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  1. Hello from New Jersey! I'm looking to buy a 1992 Nissan skyline GTS-T Type M, i would like to know what i should look for before buying this car. there is a personal seller who is selling this car, and I am very interested in buying but I don't know what kind of maintenance I'll have to do to the car and if the car needs any kind of maintenance (if it hasn't already been done prior to selling) after I buy it. So I'm looking for any kind of information that you guys might have. im mainly looking for a maintenance schedule info for the car, as the car already has 85K miles on it. i'd like to know what i should prepare for, for future maintenance and what i should ask regarding prior maintenance. i plan on using this car for daily driving and use.
  2. Hi everybody! I am not here in the forums very often, and I have a hard time finding the answer to my question, but might I ask it here? What engine parts are specific and designated ONLY to an RHD R32? I am currently listing parts for an R32 GT-R project, and I just want to know if the parts I listed are compatible with an LHD R32. Some of you might be shocked to why I have to say "LHD"; but to clear things up, my country doesn't allow RHD cars to be driven on public roads. Philippines is strict with LHD cars only. Please help me, I am so deep in the list already, I even chose parts off plenty other options. And I want to know if it's still worth listing down parts. The parts I'm asking about include anything in the engine; maybe manifolds, downpipes, exhausts, radiators, anything! Please help me take note of them. I am looking over parts from JDM aftermarket manufacturers including TOMEI, HKS, and many others. I hope for meaty replies Thanks in advance! P.S I attached the list I've ever so worked hard on, hopefully you can tell me which parts are only for RHD Options.txt
  3. To everyone on SAU, I'll start off by immediately saying that I do not own a Skyline of any description. BUT- I've heard many good things about them and much high praise for all generations. I am a car enthusiast, I love all things RB and all things JDM. I'm looking to buy a facelift R32 GT-R soon (NOT R33 or R34!), so I thought I'd speak to the people who know the car the best and know all of its quirks and common problems, so I know to make the decision to buy or not, completely dependent on what I hear over my time on the forum. Cheers! A.
  4. HI guys. Just joined the forum because I'm planning to buy a skyline 300gt sedan, and I found very useful information on this forum, BTW im all the way from Sri Lanka. Cheers
  5. Newbie from across the pond Hi all, I'm Nishan from South Africa. I know this is an Australian forum but it seems you guys are in the know on the Skylines and it's extremely difficult to find anyone here in SA that knows them well. I've just got myself a 95 R33 GTS. I've always wanted the GTR but after getting the GTS I'm satisfied. Just the sound of the RB25 puts a smile on my face. Current mods include: Milltek exhaust, button clutch, manual boost controller (i think its referred to as a bleed valve?) coilovers and 18" mags The car seems healthy other than: - clutch master cylinder needs to be refurbed - small coolant leak. I have yet to locate this and resolve. - there is some weird noise at times. Its difficult to explain. I'm assuming its the power steering pump/system. Will flush and replace the fluid. Any suggestions on how to to this and what fluid to use? Other than that my to-do list includes: - machine polish the body as it has lost some of its lustre - oil service - coolant flush and replace (will do when i'm repairing the leak) - replace diff oil - replace gearbox oil - replace fuel filter - remove the super dark window tint and replace with a light grey/black - check and clean spark plugs - check and clean brake system - chassis clean - grease axle, U-Joints etc. - engine bay cleanup and tidy - polish intake manifold - strip and clean entire air intake system including ISCV, MAF etc. I'm a big fan of preventative maintenance. Is there anything else that I should be giving attention to?
  6. Newbie alert Hi all, newbie in your presence (to this site that is) Location: Perth, WA Check out my first post, any help would be much appreciated! Cheers guys
  7. New user from the UK Hi my name is Chris from Yorkshire In the UK. I drive a 1995 Rb25det GTST. I'm currently in the process of fitting a hybrid turbo and link ecu. I have questions but for now I'll just say hi
  8. Help with buying a V35 Hey Guys! So like many i am new to these cars. I have read many of threads on the forums to inform me of the V35 Skylines. I have currently found a 2003 V35 with 83,000kms for $10,000. The car unfortunately has no paperwork. It has a service history of the last 20,000kms the owner has owned the car. Would you guys recommend looking at the car or ruling it out completely due to having no books or service history.
  9. Hello, Most people call me Waz and I'm what you call a newbie to this forum. I live in Jindabyne, I'm a mechanic and fitter & turner by trade and I bought my dream car 6 months ago - R34 GTR which is not very standard - 305Kw atw and just shy of 600Nm, suspension, brakes, semis etc etc. I also have a cressida with a 1JZ that does 12's. I have worked on and modified cars all my life as my Dad used to have an engine building business (now retired but I have most equipment). I took my car, for the first time, to speed off the streets at Wakefield last Tuesday and lapped consistent 1.11's and some 1.10's once I got to know the track a bit more - too fun and can't wait for more!! Ciao
  10. Hi guys newbie here, been lurking on this forum for a while now and finally decided to join, I'm up in the Whitsundays with a r34 Gt-V which I'm slowly restoring to decent condition before handing it off to my sister and upgrading to a gt-t
  11. Hi to all members.... I have no idea what I am doing atm. I have never been on a forum before for anything, but I am very aware of the info and general advice and opinions I can get on this type of platform. I am keen to purchase a r32, and whether it be a gtst , or an gts4... As I get more cash down the track, a gtr would be nice too.... As I will be looking at cars wanting to purchase, I was wondering what are common things to look for in regards to wear n tear, warning signs and anything like that.... Please leave a comment and thankyou for the add!!
  12. Taha


    Hi everyone was just seeing if anyone has and pte 6466 1/4 mile time slips
  13. Good Day, Australia My Name is WHOP, which stands for White, Haired, Old, Person, and I live in England. By Thursday(4th October 2016) noon GMT I will be the proud owner of a 2003 Nissan Stagea AR-X, which I believe you call an M35? Now, as a retired older person (with a mid life that's running a little late) I know I loved the car the minute I saw it. So by spending the Tax Man's inheritance (No KIDS or Wife) only dependences, one wheelchair for 32 years and a carer for 26 years. I have had my hand controls and a wheelchair hoist in the boot fitted so I'm ready to go. The only problems are I know nothing about mechanics or car maintenance. So I will be asking a lot of silly questions about lots of things.... You have been warned.
  14. Hey everyone! Hey SAU, i have been here since earlier this year and only now have been able to find my way out of the huge amount of info here and I thought i should do a little intro. Im a R33 owner and love it, i look forward to meeting people from here and sharing information and going to the events.
  15. Purchasing an R-33 G' Day all members of SAU Community. I'm looking at purchasing a Nissan Skyline R-33 GTR, I'm only 18 however I live in the ACT and the laws permit young drivers to own the responsibility of high power / Turbo cars. Skylines have been a long dream of mine, originally the aggressive R-34 was my dream but, the R-33's overall seem much more capable than the R-34 and the difference in weight catches my eye quite a bit. insurance will be a lot on my hands and I don't want to purchase it in my dads name to avoid the excess cost, but rather see that cost as a contributing factor to really respecting and loving the vehicle. It would be my first car, I've got a mate who owns an R-33. He introduced me to this website a while back. Any information on an R-33 would be greatly appreciated, price range from 15,000 - 25,000 I really don't want to hit the 30,000 mark but if its a damn mint car I'll probably put in everything I've got to pay it off. especially if under 100,000 Kilometers (they're dead by 190,000 right? seen a few for sale at 240,000ks, they wanted $4,500. Hahah things defiantly a rebuild project. personally I'm looking for an R-33 with close to 90,000ks) Still in year 12 I finish off in June. not particularly enjoying school although, I plan to use every hour of my time provided I'm not exhausted to work during the day in a few jobs as well as becoming a security guard working long nights at civic. Currently in Canberra, that plus I want to move out but, everything I'm earning I want to put into the car before any other plans. I want to fit a full leather interior to the 33 as well as putting decent cash into a gorgeous sound system. I recon after a few years I'll sync close to $50,000 into it. I can understand anybody's perspective of a kid wanting a skyline, "oh hears some hot headed lead footed gear knob whose going to get himself killed" but in all honesty these cars have been such a dream and respecting the vehicle is so important to me. Not just a kid with dreams, but a bloke with achievable goals. If you can help me find some info on R-33's you've no idea how much I'd appreciate it. Cheers Jerry
  16. Hi all, New to the forum/site, just recently purchased my first skyline. 1989 R32 GTR love the car a lot already! Don't know to much when it comes to these cars i can do the basic's here and there but nothing to full on, hoping that you guys will be able to help me with any problem i may come across with the legendary RB26DETT. If anyone knows a good spray painter in Perth that they could refer me to i would really appreciate it. Brief list of mods that came with the car when it was purchased: Engine: Apex'i Air Filters Silicon Hoses Exedy Single Plate Heavy Duty clutch Superspark ignition coils 3" Kermit engineering Stainless Custom made catback and cannon 3" Front pipes High flow cat Nismo sway bars (front and rear) Nismo strut braces (front and rear) Suspension: Tein Flex Coilover Whiteline Bushing Exterior: Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promada Super Forged 17x9.5 +18 V-Spec Body kit
  17. Howz it... Hello all! Signing in from Texas, USA... love skyline! first cars that took my eye at an early age was the Datsun z series and as I got a little older found my love to the z32 and then the skylines from new to old. I like the 90s but the 70s and 80s really have an odd impact on how I envision my cpv35det could and should've been optioned. well maybe not then it wouldn't be as fun for me and this long road. I've had this car since 2005. I currently drive a 2003 g35 coupe 6mt, but I have gathered as much JDM items between interior, exterior, electronics I've gotten myself to a point I'm needing harnesses to make certain components to function, or making it work lol. That is actually the reason I am even here on the forum, i'm looking for instructions for the JDM Buttons on the navi. I'm not the pretty car that out shines the rest, i'm the car in the corner or off to the side you secretly keep you eye on to see what it does. so Hi all... I'm here for knowledge, questions and hopefully can contribute to some degree or another. I would load some photos but I am on a laptop I rarely use as my phone is dead at he moment. -Axel
  18. Hey everyone just wanted to say whats up. I am new to this forum as I have recently got my R34 Gtt. I will post some pics of the car and my build but Its currently running an Rb26/30 with the R33 gtst 5 speed.
  19. Hi all, have a r32 GTR. Joined the forum to learn about the car from the people that know them best. Have a few questions that needs answers, more posts to follow! Thanks in advance.
  20. Hey everyone my names kyle im from Newcastle, NSW just got my first skyline. Its a s1 R33 gts25t .. pretty rough. Got a few bolt on go fast bits. I swapped an unfinished ae86 project for it with September rego. Haha keen to know everyone
  21. Hi Just say hi. Jasper Yan, new member here with an r34 gtr. Cheers
  22. Hello... Hi everyone, Im luky and I'm from Jepara, Indonesia. I am a car enthusiast and want to learn as much as possible. I have joined this page so I can learn, ask for advice and make race car friends. Please be nice and friendly ?
  23. Hey Sau! I'm Tom and have a fairly stock R32 Gts-t that I've owned for a year and a half now. Mods are basic reliability and cleaning up the car/ making it legal mods but now I'm starting to move into power and handling. Will start a build thread soon so stay tuned!
  24. Hi Guys My name is Lachlan, Im 20 and have owned my R32 GTST for around 6 months now. Its fairly stock apart from the GTR kit which is just what I wanted as a starting point, and I'm already learning a lot through working on it myself and trial and error. I've been a long time lurker on the SAU forums so I thought its about time I start contributing. Will start a build thread for her soon, here's how she rolls at the moment. Cheers!
  25. Hey All , my name is John and I'm 30 in a month , ive owned a few turbo cars through my ealier days including a Evo3 mock up 1.8ltr turbo GSR and an xr6T ute. I grew up loving cars thanks Dad haha and since watching the second fast and furious i have wanted a skyline ... So here I am 12 years later and finally take the plunge to get a skyline, I have just purchased an R33 GTST from a forum member and I'm looking forward to getting amoungst the SAU family. As i said I am completely fresh in terms of skylines and I'm sure I'll be asking plenty of questions, so if they come across stupid please cut me some slack haha. What are the best recommendations for a newbie in terms of must dos?
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