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Found 169 results

  1. As the title suggests, does anyone know what components are available to increase the amount of negative camber in the rear of an NM35 Stagea? I'm slowly attempting to create a 'VIP'/'bippu' style build but I can't find a whole lot of parts to suit the NM35. Currently I have fitted Driftworks Front Upper Camber Arms to suit a 350z and have gotten to -6 deg happily but the rear is sitting at -5 deg with only a coilover installation. I do have 350z Rear Camber Arms but they seem to only be able to mount to adjust toe. At this stage its looking like most components will have to be fabricated.
  2. Since I have got one of each left, I'm selling a full set of these ready to go to stiffen up the big wagon. They are primed ready for whatever colour you choose to paint them. 1x 20MM front bar. (straight bolt in) 1x front rear subframe brace (straight bolt in with hardware) 1x rear rear subframe brace (straight bolt in ONLY WITH AFTERMARKET EXHAUST) These actually make a big difference in steering response and general tighter feeling of the car. $275 posted anywhere in Australia. Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  3. Hi All, Just a quick sanity check if I'm diagnosing this right. Speedo needle appears to be working as normal up until 90 km/h above that it gets "stuck" at 100 km/h even though I'm accelerating , it will then jump and get stuck at 110km/h. Accelerating past 110 ( on a private road) it will be stuck on 110 and then jump to indicate the right speed. Slowing down the needle once again gets stuck at 110 , 100 and 90. Below 90 it functions normal. Once and only once , with the shifter in manual mode it did not react to gear changes. Turning the car off and back on after 10 seconds and everything went back to normal. The trans shifting feels weird at times, seems to coincide with the erratic needle. It will hold on to a gear far longer or far shorter than normal. I think the speed sender on the trans is toast? Or am I barking up the wrong tree. I did open the cluster 12+ months ago to fix a broken pcb trace. Cluster has worked fine since , the needle started being erratic about 6 weeks ago and is progressively getting worse. From my searches the speed sender/transducer is P/N 32707-AA100 same thing as a D40 navara, N16 pulsar, R32 skyline. Which seems to be $200+ here in Aus, and $15USD + delivery from anywhere else. Has anyone had to replace theirs? Is that the right part number? EDIT: No check-engine light or warnings at all from the car. No stored codes either. Thank you all .
  4. On the 32 GTR, this hack; uses a diode to make the auxiliary fan come on when the air con is turned on. On the 32 It seemed to keep the coolant temp down and the cabin cooler. I'd like to try it on the Stag. Looks like there's no relay/fuses for air con presented at the wiring junction near the battery. Has anyone got a wiring diagram or a translation for the footwell fuse box? Other than waiting until the next overheat, how would i check that the aux fan is running at all?
  5. Say someone was to install test pipes (yes I know they are a no-no on the roads), would they throw the ECL? A couple people on 350z forums say they get the ECL and some don't. Will the O2 sensors go out of whack and make the car run lean without a re-tune?
  6. Two for sale which are made from 22MM O. D. bar with 3MM wall thickness, so are very solid. These will help stiffen up the front of the rear subframe to reduce flex. (full bar set also available for purchase) Straight bolt in item which will come supplied with hardware. $100 each shipped Australia wide. Pm me or contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  7. I bought this car approximately 1.5 years ago, and I planned to keep it for quite a while thanks to the low kms at the time of purchase (approximately 55,000). However, personal circumstances have changed and now I need to sell it. In no particular order, here are the major features: Front and rear power sunroof, with lockout switch for rear sunroof. Factory radar cruiser control. After market alarm and immobiliser (installed during compliance). 4WD, 4 Wheel Steering (HICAS) and LSD. 5-Speed Automatic with manual control. I obtained a suitable paddle-shifter from a V35 Nissan Skyline 350GT-8, but I never got around to installing it (happy to throw this in at no extra charge). Factory Japanese DVD Navigation System with factory screen (menus are untranslated). RCA inputs for audio/video playback. Factory head unit, with cassette tape/CD/Mini-Disc playback support (Mini-Disc Changer is in the centre storage bin). Factory reverse camera. Driver and Passenger electronic/heated seats, with manually adjustable lumbar support on driver seat. Full factory leather interior, with matching leather trim. Front and rear factory carpets, including factory boot carpet. Factory tyre-jack set/spare wheel. Factory cargo net. Factory cargo cover. Factory rear seat-belt for middle passenger, and rear child-proof seat-belt clasp. Driver/passenger front and side airbags, curtain airbags for 2nd row Front and rear fog lights. Height adjustable faxtory Xenon headlights. Completely mechanically stock, with no alterations or non-factory modifications other than a new battery (less than 1 year ago). Brake cut-off mod completed recently, with switch installed in back of glove-box. All original manuals and paperwork included, and even some detailed service receipts while it was still in Japan. Very comfortable and easy to drive, reassuringly solid in wet weather, and just cool in general. Has not been thrashed and has always been fed with V-Power petrol. Overall condition of the car is seriously very very good, especially considering its age. Original Japanese de-registration papers, and copies from an online registration check, are also included. Kilometres have been proven. Registration expiring April 2018. Biggest problem would be the condition of the drivers seat. There are no tears or rips of any kind, but the colour (and a bit of the leather feel) has faded from the left hand side of the seat. I also have the paddle-shifters from a V35 GT-8, and some braces that have not been installed yet. Willing to throw them into the deal as well. Asking price: $13,500 (ONO) KM's: 64,000 VIN: U90000NM35302391 Model Code: VLGPRXNM35UDA-AA-C Contact Name: George Contact Number: 0412 443 996 Email: [email protected] Price is negotiable, and I need this gone, so please make me a reasonable offer! Car is also on Carsales and Gumtree.
  8. Hi All, Cleaning out the shed, putting these springs up for sale. I've since swapped out my suspension for BC coilovers, so these have to go else the missus will literally die of a fit. Part Numbers: 54010-RSM55, 55020-RSM55 $200, local pick up only from Seven Hills, Sydney NSW. Cheers
  9. aus 

    Hey guys after a FMIC kit for my m35, located Adelaide but happy to pay freight if price is right let me know what yous got Thanks in advance
  10. 2001 M35 stagea for sale 240,000kms Cusco coilovers 20" koyo rims Cat back Rolled rear fenders Ive owned this for 7 years during this time has been bulletproof ( except starter motor and battery but both have been replaced ) around 7 months rego left Has some chips in paint, cracked windscreen, crack in tail light, leaking some oil, $5,000 ono 0403506415 (dont have my phone at work so just sms me) Se melbourne
  11. M35 only cruise/meet! Propose date: 18th Nov or 26th NovWhat do you guy think?Meet up at Mornington PierDrive to Flinder Pier carpart, talk, photo ...etc Lunch/Rest/Drink at Flinder pub Route in short: Drive along the coast from Mornington to Arthur Seat, then from Arthur Seat back way to Flinder pier carpart. Register your interest, someone can take over the organizing if they wish. Would be nice to get as many M/NM35 together as possible. Cruise Route MAP
  12. Damn wrong section
  13. selling a pair of genuine Nissan ball joint shims. Test fitted to some new ball joints, but ended up not being used. These are for the larger 16mm bolt ball joints, which I believe are for the larger RWD model ball joints only. Price: $10 Located 2203
  14. how easy is it to get a rear tailgate glass for the m35? can you still get them from nissan
  15. I made this up for someone else but they no longer require it. It's not as pretty as Scotty's or Katsudatadai ones, which is why it's much cheaper. I'm running the same one on my car and it is perfect. It's a 3" bellmouth style dump with 12mm flange and standard 2 bolt 3" flange. If fitting it to the standard dump back section, you would need to slot the holes on that as Nissan have a weird flange. $300 posted Australia wide. Pm or contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102.
  16. M35 won't fire Evening, sorry about the long post but I'm trying to give as much info as possible. I have recently acquired a 2001 M35 stagea (VQ25DET), the morning after driving it home it it would turn over but not fire, after 10 minutes of trying it finally fired up but ran like crap. Next few starts it started and ran well. Saturday morning it started and drove fine. Come Saturday afternoon it wound over and over, after 20 minutes of trying it finally started, but ran terribly all the way home. Got it home and shut it off and tried to restart it and it just wouldn't fire. Sunday morning I tried and just keeps winding. I have checked all the fuses, changed all the coils, the plugs, the immobiliser batteries and the CAS and it still won't fire, when turning over it will get the occasional cough but that's it. The cam sensors were changed with the recal but I'm not sure how long ago. The car is running a Greddy Emanage and the MIL light is on all the time (owner said this and after searching it is a common thing with these ECU's) I have tried the self diagnostic thing with the key and the pedal but for the life of me I can't get the MIL to flash, I've used a stop watch to time everything and still can't, no sure if just me or emanage has something to do with it I don't have a scan tool and can't start the car to take it anywhere, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on why it won't fire?
  17. M35 Nav/Stereo console Pulled this out and replaced with a double din. CD player is jammed but radio,A/C and Nav screen worked fine. (pic pulled off web because I'm lazy) I was going to bin it but i'll throw it up here for a few weeks. $75 including postage Australia wide. PM Brendon or contact on 0402 seven zero two 102.
  18. NM35 Stagea lower control arms & ball joints+spindles For sale is a set of AWD lower control arms with new Superpro bushes, and full spindles with new ball joints installed. Selling because I mistook them as RWD parts, but they are sadly not. (Don't get me started on my ball joint replacement story!!!) Asking $400 all up, for new bushes and ball joints already pressed in for easy installation. Saves you a lot in labour already! Located 2203.
  19. nm35 aftermarket front grill! Aftermarket grill to suit nm35 stagea, Not series 1, maybe series 2 and Autec Axis. I tried on mine series1 and the mounting holes (body clips) line up, the bottom part might need trimming to suit. Pick up Sth East Melb, $150 negotiable.
  20. Vq25det turbo perfect for highflow Blow vq25det turbo ready for a highflow beat the wait time and have this bad boy all highflowed for when (and we all now it's only a matter of time) your turbo shits it self not that hat it matters now it's shagged but came off a low km car $400 Ono
  21. WTB coilovers for m35/pm35 Show me what you got! Prefer to go second hand over brand new, if in good condition. Not after a slammed ride, just something to help make it a bit more race car. Located in Sydney
  22. Blow turdbo? M35 Hey guys looks like another victim of the dreded vq25det gremlins cars decided to chuck in the CEL which read as cam angle sensor (faulty plug that was retesioned until new plug arrived) car ran fine even with CEL on until one day when i parked it up, car started fine but had VERY min power and absolutely zero boost took to my auto elec and once again cam angle code came up and clearest but still no boost my question is does it sound like turbo if cars done 75,000km regularly serviced stock boost and no sign of mechanical failure while driving (no smoke or breaking sounds) also car still idles really smooth and drives fine minus boost !!! had a quick check over pipes except from turbo and they seem to be all connected HELP IM POOR and really don't want to replace turbo right now !! 😂😂😂
  23. NM35 Stagea rear subframe brace I have two of these available, one is 27mm diameter and one is 30mm diameter. These will reduce some of the flex associated with the poorly welded rear mounts of the subframe. No drilling or hardware required as they bolt straight on top the factory washers. $150 posted Australia wide or $125 for local pickup. Contact Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102
  24. Is this cricket? Hey all, After a two year hiatus due to work family and life im back on the hunt for a M35. Found this one in Adelaide just concerned that the kms are correct Its exactly what im after but is there any way to verify the Km's? I see there is a C34 buyers guide but what should i be looking for in the M35? Sorry for the noob questions but i appreciate any assistance Cheers Sam
  25. 18 Inch AR-X Rims with Potenza RE003 235/50R18 $550 AR-X 18 inch Rims with Potenza RE003 Rims came off my Nissan Stagea M35 AR-X, they are in great condition with no gutter rash.Tyres have about 10,000kms on them. There are some slight marks as I fitted them to a car without rolling guards and drove around the block. (see photos) Stud Pattern 5x114.3 Tyre Dimensions 235/50R18 Rim Dimensions 7.5Jx18 ET40 Located in Wangaratta, Vic. Pick up only but I'm willing to post. Please contact me and I can get a quote for postage EDIT: Forgot price and location.