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Found 50 results

  1. Ken's z31 I wanna go fast build I am Ken from the Seattle area USA. I bought my 1985 300zx GLL non turbo 5 speed in 2011 with the impression it had blown head gaskets which only an RB swap would remedy. I replaced the bad thermostat and drove it for 4 years. Opportunities arose and I purchased a wrecked 87 300zx with what I assumed was a stock rb20 silver top and 5 speed swap for $800 usd. Car had been sitting for 6 years after the owner wrecked.
  2. Hey guys, Going to spend some bigboi money on a new ECU and will have these available. 1) R34 Nistune ECU with Flex fuel Have had this in the car running for 2 years. Tuned with 14PSI, front mount ,z32, and 1000cc injectors. Can return to factory if need be. Has flex loom added to it so all ready for flex! $475 2) Z32 AFM - Genuine unit. Few years old (Been on two of my cars now in the last 3 years) in good condition! Works very well but no longer needed. $125 3) Greddy Profec B Spec II Electronic Boost Controller Works very well. JDM AF. Comes with unit, wiring, boost solenoid etc $300 4) R35/GTR AFM Slot style AFM, No housing (Buy weld in bung from Nistune website or ebay) works nicely but we tried a z32 to chase issues (turned out to be a boost leak) and never put it back in. $100 Can supply pics if need be Pickup Melb Eastern Suburbs or post
  3. As the weather is warming up I've noticed that my 32gtst is not starting from cold as easily as it does or should compared to winter time, we just had a really cool morning and the car started first crank, when the engine is at operating temp restarting is fine, always first crank, it just has an issues starting first start of the day when ambient temps are over 25c Any suggestions before I start playing around in nistune?
  4. So I currently have an R32 GTR making 310rwkw's @ 18-20psi (98ron) with a Nistune ECU. For my next stage of modifications I'm looking to get into the high 300rwkws bracket but was hoping to keep my Nistune. In speaking to my tuner he's sceptical that it will be up to the task, I understand that a Haltech or Link etc. will do the job better/easier but I would've thought the Nistune would still be up to the task?!? Current mods and mods to undertake: Garrett -7 turbos (rebuilding to -9 spec) Nistune ECU (hoping to keep) Nismo AFMS (hoping to keep) stock airbox (hoping to keep) 660cc injectors (upgrading to 1250cc) Blitz DSBC (hoping to keep) 98ron (upgrading to E85) stock head gasket (upgrading to metal) stock head studs (upgrading to ARP 2000) stock cooler (upgrading to Plazmaman) stock cams (upgrading to Kelford) stock valve springs (upgrading to BC) Walbro 460 (hoping to keep) Extreme HD clutch (upgrading to Nismo twin plate) …and yes before anyone chimes in I do realise this could be achieved quite easily with a nice single turbo ;)
  5. Hi gents, I am hoping to drive to a tuner with parts installed like you can with an Apexi FC but seeing what ecu options there are that can do the same around the 1k cost. Basically trying to save cost on labour by installing injectors, AFM prior and weed out any setup issues prior to going to a tuner. Other reason is limited option in Canberra so may need to drive to NSW. Other options I'm looking at is R32 nistune (as the firmware can now run vct without window switch) or Adaptronic as I already have purchased a hypergear turbo. My mods are very basic, hypergear 21u 350hp high flow, usual breathing mods. Will probably make 230-250max. Car is already tuned with stock turbo and safc 200rwkw and pretty good milage. 400-450ks a tank (half city half highway) So I have 2 questions 1.Do nistune or Adaptronic have this capability via laptop so I can drive it gingerly to a tuner? 2. Will either of these be better for daily driver ability ie, idle, partial throttle response and economy. Autotech in Canberra and some of the other tuners I have spoken to do all three options. Cheers
  6. Hi all, I currently have a Stagea running the undesirable Hitachi 23740-0V110 ECU (S1.5 RB25DE NEO AWD AUTO) which is not compatible with a Nistune daughterboard. I also own a JECS 23710-0V800 ECU (S2 RB25DET NEO AWD MANUAL) with a Nistune daughterboard installed. Both the 23740-0V110 and 23710-0V800 feature the same grey connector. However I've seen people comment that Stagea ECU's come with different pinouts although using the same grey connector. Is anyone able to confirm that there are differences in pinouts between the ECU's, and if so, are you able to provide any information on the differences? Here's hoping that it's just nay say and my Nistune ECU will plug in without trouble.
  7. All items in great condition. Steering wheel was on my car for about 2 months of just weekend drives (missus wants me with an airbag...probably a smart thing) NRG suede nardi style wheel in box - $200 Works bell boss kit is for hicas/airbag r33 models in box - $150 Nistune was assembled at nistune shop with an r32 ecu they had on hand. Was tuned by MRC for 246kw with a 3076r, 750cc, fmic, exhaust - $500 Genuine jap z32 afm, clean - $120
  8. Got an ecu for sale Out of a 2000 r34 neo gtt manual also you can have the nistune software licence I've used 1 slot, it still can be registered 2 more times looking for $450 free postage.
  9. hello all, I have done a bit of searching and am yet to find the answers I seek, I am wanting to get the Nistune upgrade done as soon as possible, to go with the new high flow hyper gear and injectors etc that will be getting installed very shortly, yet I seem to be having issues in finding a reliable installer and tuner that will respond, I've heard many good things about a certain tuner on the eastern side of Melbourne but after 4 attempts at contacting them to see when I'd be able to make a booking etc I have given up and am seeking recommendations, even after I sent them at their request the list of mods that are currently done, as well as what is about to be done to the car, still only got crickets from their end.....I am from Ballarat about 1 1/2 hours drive West from Melbournistan, and don't mind travelling for the right shop . car is a series 2 RS4 tiptronic auto Stagea, so come on peoples hit me up with some recommendations
  10. hello all, I have done a bit of searching and am yet to find the answers I seek, I am wanting to get the Nistune upgrade done as soon as possible, to go with the new high flow hyper gear and injectors etc that will be getting installed very shortly, yet I seem to be having issues in finding a reliable installer and tuner that will respond, I've heard many good things about a certain tuner on the eastern side of Melbourne but after 4 attempts at contacting them to see when I'd be able to make a booking etc I have given up and am seeking recommendations, even after I sent them at their request the list of mods that are currently done, as well as what is about to be done to the car, still only got crickets from their end.....I am from Ballarat about 1 1/2 hours drive west from Melbournistan, and don't mind travelling for the right shop . car is a series 2 RS4 tiptronic auto Stagea, so come on peoples hit me up with some recommendations
  11. Josh's Garage Clean Out - Injectors, Turbo, ECU and More Hey guys. Reached a stage where I can finally clear out a bunch of stuff I've accumulated during my build. Prices listed are ONO, available for pickup from Auburn NSW 2144. Willing to ship at buyer's expense. Parts are also listed elsewhere. Too many pictures so I've created a Google Drive link here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxkDOGQ7as9eLTE2RDE5RDVFRm8?usp=sharing Stock RB25DET Turbo, worked fine when pulled off for upgrade: $140 "MaxSpeedingRods" Ebay Special Turbo - Decided to go a different way. Brand new, never used. Specs on request: $250 NISTUNE Z32 ECU to suit RB25DET - removed for upgrade: $400 Stock RB25DET ECU from R33 S2 Manual: $80 Stock RB25DET S2 AFM: $50 GFB G-Force II Boost Controller - fitted for test, used something else, brand new as pictured: $240 550cc WRX STI Injectors with adapters to suit RB25: $200 370cc OEM RB25DET Injectors: $150 OEM Coil Packs suit RB25DET S2 - Working fine, selling due to upgrade to splitfires: $180 JVC KW-R500 Double Din Head Unit/Car Stereo, works fine and comes with harnesses: $60 Alpine MRX-F35 4 Channel Amp - Works fine: $150
  12. 1998 manual r34 gtt 324kw Hey guys. ive been thinking about selling my r34 gtt so this is more of an expression of interest but if the right price is offered then we can come to an agreement. the car has been my daily driver for the past 4 years and has been garaged warmed up and maintained as much as possible. regular services done at 5k intervals and 1 major service during my ownership. the car has been resprayed by previous owner and was close to stock with only an exhaust and a nismo 1.5 way diff. currently the car has 224,xxx km on the clock and is mostly highway kms (engine and chassis) but is running perfectly fine can and will provide compression test if desired. since owning i have done several mods to it and its become a fun daily driver and as a bit more potential if desired. it also has a brand new battery the timing belt waterpump and oil pump were all replaced at 200k km with the transmission oil and dif. the interior is clean and tidy with no stains in the seats only has 1 light tear in the rear seat, has factory floor mats that are a little worn in the drivers side and being a non smoker there is no smoke smell. steering wheel is showing its age but its nothing serious. currently the car as is has the following extras: walbro 460lph fuel pump splitfire coilpacks tomei poncams type b bosch 100amp alternator ev14 725cc injectors turbosmart hypergate 45mm external wastegate apexi avcr boost controller plazmaman intercooler with cusom pipework (done by havoc fab) hypergear atr43ss2 turbo (2014 model and journal bearing) nistune with flex fuel z32 afm full custom turbo back 3.5" ss exhaust with magnaflow highflow cat (done by havoc fab) custom external wastegate off turbo manifold (done by havoc fab) BC coilovers npc 10" sprung button clutch with lighten flywheel nismo 1.5 diff hicas lockout bar z-tune front bar, side skirts and rear pods work xd9 18x9 +30(front) 18x10 +38 (rear) nismo clear indicators front and side boost, oil temp, water temp gauges pioneer headunit with front and rear, speakers, amp and 12" sub car makes 286kw on pump fuel at 18psi and 324kw on e70 at 18 psi. due to maxing out injectors we did not get a full e85 tune and could not use more boost. car was tuned by trent at chequred tuning. its been running on this tune for the past 3 years and never had any mechanical issues. so with larger injectors and a full e85 tune could see much more. cons: paint has seen better days, theres a few minor surface rust spots and theres a bit of rust near the boot brake light as well as stone chips on the front bumper. as well as the engine is getting older so it may be a put off for some people but it is not showing signs of age. there are also a few tiny dents. as stated its currently only expression of interest so not in a rush to sell it. will come with RWC and rego till sept and a whole year from then. also have a few spare parts that will come with the car for free including, 4 standard wheels and tyres (varying wear on tread) standard gauge cluster, standard rear pods, standard replacement clutch. and a full set of brand new tyres on the work wheels. probably forgotten a thing or two but thats most of it. car needs tyres and to fix the hicas light before passing rwc but will sort that out. reason for expression of sale is. i had built a 900hp built 25/30 literally ready to go into it but someone offered me a price for the engine package and then i lost interest in the car and now would like something cheaper to run. no test drives (without deposit), tyre kickers or time wasters. looking for $16,500 ono any questions contact me on 0431394082 via text, i work allot so wont always be able to answer calls or post on here located in Geelong cheers
  13. Rb20det ECU 04Uxx RB20DET 04U01 ECU, perfect to be nistuned, works perfectly. $150 negotiable
  14. Wtb aftermarket ecu Looking to buy a second hand aftermarket stand alone computer to suit r33 gtst would consider piggyback if cheap.
  15. R34 GT-T Hi all, My R34 GTT is up for sale. It has been my daily commute for around 5 years and it has never missed a beat! 1998 model, manual, with factory sunroof and original Skyline floor mats. Has always been serviced by both Jtune Auto and Revzone. Body is in really good shape, minor road scratches. The interior is overall good, however the seats could use a steam clean and the plastic a good polish to bring it back up. Wheels have minor gutter rash. Mod List: Nistune ECU Nismo Triple Gauges Nismo Front Dash Nismo S-Tune side and rear bumper Greddy Profec B Spec 2 electronic boost controller - set to 11 psi Heavy Duty Exedy Clutch - only travelled 15,000km Turbo Back Exhaust - 3 inch, legal decibel and road height POD Filter 18 inch MP37 black rims from Mars Performance 165,xxx kms on the clock, rego ends 25th July 2017. Selling without road worthy and priced accordingly. Any questions, please do let me know. Asking for $13,000 ONO.
  16. Advice Please - Injectors and Tune Issue Hey guys. I've been getting parts together for a couple months and finally installed them into my R33. I got the following installed: -Hypergear G3 21U high flow - z32 AFM and stainless intake pipe - Walbro 255lph fuel pump - 550cc Injectors (STI side feeds, part # 16600-AA170 with harnesses) - Nistune ECU - 3in turbo-back stainless exhaust and Blitz FMIC already installed Along with the parts I also did all the maintenance items, got new NGK coppers gapped to 8mm, new fuel filter etc etc. However, when I got Toshi to try and tune my car, he claimed that the AFRs were being whack and it was misfiring at 5k rpm. I immediately thought of coils and I also didn't do the earthing mod for the fuel pump, so this might have been my issue. I ended up buying Yellow Jacket coils packs and I also earthed the fuel pump and checked to ensure full voltage. The car started fine, test drive fine low revs, etc. However, again getting Toshi to try and tune and check AFRs etc and we still can't run boost into it as he claims the AFRs are still unstable. He now says it's the Injectors but I don't know if I believe that as when we're in the "base" tune he did, the car isles fine, revs fine etc albeit a bit rich. In short, 2 questions: 1. I know there are better options, but how likely is it these Injectors are actually the issue? They're not high flowed, but genuine STI Injectors. Anyone else run these? I can send back under warranty if needed. 2. How likely is it that the tune is the issue? I read another thread on here where someone had a problem with a Toshi tune that came down to injector latency being set wrong and another tuner fixed it. I really feel feel like after all the work done, and the fact that a rich tune revs fine but another tune doesn't makes me think it's the tune? Anyway, I currently am advised by Toshi not to boost the car as the AFRs are off and he wants me to replace Injectors and go back to him. I just want other opinions. Sorry for essay. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hello. I have an ecr33 skyline (rb30/25det) and going to use Nistune ecu. I have a plx afr gauge (dm-6) and it has a narrowband output so I'm wondering it it'd be worth it to use that signal for ecu? The reason i'm wondering is the plx afm is brand new and the cars o2 sensor is original (now 23 years old). I've heard that people changing o2 sensors get better fuel consumption etc so could the plx result in more accurate readings? I'm having a new downpipe/exhaust made up regardless so that doesnt matter. Dont really want to buy a new o2 sensor for ecu if I can simply use the plx for that aswell. Thanks for any help!
  18. MAF change in Nistune Warning: Noob hackery I have swapped out stock MAFs for Nismo MAFs, then used the Nistune Change MAF function to update from BNR32 RB26DETT (290 HP) to Z32 VG30DETT (500 HP). This causes a slight change in profile of the VQ map and changes K from 233 to 401, which is same ratio as 290 to 500. If I now try to start the car its too lean (leaner than my WB can read). As an ugly hack to get it to idle, i changed K from 401 to 880, and it idled at 17:1 and if i take it to 1100 it idles at 14:1. If I then drive its really rich off idle eg 10:1 as would be expected. Now i want to see if normal driving is ok at K=401, so i need to richen up the idle. I've changed the bottom left cells of the fuel map (all originally around 0). I tried 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, uploading the maps to ECU after each change, but the idle stays way too rich. No idea where to go from here...
  19. Hello from the states Hey all, my name is Ken and I live on the west coast of the US. I am a first time member but long time reader of this board. I have owned an 85 300zx since 2011. Last year I had the oppertunity to purchase a wrecked 87 300zx with a silver top rb20 for a swear price which I began immediately to strip for my own 300zx. It has been a long process of building a new lthe long block from scratch due to siezed rings causing terrible cylinder wall pitting. This is my first rb which I am excited about because I have dreamt of a rb powered z31 from day one. I am looking forward to being a member of this community and learning from you all.
  20. I've recently fitted some RC 720cc Injectors and had to do a bit of a re-map on my RB20det. So far things are fine at WOT as per normal. However the idle hunts a bit, but too be expected with 720 low impedance injectors. I have Nistune by the way. However when adjusting the injector latency I began to think about what the correct latency should be and if there is horsepower (kilowatts for you guys) and reliability (Knock resistance) by having the fuel spray early (which may result in pooling at valve) or late (which could be incomplete burn/ reduced atomization). But when is the factory injection time @ 14v and rated injector impedance? Perhaps I am getting to far into this? Is there power to be made?
  21. I have a nistuned ecu that's been sitting for a few years.might be a dumb question but can u loose the tune on it from sitting around like does it have a small battery in it for memory backup or something like that or once its programmed u never loose it even though it hasn't been hooked up to a power source.
  22. Nistuned z32 ecu modified for r33 gtst. Type 2 board. Bought off bloke off here but didn't end up using. $400 Located Narre Warren, 3805. Inbox for any questions Cheers
  23. Hi All, Selling a list of parts that came off my R33 GTST S2 recently. Stock injectors $150 Stock FPR if I can find it $50 Stock ECU (Not sure if nistuned or not will check tonight) $200 if not nistuned $400 if it is Z32 AFM (Genuine - Will provide receipt of purchase from KMS) Brand new with box and plug - This was supposed to go in but bought a haltech instead so went MAP $180 or $20 for plug and $160 for Z32 Stock turbo $250 - No shaft play, no leaking seals etc Factory intake pipe $20 Negotiable on prices PM me an offer - Message me on here at anytime. Can supply pictures if need be
  24. Car is gone so time to clean out all the parts. Prices negotiable and postage is at buyers expense from QLD. Contact via PM for more pics/info. GTT Nistune package $550 – everything you need to get the most out of your bolt on mods. Never got around to installing this in my car, but all parts were purchased in working order. R34GTT Manual ECU Type 4 Nistune board and cable Turbotech manual boost tee Blitz 52mm mechanical boost gauge and cup https://www.dropbox.com/s/zltyv6tx49ptvz6/2015-03-30%2020.48.21.jpg?dl=0 R34 plastic eyelids $80 – in sonic silver. Slight bend in one as per picture, does not affect ‘performance’. Affix with double sided tape. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbx9o9c0vok64k7/2015-03-28%2015.22.57.jpg?dl=0 R34 coupe front and rear standard bumper $120 for both – in sonic silver. Front bar is off a GT so no SMIC vent. Both in good condition with a few scratches from being in storage https://www.dropbox.com/s/lwre91y656wf3qr/2015-03-28%2015.21.30.jpg?dl=0 R34 sub box $50 - fibreglass, moulded to fit corner of the boot. Small hole as per picture. sold pending R34 coupe LED Tail lights $150 – same as these. All leds working when last fitted. Plug and play http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/99-02-NISSAN-SKYLINE-R34-GTR-LED-Tail-lights-GTR-GTT-RB-/221143857491?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item337d337953 R34 GTT stock wheels $150 – gutter rash on most of the wheels. Average rubber. R34 GTT stock coilovers $50 – cracked dust boots, came out of car with <100thousand k’s and were working fine R34 GTT stock front indicators and side repeaters $80 https://www.dropbox.com/s/du7i20nmdwyb7zo/2015-03-28%2015.23.28.jpg?dl=0
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