling my originals. Selling Left and Right Headlights (not high beam). Were factory Xenon but got converted to Halogen during compliance. I ran an ebay HID kit in them for over 2 years without any issues (can be bought on ebay for $50 - all wiring is there already). Good condition, just need the HID bulbs / ballast installed. Will throw in x2 LED white parkers. $215 (Can post at your expense). Pics to come - PM/Reply if interested so can take them sooner!
  3. Hi 32 GTR drivers side guard black in great condition with all brackets, mounts and badges $260 no dings or previous repairs. 32 GTR Boot lid with N1 carbon lip, genuine spoiler and badges in blue $285 32 GTR door glass rare with no scratches or tint. $140 each 32 GTR Door left and right Blue plus right one in Black. $175 each 32 GTR & GTST drivers side control panel for windows, mirrors, $90 either side Relay $65 motor $80 32 GTR side mirrors $45 each includes wiring 32 GTR tail light in black or white $45 each 32 GTR rear bar in Black $150 32 GTR rear reo $120 Reverse lights $85 Number plate lights $35 • Spitfire made in Japan Less then 5000klm in the box, 100% • Application: o Nissan Skyline GTR R32 R33 RB26DETT o Nissan RB25 RB20 Series 1 o $400 Delivered express post with tracking ID OS Giken 32 GTR twin plate clutch over 90% new with no launches $1000 over 2k new Pickup Brisbane or I can box up for courier quote go to Regards Taylor 0408188777
  4. R33 S2 Angel Eyes Fog Lights LED Basically replacing the series 2 clear fog lights located on the front bar with led angel eye projector fog lights. They will sit in place of the original glass lens sitting on a custom acrylic bracket to hold it in place and present a visually pleasing and professional look also keeping it weatherproof and maintaining the circular style. NOTE: Will be posting more pics later just a rough idea
  5. Clearing out some excess Stagea bits I have. Get rid of that unsightly orange and make you car look like this: The orange and yellow inside lenses have been removed from the blinkers to give a clean clear appearance, especially with the use of "stealth" or "chrome" bulbs. They have been opened & resealed (not by me) I have used them for years and they did not leak. NB. The images don't show it but there is a slight yellow tinge to the plastic lenses as most of these this age do. Inspections welcome Mascot NSW $75 for the set. Happy to post @ buyers cost call 0401 454 406 or PM More bits to come.. Thanks for watching
  6. Wrecking 200ZR Everything is available MINUS motor & gearbox Message me a price and we can sort out a deal, Can post Text 0451490030
  7. maso26

    Hey guys i was just wondering what is the most brightest H1 globes that you can go up to in victoria
  8. 1992 HCR32 GTST - REAR END DAMAGE. COLOUR: GUN METAL GREY Location: Holsworthy NSW 2173 PICKUP IS PREFERRED, HOWEVER POSTAGE CAN BE ARRANGED AT **BUYERS** EXPENSE. Contact; PM is preferred or SMS to 0435 120 602. If you wish to talk over the phone feel free to try ringing me, however reception is bad and i cannot answer my phone during work hours. Also pretty busy on weekends.. so good luck! If someone wants the shell whole, let me know and we can discuss a price. Please ask for parts if not listed, the whole rolling shell is available (bar a few items). I will list the big ticket items. Car needs to remain rolling for the time being, so suspension / 5 stud / brakes will be sold last. Everything is as pictured, if you require more pictures please notify me so that i can attain them for you. Please NOTE ** ENGINE AND GEARBOX + TAIL SHAFT ARE NOT AVAILABLE. Please NOTE ** ALL PANELS ARE GUNMETAL GREY, EXCEPT CARBON FIBER BONNET .. IT LOOKS LIKE CARBON FIBER.. AVAILABLE NOW; Front bar as pictured (pretty average condition, would suit drift pig) - $50 Front Reo - $100 Front Sway bar - $40 Rear Sway bar - $40 Smoked out indicators (mint condition) - $80 LH + RH Doors (passenger door near mint, drivers side average condition - $100 ea. RB26 FRONT PIPES (twin 2.5" inlets to approx 3" rear) - $150 Aircon / Heater Vents all available except drivers lower vent - $100 for all (purchaser will need to remove most likely) ?? LH + RH OEM Indicators (mint) - $150 pair Windscreen Washer bottle, not leaking - $20 Coolant Overflow Resevoir, not leaking - $20 Power Steering Resevoir, not leaking - $20 Drivers and Passenger seats, passenger in good condition, driver side has typical tear in bolster apart from that good condition nice and clean etc - $80 for pair Rear Seat excellent condition - $50 Centre Console in ok condition - $50 Faschia Surround, one clip broken apart from that decent condition - $50 Seatbelts FRONT ONLY ADR APPROVED - $20 Rear Window Wiper Motor / Blade Assy - $20 Skyline Door Trims, both in good condition - $40 pair Fuel Flap - $20 GTSt OEM Spoiler w/ Integrated brake light - $80 2 x K&N Pod Filters suit RB26 - $150 Standard LSD, still nice and tight - $200 ALL GLASS AVAILABLE IN GOOD COND - BUYER REQUIRED TO ORGANISE REMOVAL PRICE: TBA ?? AVAILABLE LATER; Tien Super Streets - condition TBA - price TBA R32 GTR Front + Rear Brakes w/ DBA4000 Series Rotors front and rear with pleanty of life. Unsure what pads are on there but they are yours regardless. Can also sell 5 stud conversion / hubs etc.. - $400 for Calipers / Rotors / Pads. Hubs will be extra. I also have some gear that i'm not sure i want to sell.. however let me know if your really keen.. and willing the pay the coin. Genuine N1 GTR Headlights, Immaculate - $350 pair Mu's Secret Carbon Fiber Bonnet w/ bonnet pins - $100 LH + RH Side skirts (good condition) - $200 pair LH + RH Guards in decent condition - $200 pair R32 GTR NISMO CLUSTER 260kph / 10k rpm ODO 78568 - $300 Trust Front Mount I/C NO PIPING - $150
  9. Park lights wiring hiccup Hey guys and gals I'm having a bit of trouble with the recently Rb swapped s13. It now idles which is mint. But I cant leave the battery connected 'cos the park lights (clearance lights according to FSM) get constant power.. This is my first attempt at doing anything like this myself and so far its been all good. engine is in, running, all lights work properly (except the obvious), the stereo is pumping out sounds, new interior is in (seats, dash. carpet, the works) and paint is on the way. The problem I've run into now is that the whole 'exterior lamp' circuit gets constant power. So my clearance lamps and tail lights are always on. In turn, the dash, licence plate lights and heater control unit lights are always on too. I am not overly competent with wiring. I can do it... slowly. Definitely getting quicker and better with experience. I don't know much of the technical lingo and there is a lot of it that I do not understand. Thus why Im after a wee bit of advice. I have pulled all fuses (engine fuse box and kick panel fuse box) and these lights stay on. Unless you remove the alternator fuse. Then they are off. I also tried unplugging the switch up by the steering wheel and the exterior lamp circuit is still powered. If you twist the switch to the 1st position (ON) then the lights become a little bit brighter. Not much, but just noticeable. Had a mate here for a few days (happens to be an auto sparky). Couldn't figure it out in his time here. To be fair, we had no wiring diagram then and were doing other bits n pieces too. If someone reading this is electrically savvy and you want to help, let me know what you need to see pictures of. I've made the full 900 odd page manual with wiring diagrams etc and can post up pics. this just has me stumped. Where do I start? What would you do? Cheers guys Sean
  10. V36 Front Bar Hi Does anyone out there with an 07 V36 Sedan Type S know the height of the bezel/grille in the front bar, where fog lights would normally go. Also is it removable? I've tried looking at pictures and it seems small. I want to fit 90mm lights down there and Im preparing in advance so I dont have a car to look at. Pics for clarification. Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. I'm selling the below parts off my GTT. They are all the old parts I had laying around after doing my last upgrades, most are in great condition. Rear suspension | R34 GTT (fork type) - JIC Magic (Left seems to have lost pressure), otherwise excellent condition, no rubber cracks at all - $200 Stock internal fuel pump for R34 GTT - $50 Stock air flow meter - $50 Stock cat converter - $50 Stock mirrors in gloss black, great condition but right mirror is missing the plastic that connects to door - $50 Return flow intercooler 600x240x60, excellent condition - $200 Rear seat belts with coils, excellent condition - $50 Rear stock seats, slight staining on seats but can probably be cleaned - $150 Stock right head light, none xenon, broken clips and floating clear plastic bit on inside - $200 I have pictures of everything so just send me a text on 0431516718 and I'll send a picture of whichever part. Pickup from Adelaide or bank deposit+postage at buyers expense. Cheers, Tom
  12. i was wondering if theres any way to change the lighting inside my 2003 skyline, im not really into the orange lighting everywhere e.g. stereo, speedo, clock etc. id like to go for a whitish blue colour, kind of like in tron legacy colour scheme haha cheers
  13. brodie93

    Hey everyone, I am currently doing a r32.4 build, but just doing the front end conversion, Im just wondering if anyone has done this before as I need some advice. Ive got my self the front end of the body kit, veilside 34 gtr bonnet, 34 xenon headlights and nismo side indicators.. all i have to get now is the front indicators, but the problem I have at the moment is I dont really know how to hook up the indicators etc. Do I have to get my hands on a 34 indicator loom or something.. any advice will be appreciated if people are interested in this thread I willl upload pictures etc as time goes on.
  14. hi guys im looking for indicators to suite this front bar if possible if anyone has any locally ? i need them urgently before i get yellow stickered for not even having indicators at all attached im not really fussy just anything that will work even GTR R34 ones if theyll fit
  15. Hey guys, Member on here for a long time but haven't visited the forum in ages. Have a 95 R33 GTST I was pinching parts from for my R32 & it's time to get rid of the last of the parts & the shell. Everything I'm listing is in good condition (unless mentioned) but has been sitting round for a while so needs a clean & some TLC. Feel free to make any reasonable offers... * Boot (incl. spoiler, struts, interior trim, etc) Silver. No lock. $150 * Bonnet (needs respray) $75 * Electric antenna $50 * Sill panels $30 pair * Fuel flap (silver) $15 * Pass kick panel (with fuseholder) $15 * Rad support $30 * Roof grab handles $20 pair * Centre console (no lid or handbrake boot) $50 * Radiator shroud (NO cracks, etc) $30 * Cluster surround $20 * B/C pillar trim $50 pair * A pillar trim $25 pair * D/S front guard (Silver) $75 * Taillights $150 pair * Dash vent (passenger far side) $20 * Front seatbelts $30 pair * Roof dome lights (front & centre) $15 ea All prices are negotiable & located in Cranbourne, VIC. This is all the major parts (so please don't ask if I have gearbox, brakes, etc, etc) however there is a lot of small parts I haven't bothered listing so send me a PM or SMS if you have something small in mind as I may have it. Can be reached on 0423 303 007, preferably by SMS due to work. Can take pics of panels, etc for serious buyers but we all know what most of this stuff looks like...
  16. Pair of R33 GTR Headlights. Lenses on both have no markings ,scratches, no yellowing or cloudiness. Everything seems to be intact. These were purchased from Japan but have sat in the box they arrived in for months. Located: Victoria any questions please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP.
  17. Hi guys, Have had this issue with my R34 N/A sedan for a little while now. Probably about 3 months ago, whenever i would flick to high beams, my cd player would turn off and then turn back on. My speedo backlights would also flicker. I had my battery tested (which was the same battery which came with it from Japan), and was told it was not performing well, and purchased another. I believe that my alternator was also tested at this stage, and came up fine. A few weeks later, I had the same issue. So, I popped the bonnet and had a look at the battery terminals, just out of curiosity. The positive terminal appeared very SLIGHTLY loose, so i tightened it, and also cleaned it up a bit. Problems were gone, and no issues for another 2-3 months. Until tonight. Driving home, popped high beams on, and boom, headunit goes off, backlights flicker, and even the A/T light is glowing at me. I was pretty spooked by the A/T light, as I hadnt had this issue before. Anyway, I arrived at my home, and the light was off, and my high beams no longer affected any other components in my car. (I had been driving for 30 minutes - discovering the issue again in the meantime) I have these Ebay LED's in my parkers. And the rest of my headlights are standard Xenons. My headunit was also professionally installed. Can anybody lend any thoughts? Thanks!
  18. Both are in very good condition,also fits r34 GTR apparently. I might sell them separately,pickups at Mt.Gravatt Brisbane,can dropoff locally or post them. Asking $170 for the pair
  19. Nissan Skyline R33 Series I guards front right and left grey in colour excellent condition $80 each or both $130 Headlights 3 in total $50-$100 each. Steering wheel no airbag $90. Nissan Skyline R33 Series II fog lights $60. Series II Grill white in colour small crack $70.
  20. TheNewYorkSkyline

    WTB R34 Xenon or Not Headlights to USA Ciao Ragazzi, I want to buy a complete pair of headlights for my R34. I don't want to bother with any units that have broken screw tabs/brackets. 100% working condition please. It would not be a issue if the covers are fogged / yellowing. kik: aleoking // line: backt0thefuture // ig: iam__valentino *Needs to be shipped to the USA*
  21. Hi all, Just have a few things up for sale. gktech hicas lock bar. Suits - Nissan 180sx - Nissan S13 Silvia - Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T - Nissan Skyline R32 GTR $50 R33 skyline front upright and hubs. $20 180sx early model rear lights. $50 s13/180sx driver side door card with electric window module. $50 s13/180sx Driftworks adjustable tension brace new. $100 s13/180sx full brake setup - 4 calipers, hubs and discs. Discs are bit rusted from sitting oustide but still good. Recently resurfaced. $50 All located in Melb/Clayton just let me know if you have any questions. Cheers,
  22. Hey so up for sale are the V35 Series 1 Sedan Tail Lights with Trunk Portion $320 ONO These wheels on my car are on sale as well, here are some pics They are the HR Racing HR-472 Dull Black w/ Red lip around the wheels in 19x8 around 35 offset all round with tires, still has some good amount of tread left. Gutter rashes here and there $650 ONO
  23. WaffleLazers

    I've developed a bit of a problem with my R34 lately. Every know and then either as I'm driving or when I start the car up the following happens: Tachometer, speedometer and engine temperature gauge stop working Check engine light comes on TCS OFF and Slip light comes on HICAS Light comes on Central locking stop working Cigarette lighter dies Then eventually they will all start working again. Car runs fine the entire time. Any suggestions on problem/cause/solution or if anyone has experienced this before? Cheers!
  24. I've looked around on the forums about LED interior lighting conversion. I got the jist of it all, and bought the LEDs I need. Then, I became addicted, and now I want to replace the lights in the hazard buttons, electric window switch buttons, and all those random little places. Does anyone know the package size needed for these replacements? (IE: T3, T5). What I found online so far is this: But that post is dead as hell, and from years ago. Help would be appreciated! Thanks y'all.
  25. Hi all, I'm fitting some stock tail lights on my R34 after I got rid of my faded LED pair, and I noticed that the inner set of lights (smaller circle) take a pair of bulbs that I can't seem to find. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are these supposed to light up when the headlights are on? I've looked around, and the general consensus seems to be that T10 wedge types will work just fine, but they don't seem to fit on the sockets - no click can be felt or heard when they go into the sockets (using 12V 5W T-10mm, capless). I strongly feel that the plugs on the bulb are not long enough to reach the socket's metal contacts. After fitting them they don't turn on when the headlights are on, but brake lights work when pressing on brake and indicators work fine too. Is there another type of bulb that works with the inner circle? It could also be a fuse problem, but indicators and brake lights are working on both clusters, so I'm really confused about this. I've also tried fitting all four bulbs and then turning on the lights, but no dice. I've bought enough ill-fitting bulbs to create a shop of my own at this stage. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I've attached a photo to show which part of the light I'm referring to. Thanks!