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Found 37 results

  1. Hey guys, I recently installed a new cluster and when i went for the first drive everything seems to work fine except for the speedo. i cant seem to work out whats wrong with it, all the other gauges work fine, i just cant see the speed im travelling. any help would be great
  2. hey everyone, long time reader first time poster. before i start ill just let you know I'm no mechanic or car wiz! trying to learn though so i bought my first car (1993 r33 gts) when i was 17 and it is still my current car to this day being the third owner since imported. as the laws in my state don't allow high powered vehicles on P plates i opted for the NA version as I've always loved skylines and i found one for a good deal. over these 4 years I've done a fair bit of work to the car because i wanted it to be the best version of itself, the main things being brand new turbo gearbox with short shifter, heavy duty clutch, full body kit, new wheels, bc racing coilovers, moulded fenders, interior work and much more, fair to say this car is in way better shape now than when i bought it. i spent a while trying to make this car easy to swap a new engine into when I'm on my full license but I've read forums saying "no point" or "just sell it and buy a turbo its not worth the effort" so i guess my question is do you guys think it can be a reliable enough swap that's worth doing if done right or just f**k it off and buy a new car? ps. every time people look up my rego at car stores, mechanics etc. it comes back as a gtst so i think it was possibly imported as a gtst and has been swapped out prior to me owning it, as I've been told i also have all the gtst badges on my car.
  3. Wondering if anyone knows what gearbox is in the r33 rb25de manual, needing a input shaft bearing, anyone know where I could get the bearing? thank you
  4. Hey everyone I am having trouble trying to find rear brake rotors for my R34 GT non turbo, everywhere I have called and looked list the turbo brake rotors (297mm diameter) but the ones on my car are 265mm. I understand that the GT-V model came out with the turbo brakes and I’m guessing that’s why they list the NA’s with a 297mm rear rotor. if anyone has an idea as to where I can get a pair or even some part numbers it would be much appreciated thanks.
  5. Hey guys So I am currently on my P plates in QLD and am driving an R33 Rb20de. I would like to know if it is possible to convert from NA to turbo whilst still remaining P plate legal and if so how to go about doing it. Any help is greatly appreciated. thx
  6. After doing a 5 stud conversion + brake upgrade (r33 gtst brakes) onto my r33 gts I cant get my brake pedal to feel firm. The car used to have ABS but everything has been removed including the sensors on the calipers. I have compared my brake setup to another non abs r33 and its exactly the same so theres no reason it shouldn't work. Ive already had a mechanic look at it, tried to bleed it, but still no improvement on the brakes. Besides that I have also tried to bleed the brakes and master cylinder using the brake pedal and a hand pump vacuum bleeder. With the car not running, the first 20% of the brake pedal has play, and the last 80% of the brake pedal feeling solid as. With the car running, is literally the opposite, 80% of the brake pedal is useless and the last 20% is when the brakes stop the car although i haven't tested it at speed higher than 30km/h. Theres no leaks, every connection is tight, fresh brake fluid etc. The brake booster is also from a turbo r33 to match the turbo gtst brakes. Could the master cylinder be broken? is there a way to test if it is? the brake booster and master cylinder both worked before installing them. I read on a forum from someone who did the same brake upgrade, same car, and had to upgrade to brake booster and master cylinder cause the brake pedal always felt soft/spongy. But there was no information on the upgrades he made? Any help would be appreciated!
  7. OK so turbod my r34 Rb25de neo car is half tuned as turbo blew and spent all my money on a new one haha OK so I'm not happy with the knock levels bad timing set 15btdc have set all timing in map to low but so bloody hard trying to get power without knock the load timing is hurting my brain haha most of my map I set to 18 load and rpm and upd injectors Correction from 1000 to 1400 barley any knock but just all feels crap so was wondering if anyone had a pic of there maps I can copy just for a base start for rb25+t 5-10psi and maybe injector map thanks people R33 5speed gearbox conversion R33 rebuilt turbo R33 turbo manifold Gtt injectors R32gtst4det fuel pump Power FC ecu and controller Big front mount cooler Turbo smart bleed valve New 3"pipe decat and r32 custom dump R34na 02sensor R34 na pink label afm ..
  8. Just wondering if these will need conversion lines brake lines? They're the 2 pot opposed piston calipers, car already has internal ebrake. Doesn't look like the banjo bolts on the current set up want to fit into the z32 rears, just tried to fit them and the banjo bolts are extremely long and don't seem to want to fit nicely. I believe the z32 shares the rears with r33 gtst and r32 GTR. Thanks everyone !
  9. OK so need some help please people just turbod my na r34 and am checking if what it's doing is OK before my tune on Thursday OK so I'll start with parts I'm running... And post problem last Rb25de neo R33 5speed gearbox conversion Was using rb25 one but think was near dead New rb25turbo hasn't arrived yet R33 turbo manifold Gtt injectors R32gtst4det fuel pump Power FC ecu stock gtt base tune atm Big front mount cooler Turbo smart bleed valve New 3"pipe decat and r32 custom dump R34na 02sensor R32gtst4det afm I wired in also tried 34 na one OK so my problem is it misses bad under boost only.. disconnect turbo runs sweet can this be my ign timing when boosting? Just want it all good and ready for my first tune as never had one what should I get done in the tune and what boost 5? And just get fuel/air and some timing pulled/retard etc...also haven't tried yet as my new turbo is on its way but the one I was using was blowing smoke and whining and no matter what it was stuck on 7-8 psi my hand controller wouldn't turn it down so waste gate? Over boost could've been the problem?
  10. Ok need help peeps about to turbo my r34 na rb25de running auto ecu just converted to Manuel can i use auto na ecu and piggyback a emanage ecu for timing fuel and air etc seen people saying auto box gives out etc as ecu for box is 1 aswell but im manuel now? Do i need a nistune or no? Stock boost gtt injecters 255pump etc ?
  11. so basically im looking to build a 30de engine i want to go high comp na for whatever reasons that dont really matter at this point haha 1 point left cant drive turbo blah blah blah all the usual shit THE BLOCK what i want to build consists of a 30e block, crank and rods, 25de pistons shave the block 1mm to get the pistons up a bit because they sit 1mm further down the 30e pistons. THE HEAD this will be a det neo head with re lapped valves stock springs. either 250ish degree regrinds or 260 degree poncam drop ins with an adjustable exhaust cam gear and stock intake stuff to keep variable timing. im going to just skim the head this should bring the compression to somewhere around 12:1. im going to grub screw the oil gallerie in the block and run a head oil drain kit. im going to drill and tap an oil gallery in the side of the block to run a hard line up to the vct stuff pics below. and ill be porting the head myself a decent amount but i wont be going crazy. i need advice on what i should do for the intake manifold. do i a lave the stock neo intake manifold on to get the engine in and work out any bugs. B use a neo freddy plenum. or C relocate the vct solenoid and go to rb26 itbs using an adapter plate and some ram tubes on the itbs of some sort. the other thing i need to know is exactly where to put the stud for the new tensioner for the timing belt and if it differs from the standard r33 25det head conversion.. my final goal is as close to 160kw as possible on e85 and im going to be revving it as high as it wants to make power. i was thinking cap the revs at 7500 cause i reckon it will drop off before then anyway. anyone got any tips or advice on things i should change or shit i just completely overlooked. anything really cause this is all theory in my head based off other builds
  12. Hi i was wondering because i need a new 02 sensor are there specific one for the N/A RB25de or not?
  13. 350Z LSD in R34 Hey all, Fair warning, this might be an incredibly dumb question as I'm only just getting into the whole car modification scene and don't know much about how everything works, but I'm looking to get an LSD for my 25GT. Unfortunately the amount of info on this topic isn't so much scarce as just contradictory, some people say a GTT's will fit, others anything from the 33 side of things, an S15's might etc. I recently came across a 350Z LSD (I wanna say R200) and accompanying axles, my question is this: could I feasibly swap all this into my R34? I've heard the 350 has considerably stronger axles due to a ball and cage design so I guess that's a bonus, but I assume the bolt patterns on my current axles won't mate to the 350's LSD housing, hence the need to swap those out as well. Any thoughts on this'd be greatly appreciated.
  14. RB25 Neo NA head Hey all, I am having a surprisingly difficult time finding an answer to this question, essentially I have an R34 GT which I'd like to get a bit more power out of and I'm wondering whether its NA Neo head is of any use in building an RB30DET? I wouldn't be chasing mad figures, just something with a bit of high comp for that early boost sitting around the 300hp kinda range, something that runs fine on the streets but can have a bit of fun. Unfortunately that PDF everybody loves to link to every time an RB30 build is brought up has next to no info on the Neo heads, and I'm assuming there's a good reason for this, and that's that the intake ports are too small for them to be useful. But I thought I'd check in before I scrap the idea and buy a GTT or, if money allows, start looking into an LS1. Cheers fellas
  15. Hi guys and girls, up for sale is my 1996 180sx RARE AND COLLECTORS ITEM IMMACULATE CONDITION INSIDE AND OUT NO RUST STRAIGHT CHASSIS A TRUE HEAD TURNER Open to offers NO LOWBALLERS!!! Has a s15 sr20de VCT engine with 115xxxkm (has a black s14 rocket cover) Chasis has 196xxxkm FULL FLUID SERVICE including gearbox,engine oil, radiant fluid, brake fluid all replaced by GWORX on the 9/11/2015 S15 Spec R rear subframe 5 stud conversion S15 Spec R breaks and Hubs Hurricane Headers, and customs exhaust system cat back from Radiant Exhaust Laverton Wiring, Loom and ECU was done by GWorx 5 Speed Gearbox Strut Brace Type X lights Uncracked Dash Aftermarket Bodykit Body is straight and has been registered before A few other goodies are there just cant think of any on the top of my head. I have spent 12k in total on parts and labor to get the car in perfect working order Currently missing oxy sensor and airbox Also currently unregistered but can be registered Has been resprayed in midnight purple, no dents or rust..most immaculate 180sx in victoria you won't find a better one than this also has a GENUINE TYPE X FRONT BAR, rare as unicorn farts now still needs some work done needs a stock airbox radiator shroud oxy sensor battery relocated to the front and new lights PRICE IS 16K ONO LOBALLERS WILL BE IGNORED willing to throw in some slide worx coilovers for the right price paid 1.5k for the slideworx coilovers (brand new) here are the photos of before and after the respray
  16. Make/Model: Toyota Supra JZA80 SZ Aero Year: 1993 Kilometres: 155,000 Transmission type: Auto Engine: 6 cyl NA 3.0L Colour: Black Modifications: Zero Roadworthy Certificate: No Registered: Yes Accident History: No Asking Price: $9,000 Location: Balwyn Nth Contact Details: Cameron - 0412-430-393 Other Comments: Targa top, Nice clean well looked after car. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/toyota-supra-1993-12872707
  17. Bought this motor a while ago with the intention of building up an ITB'd na engine and putting it into a stripped out R33 shell. It's been sitting in the garage now for over a year and nothing has happened and I've realised my ambition outweighed my budget and my ability so it's up for sale. I'm looking at starting an apprenticeship in the new year so the disposable income I once had will disappear for a few years. Engine has one VVEL shaft removed by previous owner who wanted to get a better idea of how it all works, VVEL stepper motors were also removed from the head for trial fitment. Had an auto box bolted up to it initially so probably had a little easier life, came out of a front cut with 3x,xxx kms, looks like new inside, very clean. No flywheel or clutch, no exhaust manifolds, no power steer pump, no aircon compressor, does have alternator all intake manifold and e-throttle bodies, injectors, fuel rail, coil packs etc, toolbox full of bits and pieces from front cut, full loom in another box, 370z fuel pump, 370z cluster is there too with stalks as well. Can have the VQ35hr heads bolted on if you don't want to go down the VVEL route and rather run conventional camshafts and have the advantage of 3.7L capacity. Brought the six speed G37 box in from the US, same as found in the 370z internally aside from one bearing apparently being a different size internally, perfect condition inside, very clean as you'd expect from a low km gearbox (4x,xxx), very nice shift and handles a lot of power. Probably the strongest box nissan has built and shifts as nicely as an rb20 box. Comes with shifter assembly, shifter, all rubber boots, hydraulic throw out bearing and lines. Speed sensor, reverse sensor etc are there as well. Chasing $3500 for the lot pickup or buyer pays freight. Located Sunshine Coast QLD. Contact on 0420 856 464 if you want to inspect.
  18. I sold my n/a R34 back in 2009 with left hand side damage. It was unregistered for over a year from 2008-2009. I kept the plates and still have them in my possession. I have done another check and the person i have sold the vehicle to (without the plates) now has those plates registered to the car. I was planning to change those plates over to my current R34 but looks as though that might not happen. Would it be worth chasing up as i still have the plates in possession but didn't put them on hold? I was 17 at the time and thought that if i kept the plates i would just get a notice in the mail saying to either surrender the plates or to pay for a holding fee.
  19. P-Plater friendly 34 manual coupe for sale Cliffs; Year: 1999 Dec Colour: Black (GV1) Body: Coupe Engine: RB25DE NEO Transmission: 5spd Manual ODO: 117,xxx Location: Melb, SE suburbs Registration: Until April 2015 (nearly a full year) Major Service: Completed with genuine Nissan items (timing belt, water pump, etc) @ ~100,xxx Minor Service: Every ~5000km Replaced: - 6x New OEM Nissan Coilpacks @ ~90,xxx [end of 2012?] - Fuel Pump [2012] - HID bulbs (retains OEM Xenon HID set up) [end of last year] - Battery [last year] Wheels: 17" SSR Type C (fronts wrapped in KU31 225s, rears are Dunlops 235s) "Mods": - BC BR Coilovers* (8/6kg spring rates) - Tints - Sound System* (Pioneer HU, JL Sub, Alpine Amp) - LED parker lights Extras: - Stock suspension Negatives: - Underneath the front bar there are scratches, that were there from when I first got it from Japan; and then those added due to it being pretty low, haha - Left hand side has a few scratches (don't know if you can even see them in pics, but I'll try to take some close ups of them if needed / you can see them in person) that have been there since Japan also. - Wheels also came with some gutter rash, some wheels worse than others, see pics. Etc: So as you can see, have kept it fairly standard. In excellent condition, besides what is mentioned above. This was my trusty daily for about three years plus; and I was the first owner of the car in Australia (have import papers and what not). Great first car for a p-plater. Only problems I've ever had are standard R34 problems, such as the coilpacks; which, as noted above, were replaced with OEM items . Happy to get a RWC for the right price; tbh the only thing I could see it failing on is possibly something silly like windscreen wipers / possibly tyres but I think they're OK. * Could be neg on price with/without these. Price: $13, 650; negotiable. Note: I am NOT interested in swaps or trades. Pics: These were some pics taken last year, but can always message you other pics if required. - - - Contact: PM me on here or shoot me a message (oh-four-2-5-eight-seven-five-6-8-two). If you want to call best if you could text me first.
  20. Car For Sale Nissan Skyline 1998 R34 GT Silver 2 Door Coupe 5 Speed Manual 2.5 litre Naturally Aspirated $12 950 130 xxx kms Aftermarket head unit Aftermarket exhaust Excedy Heavy Duty Clutch Brand New tyres on the rear Good tread on the front Immobiliser set up by previous owner Black 17in Lenso D1R's Second owner in Australia Imported 2012 from japan with previous owner Recently serviced Always filled up on 98 (many receipts) Reason for sale: Recently got my full licence and want to buy a turbo 34 let me know if you have any questions text me on 0434022783
  21. Ok so the time has come to part with my N/a Skyline due to buying a Supra. I do not have the best photos of it so I will upload as to what I have at the moment Details: Engine Rb25de motor with 120 000kms Manual Gearbox Cold Air Intake w/pod filter in a nice box MDU adjustable coil overs all round 17' GENUINE Enkei RPF1 wheels custom painted matt black with new (95% thread at front and 80% at rear thread) F1 Falken tyres Front is 225/40/17 and rear are 235/40/17 Nismo rear strut brace Whiteline Front strut brace Fujitsubo cat back 2.5 Exhaust with performance headers (unknown brand headers) Alloy Radiator with 2 x Electric Thermo Fans LSD Short Shifter HID Headlights New Clutch (not even 5000km old) Serviced regularly with high quality parts (serviced last week) Car has engineer certificate and mod plated for Aftermarket seats but will be sold with stock seats. ICE 6.5' touch screen DVD Player 6.5 splits at front 6x9 in the rear 12 inch sub powered by JBL amp Dash has also been Carbon Fibre Wrapped The car could do with a wash and polish but paint is in GREAT condition (no faded paint or brittle paint) I am not on here much but I thought you guys could have a go at it first before she goes off to eBay. Any enquiries and inspections welcome Price:$ 8000 Neg Yes price is negotiable but I am in no rush to sell it. at the moment. Reasonable offers considered Just ring me on 0428 570 069 John
  22. For sale or swaps for something cool. 1996 R33 GTS25 Factory 5 Speed Manual 5 Months Rego Cat Back Exhaust with Cannon KYB Excel G Shocks Kmac Springs Nismo Shift Knob Rays 17" rims New Battery and New HD Clutch Only thing that isn't nice is the carbon wrap over the standard bonnet. Few bubbles etc. The Steering wheel is a little worn and the front bar has some hair line cracks in the paint too Looking at swaps or sale around $7800 ono very negotiable for cash buyers. No shitboxes, no 10yo commos or falcons, charades etc. I would like either a nice little daily or a fun low mods grip or skid car. Located 20 Mins South of SYDNEY airport in Cronulla. Call me 0415 THREE THREE Four 551
  23. Hey guys, Reluctantly selling my beloved 2 door, manual, 1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS as I am pursuing my studies again. I am the third owner of this vehicle and have wined & dined it as it is and has been my pride and joy. The car is in good condition inside and out considering the age and is currently at 221,306kms, has never missed a beat and regularly serviced every 5,000kms by Chasers Motorworks with 4100 Turbolight 10W40 Engine Oil. Only fuelled with BP Ultimate 98 Octane Petrol. Registration until 1st June 2014. The engine has been swapped from the original RB20DE-T model to an R33 Skyline RB25DE NON-TURBO (P Plate legal) twin-cam making roughly 140kW, Six cylinder, 5 speed manual gearbox and has been registered to the car by VicRoads. Minor mods include: Fully adjustable HSD HR Coilovers which were fitted roughly 20,000kms ago 6000K HID Xenon Headlamps Mongoose Alarm & Immobiliser 3A Racing Pod Filter Front Strut Brace Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch Remus 2.5inch Catback Exhaust R32 GTR Wheels 16x8+30, 225/50/16 Tyres Kenwood Head unit, 2x 6inch rear splits, 12inch Subwoofer & Amplifier M-Spec Body Kit With N1 GTR Front Bumper and GTR Spoiler $10,000 with Reg until 1st June 2014, RWC can be arranged for additional costs. Located in Western Suburbs Very enjoyable car, will not disappoint. Contact me on 0432288280 if interested, no time wasters please.
  24. 1994 R33 Nissan Skyline. 2-door coupe. 5 speed manual. rwd. - Rare RB20E (Single overhead cam, really good on petrol but still fun to drive) - Imported from Japan - Female owner. Previously registered in QLD ( 387MEW ) - High k's because it's done a few trips between NSW & QLD - Currently registered in NSW with 10 months rego. Recently bluesliped so everything's running well. - Just put in brand new high pressure power steering line because old one had a small leak. - Aftermarket body kit - Jun front bar - Spacesaver in boot - Clean interior - Tein springs in rear - Couple of rough patches of paintwork - Boot face needs respray ( quoted $150 ) - Good project car for P Plater - WHEELS: 4 x 114.3, 17s Selling because I bought a turbo car Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Asking for $4500 but open to reasonable offers. Come have a look/drive. No time wasters thanks. =) Located: Narara NSW Mobile: ( 0450975950 Call or txt. I don't answer private numbers ) Email: khempsall@gmail.com
  25. Details: Body Straight Black with no damage and newly painted front bumper. Aftermarket Driftlip Custom Black Garnish Nightshaded Front indicators Engine Rb25de motor with 120 xxx kms Manual Gearbox Cold Air Intake w/pod filter in a nice box (legal) MDU adjustable coil overs all round Nismo rear strut brace Whiteline Front strut brace HKS Fujitsubo cat back 2.5 Exhaust with performance headers Alloy Radiator with dual Thermo Fans LSD Short Shifter Has full leather interior (cost me $2500 alone) R33 5 stud turbo brake upgrade with brand new braided lines and custom painted brake callipers and brand new (not even 50km old) Bendix brake pads AVS Syle 5 white 17” rims come with the car (unsure of offset but has currently huge 255\45\17 on the rear) HID Headlights New Clutch (not even 5000km old) Serviced regularly with high quality parts (serviced last week) I was told by the previous owner that it had the 100 000km service done and seem visible as the water pump has been replaced. Car has engineer certificate and mod plated for Aftermarket seats but will be sold with stock seats. ICE 6.5' touch screen DVD Player 6.5 splits at front 6x9 in the rear custom mount parcel shelf (looks clean and unique) 12 inch sub powered by JBL amp Dash has also been custom Carbon Fibre Wrapped Car will be sold without an RWC. But all parts will be supplied to make the car RWC again (Stock steering wheel, stock suspension etc) Cannot upload pics for some reason. Give me a text with your email and I can send to your number or email. My number is 0413659566 as I am not on here alot
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