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  1. If the page links doesn't work, please manually enter the page number into URL for the corresponding page. This post was updated on: 01/06/2017: This thread is here providing information on our high flowed or built turbos as well as installation and trouble shooting. I'm happy to help or assist with every one who is currently using or looking to purchase our products or services. Brief Introduction about our selves: We are Australian based turbocharger manufacture in Melbourne, We worked with experienced and skilled local engineers to produce our goods and we've been doing that since Oct 2007. We constantly update our production turbochargers and will do our best deliver value to our customers. My name is Stao you can PM or contact 0413457185 if any assistance is required. For our High flowed RB25 Turbos, they comes in 21U or OP6 from factory. The 21U rear housings are smaller can capable of 430HP after high flowing, and larger OP6 are capable of doing around 460HP. PU high flow option is available for any one chasing for 450 to 500HP. They are built with a larger .82 internally gated turbine housing with Nissan OEM bolton pattern, braided oil feeding line and a high pressure actuator. Below is the Rb25det Hitach turbo high flow catalog with few dyno sheets. ATR43SS is a OEM replacement powered up turbocharger built for RB20/25DET R32, R33 and R34 GTST and Stegea models. They are T3x based with OEM dump pipe pattern. This series is specifically engineered for speed with smooth street driving ability. ATR43 is a OEM replacement powered up turbocharger built for RB20/25DET R32, R33 and R34 GTST and Stegea models. They are T3x based comes in .63 and .82 turbine housing with OEM dump pipe pattern. Power is rated from 450HP to 600HP depends on profile chosen. Initial release date: 24/08/2009: We also carry out turbocharger repairs, housing/CHRA modifications and high flow services for All Garrett, HKS, Mitsubishi, Toyota, KKK and Made in China turbochargers. Do feel free to PM / contact us for free assistance. Check (if you live in usa): Costco Weekly Ad, or Supercheap Auto Catalogue. Important Installation Notes for RB2xdet Highflowed and PU units: Sleeve bearing turbochargers requires higher volume of oil flow, are sold with 50cm long braided oil feeding line line that replaces the standard oil restrictor in side factory oil lines, 12mm benjo bolt, and a M12x1.25mm speed flow adaptor. The adaptor goes onto the engine block, benjo bolts goes into the bearing housing with hollow screw supplied. 3x copper washers are required during installation, Which we can supply them for $9 additional or can be purchased at local auto stores. Factory water lines: T3x bearing housing used are 3mms shorter then OEM Hitachi's bearing housings. Means water lines needs to be very slightly bent / forced backwards. Stock actuator: We normally modify the factory actuator's fitting bracket allowing it for a bit of preloading. The actuator bracket bolt wholes has to be filed 5mms towards the turbine housing if not received with the turbo or getting fitted by others. Once done it can be adjust and pre-load ensuring the waste gate is 100% shut. For PU high flowed and ATR43 units with larger Diameter turbine housings, the engine side water line needs to be slightly bent / altered around the housing area. Installing ATR43 turbocharger: ATR43 units generally runs on a round 3inches inlet and round 2 inches out let. It is highly recommended to run a metal intake pipe. How ever if you wish to bolton to stock gears you need: 1x 3inch straight hose, 1x 2.5inch metal sleeve, 1x 2inches 90 degrees hose, 1x 2inches metal sleeve. We can supply all those parts for $100 extra. Tip for a easy installation would be removing the actuator with bracket pre-installation, that would allow lot more room for your tools to reach the manifold studs, and install the actuator and bracket back on after the rest of the installation is complete. Make sure the actuator is preloaded by roughly 3mms. Since larger turbine housings are used, due to larger physical size most of them would be taller then stock pushing the exhaust back by roughly 15mms. Most cars would be running an aftermarket exhausts, depending on the angle of the pre-made dump / front pipe, check the clearance between that to the Air-con water drain pipe. If fouls, simply by pulling it back with zip ties and secure it on the chassis. ATR43Gx/SS2 DIY with photos ATR43SS1xx DIY with photos and video Easy Induction pipes: http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/261613-hypergear-hiflow-service-continued/page-78 http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/261613-hypergear-hiflow-service-continued/page-89 Couple of extremely important factors: 1. After turbo installation do check pressure leaks ( I can make you a simple plug with a hose nipple for $50). Turbo will not perform if there are leaks. 2. Most of our turbos are installed with a 18psi high pressure actuator. by pass all boost controlling devices on test run, Boost gain from EBC based on stock actuator will cause massive boost creep. 3. Make sure the car's got a at least 3inch metal induction pipe with pod filter. Do not run those metal stuffed stock intake pipe. 4. An good exhaust system should restrict no more then 10KWs (My HKS silent power made 3KWs restrictions on a 316rwkws application). So Dyno tune with cat and exhaust dropped, (front pipe only). Do a touch up run with exhaust on after tuning, Get a better exhaust if you see a massive power drop with exhaust. If above procedures are followed you will definitely get the desired power goal. Also people with RB25det R33s. pay attention to those 20 years old valve springs and valves. Mine were all chewed out and worped possibly from valve float. That will act as boost leak, causing lose in power and response. Recommend stronger valve springs. Order, dispatch and mechanic services: All turbochargers are specifically built to suit customer's orders. We need in average 3 to 5 working days to have the order complete. We normally send with Australian post registered post with insurance, which generally takes 3 working days for delivery. We have 2x clients workshops in Melbourne which can carry out the installation service for $200, or onsite service for $250. For tuning, I personally use and recommend Status, and Dr.drift. ECU: For R33 RB25det I've personally used Adaptronic Plugin ECU and highly recommend it. The RRP price on this mode is $1499, We offer $400 discount of total if it is purchased with any of our turbochargers or high flow / rebuild service. Discount also apply for any customers whom is currently owning one of our built or high flowed turbochargers. Please check ECU features, results and discussion in page 113~116.
  2. Hello all, I don't see any PDF online of this service manual being in OCR, so I'm posting a link of one I made. OCR makes it so much easier to find things, being able to search the document with Adobe Reader. (old link removed). new link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B495mmNsnU6uYzAwLV9fVW9WREk/view?resourcekey=0-Qa9Lfekqc5AnkoecCkM5xg It's 489 pages long.
  3. I recently swapped my er34 back from a haltech elite with adaptor harness to the factory computer. Swapped all the sensors back to factory etc etc. Car idles no worries on the haltech, but will not even give a puff on the stock ecu. Has spark, has fuel.. Any tips or ideas that come to mind would be greatly appreciated on what this issue may be. Thanks
  4. Looking to purchase an RB26 half cut. I understand the availability is nothing like what they used to be. I’m in Melb and would be looking to purchase in the next 6-12 months if it’s not available immediately. Gearbox not required as a separate gearbox will be used. any help is much appreciated
  5. This has been a great car and has never had any issues. Only selling as we have a little one on the way and will need more boot space. She has been looked after well. We'll be sad to see her go. - Regularly serviced every 5000kms - Engine, driveline & suspension original & unmodified. - Drives great. Strong engine, turbo & gearbox. - 142,883kms - 5sp manual - Turbo timer & Turbosmart boost gauge are the only non-standard items. - Garaged most nights - Paint in very good condition for age. Waxed regularly. - New Yellowjacket coil packs installed a few thousand kms ago - New brake pads front and back recently - Interior in great condition for age - Original Nissan Skyline floor mats as pictured - No oil or water leaks - Very well looked after. The new owners will certainly be extremely happy. Comes with Safety Certificate and just paid for Rego until December this year. Ready to go to new owner. $8,400 Located in Salisbury, Brisbane. PM, Call 0424 536 287 or email to inspect. Please no joyriders, time wasters or tyre kickers.
  6. Up for sale is my beloved 2000 Y34 Nissan Cedric. I'm its 2nd AUS owner since it arrived back in 08. The car has been well maintained, runs like a dream, hasn't had any mechanical issues & is silky smooth to drive. No real mods apart from the wheels, being slightly lowered to get rid of the 4x4 spec & a boost controller. The car was always a cruiser & a head turner were ever it went. The reclining rear seats are also quite the treat for passengers! I will miss that! It also comes with a nice jap>eng translation book to help with navigating the dash and its many features. It's pretty easy, I got the hang of it after a few days. Additional info from its 1st AUS owner: 'This vehicle started out as a VQ30DET CVT and soon after its arrival in 2008 the CVT blew up.I sourced an RB25DET Neo from the same car and began the swap. After countless hours after work and weekends, its finally finished, and the best part is that EVERYTHING works! This is and will most likely remain to be the only RB25DET powered Y34 to be ever in the country (unless someone personal imports one). ' Vehicle details: 2000 Nissan Y34 Cedric 146,xxx kms on chasis 126,xxx kms on engine RWD RB25DET Neo 4 speed Automatic Greddy Elec Boost Controller Leather and woodgrain interior 19" Genuine Work Rims Stretched tyres 225/30/19 front - 98% , 245/30/19 rears - 80% Lowered springs ABS Quad airbags Tri-zone climate control 6 stack CD player TV with RCA inputs Adjustable reach and tilt steering column Electric front seats Reclinable rear seats (daamn!) Electric mirrors Electric windows Power steering (silky smooth) Remote keyless entry with central locking Xenon headlights and driving lights Autolock boot Programable Multi Control Unit to control auto functions (windows up, lights dim, etc..) Steering wheel MCU controls Rear MCU controls Air purifier system 8inch sub Price $20,000 ONO Phone 0429 103 257 Email andy.lisperg[email protected] Would consider trade + cash adjustment my way for 79v Subaru Forester GT Manual.
  7. Have a complete C33 Laurel Medalist that I don't need all the parts for so swing me a txt (Rob 0481 332 937) or reply in the thread with what your after and willing/ wanting to pay Postage Avaliable too
  8. Hey all. I am thinking I would like a fairly small Nismo sticker to go on my carbon fiber door sils. Got a few queries, hopefully someone can help. Does anywhere produce small quantity clear backed stickers? If not, would many people be interested in some if i did a group buy? Are there and 'copyright' issues i should be aware of if I get say 150 made up? This is what I am looking at, size would be 3cm high x maybe 15cm wide.
  9. 1993 White Nissan Skyline R32 (BNR32) GT-R build date 04/93 - VIC - 89,XXXKMS Color: Crystal White Accessories Include: -Apexi PowerFC ECU (PFC) -HKS Kansi 6 point half Roll cage -18x10 Volk Racing challenge Rims (white/blue), wrapped in Falken 265/35/18 tyres all round -Momo Race Steering Wheel and Boss kit -Apexi GT Spec (5inch thick) Front Mount Inter Cooler -Apexi Power Intake System -Mongoose 3 point Alarm System (Insurance Approved) -Tinted Windows -Splitfire Coil Packs -HKS cam gears -Greddy Dual A-Pillar Guage Mount -Defi boost & Oil pressure Guages -Nismo 320km Dash Cluster and Centre Console guages -Apexi Turbo Timer -Aero Side Mirrors -Nismo side skirts -N1 Front Bar Vents -Turbo back HKS Exhaust System (Stainless steel dumps, Stainless steel front pipe, high flow cat and cat back) -Apexi BOV's -Ohlin’s Height & damper adjustable Coilovers -Nismo twin plate clutch -Upgraded Lighting Harness -Dynoed at 254kw at all fours (Race Pace late 2012) on a nice tune, but is capable of way more if wanted/needed. Many more extras will be included (spare parts, original parts, bits and pieces I've collected over the years that I haven't had time installing etc will be included). This car has NO ACCIDENT HISTORY, is well maintained and has been regularly serviced. It's got the looks the speed and sound. Just put in petrol and enjoy. Thousands spent on mods & tuning (Racepace, Evolution R, Hyper tech, ART). Very quick street car that has NEVER been Tracked, Raced or Thrashed! Will impress. I have owned this car for many years and was planning on keeping it forever, unfortunately I am being made to relocate overseas permanently and am unable to transport it to my new home - so this has to be sold ASAP. This car has been in garaged storage for most of it's life (as I only pulled it out to drive it occasionally due to work commitments and my other cars- hence the low km's), however it is extremely comfortable and quite capable of being a daily driver if need be. And now that winter and the rain is creeping up on us - this car is absolutely perfect as it handles like it's on rails in the wet. I do have some other cars (american muscle and a daily driver) for sale as well - and am happy to pass on information to anyone that may be interested. *** Please note I am currently out of the country with work and will not be back until early-July 2013 - I am posting this ad now as I am not going to have a lot of time to part ways with it once I return, so hoping I can get a good show of interest and will give people enough time to work out their finances. For all inquiries please send me a private message with your email address so I can contact you back as I'm not sure what the mail restrictions are for new members. I am selling this car without a RWC (as I just won't have the time to sort it out and it is easier for the buyer to obtain one) however I doubt anything will really need to be done (tyres have around 3000kms on them so have a tonne of tread on them still, Brake rotors/pads have about 3000kms wear on them as well, seats/seatbelts are in great condition, all the lights/wipers etc work as they should, and it has absolutely no leaks, etc). Asking $19,000 ono (All reasonable and genuine offers will be considered) Viewing, Pickup and Cash/Bank Cheque from Inner SE Melbourne Engine is strong and healthy - has been comp tested with no issues across all 6 cylinders.
  10. Hi guys Up for sale is my beloved r32 gtr. Looks great. Lots of money spent with tasteful mods. Car is a huge head turner. 9 months rego left!!! R33 gtr engine with 85,000 kms (145,000 on the odometer) Garrett -7 turbos 550cc injectors 3.5" turbo back exhaust Apexi Power FC Blitz dual-SBC type r boost controller 100ml larger intercooler with hard piping kit Racepace Adjustable cams HKS gaskets HKS dump and front pipe R33 gtr brembo's all round Surge tank and larger fuel pump in boot Genuine R33 gtr rims with brand new Hankook Ventus 255/40/17 on all. Tuned by the reputable racepace making a safe 307kw Seats are in excellent condition. No tears or rips Alpine head unit with speakers all round Aftermarket boost gauge Dash lights been changed to blue Have receipts for most work done. Chasing $18,500 located in Melbourne SMS on 0432 021 242 or call after normal business hours.
  11. Selling my 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T, Exellent condition inside and out. Always garaged, serviced every 5000km using AMS oil. Mods listed below: * Apexi Power Fc (Dyno tuned) * Front mount Intercooler * Plumb Back BOV * Splitfire Coilpacks * NGK Iridium Spark Plugs * 3 Inch exhaust with Stainless steel dump pipe & HKS cannon * 19 inch rims with 235/35 tyres on front and 265/30 on rear * Tein Suspension * Nismo Gear Knob * Blitz boost gauge SBC- ID * Blitz Turbo timer * Aluminium Radiator * K&N Pod Filter with custom air intake box * Sony Head unit with tweeter in the fron and 6x9" in the back * Alarm * Engine Strut brace Car has been extremely well looked after and always run on Premium unleaded. Call or message me for details. No joy riders,serious buyers only. $17,500
  12. Forsale is my 2003 Nissan Skyline Sedan Colour: Diamond Graphite4 Body: Sedan Engine: VQ35DE Transmission: Manual Odometer: 78000km Interior: Cloth (no leather) Modifications: Nismo mid-back exhaust 19' V35 coupe wheels Lowered on 350z springs RDA slottled rotors Practical and unique alternative Car is in excellent condition apart from some dings due to some recent hit and runs, repairs have been taken into consideration with the current price. Email: [email protected] Mobile: 0422366618 Price: $11500 firm Urgent sale as I am planning to buy a house and travelling overseas in 2 months
  13. Forsale is my V35 Skyline Sedan Colour: Diamond Graphite4 Body: Sedan Engine: VQ35DE Transmission: Manual Odometer: 78000km Interior: Cloth (no leather) Modifications: Nismo mid-back exhaust 19' V35 coupe wheels Lowered on 350z springs RDA slottled rotors Practical and unique alternative Currently has some dings due to some recent hit and runs Mobile: 0422366618 Price: $11500 firm Urgent sale as I am planning to buy a house and travelling overseas in 2 months
  14. 2001 Nissan V35 Skyline Sedan 250GT 2.5L VQ25DE Automatic 49,000kms on the clock Silver colour 2.5L V6 automatic. Body is very straight. NEVER been in a accident and no repair history. Low mileage example carefully selected in Japan, original Japanese auction papers available. Rated at auction grade 4 with B rating for both interior and exterior. Imported this car for my old job which required a 4-door car. Landed this week but I recently changed jobs and no longer need a sedan and gonna be dailying my MX5. Not registered yet, compliance due to be completed in around 2 weeks. Roadworthy will be provided with the car. Can be sold registered/ready to transfer or as-is and you can register straight into your name. $11,500 Call or SMS Michael on 0422 343 312 Located SE Melbourne
  15. As the title suggests, i wanna buy anyones OEM V35 Bose equipped CD Changer and Fascia. Seeing how many ppl go aftermarket, surely someone has one lying around taking space. I Dont want a working unit, fascia needs to be in reasonable condition tho, using it for a project. Please PM price and locations Brisbane prefered edit: Forgot to add my contact please call/sms 0414482636 cheers
  16. Hi guys Have a few random parts up for sale R32 GTR Headlights 1 in good condition, other cracked around where the globe sits.. both in very good condition on the outside.. still work $100 Apexi AVC-R boost controller $300 Alpine Type R Subwoofer in original box... good nick $300 Alpine V Power Monoblock Amp MRP-M 1000.. Very good quality and good condition $250 PM or text on 0432 021 242 Located in Eastern Melbourne
  17. hey guys!!! sad to sell but kinda have to now.... have a look at the below link For sale: http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1021853234
  18. Hi guys, Recently I've been thinking, if I buy a Nissan Skyline R34 25GT 2-door coupe in Melbourne, and wanted to upgrade the engine to RB26DETT, I'm sure it's POSSIBLE but I just need some connections and someone who knows how to do it and can actually do it. Money isn't a problem. How should I start? Does anybody know who I should go to and where? Details would be wonderful, please. Thank you. Cheers, Rio
  19. Hey guys, just thought I would introduce myself to everyone on the forums. Just bought a late 98' Stagea RS4S as my new daily and am absolutely loving it. First AWD car I have evr owned and First turbo car I have owned. My name is Michael and to be honest, in the past i never thought I would ever buy a nissan. Have been a die hard Honda fan for the last 10 years and in the last few years also found love for the E30 platform. Was driving an e30 as a daily for a couple of years and enjoying it, but needed some extra space and wanted something a bit different. Also wanted something that wasn't going to get bogged taking it down tracks to surf spots, so AWD was a must. This one popped up in QLD of all places (i am in melbourne) was at an import yard called Motorman imports, gave them a call and they seemed decent. Put the money down and had it towed down here. So far haven't had any issues but will be getting it checked out at a workshop probably next week just to make sure it is all up to scratch. Anyway here it is: Engine bay: Boost controller unit: on surf trip down to apollo bay Center console when i picked it up, had a non functional double din suzuki headunit and the climate control was mounted down where the blanking plate is sapposed to be... Re-organised center console, but now there is a gap above the coin trey section. I am unsure what is meant to go in that space, i think it is a blanking plate of some description but not sure. Will be looking for the part that go's there though. Also, the factory tripple guage unit is extremely sensitive when it comes to the connection block at the back of it, with one small touch it will either not work at all or the lights won't work, or one of the guages won't work. The contact between the connection block and circuit board are a bit dodgy... Another surprise found when taking inspecting the car after picking it up, MINES ECU: Already picked up a few mods but won't be getting too out of hand as it is meant to be a fun practical daily as well as a surf trip car on weekeds new gear knob: Cooling pro stealth front mount kit: It's a 98' RS4S, came with the SR3 drivers seat, a Blitz NUR spec exhaust and some 'A tech final speed gear-r' wheels (never heard of them...) But then when i picked the car up and sussed it out properly, I found a Blitz Electronic Boost controller as well as a 'Mines' ECU and a turbo timer Had 82000k's on the clock and seems to be running strong. So far have bought some Thule racks for surf trips as well as a cooling pro stealth front mount and nismo gear knob. Plan is to up the boost to 10psi and get it tuned and that's about it to be honest. For now anyway. The AWD turbo platform will be a learning curve for sure as I have never worked with boost befor, but looking forward to the challenge Some of you guys might know me from seeing my trackcar at winton possibly, K24 powered EM1 that I built myself (still own it but it doesn't get out much these days ) My other project I have at the moment is my E30 Touring, it is my weekend/project car This was my daily befor I bought the Stagea, when it was at its best anyway: Anyway, good to join a new forum and looking forward to coming out on some cruises etc
  20. hey guys, i just bought my ER34 and got an inspection before purchasing and know what needs fixing/touching up, and i was wondering if you guys knew any reputable skyline mechanics on the north shore. thanks heaps, James
  21. Hi everyone, Im looking to get an r34 gtt as stated. Im just curious about the parts/servicing availability in sydney. Has anyone experienced good value serving for parts? Cheers
  22. Only used for 1,000 kms on an r34 gt-t, need to run minimum of an 18" wheel, selling as I put the factory brakes back on to sell the car. They felt amazing on the car, no squealing from the pads. Condition is perfect. $1,000, RRP is $2,000. Paul 0438 182 855
  23. Looking in buying a relatively cheap r34 non turbo skyline for around 10k. Would be good if it was a coupe and a manual transmission.
  24. Finally ended up going to Import Monster as you all suggested (thanks a million by the way) and got myself some brand new Work Emotion Kiwami's. 18x9+30 on the front and 18x9.5+30 for the rears. They're on Continental MC5's. (235/40/18) Absolutely Stocked with how they look and perform!
  25. 1994 R33 Nissan Skyline. 2-door coupe. 5 speed manual. rwd. - Rare RB20E (Single overhead cam, really good on petrol but still fun to drive) - Imported from Japan - Female owner. Previously registered in QLD ( 387MEW ) - High k's because it's done a few trips between NSW & QLD - Currently registered in NSW with 10 months rego. Recently bluesliped so everything's running well. - Just put in brand new high pressure power steering line because old one had a small leak. - Aftermarket body kit - Jun front bar - Spacesaver in boot - Clean interior - Tein springs in rear - Couple of rough patches of paintwork - Boot face needs respray ( quoted $150 ) - Good project car for P Plater - WHEELS: 4 x 114.3, 17s Selling because I bought a turbo car Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Asking for $4500 but open to reasonable offers. Come have a look/drive. No time wasters thanks. =) Located: Narara NSW Mobile: ( 0450975950 Call or txt. I don't answer private numbers ) Email: [email protected]
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