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Found 21 results

  1. Can anyone recommend a decent mechanic around the newcastle/lower hunter area, just need to get a couple of parts installed and i have no mechanical sense at all and don't want to get ripped off Cheers [+...+]
  2. I’m looking at purchasing a skyline in the near future (likely an r34 gt-t). My plan is to get the car checked over by a mechanic before purchase. Any suggestions for good RB mechanics who could check it over for me?
  3. Hey there guys. i wanna get a roadworthy done for my car, but i wanted someone to look at it who has experience with the v35's(or its relative). would anyone know of any mechanics in the SW brisbane area? thanks
  4. Hello everyone! After stupidly having my Gt-r sitting in the garage doing nothing for about 2-3 years I’ve tried to give it a run. I changed the oil and oil filter and tried turning it over with no success (surprise surprise). My battery is fine and it’s got fresh fuel. As I turn it over I don’t get any oil pressure on the gauge, is that expected? Will I only get pressure once it starts? Bit of a noob tbh. I’ve read that the gtr oil pressure sensors are dodge city, could that be stopping it from starting? Im going to check for spark but I’m worried it’s full of sludge. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good mechanic in Sydney’s south? Thanks!
  5. hi guys I'm looking for a trusted and experienced mechanic in Melbourne, Melbourne west if possible, to work on my skyline, give feedback, and basic servicing.
  6. hi, this is an unconventional question, and I don't know if it's actually allowed.... (if not please suggest where I could post), I have an apwe50 2001 elgrand vq35 with spun cam bearing. Weve already replaced the car but I would prefer to sell the e50 going than as a wreck. Anyway what i am hoping to find is a sydney mechanic interested in some weekend work. I'm happy to pay per hour or split the profit, it's only worth $1000 as is. It's range topping XL 4wd with all the bling, inc 'capt's chairs', leather, raised with BFGs, LPG, original paperwork, 155km, so should fetch at least $7k... cheers Adrian, Ashfield 0438 936056
  7. I don't really contribute hear at all but I need an opinion. I've had a RB30/Neo 3.4 Stroker built at a workshop. Whilst at the workshop the shop relocated. The mechanic wanted me to pay a towing fee between his old and new workshop, I did although didn't think it was fair. Then he got in trouble for having too many cars at his new workshop so he had it moved to my house whilst the engine was being built, I paid towing once again. And now the engine is back in and the piping work needs to be done. He has it being towed to some other workshop to be done and wants me to pay towing again. Towing too and from $70 each time! I don't think this is right/fair. What do you think? What should I say or do?
  8. Couldn't find a recent topic on this. Have a 08 V36, I've been taking it to Main North Nissan. They're not particularly good at solving engine pinging. Looking for somewhere (prefer eastern suburbs) that can give it a good clean out & service or tune.. what ever... Cheers ^_^
  9. Recommendations: R34 Mechanic/Service Centre Hey guys, For awhile I've been taking my R34 to my local K-Mart Tyre and Auto for services (only because I used to know the store manager), but I'm kind of over their bullshit as lately they've been a bit dodgey. So I am looking for a good mechanic in Sydney, preferably someone with experience working with Jap imports/Skylines. I was reading around and found the attached thread from this forum, where a lot of people recommend seeing Mizu at JLM in Rydalmere. Is this still a good place to go? I don't mind travelling for it. Thanks guys.
  10. Mechanic/enthusiast needed for r34 GT pre purchase check Hi, I'm in inner western melb suburbs, buying an r34 near in inner north melb. I've inspected it visually, and I'm looking to move quickly to get the engine looked at. There's 2 options going forward, get a mechanic to look at it, or someone from here to help me and take a look at the engine bay. There's no drama for me to pay anyone, but I'm really looking for someone who knows r34s quite well. Can anyone recommend a mechanic who could do a pre purchase check, or is there anyone here who wants to make a few cases of beer?
  11. Mechanic in Sydney Hi all! Looked through some older posts and found some answers to this but couldn't find any posts from the last few years so wanted to start a fresh one. Can anyone who lives in Sydney/NSW recommend a good mechanic in the Sydney area (doesn't matter where in Sydney) I have a S2 R33 gtst. Not overly modified but i want to start building it up and I want a trusted mechanic i can take her to! Thanks everyone! dtrants
  12. Mechanics In INNER Sydney Please Hi, Need my car raised and serviced in inner sydney. Been looking everywhere can't find anything within 10-15kms. Anyone know who can help me out? Thanks
  13. Hi guys, long time lurker, finally decided to make an account coz I need a bit of help. I was involved in an accident yesterday around the corner from my home. I stopped mid way across the oncoming lane in a right turn T - intersection to let a hesitant elderly pedestrian through and another driver somehow didn't see me from 200m away to brake in time and slammed into my front left. Damage looks pretty bad but I'm hoping it can be repaired. I've only got third party insurance and at this point of time, the police reckon its my fault even though I explained its a 50km/h zone and I had to stop to wave the hesitant pedestrian through. I'm after someone reliable and honest to work on my car to fix it up. Hopefully someone who won't overcharge on parts and labour since money is tight. I live in the northern suburbs so something close would be good however honesty on pricing is main thing. Can SAU please recommend someone? I've attached picture of the damage in case someone on here can give me a rough estimate on pricing, etc.
  14. Hi Guys, I'm looking at an R32 GTR for sale in Glenroy VIC. Is their anyone down that area that you guys could recommend to have a look over the car and provide a decent report of the mechanical condition of the car? Anyone on here with enough experience could also be valued. Many Thanks, Tom
  15. Hey guys, I know this has probably been done to death but I did a search and it came up nadda. I'm trying to find a good mechanic (not a tuning shop) in the west to provide a roady for my girlfriend's VRX, the car is VERY clean, I'm not looking for anything dodgy so it should be no issue, I just don't want to try finding a mechanic blind as I've had bad experiences doing this in the past. I'm just looking for someone who knows their shit, won't gosh darn me around and won't charge me the world. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Note: This isn't to clear a defect, the rego just ran out more than 3 months ago.
  16. Hi Guys, Does anyone know a good workshop in Auckland or surrounds to fix an R32 GTR with motor problems? I heard there is at least one place that is good, does anyone know? Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Chris
  17. Currently taking my R34 GTT to seven hills, just looking for someone closer that knows skylines/ does performance cars service/upgrades etc. Live in Richmond NSW. Anyone know someone around this area - Windsor, Penrith, mountains etc?
  18. Hi guys, any recommendation for reputable and good mechanics/workshop for an inspection on a R34 GTR in Brisbane (North area) ? Thanks in advance!
  19. hey guys, i just bought my ER34 and got an inspection before purchasing and know what needs fixing/touching up, and i was wondering if you guys knew any reputable skyline mechanics on the north shore. thanks heaps, James
  20. Got 2 R33's that's been sitting here for a couple of years and would like to get a mobile mechanic to drain the tank, replace fluids and give it a once over before firing it up - any recommendations? Thanks
  21. So I took my newly acquired R32 GTS-T to a local mechanic today for a blue slip(as rego ran out over 3months). He called an hour ago and he was scared to lift it up on a 2post lift, as he said the suspension would fall out. I explained it has adjustables in it and has all been professionally fitted and so its safe, it would not fall out After a bit he called back saying its not going to pass because it has a BOV and a pod filter and that you are not allowed them... I asked well every turbo car has a BOV, so how can it be illegal to have one? (he said he doesn't make the rules) and for the pod filter he just said you are not allowed them.... I'm a bit confused, how can this be? He didn’t ping me for the loud exhaust or thats its super low but pings me for stupid things like this^ I'm heading back after work to get in writing exactly what is wrong because this to me seems outrageous. PS. I only moved to Aus from NZ afew months ago so not entirely sure how it works here...
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