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  1. I bought an NM35, read the Info thread, and made notes. Also added a few tidbits I found. UPDATE: Added more info from pages 1 to 9 of this thread Engine The V35 & M35 airboxes have the same part number. They are, Back of airbox 16526, front of airbox 16528, + filter required. The K&N filter that fits is 33-2031-2. Air filter is Ryco A360 (same as all skylines, 350Z Z33 Series 1, some commodores and many other cars) Air filter change interval: 20,000-30,000kms Spark plugs NI22401-5M016…..they are also $24.15 each OR NI22401-AQ816 (or Denso Iridiums Part #IKH22) (or Denso IKH22) Uses 5L of oil. Change interval is 5,000kms. Engine requires 4.8L to the H mark, 4.0L to the L mark Oil spec: SJ, 0W-20 all the way to 15W-50 depending on usage Oil filter is Ryco Z436 or Z445 : Nismo (Veruspeed) 15208-RN010 : K&N: HP-1008 : Amsoil Ea012 z445 - seal diameter 63mm, height - 65mm, seam diameter - 68mm, thread size - M20-x1.5-6Hmm z436 - seal diameter 64mm, height - 66mm, seam diameter - 69.50mm, thread size - M20-x1.5-6Hmm Oil filter is same as VQ35 and SR engines Belts are the same as 350z; Air con - 4PK950, Power steering/fan/alternator - 6PK1180 Belts are 4PK945 or 4PK0950 and 6PK1180 (NOTE: the digit before the PK is the number of ribs on the belt, PK means automotive cross-section, and the number after the PK is the length in mm) Standard turbo is a Garrett M24N and is a ball bearing unit with ceramic exhaust wheel Factory boost is 12-12.8psi AFM is same as T30 Xtrail OBD2 plug is a small black panel at the lowest point of dash on the drivers side, to the left of the steering wheel. The plug is attached to the panel and it drops down when you open the release on the side. 350z alternator is a direct replacement for the vq25det. Part number from NM35 is 23100-AM610 (MrStabby got it rebuilt for $260. Ebay from the US ~$350 delivered). The VQ35 starter sort of fits, it's larger and probably more powerful than the little VQ25 unit. The power lead is on a different angle and gets close to the hot side cooler pipe VQ motor overheating fix DIY http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/460250-your-vq35-overheating/ M35 fan clutch fix DIY: https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/473606-m35-refill-hydraulic-fan-clutch/ Battery: Century NS40ZL (330 CCA) or NS40ZLX (premium, 390 CCA), NRMA/RAC 2384/2047/3053 Suspension and Brakes Front rotors and pads are the same as 350z touring/V35 Skyline/current Maxima Rear rotors and pads are the same as the 350z touring/V35 Skyline/X-trail The rear pads & rotors for the 350z or v35 will not fit without modification Rda do nice semi metallic brake pads (~$30 per end), MUCH better than standard, not dusty Rda front; RDB1232SM (Listed as Maxima front pad) Rda rear; RDB1509SM (Listed as X-Trail rear pad) Shocks are KYB 350z premiums and at NZ$225 ea. they are a bargain Pretty sure v35/g35 front strut bar will fit m35 Camber/toe kit is same as g35/350z BRAKE MOD: The M35 ecu limits the throttle to 30% when the brake is applied and for approximately 3 seconds after its release. Cutting the brake signal to the ecu disables this but it will eventually throw a fault code unless you find some way to trick it. (connect it up temporarily when you don't need throttle.) Most just run a switch and tap the brake as they flick it, only needs to be done occasionally. The kick panel ecu is for the trans, the ecu is behind the glove box. Mod is to cut the pink/blue strip wire on the ECU. Drivetrain Gearbox is RE5R05A Gearbox fluid: Nissan matic J (or Nissan matic S, or Nulon synthetic (compatible with nissan C/D/J/K, $16.60perL) or Valvoline synthetic (compatible with nissan D/J/K, $10perL)) Auto trans fluid change interval: 60,000kms Diff oil change interval: 60,000kms Diffs require 1.4L each, and factory weight is 80W-90. Syncro = 50/50 split up to 40 kmp/h then it goes back to normal. Snow = 50/50 split up to 40kmp/h but starts in 2nd gear and reduces boost. “ATTESA E-TS system is normally 0:100, but can split up to 50:50. SYNC mode is constant 20:80, but can also do 50:50. SNOW mode appears to be 50:50, but hard to tell, but it does NOT start in 2nd gear. Im guessing that there is a boost limit. ATF 'D' is reccomended, 1.8L is required to fill the system.” Action Dans auto service [[http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/424256-auto-service-questions/ (not Stagea) Part Numbers Xenon headlight globe: D2R type, Phillips 85126C1 std 4200K, about $75 each. The Xenon is the top bulb, the bottom bulb is a regular H4. Lid Weatherstrip (Rear Sunroof Rubber): 91246-AQ020 $77.00 + GST = $84.70 Duct Air (Power Duct add-on for standard M35 air box): 16555-AM604 $163.00 + GST = $179.30 Centre Cover (Front Axle Plastic Guard): 75881-AQ060 $84.00 + GST = $92.40 Passenger side cam cover gasket: 13270-AL612 Drivers side cam cover gasket: 13270-AQ800 Fuel Flap Snub Rubbers: 78837-AG000 (The little rubber buttons that hold the fuel flap flush with the rear quarter panel) Fuel tank O-ring: 17342-01A00 Fuel filter strainer: 16400-4M405 (Hornsby Nissan price; $38.70 in 2015) Rear wiper arm: 28781-AQ010 direct from Nissan for $55 Rear wiper blade assembly: AY003-H25AR Cabin pollen filter: 27277-4M400 or Ryco RCA113P (but: There's also a Ryco with a C at the end of the p/n which designates it as an activated carbon/charcoal filter, this is the correct replacement for the factory one) Upper radiator hose: 21501-AL5000 or Gates 22967 or Mackay CH4966 Lower radiator hose: 21503-CD000 or Gates 22968 or Mackay CH4962 or CH4960 Front brake pads: DB1485 or Project Mu F209 Front brake rotors: DBA954 Rear brake pads: DB1509 or Project Mu R209 Rear brake rotors: DBA574 KYB front shocks: NSF9420R + NSF9420L (right and left sides) KYB rear shocks: 2 x NSF2069 Water pipe (~350mm long, scarificial anode of cooling system, so will corrode): 21021-AQ802 Price; $64.56 usd. O-ring: 21049-AE000 Price; $1.10 usd. Front indicator globe: T20 21W Starter Motor: 23300-AL600 (expensive, ex-Japan) Starter Motor Brush kit: 23378-EN20A (also used in Australian model starters so readily available) Turbo replacement gasket set: 14401-AQ826 Turbo to dump gasket: 14445-4P200 Turbo to dump gasket: 14415-4P200 (1) $41.61 each Turbo intercooler piping outlet gasket: 14465-4P200 (1) $5.22 Oil return line gasket: 15196-73L00 (1) $2.97 each Eye bolt gasket: 15189-01P00 (4) $3.48 each Turbo drain washer: 11026-01M02 (4) $1.91 each VQ25DET valve stem seals: 13207-84A00 (Looks like same as vq35, so there are aftermarket options available out of the US) Belts: AY140-61175 and AY14N-4094E Torque Convertor / front pump assembly auto trans seal: 31375-44X02 (Symptom, oil coming from between gearbox and transmission) Front wheel bearing (AWD): NI-40210-AL800 (same as J32 maxima) Found to be incorrect. The correct CBC part number is NJ137KIT and should be available at any bearing shop. Front hub assembly (AWD): NI-40202-24U00 (same as J32 maxima) NM35 Radiator Filling Thought I'd put this Radiator fill guide in here; seems like there's a fair bit of stress in doing this job, and that in turn scares people away from doing relatively simple jobs. Stolen from V-Series forum; http://www.skylinesa...iunum-radiator/ Well done Nate, hopefully this de-mystifies the procedure a little and the post title will hopefully make it easy to find. Yeah over heating can be a pain when u dont get all the air out, so get it done right the first time. Here is what you have to do for a correct V35/350GT/G35 coolant flush with no air bubbles (my post on g35driver)Well i got it, ended up doing this, which should be done from step 1: Wait till car is cooled down Jack up front or park on step incline remove rear bleed valve from heater hose remove rad drain plug with bucket under it remove rad cap remove and wash out overflow ONCE DRAINED Put rad drain plug back in put bleed plug back in put over flow container back in get a long funnel or water bottle or non spill funnel and put tape about 1” from the tip of funnel or on the thread of the bottle until its thick enough to fit snug in the rad neck with car off fill the overflow to minimum. with car off slowly poor mixture into funnel wedged in rad with your premixed mixture (i used distilled and water wetter) Once you see it no longer draining from the funnel grab the lower rad hose and compress and let go a few times and see if anymore drains out, top it up if it all goes Start the car and slowly keep at least a bit of fluid so that the funnel is at no point completely empty As you see it no longer draining and staying where it is rev car to 1500-2000 for 30sec and then let idle. Repeat a few times As soon as you see fluid rise up the funnel and overflow container full turn car OFF Let rest of the fluid drain, if none is left very slowly poor more in until you cant fit any more in. You should put rad cap back on, start car again and turn fans on with A/C off and temp as high as it can go and fans on high Make sure you can feel hot air, that means coolant is circulating and passing hot air out, cold air = air bubble = slightly opening the bleed valve and letting air out until just water comes out. one you confirm hot air and/or no air from bleed valve turn car OFF If jacked up put it down and go for a drive, if all good then put under tray back on! Keep and eye on overflow tank for next week and make sure its at minimum
  2. Hey guys, selling my arx-four. Only owned for a month but just can't click with the auto gearbox having driven manual all my life. Hoping to sell for £3700 having bought it for £4000. But car sales seem really slow over here at the moment... 2001 Nissan Stagea ARX-Four 2.5 turbo VQ25DET 88800 miles Fully optioned interior (heated electric adjustable seats, reversing camera etc) Full recent (2 weeks ago) MoT. Less than 4k on the tyres Scuff on the rear corner bumper £3700 Me and the car are in Weston-super-Mare, England
  3. If anyone needs the complete english Workshop manual for this engine i have it and am happy to share it with you, in pdf form. Cooling system https://ufile.io/7b31q Engine control https://ufile.io/ltv1r Engine Mechanical https://ufile.io/8ygvm Exhaust https://ufile.io/fny97 Lubrication https://ufile.io/ao98k Starting system https://ufile.io/znhl7 says it will expire in 30days let me know if you need it reuploaded. please keep it on the dl as not sure about the legalities behind sharing it.
  4. Hey Guys and Girls, I've sold my Stagea and now selling the Vented bonnet - It's a Freeway Dolphin Bonnet. These were $1600 brand new plus importing from japan - its a big item it wasn't cheep. Try Googling M35 freeway dolphin bonnet OR M35 Vented Bonnet...... you wont find one!!! besides a photo of one on a red car this is the only only we've ever found in existence. IF you would like the opportunity to own this I'll be putting this up on E-bay in a few weeks. Reserve will be set at $800 or you can buy it now for $1200. Don't bother PM'ing me with offers I don't care how many times I have to put it up on E-bay until it sells OR ill keep it and hang it on my garage wall as a momento to remember all the good times I've had with this car!!! Cheers, Theo
  5. Does anyone know what fan pulley brackets fit in a M35 Stagea? I found ones for a 350z which looks identical to the mine that needs replacing, but apparently they don't fit. If someone knows for sure what fits that would be great as I am eager to drive it
  6. nm35 aftermarket front grill! Aftermarket grill to suit nm35 stagea, Not series 1, maybe series 2 and Autec Axis. I tried on mine series1 and the mounting holes (body clips) line up, the bottom part might need trimming to suit. Pick up Sth East Melb, $150 negotiable.
  7. I have a few items for sale and will have more updates over the next coming weeks. Reason: I've crashed into a financial brick wall and need to get myself back into a better position. Location: Either North Strathfield or Warriewood. 1. VQ35 RWD upper sump Pics will come on monday Price $20 rather not ship this. 2. JWT pop charger I purchased this second hand with a ztube, I havent used it at all previous owner has so probably needs a clean? Comes with a couple brackets, shroud and the filter. Price $20 will ship at buyers expense 3. Prorack P-bars P16 I got these probably less than a year ago, brand new unopened, without fitting kit. Price: $170 obo will ship at buyers expense 4. M35 Front underbody brace Unsure of brand, Dolphin rings a bell, it is the bar at the very top of the pic, I have nuts and bolts to go with it. Price: $100 obo will ship at buyers expense 5. 450kg Supercheap Auto Engine Stand Used this once Price: $20 rather not ship this due to size and weight SOLD. 6. Used HKS 350z Turbo Kit I got it from a member off zclub with plans to put on the stagea, sadly my circumstances have changed and I will not be able to mod the stagea for a while. It is as complete as I could get it, all the parts are there bar some missing bolts? and I've got extra silicon joiners and hose clamps, comes with walbro 255 fuel pump (used off jetwrecks old car), Power enterprise 510CC injectors (used aswell but not for long), boost gauge (brand new unopened), heat range colder platinum spark plugs and a couple other things I've probably forgotten. Unfortunately, there was a threaded bolt joining the cross over pipe to the turbo manifold, which will need to be helicoiled. Turbo is good, extremely little shaft play. spring is set to 10 psi Price: $2500, which is basically what I paid for it. I'm firm on this, if I don't get this I'll just hang on to it. Will not ship this, would rather you come look at it. 7. Recaro replica seat rail I got it of a SAU member with a V35, but no longer require. I believe suits SR series seats? I havent even opened it. Price: $20 will ship at buyers expense. More pics will come.
  8. Hi all M35 die-cast model. Still in Nissan box which is showing signs of wear, acrylic display case also has marks & scratching. Car inside case looks perfectly fine. One of the images has a ruler next to it for scale. $50 + $7.45 post anywhere in oz if not sold in the next few days will put it on feeBay call 0401454406 or PM (all semi monitored) first come first served can get other import stuff, just ask. Thanks T
  9. WHOP


    From the album: WHOP

    This is the first hoist I fitted in my Stagea. It was pure CR*P.... New One works far better
  10. From the album: Dress up Design (imagination)


    © Yong Woo Hur

  11. Just noticed some leaking from the power steering rack when I had the wheel off. Not entirely old residue, there was a couple fresh looking drops on it. Haven't noticed anything weird with the steering yet, so assuming relatively fresh leak. Any thoughts on how to go about fixing this? It seems to be only surrounding that large bolt.
  12. Looking at grabbing a LSD from a 6 speed V35. Having trouble finding information confirming that it's a direct fit to the 3.5 RWD Stagea. Different forums mention things about splines not lining up and ratios being different... I am aware the LSD's from ARX etc will fit easy, but I have the opportunity to get a cheap V35 diff. Thanks!
  13. As stated I have a used Scotty's dump and front pipe with 100cel cat to suit M35, NM35 Stagea. $700 pick up Sth East Melb Cheers
  14. Selling a set of underbody braces to fit a M35 Stagea. $200 Painted black and attempted to test fit, but quickly r ealised that they don't fit the NA/RWD Stageas... oops! Also selling a pair of resonated test pipes for a VQ35DE. Brand new still in plastic, just decided to go another route. $150 Also-also selling some Lexani tyres that came off my current rims. Tread is at least 75%. $100 Also-also-also selling some 20" rims in another ad I've posted.
  15. Hi all, been trawling through pages and pages and I can't find answers to all of my questions so I'm hoping to get some help in this thread. Background, I have a 2002 M35 Autech Axis that is due for a brake change (front pads and rotors are gone). I've managed to find a set of 350Z Brembos (cause why replace when you can upgrade) for a decent price and am just trying to get some more information before making the jump. From my digging, this is what I've found: Should be a direct bolt on however R34 GTT threads mention modification to the dust fan / bolt but unsure if the Brembos will face the same problems Information points to that the 18" Autech wheels might not fit but can't find confirmation Have seen no mention to the upgrade affecting ABS #justdoit What I wanted to know are the following: How bolt on is bolt on? Will the same changes need to done as per the R34 GTTs? Is there a guide somewhere specific to the Brembos? The kit comes with calipers, rotors and lines. Will that be all I need besides the pads? Anyone to confirm the 18" Autech wheels will/won't fit the Brembos Thanks! - Yang
  16. selling a pair of genuine Nissan ball joint shims. Test fitted to some new ball joints, but ended up not being used. These are for the larger 16mm bolt ball joints, which I believe are for the larger RWD model ball joints only. Price: $10 Located 2203
  17. Vq25det turbo perfect for highflow Blow vq25det turbo ready for a highflow beat the wait time and have this bad boy all highflowed for when (and we all now it's only a matter of time) your turbo shits it self not that hat it matters now it's shagged but came off a low km car $400 Ono
  18. Blow turdbo? M35 Hey guys looks like another victim of the dreded vq25det gremlins cars decided to chuck in the CEL which read as cam angle sensor (faulty plug that was retesioned until new plug arrived) car ran fine even with CEL on until one day when i parked it up, car started fine but had VERY min power and absolutely zero boost took to my auto elec and once again cam angle code came up and clearest but still no boost my question is does it sound like turbo if cars done 75,000km regularly serviced stock boost and no sign of mechanical failure while driving (no smoke or breaking sounds) also car still idles really smooth and drives fine minus boost !!! had a quick check over pipes except from turbo and they seem to be all connected HELP IM POOR and really don't want to replace turbo right now !! ???
  19. I have a 2002 M35 Axis by Autech 2.5l turbo AWD Stagea and have to replace the shocks and tie rods. Does anyone know part numbers for Axis variant or failing that, am i able to fit the BC BR coilovers and ordinary AWD M35 parts as replacement on the Axis, not sure what the differences with suspension between Axis and normal are. Thanks Andrew
  20. how easy is it to get a rear tailgate glass for the m35? can you still get them from nissan
  21. WTB V35 premium wheels Hey guys after a full set of v35 infinity premium wheels preferably in SA but happy to pay freight for good condition thanks tim
  22. M35 thermostat for $40 Hey all, Just an FYI for cooling improvements for your Stag. The V35 thermostat 21200-4W01B which suits VQ series is only $40 from Kudos Motorsports. Figured this would be good info as it's a good medium between the stock 82 and Nismo/Mishimoto 65 @ 76.5 Happy cooling, JB.
  23. M35 BOV return hose HI all, I'm chasing this hose as according to Amayama it's "out of production and no longer available". I had this in an order from Nissan Japan so just be aware that if yours is hard, be careful not to split it.
  24. 2002 M35 Stagea ARX Four Nissan Stagea M35 ARX four. Has all of the nice features of an M35 such as full leather interior, VQ25 turbo engine, 4wd, HICAS, since it's an ARX four also factory MOMO steering wheel and 18 inch alloys. Has plenty of tasteful mods including: 3" dump and quiet straight through stainless exhaust, HKS type S intercooler, custom 3" stainless intake pipe, Garrett GT3071R turbo, cooling system mod and thermo fan conversion, LPG gas injection system, heavy duty tow bar. Awesome fast wagon and cheap to run on LPG. Just needs a computer and tune to maximize potential! 215000 k's Brisbane south side, Contact Lenny 0431 301 320 Negotiable at $8500
  25. 2002 Stagea NM35 AR-X 2002 Nissan Stagea AR-X for sale with 157 000k's. Quick sale, cheapest in AUS - $5800 Drives extremely well and is in great condition (not dings or dents). I'm sure most of you would know its features but here's a couple to name but a few: - Heated electric front seats - Snow Pack (quick heating, heated glass, snow mode) - Rear parking sensors - Ipod connectivity - Fold in and tilt-down rear view mirrors (can't live without these now) Mods: - Scotty's dump pipe - R34 GTT front calipers with QFM pads and slotted rottors - Superpro Poly bushes Imported through IronChef Imports with 77,000 legitimate k's Scotty has serviced it for the past 4 years but it's now back in in Hobart, Tasmania. Negatives: 2 marks in the interior Radio struggles - works sometimes and sometime it doesn't but you've got the ipod connectivity anyway Front tyres are in great condition but rears may need replacing in the next 12 months Call Dion on 0400 720045
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